February 27, 2011

Week Four Cultivating a Heart of Prayer – Invitation to Thirty Day Journey with Christ

Thank you for spending the last four weeks with me. What an amazing journey!! Watching God at work in our midst through your prayers and ministering to each other has truly blown me away.

I wish I could go back and list praises for each and every one of you for whom we have prayed. There have been so many, so please join me in giving all praise, glory, and honor to Almighty God, the One who is Faithful and True, the same yesterday, today, and forever!!!

Below please find our final lesson for Cultivating a Heart of Prayer

Although our “official” Cultivating a Heart of Prayer study is over, I would love to continue meeting together.

Consider this an open invitation to join me over the next 30 days to go even deeper still with Christ. I will take one week off and meet you here again on March 14th. At the end of the post, please find questions to guide your quiet time over the next fourteen days.

This journey will look different for each of us depending upon our age and stage of life. But the key to this journey is the word “intentional.” God calls us to be still before Him…to know that He is God. That requires an intentional decision to set aside time each day to spend time with Him. There is no set time and no set way to do this. Rather, it requires you examining your schedule and choosing a time and place each day to meet with Him….five minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes. Maybe it will change depending on the day of the week. The key is – stealing from Nike – “Just Do It!”

In deciding whether you want to join us, please consider the benefits of a deeper more intimate relationship with the Lord.

A deep, abiding relationship with Christ…

1. opens the door to God’s heart

2. draws us closer to Him

3. increases our knowledge of Him and of His Word

4. builds our trust in Him

5. transforms our hearts and minds

If you want more of these things in your life, join us for this journey. Invite your friends, Sunday School classes, small groups, your spouse, and even your children to join you. What a beautiful way to prepare our hearts for Easter!

I will post verses and questions to guide our journey. Some days I may have a video and some days just a short message. If you have something you would like to share on the blog, let me know. Perhaps we can even have a few guest posts during our journey!!

Here are a few hints to make the most of this journey:

1. Find a quiet place to meet with God (favorite chair, front porch, closet, curled up on your bed)

2. Bring your Bible and a journal or notebook

3. Divide up your prayer requests over the thirty days

(for example…Mondays pray for husband/children/family, Tuesdays pray for friends, Wednesdays pray for community and nation, Thursdays pray for missionaries and our world), Fridays pray for you church and Bible studies, Saturday pray for work/co-workers/career, Sundays spend time praising God and praying for yourself and your walk with Him)

4. Share in your journal what God teaches you and how you experience His Presence

Abiding in Christ: Days One through Fourteen (Feb. 28-March 13)

I will take one week off and meet you here again on Monday, March 14. Below please find some questions to guide your quiet time. We will focus on Jesus, the Son of God.

Christ is not valued at all – unless He is valued above all. aSt. Augustine

Philippians: 2:5-11 and Colossians 1:15-20 and John 1:1-5

1. Read the above -referenced passages and share what they say about Christ. Dig deeper beyond the passage with your own study (using study notes, commentaries, Internet resources) and share what the Lord teaches you in your journal.

2. Share what each passage says about the deity of Christ (for further study see 1 Corinthians 4:4, Hebrews 1:1-4).

3. Share what each says about the humanity of Christ (for further study, see John 1:14, Romans 8:3, Hebrews 2:17-18).

4. Share what these passages speak personally to you about God, about Jesus, and about you and your relationship with God.

5. Specifically, what difference does it make in your life that Jesus was and is fully human and fully divine? (the way you live your life, your attitude toward God/religion/Jesus, your attitude toward others, your daily walk with the Lord)

6. Is Christ valued above all in your life. If so, how does your life reflect that? If not, what changes will you make so that Christ is valued above all in your life?

Thank you for joining me on this journey. And if you are joining us for the first time, please read the information below.

Registration: To register for our Thirty Day Journey and for announcements of future on-line studies, please leave a comment on my blog with your first name and e-mail address or e-mail me at Deuteronomysix@aol.com.

Subscribing: I encourage you to subscribe to our Thirty Day Journey via my blog. When you do, you will receive each week’s lesson in your in-box. Receiving it in your inbox makes it easy to print the homework and transfer it to a notebook. If this link does not work, you may also subscribe by clicking on the “Subscribe via e-mail” link located at the top of my sidebar. However, you will not be able to see the videos, make a comment, or read comments. You must visit the blog directly to access the video and comments.

Please stop by and share how how God is speaking to you and what He is teaching you on this journey!



  1. Wendy,

    I will definitely be attending. So much has been revealed to me over the last year of playing Mary instead of Martha. I crave to continue sitting at the Master's feet.

    Your study put a point on it and again the Lord showed up in a HUGE way both personally and with the Ladies who joined us.

    Thank you and Thank you LORD!

  2. jennifer culver says

    Hi Wendy,
    Count me in too! So Glad that I found you and my new girlfriends. This has been an amazing journey for me, I cannot say goodbye. I am getting to know my FATHER!
    I too crave to continue sitting at the Master's feet.

    Jennifer Jennifer.culver@sjsd.k12.mo.us

  3. I want to join in!

    Karen R.

  4. Terri in Stockholm says

    I will be here! I have begun a journey to examine my relationship to work and duties. I now know God has MUCH to say to me/us about this, and I will be praying through his word about it starting today.
    Thank you Wendy, also, for your tip about dividing up prayers throughout the week. This will really help what looks like a GI-NORMOUS task. I know some of my sisters (and brothers?) on this journey are already experts at this, and am looking forward to seeing their comments.

    Lord, please bless all of us who long to grow closer to You, and pray your will here on earth. Help us to support each other on our faith journey, knowing that each prayer brings us close to you. You are merciful and good, and you have made it possible for us, through Jesus, to enter into Your presence. Thank you for that gift, and the gift of prayer and your word, Lord.


    I was already a bit sad that it was ending so I'm in!


  6. I too was sad that this study was ending; but in realty it is just beginning.

    Thank you Wendy for this study.

    Count me in to continue on this journey.


  7. Heather Bleier says

    Ladies, you couldn't keep me away with a fifty-foot pole, LOL! I check this blog probably at least once an hour just to see if anyone has posted something new! I am thrilled to give God back the time that rightfully belongs to Him.

    If anyone needs extra or pretty much immediate prayer shoot me an email, it'll pop up on my phone and I will pray for whatever you need; just put PRAYER in the subject heading so I don't skim past your email by accident. IThess 5:16-18 DCE@oursaviorplantation.org 

    Here's a song that's more like a prayer surrendering  to the Lord. It's called "This is My Desire" by Hillsong. (I try to find the videos that have lyrics posted) Enjoy!


    Yours in Christ,
         Heather Bleier

  8. Sign me up for the 30 day journey. I always enjoy all of your studies Wendy. Thanks for all the time and prayer you put in these studies. Blessings and prayers to you all.

  9. Dear Wendy,
    This morning I was so excited to watch your video and be among this AWESOME group of ladies. And then I was hit with a wall of sadness since it was our last meeting. THANK YOU for leading us in these 30 days. I am SO IN! Heather, I don't think a 50 foot pole could keep any of us away, right?! And I want to mimic Terri's sentiments- when I read about the idea of organizing our prayers through the week, I was showered with God's grace through your idea. This has been such a weak point in my prayer life. I do get overwhelmed since I have so much on my prayer list, that it doesn't take much to make me feel inadequate since I inevitably forget categories of people/circumstances to pray for. Gi-normous blessing indeed! In fact, ever since you posted your New Year's Day prayer devotional on Crosswalk (it's in the archives ladies- and it's so worth the read! I can get you a link later today…), I have compiled many verses that relate to time management. I glanced over my document the other day and realized I still needed to glue all the pieces together. Then God reminded me and took me to the accounts of Jesus feeding the 5000. He placed them into orderly groups before He fed them! So, I was realizing that the only way I could do something that is overwhelming is to organize into groups. YOU just put it all together for me- group my prayers to avoid overwhelm! Thank you thank you for boosting me up in my mission!

