September 19, 2010

Introductory Lesson for the David Study

My heart is so full as I write and record the message for today. You have been in my prayers each and every day. Your words of encouragement and your excitement to begin this study have blessed me beyond measure. We have nearly 2000 women from across the globe studying the life of David together for the next six weeks. How I wish we could all gather together in one place for our lesson so I could see each one of your precious smiling faces. But this is how God has chosen to bring us together, and I know He will be at work in and among us!!

We are about to embark on a six week journey to discover the heart of one of God’s most beloved and favored servants, King David. In preparation for this study, know I am praying for you and for our time together. My prayer, sweet friends, is that as we commit to give God our whole hearts, He will stretch us and grow us in such a way that not a single one of us will ever be the same again!

Over the next six weeks, we will cover David’s entire life! We will have 10 -15 questions each week. Please do them as you have time. Do not be overwhelmed…you have one week to do them. Remember, it is the time you spend with God in His Word that will teach, bless, and transform you.

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Below please find our Introductory Lesson, memory verse, and homework assignment for this week.

This Week’s Memory Verse: The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. 1 Samuel 16:7
Powerful Name. AMEN

Reading Assignment: Read 1 Samuel 8:1-22.

Homework Questions: Please do as many questions as time allows. Your time reading and studying is when God will do His greatest work!


Heavenly Father, today I begin a new journey with You. Thank You that before time began You knew I would meet you here in Your Word to study the life of David. Father, You say David is a man after Your own heart. That is what I want to be, Lord, a woman after Your own heart. I desire to live my life to honor and glorify You in all I say and do. Father, I pray from Psalm 119, open the eyes of my heart these next few months so that I may see the wonderful truths, promises, and lessons found in Your law. Give me eyes to see, ears to hear, a heart to receive, and a mind to understand all that You will teach me. Your Word says that it is living and active like a double-edged sword meant to penetrate to my heart and soul, joints and marrow. I invite You to do that in my life. Father, take Your Word and excise out anything in my life that keeps me from having a heart like Yours. Replace it with the fruit of Your Spirit. Give me a heart of humility to receive all You have to teach me. Change my heart, Oh God, make it every true…change my heart, Oh God, make it more like You. I ask this in Jesus’ Name.

1. Read 1 Samuel 8:1-22.
a. For what did the Jews ask Samuel? (1 Samuel 8:5)

b. What was their reasoning?

c. In reality, who were the people really rejecting?

Samuel anointed Saul as the first King of Israel If you would like to go deeper and read about Saul, his anointing by Samuel, and the early part of his reign, read 1Samuel Chapters 9-12.

2. Read 1 Samuel 10:8 and 1 Samuel 13:3-14. In 10:8, Samuel tells Saul to go down to Gilgal and wait seven days for Samuel’s arrival. When Samuel arrives, he says that he will sacrifice burnt offerings and fellowship offerings.
a. What did Saul do (or fail to do)?

b. What was Samuel’s response?

c. What do Saul’s actions speak about his heart?

3. Today we read about another confrontation between King Saul and Samuel the prophet. Read 1 Samuel 15:1-35.
a. What are Samuel’s instructions to Saul in 1 Samuel 15:3?

b. What did Saul actually do? (1 Samuel 15:7-9)

c. Describe God’s response to Saul’s disobedience in verse 10? **

d. What was Samuel’s response?

4. When Samuel went to meet Saul, he was told that Saul had gone to Carmel to set up a monument in his honor.
a. What do Saul’s actions reveal about his heart?

b. When Samuel confronted Saul, what reason did Saul give for sparing the livestock?

c. Describe Saul’s attitude about obedience. (1 Samuel 15:20-21)

d. Read verse 22 and share what it speaks to you about obedience

e. What does Samuel say in 1 Samuel 15:26-28?

f. How does this chapter conclude? (1 Samuel 15:32-35)

5. Today we finally meet David as we study a familiar passage in Scripture. I invite you to read it with fresh eyes and a heart seeking to hear a fresh word from God.
a. Read 1 Samuel 16:1-13. What was Samuel’s next assignment?

b. Samuel was drawn first to Jesse’s oldest son, Eliab. Why?

c. Looking at God’s response in verse 7, on what did Samuel base his selection?

d. Below write the Lord’s words in verse 7.

