February 1, 2016

Adonai Sal’i: God our Rock w/ a Giveaway

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I can hardly contain my excitement about our new Proverbs 31 Bible Study Class that begins March 7th. We’ll be using my new book and clips from my teaching DVDs, “I Know His Name: Discovering Power in the Names of God.” Click here to learn more and stay connected with me through my blog for reminders on when and how to register.


If you’re a bit curious about what we’ll be studying, below are some great ways to get a taste of what you’ll find tucked between the covers:

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“I Know His Name” takes us on a journey through eight magnificent names of God.

Below is a peek into Chapter 5.

God our Rock

Hers is a story of heart break and hope. She longed to have a child, a son, to carry on the family line. But Scripture says of this woman, “God had closed her womb.”

Who was this woman? Her name was Hannah. Her culture labeled her barren. A failure … a social embarrassment. Her inability to conceive left her broken and empty.

So as was common in her culture, her husband took another wife, Peninnah, who could conceive. This broke Hannah’s heart. Peninnah ridiculed Hannah year after year, shaming her to the point of deep despair.

Even though Hannah’s husband loved her deeply and devoted himself to her, despair turned to desperation. When she couldn’t stand it anymore, Hannah traveled to the tabernacle, the place where God dwelled. She humbled herself before Him and offered a deal. If you give me a child, I will give him back to you to serve you all the days of his life. When Eli, the priest, saw Hannah praying, he comforted her and joined her in prayer, asking God to give her the desire of her heart.

Hannah’s was a prayer birthed from sorrow and suffering. She laid her soul bare before the Lord. She so longed for a son that once born, she was willing to sacrifice him and give him back to the Lord.

What an example for us! To not remain stuck in places of bitterness, unforgiveness, and despair. Emotions that hold us hostage and drag us down to dark and desperate places.

Instead, we must turn to our Father in Heaven. In Him alone we will find peace and hope, as Hannah did.

God met Hannah in this desperate place. And she met God in a very personal way.

Hannah conceived and gave birth to a son. She named him Samuel. When he turned three, Hannah honored her deal with God. She brought Samuel to the tabernacle and gave him to the Lord.

Hannah prayed these words as she surrendered her child to God:

My heart rejoices in the Lord;
    in the Lord my horn is lifted high.
My mouth boasts over my enemies,
    for I delight in your deliverance.

 “There is no one holy like the Lord;
    there is no one besides you;
    there is no Rock like our God (1 Samuel 2:1-2).

The Voice says, “there is no rock as solid as our True God.”

It was in this dark and desperate place that Hannah had a personal encounter with God our Rock.

Adonai Sal i drip

This name in Hebrew is a transliteration of the Hebrew word “Tsur” and is used to symbolize an immovable foundation. It depicts God’s constancy, strength, power and presence. He is our solid foundation … unshakeable … the underlying reality of all that we know to be good and true and real. In every trial, we can know that He is our Rock.

These words are NOT adjectives to describe God. They are His attributes. Expressions of His character.


And the great news!

Hannah’s God is our God. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. So when you’re having a hard week. When you feel is as if you’re on sinking sand. When life overwhelms. When you feel adrift amidst it all, call upon God our Rock!

When your mind shouts lies:

Don’t cry out to God. He’s not there.

You’re not worth it. He’s not listening.

Swallow that pill

Take that drink.

Listen to the Truth:

Cry out to God your Rock. He is there.

You are Worthy. He is listening.

Feed on the Bread of Life.

Drink the Living Water.

STAND on the Rock.

PRAY to the Rock.

“Thank You, Lord, that You alone are my ROCK and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be greatly shaken.” Psalm 62:1-2

“Thank You, Lord, my ROCK,  that You alone can lift me out of this slimy pit, out of the mud and mire. You alone can set my feet upon a rock and give me a firm place to stand.” Psalm 40:2

Anchor yourself to the Rock.

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Thank you for sharing part of your day with me. I have prayed for every person who would stop by today. For God our Rock to speak to you in a personal way through this post.

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January 11, 2016

Excited to Share Soon-to-Be-Released: I Know His Name

I’m so excited to share my new book, I Know His Name, with you!!


My friend, this book is NOT about increasing our head knowledge. We dig into these names of God so that we can truly know God … His heart, His character, His great love for us … so that through those names He can change us, rearrange us, and renew us in unimaginable ways!

Chapter by chapter, we will unveil new truths and promises about our God that will revolutionalize how we pray and interact with Him from this day forward.

I Know His Name will help you…

  • realize your infinite worth as you explore the nature of the God who created and formed you.
  • live with bold assurance that your God is a personal God who sees you, hears you, and knows you by name.
  • walk confidently in who you are and Whose you are, especially in the midst of a shattered heart or a broken dream.
  • arm yourself with seven tools to pray more confidently and effectively in any situation or circumstance.
  • transform your walk with Jesus as you discover how He fulfills the Old Testament names of God.

Together we will unveil the following names of God.