    Heather- I loooove "This is My Desire"… it's always on my play list 🙂

    In great excitement for these 30 days… and in a heart of extreme gratitude for each of you ladies and of course Wendy for being such a giving, amazing leader…


  10. oh shoot… Wendy, my email is noelleandryan@aol.com

  11. What a blessing this has been! I, too, was sad to think our study is over. Glad that we will continue on together over the next 30 days!
    Thank you, Wendy, for your guidance and instruction..it has been such a blessing!
    I have a prayer request: My husband and I are in the beginning stages of adopting our first child (or children..)! We are so thrilled. I would love prayer for discernment as there are some decisions I need to make in regards to going back to work ( I am currently laid off) as well as guidance and discernment as we raise support. The Lord has been faithful in calling us to do this and we are trusting in His promises. So if you think of it, I would covet your prayers:) I have a blog about our journey so far, so come over and check it out. (just click on my name and it will bring you to the link:)
    Noelle~ I loved how you correlated prayer and order with Jesus feeding the 5,000..what a great reminder:)
    WEndy~ please continue to include me in your studies!! colleengyoung@gmail.com
    God bless, ladies..I will continue to lift you all up 🙂

  12. Heather Bleier says

    Ok, been working on the verses, lots to eat here. I was looking at Col 1:15 and something struck me that I'd thought of before, but today it hit me fresh as if it were the first time reading those words. Just thought I'd share a snippet:

    "He [Jesus] is my big brother in the ultimate sense and He shares all the best gifts from our Father that He showers on His firstborn. Namely, forgiveness(not that our big brother needs it anyway) and shares His inheritance of eternal life in heaven which I would have no part of since I'm not a child of my Father, but adopted into His family through baptism and communion. Jesus has never treated me like an adopted sister, but as if I were His flesh and blood sister. I wish my real big brother was that nice all the time, LOL!"

    Back to the Word…I'll try no to post every two seconds, but I get so excited I just want to share everything with y'all!

    Yours in Christ,
        Heather Bleier

  13. Robin, robinjpacker@msn.com
    This will be a blessing, Thank you for doing this!

  14. Thank you Wendy for posting this study to your blog and for inviting all of us to go on this journey with you!! It has been an amazing study and I've been so blessed by you and all of the ladies on here. Thank you so much for doing His will!

    I'm in for the next 30 days. My e-mail address is: kristina.dignan@gmail.com. Please sign me up.

    Wishing each of you blessings through the next 30 days.

  15. Hey Cute Girls!
    Here's the devotional Wendy posted on Crosswalk/Proverbs 31 for New Year's…


  16. Thank you for the invite! I will definately attend.


  17. I don't post very often but I truly learn so much from you other ladies that post. Thank you for sharing.
    I'm in for the next 30 days!!

  18. Count me in! jen6122@hotmail.com

  19. Thank you so much for sharing this study. It is amazing.

  20. I would LOVE to join in on this journey! I have never done one of your studies- so I am looking forward to this!

    My email is jonnamorrison@hotmail.com

  21. I would love to join you…

  22. I would love to join you!! Chris – chrissyd723@gmail.com


  23. I am in !
    Thank you

  24. Wendy this study has truly been a blessing.Count me in on the Abiding with Christ series..
    Robin… gamesrubylove@yahoo.com

  25. Wendy,

    I am so overwhelmed. I cant find peace in this one thing: my situation with my prodigal daughter.
    I am so sick that she just married an unbeliever. On top of that emailed us to tell us a week later. And she lives in the same town. Many other things like this , she has done is the two years since she left.
    I am so concerned that this is NOT just outright rebellion toward God and parents. She is 26 yrs old ,yes , but if you had known her 3 yrs ago before a car accident you would be in shock right now too. She was your perfect child that yes was stubborn and strong willed and yes, independent, but she had the most beautiful walk with the LORD. She loved him with an unbelievable passion. After the car accident which was a head on collison. Praise God she was not seriously injured, but did have a concussion to the head and a deep cut to the nerves in her forhead. After this accident, gradually she became more and more distant, and lowered more and more standards. She became angry a lot at her mother, finally despising her mother, and even saying "I am building a wall between you and me" to her mother. She finally defied God's Word in ways that she just would never have done before. She defied her father and had always loved and honored him. She finally walked out in anger and that was two years ago and has never come back.
    We read that concussions can do this. Cause a change to make the injured person hate one close person and even God. This all happened gradually over a 10 month period of time.
    She refuses to go to any counselor or doctor to see if it is this. She is just in our face with hate and see what I do my way. She lives in town but has totally rejected us other than an occassional email or text. She is supported by family that believed she was just sick of us and was sick of our control and our religious ways. Those family members are very worldly and accept all things and mock God with their lifestyles.
    I am so sick and sorrowful. I love my child and I have prayed without ceasing for her , praying God's Word back to Him , to deliver her from the mental problem or the enemy, back to His path.
    Please pray for me. Now she married and says we are no part of her life.
    She was so close to us. People who have known our family for many years are in shock. Only the few family members that she went to , and those are lukewarm , think she is just fine.
    She has willingly let go of all her old Christian friends to live this new life of rebellion. She is nice to all but us, her parents.
    Please pray. I dont' know what to do other than pray that God send help, that God heal her, that God reveal the problem , and restore us. That God cast down the strongholds. Satan wanted this passionate disciple of Christ, and God will not be mocked and He will get her back. In the meantime , I am a heartbroken mother, crying for my child, worried that she will not come back because it is possibly mental. I know it may be just outright rebellion, but it is too NOT HER, even in rebellion.
    thanks so much.
    I need prayer to find peace and know that God will answer and bring her back to His path.

  26. Sally Weber says

    This journey sounds like a great one. I think it will compliment the Priscilla Shirer Bible study I am in right now, Discerning the Voice of God. Thank you! Sally W – shweber@nc.rr.com

  27. Please include me. Thank you!


  28. Please include me. Thanks!


  29. mutating missionary says

    Anonymous – I prayed for you.
    I have not posted at all during this study. I am a missionary to Germany on a 'forced' furlough due to laws within the German government. I can't go into all of the details on internet – pray for the European countries being overwhelmed at this time by Middle Eastern influx. I have 10 more months here. Please pray these months as well.

    About my returning for the 30 days. I was impressed how Wendy handled a question of mine. Her prompt response and humble and teachable spirit encouraged me to continue the study. I would appreciate committing to 30 days of time with Him. My days are filled with unknowns at this time. I would enjoy touching base with you all as 'furlough' for missionaries is a bit of a 'holding pattern' situation – and yet I am looking forward to seeing how God will use me here on this side of the pond 🙂 Take me, oh Lover of my soul, use me until I am used up!
    Because He is the I AM, I am His

  30. Wendy Blight says

    To Anonymous who asked for prayer about your prodigal daughter and all of you who have shared requests about your prodigals….

    The cry of your heart truly breaks ours.

    Father, we come before You on behalf of each of these mothers. We pray that You, The God of all Comfort, will comfort them in very real and personal ways…ways that they will KNOW it is You. We pray that You will meet them in their grief and in their pain and fill them with Your Holy Spirit. Wash Your peace and Your love over them. Thank You that even in the midst of desperate circumstances and anxious thoughts You promise the PEACE that passes ALL understanding. We boldly ask you to help them be anxious for nothing and to come to you in prayer SO THAT Your peace…the peace that passes all understanding will guard their hearts and minds.

