May 10, 2011

Prayer for Your Marriage

As I was walking up my stairs tonight, the Lord made it ever so clear that someone was in great need of prayer for her marriage. If you stopped by today, sweet friend, this prayer is for you.

Hear my heart, and hear it loud and clear, no matter how fragile your marriage is, no matter how hopeless it seems, I want you to KNOW and BELIEVE with all your heart that with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE…including the healing and restoration of your marriage.

Read this prayer through one time. Soak it in. Let God’s promises tucked in each sentence wash over you … over and over again.

Now I invite you to commit to take time each day for the next few days to pray this prayer. Pray it section by section at different times or all at once. Personalize it with your names…with your hurts, your doubts, your fears.

When you pray, stand confidently and boldly before His throne because you are praying God’s Word back to Him as it concerns your marriage. God promises in Isaiah 55:11 that when His Word goes out…when we speak it and pray it…it will not return void but will achieve what He desires and accomplish the purpose for which He sent it. Claim this promise for your marriage as you pray.

And if you are willing, I would be honored to pray with you so please leave a comment with your name (and your husband’s name if you would like), so I may pray for you as pray for your marriage.

Heavenly Father,

We praise You Father God as the Creator of every good and perfect gift, as the Giver of Life, and the One whose name is above all names. I recognize You as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, as my Redeemer and Savior. You, God, are Holy and Perfect and lacking nothing, needing nothing. You are Wisdom and Knowledge. You are Healer and Restorer….Rebuilder and Rewarder.

Your Word says if anyone lacks wisdom, let him ask it of You who gives Wisdom to all men liberally. Therefore, this day, I ask in faith, not doubting but believing fully, I will receive all wisdom and spiritual understanding that You so freely give. God, I thank You that Your Word says You know the plans You have for our marriage and our family, plans to prosper us and not to harm us, plans to give us a hope and a future. Jer. 29:11.

We stand on that promise today, believing You for our marriage. Your Word says You are the Lord, the God of all mankind. There is nothing too hard for you. Jer. 32:37. Sovereign Lord, You made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for You, not even what is going on in our marriage. No, nothing, not even this is impossible with You. Luke 18:27. Thank You for the promise that when we seek You with all our hearts about our marriage and our family, there is no good thing that You will withhold. Psalm 34:10.

Father, you are El Roi, the God who sees our hurts, needs, and struggles. You made the way possible for redemption and healing by the blood shed by Your Son Jesus on the cross. You alone have the power to heal the hurting places in this family and in this marriage. But, I know You cannot heal until we lay aside our will, our hurts, our anger, our bitterness, our resentment, our hate, and any other issues that will keep You from being able to work.

Father, forgive each of us for the parts we have played in where we are right now. Create in us clean and pure hearts. Show us where we have been wrong. Break our hearts and make them tender to see our faults, our selfishness, our self-centeredness and our critical spirits. Give us a spirit of humility to allow You to begin Your work in us. Eradicate all pride so You can come in and transform the brokenness and make it whole. Help us surrender our will to Yours. Help us lay on the altar anything that will get in Your way, show us those things and make them clear. Let your refining fire purify those places so we can begin to reflect You as we deal with each other. Thank You for Your promise that if we confess our sins, You are faithful and just to forgive them and purify us from all unrighteousness. We claim that promise for ourselves right now.

God, You give guidance on marriage. Specifically, You call us to certain roles. Right now they sound impossible, but Your Word says that with you all things are possible. We pray this prayer from this day forward to release the power of Your Word and Your Spirit into this marriage. We are asking You to do as You promise—to do immeasurably more than we can ever ask or imagine. Eph. 3:20. We know and trust You will do whatever we ask in Your name because, once again, You promise that in Your Word. John 14:13-14.

You call a wife to submit to her husband as to the Lord because in Your plan of marriage the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church. Eph. 5:22-33. As a wife, You call me to this, not to submit in a subservient way to my husband [name], but to do it as an act of submission to You. This seems impossible now because of all the circumstances and the past. But, God, I believe You alone can change my heart to submit to Your plan of marriage. Remove anything in my heart that would keep me from honoring Your Word on marriage. Remove any thoughts in my head that would contradict Your perfect will for us. You call me to respect my husband [name]. Again, there is so much pain and hurt that seems impossible to obey. But, God, I ask You to fill my mind and heart with whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, and whatever is beautiful about our marriage. Remind me of why I first fell in love.

You call a husband to love his wife as Christ loved the Church and gave Himself up for her to make her holy. Eph. 5:22-33. Father, give me a love for my wife, [name] that is like the love You have — pure, unconditional, patient, gentle, not judging, not self-seeking, not remembering wrongs but always looking for the best in her. Let me love her unselfishly. Teach me how to nurture and cherish her, to respect her. Help me to not complain or argue. Make the words of my mouth be only what is helpful and good. Give me a discerning spirit to know her needs and give me a heart to want to meet them.

God, we know You will honor our marriage only when we stay under the covering You provide in Your Word. Give us unity of heart and spirit through Your Holy Spirit. Whatever breach of honor, trust, or respect we have had in the past we come to You together, confessing and repenting in complete humility, asking for Your forgiveness and healing. Bless us with Your richest blessing that as a couple we will together know how high and wide and deep and long is Your love for us in Christ Jesus. We ask that from Your Glorious storehouses of riches You will make beautiful what has been dark and raw and hurting. Thank You that from this day forward we recommit this marriage to be rooted and established in Your deep and abiding love, the love that surpasses all knowledge. From this day forward, we pray that we will live a life worthy and live out a marriage worthy of You, Lord. Give us great endurance and patience. Fill us with Your joy so that when we have hard days, we can look beyond the circumstances and remember the Promises made in You. Keep our eyes on You and not on our faults and our circumstances. Remind us that we model You to our children. Help us to be living sacrifices to You, giving up our own desires to accomplish Your greater purposes for this family.

In whatever way our children have been hurt by this, Father, we ask You to redeem that situation. Allow them to see Your power and Your glory in all its splendor and wonder as we are transformed by the power of prayer and Your Word. Protect their tender hearts from the hurt and pain that has existed the last years. May they know Your great love for them, and may they know the assurance that our love is strong and for eternity. Make our home one that will be built solidly on the foundation of Jesus. It will be a safe place in this world where we all feel loved and protected. Help us each to humbly submit to You and to resist Satan. We know he desires to destroy this family and gain a foothold in this home. Help us to discern his evil tactics and protect our hearts and minds from his lies, traps, and deceptions. Give us Your strength and resurrection power for every spiritual battle he throws at us.

Thank you, Father, that there is hope in You, hope for a rich, wonderful future for this marriage and this family. What Satan intended for harm, you give purpose and turn into good. Cover us this day forward with Your protective hedge of safety and strength. Keep us in perfect peace. Thank You that You have begun a good work and will perfect it for Your glory. We ask all of these things in the powerful name of JESUS.


My heart is so full because I KNOW that I KNOW the Lord is bringing His Hope into a broken and hurting marriage!!! Please know you are not alone…God is with you, and He has called me to walk alongside you with this prayer. He cares. He is listening. He has not forgotten. Don’t wait another moment. Meet with Him in prayer.

Standing with you in prayer,


  1. Anonymous says

    Paul & Deb

    • Lerato and itumeleng

      • Praying in agreement with you as you are praying for healing in your marriage.



        • Hello, Wendy
          I would like to ask for prayers on my son Christopher marriage. I am new to being a mother-in-law. However, I do know the important of prayers. We know where two or more are gather God will work it out. They are newlyweds and I know marriage is work, placing God as the main focus in their life is just as important. Let’s place them in oour prayers.

          • Carmen, I would love to join you in praying for the Lord to knit your son and daughter-in-law’s marriage together through the Holy Spirit…to create a Christ centered marriage where they seek to love and serve one another with humble hearts, each seeking the best in the other. How blessed they are to have you praying for them!!!


        • please pray for Diana and Walter…2 months together and we are on the verge of going our separate ways.

          • Standing with you in prayer for reconciliation.


          • Thank you for praying for me…my man is more in love with me now than ever and our relationship is back on track. Thank Wendy for the prayer and for praying for us. Dee

          • Dee, praising God for His faithfulness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for letting me know. How I love to celebrate success stories.

            Christmas Blessings to you,


          • I am back again needing your prayers. Pray that things may go well between us. This time it has gone further and I have moved out bit I am still trusting God to perform his miracle like he did last time. Hopefully this time it will last. Please pray for me coz I don’t have strenght anymore. What I like about this prayer is that by the time I am halfway all my worries and pain just disappear. Lord soften his heart so that we may get back together soon. Thanks for your prayer.

          • Praying for God to lead your heart to make the best decision for you and your husband. May He tender your heart to not only hear His leading but also obey what you hear.



          • I managed to go back to my house, which was actually what I was praying for. Things took a different turn of events when he decided to throw me out. Today I have decided to let go and move on with my life but I pray for strength and peace within me. Thank you for praying for me.

          • I am proud of you, Dee. You listened, you waited, you worked toward reconciliation. But your husband has made the choice to stay in his adulterous situation. That is NOT your decision. You have to do what is best for you since he is not honoring the marriage covenant. I pray God will bless your decision and provide for your every need as you go forward.



          • Hello, I have something interesting to tell you. Only the last bit concerns you but I will have to tell you the long story so that you can understand so bear with me. Its been 2 weeks of no contact since I left and I have not had the urge to contact him. The first few days my heart was hardened but I continued praying for us even though I knew there was no hope. With time the urge to pray increased and I have been moving from site to site praying. All this time I have not been thinking about him but focusing on my prayers. I thought I would be heartbroken and devastated but none of that has happened and I am at peace. I was called to an Esther fast which I have never had till 4 days ago neither had I ever read the book of Esther. I am not born again. I did not understand how I can go for three days without food or water considering I cannot even skip one meal. Anyway I went for the fast and managed to pull off 3 days without food or water as a result I lost so much weight and my enemies have found something to talk about. As I was going thru the fast I learnt that God is supposed to talk to u and tell u things in dreams and visions. Everything that I was told to pray about I did even some that I didn’t want to change. I have never understood how God talks to people. I broke my fast yesterday and last night I had so many dreams about my spouse. I can only remember two of those dreams one was where I dreamt that we were together and I couldn’t stop thanking God for bringing him back and the other I was told to look for someone to help me pray. This morning I was left wondering is this just a dream or is it God’s way of talking to me? Do you think God can call me to do an Esther fast if he has no intention of restoration? I am confused. This morning I was trying to figure out who this person who is supposed to help me pray could be and you are the first person who came into mind. It is strange because I don’t even know you. I am kindly asking you to help me pray.

          • I absolutely believe God would lead you to this fast to draw you to Himself. He will use ANY and ALL things to reach a heart that He wants to be fully surrendered to Him!! He knows that life with Him is better than any life you could lead on your own. And what He has given you a taste of through this fast is just a drop in the bucket of what you will experience when you walk as a child of God. Keep seeking, keep asking, read your Bible if you have one and if you don’t please get one!!! Get an NIV Life Application Bible or an NLT Life Application Bible.

            I am praying for you now to see how much God loves you and how much He wants to be part of your life and restore you and your marriage. He wants to give new life to both. And He tells us that ALL things are possible with Him!!



          • I hope you are still praying with me in agreement that my marriage will be restored. This week I am fasting a meal a day for 7 days. I was also led by God to buy my husband a gift to give to him when we meet, only God knows when because we are not communicating. Thanks

          • Sandra Mott says

            Please pray for my husband and I, Thomas and Sandra Mott.
            THANK YOU!

        • Cathrine Airo says

          I like your prayers. Plse Wendy pray with me my husband patrick has married 3 women, Deborah, Jacklyne, Gladys is pregnant for him pray.( hosea 9:14) we are in the same house he has not gone out to live with them yet but he is withdrawn, he can sleep with a woman in his emotions and you are there. I just want to be loved and honoured as be4, a breakup with those women so that he can concerntrate in ministry and family – he is a pastor and pray for my ministry also coz am down.

          • Cathrine, my heart breaks for your situation. I am in shock to hear your husband is a pastor and has all these wives. I join you in praying the Lord will open his eyes to see the sin in which He leaves, lead his heart to repentance and turn his heart back to God and to you. Praying you will stand strong for God in this and that He will equip you with all you need to journey through this.



          • Praying for the Lord to bring you a godly wife and give you the desire of your heart.



          • Hi Wendy. My name is Angie me and my ex husband Joseph are still on love with each other but we both did each other wrong but it hard for him, he says he forgives me but, it still hurt when I asked him to leave. He doesn’t trust that I will ask him to leave again, I won’t I learned from my mistake. I know now I truly love him n he loves me. Please pray for us.

          • Praying for complete forgiveness, healing and reconciliation.



          • Please pray for my children’s dad Joseph he has never been much of a dad. He has always seen me and kids as burdens. Please pray that God transforms his heart to be a loving, giving, understanding and a provider. I have and still am praying for a change. My kids didn’t want anything to do with him, I told them I didn’t want them to sin against God. The same way Jesus love us n died for us. He did the same for their dad now they are praying for their dad to love them. Please help my kids to believe in the power of prayer, help us pray to make their dad Joseph the husband n dad, God intended him to be. Thank you and God bless

          • Praying in agreement with all you have asked. Praying for God to do a mighty healing work in your husband’s heart to heal his pain first so that He can know God’s love. Once He knows the love of God, he will be ready and able to love his own children. Until that time, praying God will shower His love into the lives of your children through you and other loving believers that He brings into their lives.



        • courtney says

          GREG AND COURTNEY please help in praying we can work this out

          • Praying for God’s Wisdom as you seek to work together for healing and restoration in your marriage.



        • Michelle says

          Hi Wendy,

          I ask you for Prayer for my husband and I. Gabriel Castillo and Michelle Castillo. We have been through alot in our time together and I fear that we are at our end. I know prayer can be stronger than anything else. I have prayed this prayer and I ask you to Pray for us. I love my husband dearly but i fear that I am loosing him. Please help me and Pray for me while I pray for my marriage. There are so many people who are interferring and I am afraid that it may be to late. Please I ask you to Pray with me for my marriage. In Jesus name I pray.

          Many Blessings,
          Michelle Castillo

          • Michelle, praying for God to turn your husband’s heart back to you and to your marriage promises. Praying He will heal hearts and restore all that is broken and hurting.



        • Hi Wendy,
          . Please pray for my husbands deliverance from adultery and the restoration of our marriage. He is still talking to that married woman that he met on an adult website. I thought today my prayers were answered, but I soon found out that he called her while on his way home from his job tonight. To say the least my spirit is completely shattered. I finally started opening up to him as I don’t feel this behavior is acceptable. But soon realized if any changing is going to be done, God will have to do. This is so out of character for my husband its unreal. He has never giving me a reason not to trust him, off at 5pm home by 5:30. So to find out he is in an emotional affair is tearing my heart out. Yet everyday I say god help me to show my husband respect, and forgiveness. I am so grateful to have found you. You are a blessing to so many. Thank you.

          • praying for you…its so hard to regain trust when Satan gives us a suspicious nature, and harder still when our partners heart is tempted. Be strong

        • I have prayed this prayer for myself and my husband. While things may seem hopeless, just during the time I was praying this prayer, I immediately started to feel hope in my heart again. Please pray for us, and thank you for posting this prayer.

          • You are so welcome. Standing in agreement with you for God to do a mighty healing work in your marriage.



        • Christine says

          Please pray for my husband Anthony & I (Christine). We are childhood sweethearts. We have been separated for a year and a half and I miss him so much. I need God to enter his heart and remind him why we took the vows that we did. Please add us to your prayer list. Thanks

        • Tammy and Michael

      • God bless you. My husband left me about a month and a half ago and now he is wanting a separation. He says he doesn’t want to try anymore and I’m living in total loneliness, darkness and fear at this time. He use to be a loving and caring man and now I hardly recognize him. I don’t have friends in my town and I’m hurting every day for this great loss. We’ve known each other for 16 years and married for 11. I love him and don’t want to loose him but I’m forced to be without him. There may be someone else in his life and I’m afraid I have no hope of him returning. We were married under a peach tree with the covenant of salt according to the Word of God but now I’m questioning everything in my life and, since this i unbearable to me, I wonder how much more I will have to endure from our breakup. I know that Satan has a hand in this because of the destruction and havoc this has caused in my life. He comes not for to steal, kill and destroy. Please pray with me to for God to open his Eric’s heart and let him see me again. Thank you and blessing to you and your family Lina

        • Lina, I pray against a spirit of fear. Remember God’s perfect love drives out fear and God does not give you a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. Claim these promises for yourself during this time. And remember you never have to be in darkness because you are a child of the Light. Keep yourself in the Word, shining the Light and Love of Christ in your heart.

          I join you in praying for the Lord to rend your husband’s heart back to you and to your marriage. I pray for healing and restoration with you!!

          Sweet Blessings,


          • hi Wend,i just came across this website and was marriage is fading to a point where my wife (ISLA FARLEY MAGADZIRE)no longers picks up my calls or reply my sms.i really love my wife and praying for restoration,could you pliz pray with me that God will restore my marriage

          • Praying in agreement with you for God to intervene in your circumstances and heal and restore your marriage, Itai.



          • Greetings and thank you for praying in agreement for marriages to be restored.