6. Jesse answered that he had one more son, his youngest, who was tending sheep. Samuel asked to see him.
a. Describe this son.

b. Write below the words God spoke as this young shepherd entered the room.

c. How did the Spirit of God manifest himself in David’s life “from that day on?”

7. 1 Samuel 16:7 is a crucial verse for our culture today. Everybody evaluates people on their outward appearances. We see it around us everyday…even in our own lives.
a. Share examples of how our culture chooses people based on outward appearances.

God rejects this standard. He looks at each person’s heart.

b. In your own words, share what it means to be a woman after God’s own heart.

c. Do you see yourself as a woman after God’s own heart?

d. If you answered “yes,” share what God has done in your life to bring you to this point?

e. If you answer “no,” what is it that you need to change in your heart to make it more like His?

8. It’s a story that for generations has captivated children and adults alike…the all familiar tale of David and Goliath. Today I invite you to read it as if you were reading it for the very first time. Read 1 Samuel 17:1-58.
a. What reasons did Saul state for thinking David was unable to fight this battle.

b. What was David’s response? (verses 34-37) What does his response say about his heart?

c. Has there been a time in your life when you had to rely on God this way, trusting Him based upon what He has done in the past to help you face the present or the future? What happened?

d. Why didn’t David wear the armor Saul gave Him?

e. Read 1 Samuel 17:40-47.

f. What three items did David take into battle?

g. Read verse 45 again and write it below.

h. What was the most powerful weapon David carried into battle that day?

i. Describe what happened in verses 46-50.

j. Read Psalm 71:5-8. What does this Psalm say about David’s heart?

k. Read 1 Corinthians 1:26-27. How does this Truth relate to David’s story?

(1)Is there someone in your past or present who constantly discourages you, criticizes you, and makes you feel unworthy?

(2)What lessons have you learned from this story that may help you with this situation?

9. Read 1 Samuel 18:1-29.
a. 1 Samuel 18:5-16 tell us David performed all his duties with great success. According to verse 14, why did David have great success in everything he did?

b. Saul noticed David’s favor with God. He resented it and feared it. Three times Scripture points out Saul’s fear, fear that led to jealousy, jealousy that prompted anger, rage, even murderous actions. Note the three verses (1 Samuel 18:12-29) and what happened in them.

10. What was lacking in Saul’s life to keep his fear and jealousy in check? 1 Samuel 16:14, 18:10)

Saul’s life teaches us what life is like without the presence of the Holy Spirit. David’s life teaches us what life is like with the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Friends, we have an incomprehensible gift. Because we are believers in Jesus, the Spirit of the Living God chooses to reside in you and me. Never ever forget the significance of this gift. This presence of God in us enables us to survive all things, overcome all things, and do all things.

Blessings to you,


  1. Hi Wendy I am so thrilled to be doing another study with you. My prayer is for everyone that is signed up to have a new touch from the Holy Spirit and receive new and exciting things from the Almighty God. God be with you all as you dig into the study. I will be praying for you Wendy and for all (2000) women or men signed up. Hallelujah Kathy in Illinois

  2. Debbie McNeely says

    where do I sign up? The link to sign up brought me here….I was to late for your last one and would really love to be in this one!!!

  3. I'm signing up!
    Stephanie @

  4. I would like to sign up for the bible study. Brenda @ Thanks.

  5. Mary Tullila says

    Very excited to get started & to redig back into a very important time of our biblical heritage! Excited to see what our Lord has planned for each one of us!! Ephesians study was a fantastic study as well.

    Sending lots of prayers & thank you Wendy throughout this time of fellowship.

    Much Love

  6. Thank you so much, Wendy for offering this Bible study! I'm ready!!

  7. Rachael

    So excited to get started.. Thanks!!!

  8. I signed up and am looking forward to this also.

    My name is Rhonda Summers
    email address:

  9. Wendy Blight says

    One of our Bible study friends has a prayer request. She asks that we pray for a court proceeding in family court regarding custody of her son, Aaron and her ex-husband, Todd. Please pray for all of them. The court date is this Wednesday at 1:00. Please pray for truth and justice to prevail. She thanks you in advance for your prayers.