    You are the Good Shepherd and You love and care deeply for each one of Your sheep. Father, will You place a hedge of protection around these prodigals. And in the midst of their bad choices and situations, place angels across their paths to point them to You. Continually bring godly people…men and women…across their paths to feed them bit by bit Truth and combat lies they are believing. May they see that You and Your alone are the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

    Father, we ask in the name of Jesus and in the power of His shed blood that You deliver them from the hands of the evil one who seeks to kill, steal, and destroy all that is Yours. Father, if there are open wounds in their lives to which Satan is attaching himself, we ask You, as God the Father, the Lover and Creator of their souls, meet them and minister to them. We ask that through Your Love and Grace you free them from any bondage they are in, heal their wounds, and draw them back to You and to their families.

    Father, thank You that greater is You who is in them than he who is in the world. Thank You that You have already won. We claim that victory in their lives right now…that You are victorious over the enemy. We praise You and thank You in advance for all You will do and ask it in the powerful name of Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN!



  31. Please count me in also. I loved "Cultivating a Heart of Prayer" and I so look forward to the next "30 day" journey with you as well!!


  32. I am looking forward to your lessons


  33. I would love to join you on the next 30 day journey with Christ! I am looking forward to it!


  34. Terri in Stockholm says

    Amen to prayer for prodigals.

  35. Anonymous says

    Dear friends,

    I enjoy the updates, I love to have 30 more days, I invite my sister to join and I pray for the woman and her prodigal daughter.
    Keep on praying for Jennifer and all the other needs.

    @ noelle Love your comment on the 5000 and its a struggle for me too to have structure because there is so much to pray for. Gonna structure as well although I did once still my thoughts keeps going to all the needs.

    @ heather I love your idea off emailing and praying

    As we share adresses maybe its possible to make an email list for prayer? There maybe things you want prayer for don't want to publish on the WWW?!
    I know I have one that I loved to share but will not publish on the WWW

    What do you girls think?

    Btw here is my email: wendelijn_sloof@hotmail.com
    and if you are on twitter its: wendelijn to follow!

    Love you all and have a blessed day!


  36. Chosenone7 says

    Dear Wendy, I've been walking with Christ a long time but it was not until a few days ago that I had the full realization that He hears me when I call. My dearest friend sent me a text to pray for her at that moment. I was in the middle of finishing a project that had a deadline by the end of the day. I sent her a message that I was asking God to meet her need and that I would call her when I got home. In my silent prayer, I thought about my prayer warrior daughter, Jeri, asked God to help my friend and continued working. Later, I checked on my friend. She told me that Jeri had called her out of the blue and 'prayed her up!' I cannot tell you how my heart leaped and is still leaping! I asked God to forgive me for thinking that my request went unheard because it was not spoken. He is an awesome, wonderful, Father. Thank you for this study and I look forward to meeting you here in a few weeks. God bless…grace and peace…

  37. Heather Bleier says

         I have been praying for everyone daily.  Wendelijn, how is your son doing? Still headache free? I'm following you on Twitter now, though I doubt I'll be able to understand your posts; after all, english is the only language I can speak.  Jennifer, I still pray fervently for you and your daughter Holly as you seek to forgive. Mutating Missionary, I'm praying that God would open the door so that you may return to sharing the Gospel of Peace with those who do not know Jesus. Wendy, I continually pray for you, too. I ask God to multiply your discernment and wisdom as you grow in His Word in order minister to the broken.

    Today I was in real need of God's peace. I've had this nagging fear and worry in the back of my mind. I keep thinking it's going to happen again. It's been several years since the last time and every time it happened it was different circumstances and a different man. Now my mind is creating an irrational fear and it's driving me crazy. I have to have either the TV on or music at all times; can't stand a quiet house, I hear everything.  I won't write anymore on that, but only to say that this morning God lead me to Psalm 27, focusing on verses 1-2 (NIV '84):

    The LORD is my light and my salvation—whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life—of whom shall I be afraid? When evil men advance against me to devour my flesh, when my enemies and my foes attack me, they will stumble and fall.

    As far as emailing each other with prayer requests. I'd like to make it simple. I will create a Google Group and post the link here. If you would like to join, simply follow the link and sign up, you can remove yourself from the list at any time. This way no one is getting unsolicited emails. It's still confidential and you have control over how often you receive emails.

    I'm NOT encouraging anyone to stop posting their requests here!! This simply an opportunity to ask for prayer over things you do not wish to post for the whole world to see. I certainly have things I want to ask prayer over, but they aren't things I can post here. Frankly, I have a hard time asking people to pray for me at all, dumb I know, but I've always had to be the strong one. Anyway, I'm heading to work, I'll make a Google Group and post a link when it's done. 

    Yours in Christ,
        Heather Bleier

  38. Anonymous says

    Thanks Heather well Mischa is still fine. Before the headaches he was ill with fever and headaches for 2 weeks. When the fever was gone the headaches stayed and esp in the mornigs were severe short attacks. Now our dr thinks that it is his bloodsuger going up and down when he is weak, causing these attacks and that he thought that when he would grow stronger it would stop. And so they did stop, but the wonder to us is that the stopped abrupt overnight while you all were praying. The day I posted this request the headaches were so severe that it drove me nuts to see him suffer. And then the day after…. completly free, and still! Even if the doctor says it would be a matter af time I still witness that it has been a miracle of answerd prayers.

    As for my earlier comment its not to stop posting and sharing and learning here at all!!
    Just to have a save WWW free place to share private prayer request!

    Heather mostly in the (our)afternoon my tweest will appear in English because of a lot of contacts in US are weaking up right then…

    I have learned another important thing about prayer but I will post that later because my notes are not here…



  39. Heather Bleier says

    The name of the Google Group is Philippians 4:6. If you would like to join, with the purpose of submitting private prayers, that you do not wish to post here, follow the link below.

    I have set this group up so that only members can read and reply to posts; it is invisible to the public. After you have joined, you can set up how many emails you receive and have the option of unsubscribing at any time. You can also join by giving me your email address here and I will add you directly to the list.

    Link to the Page (copy and paste): http://groups.google.com/group/Pilippians-4_6

    The Group’s email address, save it in your contacts so it is not filtered as spam: Pilippians-4_6@googlegroups.com

    I hope everyone is enjoying their 30 days, I’m certainly enjoying this time with my Lord and Savior. I also love reading about how God is working in the lives of you, my precious sisters!

    Yours in Christ,
    Heather Bleier

  40. Dear Kim,
    I think something went awry when I replied to your email. The anti-spam link didn't work. I did send a reply to you… can you email me again and I can try to resend my message? Sorry for this craziness 🙂
    xoxo noelle (noelleandryan@aol.com)

  41. Kissed by the Creator says

    I was invited to join the next study by a tweep so I previewed the former ones and would like to join the next one. So blessed by the angels surrounding the house story. Been there and prayed that…for different reasons but experienced that amazing peace that only he can give. I look forward to joining your community.

  42. I must say I have really enjoyed this. Today as I was doing week 4. I felt the Lord remind me just how much I was worth him dying for me. I pondered on the fact that he died for my sins and that I dont need to pick those back up. He died for my doubt, fear, condemnation, that he alone judges me and that he did all that for me so I woulnt have to face those sins and have the devil paralyze me, when they come up. Wendy thank you for your dedication and your heart in helping us women see the Light when things in our life may seem so out of whack. I look forward to the next 30 day journey…

  43. Anonymous says

    Hi girls, First of all I want to ask you all to pray for my husband. He is also having trouble forgiving Holly's rapist. He is not sleeping, I called the Dr. today to get some sleeping meds. He so needs his sleep. He owns his own company and needless to say he needs to be alert. So, girls please offer up some prays for Craig. Holly too needs prayers, she has been very strong during this whole mess, but last night she called me and was FINALLY crying. She is very stressed because it is time for mid testing at her college, I think a lot is going on in her mind. Pray for Holly too.

