October 3, 2010

The Heart of a Mighty Warrior – Week Two Lesson

Before we begin today, I want to announce the winner of Rachel Olsen’s new book, It’s No Secret. The winner is Traci, who commented on September 12th at 1:20 p.m. Congratulations, Traci! Thank you to all of you who shared your favorite chapter title and Starbucks drink with us. Please be sure to visit our Proverbs 31 web site and buy Rachel’s new book. On this journey with Rachel, you will discover the many treasures, truths, and promises tucked away inside the pages of God’s Word.

Now back to our study. Wow! What a week!! How hard it was for me to see David make such tragic decisions…one in particular that would haunt him for the rest of his life.

How are you coming with your memory verses? This week’s verse if very short. May God hid this verse deep in your heart so the next time you need strength outside yourself, you will remember these words spoken directly from the heart of David.

Below please find the lesson for Week Two and the homework and reading assignment for Week Three. In our upcoming homework, we will see David continue to make decisions that will take him deeper and deeper into despair.

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Reading Assignment: Read as assigned through the homework.

This Week’s Memory Verse: But David found strength in the Lord his God. 1 Samuel 30:6b.

Homework Questions: Please do as many questions as time allows. It is in your reading and studying that God will do His greatest work.


Heavenly Father, I am excited to meet You in Your Word this week. Thank You for giving me Your Word. Thank You that it is Truth, written to speak to me today. As I read about the life of Your anointed, David, please show me what it is You would have me to learn. I know You brought me to this study to teach me, to change me, and to make me more like You. Father, open the eyes of my heart to hear what You have to speak to me each and every time I open Your Word. If there is anything in me that will keep me from hearing You, Father, cleanse my heart. I want Your highest and best for my life. I want my heart to be more like Your heart. I want to learn what it is that pleases You. Give me wisdom and understanding; give me a spirit of revelation. You tell me not to forsake wisdom, that she is supreme; You tell me to esteem wisdom above all else, and she will exalt me. You teach me that if I follow wisdom all the days of my life, she will set a garland of grace on my head and present me with a crown of splendor. That is what I desire above all else. Help me to seek hard after wisdom, to esteem wisdom, and to follow wisdom all the days of my life. May my life honor You in all I say and do. I ask this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

1. We begin our week again with David on the run. Read 1 Samuel 26.

a. What significant event happened again in this chapter?

b. In verse 21, Saul asked forgiveness and invited David back into his life. Why do you think David did not go back with Saul?

c. How do you think David was feeling in verse 25 as he “went on his way?”

Clearly this was one of the lowest points in David’s life. His words in 1 Samuel 27:1 reveal his hopelessness: “But David thought to himself, ‘One of these days I will be destroyed by the hand of Saul. The best thing I can do is to escape to the land of the Philistines. Then Saul will give up searching for me anywhere in Israel, and I will slip out of his hand.’” Remember, Scripture tells us that Saul pursued David from the time he awoke to the time he went to bed. Saul’s hatred for him ran deep, and there was nothing David could do about it.

2. Is there something in your own life that you cannot control, something that burdens you night and day? Perhaps it is a chronic illness, insurmountable debt, long term unemployment, a wayward child, a struggling marriage, a longing to be married, or estrangement from family. All consuming emotions and feelings accompany each of these trials. The enemy of our soul relentlessly uses those feelings and emotions to steal our peace and our joy. Read the following verses from some of David’s psalms. Can you relate? If so, share how.

a. Psalm 10:1

b. Psalm 22:1-2, 14-15

3. What do we see David doing in the following verses?

a. Psalm 10:12-16

b. Psalm 22:3-11, 19-31

Don’t these Psalms encourage you more now that you know what was happening in David’s life as he wrote them? David knows that He should not trust his feelings and not focus on his circumstances. He cries out to God for help. It is in his tears that he lifts his eyes and his heart to the One in Whom he can trust. I want to remind you of that today if you find yourself in difficult circumstances. God has not forgotten about you…about your circumstances, sweet friend. His Word says that He sees every tear you cry. He knows every feeling you feel. He knows when you reach that point of desperation where you believe you cannot take another step. He promises that He will never leave you or forsake you. If you find yourself in a trial and struggling like David, follow his lead…

Cry out to God,

Stay in the Word,

Stand on God’s promises,

Believe He is able,

Pray without ceasing.