  10. Nancy Scarantino says

    I'm a day late in signing up, but I've always worked better under pressure. 🙂
    My name is Nancy, and my email address is


    I would love to join in!

  12. I would like to sign up for the bible study! My name is Debbie and my email address is

  13. Sign me up.

  14. I would love to join! My name is Pam and my email is


  15. I would like to join as well! Thanks for the opportunity.


  16. Hi Wendy,

    I've started the lesson and look forward to studying God's Word with you and the others. I'm glad we have a week to complete the assignments. The best time for me to work on them is in the evenings; this way I can take my time.

    I'm already seeing myself in Saul, in that I don't always obey the Lord how I should. I hope to be changed and more willing to obey Him, even before the end of this study.

    God bless you, Wendy, and thanks again for following the Lord's leading.


  17. Hi Wendy, I to would like to thank you for this blog, it is trully God sent, I love to attend Bible Study Classes and this is even better, I don't have to leave home for this one. I attend two other ones pre-week, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The more the better, God Bless You and All the others that is Parttaking in this Study Group. rita terry, Houston Texas

  18. I can't wait to get started on this lesson, I have always had a love of King David and his life.Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this.

  19. I'm very excited that I came upon your website. I love the story of David and look forward to learning more about this man who God loved and favored.

  20. ising4him…
    I can say I'm right there with you sista! I have read these verses in the past and glossed over them thinking "thank God I'm not like Saul"… but when I dig in deep instead of glossing over the scripture (thank you Wendy!), I realize there are so many times in my days (not just my "life", but my DAYS) when I respond to God's calling, but not FULLY. Looking forward to growing into the woman after God's own heart with each of you!

    For Aaron's Mom… I am praying that God softens Todd's heart. Believing in justice and God's will through this trying time. Praying for God to shower YOU with His peace that surpasses all of your understanding… that you are filled with His intimacy like never before.

    With love and gratitude…

  21. I am really looking forward to this. Ephesians was wonderful. Thank you so much for helping us grow in God's word.


  22. I was referred to Wendy by a friend and am very much looking forward to these lessons!


  23. Tammy Karafa says

    A little bit of an ouch! Obedience is a ALL or nothing component in our relationship with God, I definately do not meet the ALL standard He requires of us. Thankful for His grace and the opportunity to grow.

    Tammy K.

  24. Hi Everyone,
    A big thank you to Wendy for doing another on-line study – Ephesians nearly broke my heart (in a good way) while doing it. I worked on the first 4 questions last night and to be honest, at first I didn't know what Saul had done wrong when he was offering up the best animals as a sacrifice to God because Samuel had not shown up when agreed. After review of course, Saul did not have the faith to believe that Samuel would be there or that he had to listen explicitly to God's commands. We probably all fall short in waiting on God. Lord help us to hear you clearly and let us be obedient to your will -Amen


  25. Wendy Blight says


    What great insight you have given us. I felt the same way when I first read it. But Saul had been told in 1 Samuel 10:8 that he was to wait seven days. And then in Chapter 13, he just cannot do it. Isn't it interesting that in the NLT it says in 1 Samuel 13:9, "So he (Saul) demanded, 'bring me the burnt offerings and the peace offerings…'" He demanded his way. God had given specific instructions for the practice of sacrifices and offerings in Leviticus. But Saul wanted to do it when he wanted to do it so he usurped the role of the priest for himself.

    How many times I too have demanded my way, not waited on God, and done what I wanted!!

    Love hearing what God is teaching you. Keep sharing!!!

    In Him,


  26. So glad to be back studying after a busy summer.

    I worked on the first 4 questions this morning. What spoke to my heart was all the "reasoning" going on. The people reasoned out all the ways why they needed a king over them. Saul reasoned why he had to do the sacrifice right there and then. I saw how reasoning gets us in trouble if our reasonings are not in-line with Gods word and His ways.

    I also saw that Saul had no thought for the consequences of his reasonings or actions. His kingship and kingdom would have been established forever through the hand of God if he had obeyed Samuel (who was God's mouth piece).