            Praying for my husband to come back to me and to stay. He has abandoned me 5 times in less then 3 years. It is so confusing to hear how he is seeking God and planning to go on the mission field oversees, yet he doesn’t yet get it that it’s not ok to leave your spouse to do this. What do you say and how would you pray?

            I’m reminding God that He says He will perfect the things that concern me, and I know the Lord is for marriages. My heart is getting healed by Jesus holding me and yet it still hurts at times. Guess this is normal. I’m learning too about unconditional love, yet I wonder how much do I let him hurt me with his “plans” and out there doing what ever he wants to do in his so called pursuit of God? Thanks again, Shalom !

          • Sandra, I am praying for God to reach down and rend your husband’s heart to return to his home and to you. If he is truly leaving to serve the Lord, it needs to be something you both commit to do together, and I pray the Lord will open his eyes to that truth. And if he is doing this to escape something in his life, I pray the Lord will open his eyes to see that and convict his heart that it is wrong and hurtful. Praying God will heal whatever is broken and hurting in his heart and restore your marriage!! And I pray for God to grant you wisdom and discernment as you walk this road with your husband. A husband is called to love his husband as Christ love the church and you both are called to submit to one another out of respect for God. He is not doing either of those right now. He is not honoring God and not honoring you. Praying for healing and reconciliation as God works in and through both of your hearts.


      • please I need your prayers pray with me and for me hoping that Loarraine my wife and myself Curtis. Our marriage need lots of help and prayers .

        • Praying the Lord will intervene in your marriage in a mighty way that will bring each of you hope, healing and reconciliation.



          • My name is Carla please pray for me and my husband Liv to be strong again. We have had years of hurt. He turns to alcohol and I believe he is bipoloar! He shuts down and does not talk to me for weeks at a time . Sometimes I feel that he is looking for a reason to be mad at me . I feel that he bullies our oldest son who is only 11 years old. I have been so hurt and angry that I have told him to get out of our home. For years he has slept in the guest room then comes back to our room when ever but we never resolve anything and we never talk it out . I love him but there is only so much I can take. He tells me he loves me but when he is angry all I see is hatred.

          • Praying with you for the Lord to heal the chemical imbalance in your husband’s brain and body. Praying for the Holy Spirit to cleanse him of all that is hurting him and causing him mental pain and anguish. Praying for God to heal and restore all that is broken and return your husband’s heart back to God and to you!



      • Wendy my husband alex is being lead by drug, and a woman who is leading him into drugs and useing him into bankruptcy and a broken home which has now landed him in jail. I ask that you pray for us to restore our marrige and remove this woman and drugs from his life I thank you … Carly

      • Nicholas says

        My wife has recently left my son and I and I pray that she comes home she left because she was sick of my lies and my distrust I pray that I can change for her I pray that she sees that I am trying to change and I hope that you are all help me and during this and pray for me as well thank you for your prayer that you have posted I will read every day and remind myself that God is with me

    • Brittany and travis says

      My marriage is in trouble after 3 months. I am 7 1/2 months pregnant and my husband walked out a month ago. He will not tell me that it is over or not. He tells me tht the amount of love we have for eachother has gotten us through everything because we lack trust in eachother. I am at a loss for words and i want our marriage to work but I am not sure that he does. I dont know what to do. I have asked him to tell me if its over because I will leave him alone amd move on. Please pray for our marriage.

      Brittany and travis

      • Brittany, standing with you in prayer and praying for God’s will to be done in your marriage. Praying for God to make it clear in your husband’s heart and for you to able to discern God’s will and your husband’s heart. Praying in faith for healing and restoration as that is always God’s highest and best when two people marry.



    • Wendy finding this tonight is a blessing. My husband is not a believer but has always been a good man. It seems he may be seeing a girl at work and may be planning on leaving me for her. He has said he can’t commit to saving our marriage but at the same time has not been to walk away either. We are high school sweet hearts together for 12 years and married for 3 years. My heart is broken. His heart becomes more hardened to me each day and our financial problems seem to be making that worse. I pray over him every night and have been fasting from alcohol as I turned to that and not my faith at first. I feel like I am living with a stranger who intentionally wants to hurt me. When this all started a few months ago I felt God tell me in my sleep that it would get worse but he would make it better. I’m just having a hard time as things are getting worse. Please pray for us Christina & Damien.

      • Christina, God has given you a message of hope for reconciliation and I pray you will cling to that in full faith. As you wait, I pray He will be the strength of your heart and your portion forever!! I pray for the Lord to rend your husband’s heart and turn it back to you. I pray He will open his eyes to the good things you have had in your marriage and give him the courage to step up and face the hard things, believing God will help you both work through them.



        • Thank you Wendy! I know at first I got in the way of Gods plan out of fear and sadness. Now I am wrapping myself in his word and love. I pray for his strength every time I start to feel any doubts or start blaming myself. I’m holding on tight and praying constantly. My sister and I have started a prayer group to help other women we know going through this or something similar. This last year my sister and a couple of other women I know have had to go through this as well. I remember thinking my husband would never do that to me, I realize now that you should always protect your marriage because it is happening so much now. Satan attacks marriages and we have to trust in God to save them. Everyday I have to pray God for strength to get up and keep on believing that he can save my marriage. No matter how much if hurts each day I know I need to keep my faith in God! Thank you again.

        • Wendy,
          Praying for you and your marriage as I can relate to your circumstances. May you remember that nothing is too hard for your God. What God has put together let not man put asunder. Be encouraged and keep your eyes focused on God.

          • bless those who paray for those of us in fear. May the peace of God and strength of the the Holy Spirit be with us all.

    • Please pray for drew and tiff baker we r on the verge of falling apart in divorce. We have three kids and I love my wife very much! We are in desperate need of gods intervention…. We need a miracle!!!!

    • Hello Wendy,

      My husband has left and moved in with another woman. He refuses to have a communication with me, says he has nothing to say. However, he did manage to communicate that he has deep feelings for her. I am not exactly sure if that means he is in love with her, because he says that he loves me just not in love with me. Our daughter is having a very tough time with his absence. He moved out one day when she was at school and I was at work. I have started seeing a counselor, praying for restoration and keeping contact with him; he does not respond. It is very hard, because I love my husband and I want to keep my marriage.

      Please join in praying for my marriage.

      Thank you

      • Praying in agreement with you for restoration and healing in your hearts and in your marriage. Praying God’s protection over your daughter’s heart from all the pain and discord she is witnessing and feeling.



        • Celeste Rios says

          Praise God you have a beautiful ministry thank you for caring. Please pray for my marriage. I’ve been married for almost 20 years. My husband name is Victor Manuel Rios and my name is Celeste Gema Rios.

        • Celeste Rios says

          Praise God you have a beautiful ministry thank you for caring. Please pray for my marriage. I’ve been married for almost 20 years. My husband name is Victor Manuel Rios and my name is Celeste Gema Rios. Please unite with me in prayer .

    • Amber and Robby

      • Praying now for God to hear the cry of your heart and be at work in your marriage. Praying for healing and restoration.


    • Ilma Regina Nunes de Oliveira says

      Para meu marido voltar pra nossa casa. Ubiraci Bezerra de Oliveira (esposo).

    • Hey I’m in a young marriage and It feels like it is impossible for
      My marriage to work. I did the prayer and will do whatever it takes
      My name is Nicole and Jorge is my husband. We have a baby together
      I love him but God has yet to show both of us how to Love like him 🙂
      Amazing prayer, blessings !

      • The first few years of marriage are so hard. Praying you both will persevere through the tough times, trusting God in the good and the bad. Be patient with each other and always think the best and not the worst. When you do this, you will avoid flying off the handle and will listen and “hear” what each other are saying.



    • Nick and Ashley. Please pray with me! We are at a critical point where he wants out and I don’t! He has agreed to 30 days of trying before drawing up papers. We have a 3yo and I am asking all my prayer warriors to pray that The Lord opens his heart to the idea that there is hope for us!!

    • Dianne & Edson

      • Praying in agreement with you for what you are seeking in your marriage. May God swiftly bring His healing and reconciliation.


    • Lynne McElrea says

      Please pray for us, we are in crisis. We are on the verge of splitting up. I never wanted things to be like this. We have a young baby, please help. Lynne

      • Lynne, praying with you now for God to do a mighty healing work in your marriage and in your family!!



    • Please pray for Julio and Brandy. He told me yesterday he doesn’t love me anymore! I can barely breath. I am sure this is an attack from satan and I rebuke it in the name of Jesus!

      • Praying now for you and Julio. Praying for God to come alongside you and be the lifter of your head. Keep your eyes on Him as we pray for healing and restoration in your husband’s heart and your marriage.



        • I truly appreciate your standing with us. He says he will try to turn this around. I have been praying and confessed to him my own sins against our marriage. I believe this partly rebellion I don’t think either of us have taken care of our prayer lives the way we are supposed to and gave the devil a foothold. My prayer is that my husband return fully to the Lord and by doing so I believe restoration will occur where he feels there is lack. If u have any scripture I should mediate on I would love to study them.

    • Aaron and Michelle says

      I have come into agreement with this prayer alone in this separation in my marriage my wife has left me. But I know through God nothing is impossible. It is my hearts desire that God restore my marriage she is besides being saved the best thing that has ever happend to me please pray and stand in faith with me for reconciliation in my oneness with Michelle unto our Father

      • Praying with you for reconciliation.



        • Aaron and Michelle says

          thank you so much for your quick response i have been praying your prayer every day i don’t think i have ever been hurt so bad in my life. i wish i had her to pray this prayer with me

    • Dear Wendy I’m so thankful to have found this web site.. My husband Matt and I have been separated now for about a month..he is living in Oklahoma I had to move to Texas and be with my family…I have been praying everyday that God can restore this marriage Please keep us in your prayers as I keep praying for the the restoration of our marriage..Thank you God Bless,,

      • Mindy, I join you in praying for God to bring healing and restoration to your marriage.



        • Dear Wendy I am also very thankful to have found this web site.. My husband John Peter and I have had very serious problems to with his adultery first then mine. I Got to a point where I did not want to be married to him and for over a year now I have been living in London with my boyfriend and he is at home with his girfriend~they live apart but are together everday.
          Our son who is at home with his dad was texting me asking me to go back home yesterday and today something happened in my spirit. I re-read emails my husband had sent not very long ago telling me how much he loves me, that he will wait for me as long as it takes because no none can fill my place in his heart~ these are old emails but today they felt new, I want that love but I am afraid I have lost it. I have been praying all day that God can restore this marriage, and heal the hurt we have caused in our 3 sons. Please keep us in your prayers as I keep praying for the the restoration of our marriage..Thank you God Bless…

          • God desires nothing more than for you and your husband to honor your marriage vows and return to living as one again. God will work mightily on you behalf to restore your marriage. I pray for hearts willing to forgive and to surrender all hurt and pain and betrayal to the Lord. I pray for healing and reconciliation and may God return tenfold joy and happiness to your hearts, your marriage, your family and your home. I know He will mightily bless your obedience!! Please write back and let me know.



    • Please pray for my marriage. Kim and Courtney

    • jacqueline says

      I just read ur prayer and i was so touched just knowing that i am not alone. Please be in prayer for me and my husband and ourfamily. We have been married for 22 years and right now we r barely hanging on. My heart is so broken and i am so saddened that we have growwn so far apart.thank yor for your prayeri

      • Praying for the Lord to remind you both of the great love you once had for each other and for Him to draw your hearts back together and unite them as one through His Holy Spirit.



    • Jim Garmon says

      My wife of what would have been 14years this coming August walked out lesving our 2 sons and me to face this unfortunate situation. My wife has had at least three afairs with in the last year and one other several years ago. I stayed because I raised to believe that you never give up or walk out on your family but you stand and fight.

      We are facing loosing our home because had not paid our mortgage for several months even after getting the mortgage company to give us another chance. I found out now that she save the money to use on getting her another place to live. Even after all this and the current heart ache she has caused I still love and pray for her return.

      I feel so lost, hurt, betrayed and alone. I try to stay strong for my kids but I dont know how much longer I can keep it up. The mortgage company is trying to force us out by the middle of july.

      I have served my country during war time and served my city through law enforcement but I have never felt as scared as I do now.

      Thank you for listening and please pray for me and my family.

      • Jim, I am so sorry for the pain your wife’s choices have caused you and your boys. I am praying for God to comfort you in your place of brokenness and provide for you in your place of need. He is Jehovah Jirah, God our Provider. I pray for God to do a wonderful NEW THING in the life of you and your sons…He is a God of new beginnings. You have done all you can, and she has made her choice. I pray you will focus your heart and eyes on God, listen for His voice and allow Him to lead you to a place of refreshing, a place where He can do a new thing in all of your lives!!! May He restore tenfold what the locusts have stolen and return to you the JOY of your salvation.



    • Brandon & Kayla

    • please help me to restore my marriage.. i love my husband so much.. and i pray that my husband ariel will open his heart to me and love me again.. thank you so much.

      • Hello, I to am asking for prayers for my marriage. My husband of 17yrs left us about 5 months ago. He is having an afair with his coworker and wants nothing to do with me. He hardly calls or sees our children. I would love if you could please pray for our marriage restoration. Our names are Jessica and Reinaldo Cavazos. I still stand for our marriage and will keep standing untill God restores us back and stronger than ever. Thank you, Jessica.

        • Praying for God to break the stronghold this woman has on your husband and to bring complete healing and reconciliation to your marriage.



          • . Thank you, today my husband texted and asked if he could stop by and see the kids. I said yes, he is here at our house watching a movie with them as we speak. This is a big step for him. Even if its just something as simple as this.. God is wonderful and he is trully wondeful and is working on my husband and myself. We haven’t been able to be in the same room in about 5 months and not argue or feel the tension. I know god is working on us. Thank you, so much for your prayers. Love, Jessica Cavazos

          • Praise God!!!!!

          • Hello, please keep praying for the restoration of my marriage. Yesterday my husband told me he wanted his children back and I asked him what he meant by that and he said he wanted to rebuild his relationship with his children. Even if he had to move into our house spare room. I did text him that where does that leave me, but he never text back. I also text him that if he would come home only for the kids and not to work on our marriage that it probably wouldn’t work out. I want him to come home, but for all of us. Besides I. Don’t know what’s going on with his affair since they do work together. Please just keep praying for us. I’m not giving up. I’m still praying for guidence frome god and to show me what it is that I’m suppose to do. Thank you, Jessica

    • Paul Anthony & Penny says

      Wendy please pray for Paul Anthony & Penny’s marriage.

      • Praying in agreement with your prayers for God to heal and restore your marriage.



        • Hi Wendy,
          . Thank you! Please pray in agreement with me that my husband will be more perseverant and understanding toward me. I have also been praying that we would be more affectionate to another, that God will restore our relationship/ marriage and rekindle passion between me and him.

        • Penny & Paul Anthony says

          Hi Wendy,
          . Thank you for your many prayers. I recently found out that my husband has been talking to submissive on the telephone, he says its his way of trying to reclaim the intimacy we have not been able to accept one another due to his inability. (this is extremely embarrassing but prayer gets answered when we unleash the truth and break strongholds Amen) Nonetheless it has crushed my spirit but my faith is still strong I will not move until my husband is delivered from the evils of this woman. I am praying that God restores to us all that the enemy has stolen In Jesus name. I am also praying that we are more loving and affectionate to one another, loving one another as Christ himself loved the church. Amen.
          Please pray for us, for I am at a loss knowing what to pray as of lately. I believe where two or more are in agreement God will move mountains and answer our prayers.

    • Philip & Elaine

    • Thank you for this prayer.
      Pray for Maurice and Anita.

    • Ann & Andrew

    • Please pray for Nathan and Angel A. We have been together for 7 years but we have separated. Please pray for both of us to find healing through The Lord.

    • Mike and Jana

    • pray for my marriage do not end now,have too attend court tomorrow,9/12/13 at 9am

    • Adrienne and zach

    • Teresita G. says

      Dear Wendy please pray for Richard & Teresita, going thru healing times to restore our marriage from his cheating. I believe him when he says that that is in the past and that he loves me and that I’m the only woman in his life but I still sometimes have my doubts because of his actions. I want him to understand that I don’t want him 24/7 with me, but that is ok to share a little bit if his world with me because I want to be with him not to check him out. I want our daughter to have her dad because he loves her so much. Amen. Thanks Wendy

      • Praying in agreement with you for all you asked…for God to heal the hurt, replace it with a healing balm of forgiveness and peace, and restore your marriage to wholeness.



    • Kimberly Tuten says

      Please pray for my husband Harold and I [Kimberly] that we will work out our marriage . He left 2 mo. ago . I want my marriage to work and want him back home. He left my daughter who he raised since she was about 2 years old and she is having a hard time dealing with him leaving. I believe with all my heart that God will show him the way back home. I want to be in agreement with you that God will bring him home and make my marriage better than ever. I am not gonna let Satan come in between us. I pray that God to heaL my heart from he hurt and to help me with forgiving him . Thank you for praying for me and my husband. In Jesus name I pray Amen!!!

    • i was married for 27 yrs , suddenly everything change my husband so cold to me pls pray to my husband jessie and me monica to work out our marriage i hope to comeback again .