    I want to be part of the google group. I copied and paste the link and was able to give my information. I received the message in my e-mail and did what it told me to do. But from there I am lost. How do I get to the e-mail? Please help, I am not so good with computers.

    I am including all of you in my prayers. Thank you for all of your support. So looking forward to the 30 day journey. Jennifer

  44. Heather Bleier says

        Email me at DCE@oursaviorplantation.org and I will make sure you get added right away. Once you're added, you will begin to receive prayer requests from anyone who posts. To send a request to the group simply send an email to: 
    Pilippians-4_6@googlegroups.com and it will be sent to everyone who has signed up. (Yes I know the email is spelled wrong, not sure why google did that, but it's the right one.)
    -Heather B. 

  45. Heather Bleier says

         This morning I simply cracked my Bible open to whatever God wanted to lead me to today. This is something I rarely ever do, I prefer a more direct approach, but the verses God brought me to are so beautiful. 
    Psalm 66 especially verses 10-12
         This Psalm describes God's faithfulness to His people, particularly when He parted the sea and they walked on dry ground. If God has absolute power over everything in creation, how much more does He have for our lives! We all know that trails strengthen us and God allows suffering to happen. What we don't always realize is when God has preserved us from a trial! How many times has He intervened in our lives and said, "My child will not go through this trial because it has no place in my divine plan, but I will allow this one because I will use it to glorify my name and bring healing to many." What these verses remind me is that when all is said and done, He will bring us to a place of abundance. WOW! Not a place of "enough" or only what is "needed", but MORE than enough, a place of abundance. Some of us are still waiting for that day, but it will come! God's timing is always perfect, we are the ones who tend to drag our feet. 

         Father, You are faithful, we are not. There is no telling how many times You have preserved us from a trial, struggle or pain. What You have allowed will bring You glory and fulfill Your perfect plan. We remember the suffering of Your Son, Jesus. His death has set us free. Help us to live for Him, to encourage one another just as we are doing now. Let Your Words fall from our lips that others may hear and believe. Amen. 

    Yours in Christ,
         Heather Bleier

    At the Foot of the Cross

  46. Good Morning Cute Girls!

    Heather, thank you so much for creating the group. I've been loving my new prayer structure so much that I've been behind on reading all of these amazing posts. I'll check the group out within the next couple of days. Thank each of you so much for ministering to my heart. The way you have been sharing high highs and low lows has moved my heart so deeply. Each of you have brought me closer to the Lord. Reading your stories makes me visualize burying my face in Jesus chest and just melting into His embrace.

    Sweet Jennifer, of course we'll be holding Craig so tightly in our prayers. I can't begin to imagine what this horrific crime looks like from the eyes of a warrior father who desperately wants to protect his little girl. I am praying that Craig realizes that nothing about the rape is okay… that it's healthy to be furious. I'm asking the Lord to take over for you, Craig and Holly… to have the Holy Spirit flood each of your souls… to give each of you rest… to allow you all to loosen your grip of taking vengeance for yourselves, or to try to make sense of a horribly senseless act. I pray that all of you will be able to

    "Strengthen (your) feeble hands,
    steady the knees that give way;
    say (you) with fearful hearts,
    "be strong, do not fear;
    your God will come,
    he will come with vengeance;
    with divine retribution
    he will come to save you." (Isaiah 35:3-5)

    Anonymous, I am in agreement with Wendy's prayer for your prodigal daughter…

    To all of you… the most blessed day 🙂


  47. Hi Ladies~
    Just checking in to say hello and let you know I am praying over these requests. Praying for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and praying for breakthrough's.

    Wendy~I am praying for you specifically that your marriage and family will remain protected, that the Lord will continue to give you wise discernment as you teach and lead, and that you continue to speak with boldness and confidence.

    Jennifer~prayed for you yesterday and will add your husband to the list as well. Ijust cannot fathom what you are feeling, but praying for the miraculous breakthrough that each of you desperately needs.

    Wendilijn~ so happy to hear of your son feeling better!!! that is just wonderful news:)

    A verse that the Lord brought me to yesterday: "You go before me and follow me; you place your hand of blessing on my head." Psalm 139:5 What a promise to know that the Lord SURROUNDS us and is wanting to bless us!!!

    Love to each of you,

  48. Hey Colleen… what a great verse for your adoption (and ours)!!!! xoxoxo

  49. Anonymous says

    Heather, How I loved what you saw in Psalms and how it led you to think about how often the Lord spares us from trials or suffering. It's so much easier to think about the many trials and sufferings we go through, rather than what we are spared….it's kind of like…when you're in the midst of a trial, why not say "why not me!" instead of "why me?. Your post blessed me this morning! Thank you! Sue

  50. Anonymous says


    Thank you for praying for my family. I feel the Lord with me today!!!

  51. Wendy Blight says


    I just love what Heather wrote and am copying it below…

    How many times has [God] intervened in our lives and said, "My child will not go through this trial because it has no place in my divine plan, but I will allow this one because I will use it to glorify my name and bring healing to many." What these verses remind me is that when all is said and done, He will bring us to a place of abundance. WOW! Not a place of "enough" or only what is "needed", but MORE than enough, a place of abundance. Some of us are still waiting for that day, but it will come! God's timing is always perfect, we are the ones who tend to drag our feet.

    Sometimes we think the abundant life God promises in John 10:10 means a life free of trials and struggles. But truly the abundance in my life originated and grew out of the most painful place in my life…my rape. I would not have the love for God and the passion for His Word that I have but for the difficult journey I walked alone with Him many years ago.

    Heather, I know there are women walking through a desert right now, a dry place where they cannot see, hear, or feel God. I pray His Word and your words will encourage them. He promises in Romans 8:38-39 that He will never leave us or forsake us!! He is a faithful God.

    Thank you for sharing. I continue to pray for us as we seek God in His Word.

    I leave for a retreat Friday and would love your prayers if the Lord brings me to mind. Sharing my testimony and teaching on this very topic!!

    Love you girls,


  52. Heather Bleier says

         As you prepare to minister to those in need, here is my prayer for you. 

    Gracious Lord,
         We thank You for the good work You have begun in our beautiful sister Wendy. You have guided each of her steps and this weekend You will present her once again with an opportunity to fulfill Your will in the ministry You have entrusted into her care. As she shares Your Word, may it drip like honey from her lips. Fill her heart with Your Holy Spirit and strength. Flush out any fear or apprehension she may have. Wendy is Your willing servant, equip and empower her with a boldness like Peter and wisdom like Paul. Tender her heart that she may respond with Christlike compassion, patience, understanding, and love. Help her direct paths to Your throne of grace and restoration. 
         Place a hedge of protection around her as she travels both to and from this retreat. Keep Wendy in our hearts and minds, so that we may pray for her throughout the weekend. We ask this in The Name of Jesus. Amen

    I won't be the only one praying for you this weekend! God is doing amazing things through you Wendy and he ain't done yet!!


    Yours in Christ,
        Heather Bleier

  53. Wendy Blight says

    Thank you, Heather. What a beautiful prayer. I will print this out and take it with me!!

  54. Anonymous says

    Hey you all,

    My heart is full of joy for the new friends I found trough this study. You all keep popping up in my mind all day and when that happens I send up my prayers for you.

    So Wendy when your name pops up I will pray for your weekend. Your painfull story has helped so many others to heal and it must be hard sometimes to share and go back but it always ends in a testomony of victory for the glory of Gods name. I just know that this weekend the testomony of who you are and the reflection of Christ in you will change womens hearts for you are a faithfull instrument in Gods hands.