    Samuel gives us an important concept from God's heart – God wants those that have His heart established in all our ways, words and actions.

    Wow…now I see why David was called "a man after God's own heart." A very powerful lesson.
    Camped In Indian Valley

  27. M
    As I start my first lesson with you and online, I would like to say that I am glad to be apart of this study group.

    At the beginning of the lesson, we learn that the people had a good reason for not being happy with the situation that they were in, with Samuel two sons out of the will of God in the first place. What they decided to do is use something that was wrong to shine guilt to blot-out the real reason that they wanted a King. God was so close to them until they thought that by having a King over them instead of having God dwell with them, that they may feel better about themselves if God wasn't so close. I guess they felt that he wouldn't know or they wouldn't feel so convicted of their shortcoming if He wasn't right there. So they felt that a regular King wouldn't make them feel so convicted in their presence as they felt in the presence of God. They were rejecting God, but what they didn't relaize is they were know still be Judge by God, like it or not, King or no King, God was still Judge.

    Even though the people had a legitimate arguement, the resolution they chose was out of the Will of God (verse 5).

    Even though God sent Samuel back to them to protest solemnly their decision to ask for a King and God instructed Samuel to tell them all of the things that was going to happen to them and their children if they still wanted a King, He told Samuel that He was going to give them one. After God told them that they were going to become servants and all their possesions and lands were going to be taken for them and given to another, they still wanted a King.

    Sometimes being in the presence of the Lord or being real close to God, cause people to fear Him.

    This is my thought on 1 Samuel 8:1-22

  28. Thanks so much for this opportunity! I just watched the video and am EXCITED to get started on the lesson. I am hungering for more bible knowledge, but I stay home with my three small children and have found it difficult to work around everything. This will be perfect 🙂

    Katie Riedinger

  29. I would love to do your bible study..Thanks Love Deb

    Email me @

  30. Wendy,

    My mind keeps going back to chapter 8, when Samuel tells Israel that eventually they will all be slaves to a king (v.17). I thought back to when the Israelites left Egypt, and upon reaching the Red Sea, they complained and said that they would've been better off back in Egypt as slaves. It's almost as if they were more comfortable being slaves and under heavy burden than in the liberating will of God. And that's what happens to us. Obeying God isn't always the easiest thing to do. It can even be a little scary. But when we don't fully obey God, we remain in bondage to our sin. But if we step out in faith, even if we don't fully understand God's ways, then we are truly free to live the lives He has called us to. Saul’s life could have ended so differently had he fully obeyed God and not taken matters into his own hands.

    I'm only half done with the assignment, but I hope to come away with more. 🙂


  31. Hi Ladies,

    I keep thinking about being obedient to God, and I wonder if I would be able to be obedient if Samuel was standing right in front of me telling me what to do…or would I think I know what's best for me.


  32. Really enjoying this study..thought i signed up for it as well as ephesians but not getting emails… got info thru facebook. please email me at don't want to miss anything….thanks

  33. the previous comment w email of is from me Lelia Nelson
    please sign me up thanks

  34. I'd like to sign up.
    Alina –

  35. could you sign me up, I thought I had signed up but I didn't receive anything. Davina I didn't understand what the profile meant so I picked anonymous.

  36. Thanks Wendy for a great start! I'm doing a Jesus Bible study for church so I hope I can keep up with y'all.
    I thought I had signed up for the Ephesians study too. I found you again when I was looking for something else in my spam folder. I marked you as not spam so hopefully I will get all of these.


  37. I'd like to sign up!


  38. I have a confession to make…I had never read the story of David and Goliath. In many ways, every story in the Bible is brand new to me. I am awed that David's heart was so full of the Holy Spirit of the Lord that his courage was unwavering. What strength and faith he showed when most of us might falter and doubt.

    If only I could say that my heart was full like David's on most days..unfortunately, I see far too much of Saul in myself. So thankful to have that pointed out to me from our Heavenly Father so that I can work on it and change my heart towards God.

  39. I am just getting started with the study today. I hope this one goes better than the Ephesians study for me-it was more than I understand. I'm praying to make it through this study. If anyone has pointers for me I am willing to listen.