    • Anthony and Tiah

    • Lorryn & Ronnie

    • Please pray for me and my marriage. My wife and my children. Because of my infidelity I am 13 days away from a divorce and my wife or children won’t speak to me. I have been vilified in the community and exist in total desolation fighting off suicidal thoughts by the hour. Please God infuse my wife with courageous mercy and save our marriage and our family. Please!

    • Please pray with me in agreement for the marriage of my son and daughter in law to be
      restored. They have been married for just on 2 years (know each other 7). Suddenly my son says he
      loves Lib but is no longer in love with her, she is his best friend says Paul. Lib is heart broken and doing everything to give him the happiness that he says he doesn’t have any longer, sometimes he says its good then he says he isn’t. Restoration of his heart for his bride, softening of his heart for his bride. Thank you – Merciful Father God, please restore this marriage to what it was, please Father God soften Pauls heart for Lib, speak into his heart. Father I know that it is your will for couples to remain married. I believe every word you tell me through the bible, I believe that you will restore this marriage because it is the desire of your heart, Father God I rest in your promise that when two on this earth agree about anything that we may ask and it shall be done for them by you Father God, thank you, I claim this promise now, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

    • Thank you WENDY for agreeing with me for my marriage and restoration.

    • Jennifer and Scott.

    • christina says

      Please pray for christina and Bobby!!!

    • Reconciliation of Marriage for Tonya and Spencer

    • Michael and Stacy
      Please pray for our marriage and our family. Please soften my husband’s heart and help me to be better. Please hall our family, our children’s hearts, minds and fill our home with love, acceptance, peace, forgiveness, responsibility, unconditional love, mercy and understanding. Father GOD you are ny, our only hope.Please help us.Please hear this prayer.Please save us from ourselves, destruction and the works of all evil. Please put a fence around our familyand marriage and do not allow any other person in our minds, heart and soul, ameen

    • Please pray for My husband STEPHAN and myself Lisa our marriage is in trouble.

    • I need prayers for my husband jason and I. Currently seperated and we have a 4 yr old daughter. I want to restore our love for eachother so we can be a whole family again.

    • Sharai Rae miller says

      Sharai & Michael .

    • Brittany and Kalvin. Been married 2.5 years, I love my husband , but have not been a great wife. Made lots of mistakes. We are young and my husband has spoke of divorce. I believe God can turn this around and transform our marriage. Thank you for the prayer.

    • Brittany and Kalvin. Been married 2.5 years, I love my husband , but have not been a great wife. Made lots of mistakes. We are young and my husband has spoke of divorce. I believe God can turn this around and transform our marriage. Thank you

  2. Wendy Blight says

    Deb, interceding on your behalf right now!

    • Wendy, thank you for this prayer. Right know i need the Lords intervention on my marriage and this prayer came to me in the time of my nees. Please pray for my marriage. Blessings, Rose(Adam)

      • Praying now for the Lord to intervene and answer the cry of your heart regarding your marriage. Praying He will do a mighty work both in your heart and the heart of your husband.


        • Hi wendy, i asked for god to intervene on my marriage, but i think my husband does not want this anymore, i found out he’s seeing someone else. What do i do? I’m soo hurt.

          • I need your advice on what to do. Please help me. Thank you

          • Wendy i have prayed your prayer, but i don’t think my husband is coming back to me. He is involved with sum one else and i do not know what to do. God bless. I need help

          • Rose I have been married for 12 years my husband had an affair whit a girl at the beach the devil placed her in our lives to ruin my husband my kids etc. she would not go away his family hates me and quickly became friends with her on facebook now he had only slept with her 2 times but they talked for months she bragged about this to me NOW DO YOU REALLY WANT YOUR MARRIAGE TO WORK can you forgive him If so pary this prayer every morning i went on a fasting and prayer for 4 days then god released me you half to praise god for the restoration of your marriage pray for god to change you first to be what god wants u to be in this marriage i was on my knees every morning i googled other sights on restoration of marriage I found places in the bible to fight off satan because that is who your fighting not her not him but the devil himself read study read this prayer praise god everyday with everything in you pour all of you into this stand firm be kind to your husband give it to god and let god do the work just keep claiming gods promises to you YOU R in warfare with the devil every demon in hell MY HUSBAND SAID I SAVED OUR MARRIAGE THAT I CHANGED EVERYTHING I TOLD HIM IT WASENT ME IT WAS GOD THIS WENT ON FOR A FEW MONTHS BUT THING HAVE REALLY CHANGED BUT HE IS NOT SAVED YET SO I KEEP PRAISING BECAUSE HE WILL BE SAVED DO NOT LET YOUR MIND THINK HES NOT COMING BACK SHUT IT DOWN AND PRAISE GOD FOR HIS RETURN

          • Thank you, we have been married for 14 years and i just found out that he’s been in this affair for two years now and they have been looking at wedding rings and planning to move in with each other. I pray every day but i think his love for me is gone. He doesn’t talk to me no more he’s even shut out the kids out of his life, so i really am hurt by his actions and donkt know what else to do. I need a miracle in my marriage. God bless

          • I praise your holy name, because I belong to my lover and husband, and his desire is for me. Song of Solomon 7:10
            And that You bless me, Lord, by surrounding me with favor, as with a shield, and give me favor in _____’s eyes above every other woman on earth. Psalm 5:12
            I praise You Lord, that I am his wife forever by the marriage vows we made before You, in righteousness, justice, unfailing love and compassion. Hosea 2:19
            And that You have made us one in flesh and spirit, and that You are a witness to our marriage covenant and that I am his companion and wife. I thank You that he will not break faith with me as his partner and the wife of his youth, and that You will receive his offerings with pleasure. May he also guard himself and his spirit by not breaking faith with you, because You hate divorce and You hate it when a man covers himself with such violence. Malachi 2:13-16
            Thank You Lord, that _____ never forgets your teachings and that he keeps your commands in his heart, and that Your Word is working in our marriage, so he will not be deceived by the persuasive words of the adulteress who would lead him astray or be seduced by her smooth talk. Proverbs 7:21
            And that wisdom enters his heart, and knowledge is pleasant to his soul. I thank You that discretion protects him, and that understanding guards him. Proverbs 2:10-11
            And I thank You Lord, and give you all honor and glory, that the gates of hell will not prevail against us, or our marriage, because we are Your Church and Jesus said the powers of hell could not conquer us. Matthew 16:18
            Therefore, we will inherit a double portion in our marriage as You repay and restore what the locusts were sent among us to destroy. Joel 2:25
            And I praise You for giving us Your words and wisdom, and that our marriage will overcome all adversaries, because the enemy cannot contradict or resist them.
            Luke 21:15
            And I thank You Father for blocking his path with thorns and walling him in so that he cannot find his way. If he chases after his lover he will not catch her, and if he looks for her, he will not find her. And I thank You that he will come back to me, because he knows his life is better with me. Hosea 2:6-7And I thank You that ____ and I are reconciled to You through Jesus, by His blood shed on the cross, and that we are reconciled back to each other despite anything we’ve done to each other in the past. We are now presented holy before You without blemish and free from accusation through His death. Colossians 1:20-22
            I give You praise and honor, Lord, that no weapon formed against our marriage has prospered, and that You are proving every voice raised against our reconciliation wrong, because this is my heritage as Your child and it is your vindication for me. Isaiah 54:17

            I praise You Lord, that your grace is sufficient for me as I stand for the restoration of my marriage, and that your power is made perfect in my weakness and that the power of Christ is in me. 2 Corinthians 12:9
            And I am strong and courageous, not afraid or discouraged, because your power is greater than the power of Satan and all who do his work. 2 Chronicles 32:7
            I am so thankful that You are watching to make certain that your Word is fulfilled and that You are performing it in our marriage. Jeremiah 1:12
            And I praise and thank You Lord, for keeping forever the promise you have made concerning me and my home, and for doing as you promised, so that your name will be great forever. O Sovereign LORD, you are God! Your words are trustworthy, and you have promised these good things to me. You have said that You will build a home for me and that it pleases You to bless my marriage so it will continue before You forever. You have spoken, and with your blessing, my home and marriage will be established with blessings forever. AMEN. II Samuel 7:25-29

          • Amy,

            I LOVE how you prayed God’s Word and personalized it. Thank you, thank you for sharing this with us!!! It is beautiful.


          • Dear wendy, thank you for the prayer, i’m already praying that one and a few others of marriage restoration. My religion is catholic. We have been seperated since Feburary so there is no way to anoint his clothing, he doesn’t even want me by our home. I been praying for the last three years and i see no changes in him. I have made changes in myself but he refuses to see them. Many Blessings.

          • Dear wendy, no he hasn’t applied for divorce but he told her that he wud do anything to get her back. I’m the one who is considering divorce. He tells her that he no longer loves or want me in his life. What am i to do? Bless you

          • Hi wendy, i will continue to pray for my husband to return to me and his family. I have faith in my self and god it’s my husband who needs to change. He doesn’t talk to me or doesn’t even want to see me or the kids. I know i have to trust in the dear lord and give him time to work in our marriage. I don’t think my husband wants us back. He hasn’t filed for divorce which is a good sign, i do think that he is still seeing her. God Bless

          • rose n adam says

            Thank you wendy from the bottom of my heart for all that you send me. I’m not giving up on my marriage. I’m still praying every chance i get. I do believe in faith and jesus christ n our father. God Bless

          • Thank you for all your blessings, i will continue to pray. I have faith in our dear lord. I need to hold on to my faith,trust n believe that he will come on his own time. God bless

          • Yesterday was our wedding anniversary plus my birthday, i spent it alone crying and praying for god to help me be strong. I have to believe in faith and divine timing.

          • Hi wendy, how can i let go of my husband that i love with all my heart?? I believe in our heavenly fatherwith all my heart. I feel soo alone without my husband. I pray to god to intervine on this divorce that he has asked for. I love my husband with all my heart and soul. He is my life, my husband, my soul mate and my best friend so how do u let go of my marriage???

          • Rose, God must always be your first love. And when He is, you will be able to let go of your husband. It will hurt, but if your husband refuses to come back home, then trust God that He will care for you and bring good gifts into your life as He heals and restores your broken heart.


      • Hi Rose I am somewhat in your position now. I am a young mother of 2 and have been married for 5 going on to 6 years. But what Amy says is true. The devil introduced a women into my husbands life this year and I was so depressed and confused he also said he no longer loved me just as the mother of my children. he moved out and is living with a friend.We tried and are working things out. On my sons 4th birthday my husband and i found out she was pregnant it crushed us both but it pulled him closer. I thank God for this situation because it has brought me closer to Him and Prayer is the strongest weapon a person can have. She is still leaving with him because ” she has nowhere to go, and left her 2nd daughter to her mom and the little girls father” she has filled my husbands head with lies and deception. but God i answering my prayer. my husband is noticing all those lies and deceptions, he is noticing how distint he has been with us and is being less selfish. I know its not much but everyday i see him growing we have a long walk ahead of us but God Is working on us individually so our marriage can be restored and our family be rebuilt in God’s glory. This situation is God pulling you toward Him and with your prayers for your husband and family its going to get your husband closer. My prayers are also with you and your family. god bless.

      • Hi wendy thank u for all your prayers, my husband filied for divorce. I am soo hurt i feel as though my heart got torn apart. I tried praying the hedge of thorns prayer but i guess i was too late. All i wanted was for my husband to love, care for me, and want me like before. It was suppose to be our anniversary at the end of the month, i guess i’ll be celebrating by my self. God bless, happy holidays

        • Rose, I am so sorry. May God comfort you in this place of deep hurt and betrayal. Remember, God promises blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted. May you experience the richest blessings of His comfort during this time. He is the Lifter of Your Head and the Mender of Your Heart. Turn to Him, and He promises to never leave you for forsake you. Look to Him to direct your every step on your new journey with Him.



          • rose n adam says

            Hi wendy, i thank you from the bottom of myb heart for all your blessings. I have faith the our dear heavenly father will answer my prayers in his own time. I continue to pray for my marriage. God bless. Your friend .

      • Hi wendy, even though my husband has filied for divorce, i refuse to let satan take my marriage away from me. I continue to pray for my marriage n ask our heavenly father to help me keep my faith and patience. I’m praying the hedge of thorns prayer over my husband. I thankfor all the blessings and your prayers. God Bless

    • Hi Wendy. I’m a man who’s believing God to restore my marriage. My wife told me she’s leaving and is adamant. Refuses counsel and has hardened her heart so much and so fast, I’m amazed. Thank you for this prayer and I’ll take you up on your offer to pray for us. There is another man and I’m now praying FOR him. Way too much to tell here but God is able!

      • Ray, standing in agreement with you pleading with the Lord to tender your wife’s heart and bring it to a place of repentance. Praying God will BLESS you for praying for this man, which I know must be so difficult. May your prayers tender his heart as well to do the right thing and let you wife go so she may return to you.



        • Wendy, you ARE doing the Lord’s work. Words can’t express my appreciation. Never again will I diminish the pain someone else is going through when they are distraught over their marital problems. Ironically, my wife and I had the opportunity very early this year, to pray with and for a woman whose husband had told her basically what my wife has told me, I’m leaving, don’t love you anymore, never really did, etc etc…We prayed for them constantly and they’ve not only reconciled within 6 weeks, but just bore a son and they are happily married again. Now my own marriage is under this insidious attack and I believe God will do the same for me. satan has a vested interest to keep that from happening but thanks be to God, it’s not up to him!!! I’ll follow you and keep you posted. Again, thank you. God bless and keep you and continually empower you for this very necessary work.

    • Thannk you Wendy, This prayer gives me hope and assures me that as long as I keep on praying the impossible situation of my marriage will be healed. God Blessed us 21 years ago by giving us to each other as his gifts and sealed our marriage with a wonderful son who is now 18. My husband, who has been a wonderful father and husband left us 2 months ago and moved away to another state with another person, abandoning our marriage and my son. This was out of character and unexpected. I am praying every day and night for his well being and realization of his responsibility as the head of this family, his responsibility as a father and husband. I pray for him to be Blessed with forgivness and acceptance and willingness to return to his Family.

      Please pray with me for this Blessing.

      • Norah, praying with you for the Lord to remind your husband of his marriage vows, remind him and create a hunger in him to return to his first love. I pray the Lord will open his eyes to any lying and deception on the part of this new woman. I pray the Lord will do a mighty work in his heart, rending and turning it to honor God, his marriage vows, and you.



        • Thank you so much Wendy. Your prayer is very encouraging and helpful to me. May you and your famifly be Blessed as well wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday.

    • Latoya buleson says

      Please pay for me and my husband. Latoya and Cedric Burleson

  3. Anonymous says

    I truly appreciate your heart, Wendy.
    What a gift it is to hear the LORD's call and intercede for those of us who are hurting.
    Trina (Vance)

  4. Anonymous says

    Wendy, I'm so excited about the book study. God has His hand in all things. I truly believe that. In Nov. I was diagnosed in having PTS.I thought that I had dealt with my past but after more than thirty years it has come back to haunt me in every part of my life. I was sexually abused in a church at the alter for 4 years starting at age 10 and then rapped at 16. It's really hard for me to even talk about it at this point in my life. I am fortunate to have a Christian family doctor that has been spending a lot of time with me to get me through the flashbacks and just wanting to live. I can't wait for the bible study. I can't wait to feel whole again.
    God Bless, Kay

  5. Anonymous says

    Brian and Mary
    Thank you

  6. connecting with the soul says

    Kay, I am doing the study as well and though current events I am seeing things from my past are rearing their ugly head- not just in my marriage but every where. I will be praying for you.

  7. Anonymous says

    Oh, Wendy, you cannot imagine how badly I needed to read this tonight. Will be praying the prayer for days. Thank you for sharing the gifts God has given you. You and your words are such blessings to me. I very much appreciate your prayers. God bless.
    Kory (David) in MN

  8. Anonymous says

    Monica and Ron

  9. Anonymous says

    Thank you for sharing, I felt so up lifted reading this…..but my heart is still SO heavy because I married a non-believer (knowing it was wrong), and I feel our marriage is not protected because of the choice I made to marry him. i am just so heavy……my heart hurts.

  10. Anonymous says

    Marie and Andre (i emailed you at the beginning of the year about our circumstance)

  11. This is a great prayer. Thank you for sharing it!

  12. Anonymous says

    Wendy thank you for being obedient to God and writing this prayer. It is EVERYTHING I needed today. I am deeply moved and I know that I was lead to it by divine intervention and something I simply cannot comprehend. You see, I had an affair and I'm deeply saddened at how much pain this has brought my husband, Eric. We have been married almost 4 years. I know my choices have been what ended our marriage and is why we are separated. Our divorce will be final on Tuesday May 31st. But I believe God has a different plan for us. I have confessed my sin, repented and asked for God's forgiveness. But he still wants to go through with the divorce. I am believing by faith that God has a bigger plan for us and our marriage. I am not giving up, no matter what. Thank you again for your obedience. Kari (Kari and Eric)

  13. thegozette says

    This is my third try to post a comment…as satan has been attacking me, I'm wondering if he is preventing it.

    We are in trouble, in many ways.