If you feel weary and hopeless, feed on the following verses and ask the Lord to use them to fill you and encourage you.

• 1 Corinthians 15:58

• Galatians 4:9-10

• Hebrews 12:2-3

• 1 Peter 4:19

4. Read 1 Samuel 28.

a. What happened in verse 5 when Saul saw the Philistine army?

b. What did Saul do in verse 6?

c. What happened when he did this?

d. What did Saul do in response? (Yet what had Saul done in verse 3 after Samuel died?)

e. What did he want the medium to do for him? (1 Samuel 28:11)

When the woman brought up the spirit, Saul asked the spirit who looked like Samuel to tell him what to do.

5. What Saul did was a terrible violation of God’s law and Saul knew it. The Bible ABSOLUTELY forbids divination, seeking spirits and mediums. This is serious business to God, and He is very clear (for more on this, read Leviticus 20:27, Deuteronomy 18:10-11, Isaiah 3:2-3, and Ezekiel 14:7-8)

a. Why did God refuse to answer Saul? (1 Samuel 28:16-18)

b. What two prophecies did Samuel issue? (1 Samuel 28: 19)

It seems harsh, doesn’t it, that God would not respond to Saul’s cries? But Scripture teaches that there are times when God will be silent.

6. Read Isaiah 59:1-3. What do you learn? Do you think this applies to Saul?

In David’s absence, Amalekite raiding parties came into the town of Ziklag where David and his men had settled. They burned the town and took David’s family and everyone else as prisoners.

7. Once David’s men reached Ziklag, what did they find? How did they respond? (1 Samuel 30:4)

a. Read verse 6. Why was David distressed?

b. Where did David go in his distress?

c. What does it mean to “find strength in the Lord?” What does that look like to you?

Friend, do you have times in your life when you feel very alone…like no one understands your circumstances? Sometimes God takes you to that place so that you will not turn to others but instead will turn and press hard into Him. I have had times where I have actually been angry with friends for not “being there” for me. Later I came to see that their absence caused me to go directly to God with my circumstances. God knew that I needed to strengthen myself in Him and Him alone. It may hurt to feel abandoned by a friend, but it creates a wonderful new trusting place with God where He provides what you need when you need it.

8. Read 1 Samuel 30:7-31. How did David decide what next steps to take?

9. David made his inquiry by means of the ephod. An ephod was the high priest’s apron-like garment which contained the Urim and Thumim, sacred stones used to discern the will of God. Exodus 28:29-30 (it was said if the Urim dominated when the lots were cast, the answer was “no,” but if the Thummin dominated it was “yes”).

a. Who stayed behind and why? (1 Samuel 30:10)

b. Who led David to the men who raided Ziklag?

c. What happened when David found the men? (1 Samuel 30:17-20)

d. How did David resolve the issue about sharing plunder from the raid?

Today we find ourselves in the last chapter of the book of 1 Samuel. Can you believe all that you have learned these last few weeks?

10. Read 1 Samuel 31. It opens announcing the Philistines quick and decisive victory over Israel. The first few verses are replete with death and sadness. Sadly, Saul watched his men run away in fear of the Philistines. He watched others, including his own sons, die at the hands of the Philistine army on Mount Gilboa.

a. Read Deuteronomy 11:22-25. Knowing what God says here, why do you think Israel lost this battle?

b. Verse 2 breaks my heart as I read what happened to Jonathan. What happened to Saul’s sons?

11. What happened to Saul and what request did he make of his armor-bearer?

a. Why do you think his armor-bearer would not kill him?

b. What did Saul do next?