    Angela C

  40. Angela – I used to read the bible and never understood a word of. Maybe you do these things already, I don't know, but I learned from Wendy and the Ephesians study to pray that God help me understand HIs word. I prayed that the Holy Spirit would be with me an open my heart and mind to hear and feel what God has to say. I also found it best when I worked on a few questions at a time, when I was able to have focused quiet time. I took me awhile because my mind would drift off sometimes contemplating God other times not. Sometimes I felt really moved by what I read other times not. I just tried to stick with it, even when I was frustrated, challenged, or uncomfortable with what confronted me. I hope this helps. If not, please know I am praying for you and all others that we are able to learn whatever it is that God has to teach us.

    God Bless,
    Andrea A.

  41. I understand those last two comments, because I often don't understand, or even disagree with the Bible! My conscience says that killing women and children is just wrong. And, I feel sorry for Saul. He's not that bright, he didn't want to be king, he doesn't have good self-confidence, as a result, he makes a big mistake. And then, when he begs for forgiveness, he doesn't get it, at least not in verses I Sam 16-34. That bothers me (always has), but I do understand from verse 22 that obeying God in spite of peer pressure is much more important than going through the motions in front of an approving crowd. So, sometimes, we have to look with God-eyes, instead of our own eyes. It sounds crazy, but it works for me.
    I also accept that God opens my eyes only as much as I can stand. Maybe next time, I can understand a little more.
    I think it is good to stick with it. If reading is difficult for you (and it is for LOTS of really smart people), ask a friend to do the study out loud with you.
    I like Wendy's suggestion that we start off by praying for God to open the eyes of our hearts.

  42. In doing the first four questions, my eyes were opened to how often I am willful and disobedient to God, and I want to do what I want to do when I want to do it. So often I'm guilty of only giving God my partial obedience in certain areas of my life. For example, God has commanded me to love my enemies as I love myself and forgive seven times seventy but so often I harbor resentment towards someone, and when I am convicted, my rationale is always, yes but see I am good here, so really that doesn't count. Now I see how much this behavior breaks God's heart. Even a little disobedience is unacceptable to God.

    Personally, I thought Saul was prideful and full of ego. He forgot that it was God's annointing on his life that made him King and instead he begun to do what he wanted to do, instead of being obedient to God's will for his life.

    Thanks for this excellent bible study, Wendy. I'm enjoying learning more about Saul, and myself in the process. I can't wait to finish up the questions and get to David. Hopefully I'll find some of myself in him too. 🙂


  43. Heather B., I have never read the text of David and Goliath, either! We all sort of "know it", but it was great to actually read it.

    Angela C., When I first started reading the bible, I felt like you do. My friend got me an NLT study bible, which has notes in the bottom half of the page. I found that to be very helpful, to know some of the background. Ask God to help you understand, He will definitely do that for you 🙂

    What I am struck by is just how dependent David was on God. We say as Christians, "Oh, I am depending on God", but do I even understand what that really looks like? Wow.

    I have heard David described as "a man after God's own heart" and I have never understood it. This bible study is helping me understand.

  44. Hi Everyone,
    As I read the lesson this week and did the homework, I remembered that I have read these passages before but never really looked at them closely.

    When reading about Saul, I saw the way I have been disobediant to God. I only want to do the things that are easy or the things I want to do. I try to justify that since I did some of the things then I have been obediant. Thank goodness God in his mercy forgives me through his dear son Jesus.

    I love how David, in the verses we read this week, truely relies on God. He put his faith and strength in God. I want to be a woman after God's own heart. I want to be in his word more and talk to him more in prayer. I want to have him guide me in my life and put my faith and trust in him fully. I want to reach out more and help others, but honestly sometimes I am afraid on how this will change my life. I want to work on trusting God more and not being afraid.

    Thanks Wendy for writing such a great study and giving me so much to think about.

    Blessings to all,

    Deb V

  45. Wendy Blight says

    Reading your comments is compelling evidence of two things.

    First, we need to be in the Word of God ourselves. We have all heard or briefly read these all familiar stories. But only when we actually read them for ourselves does God begin to work in our hearts to reveal beautiful, powerful, life transforming truths.