    We need prayers. Sharon & Brad

  14. Anonymous says

    This was very much needed, I too married an unbeliever and felt as if our marital problems were somewhat a punishment and 3 years of constantly praying for my husbands salvation and trying to be a christian example and still he hasnt accepted jesus makes it hard to continually speak life over my marriage. Thank you for the prayer it is what I needed please pray for us. Emmanuel and Savannah..I know his name is even emmanuel:/… Anonymous posted at 10:01 that you married an unbeliever also knowing that it was wrong email me so we can be prayer partners for our husbands if you would like 🙂

  15. Anonymous says

    Thank you for this beautiful prayer. It is just what I need right now. Pray for Kristy & Gary. THANKS

  16. Anonymous says

    Our marriage needs a miracle please Pray for us Frank & Marissa

  17. Anonymous says

    Stephanie and Michael

  18. Praying daily that I don't hear the "D-word." Your prayers would be a blessing to me… Paula and Marty

  19. Anonymous says

    This prayer is exactly what we needed! I am going to ask my husband to pray this with me every night. I would appreciate your prayers for us as well. Thank you!
    Karin and Joe

  20. Tina Ursin ( says

    OMG! Wendy Sweet,sweet,Wendy I stumbled on your sight and needed to hear these beautiful words just for me and my marriage, I am married to an unbeliever you see I came to the know the Lord or should I say he pursued me and now I have a relationship with my Savior and just found out my husband has been unfaithful with this women by texting for who know how long, and I know this prompting from Jesus to write out this prayer is what I needed is there anyway you can send it to my e-mail address? Thank-you for being a faithful servant, your precious sweet Wendy. Love you sister in Christ! 🙂 Praise Jesus!!

  21. Anonymous says

    Thank you so much for this beautiful prayer. It was just what I needed this morning! Please keep Paul and LaTara in your prayers. Thank you

  22. Matt, Vikki and our 10 year old and 6 year old girls.

  23. Anonymous says

    Wendy, I so needed this today. I have been trying for years to make my marriage a Godly marriage and it never has truly gotten better. In my eyes my husband is not emotionally supporting one of my children and it is a huge wedge between us. I try to talk about it and it always ends in an argument. Please pray for Steve and I.

  24. Anonymous says

    Amazing and powerful!
    I got up this morning driving into work praying for my marriage and then opened this ~ God is good!
    My husband left me in Oct 2010, on the 18th of this month we will be married for 20yrs.
    I AM holding onto the hope that God can restore us ~ I love that man and commit to US.
    I am printing this and reading it EVERYDAY…
    It is a TRUE blessing to have this support.
    your sister in Christ and THANK you for the prayers!!
    Charlene (

  25. Anonymous says

    Thanks so much Wendy for being led by God to write this prayer. It's exactly what we needed to hear and pray right now in our marriage. We are going through a test but I believe God's word that we are already VICTORIOUS!!! Please keep us in prayer! Jovan and Thomas, Thanks!

  26. Anonymous says

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    I am wow'd by God's perfect timing!

    This speaks to my heart and is an answer to my prayers this morning! What an amazing gift you have given us all who are struggling in our marriages today.

    Thank you for your obedience and your prayers….but most of all I thank God for bringing me to these words of hope, healing and encouragement!

    Blessings! Debbie & Bob

  27. maddie's mom says

    Carrie and Scott..married 20 yrs this oct..2 years ago we lost our only child, Madison, and my husbands mother, Sandy, along with my daughters friend, Hannah, in a car has been a long, hard fought struggle to get us where we are today..god has carried us and has yet to put us down..without him, i don't know where we would be..i am currently 8 mths pregnant, our miracle baby, god has blessed us..however, satan is trying with all his power to destroy my marriage as he has from the day of the accident..seeking gods will only..and appreciate your prayers!

  28. Crystal Bethel says

    Wendy, Wow, what a day is all I can say! My husband and I have been separated for almost 4 months and on Monday God told me no more. He told me He hates divorce and He wanted me to reconcile. We were both lost souls but the trials we have endured over the last few months brought us both, undeniably, closer to the Lord and he's allowed us to work in others' lives. I met with my husband yesterday and we decided that God is right, He does not want this and we are His people and need to do right by Him. We are seeking counseling as a couple and as a family and called things off with our attorneys. I scheduled an appointment with our pastor for today then got your email….this is God and I feel like He gave me your blog today, especially since…..this is the first one I've ever read of yours!!!! Thank you for your spiritual guiadance and knowledge of His word and for your prayers. Howk(Hoke) and I are grateful and what a blessing you have been to my day!!

  29. Anonymous says

    Tammy and Todd

  30. Charlotte Cornett says

    Just stumbled across this on Facebook, thank you so much for sharing this prayer!! My husband and I need this, the last 3 years have been so hard and it seems to have gotten harder since right before this past Christmas. There are days I just want to walk away BUT I know that is not God's plan. Please keep us in your prayers, we need God to show up and show out! I have been looking for a job for almost 3 years since I got laid off. I am really struggling with what is my purpose, does God have a plan for me?
    Thank you again, Charlotte & Jeff

  31. Anonymous says

    I am so moved by reading all of these ladies' stories. Thank you so much, Wendy, for praying for all of us. ~ Valerie (and Clay)

  32. Wonderful! Giving to our Ladies Bible Study tonight!

  33. 23jellybean says

    Thank you Wendy for listening to God's Prompting, and Glynnis for posting on her page. I needed to read this today.

    Please Pray for Jen & Chris of IL
    May God Bless You ALWAYS!

  34. Anonymous says

    Thank you for this! I found out about a month ago that my husband had an affair with one of my closest friends in the church. We are working through this and I can see God's healing power in my marriage already. I would love it if you would keep our marriage in your prayers. My name is Katrina Ellis and my husband's name is Jeremy Ellis. We have one 5 year old daughter named Briana.

    In Christ,

  35. Chris S. says

    Chris & Andy

  36. Thank you! This was God timing for sure!!! My marriage is in the final stages of divorce. I'm still praying & believing God can & will turn this around. It does seem hopeless to all those around me, and I have to admit at times I wonder if I should give up, but I always hear whispers of hope telling me to hang on. God's got this! My husbands name is John & I would LOVE prayer for our marriage and a change of John's heart. THANK YOU! Have a wonderful day!

  37. Wendy,
    My husband has become a cross country trucker in the last year. He can't use any of his talents as a General Contractor because the industry went south. With this new occupation he's gone anywhere from 2-4 weeks & we only see each other approximately 32 hours each time he's gone. On top of this, our only son joined the Navy 15 months ago. So I would like to thank you in advance for praying for Kathie & George. God Bless You Girl!!!!

  38. Troy and Cassidy


  39. Such a sweet and wonderful prayer. And such good (God)timing. My husband and I have split twice in our marriage of 6 years because of his infidelity. (Satan's evil schemes) We have three children together. Through these times I have questioned so much our being together and if I had done the right thing by marrying him in the first place. God is a wonderful and powerful God. This last time we split, which was december of 09, I felt completely dead. God raised me out of that like he did Lazarus. We have had terribly rough times since, but I know that God has mighty plans for us or the Devil wouldn't be attacking us so hard. Though things are actually blissful right now, i am going to pray this amazing prayer daily because is speaks to my heart. Thanks Wendy for listening to the call of the Lord. You are blessed and have blessed us.
    Robert and Lindsey

  40. Anonymous says

    When the tears cannot wash away the pain and sadness, God is all we have.
    "Abide in me and I will abide in you."
    Thank-you for your sweet spirit and heart. My marriage has suffered much pain and sorrow due to my husband's affair. I would be honored to have you pray for us and our son.

    Come O wind of GOD and blow your life into my husband's(Frank) soul.
    Ezekiel 37:9

    Carah, Frank and Jack

  41. Anonymous says

    Wendy, I found the link to your post from a Proverbs 31 post on FB. When I read the first sentence I knew this was no accidental meeting. For almost 20 years now our marriage has for all practical purposes been over because of an affair of my husbands that produced a child. The Lord has been so good to me and has let me know without a doubt that I was to stay in the marriage. We have been separated so many times and the last time was for five years. He is home now but it is because in his words, "I am tired of living in the camper and I don't want to grow old alone". We get along great because we just exist together. No intimacy, no bonding, no closness and I've often asked God, "Why". "Why do you want us together if this is all there is?" I know this is long but I did want to give you some background information. As I read over this prayer I was amazed at the depth and scope which could have only come from God Himself. I know it is meant for me and I commit to pray this prayer as long as it takes for God to move in and bring restoration and healing. I would also be honored if you would remember us, Susan and Jim in your prayers.

  42. Anonymous says

    Thank you Wendy….I needed this so much today.

  43. Anonymous says

    Barbara and Craig…Lord, change me.

  44. Anonymous says

    Peter and Nicole Chang

  45. Anonymous says

    thank you for this btw. Nicole

  46. Anonymous says

    We have been separated for over a year but neither of us is acting on the divorce, I don't know why… Maybe God has a different plan for us. Please pray for us. G&S

  47. Thank you very much. I will treasure this prayer. I thank God for pouring this out to you so that you can share it with us.

    May God Bless you and expand your territory.

  48. Shasta & Lee….Thank you for this prayer. What a powerful reminder of what God wants for us. I also believe this includes what God desires for our entire family, including my Stepkids and their Mothers. God laid it in our hearts before we got married that He wants something so much more than the "norm" for us and our whole family. I pray that God would unite us all.

  49. Anonymous says

    I just want to make our very good marriage even better. You know "Fireproof It" I prayed the prayer you have shared with love and some apprehension as I know GOD moves and it's not always comfortable. Pray for us. My name is Jennifer and my husband's name is William

  50. Christina says

    Thanks for the Prayer for your Marriage. A dear friend shared this with me and I look forward to reading it everyday. I trust that God is in control I and appreciate Him working through you to help so many hurting people. God knows what is going on with my husband and our marriage and I ask for you to keep Mike & Christina uplifted in your prayers.

  51. Anonymous says

    Maybe the Lord chooses not to heal all marriages. Just like some sicknesses end in death. I've prayed and cried out for my own marriage for years and ……..nothing. We are separated and plan to get divorced this month. Its sad, but I've brought it before the Lord for many years with no answer. It only gets worse and worse. More and more adultery against me. Its over and it would take a miracle for things to change. I pray God answers those who are still praying.

  52. Wendy, God works in wonderous, beautiful ways. For the past week, I have been in deep prayer and quiet times with God, trying to discern what I'm supposed to do in my marriage. I've shared my story with Suzanne E. from P31, but what it basically amounts to is my husband's infidelities and sexual addictions. After discovering this almost a year ago (after being married for 2 years), we sought help, and he promised he was making a change. I saw over time that he became complacent in all that he was doing, and I confronted him about it. He admitted to me, our counselor, our family, and his sponsor that he had continued to lie the past year, and was still continuing his behaviors. My immediate reaction was divorce, since I initially gave him the ultimatum that that's what I would do if he was unfaithful again. Over the last week, though, the Lord has really nudged my heart. I have been learning new lessons about forgiveness, about the meaning of marriage, and about what my husband means to me as a Brother in Christ. I'm struggling with great feelings of bitterness, resentment, hurt, and anger. I'm praying for the Lord to deliver me form these emotions, and forgive. I'm praying that he gives me a heart of peace, and strength to committ to my husband as a supporter. I'm in a very difficult situation– I feel like I'm in a battle between what my earthly, secular mind tells me (Get out! He'll never change! He'll keep lying! He'll always hurt you!) versus what my God is telling me (Forgive, as I have forgiven you! I can restore, and make beauty out of ashes! Pray feverently for your husband! Don't you see his hurt and his turmoil? I can bring protection around your marraige. Focus on me!). Reading your post is God nudging me.

    I would greatly appreciate your prayers. My name is Tess, and my husband's name is Adrian. I need prayer for moving past my emotions and getting to a place where I can forgive. My husband needs prayer to rise out of the emotional shame, depression, and insecurities he is battling– to win this war against Satan who is attacking hard. And of course, we need prayer for restoration and protection of our marriage.

    Thank you for your beautiful words. I will treasure, and read over them daily.

  53. I feel in my heart that this message was definitely for me. Please keep Marla and Lance's marriage in your prayers. Thank you Wendy and God bless you.

  54. Wendy Blight says

    Thank you for sharing so honestly and openly. Your comments show me precisely why God laid this prayer on my heart. He led you here, via different avenues, because He wants you to know He cares and He is listening. He has not abandoned you.

    I am overwhelmed at the cries you have lifted for your marriages. I have written down each of your names and your husband's names. Please know that I will be praying for you by name, trusting that our God will be at work through our prayers for each other!!!

    He is a BIG God and able to move mountains and perform miracles. He can do what we are asking of Him because we ask in faith based on His Word. I stand believing with you!!! I cannot wait to hear how God moves in and through these prayers.

    Please come back and let us know how you see God at work!!

    • Kiyatonnia Harris kikikiHarrisHarris says

      Hi Wendy B, I am a standwife for a little over a year this has been a hard walk, I’m asking for prayer for my husband that his heart & mind be transformed,has moved in with another woman & recently filed for divorce which I bind in the name of Jesus & I loosed restoration we have been married 12 years but been together 32 years we we’re children, I realize the enemy has my husband bound with a stronghold which I have bind & loosed the love of God, I am looking for someone to touch & agree with me in prayer my name is kiki & husband name is Charles, I’m looking for people who cherish my views & stance on marriage God hates divorce & so do I, I’ve prayed your prayer & other prayers waiting on the Lord final word & not man. I look forward to hearing from you soon hopefully. Thank you & God Bless

      • Standing with you in all that you are praying, sweet friend!!



      • Cherrylene says

        I am also standing for my husband. We’ve been married 11 yrs. he has been with ow for 10 mths now. I found out 6 mths ago and have been standing. My husbands still says he loves me but not happy. He’s in love with her. He still comes home to see our boys some weekends and our boys don’t know anything. He’s always worked away. It’s been really hard. I love him unconditionally and won’t give up and he knows I’ve been praying. I found a couple good websites that have good scripture prayers. Cprmarriageministries and The second one has been a great help. I found it at my lowest point I believe God led me to it. I will pray for you. I hope this helps.

  55. Anonymous says

    I have been struggling especially this week at where our marriage is and how to keep hoping that it will get better. the problem is I don't have much hope. I need God to guard my thoughts and my mind, and to give my thoughts over to Him to keep me from thinking of leaving my husband. Please pray for us becuase I do love my husband very much.
    J and J

  56. Wendy, thank you for this prayer that God prompted you to write. It is such a blessing to me. I discoverd one year ago this week that my husband had an affair. It ended several years ago, prior to my discovery and was a short term "war affair" while he was deployed to Iraq. We did not attend church ever in our marriage prior to the affair. We are however both believers. We are now both involved in church and have been since the discovery. He received pastoral counseling and is really sorry for the pain he caused me and the sin he committed against God he has recommited himself to our marriage. Over the past year we have both come to know God and are finally building our marriage with him as the foundation. I do feel he has truly repented and is a new person in Christ. Unfortunately, I am still struggling with the after effects of the affair. I find it hard to trust him and to understand the reason he had the affair. . I am bitter, hurt and angry and worried and fearful. He is due to deploy to Iraq again in the next few weeks I fear I will be facing the same situation again although he has changed for the better and he assures me that he is not the same person, I still worry.

    Many blessings, please keep us in your prayers.
    Kim, Carlos and our 9 year old son.

  57. Thank you so much for listening to the Lord about marriages. Please pray for Maria and Cesar. We have been married almost 40 years yet there is much pain and hurt that needs to be healed. I am honoring my vows to the Lord, but it is so hard sometimes, pain and grief just overwhelm me at times. Your prayer gives me strengh to go on and wait for the plans the LORD has. Thank you

  58. Anonymous says

    I just read/cried through your prayer. My divorce is to be final in July after 21 years, 5 children. I am exhausted from trying to save my marriage. Anxiety and lack of self worth makes moving forward very difficult.
    Where I felt there was no hope, I will talk to God in this prayer everyday, twice a day. I have tried to control what only God can control. I will trust in God's word and promises. He alone can heal our marriage and help us forgive each other and find peace in His plan. Please pray for John and Lori

  59. Our marriage is fine, my husband & I get along but I know it could be a lot better! It’s those private thoughts that maybe harmful and the way satan is getting into our household. I don’t want those unspoken words to stop us from having a great Godly marriage! Please pray for Laurence & Carolyn

  60. I was ready to walk away from my marriage, just gave up completely. This morning God lead me to this incredible and amazing prayer. I feel a renewed stregth to continue fighting to save what He has united. Thank you so much for your obedience to Him! This just may save our marriage! Praise God!

  61. We need this more than any words can express. The hopelessness is unbearable. Thank you for your prayers. Wise and Allison

  62. Anonymous says

    I like your prayer and though we are not having too much trouble with our marriage, we had it in the past and that hurt our sons. Now I have had a lot of anxiety and depression and I will use some in the words in your prayer for my situation and hopefully they will help me. Thank you a lot

  63. Dear Wendy, thankyou so much, God works mightily through you.Love your words … Gods Words…
    Can i ask even more, besides my husband Tom and myself, I would love prayer for the future partners of my children and their future marriages.
    I feel honoured and priveliged that you would intercede for my family.
    Thanks again Susan

  64. Anonymous says

    Dear Wendy, thank you so much for this. When I married my husband David we were both believers. That was 9 1/2 years a go. Today I am the only one that is still a believer and my husband calls himself an agnostic. I don't know how this all came about. It has affected other areas and especially now. Our 4 year old daughter was diagnosed with cancer last October and this has made things worse for him. He basically cannot believe that a "God" would allow such a terrible thing to happen to our precious daughter and to any small child for that matter. I feel I am alone praying for our child and I need him so badly, his support as a spiritual leader in our family. It has been so hard and so difficult to see him be so skeptical about something that was so important in his life before. Thank you again. His name is David and my name is Ana.