    Please Lord bless Wendy and give her the strength and the right words to speak, words You give and words that will bring healing to many!

    As for Noelle and Colleen what a blessed children that must be to be welcomed in a home with such faithfull mom's! Whatever these children has already endured they come to a place where they know where to go for healing and loving care! Praying for you!

    The thing God is working on with me these weeks is unconditional love, grace and mercy and faithfullness.
    I am such a rebelious child to God and still He loves me unconditionally He is showing me grace and mercy and He is so faithfull.
    This is what I need to learn to see about myself to be able to have patience with others and to show unconditional self deniing (spelling?) love!!!




    ps. please forgive my bad english but I keep reminding myself that my english is probably much better then your Dutch 🙂

  55. please count me in.

  56. Heather… THANK YOU. I too am copying/pasting your prayer for Wendy in my prayer journal. I am completely in agreement with each word… with each heart's sentiment. Wendy, you personify God's grace and beauty with your heart of a servant leader, your vulnerability, your desire to know our Lord more intimately and the way you hold our hands to encourage us and bring us in to all God whispers to you.

    This journey of 30 days of intentional, focused prayer has transformed the way I am praying for others. It's allowed me to dig in deeper, to overcome the horrible feeling of overwhelm and failure.

    Colleen, as I prayed for your and Adam's adoption, God led me to 2 Corinthians 9:8

    And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that always having all sufficiency in everything, you may have an abundance for every good deed.

    Your journey with Adam to adopt your precious son or daughter is certainly a "good deed". Of course it'll be the greatest gift the Lord has blessed you two with, but as you've said, we're called to take care of the widows and orphans, so although it's a gift for YOU, it's also "good deed". I love how God's word shows that He doesn't say, that He is able to make SOME grace abound to you or that you'll have BARELY ENOUGH to scrape by… but instead ALL GRACE… and ABUNDANCE!!! I can't wait to hear how God creatively provides all of your financial needs for this adoption 🙂

    Have a blessed morning all of you beautiful ladies!

  57. Anonymous says

    I have lagged behind a bit in these studies. I have felt so overwhelmed by constant divided attention with 4 small children, just getting thru the day is really hard sometimes that I feel like I have given up sitting at the Saviours feet these last couple of weeks. I struggle so much with motivation and stick-to-it-ness that guilt takes the dregs of energy I have left. I do not know what to pray but my soul thirsts for a peaceful abiding with my Jesus, pls pray for me. Perhaps this is just a tiresome time in my life or perhaps I am just making excuses for my laziness. Pls pray I will find a way to do this in my life right now, I can't wait til the kids grow up as I want to be an example of one who rests in Jesus. Thx.

  58. Heather Bleier says

    May You tear down every stronghold in Belinda’s life that is keeping her from time with You. I pray that You would move in her life in such a way as to give her the strength and energy to keep going. Father, You are present in every moment of our lives, help our sister Belinda feel You close even when surrounded by the busyness of life. Encourage her as she cares for her four beautiful children.
    You are God of heaven and earth, Lord of all creation and yet, You invite US to rest at Your feet. How precious is that blessed invitation! This is the desire of our sister Belinda’s heart, to rest once again at Your throne. Open to her opportunities to do so, refresh her heart at every opportunity. Whether sitting in the car at a stop light, in line at the grocery store, or even taking a few moments to hide in the bathroom, permeate her day with mini meetings with You!

    Yours in Christ,
    Heather Bleier

  59. Anonymous says

    Love to Everyone!

    I am stepping out of my comfort ZONE in writing this!! I am usually the person who sits back and reads every comment word for word and then re-reads several. I think in the last year of being on here with all of you (maybe I have commented a total of 3 times). All you ladies are so wonderful and have such powerful BEAUTIFUL Prayers!! My comment won't sound as beautiful as most of you.. but I truly write from my heart!

    I want to start first by thanking Wendy, for being such an inspiration to ME and to us all!! You have taught me so much and I just want to say Thank You and I Love You. I hope as you leave today for your retreat, you will be blessed beyond measures and you will lead other women closer to Jesus, to his words and to the Love he has for ALL of us.

    Noelle, just the past week of knowing you has been so Awesome!!:) the comments that you leave for everyone and your emails to me (a complete stranger) has touched my heart more than you will ever know. Thank you!!! May God continue to shine in your life. and I think if I read right.. you are adopting too?? a BIG Congratulations to you too!! Please if I am right, keep us updated….
    Also.. the one verse you posted.. 2 Corinthians 9:8.. was an answer to one of my prayers that I have asked for, for awhile, and I even prayed about it again last night (and what is amazing.. I felt it… God saying to me.. here is your answer… and that means a lot!!).. I have a hard time knowing how to hear him.. I am trying to open up and realize when God talks to me.. I feel I have some type of shield around me that doesn't allow his voice to be heard.. I want to know and feel him talking to me!! I want to have what all of you feel..

    Heather, your prayers are so beautiful, so touching…What a wonderful gift you have!! I so enjoy reading what you write:)

    Belinda, my prayer to you is you find peace, comfort and your alone time to be with Jesus. I have one son who is 7 yrs old and he keeps me very busy!! and I too, find myself some nights of not having my alone time, so I couldn't imagine having 4 children! I do get my alone time once he leaves to go to school.. but there are times at night, I would LOVE to be able to sit and just be with Jesus. I am not sure of the age of your children.. but here's just a thought or idea..

    I talked with my son last night about our "Journey" with our Prayer Journal and asked him would he like to keep one with me… I sat down with him and explained what I was doing and showed him my journal. He loved the idea:) and even better.. I had already had him a journal I found at the Dollar Store with lizards on it (so it's boyish) :).. but instead of doing 7 days for him.. I am starting off slow.. Mondays (Family), Thursday (Friends & Church), Sunday (Praise God!!) I am praying that I will follow thru with this and not give up, that God will give me the strength and knowledge to teach my son that PRAYER is a wonderful thing!!

    Happy Friday!!
    Love to All,

  60. Anonymous says

    I just wanted to thank you for sharing your testimony in your recent vlog. I have struggled with my identity and sinful nature for years. I have tried to change myself with willpower and/or by asking God to change me. After watching your video, I began to write God's promises for me simply because I am His Daughter. I am praying and saying these promises out loud in my morning walk and it has removed a haze that covered me before. I don't have to do the work because He is my identity and I am his holy nation, his royal priesthood. He has nailed my sinful natures to the cross and I have the fullness of Christ in me. So, thank you for your ministry and just know that you helped someone today thru the hand of God.
    Thank you, marylynndraper@yahoo.com

  61. Beautiful Kim,
    You may be out of your comfort zone, but we are so blessed by your courage- your writing is a gift! What a beautiful heart you have. And- I am going to follow your lead and shop with my 8 year-old to buy her a prayer journal of her own (which I guarantee will be pink with lots of bling!).

    Marylynn, isn't it amazing that God specifially chose each of us… above all nations? You are a beautiful daughter of God Himself!

    Wendy, I re-read the prayer Heather posted knowing today is a travel day for you. I continue to stand in agreement with each of her words. God can and will move mountains through your servant heart and your unending grace. I am committed along with my sisters here to continue to hold you so tightly this weekend in specific prayer.

    Heather, I also am copying your prayer for our sweet sister Belinda. I think it's so easy (at least it is for me) to get overwhelmed with all the roles we play in this world as women. I stand in agreement with you, lifting Belinda to our Papa. At the same time, I know I'll need to daily lift this same prayer for myself along and all of my other girlfriends.

    Wendy, this 30 day journey has opened the floodgates of my heart! Never before have I prayed God's word back to him so specifically! Today I was praying for my church and our leadership team. I am copying it below. I also am praying this exact prayer for you as you lead this amazing group of ladies.