    Second, when we read His Word, God honors His promise that He is the Living God and His Word is living and active. Once we open it and begin to read it, He speaks into our lives; He moves our hearts, and then changes us from the inside out…the change that comes from His Word penetrating down to our soul and spirit, joints and marrow (Hebrews 4:12).

    Your comments are why I LOVE writing curriculum and being a Bible teacher. God fills my heart with the questions and the portions of Scripture on which to focus; I pour them out on paper, and He reveals why through your words. As I read your comments, I am overwhelmed at the greatness of our God and the work of His Holy Spirit.

    This morning please know I prayed for you and thanked God for bringing you here. May He continue to work in and through the life of David in mighty and powerful ways as you purpose yourself to study His Word!!!



  46. Horse Prairie Chatterer says

    I read the story of David and Goliath from "The Message", and that version really brought home how David was able to conquer his giant because he knew he had God with him, God was on his side. Saul teaches us about total surrender, total obedience, that God wants all of us, not just what we "Cherry-picked." Thanks for your teaching, Wendy. I've learned a lot from your studies.

  47. I learned alot from the first lesson:
    1. Be odedient to God- totally surrender and listen to him.
    2. In very situation God is with us and we have to believe and trust no matter the situation or what people say, like David. Regardless of the height/strength of Goliath- he knew God will give him the VICTORY.

    Thank you,Wendy. I can not wait until next week.

  48. Julie Church says

    Wendy, Thank you for this Bible study. I participated in the Ephesians online study this summer and although I'm doing one at church right now, I did want to join you here online because I got so much from your last study.
    Here is one of the questions asked this week, and my answer.

    b. In your own words, share what it means to be a woman after God’s own heart.

    To me to be a woman after God’s own heart, means that I should live my life with the love, kindness and direction of God and his word leading me every day. I should work to have a heart that is like God’s own heart. A heart that knows right from wrong and how to behave in every situation. I can only know that if I study the Bible, God’s word, and if I turn to God in prayer when I am uncertain about how to behave. Then be patient, and wait for God to show me his way. And, finally trust in the Lord to know what is right for me.

    Thank you for this study.

  49. 1Samuel 8:21 Samuel had to repeat their words to the ear of the Lord….that shows me that those that are close to the Lord are extra special in the power of prayer….what do you think? He talked to the people of earth and took their cries/requests/desires straight to the ear of the Lord!! Keeping that mentor or that prayer partner is obviously important and i was reminded by that verse…..any thoughts?

  50. off subject. this would be AWESOME to have in a forum format….so we can seperate the new requests to join and then catagorize by week….would be easier to read as well….what do youthink Wendy?

  51. Wendy Blight says


    Okay I am a bit ignorant when it comes to blogging beyond posting and commenting. Can you expand a bit more on the forum format for me…the separating requests and then categorizes. I have a woman who is helping me create a new blog, and if you explain this a bit more, she can probably help me do this.

    You can e-mail me at I would love to make this more user friendly.


  52. Just pausing on the idea of being a woman after Gods own heart. Is this a continual hunger every day? I am not sure I always 'feel' that way. I really truly want to know my Jesus better and be changed by His word in my life, but I sometimes feel like I am not 'hungry' often enough. Does that make sense? Before I move onto David and Goliath I think I will just let this part of study sink in a bit. Now to read some more comments.

  53. This is Belinda again. Having a chance to look at more comments – you are blessing me with your comments about being after Gods heart. Thx it is helping me as I think about this part of the study.

  54. I think maybe what Julie says in her comment is true…I have personally benefited from prayers offered by my "older" spiritual sisters. I feel that. God sends people to us to encourage us, and to pray for us!

  55. Hi Wendy! I'm signing up for the study!
    My name is Amy and my email is:

  56. Lynn - JnL4God says

    Done with week one… I really seem to get so much out of your studies. I like the read and then dig for answers it makes me really think about what I've read. What seems to stand out over all is this week for me is how strong David's faith in God was, and how God uses anyone that is obedient. David is definately a great role model.