The last act of Israel’s chosen king was to kill himself with his own sword. Sadly Saul took a path that led him away from the Lord. We watched it happen little by little.

12. Trace the steps of Saul’s journey away from the heart of God.

a. 1 Samuel 13:8-16

b. 1 Samuel 15:3, 9-19

c. 1 Samuel 22:17-19

d. 1 Samuel 28:8

13. What lessons do you take away for your own life from his story?

Read 2 Samuel Chapter 1.

14. After getting to know David these past few weeks and ending with this beautiful song of lament in Chapter 1, what have you learned about his heart? What is it that makes David “a man after God’s own heart?”

ENJOY your time with God this week. I will be praying for you!!!



  1. Hi I was just wondering if David knew that he was annointed by God in this passage. It says in our reading that Saul is the annointed one and thats confused me a little.

  2. Terri Bhat says

    Hi Zoe, do you mean where David refuses to kill Saul in the cave and in the camp? If it's there, David knew he himself was annointed by Samuel to be the next leader. But I think David and the other Israelites needed to honor God's first choice, and their leader, otherwise they would have been violating a sacred covenant. David obeyed God by waiting, and proved himself to be a good, trustworthy leader. I mean, who wants a king who got there by killing the previous king? At least that's what I think.

    Actually, I came on here to say thank you to Wendy — I am amazed, again, at how your questions engage me so personally. I can't believe what a delight studying the Bible is, and how it causes me to examine my own life (and shortcomings). Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  3. Wendy —

    On question 3 this week, you are asking us to look at Gal. 4:9-10 — is that correct? I'm wondering if you meant Gal. 6:9-10….?

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this study!!!

    Peace & Blessings,

  4. Lisa in Connecticut says

    Wendy, I am so grateful for this study. As a mom of a 1 year old with another baby on the way, it is almost impossible for me to get to an on-site Bible Study. I love the flexibility that this study offers – as soon as my 1 year old goes down for his nap I run downstairs to my computer and get working on the homework for the week. I’ve made Bible Study a priority and I’ve been able to stay caught up each week’s lesson – both in this study and in the Ephesians study over the summer. I’ve been a born again Christian since I was six years old, I was raised in a loving and stable Christian home, and am married to a wonderful full-time minister. But I honestly have to say that God’s word has never been so real to me as it has been since I discovered Proverbs 31 Ministries and your Blog site early this year. I love the practical, life applications that accompany all of the Proverbs 31 Daily Devotions and the homework lessons in your studies. God has really spoken to me and is helping me fine-tune some things in my life. I’ve also been able to share truths from these studies with those around me who are struggling with various issues. Keep up the good work!

  5. Wendy, are you sure you're not spying on me, LOL! Each time I watch your videos, there is a word I feel like is just for me 🙂

    I am in a "dark night of the soul" now, for the past couple of months. I am reaching out to God and asking Him to heal the hurts of my childhood. I recently took a class about "inviting Jesus into" painful memories and am just starting that process.

    Your teaching touched on so many things I am encountering in my life right now. I have never struggled with depression before, but lately I just am not "okay". There is so much hope because of God, and yet again, your teaching is further proof that God is reaching out to me as I reach out for Him. Praise Him! Thanks again for doing this bible study.

  6. Hi, Wendy and everybody!

    I am loving the Bible studies and my quiet time with God. I spend time with God alone everyday. He rejuvenates me, He fills my cup. I run to God for my trials and tribulations. He guides me and helps me through.
    Getting to know Him and his people is a sheer pleasure. King David with such humble starts who God choose……
    Yet, even he makes mistakes, and is so worried over earthly woes that he forgets to run to God with his worries. It is no wonder David and his Psalms are such an inspiration.

    I am currently going through a 18 year old daughter who is a cancer survivor still having many more years to go until she can claim 5 years cancer free! and now we find my 22 year old to have a mental health or/and addiction problem. IF only I could get him to follow the guides in Proverbs and the Bible. He is a believer but is so distracted by worldly things.