    Heavenly Father,

    Thank you so much for the men and women who You have appointed to keep watch over the flock of Coast Hills Church. Thank you that they have responded to Your call to be our shepards. Lord, give each of them the strength, patience, perserverance and wisdom to lead with all their hearts, as working for You above human masters. Give them that deep knowledge in their souls that they will receive an inheritance from You as a reward… that it is You they are serving. You are a just God… You will not forget their hard work and the love they have shown You as they have helped Your people! God, it's so easy to get wrapped up in the intricacies of our jobs… or to be overwhelmed by the demands of ministry… but in a way only You can, give our leadership zeal… spiritual fervor… in their serving. Bless each of them for using and multiplying the gifts they have to serve us- their congregation. They are faithful stewards of Your grace! Lord, may our leaders find rest in You when they are weary and burdened, for You are gentle, humble in heart and You will give them rest for their souls.

    May we as the congregation be a people like Timothy… let us strengthen and encourage our leaders… weigh it on our hearts to remember that our leadership needs to be affirmed by us… help us to have humble serving hearts, and to not be self-seeking. Give us hearts to follow Paul's teaching so we will be followers with a deep desire to uplift and encourage our leaders daily so that none of us will be hardened by sin's deceitfulness.

    Father, thank You for our church family. Thank You for our leaders. Thank You for all You are doing in Coast Hills. You are moving mountains!

    We lift our prayers in the name of Jesus… Amen!
    (Acts 20:28; Colossians 3:23-24; Hebrews 6:10; Romans 12:11; 1 Peter 4:10; Matthew 11:28-30; 1 Thessalonians 3:2; Hebrews 3:13)

    Have an amazing Friday Beautiful Girls!

  62. Heather Bleier says

    I have a couple of prayer requests to bring to you.

    -Since June of last year, my husband and I have been trying to have a baby. We are doing our best to be patient and not just say we trust in God’s timing, but actually submit and TRUST in God. It’s especially hard for me when I found out I’m not pregnant the obvious way and with my hormones out of whack already, sadness hits me with even more intensity. I know statistically, it takes most couples at least a year to conceive, but it’s hard to believe that when right now I have seven friends that have either given birth, or are pregnant within the past two months. I do rejoice with them and do my best to quell the jealous seed slowly growing in my heart. Please pray for an abundance of patience, understanding, and trust in God as we wait on His timing.

    -Summer comes early here in south Florida and that means my husband’s workload is tripling. He already works six days a week (Mon-Sat) for an AC company, getting up at 5:30am each day. With temperatures on the rise, he doesn’t get home until after 6:00pm. Add in the fact that he has a side job of repairing boats; he doesn’t get home until 8:00 or 9:00pm. Then it’s a quickie shower and off to bed before doing it all over again the next day. Things get busier for me too during this time with Lent/Easter, Confirmation, VBS planning, teaching students who are already itching to be done for the year, and a variety of other events and activities for the children and youth ministry here. Since I work on Sundays, it can be a challenge for us to spend any real quality time together, even with me getting up with him at 5:30 in the morning. Please ask God to strengthen us during this season, which usually lasts until at least September. Help us to be level headed with each other, especially when we’re both exhausted and don’t want to deal with anything except sleep.

    I know these requests probably seem paltry compared to the greater needs that have been brought here, but I could really use a boost. It’s the first week of March and I’m already tired. Thanks, sisters.

    Despite my tiredness, this song was on in my car this morning and I couldn’t help but go 480, testing the limits of my car’s speakers.


    Happy to be Alive,
    Heather Bleier

  63. Oh Heather… my heart aches for you. There are few things that pierce a woman’s heart like the journey to our babies! Thank you for posting your request and giving us the gift to hold YOU up as you have so faithfully held each of us. I have been sharing my adoption journey with Colleen (We have been waiting 5 years so far and our latest estimate is 2014). Colleen has been blessing us with a renewed energy and hope for our 2nd Chinese adopted baby. She has been praying Hebrews 10:23, 26 over me and my husband:

    Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful… You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.

    Heavenly Father… Sweet Heather’s Papa…

    We lift our sister Heather to You Lord. What a gift Heather is to each of us in this group. Her gentleness, faithfulness and heart of generosity is evidence of Your Spirit beaming through her. In this very emotional time of family planning, fill Heather and her husband’s hearts with patience, understanding and an abundance of trust in You to the point where they are anxious for nothing… but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, let them… along with all of us… present our requests for their pregnancy to You Lord. Take away any discouragement or fear that might enter their thoughts and instead flood them with Your peace which transcends all their understanding. May Heather and her husband not lose heart for their baby who You already know. Give them the full understanding that these momentary troubles are achieving an eternal glory of a human soul that will outweigh all of these current struggles. They take delight in you Lord, please give them this incredible desire of their hearts. You say that You long to be gracious, and so we know that they will be blessed when they wait for You for their precious child.

    During this difficult season of work, ministry and other commitments, give them heart to not be afraid or discouraged. With their long hours away from home and away from one another, bless them with strength when they are weary, increase their power when they are weak. Their hope is in You, so You will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not faint. With this season of trials, may their marriage be strengthened by the struggles, may they hold so tightly to one another and both as one flesh hold You above all. You have joined Heather and her husband together, they are not two, but one. Protect this precious couple and let no one and nothing separate them.

    We lift these prayers in Jesus’ name, Amen!

    (Philippians 4:4-7; 2 Corinthians 4:16-17; Psalm 37:4; 2 Corinthians 1:3-4; Isaiah 30:18; Isaiah 40:29-31; Romans 8:37)

    With love… and with deep compassion from one Mom-in-waiting to another,


  64. Heather Bleier says

         Thank you for that incredible prayer. I can't tell you how many times I've prayed and re-prayed those words since you posted them. 
         I am praying continually for each one of you, I even write a few of your names on my palm so I don't leave anyone out! 
         Wherever two or more are gathered, Christ is there. He truly abides in this place as we sisters lift one another in prayer. Standing together on His Word and encouraging each other to draw closer and closer to the One that matters most. 

    Your Sister in Christ,
    Heather Bleier

  65. Anonymous says

    Wendy, thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I am a new believer from Italy, and I would like to share with all of you how the Lord, through this prayer bible study, is changing me and making me grow.

    After praying the Lord to teach me how to pray, to get closer to Him, to grow and strengthen my faith, to understand more His love and to love Him more, and to make me grow in Jesus Christ, He led me to this wonderful on-line prayer bible study.

    At the beginning I thought that it was an answer of how to pray, but I’ve soon realized that, in fact, it was an answer to all my requests!

    This studying has changed completely the way I was praying, it is drawing me closer to God, I’m understanding His will and love for me, I’m knowing Him better, and I’m experiencing that, actually, when I pray, it is the Lord speaking His will to me.

    I am so grateful for all the blessings I’m receiving from this study. In particularly, the Lord, through this prayer bible study, is building up my faith. In fact, I had been struggling believing that the Word of God was for me too, and to see His provision for me.

    Today the prayer I would like to share with you is:

    Father, We Thank You for being our shepherd. Everything we need in life we can find in a growing relationship with You, my Lord. We shall not be in want, for You give us security, You give us rest, You refresh our spirit, You lead us, You are with us, You redirect our path, You teach us, You rescue us, You protect us, You support us. We shall not be in want for your provision, for You prepare a table before us. We shall not be in want for anything, for our cup runs over. Help us Father to open our eyes and see the many blessings You have been giving us. Make us thankful, my Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen (Psalm 23)

    Also, I have a prayer request: I’m a single mother, I’m not finding jobs in my career field here in my country, and have to adapt doing temporary jobs, struggling with financial difficulties. I am now trying to relocate to the UK and I am looking for a job there, since over there I could have the possibility to work in my profession. Please, pray that the Lord would give me the job He wants for me, so that I can provide for my child. Thank you ( Sorry for my mistakes with the English language!!)