  65. Anonymous says

    Kyle and Julie Please…

    I REALLY needed this right now…I have been asking God to take from me what I can not change, fix, or do on my own. WIth the pressures of life and poor health, my marriage is falling apart..I am angry with my husband for how he let me down, an let his family down, my heart breaks daily…I know the plans the Lord has for me… and I needed to be reminded that He has plans for my marriage as well…MY husband won't pray this prayer with me… or maybe he would if I asked..but he is not a praying man… I will pray this prayer and claim the promise thatis spelled out in this prayer.. Our marraige needs to be healed, and brough from death… Please pray for us. Thank you in advnce for your willing heart to pray for us and so many others..

  66. Please pray for Olivia! Thanks!

  67. Oh Wendy. So powerful. Thank you for allowing God to work through and use you. You are a precious vessel.

  68. Anonymous says

    Thank you for this! Please pray for Jason and Terri and that the marriage will strengthen and come alive again. Satan seeks to destroy their family.

  69. wonderfullymademama :) says

    Thank you for this prayer Wendy- I heard you in Charlotte last year and was so blessed. Nicole (and Jeff) working it out in Jesus name..

  70. Caroline says

    My husband and I have been seperated for almost 2 years. It has gotten really hard the last 3 weeks, we had a court date for the divorce that was continued, the next week he filed a false neglegent claim against me and my children were taken from me, and the week after that I learned that he not only has a new woman in his life, but she has been around my children. I had lunch with a very good friend Monday and she asked me, "so what do you want" and I honestly don't know. I don't know what to pray for, how to pray for it or what to expect. I thank you for this prayer, because it is exactly what I needed, and right on time. I have to learn to trust that God has my best interest at heart. And though things seem to be getting worse by the second I can hold on the promise that there is a hope for my future. Thank you for your prayers!

    Caroline and Brian …. and our children.

  71. your wonderful prayer sums up all the prayers i've prayed over the last few months…thank you for sharing this and please lift me and my husband up in prayer –
    Susanna & Keith

  72. Wendy, thank you for sharing your heart and following God's voice. My husband is a MN State Senator and just yesterday the marriage amendment was on the Senate floor. The battle for our marriages is intense. Thank you for taking us to our knees.

  73. Lisa & Orlando

  74. Stephanie says

    Stephanie & Cortney

  75. Anonymous says

    Anni-Liis and Henri

  76. Kimberly says

    Thank You for being faithful to God. This will affect the course of many marriages, especially mine. Indeed God has a plan! Thank you.

  77. my husband and I have been divorced for 22 yrs. but I beleive marriage is for life and continue to pray for reconciliation. God alone is able!! I will we praying this prayer, thank you! Lucy and John

  78. Anonymous says

    Mindy and Bryan

  79. Wendy Blight says

    Hi friends,

    Please know that I continue to pray for you by name, asking and trusting God to show you in very personal and powerful ways that He is at work in our prayers. Please update me when you see and feel God at work in your midst. I know He will reveal Himself because He is so very faithful!!



  80. Anonymous says

    Mary L. & Barry

  81. Anonymous says

    God put you in my life today. This is exactly what I needed, as I have been feeling that my marriage is so empty. I am married to a good man, but I can't get past so many "flaws" and can't stop feeling that I made a wrong choice 15 years ago. We have 3 wonderful children, and we are committed to them. I want my marriage to be happy, loving, and fulfilling too.

    Jenny and Hunter

  82. Anonymous says

    I want to thank you for this prayer. I needed this today. Satan has been attacking my marriage. We are newlyweds, remained pure for 3 years of dating, both have a great walk with the Lord…and now we have fallen apart and it's hurting us as well as my children. The past is tearing us to apart. How can we go from such a great place to a complete disaster in 4 months? It's heartbreaking.

    Shawna (Allen)

  83. Anonymous says

    My husband and I have had two very difficult weeks. All we seem to do is argue, in part because of him and in part because of me. I know we are really hurting our marriage. I came across this prayer after reading today's devotional by Melissa Taylor. Thank you so much for being obedient to God's call.

  84. Anonymous says

    Hello Wendy,
    Your post today could not have come at a better time. I am praying so hard for my marriage, but nothing seems to be happening. Instead things are getting worse. Husband moved in with girlfriend. I am clinging on, sometimes I dont know to what. Please pray for me for us and our children. Thank you Carmen

  85. Anonymous says

    My husband, William (non believer) and I have separated for over a year now. We are trying to work things out. We realize we moved into the marriage very quickly and now are trying to see if it can saved. I haven't been to church in years, but I know that marriage is a sacred bond that should be taken very seriously. Part of me can't get passed his flaws and the things said in the past that have caused great pain.
    Each time I decide to give it a chance,I second guess myself, telling myself he's not a believer, he will bring you down.. What if he's not the one for you? So I want to put our names for prayer as we also need His help…
    please pray for
    William and Aurora

  86. Anonymous says

    Just what I needed to read today, not by coincidence. Thank you for coming alongside us..

    Mande (and James)

  87. Anonymous says

    Gina and Philip

  88. Anonymous says

    I read this with tears streaming down my face. Thank you for this prayer. I am claiming these scriptures over my marriage and believing God to lead my husband to repentance. Please pray for us – Steve and Sara.

  89. I copied this for my daughter Melannie. Her husband left her for the second time, we live in Missiouri and she lives with us, he went to Florida.

    He gave his heart to Christ two weeks before living and my prayer is that God will restore their marriage. They have a son (1 1/2 yrs. old), they are young and neither of them want to work in their marriage.

    I do pray for ALL the couple in here that Satan is attacking their marriage. More than prayer we need the assurance that God knows the outcome and our future. Praying for you all!!!

  90. Anonymous says

    Just now reading this. After your prayer, I have decided to pray this for my marriage. I'm taking it one day at a time. I have been upset at the Lord for a while. I got right with him today. Thank you. B.G.

  91. Anonymous says

    Allen & Me

  92. Anonymous says

    Such sadness envelopes me as I think about our marriage. It is, and has been hollow for many years. We are friends, but the rest is broken, very broken. My heart aches for empty years, misunderstandings coming out of our brokenness. I've prayed until I feel I can pray no more and wonder if God even hears me anymore. It's a very lonely feeling, like an orphan no one cares for. I will try to pray the prayer you posted here, scraping up a bit of hope that perhaps, this time, things will really change.

  93. Anonymous says

    Please lift up my husband Romeo in prayer. Our marraige is in need of healing & restoration,he does not have a personal relationship with Jesus. Lately I have been wanting to give up on this marraige. I have been in a great emotional turmoil hoping things change. I do keep having hope that all this bad stuff that has been going on will work out for the good. We need prayer.

  94. Anonymous says

    My husband has also been involved in texting andf I know he is sorry, but I cannot trust him again. I know we are meant to be together but I am so afraid to trust again. I feel like a fool On top of that, my job has crashed/ burned. I came to this sight by accident or divine providence. I am going to copy the prayer and send it ot my office so that I can dwell on it instead of the fear and mistrust. I want to rebuild my marriage. Please pray for Ken.

  95. Anonymous says

    Please pray for our marriage. We truly needs it. Our kids, too. Monica and Nikia,Sr. This will be my first time doing the online bible study and I am very excited about it.

  96. Anonymous says

    Please keep me and my husband sammy in prayer we have been matried 22 years separated for almost two he has filed for divorce and doesn't speak to me at all. He doesn't go to church anymore. I'm praying for his salvation and for restoration of our marriage that god turns his heart around

  97. Anonymous says

    Please pray for Brandi and Chuck

  98. Anonymous says

    Dana & John

  99. Anonymous says

    Such an amazing and powerful prayer! Holding on to these Bible passages and believing the Lord's plan and purpose is EVERYTHING!! My husband and I being divorced for 4 years and then remarrying each other for 2 have been continuing our daily journey of trusting the Lord's power in resurrection and healing. What our Heavenly Father has done with us is truly greater than we could have ever imagined. And we wouldn't want it any other way.
    Please pray for my parents, sister and brother- For their yielding to the healing God has for them as well in this journey.
    Holly & Peter

  100. Anonymous says

    Please pray for my marriage. We have been seperated for a year now and things just don't get better. We have bothe been hurt and don't seem to put it aside. Please pray that somehow we will make our marriage work and to be what God wants us to be.

    peggy and joey

  101. Anonymous says

    Hi Wendy! Have been a subscriber to your blog since the Ephesians study last year. Somehow didn't read this until today. But, know God wanted me to read it today. My 15 year marriage has been difficult and painful from day one. From choices we have made and external losses and traumas. Thank you for posting this and I will pray it over the next weeks. My husband is David and I am Tracy. The Lord is doing great things. I'm still continuing to learn to trust and be patient in His timing. Pray for my husband's salvation. Pray that I will learn to be a wife that please God. Thank you, sweet sister! Excited to start Melissa's study tomorrow!!!!

    Tracy Hays

  102. Anonymous says

    Please pray for R & Q

  103. Anonymous says

    Please pray for my cousin, Magaly and her husband Jose. They have been separated for 5 years; My cousin recently has join a great Church where she has been able to see and to believe that in God all things are possible!, She has been feel joyful… but Saturday she had a phone call that put her in a dark side, she was hoping not to hear that, He ask for divorce; She is feeling a little down, but nothing its over. I just email her this link, and I am talking in her behalf, I have Faith the her marriage can be restore. Thank you so much for this wonderful message, and for all you do! God bless you!

  104. Anonymous says

    That was a perfect prayer at the perfect time, as always with the Lord! We just celebrated our 21st Anniversary, last year we celebrated in seperate homes. We have come a long way in one year but still have a lot of healing and restoration to go. There are days when I want to give up but then somehow the Lord sends me messages to "carry on my child, I am still working". I have just begun your & Melissa's bible study and pray that God will continue the work He has begun in me. Thank you for giving me hope and encouragement for the future.
    Please pray for Mike and Dawn, for their marriage, their family, growth in the Lord and their future.

    With Love
    Your Sister in Christ

  105. Thank you so much for these words. They are so timely and much needed. I would be honored to know you were praying for our marriage.

    We are Rob & Karen and we've been separated for far too long.

  106. Anonymous says

    Please pray for my marriage. Words can express the feelings that are running through my heart and mind right now. My marriage is crumbling before my eyes. And I pray that God will open both our eyes and hearts.

  107. Anonymous says

    I really am glad I got to read this prayer and got my husband to read it as well we are going through a very weak moment in our marriage due jealousy and trust issues and we both agreed to make it work to put the past behind us and continue our lives as a happy marriage that what we are going through only makes our marriage stronger. And soi ask that u pray for us please we are a young couple that has been married for 12yrs i love him very much so please pray for us..

  108. Anonymous says

    Oh how I needed this today. My husband moved out and left me with 3 children. I am praying for his salvation and standing for our marriage restoration. Please pray that God moves to turn Richard's heart from a heart of stone to a heart of flesh and that he accepts Christ.

  109. Anonymous says

    Please pray for the restoration of our marriage.
    Jennifer & Jermaine

  110. Anonymous says

    Perfect timing for me to read this. Me finding this site was definately not a coincidence! Thank you for restoring my hope! My husband and I have been separated for a little over 2 months now. We don't have any communication with one another and I just recently found out that he has moved on with another. Satan is really trying to destroy what little hope that I do have. Prayers needed for strength, wisdom, patience, understanding and for the salavation of my husband's soul! Misty & Blaine

  111. Anonymous says

    Bob and Samantha
    Timing couldn't have been more perfect! Thank you so much for standing with me (us) in my prayers for my marriage. Please pray that my husband will relinquish all pride and self-centeredness and accept and receive God's love. Create in him a new loving heart. The hurt, lack of trust, and damage to our marriage to be completely restored! Our hearts have been separated for 10 years, restoration is NOW!
    Thank you for letting me know that someone is standing in prayer with me, it is so comforting and encouraging.

  112. Anonymous says

    Stephanie & Adrian Sotello

  113. Anonymous says

    God bless you Wendy for writing this prayer . It was EXACTLY what i needed. I know stumbling unto your site was not by accident, but that God divinely orchestrated it. I went to bed at about 2am and woke up feeling distress at about 6am. I took the laptop and open my email and i decided to read the Encouragement for Today and that was how i stumbled unto this prayer site. You see my husband and I have been seperated for 3+ years now, because of the wrong decision and steps that i took, i ran way from home with the kids without my husbands knowledge to another country, while there God spoke to me, i realise i shouldn't have taken the steps that i took. So i came back to my husband, by then he had started dating another woman from the same church we both attends. He took the kids and will not allow me back into the house ever since. We are both christians, my husband even runs a ministry which majority of its members are women. He says he is no longer interested, because God told him i wasn't his wife. But i know God has a different plan for us. Our marriage will be 18years this December. Problem again is that there are too many 3rd parties involved. I am not giving up on this our marriage, because 1. i love my husband, 2 Because God hates divorce and 3. because of those innocent children whom we are suppose to raise together in a godly home. I am holding on to the hope that God can restore us. I will commit to praying this prayer everyday for as long as it takes for God to intervene and bring healing and restoration. Thank you so much Wendy. (Please pray for us Yetti and Dipo Selesi)

  114. Anonymous says

    I'm crying right now because I'm soooo grateful for God and the people of God who are obedient in following His unctions. I've been going through a rough time in my marriage. I've been married for 22 years now and I left my husband back in October. I've battled depression for years going back and forth on my decision to leave or stay. Because I am a beliver I tried to keep fighting but I just could not do it any longer. My own desires of wanting to be free got in the way but as I read this prayer I can see that it truly in fact was MY selfish desires. I and my children have been verbally abused in this situation, so how could I have missed all the signs of the enemy – because I was in the way. We tried counseling (one or two visits) but he didn't like it and gave up. We both have confessed Jesus as Lord but I have been the spiritual head of the house. I wanted him to have that job. So now that I've found this prayer I will pray it until I see manifestation. Thank you so much!

  115. Anonymous says

    please pray for my daughter and her husband. she was raped 9 months ago,ever since there marriage has gone downhill. there are problems on both sides,I have prayed prayed for them to open their eyes. PLEASE pray for restorationof their marriage,pray my daughter will come to her knees and get help.

  116. Anonymous says

    I am "Michelle", a college grad with a highly professional job. I was
    looking for answers & I got them. I was heartbroken that my boyfriend
    decided to leave the relationship, a friend introduced me to a spell
    caster that did A Lover Retrieval spell for me and within a week of
    the spell casting, he called "just to talk". After some pleasant talks
    and catching up, he asked to see me again. He is absolutely crazy
    about me now and DOES see the good in me that I had hoped he would. We
    are back together now happily & even planning on getting married soon.
    Should in case you need his services & want's his contact or you have
    any more question to ask you can hit me up on michbaines at gmail dot com.

    Good Luck

  117. Thank you for a wonderful prayer.
    Please pray for the marriage of Evi and Anton.
    I will pray this prayer with authority and I pray that oneday my wife Evi will join me in prayer.



  119. Aro.. Pri.. & Minnie

  120. Thank you so much for this beautiful prayer. I know there are no accidents in life. So, I am not suprised that I came across this prayer when I needed it the most. Please pray for the marriage of Lonnie and Sylvia. Thank you!

  121. Bethany Soukup says

    Thank you Wendy!

    We are newlyweds and having the challenge of combining families. Your prayer is appropriate for all of us that have great marriages or challenging marriages. At one point or another we all will have problems submitting to God’s will and need God’s intervention and leadership in our marriage.

    May God bless all the women and their families in this blog with peace and happiness! Lord, please help them follow your ways and help them bring their families together under your covering. Lead them to you and give them comfort as only you can. In Jesus precious name I pray for all these families.

    Bethany & Doug

    • Thank you for this sweet prayer you prayed for the readers of this devotional and post. May God richly bless your marriage as you seek to honor Him in all you do .



  122. Adelfa and Alfred says

    I really needed this prayer. Last before falling asleep, I just kind of given up. Or should I say I had that come what may approach to my problems. My husband of 20 years is having an affair which I found out a month ago. Ever since I discovered about it, all I did was cry and think and pray to God’s help and guidance. Every time I feel hopeless, I surrender it all to God. But every time I think of the possibility that my husband leaves for the other woman, I end up wanting to give up. You my husband told me that he loves the other woman than he loves me. Maybe it is true coz he is willing to move out but does not want ti file for divrce yet because he said he does not know what happens in the future. He is sending me mixed emotions and signals that is why I am not sure if I should set him free and wait till he comes back to me or just hold on to him and let him stay home with us while he keeps in contact with the other woman. She lives in Europe and they just met thru Facebook. Last June was the first time they physically met and just recencently, this month he went to see again. I am so devastated and so hurt cause after all he has done and still does I still love him and forgive him and still want to be with him and stay married to him. Please pray for me and my husband and our 4 children. May God help me get through this and restore our marriage. Please pray for my husband that he may have a change of heart see his mistake, turn back to God and repent and turn away from sin, in Jesus name we ask, amen.