    Thanks Wendy and follow commenters

  57. I would love to sign up for the new study. Libby

  58. I finished the week's lesson today. The absence of the Holy Spirit in Saul's life was very sobering to me. This week has impressed the importance of obedience and dependence upon God. Thank you!

  59. I am all done with week one too. I had such a good time reading and learning about Samuel, Saul and David and seeing the difference of when te Holy Spirit is within and when it is not, even though David had the spirit within him he didnt have it easy and he went through alot to avoid the evil from Saul, he never quit and always had God on his side and used that faith to keep running from Saul and remained safe because of it. Thanks for a good week Wendy. Jamie

  60. A woman after God’s own heart would be someone who wants to please God in all they say and do. This doesn’t mean we don’t sin, but we would repent and confess it. Our whole goal needs to please God and the only way to do this is to know what God says in His word. We need to consciously live like the Lord is next to us all the time – He is – but we need to live that way.

    Question 9 – David "behaved himself wisely" is mentioned 3 times throughout chapter 18, in verse 30 it appears that everyone recognized this.

  61. It's not by my power, nor by my might, but by His spirit!!! I AM a woman after God's own heart! My own worst enemy is ME. What has God done in your life to bring you to this point? God has led me, gently and lovingly through pain and sorrow that was self-inflicted. And He did so without judgment or criticism. He met me where I was at, and waited for me.

  62. One thing we need to keep in mind, when in the Word of God, is that, as Wendy said, God's word is alive!
    What I love about His word is that I can read the same verse over and over and each time He shows me something new in it. That is the living Word of God at work. He gives us what we need in our lives to be more like Him moment by moment. All via the Holy Spirit! Truly amazing.
    So don't get frustrated when you don't understand all of it. You may pull out one little nugget that will change your life forever!!! 🙂

  63. chelsea Koanui says

    I am so excited about this study!

  64. Thank you soo much, Wendy. I wanted to study the bible in depth , but I didn't know how. I want to be a Woman after god's own heart, but that also was a big question mark. I was there for the Ephesians study. You told you were starting on David's life. I thought why david? I believe God wants to mould us as he moulded david to be a man after god's own heart, thru you , wendy. May god shower his blessings upon you. I believe if all 2000 women would pray for each other, everyone would be transformed. Praying for all of you to climb out of the goliaths that you face, signing out :).. – Amritha

  65. This morning I have had such a wonderful, meaningful reminder and encouragement from the LORD. I have been struggling with chronic health issues for years now, and it requires much of my time and energy to stay on the path to healing. I am not perfect at it, and the healing is happening a lot slower than I would like. I get discouraged, and sometimes I am a bit hard on myself. I read the story of David and Goliath with new eyes today. David's success was based on his confidence in God's power rather than his own abilities. It is the same for me. God's power to heal me is greather than my imperfect efforts to get well. This is such a comfort! – Anne

  66. hi i've been so enriched by your study, glad i joined.

  67. I understand that David defeated Goliath by God's power. I also know that God works on my behalf all the time. But sometimes it's hard to have the faith of David. There always that annoying "what-if" in the back of your head that says God may not answer. He may not show up. I pray for a heart and faith like Davids.

  68. Thanks Julie, I to with like to add the comment to your question of being a woman after God's on heart.

    I believe what set David apart from Saul is that he had an repenting heart. God know that we make mistakes and sin sometimes, but he don't want us to get in a position where we think that we are too high up or important to go and ask anyone for forgiveness and go down of our knees and ask God to forgive us. David was a King too, and he made a mistake to, but he repented to God for his wrongdoings and that is while he was a man after God's own heart, He did try to overstep God's power with his own power as King.

    God Loves Us and He wants to forgive us for all of our shortcomings, but if we are to proud to own up to doing wrong to ourselves and others, how can we claim that we have repented.

    Thanks Julie.

    Rita Terry, Houston, Texas

  69. Sorry so late to leave a comment for the first week's lesson but still…

    The thing I love about this was that David never got cocky and angry at God for not raising him up sooner. He was annointed King and yet someone else was still sitting on his throne and he never threw a fit and asked God to make it happen already. I know I can get like that sometimes. Where I want something to happen and not having the patience, like David did, to wait on God's perfect timing. David did what he had to do, stayed submitted to authority, and excelled where God had him.