  66. Anonymous says

    oppsss….Sorry, I forgot to say my name

    This is Erica from Italy (eryjo8@hotmail.com

  67. Heather Bleier says

    My heart swells with so much joy, I can't put it into words. We are THRILLED that you have the opportunity to join us as we draw closer to Christ. I am confident in saying that each of us will be praying fervently for you, as your faith grows into more than you can imagine! We look forward to knowing you as a precious sister in Christ.

    Your sister in Christ,
    Heather Bleier

  68. robinjones says


    Hi there! I have not forgotten you. I have been praying for you. However, my year of being Mary has come to a close. I am now moving back into Martha mode and am scared to death. I went back to work two weeks ago.

    I keep telling myself that I can be trusted to continue writing, taking care of my husband and son, while holding good boundaries with food and work. However, I'm scared going back into the fray because the faster I go the more loosy goosey I get with balance and boundaries. I'm also scared that I will be too tired to keep making the decision to meet the Lord for quiet time.

    This past week has been a blur and I can already see that my quiet time has been cut short. Although, I have held a pretty good boundary with the stress/food cycle, it continues to be a battle.

    I guess I just need someone to come along side me and hold my arms up. The Lord has led me into a desert of testing; so please help me hold the staff of God up so that He will help me prevail.

    Joshua 1:9, Deut. 6 and Isaiah 43:5 are repeating verses this week; so that means something to me and maybe for someone else who feels overwhelmed.

    It is such a relief to know that I have some soul sisters out there who understand and are willing to get down on their knees and pray.

    God does things when we pray that he doesn't do when we don't pray.

    Welcome, Pat! You are in my prayers every morning. Welcome, Erica and Kim!

    Lord, Thank you so much for bringing these women together from around the world. Each has their own struggles and strife…adoption, travel, imparting knowledge, lost children, single motherhood, jobs, hurts, and stress. You know each of their hearts and know them each by name. Let us lift our eyes to you. You are where our help comes from. (Psalm 121). You are the maker of heaven and earth, Oh God! How we long to worship you and come into closer fellowship with you. We long to be close to you like Solomon and the Shulamite. Thank you for your provision and providence. I can breathe easy when I am in your arms, Lord.

    Thank you.

    In Jesus Name, Amen. Amen. Amen.

  69. linsuara says

    I haven't really paid too much attention to real Bible study until I joined yours. This one is what I need and thank you for doing this.

  70. Erica, you moved me to tears! Our Lord SO DELIGHTS in you… as does our whole group. God always deepens my faith when I get to spend time with a new believer. Your heart is gorgeous. Oh… and how in the world do you, Wendelijn and others have such amazing English? Sadly, I only know how to ask for a beer and the bathroom in Spanish (and I don't drink alcohol)… that's the extent of what I know outside of my own language. Anyhow, I am praying Matthew 6:26-32 over you. It's amazing to see that our Father has a heart of provision- even for birds- and YOU beautiful Erica are far more valuable! I am excited to hear the path that He takes to provide for you and your sweet child!

    Linsuara… I agree 🙂 This has grown me leaps and bounds- I am so grateful for this study as well!

    Heather… I woke up with my heart on fire for you and your husband. I am honored to walk this journey with you, Colleen and others who are on our way to a precious child.

    Robin…Thank you for sharing those verses. I read that Isaiah 43:5 referenced the prophecy of deliverance from Babylon… but those words sound like a sweet whisper from our Father specifically to me… since my family lives in the West and we are waiting for our adoption from the East 🙂 As for your work, I will be praying that you have fresh, renewed mind each morning, remembering in 1 Corinthians 14:33 that God is not a God of disorder, but of peace. Congratulations on your boundaries with stress/food- that's awesome! If you ever need a sounding board for nutrition/fitness, that's my passion- I'm not talented in a lot of areas, but I am when it comes to helping people maintain or lose weight 🙂

    Today, Sunday, is the day I set aside for praising our Lord. I am going back on all the links posted with praise music- thank you beautiful girls!

    With so much love and gratitude for you all…

  71. robinjones says

    Noelle, You know what is weird, I meant to post 43:2, but when I re-read it today I saw that 43:5 was about the east and west meeting. I thought, "hmmm…so many of my sisters are waiting for the Lord to close the gap between them and their children." Accidental?Nope.Providential, Yep, absolutely.

    Thanks for the encouragement.

    Isaiah 25:1

    LORD, you are my God;
    I will exalt you and praise your name,
    for in perfect faithfulness
    you have done wonderful things,
    things planned long ago.

  72. Anonymous says

    I am praying for all of you too! Again, thank you to all of you for your words of wisdom. I am growing each day.

    Pray for Holly, she is going to be traveling this week. She is going to Italy. I am very excited for her.

    Much love, Jennifer

  73. Anonymous says

    Heather, Robin, and Noelle,

    Thank you so much for your welcoming, sweet messages and prayers, it is a precious gift to know that I have sisters who pray for me. And being here is like being part of a family! Thank you Lord for the internet!

    I am praying for all of you too

    Love, Erica

  74. robinjones says

    Sweet Sisters,

    This is the big grand opening for the Coffee Shop I'm helping to open. So, Isaiah 43.2 has been running through my head (for anxiety).

    I know I cannot be alone in that. 🙂 So, here is for you. Just say it from your heart to God's and put your namne in it. BTW, 43.2 refers back to the exit from Egypt, the crossing of the Jordan, and Meshack, Shadrack, and Abednego, and Lazarus (see if you can see that too.) xoxoxo

    Father God,
    I will not fear for you, Oh Lord Jesus have redeemed me! My heart leaps for joy! You called me by name. You summoned me from my death rags just like Lazarus. When I am beset by the enemy or difficult circumstances you will make a way in the deep waters for me and escort me through it. When I am at a tough crossing you will hold the flood of anxiety and worry at bay. It will not overwhelm me and sweep over me. THank you, Jesus. When I am put in the oven of testing. I will dance around in the flames and they will not harm me. You will not leave me in the flames too long and I will not be set ablaze. I will become like a brilliant piece of gold. I am precious and honored in your sight. You set Jesus on the cross and he arose from the dead to save me. Thank you, sovreign and wonderful, Lord.

    In Jesus Name, Amen

  75. My dad moved in with me last year. I told him when he moved that I did not want any of his porno stuff in my house. About a week ago, I found him seeking in his porno magazine that he got from his mailbox. I also found some in between his mattresses and some tapes. I threw away all that I found and told my dad again that I did not want this crap in my house. Since then my dad and I are talking again. My mom and I tried to plant some seeds into him, but it seems like he wants nothing to do with God.

    My dad's brother who approved of his own son looking at that stuff did not support me. I think I may have ended up offending him. I have been trying to apologize to him daily and express in an email that I still look forward to coming over to his place for Easter lunch. So far he hasn't verbal or written that I can not come to his place or even talking or writing to me. He is lost and holds grudges for years. I want to patch things up between us, but I don't know how. Can anyone offer any advice?


  76. Heather Bleier says

    Hey everyone,
    Just letting you know that I prayed for each and everyone of you specifically this morning. I even prayed for our sisters who haven't posted. I'd post the prayer, but it's seriously 4 pages long. I love you my sisters and I pray continually for each of you.

    Yours in Christ,
    Heather Bleier

  77. Hi Ladies,
    I feel so far behind in all these comments, so I have been scanning to try to catch up!! (Busy weekend!)
    But I have been thinking of you all and am excited to get back into a new week and hear your encouragement!!