    • Thank you for sharing your story with me. I can hear the brokenness in your heart. My heart hurts for you. I am so sorry for all you are going through. I join you in praying for God to help you to trust in Him and be strong through this. I pray healing and restoration for your marriage. And I pray that the Lord will move in your husband’s heart and lead him to a change of heart see his mistake, turn back to God and repent and turn away from sin.



  123. i want to thank you for this prayer in my time of sadness and dispair and weakness it is good to know we have people out there to remind us that GOD is with us through all things and will give us the strength to over come all things even in our weakness.thank you for this and i will keep in touch! your sister in GOD jennie moore <3

    • You are so welcome! God will never leave you, sweet friend, He is with you through His Holy Spirit and guiding you through His Word. Sweet Blessings, Wendy.

  124. Nadia Anthony says

    Yes, I would like you to pray for me and hubby Desire, our tenth anniversary is on next march the 10th. He is complicated type guy and because of his background, has not a good knowledge of love ans the scriptures. He believe in Jesus, we have been separated before but I knew it was not the right choice, so I came back when he asked, though he said he loves me. I feel a lot of selfishness through things, behavior and finance…Thank you very much…

    • Praying now for both of you. Praying God will draw your husband closer to you and closer to Him. Praying God will place a desire in His heart for more of God and His Word.



  125. Jeremiah Reese says


    • Praying now…trusting God knows the cry of your heart….may God heal, restore, and rebuild….trust in Him…keep persisting in prayer.



  126. Albert and Patty says

    Dear Wendy,
    Thank You ~ my husband Al and I were married May 2007 and both in our early forties (at the time 🙂 and both had three children from other marriage, with the exception, that my two older son’s (22 and 24) were living back home, in Allen, TX and Royse City, TX.

    With four children in our home, in southeastern AZ. (where my husband was raised) I have seen great joy and great challenge, sometimes painful challenge. For I cling to my FAITHFUL GOD for wisdom and guidance. With three teens and a 9 year old in our home, my husband and I do not get alot of “us” time, but we do make intentional dates from time to time! I know that I have a husband who LOVES the LORD and a GOD who honors that. I am quite sure there are other marriages that desperately need to be healed and others who would be enhanced immensely by a touch of His grace ~ I am thankful for each trial, and for your obedience to Him in prayer, and encouragement to families and marriages, and to your sister’s in the Lord~ that you would intercede on our behalf~ what a BLESSING~ one that I would not miss out upon! It doesn’t matter where we come from, or what we have done, as long as we come to JESUS ~to restore and salvage our human hearts and our families, in a time of instability in the world around us and the darkness which intends to kill and destroy our spirits. Please pray for Al and me.

    May God Bless you and your family and the beautiful ministry of your Father’s heart!
    Love, Patty

    • Patty, thank your for sharing the story of your family with me. How blessed you are. As you can see from the comments, many women are longing for what you have found. Thank you for your sweet words of encoruagement! I am praying now for God to continue to bless your marriage with Al….that He would continue to draw you closer to His heart and two each other through the power of the Holy Spirit…for Wisdom as you raise the children He has given you. Thank you again for taking the time to stop by and share!!



  127. Praisen the Lord.A friend of mine shared this with me and I decided to search you through google. I know God has big plans for all of us and as we call him he will answer our prayers!PRAY FOR ME AND BARAKA AND WE SURELY WILL HAVE A PERFECT MARRIAGE IN JESUS CHRIST NAME.THANK YOU FOR THIS SITE AND EVERYTHING IT OFFERS.MAY GOD BLESS YOU EVERYDAY OF YOUR LIFE. MUCH LOVE.RITHA AND BARAKA.


  129. pls pray for our marriage and for the complete deliverance of my husband from adultery

    we are myra christine and vincent

    thanks a lot

    • Praying now for the Holy Spirit to convict your husband’s heart and open His eyes to the sin in this relationship. Praying He will love you again with the love he first had for you when you married him. Praying you will continue to Hope and trust in God for your marriage and for God to direct every step and every decision.



  130. Dear Wendy,

    My husband Seth and I were married in 2005. We have a beautiful 4 year old daughter. Thank you for your meaningful prayer. I want my family whole and healthy. We need God in our lives. I am in constant prayer that my husband will come back to us. That Give will soften his heart and give him the ability to see what he is loved and needed by his wife and daughter.

    Please pray with me.


  131. Terry and Michelle…..I have faith that this pray will return my family back together again and help us to restore the wonderful marriage we once had…..Amen

  132. Please pray for Jason and Stephanie that our marriage will be as God intended marriage to be. Please pray for my husband’s spiritual maturity and that he will take his rightful place as spiritual head of our home.

    Your ministry is beautiful! Thanks

    • Hi Stephanie,

      Thank you for reaching out for prayer. I am lifting you and your husband right now to the Lord and I am praying in agreement with your prayers. Praying God will give you the strength you need to continue to live out your faith before your husband with a gentle and quiet spirit, praying in full belief that God will lift him to a place of spiritual leadership in your home!

      Please keep me posted.

      Wishing you a blessed and joyous New Year!!

      Blessings, Wendy

  133. Please pray for God to heal and restore our marriage (Marc and Denise).

    • Praying now in agreement with you for healing and restoration!! May God sustain you as you wait on His work being done in and through our prayers.

      Sweet Blessings,


  134. i just want to testify that God restores marriage, that prayers can really move mountains.
    i ask for prayers from you guys last Nov 20

    God is great, my husband is now back with us
    we celebrated christmas together as a family and will be celebrating new yr later.
    he is now very sweet
    i feel loved and cared for
    we are now happy.

    do not ever give up on ur marriages
    God hears all our prayers, and He wants all marriages to be intact and not broken

    Nothing is impossible with God

    • Thank you, thank you for sharing this with us!! Oh, how your words make my heart sing and praise the Lord for His faithfulness. I pray that MANY who are hurting and in despair about their marriages will find hope and encouragement in your answered prayers. May God continue to bless your marriage and take it to deeper and richer places.

      Blessings to you in this New Year,


  135. We have been married for 19 years and have two boys, 17 years and 8 years. About a year ago, my husband announced that he has never loved me. Monday, January 2, 2012 he let me know that he will be moving out. We are both Christians. We have served God in ministry together and seen God move in our lives. My heart is so broken and I cannot understand. I am curling up into the lap of God right now. I am believing for my marraige. It is not too late.

    • I stand with you now believing God for healing and restoration in your marriage!! Praying too for you to stay in God’s Word and that it may be a healing balm for your broken heart during this time of waiting.



  136. I am so grateful for sites like yours that talk about believing God for marriage restoration. On the surface to many family members and friends, my marriage looks hopeless. Both of us have issues stemming from our childhoods which I believe adversely affected how we related to one another. My husband has left, and has been gone for 2 months now. He says he isn’t ever coming back to live with me, but has visited. Please pray that God would work in both of our hearts and minds, so that our marriage could be one day better than ever before. Thank you.

    • Thank you for your kind words. I have seen wonderful stories of restoration, and I join you now in believing restoration for your marriage!!!



  137. Jerry and Kira LiNkOuS. (Praying our marriage is filled with and over flowing with Gods love and love for eachother. Praying all outside interference,negativity,evil people,and alcohol be removed in Jesus name! Amen) thank u for praying over us.

    • Kira, thank you for stopping by and leaving your prayer request. Praying in agreement with you right now for God to bless your marriage, to continue to unite your hearts and deepen your love for one another. And praying the mind of Christ over both of you to recognize Truth over lies and to keep away anything that would interfere with God’s highest and best for your marriage.



  138. Love this prayer. please pray for Lynn and Gregg

    • Praying right now for you. I do not know what you are praying, but I pray in agreement with what is on yoru heart and ask the Lord to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that you could ever ask or imagine in the power of His Holy Spirit!



  139. Thank you Wendy. God brought me to this location not by accident. My wife, Melodie filed for divorce. She’s not being herself. She’s caring & has a heart of gold. Over the years she says I began being rude & began using nasty language. Most of it came from work & frustrations but I let satan into our home & marriage. Didn’t love & honor her like I did when we were first married. God let this happen to us to get my attention. Boy did He ever! He broke me at 5:15am while I went to feed the horses. I sunk to my knees pouring tears & said take everything from me, my life is yours & may your will be done on my life. Melodie’s mind is still on divorce. I ask all to pray that God will touch her heart & that she will open her eyes. There is no other on our lovelife, or any alcohol, or drugs, just a hardened heart against me. She’s doing everything to push me away. Please pray for us. This Feb. 1, 2012 will have been our 26th anniversary. Thank you Wendy for your prayers. I want God’s will done in our marriage. Amen & amen!

  140. i am praying to have my marriage restored and my family. And i do believe GOD is working is working on our situation.And removing all the negativity and pain. I am working very hard on myself to become a great servant,husband,father ,son and friend.This is both our second marriage and a blended family,i have to take most of the blame for all that has gone wrong.i love my wife very much and my family,i would love any advice you have . my name is jamie and my wife is rosa .

    • Thank you for reaching out for prayer. You are taking great first steps seeking to become a servant leader in your home, a godly husband and father. Praying now God will bring healing and restoration to your marriage and bless your efforts toward the same.


  141. Tarsha Bryant says

    Nathaniel & Tarsha

    • Just saw this as it came in my inbox. Although I know not what to pray, I pray in agreement with what is on your heart and pray the Lord will bring healing and restoration to your heart and to your marriage. I pray He will give you strength and courage to persevere in prayer and to trust Him with your heart and your dreams.



  142. Please pray for Karl and Marilyn. Our marriage is in serious trouble. Thank you.

    • Praying now, Marilyn, for God to begin a mighty work of healing and restoration in your marriage. Thank you for reaching out!!!



  143. Jacqueline & Frank

  144. Please pray for the restoration of my marriage. My husband Dave wants a divorce and I don’t .i love him very much and want us to stay together. We have been married almost 14 years and have 3 beautiful children together. I pray he gets god back in his life and for our marriage to be healed.
    Thank you Chass

  145. My wife has a hardened heart against me. She’s doing everything to push me away. I want to change to make her happy. I want the Lord to soften her heart so that we can renew our marriage. Please pray for us that we stay together and make our marriage work..

  146. Trisa & Lee says

    Please pray for my husband that left 6 weeks ago….that he will return home to us! We talk every day & he tells me that he loves & misses me. Pray that God will heal him of bitterness & unforgiveness. Also that he will not believe the lies of the enemy. Thank You!

    • Praying in agreement with you now. May God tender your husband’s heart to His Word and allow it to mold and change His heart. May God bring healing and reconciliation through this process.



  147. My wife, Amy and I separated in January. She initiated the separation of 11 years of begging, pleading, praying and crying with me to get help. I finally now see a christian counsellor, and speak to my pastor regularly. God is doing an amazing work in my life but as far as my wife is concerned, it is all too little too late. She has hardened her heart to God and to me, no longer goes to church and have surrounded herself with non-christian friends. She is adamant that no one and nothing, including God, can change her heart. I felt sometime ago God impress upon me to pray for Amy to have a “Damascus Road Experience” but to date, there has been no change. My understanding of God’s will and purpose is that marriage is ordained by Him to be a life long purpose. And He is a God of reconciliation. I see no change in my wife’s heart…please pray… please

  148. Please, please pray for Jason and JoAnne. He walked out on me almost 2 months ago and went straight to another woman. I am devistated. I didn’t even see it coming. How could I have been so blind?

    • So sorry to hear what has happened in your marriage. Thank you for reaching out. Praying God will surround you with His Presence and keep you close to His heart during this difficult time. Praying for God to lead your husband’s heart to repentance…to see the error of His ways and to return to you. Praying God will speak to and minister to you through His Word.

      Blessings to you,


    • Thank you so much for your prayers Wendy! He and the other woman have broken up. And he actually called me this morning. Just casual talk, but its a start. He is moving to another state to work. I wished him the best. But my heart hurts longing for him to return. I will continue to trust the Lord, and thank Him for seeing little things that make me know He is working in my husband’s life. And I want to thank you for continuing to pray. God bless you for all you do!

  149. Octavia C. says

    Thank you for this prayer. It was well received. I am hanging on the promises you stated in the prayer above and believing for my marriage and my family. You are a blessing.

    Cameron & Octavia Cordon

    Please pray for us and our family.

    Thank You, Be Blessed

  150. Regina Isioma says

    Thank you all for this wonderful prayer. I also need a prayer request on my marriage and my family for God to restore my Love for my husband in me and my husbands love for me in him and to our children.

    • Agreeing with you in prayer right now, Regina!! May He restore to you ALL you once had and more in your marriage. Blessings, Wendy

  151. Adrian jr. says

    Thank you Wendy. That was a great prayer. I will read it everyday. The promise from God gave me great hope. Please pray for my marriage. I love my wife Ruth so much. Our marriage is on the brink of divorce. I pray everyday and night and even in between. I don’t want to lose her. Please pray for us. God restore our marriage. May God bless you Wendy. Keep praying for everyone that is hurting and wants there marriage restored.

  152. Adrian Jr says

    Thank you so much for that prayer Wendy. I will pray it everyday. Please pray for my wife Ruth she had a hardened heart. She has made up her mind and wants to end our marriage of 12yrs. Our anniversary is April 7. She has so much hurt and sadness in her heart that is just eating away her life. I have changed my ways that she even sees those changes but she just wont budge. I never ever meant to hurt her those were never my intentions. She never told me my faults. So she stored for so long that she finally could not take it. I was so devastated. I never realized I was hurting her emotionally. Please pray for our marriage to be restored. She is still here at our house but live like roommates, I miss her so much. I want to hug and kiss her and show her that I’m a changed man. Thank again for this prayer. May God bless you and continue praying so god can hear us all.

  153. Heavenly Father please restore my marriage….. In Jesus Name AMEN…. RESTORE BRIAN AND MIA’S MARRIAGE.

  154. Please join me in praying for my marriage. We have had ongoing issues but my husband recently asked for a separation. While not surprised, I am begging God for a restoration. I am asking for prayers from other hurting husbands and wives and from you, Wendy, as I in turn will ask God to help those in need of the same restoration.

    My marriage of course is not perfect but I am willing (and have been) to do my part, including forgiving my husband for what he may have been, or is doing.

    Please Lord, take his hardened heart and show him something that will soften it again.

    For all my new praying friend, I ask you keep us, Rebecca and David, in your prayers as I will do the same for you.

    • Praying with you now!! Praying in agreement with you for healing and restoration…for a change of heart in your husband. Blessings, Wendy

  155. Kenneth & Shareia

  156. Please pray for Jason and Lindsey G. Jesus has been working on my heart and teaching me GOD’S will in my marriage. My husband sees divorce as the only way yet I know God is encouraging me to give my life and marriage to him. I pray for my husband to accept Jesus into his heart and allow God to heal. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Thank you for sharing your prayer request. I agree with you in prayer…for the Lord to tender your husband’s heart toward salvation and allow God to do a healing work in his life and in your marriage.



  157. Colleen says

    Colleen and Ed … Please pray for my husband and I .. And that God will open our hearts to see the error of our ways and to come back together as one as he intended…

    • Agreeing with you in prayer right now, Colleen…praying for sorrowful hearts, repentant hearts, healing, and restoration.

  158. Hello please pray for the restoration of my marriage, my husband and I have married for 3 years, seperated for the last 6 months, (due to my short temper), I know my attitude and my mouth, has pushed my husband away, (possibly in the arms of another woman) I a standing for our marriage,. And holding onto GODS word that HE hates divorces, and that if I seek HIM and ask in faith trusting and believing HIM, that I will have my husband back, and I will be the wife GOD has told me to be, and my husband needs me to be. Please also pray for my husband to truly forgive me, and that he allows GOD to transform his heart that he will be the man, father, and husband GOD wants him to be, and that he remembers he had a wife, and that he turns away from the sin of adultery/lust whether physically or in his thoughts, aand that he comes home. Also that GOD transforms my heart so that I will be a better wife, mother, woman, and we both can become whom/what HE(Our Lord) will be will pleased with. My husband name is Christopher, and my name is Acacia. Oh yeah, please pray that anyone that is a hindrance, or is influencing my husband to stay away, be removed out of our marriage (there are a few purple that I know of)

    • I meant people that I know of, not purple.

    • Sorry, that should say to remember he has a wife, not had a wife, we are still married, and I am praying against a divorce happening. Please also pray that I learn how to guard my tongue

    • Hi Acacia. Thank you for reaching out for prayer. I can see the true repentance and desire for restoration in your heart through your words. I agree with you for each of the prayers you have lifted and pray God will do a transforming work in your life…one that will be visible to your husband and that God will tender your husband’s heart to return to you, his first love!!



  159. please pray for janna & tommy. my husband left me 4 days ago and i wish god would let me die in my sleep. i have been praying that he will allow forgivness and faith in his heart. i have done some terrible things lord. i am in my pain than i could have even imagined. please pray for us. i will pray for all of you as well

    • Janna, I am so sorry you are walking thorugh such a dark time. I pray that your heart of forgiveness will be honored by God and your husband. I pray that He will bring healing and restoration through the power of His Holy Spirit. Remember that if you have asked God’s forgiveness for the terrible things you have done, you are FORGIVEN and your sins are gone as far as the east is from the west. You are washed clean made white as snow. Forgive yourself because you are forgiven, sweet friend. Walk in that forgiveness!!! From there, let God begin the healing work in your life and in your marriage.