    Oh Lord help me to be like David in that aspect!

  70. Crochet Addict says

    i'm way late too – but i am hoping to catch up quickly. I just finished the first four questions. One thing that got me stuck for a little bit was that "God regretted", I usually think of regret as a result of wrongdoing and could not square that with a perfect God. I looked up regret in the dictionary hoping to get a better picture, and I did, regret is sorrow for an action or dissapointment. God was sorrowful that Saul was a dissapointment. That makes much more sense.

    I also am seeing my self in Saul, much to my chagrin. I do trust God, I learned that one at a young age, but I am not always patient enough to completely wait on Him.

    Please pray for my family right now – my husband is in jail and his detention hearing (whether he can get out on bond or not) is tomorrow morning, he has been there since Dec. 10, and our boys and I really miss him. Pray for mercy and that when it comes time for sentencing or plea barganing we will continue to trust God.

    I also noticed that it does appear that Saul is repentant, but then we see that he goes off to his own house and never sees Samuel again. I think if he were truly repentant, he would have followed Samuel and continued to seek God's guidance. It appears to me that his "repentance" was just another aspect of his pride – he wanted the pat on the back.

  71. I came to your blog via the devotional today and am truly blessed. I have been in over my head in a refresher course the last 8 weeks with 2 more to go. I have sacrificed my quiet time with God to keep up with my worldly studies. I feel empty and overwhelmed and confused. Your devotional helped lift my eyes and heart back up to Jesus and renew my hope.
    Please sign me up for for your next bible study.
    My scripture I will commit to memory is 1 Chronicles 28:9
    Thank you so much.

  72. Larry Christian Jr. says

    ms wendy i just wish to say that i love reading the devotional i get from you'll just to let you know that i'm a 47 year old man and that there are a at least 20 or more truck drivers who hold a bible study mon-fri nite from midnight to a about 5 am on a conference call we are currently inthe book of Acts and just finished the book of John and it took us about a year to finish i use you'll devotional when i do a study inwhich i do on tuesday night just to let you and all the other ladies know how much you'll have helped me and other men may God Bless you'll in everything you'll do thanks Larry Christian Jr.

  73. Wendy Lichtenwalter says

    My name is Wendy, too! I have been reading Proverbs 31 for about 3 years. Your encouragement to memorize scripture hit home with me because Psalm 1 is one I have prayed in church every week for many years. Today I will begin a faithful journey of memorizing more scriptures. Thanks for the challenge. Wendy Lichtenwalter

    What is it that takes your time and keeps you from being in God's Word on a consistent basis? I plan my days and don’t include devotional time. I have time for everything else I plan, so I will make a better daily plan and take time for devotions, not just reading my Proverbs 31.

    What one step can you take to spend more time with God in His Word? Commit to take that step. I am going to use the daily readings that are in our Sunday School book as a starting point for now. Next year I am going to read the Chronological Bible again. I miss it!

  74. Kerlisha Mason ( I am interested in registering for future studies!

  75. Michelle VanAusdall says

    I found a verse that is an awesome reminder to me that God's Word is essential and more than enough, from Job 15:11, "Is God's comfort to little for you? Is His gentle Word not enough?" God's Word is my saving grace and ALWAYS applies.

  76. Jem Rener says

    Hi Wendy. Yes I know I’m doing this study almost 7 years late, but I believe it is a study that is as important now as it was then. I am on a quest to find out why David is known as a man after God’s own heart so I am glad that I’ve been led here. You have been an inspiration to me the past couple of years and I’m eager to learn from you. When you started out with a teaching on Saul I realized that it is important to study him first since he was appointed first as king. When you look at Sauls life you learn why he was not referred to as a man after God’s own heart. Not only did he not obey God but he immediately blamed someone else when confronted with his sin. Then he kept referring to God as the Lord your God, not the Lord my God. Thank you for keeping this study here!

    • You are so welcome!! I love that you are doing this study all these years later. It means so much to see God continuing to work through the Bible study He laid on my heart all those years ago.

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