June 3, 2009

Summer Bible Study Details

Hi girlfriends,

I can hardly wait to meet you here two weeks from today to begin our on-line study using my book, Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner. Since, I sent the invitation a few weeks ago, your response has simply blown me away. We have 80 women signed up and are still growing! To sign up, just e-mail me at spkrcoord@proverbs31.org. To buy the book, you can go to http://www.proverbs31.org/ or http://www.amazon.com/. You can also find it at local bookstores like Joseph Beth Booksellers, LifeWay, Family Christian Stores, and Barnes and Noble.

It is a resounding “yes” that on-line studies are perfect for summer. This is a first for many of us, including me, and I am SO looking forward to experiencing it together. Jennifer Rothschild’s women’s ministry team via their website, http://www.womensministry.net/, has been such a blessing educating and encouraging me as we embark on this journey.

For those of you not participating, it will not consume the blog all summer, just Wednesdays.

This study will be a way for those of us not in Bible study this summer to remain in the Word and have fun at the same time. Our class is made up of single women, married women, young women, “not as young” women, stay-at-home moms, working women, groups of women in their neighborhood. We have women from all across the United States…Canada…and as far away as Malaysia!!! There are not many Bible studies like this!!! What a BLESSING!


Who: All interested women with a passion to go deeper in God’s Word this summer.

What: On-Line Study using Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner, focusing on the study guide located in the back.

When: We will “meet” every Wednesday this summer beginning June 17th and ending August 26th.

Where: http://www.wendyblight.com/ and your house.

How: We will read a chapter a week. On June 17th, we will discuss Chapter One…so be ready!

I will “facilitate” through a post each Wednesday based on the reading for the week. I will share my thoughts with you and invite you, though comments on the blog and e-mail, to share yours. You can share answers to the homework, share your thoughts on others’ comments, and if you are studying as a group, share your group’s thoughts.

The cry of my heart as we begin this study is that through our time together, we will come to know God and His BEAUTIFUL, POWERFUL, LIVING, and ACTIVE Word better…that our lives, our homes, our marriages, and our families will be richer and fuller because of our time spent together this summer.


  1. Good morning girlfriend – I just blogged about your study and invited those women who join me in GOD's WAT ROOM on Wednesdays to visit your blog and join you in your study. I wrote a book review at the end of my post this AM. To all of you considering reading Wendy's book – do it!

  2. Joy in The Truth says

    So excited! So looking forward to it! And your book is full of God's Word…so this study will be rich and fruitful! Thank you for yielding your heart and time to Him to serve us!
    Love you!

  3. I'm not participating, since I'm currently doing my best to keep my head above water doing Beth Moore's Esther Bible study, but I'm looking forward to listening in on your Wednesday studies. Good luck!!

  4. Runner Mom says

    Hey, Wendy! I am looking forward to the study as well! I can't wait for my book to get here! I hope I get it before we leave for the beach!! Thank you again for offering this woderful study!


  5. InkHearts says

    Hi Wendy! I am so looking forward to this study. My email is scpankow@gmail.com I still need to get my book, but I should have enough time.


  6. Tammy Nischan says

    Hi Wendy!

    My email address is:



    Love you,

  7. Amen and amen to all your prayers for this study. Looking forward to this study!

  8. Runner Mom says

    My book came today!! Woohoo!! It will be going to the beach with me! (I had to open it and read just a little…I couldn't help myself! Oh, sweet girl!! I needed my Kleenex!)

  9. Chef Diane says


    Thanks for your willingness to lead this study. It's is just overwhelming how God has blessed the number of women who answered the call.

    Our Gather and Grow Group has been so blessed here in VA. The ladies love how we do it, they feel such an ownership in the study when it is their month to host. The variety of ideas is just what amazes me. Every month we continue to have ladies who wish to know more.
    We keep standing in awe of what will happen when we say yes the next time.

  10. Hi there Wendy,

    I am another gal from Malaysia that will be joining you.Gonna get my hands on that book soon.Have always been wanting to read the book and what an amazing opportunity to do it as a bible study with you and women who truly loves God.
    Thank you very much and God bless you.

    Sweet blessings

    Sheena Jeremiah
    Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

  11. Hi Wendy,
    Thanks for helping me find you! I so look forward to applying God's word to working through past issues. I know it will lead me to a whole new me and a stronger faith! Look forward to it!
    In His Name,
    Sally in AZ

  12. Anonymous says

    Hi Wendy looking forward to chapter two this week it is so awesome to read the posts of all of the women involved in this study. This book came at such the right time in my life sometimes i am amazed at God's timing on things. Looking forward to going through more of the book Ruthie

  13. Hello Wendy,

    I subscribe to Proverbs 31 Ministries and today I read your message for 17 March, Prepared by God. That message was truly a word in season for me as I have recently read the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren and have been talking to God and trying to discover my purpose in Him as well as align my will to His own. My next port of call is to order your book and read it. I am on a journey of discovery and I would like to join your online study group as well. Please remember me in your prayers. Hopefully as I study more about you, I would have a deeper understanding of the blessings of God upon your life and praise His name for connecting me with you. God bless you Wendy,

    Kike, UK

  14. bible sweepstakes says

    Really great bible study.

  15. Anonymous says

    Wendy, Please make sure you have my email info… deedragib@yahoo.com.
    Deedra Gibson

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