    @ Heather~ I saw your prayer request about trying to conceive. My heart breaks for you…because I have been there. As Noelle has mentioned, my husband and I just started the process of adoption of our first child. If you would like to chat or e-mail PLEASE drop me a line:) colleengyoung@gmail.com I know the pain you are feeling, especially when everyone around you is having a baby. I am praying wholeheartedly!

    Looking forward to getting to know you ladies thru the next 30 days:)

    God bless!

  78. I am trying to play catch up- I missed some stuff, my mom fell and shattered her right knee cap and broke the left ankle- yes that's right 2 broken legs! Please pray for her and us as we take care of her.

    Looking forward to catchup up.. and the next Bible study!

    Love yall

  79. This morning I took the scripture from Colossians that Wendy gave us to study (1:15 – 20) and this is where the Spirit led me. I want to share with you all because it was a beautiful but humbling time of confession and cleansing.
    All things were created by and FOR Him. My very life is all about Jesus. He WANTS to be in EVERY aspect of my life! He holds everything together… the stars stay where he put them, the winds and clouds obey their limits… how much MORE should I, who've been lovingly redeemed by His blood? Help me to surrender ALL my thoughts to His Spirit in me. All my conscious thoughts for sure (may He always be foremost on my mind) but especially in my reactions and responses to others!
    He is the Head of His church, of which I'm a precious member. Jesus paid dearly for my membership! Help me to imitate and esteem Him publicly as every group member reveres their leader. Help me to give Him the supremacy of my every thought and action. More of Him and less of me, dear Lord! His redemptive work at the cross pleased the Father even more than the pain of seeing His Son suffer. Help me to grasp that thought! Help me to value His love for me above everything else in this world!
    Thank you for sharing your prayers and what the Spirit has shown you, Sisters!

  80. Heather Bleier says

         I've really been thinking of your situation throughout the day. Trying to wrap my head around advice I could possibly offer you that would be of any help. Unfortunately I'm coming up empty. What I can offer is a prayer of discernment and wisdom for you. 
    Abba Father, 
         Our sister April needs Your guidance. She loves her father dearly and it hurts her to see him so far from You through the pornography that has him bound in sin. Reveal to her wisdom to deal with her father in Your love and grace. That everything she does and says would draw him closer to You. Place godly men and women in her life that would be able to offer counsel. I lift her up to You through Your Son Jesus Christ. 
    Move in the heart of her father that he would get rid of all moral filth and humbly accept the word planted in his heart that can save him. Teach him to do Your will for You are God and You are good, lead him to righteousness. I ask this in the name of Your precious Son, our Savior Jesus Christ, Amen. 

    (James1:119-21, Psalm 143:10)

    Yours in Christ,
    Heather Bleier

  81. Good morning beautiful girls! I'm copying this post on both weeks in case you aren't checking this last week 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing that fire that the Lord lit in your soul… what a beautiful encouragement, reminder and inspiration this is to me!

    I am in SUCH agreement with Heather- that the Lord will bless you abundantly with guidance, and that your actions will draw your father and your uncle closer to our Lord. I am praying that the enemy's grip is loosened by the Lord interceding through these prayers and your heart.

    Bless April for the way she is protecting her home and her family from evil ways. She has a humble heart, giving all efforts to live at peace with her family, although they are choosing to remain distant. Lord You tell us that the darkness hated evil and You've told us to rejoice when we are persecuted for righteousness, theirs is the kingdom of heaven. God today, bless April with all the gifts of Your kingdom! Give her the spirit of rejoicing today. For her father and uncle, in Jesus' Name, loosen the grip of the enemy and bring these prodigals back home to You. We ask this in Jesus' Name, Amen.

    Hebrews 12:14-16
    14 Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord. 15 See to it that no one falls short of the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many. 16 See that no one is sexually immoral, or is godless like Esau, who for a single meal sold his inheritance rights as the oldest son.

    John 3:18-20
    18 Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son. 19 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. 20 Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed.

    Matthew 5:10-12
    10 Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
    for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
    11 “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. 12 Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

    In loving friendship,

  82. First, I would like to say that I am so moved and deeply touched by the sincerity of words from the mouth of Wendy Blight that spring forth from her heart that blesses each and every one of us from the Lord thy God. Thank you Wendy for your love for Jesus Christ that spreads throughout this blessed community.

    Philippians 2: 5-11 says that Jesus Christ was obedient to His Father when He came to earth fashioned as a man, but with the heart of God, His Father. He was a servant to God serving God all the days that He lived here on earth. He humbled himself and God highly exalted Jesus and gave Him a name which is above ever name and that whenever we hear the name of Jesus every knee should bow and every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God our Father.

    Colossians 1: 15-20 Jesus is the Head of the church and He has all powers in His hands. He is the head of our bodies. He created heaven and earth.

    John 1: 1-5 Jesus is the Light of the world. He made/created all things.

    These passages speak pure love from God the Father and His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. For God loved us so much that He sent Jesus to pay our sin-debt in full. To give us the gift of life everlasting; to protect and guide us and to love us unconditionally even though we sin horribly and do things we know we should not do. God sent Jesus in His likeness to bless us, to help us, to heal us and to die on the Cross for our sins. He was faithful and true and loving, and showed us His merciful kindness through His acts of mercy and grace. Jesus created us and not we ourselves. He created heaven and earth. Jesus has all power in His hands given to Him by God the Father.

    The difference that Jesus was fully human and fully divine changes the way I think, in the way I treat others and most importantly the way I live my life which is to serve, obey and honor the Lord through worship, praise and love. I've always wanted to live my life in obedience to God and to His word applying His word to my life for my life, but it was not until recently that I really learned the true meaning of faith. No one had ever taught me about faith, but after reading, studying and meditating upon God's word, I know what faith now means and how important it is to have faith and I think not knowing the definition of faith and not making it a way of life, I have truly missed out on so much, but I am thankful to God for blessing me to understand the meaning of the word faith.

    Christ Jesus is valued above all in my life without a shadow of a doubt. I love Him more than I love anyone else and my thoughts are always to thank HIm as I think about Him making His way to the Cross for me; to die for my sins; to pay my sin-debt in full and to give me the gift of life everlasting and His amazing love and His mercy that He bestows on me. Jesus Christ is valued above all in my life because without Him there would be no me and I thank Him for being Lord and Master over and in my life.

    My life reflects this in all that I do and say because I want to be just like Jesus and I want to follow Him and live my life for Him; honoring and worshipping Him all the days of my life. He and serving Him are my first priorities and in everything I do I thank Him and praise Him even through these struggles I have in my life.

    I would like to take this time to ask for your prayers for my life as I seek clear direction from God for my life. I really need to help my husband, Bill, to pay all of our bills and I need to hear from God as to how He wants me to do this. Would you also be kind enough to pray for my son, Todd, who received his bachelor's degree in finance, but still cannot find work.

    Thank you all so much and I will be praying for all of you.

    Faith in Him,

    Cynthia G. Boyer

  83. I savour, lead to I found just whaqt I was having
    a look for. You have ended my four daay lengthy hunt!
    God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye


  1. […] up throughout the week.  Wendy Blight has a great example how in week four of her study called Cultivating a Heart of Prayer.  You could also dedicate one day a week just to praying; believe me you will be able to fill that […]

  2. […] them up throughout the week. Wendy Blight has a great example how in week four of her study called Cultivating a Heart of Prayer. You could also dedicate one day a week just to praying; believe me you will be able to fill that […]

  3. […] up throughout the week.  Wendy Blight has a great example how in week four of her study called Cultivating a Heart of Prayer.  You could also dedicate one day a week just to praying; believe me you will be able to fill that […]

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