    I offer these 2 young adults up to prayer and praise the Lord for defying the odds with my daughter and giving us another wonderful 3 years with her hoping for much more.
    I know that anything is possible through Christ, and that this too shall pass for my son. Although living at this time, a dark corner in my life, makes me wonder if it will last forever. Thank Goodness for these words of God to get me through these trials of life.


  7. Hi Wendy and all you gorgeous people,

    I am loving this study soooooo much. I was saved when I was very young but got to my teenage live and rebeled!! Its only now at 35 that I have come back to the lord (7 months ago) and I no now that the lord as never left me nor forsaken me.
    This is my first bible study, its all so new to me again because as a child you learn the word differently than you do as an adult.
    So thank you Wendy for ur time, ur wisdom, ur encouragment that people like me can learn all over again and get right with god!
    May God bless you xx
    Northern Ireland

  8. I Wendy,
    I am enjoying this study of David. I am so touched to see that God has brought me a study to encourage my heart in my distess. It is beautiful to see that David, in the end, still proves his love for those he deeply loved, even though the one, Saul, had turned against him.
    We can love those loved ones who choose for a season to turn against God and us. We can be separate from them for a season and pray for them, and do them no harm , while God works in their hearts and ours, teaching us all beautiful lessons.
    We can see that God does triumph over our enemies and does protect us.
    I am encouraged and strengthened by this study, in my season of distress. I have called out to God from my cave of Adullam, and HE has heard my cry.

  9. Wanted to let you know I think this is such a great Bible study.. it is challenging, with a lot of reading and content involved which makes me want to read and learn my Bible.(I did half of it Tuesday and couldn't wait till today to finish the other half of the study)Thank you for making me want to search and learn the scriptures till I get the answers I need

  10. mommyofmyne says

    @susie in milwaukee- wear those knees out in your jeans praying for your son…I was in the same boat. addiction/depression/anxiety/panic/add/adhd and the addiction has passed and the others are under perfect control as I continue my walk in the Lord. (most of the time LOL) but really do pray which im sure you do, but i am walking testimony that it can be broken, God will call on him and pray he hears His voice…God screamed at me and I didnt hear a word of it. 3 of 5 of my friends died from OD and only myself and another girl made it from that time alive both because we moved away (i got pregnant, which my mom was less than thrilled about at age 20, recently divorced, etc…) but that little boy i was handpicked for saved my life and i will never look back. He is 7 now and i truly do believe w/o him i might have missed my calling….but i will join you in prayer for your son, i can only imagine. i have heard a little since i have grown up some and listened to my mom recount her feelings and thoughts at the time and it just broke her heart, we were raised in a still together strong Christian family and I just ran off and went off the deep end. but i am home and so too is the prodigal son…I pray yours will be as well..

  11. Mommyofmyne, thank you for sharing so much. Since my son no longer wants to listen to me or any one of his family members God will have to take control. Yes, growing up in the late 60's early 70's my husband's brother had several friends who became very addicted. 4 died. I wonder what the difference is for those who can get pulled out of the mire versus those who stay stuck. So far my son just denies all despite all the proof. He just refuses to even believe it himself!
    Well, God is our refuge, our strength. And, I am so glad we can come to him in our dark places, in our trials; praying and praising God, his Will be done. (I just always hope God is merciful in his Will).
    I can't afford to have God stand afar, to hide in my time of trouble. I need all of God's strength as I do not have the support from my husband.
    I know in life we have to be patient, we have to accept God's will even though it may be different than ours but thankfully, I feel as I am resting back snuggled in God's love.