  160. Beautiful prayer thank you so much for posting it! My husband n I have been married for 26 years and he’s decided he wants out. Please pray for God to convict both of us as there’s evidentially something going on for this to of last 2.5 years now! My husband was called to preach in 2008 and he’s ran ever since. Our names are Marty and Susie. God bless you and thank you!

    • Joining you in prayer now, Susie. Praying for the Lord to intervene in a BIG way in your husband’s life and turn his heart back to God and His Word. Praying His Light will shine into any darkness and that all things hidden will be revealed.



  161. Chanel Cunningham says

    Javares & Chanel Cunningham

  162. Chanel Cunningham says

    My husband and I have been married only 3 years and have been seperated for the last 15 months. During that time he has found himself in another relationship but not claiming it as a girlfriend because he is still legally married. I recently informed him that I wanted us to fight for our marriage and he feels it’s not that easy, he needs time to think if he wants to work it out or completely walk away. I am trying desperately to save my marriage but I’ve done all that I could possibly do. I’m relying hard on my faith that What God has joined together, let no man put asunder. Our names are Javares & Chanel Cunningham

  163. Wendy, I am a mother who’s heart is broken and I thank God for you in finding this prayer. Tonight I received a call from my daughter who has been married for 15 years…she is far away from me and her heart was so broken because her husband told her he did not want to be in this marriage. I feel her pain and she has made herself sick over this, not eating not sleeping and barely able to talk. She is devasted by this news. Please pray with me for my daughter Missy & her husband Joey! That the lies and deceit of the enemy would crumble before him and his eyes be open to this and to stand on the covenant of marriage (they are both Christians) I am sick over this because I am not able to go to her right now!

    • Diane, I am so sorry to hear about Missy. I can just hear the brokenness in your heart. I pray right now for the Lord to meet her in her grief and pain and fill her with the fullnes of His Love, Mercy, and Grace. May she know His Presence 24/7. May He speak to her through His Word. Maybe you could send her a verse each day to encourage her since you cannot be there. Take comfort in knowing she is not alone…God is by her side and will never leave her or forsake her. Pray for her and send her words of love, hope, and encouragement.


    • I’m in the same situation. Wendy your prayer is very encouraging. I’m standing for my marriage. I love my wife unconditionally. God can restore our marriages. We have to have God first fix ourselves before he can fix our marriages. I was desperate looking for answers also. I sometimes feel hopeless but I know I’m going through trials and I will not give up. God ia always on our side and he loves us. What God has joined let no man separate us. With man things are impossible but with God all things are possible. (Mat19:4-6:26) Our spouses are blind,deaf and in total darkness. They are taken by the enemy. We have to pray for their salvation and pray to God to heal and turn their hearts. I was making so many mistakes and sometimes slip a little not intentionally, no one is perfect I catch myself and ask for forgiveness quickly. We have to thank God for this experience no matter how much it hurts and no matter our circumstances because I feel God wants us to get closer to him and not let the world take a hold of our lives. Satan wants nothing but to steal, kill and destroy our lives, marriages and finances. This is a spiritual battle. We have to remember that we are fighting Satan and not our spouses. Wendy has given us a great prayer. There is a couple of websites that helps people with hurting marriages they dedicate their ministry to just that I recommend you all check it out. They have helped me out so much, and I pray every single day and night for Gods miracles to save our marriages. Read the book God can restore our marriages by Erin Theile. It will give you an insight of what we have to do good so God can restore our marriages. Let’s pray to end what Satan has stolen from us. Our spouses and family are worth it. Let’s stand for what God has joined together and let no man separate us. We are married for life to death parts us REMEMBER THAT!!!!!! GOD hates divorce. I’m praying for mine and your marriage. Please pray for mine and everyone else marriage every day. May GOD bless you and keep you safe strong and fill all of us with so much Love and Faith.

      • Thanks for sharing these web sites and book recommendations. So thankful for faithful prayer warriors like you.



      • Thank you I am heart broken and depressed and reading whatbyounhave to say and Wendys prayer gives me hope. My marriage is my life. My husband is a wonderful man but got frustrated and fed up with my attitude rejection etc and left me. He was good to me and still loves me but lost his passion for me. I love him and realized all my mistakes and wrongdoing. Please pray that his heart and his family’s heart softens. Thank you and Wendy.

        • I join you in praying for your husband to see your genuine repentance. Praying the Lord will remind him of his deep love for you. Praying he will move his heart to forgiveness and reconciliation…and his family as well.



  164. Please pray for the return of my husband he left our home in March saying he was not happy and needed some time and space. Between this time he has lost all communcation no phone calls and or text messages. We have been together for almost 21 years. I pray every day with all my heart and soul for God to speak to him and allow him to remember our marrige vows. I love my husband and our family and only wish for his return home. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Joining you in prayer right now for God to turn your husband’s heart back to Him and to you!! Praying God will speak to him in the quietness of his heart…in his lonely times…and remind him of his love for you and his commitment to you that he made 21 years ago.



    • Kristina says

      I relate so much to your story. My husband left in January singing the same tune as your husband. He said that he did not have anymore love. We have been married 20 years. I know it hurts but I had a deep revelation from the Lord. I have always been told and taught that God would never leve me or forsake me. But this week It became real to me. God is here with us. We will overcome. Whatever is going on our man’s head, we may never understand. We need to continue to go on for ourselves and for our children. We need to focus on Christ. We are beautiful. We are God’s. He loves us and we will find treasure in our trial. I will pray for your marriage and mine as well. But whatever the outcome, we win. We have remained faithf to Christ and He will reward us!
      Love you in the Lord,

  165. GOD can CHANGE your spouses heart its not our will or your spouses will but its Gods will. Pray for God to heal and turn their hearts. You don’t need to worry about our spouses will. Instead, you need to pray for your spouses heart to be turned. “The king’s heart He wishes” (Prov. 21:1). is like channels of water in the hand of the Lord; Pray that God will give your He turns it wherever wife a new heart and replace her heart of stone with a heart of flesh! “Moreover, I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; and I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a The first ste heart of flesh ” (Ezek. 36:26)

  166. Thank you for this prayer, I am not married yet but the man I love has been in my life 16 years and I know that good wants me to fight spiritually for my family and that he its going to honour hiss promise to fulfil my hearts desires and bring me and dave together add man and wife. My partner is very confused at the moment and I ask that you pray against the spirit of confusion. He had been in a relationship work another woman and I am amazed at how good had carried me through without even the angel of smoke on my clothes, he recently left the other woman telling me he loves me but know he is denying doing so. I know that there is love in his heart for me, he doesn’t know good like I do but he Gave hiss life to Jesus recently, he is consumed with anxiety and aggravation he projects thief onto me and the children. I love him dearly and I prayer against the spirit of destructiveness. I will not let satan win, please stand in prayer with me on this. My partners name is dave and I am Ali thank you

    • Praying with you for God to grant you the desire of your heart. Praying for Dave that he will desire to commit to this marriage relationship. Praying also that if this is not God’s will for you, that God would make it VERY clear. And if it is,that He would move mountains and change hearts to make it happen!!!


  167. Thank You for this prayer. I am starting it tonight..eventhough, my husband is out in the world cheating and running, there is a end to everything. I have children and I am fasting and praying now for God to make a move in my situation. i have seen many of my mistakes in life and have been i look at this the same way sin is sin and Satan is going to turn my family loose. I pray for salvation for my family and marriage. With you standing in prayer with me on this Gilbert has got to have a change of heart and tturn his life around. Again thank you! D

  168. i am praying right now. please continue to pray for me and husband who loves his mother more than me and makes her stay with us causing so much strain in our marriage.

    • Praying now for God to change your husband’s heart so that He can see God’s correct order of family and marriage and your role in your home. Praying also for the Lord to soften your heart toward your mother-in-law and for you and your mother-in-law to have hearts that connect in a miraculous way that only God can do to create unity and peace in your home. He is ABLE and can do what seems impossible!!!



  169. Andy Davis says

    Andy and Erin please

    • Praying now for your marriage…may God intervene in a mighty way to bring healing and restoration through the power of His Love and His Holy Spirit.


  170. Please pray for my husband. His name is Tim. We have been married twelve years. Last month he announced that he was divorcing me. He has filed the papers with the court, and he’s left our home. I am devastated because I never believed that he would do this to our marriage. We had such a great relationship before his personality drastically changed last year. I am not sure what has happened, only that he is no longer happy with me and says he does not want to be married to me anymore. I do not know where he is living, or exactly what he spends his time doing these days. He has been taken captive by the devil to do his will but I am praying every day my husband comes to himself and that God is going to reconcile us. Please pray that my husband will have a Damascus Road experience, that God will turn him around in the way that he should go. And can you please pray that our marriage will become stronger than I even imagined it could be. Thanks.

    • Hi Carla, I am so sorry to hear about your husband. Thank you for sharing your prayer request. I join you in praying for God to intervene in a mighty way and turn your husband’s heart and mind around…to remind him of the great love you all have….to defeat any hold the evil one may have on him. Praying for healing and restoration!!



  171. jennifer hall says

    Todd and Jennifer

    • Hi Jennifer, may the Lord move in your marriage to bring about forgiveness, healing, and restoration. Joining you in praying for what is on your heart and asking the Lord to give you the desires fo your heart!!



      • Nena McCauley says

        Please pray for Nena & Robert McCauley.

        My husband and I have been together for 15 years and married for 3 on June 30; we’ve been separated for a year and a half. In the beginning I was against reconciling and wanted to live life my way and he wanted to work it out but now the tables have turned. However, I have found my place in God and role as a wife and godly woman. I am praying and fasting over my husband and our marriage. I trust and believe God has and will turn things around. I will NOT give up, no matter the circumstances or how it may look. I have come to far to give up. My husband is having a hard time because I left him and because I was deceitful at one time in our marriage, he’s living in sin and for the world (enemy). I pray for his salvation, may God have mercy on him.

  172. ayanda khosa says

    my name is ayanda and my husband is elvis we married for two year and things are not going we alway fight, he drinks alot, sometimes not sleeping in the houes, his not responseble, we can not even spend time together his alway with hs friend i sometime feel like i married a wrong person his full of debt. please wendy our marriege need prayer

    • Praying now, sweet friend, for God to intervene in your husband’s life in a mighty way and turn his heart towards you and towards God. Praying for strength for you to endure. Praying also for wisdom for you to know what steps to take if this selfish, irresponsible behavior continues. Praying God’s highest and best for you and your marriage.



  173. Laura and Manuel

  174. I believe,
    Katrina and keifer

    • Seeing your words, “I believe,” makes me think of the man in Scripture who said to Jesus, “I believe, help me with my unbelief.” I pray for God to do a mighty work in your marriage and your hearts as you seek healing for your marriage. I pray He will meet you in the times where Satan tries to steal away your faith to believe God for all you are asking.



  175. Alex and Bunmi

    • Praying now in agreement with what you are praying for your marriage. Believing God for healing and restoration!!



  176. Praying now for God to intervene in your marriage in a powerful way…to provide for your needs…to draw you both together rather than apart…to heal the hurt that hides in his heart from his military tours. Praying your love and prayers will be like a healing balm for him.



    • Please pray for my marriage. My wife moved out a week ago after 19 years of marriage .I am a firm believer of prayer and my children and wife need all the prayers we can get.
      Many Blessings

  177. Tarrence says

    Tarrence and Anika

    Wendy I have hurt my wife by being unfaithful and saying some very hurtful things. She says that she doesn’t want to work on our marriage because she is tired of working on it and that she doesn’t trust me. I moved out a year and a half ago because of she was being unfaithful. I have said and done some very hurtful things. I am not perfect and I just want one more chance to get my wife and family back. I did and said many things because I was hurt because of what she had done. I know that doesn’t make it right, but I have emotions also. Please say a prayer for us so that she/we can work on our marriage.

  178. Please pray for my marriage. It’s hard to continue to stand and feeling all alone. But I have to believe with all my heart that God has a plan to bring us together as one flesh before him. I’m asking for anybody that sees this will pray for our restoration and healing. Thank in you advance for your prayers.

  179. Ashley & Ben

    • Hi Ashley, I am praying for you and Ben now…praying for God to intervene in your marriage and draw you back to each other. Praying for healing in both your hearts. Praying for forgiveness and for restoration.

  180. Anonymous says

    Thank you for your beautiful prayer, Wendy. I am in my fifth separation of a marriage of just under 3 years. About half of that painful, disappointing, and volatile marriage has been separated a state apart. We are both believers. My husband is ready to walk away from the marriage and believes there is some one better out there and God will honor his prayers for a third spouse. I know and believe otherwise. We have this one relationship to honor God and be obedient to His word. We have a 2 year old son who needs us both. Satan is attacking our marriage and there are issues of spiritual warfare at battle in my husband’s heart and mind. We have undergone months of pastoral counseling when together and never seem to break through the plateau and achiever our true potential. It seems like such a waste of potential for the kingdom for a believers’ union to be severed over financial, respect, conflict resolution, and communication issues. For some reason, Satan’s attack has prevented us from seeking God first individually and collectively and practicing holiness in our married roles. All of our issues are minor, fights are huge but not frequent, and all is resolvable and achievable through God. May He place His healing hands upon our home, our hearts, our souls, our minds, and our lives and bring us back together. Amen.

    • Thank you for sharing from your heart. I am so sorry for your pain. You amaze me with the depth of your understanding and wisdom about the spiritual battle going on in your home. You are in a battle, sweet friend, and I pray the armor of God over you as you fight for your home and your family. Agreeing and pleading with you for God’s healing balm to cover your home, your hearts, your souls, your minds, and your marriage. May God rend your husband’s heart and turn it back to Him and toward his home with you and your son. Praying for peace to wash over you as you spend time together…for words to be carefully chosen…for understanding of each other’s words and issues…for flexibility and give and take. Praying and believing God will honor your heart’s desire to restore your marriage and give you the desire of your heart.


  181. Timothy Murphy and Trena Murphy

    • Praying now for you both…asking the Holy Spirit to give you the desires of your heart and to bring healing and restoration to your marriage. May you sense HIs peace and trust Him to be at work even when you cannot see it with your eyes. He knows the plan He has for you…trust Him.


  182. Mike and Georjean, currently separated for two years now. My God has told me to honor my vows until my death while he brings restoration. Pray for strength for me and protection for my wife and children

    • Praying in agreement with you for restoration and for God to honor your heart to remain committed to your marriage vows.


  183. if i pray this prayer by myself will it help? my husband has left and isnt returning . i pray continuously for my marriage to be restored. i believe in god and that no one is greater than god, and if HE so chooses he will restore my marriage. but im hurting and so are my children. if my husband doesnt want to change his mind can anything be done? god lets us live our lives in free will so may be no matter how much i pray maybe nothing will change because of my husbands will. what do u think ?

    • Emma,

      I am so sorry for the brokenness in your heart and home. I encourage you to continue to pray for the restoration of your marriage. But as you pray remember that your husband has his own will, and we can pray for the Lord to turn his heart back to you and to the Lord, and God is certainly ABLE.

      But if your husband’s heart remains hardened, then trust God with that result and invite Him to help you move on. Invite Him to heal your broken heart and to open new doors and do new things in your life. He knows the plans HE has for you. If your husband changes your plan…God’s plan is still in effect is is higher and better. TRUST HIM IN THIS NO MATTER THE RESULT. He will care for you and provide for you.



  184. please pray for our marraige Rodney and Colleen.

    • I am feeling so sad. I am not working and my husband now wants to leave me. Our marraige is in a very dark place at the moment. Please pray that my husband’s heart softens towards me and the children. Please pray that Iwill be still and know that God can do the impossible. There are alot of people talking against our marraige.

      • Praying now Colleen for the Lord to tender your husband’s heart and remind him of why he first fell in love with you. Praying for God to shine His marvelous Light into the darkness to bring Hope and healing!! He is ABLE to do all things. Standing with you in faith.



  185. Natasha Mcwhite Jenkins and George Jenkins Jr.

  186. Leah & Lee

  187. My husband left 3 1/2 months ago

    • Married 11 1/2 years. Husband moved out 4/30/12 and we have a son and a daughter. Husband (Lee) says that he loves me, but isn’t “In Love” with me anymore and he isn’t happy. My children and I have been praying that he finds his way back to God as well as our marriage and our family restored. He has lost his father two years ago and his sister is living with a terminal illness. He is angry with God. He is under enormous pressure at work and is afraid of losing his job. I know that God brought us together and lives in his heart. I haven’t stopped praying or having faith. I told him that I don’t think that leaving is the answer he is looking for to find happiness and that I and we love him unconditionally for better or for worse. He is not looking for reconciliation, but God can accomplish anything.

      • Leah, thank you for reaching out. I join you and your children in praying for God to restore to your husband the JOY of His salvation. May God turn his heart back to Him and to his family. Praying God will tender his heart and remind him of the truths of Scripture. Continue to pray in faith. God honors the prayers of His faithful ones who seek His will. Couples remaining married is in his will. Persevere in prayer, my friend!!



  188. Married 17 1/2 years. Wife moved out 5/4/12 and left me with our 3 sons. Saying marriage was a mistake and does not love me anymore. I told her that I am not buying that she does not love me or that this marraige was a mistake. I also told her that when she is ready to come home, the boys and I will be here to help her move her move back home. I petitioned for a divorce only to keep it from happening. She has the options to complete it but states she does not have the finances to hire an attorney to complete. My boys and I have been praying for my wife to restore her relationship with God. Because I see that she has walk away from Him. Once her relationship is restored back to God , our marriage will be a by product of restoration of it. The bible says to pray without ceaseing. So we continue to pray for her.