Elohim: The One Who Created You

El Roi: The One Who Sees You

Jehovah Nissi: The One Who Stands Guard Over You

Jehovah Rapha: The One Who Heals You

Jehovah Shalom: The One Who Gives You Peace

All Consuming Fire: The One Who Is Jealous for You

El Elyon: The One Who Is the Most High

Abba Father: The One Who Is Your Father

I hope you’ll take this journey with me. It’s available now for pre-order and will be in stores early February. Over the next few weeks leading up to the release, I will share here on the blog some sneak peeks into the names of God we’ll study and my teachings.

We’ll begin with Elohim in my next post.


And very soon we will post a link to a FREE 5 Day Devotional that will also give you a glimpse into my heart and the messages tucked in the pages of I Know His Name.

But until that time, please leave a comment and share YOUR favorite name of God and why. I will choose one name to get one of the first copies of I Know His Name! I’ll announce the winner in my next post so be sure to check back.

If you want to pre-order the book now, you can order by clicking here. Scroll down when you reach the page to find both the book, I Know His Name, and the bundle package including the book and companion DVDs. You can buy the book by itself. The DVDs include deeper biblical teachings and supplement what is in the book.


September 28, 2015

Taming the To-Do List Giveaway

Today I’m excited to introduce my friend, Glynnis Whitwer, and share her new book, Taming the To-Do List: How to Choose Your BEST Work Every Day.

I keep a to-do list next to my computer, and it drives my day. In fact, a great day for me is when I have crossed everything off that list by the end of the day! The problem comes when I have not and those tasks carry over to the next day. That, my friend, can sometimes take me to the edge, worrying how I’ll get it all done the next day.

Can you relate?

Glynnis’ book helps with this dilemma. Rather than focus on getting “through” our “to-do” list, she helps us bring balance to our “to-do” list. Through personal stories and Scripture, she exposes a word many of us identify with … procrastination, explains what it costs us, and equips us to overcome it. They key is not to get all things done or more things done, it’s to get the “right” things done each day. It’s God’s agenda first, not our own.

Don’t you love that? So freeing!

Below please find a message from Glynnis’ heart to yours. And when you get to the end of the post, leave a comment sharing at least one way you struggle with your “to-do” list for a chance to win a copy of Taming the To-Do List!!


I faced hard, challenging work, which quite honestly made me wonder what I’d learned in four years of college. It was easier to plead busyness than to admit I felt under-qualified and afraid to try. Would my work show I didn’t have what it took?

Procrastination popped up its bossy head as I got involved in church, volunteering and leading small groups and Bible studies.  But its influence escalated when I answered God’s call How Can I Procrastinate When I’m So Busy?

Looking back, it’s obvious procrastination has been a life-long companion of mine. Only I didn’t see it because I was so busy.

Plus, it’s always been easy to find other things to blame. But digging down deep unearths the truth: I put things off that I really should do, I could do, but I choose not to do. And in doing so, my to-do list gets out of control.

Procrastination first showed up in school when I’d wait until the last-minute to finish an assignment. Just good enough to make the grade … but never feeling like I’d done my best.

It then showed up at my first job, when to write and speak.

It hasn’t controlled all areas of my life, but it’s impacted me enough that I finally said “no.” No to the lies that tomorrow will be easier.  No to the fear that I’ll look like a fool. No to the threat that my best isn’t good enough.

And I also finally said “yes.” Yes to addressing the underlying issues of my procrastination. Yes to being brave enough to face some weak areas.  Yes to hard choices that bring my responsibilities under control.

It turns out, my procrastination had a root problem. When faced with a choice between two tasks, my tendency is to choose the easier of the two.

For example, if I know I need to get housework done on a Saturday morning, but I also need to do some shopping. I’ll choose shopping, and then never quite get around to that cleaning.  Or if I want to work on a creative project, but I also need to answer emails. I’ll start on the emails, thinking I’ll eventually get around to my project, but then never do.

With enough choices like that, I leave undone the work that will make the most impact on my life.

I’m learning, with God’s help, to be honest with myself about why I procrastinate doing certain things. Some times the answer is easy. But sometimes I have to dig deep to discover some fear or perfectionist tendency that’s keeping me stuck.

Sometimes, I just don’t know the best thing to do next. This is when I desperately need wisdom beyond what I can muster to make the best choice. To find wisdom, I need to silence the demands of many, to hear the commands of One.

God is faithful, and His Word promises we can receive wisdom.  In fact, it’s a gift from God. Here is what James 1:5-6 says,

 “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.”

My goal in dealing with procrastination isn’t to get more done. I want to get more of the right things done. Rather than follow my to-do list, I want to follow God’s to-do list for me.

It’s not easy, but it is possible. Thankfully God is faithful and an ever-present source of help. With His help, I have a manageable to-do list … most of the time.

Glynnis Whitwer is a wife, mother of five young adults and executive director of communications for Proverbs 31 Ministries. Her latest book, Taming the To-Do List: How to Choose Your Best Work Every Day is available from Proverbs 31 Ministries. As a bonus for purchasing from Proverbs 31, Glynnis has prepared two time-management planner sheets to help you get control of your to-do list.  CLICK HERE for more information.

Thank you, Glynnis, for joining us today and for generously donating a book to give away. Okay, girlfriends, don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of Taming the To-Do List!!