  12. Hi, I am enjoying this study so much, everything about David is relatable to our everyday lives. I have a question though- God removed his spirit from Saul bc of his disobedience, and when Saul prayed God was silent (1Sam 28:16); but David also sinned, he lied and got a whole village killed, he became a polygamist..but yet God still answered when David called on him (1Sam 30:7-8). I always thought that if there was sin or disobedience in our life and we pray to God for help he will not hear us. I'm a little confused, can anyone help clarify this for me??
    Thank you and God Bless!


  13. Wendy Blight says

    Hi Alecia,

    Thank you for your question. Yes, God will not hear us when our hearts are hardened because of sin and disobedience. The difference with David is, and the HUGE lesson for us is, the state of David's heart versus Saul's. Saul rarely showed repentance. When he did it was usually salt and peppered with excuses and was short-lived.

    David's heart was different. God gives us glimpses into David's heart through the psalms. We see David continually talking with God, praising God, confessing his sin, asking for God's forgiveness and His help. The difference between Saul and David was the responsiveness of their hearts to God in the midst of their sin.

    We will continue to see David make bad choices and suffer the consequences of those choices. But we will also see him humble himself before the Lord, ask forgiveness, and take his realtionship with the Lord deeper still.

    I hope this helps you understand. You will see more and more of David's heart as we work through the homework.

    ENJOY your weekend!


  14. Alecia.

    The difference between David and Saul is that David repented of his sin. Saul continued on in his sin, lying or making excuses, but never repenting and turning back to God. If you look back to last week's questions, Wendy had us read Ps. 52, where it is believed that David wrote that in response to what happened in Nob. (Wendy, correct me if I'm wrong.)


  15. Wendy,

    You beat me to it. 🙂

  16. Thanks that does help clarify a lot. I can't wait to dig deeper…


  17. I have been doing the questions re Psalm 10 and 22 this morning before I went to church. At church, after dropping my kids in the Sunday School, I returned to the service to find a friend crying in the doorway, her daughter had just miscarried twins from IVF for the second time and that along with my friend's son being quite sick this week (he has brain disorder), she seemed ready to colaspe under the weight the these trials that have been brought to her today. The messages from these Psalms and the questions around them were just what my friend needed. I cried with her and held her. I have just emailed her some of the verses from that part of the study for her to read. God had given me those this morning just for that purpose I am sure. I normally do not get a chance to do any of the study before going to church on Sundays, with 4 small kids to get ready and out the door, but I chose to sit down, by grace of God, for 15mins before leaving and then went along to church with those things in my head. Praise to God, His ways are not our ways, He knows everything we need and when we need it and He uses us when we least expect it. I am so thankful for those verses today.

  18. Wendy Blight says


    What a wonderful story! That God prepared you in advance to minister to this woman in her brokenness. Thank you for sharing. I too am so thankful for these verses that allowed you to feed her His Word at a time when she needed it so much!!



  19. mommyofmyne says

    all of these stories are such an encouragement…thank you for being so transparent…its great to be a part of the Body of Christ in action…way to go wendy for spearheading the whole thing, you are doing the handiwork of God every blog you post. Thank you.

  20. The important differences between Saul & David have been made so clear in this study. I have found myself reading about Saul and his mistakes and saying "tsk tsk!" but…far too often, I have committed the same sins he did!

    I pray that God will give me a heart like David's. Again, I never understood what it meant to have a heart after God's own heart. I pray that God will change me, that He will give me a hunger to seek out His will before making a decision, that it would become my natural reaction.

  21. I love your studies. I have been going through them all. As a new believer I am seeking to know the word so much and I have a hard time with memory but i know that the word is laid on my heart heavy as I read. I just continue to pray for it to stick to my heart and that I would remember for the times in my life that I need the word to be first.
    I see that there are memory verses for each week, but I am unable to find where the memory verse is? Can you guide me to where to find it for each week?

    Thank you so much and God Bless you!!

    • It is wonderful for me to see God is still using this study!! Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement about the studies on Living Truth. Your words truly bless me.

      Each week there is a memory verse and you will find it under the video box. They are introduced by “This week’s memory verse.” Let me know if you don’t see them.


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