December 15, 2014

Meet My Friend Tracie Miles {with Giveaway}

God has a plan for your life and a purpose for your future.

“No matter what you’ve been through or what’s been done to you, if you’re still breathing God isn’t finished with you yet!  Sometimes we just need to be reminded. Other times we need to be persuaded to believe it’s true.”

Tracie Miles

Proverbs 31 Ministries brought Tracie and I together many years ago. We have served side by side for years. When she shared the topic of her new book, my heart filled with joy. Because I had been in that place…feeling like God could never use me because of something horrific that had been done to me. I knew her book would be a vessel of healing and hope. And I was so honored when she asked to include my story in her book.

Today, I invited her  to share a bit about her new book, Your Life Still Counts. In this book, Tracie Miles shares how she convinced herself that God couldn’t use her. There were too many things she had done wrong. But over time, as Tracie came to know Christ, she realized she was the perfect candidate for His transforming power. Through her brokenness, Jesus now displays His grace and goodness. The very things Tracie believed  “disqualified” her from ministry are now the most significant and powerful parts of her life’s mission and message.

Meet my friend Tracie…




Tracie Miles, Your Life Still Counts

Because of the mistakes of my past, I spent a lot of years not liking the woman staring back in the mirror, and just maybe in your mirror, you too see a woman you feel like you don’t know, or don’t respect. In fact, maybe you’ve played the “wonder” game, like I did, for far too long.

Wondering who you really are. Wondering if you are forgivable. Wondering if you are worthy. Wondering if you are loved or lovable, by God or others. Wondering if you’re beyond repair. Wondering if what someone did to hurt you stole your value. Wondering if you are a good enough person, wife, mom, employee, boss, sister, daughter, friend, servant.  Wondering if you measure up at all, in any area of life.

Wondering if your life counts for something beyond your responsibilities and obligations, or if you are just meant to march through your daily routines with no real purpose or direction.

Wondering about all the lies that have kept you too blinded to see God’s love for you and that consistently remind you that you are a worthless sinner. The lie that has caused you to believe you could never be used for a meaningful purpose in God’s kingdom—and that not only does your life not matter to God, but you probably don’t matter either.

It’s possible you have felt that way too and lived in the shadow of the lies every day. Either because of your own mistakes or because of someone else’s choices to sin against you through no fault of your own. But whether we are the sinner or the victim of a sinner, shame still follows, and it ultimately shapes the way we see ourselves, allowing deceptive lies to weave deep into our hearts and minds.

I wasted so many years believing the enemy’s lies were absolute truths, until I finally discovered that I mattered to God, and that He had a special plan and purpose for my life. And He has one for you too.

If these false beliefs and lies have been keeping you too discouraged to trust in God’s promises, my prayer is that today becomes the day you begin seeing yourself in a new light with a new reflection looking back at you. I pray you would be proud of your reflection because of who you are in Christ.

One of the biggest dangers of going through periods of hurt, abuse, distress, heartache, and shame is that we begin to doubt God’s unconditional love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness. We lose sight of who we are in Christ. And that’s exactly what the devil wants us to do. His ultimate goal is get us to believe the lie, then live the lie. But it is up to us whether he reaches that goal or not. We can thwart his plans by claiming God’s sovereignty over our hearts today and embracing His call on our lives and it begins by knowing who we are in Christ, and whose we are.

John 1:12 reminds us that we are, without question, beloved children of God: “But to all who believed him and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God.” Beth Moore, well known Bible teacher and author, once said, “If you are not royalty, He is not King.” We are rightful heirs to God’s kingdom—and His love and acceptance. You are a royal and dearly loved daughter, and He is the King of all kings!

When we stop living the lie, and start living God’s truths, we can begin to discover a purpose we would have never imagined- not despite our past, but because of it.

What a beautiful message of hope and encouragement. Thank you, Tracie!!!

We are giving away a copy of  Your Life Still Countsand a downloadable study guide. To enter to win, simply share your thoughts about today’s post…maybe a lie you are believing or maybe how God has taken your past and transformed it into something beautiful. I will announce the winner on Friday.

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October 20, 2014

My Morning Prayer w/ Free Gift and Giveaway

Morning quiet time is just plain hard sometimes. There are days I avoid it and days where I obediently do it, but it becomes more about duty than a refreshing, filling connection time with God. My mind wandered. I couldn’t concentrate. I felt discouraged and guilty, so I would close my Bible and go on with my day.

One morning, I sat quietly asking the Lord what was wrong with me…why was it was so hard? As He often does, He moved my heart to prayer. And a few minutes later “My Morning Prayer” was born. Maybe you experience these same feelings. My prayer is that “My Morning Prayer” will shake up your quiet time or maybe even encourage you to begin one. It’s short. It’s simple. But it’s an easy way to connect with God early in the morning.

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  • Jesus came so that…
  • God spoke so that…
  • Pray so that…
  • Trials come so that…
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October 13, 2014

Celebrating You Today: Prayer from My Heart to Yours

Sweet friends, I will be celebrating my 50th birthday this week. And as I reflect back on my life in ministry, I count you, this amazing community of women, as one of my greatest gifts from the Lord. Your prayers, love, words of encouragement, and support have blessed me beyond measure. There has not been a day that I have stopped by my blog where there has not been a comment from you sharing your hearts, your thoughts, your prayers, your prayer requests, your heartaches, your praises, your best wishes. God has given me a precious extended family in you. I am an only child and always wanted sisters…little did I know I would receive each of you!!

I hope you have loved the journeys we have taken together and will enjoy the ones yet to come because I have…and I love you! So today I want to say thank you with a prayer. Please know as I pray this today, I am lifting you each individually with each and every word I pray.

Ephesians 1.17-20

Prayer from my heart to yours….

Heavenly Father, I thank You for every woman who stops by to receive this prayer. I know You have hand chosen each one. I praise You as the Author and Perfecter of her faith and the Creator of her heart.  I thank You for the wonderful beauty, gifts, and talents with which You have blessed her.  As she goes forward in her week this week and the weeks to come, I dedicate her body as a living sacrifice to You.  My she live a life holy and pleasing to You as she continues to mature in her walk with You.  Father, I ask that You continually be at work in her to do Your good, pleasing, and perfect will.  Draw her to Your heart as she matures in her faith.  Reveal Yourself more and more to her each day.  Be at work in her life and in her relationships. 

May she always remember how valuable she is…that You bought her with a price.  She is Yours.  May she honor You with her heart, mind, and body all the days of her life.  May she call upon You in times of trouble and find You Faithful and True.  Place your angels of protection around her and keep her safe all the days of her life. 

Your Word tells her that You have a plan and a purpose for her life…a plan to prosper her and not to harm her…a plan to give her a hope and a future.  May she always believe this and never forget it.  Your Word also promises to equip her for all that You call her to do.  Father give her eyes to see and ears to hear this plan.  Direct her steps to Your perfect equipping.  Father, may her light so shine before men that they may see her heart for you.  May she live by Your moral excellence and may her deeds always reflect Your goodness and grace. 

In the name of Jesus Christ I ask these things, believing wholeheartedly You will be faithful to bring them to pass.  And, Father, whatever she does in word or in deed may she do it all for the glory of Your Name.  AMEN.

Blessings to each one of you today,