    • Praying for God to rend your wife’s heart back to Him…for God to tender her heart to the love she once had for you and for your boys. Praying for emptiness in her life so that she will hunger for what she once had. May God honor your prayers because you are praying what is in His will and that is the restoration of your marriage and family.


  189. Thanks.please help me pray for my husband to love me n children too much.pls me pray for my marriage which is threaten by one woman who have child with my husband.pls pray for my husband to respect me be ready to uply my needs n children all the times even without my concernt.pls pray for his brothers n sisters to love me n children becos they say i am ill luck to their brother.i pray they should change.pls pray for my husband to be delivered from womaniser spirit n lost, n to stay away from bad friends.i pray for wisdom on my husband,i, children n my entire family. i want to be delivered from anger,hatred.i pray my husband will love hearing the word of God n reading the Bible.i pray my husband will ignore that woman but will need the child.pls pray my husband to be successful in his business.i pray my husband n i will understand ourselves n live in harmony.i pray to also change n respect him too.i pray for more strength in prayers.

    • So many heartfelt prayers. I stand with you in your prayers and pray for God to open the eyes of your husband to see this woman for who she is and to return him back to you and your family. Praying your husband will recognize lies and replace them with TRUTH. Praying for healing and restoration in your marriage.



  190. pls i send without sending his name Denis.thanks for ur help.

  191. Emmy & Cons says

    Please Wendy, i was so moved when i discovered your wonderful help for couples. please pray for our marriage. our marriage has suffered somany effects of witchcraft which has brought somany misunderstandings, unfaithfulness, querrels, sickness and regrets. we are just married but hooked up with somany probs for example, my husband doesn’t really make my happy and even right now, he can’t treat me with love and respect and do the things that a man should do to his wife, i mean everything………………..
    please i dn’t even know how to explain it but i believe you understand and can help us in prayers and guidance.

    thanks very much for this wonderful prayer you’ve given and may God continue to give you the grace so that you can help people around the world.

    • Thank you for reaching out. I am so sorry for all the brokenness in your heart and in your marriage. Praying that as you pray the Word of God through this prayer, God will bring it alive in your marriage and do a mighty healing, restorative work! He promises that when His Word goes out, it will not return void but will accomplish what He desires and achieve the purposes for which He sent it. Praying that for you today. Praying for God to turn your husband’s heart back to you.

      In Him,


  192. We have been married 10 years and together 15. My husband had an affair with a 21 year old girl.He is 41 and I am 44, he left me last week for her. He says there is no stress with her and wants a clean slate. I know he is lost and Satan is working on him. Im asking for your prayers on mending our marriage. I love him and I know my love can be smothering and I am worrier but Im learning to hand things over to God but I see us working through this and being stronger & happier mcarried couple for the rest of our lives. please pray for Jim & Kim’s marriage and that Satan loses his battle for this marriage. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

    • Thank you for writing. Standing with you in prayer for your husband’s heart to repent and turn to Jesus and to you. Praying he will see that all he thinks and feels about this young woman is a lie from Satan. Praying God will heal and restore your marriage and honor the prayers of your heart.



  193. Hi Wendy, just want to say thank you for looking out for your fellow brothers and sisters. It’s such a wonderful gesture. God truly cares about His people and this can be seen through what you are doing. I thank God for people like you 🙂 truly a blessing!! I am nearly two years married and have been enjoying married life. Yes there are times where my husband and I won’t see eye to eye on things and makes me feel so angry at times. But God has a great plan. Like his word says – which is His will – plans to prosper us and not to harm us…to give us hope and a future! I find it hard at times to be motivated to pray as My husband isn’t fully commited as such to Christ…he is a born again but he likes to sit on the fence…so yes it does get hard at times and frustrating as well sometimes having to let go of alot of things he says and does. I know this is not the life God wants for us – certainly not the kind of Marriage he wants for us and today I felt in my heart strongly to pray with him daily to commit our marriage and everything to God. I believe that spending that time with God being in communion with him will certainly help our marriage too. As long as we put God first in our marriage then I believe strongly that everything else will fall into place. I can’t change my husband…I can pray that God will show him to become the man God wants him to be 🙂 God is so great. I love him sooo much!! If it wasn’t for God I would not even be alive and even enjoy the gift of marriage. Spending time with the maker will only strengthen us and encourage us to keep our focus on what He wants for us. I love my husband Damian very much and thank God for him daily. I know the right season will come along and Damian will experience a radical change and be touched by the prescene of God and I know the more we spend time with God the more Damian will resent the wordly ways and embrace Godliness and stand up for righteousness. Please keep Damian and Delani in prayers thank you.

    • Amen and amen to your beautiful testimony to marriage and your message to us. Thank you for taking the time to share your wisdom. You have blessed me today and reminded me what is most important in my marriage is my relationship with the Lord first!!!


  194. Wendy,

    This site and prayer are exactly what I needed right now. I am 26 years old, and have been a believer for the greater part of my life. Unfortunately, like my father, grandfather, and his father before, I fell into adulterous thinking. Though in marriage I have never betrayed my wife physically, the desires were always there. I have hurt her throigh various encounters through social networking, texts, and emails with women whom I thought were giving me something my wife wasn’t at the time. I have fully repented of my ways and without going into further detail, I have sought multiple ways to restore my marriage, moreso to remove the pain and thoughts of those bitter days. We have attempted to try, but fall short, of persuing any restoration process we commit to.

    Wendy, I would like a prayer for God to not only begin to really restore our marriage, and all it entails, but to also help us finish the process as at this point we seem to be only kidding ourselves. Despite what she may tell me through her pain, I know she still loves me. But like a fire, it is dying out by the day. I hope and pray God may reveal our situation to you in spirit and together, even for a moment, we can pray for this marriage and thus finally begin to enjoy the pleasures and responsibilities God has ordained this union to be. Thank you for your time and prayers. I will be giving you the good news as testimony of God’s power, soon in Jesus’ name.

    Ernesto and Angelina

  195. Dear Wendy,
    Will you please pray for Arlene and Rob and our 13 year old daughter. I am asking God to restore our marriage of 15 years. I love my husband desperately and believe firmly in our marriage covenant. Thank you so much for your prayers!

    • Praying now for healing and restoration!! Praying God will do a mighty work to unite your hearts again as one.



      • Thank you so much, Wendy. There has been some turn around and I am praying fervently for continued restoration and softening of our hearts. Your ministry is such a blessing to all Christian families! May God continue to bless you with your gifts and talents.

  196. Jacqueline and Terrence says

    Please pray for my marriage. We need a blessing and miracle.

  197. Jacqueline and Terrence says

    Dear Wendy,

    Will you please pray for Jacqueline and Terrence and my children. Am asking God to bring my husband home from oversea in January and to restore our marriage of 14yrs but 20 together. I love this men with all my heart and soul and want to spend the rest of my life with him. I believe that this marriage will overcome anything but I ask for your prayer.

    Thank you

  198. Mrs. E.T. jr says

    Please pray for my husband Earl & I…….We had a terrible
    argument & our marriage has been terribly broken. Our
    13th wedding anniversary is Sept.10 2012 & is it looks now
    I’ll be celebrating alone. He’s not sure if he still wants to
    be married & has outside distractions (that often takes
    top priority in his life), that clouds his mind daily. I’ve tried
    everything to show him my undying love for him but it
    seems to backfire on me everytime. Hr wears his wedding band
    around his neck as a sign that our marriage has become
    a yolk in his hardened heart. I confess to God that I’m
    hurt, angry & bitter towards my husband who was once
    my best friend, champion & companion. Intimacy is left with
    no affection like cuddeling, no words of “I love you” coming
    from him (just wham, bam & it’s over……then he goes to
    sleep in the other spare room)……I don’t want to come off
    as a weak individual…..just a wife & mother who desperately
    needs Godly friends with whom can pray with me & not judge!

    • I am so sorry for the brokenness in your heart and in your marriage. Sweet friend, the words that come to me are seek love in the arms of your Father in heaven. Let Him fill you with His Love and His presence. He is ENOUGH for you. He says He is the strength of your heart and your portion forever. As you experience the fullness of God’s love, you will walk more confidently with your husband…no longer needing his love but desiring healing and wholeness for you both. Praying God will do a mighty work first in you and then in your marriage. I join you in praying for healing and restoration!!


      • Mrs. E.T. jr says

        When two or more agree “God is definetly
        In the Midst)…Please continue to join me in prayer!

        Thank You Wendy & Thank the Lord for directing me to your blog
        (We Wives Need More Godly Sisters Like You)!

  199. (LaTesha and Ernest)

  200. Please pray for restoration of our marriage – Macphonia and Dayna Jones
    I will continue to trust God with all of this.

  201. kisha hameed says

    please make comment private if possible

    • Sweet friend, I am sorry for all your pain. I have erased your comments and left just this so that you will know I am praying for you. Praying God’s healing in your heart as well as in your marriage.



  202. Katie Wallace says

    Kavin and Katie.
    Thank you so much.

  203. Katie Wallace says

    Kavin and Katie.
    I stepped out God could step in.
    Needing prayers for restoration and healing in my marriage.

    Thank you so much.

    • Praying with you now Katie…for healing and restoration. Love your heart…to let go of self and your desires so that God can come in and do a mighty work.

      Sweet Blessings,


  204. Carlos Roberto and Maria

  205. Please pray for cynthia and Lanre

    • Praying now for God to bring His healing balm into your marriage and for reconciliation and unity in your hearts and minds.



  206. Please pray for my family…we married very young and seem to have drifted from each other. Many different elements play a major role in the critical state of our marriage. My heart has become crippled by the long journey and the battle to fight for my marriage. I hold on to my hope in the Lord by the tips of my fingers…awaiting the day that the Lord will turn my husband’s heart, mind, and soul back to the this marriage and the Lord. I have blessed to find this prayer.

    • Praying for you to persevere as you pray for your marriage. Praying for the Lord to grab hold of your husband’s heart and turn it back to Him and to you. Praying for healing and restoration in your marriage.



  207. Wendy-

    Thank you for your incredible prayer and your personal ministry to thousands who wil never know or meet you …

    I humbly ask for you and our Lord’s blessing and healing and restoration for:

    Mark & Sammi and our beautiful boys, Cole & Dax

    We’ve been married for almost 9 years (anniversary is Oct 11). My wife asked for a divorce at the end of March. I thought we hit a low point almost a year ago when she first told me she had “nothing left”. Since that time I have worked where I needed most … on me. I have been a Catholic and Christian my entire life, but realized how I was so often just “checking the boxes” rather than applying my faith in the way that our God intended. I had for too long been petty, prideful, and held an anger that had no place in marriage nor my personal life … my hardened heart helped slowly and continually harden my wife Sammi’s naturally beautiful and giving heart.

    At her request, I moved out two weeks ago and she is committed to the path of divorce. I want nothing more than full restoration and an even better marriage that honors God, my wife and boys, and the vows we took. I know in my heart that we aren’t just to be another divorce statistic and broken family as our enemy wants …

    Please Wendy … lift up my beautiful family by name … Mark, Sammi, Cole and Dax … pray that our Lord holds us collectively in his hands, draws us into his immense heart, and delivers us back to one another where I know we belong.

    • Thank you for sharing your heart with me. Your deep desire for healing is so evident from your words and your repentant heart. I pray in agreement with you for the Lord to turn your wife’s heart back to Jesus and to yo and your marriage covenanat…may she see goodness and repentance in your heart and your desire for wholeness and restoration in your marriage. May God remind her of the covenant she made before Him and may He remind her of the love she once felt. I pray God will cover your boys with His protective wings and keep them free from pain and hurt through this process. May God do a mighty work in and through each of you through this process.



  208. Bamba and Jessie

  209. Lane and Cass

    • Praying for God’s hand to intervene in a mighty way to bring healing and reconciliation in your marriage.



  210. I have been married for 12 years it had been really hard but the past 2 years better then he had an affair I am so broken over this but im praying that god will heal my marriage I know my husband loves me but this girl will not go away i need her to go away my husbands name is brian please pray that god will heal my marriage and restore what a marriage is supose to be i love him so much
    Amy an Brian

    • Amy, standing with you in prayer for the Lord to rend your husband’s heart and turn it back to you and your marriage. Praying for God to do a great healing and restorative work!!



    • Amy I feel your pain same amount of years married and to top it off my husband moved out the house and refuses to show me respect if they are together he yells hateful things at me if he is alone he says he loves me. At this point I feel like the mistress. May God have mercy on us and not allow the devil to win this battle. May HE help us regain our marriages. Amen!

  211. My wife is the one who wants out but I am doing all I can to stand by the word God has spoken over marriage but I am stuggleing to keep standing I’ve prayed and prayed without ceasing and no favor have yet been seen. Thanks foR this prayer it gave me more hope her name is Bernadette

  212. My wife is the one who wants out but I am doing all I can to stand by the word God has spoken over marriage but I am struggleing to keep standing I’ve prayed and prayed without ceasing and no favor have yet been seen. Thanks foR this prayer it gave me more hope her name is Bernadette please can everyone who comes into contact with this prays my wife will have a change of heart in the name of Jesus thanks stay blessed

  213. Please pray as I will be fasting for 30 days for my marriage amy an brian

  214. Please lift-up prayer for our marriage, Jeff and Galia

  215. Im glad i ran into this prayer! Me & my husband of 13 yrs recently split up. He is a musician & it has been very hard on all of us. His profession comes with every single temptation & i just couldnt take it anymore. I know we both still love each other but there has been too much hurt between us. I dont want to lose my hope, faith, or husband! Please pray for us we are in great need too! Thank you!
    Jose & Nancy Ayon

    • Praying for God’s healing in your marriage. Praying that your love and the bond of His Holy Spirit will be stronger than any temptation your husband’s career brings. Praying for restoration and renewal of your love and commitment.



  216. Please pray for us that the devil does not win this battle that has broken a marriage of 12 years and has separated a father and son. Please pray for Amparo and Jose. Jose has left his home to be with another woman.

    • I am so sorry for your pain and for the betrayal you have experienced. My prayer is for God to meet you in this place and shower His comfort upon you. I stand against the devil’s handiwork with you in the name of Jesus. I pray healing in your husband’s heart and that God would turn his heart back to his family. I pray too for the father-son relationship that God will heal and restore.



  217. I am grateful I found this prayer. I read it alone in knowing my husband will eventually do his part. I know and do believe that all things are possible with God. My marriage seems impossible to save, and it is for us, but not for God! We need healing and change in this marriage. ( Linda and Kevin Jr.)

    • Amen and Amen. I join you in believing and praying ALL things, including the restoration of your marriage, are possible with our GREAT GOD!!



  218. Amy and Brian I think you for the web page it has given me so much hope I have just recently given my heart back to God my marriage was over my husbands affair ripped my family apart But god has given me forgiveness my kids dont understand why but I tell them its god my husband got mad because I forgave him he thought id seek revenge but I told him it is god getting me through this the girl he had affair calls everyday text messages pictures and it breaks my heart over and over but my husband is not saved he is under so much condemnation he blames me Please pray for his salvation that god will break down the walls around his heart and restore my marriage I know god can do anything and god put us together thank u again u are doing so much good

    • we are working it out he says he loves me and will never leave But god has shown me i did give him my left overs I was not being a godly wife to him I was not submissive at all I never complemented him and because of this prayed I have changed and he sees the change and tells me how much I have changed for the better so I asked him yesterday if he would have another affair…. With me…. we forget with life how important our marriage is we are one with out him id be lost so women start becoming you again have an affair with your husband you’ll see a change when u live and be what god asks u to be to your husband my husband needs to be saved before I get my reward a godly husband that is what god will give me and god will break his porn additions the addition to half to have other women’s attention God will make him see that I am all he needs as a wife a love and a friend

      • Praying God will turn your husband’s heart toward Him and heal his heart and bring it back to purity and godliness. May he only have eyes for you. Praying you will be faithful and strong and trust in God during this time.



    • Oh, Amy, my heart goes out to you. God is so pleased with your forgiveness and will honor it. You have set such an example for your children. I pray too for you that God will turn your husband’s heart to God and to you. I pray for healing in your marriage and that he will fall in love with you all over again, realizing your heart of grace, love and forgiveness and desiring more of it!!!

    • I share your pain my husband’s mistress which now lives with him does the same to me. The saddest part is his lack of attention to his son. I get blamed for even him going out and having the affair. We went from being best friends to him hating me. We can only pray

  219. Arlene Barnes says

    Thank you for this prayer. I am going through a very difficult situation. I know that this is a trial and tribulation out dear Lord is putting me through. I will win at the end of the day, as I am a very strong believer. God will grant me what I deserve. He put my husband and I together so I am so sure nothing will put us assunder. We were put together in this life for a very good reason. I am so down, desperate, vulnerable and helpless, and after reading this prayer that I will read everyday I feel much more positive. He is rejecting me and my son after 31 years. I need all the prayers in the world to bring him back to us, and this female I pray that she can find a single man to fulful her needs. I pray to God to bless her as she is also a human being. She is destitude.
    God bless everyone reading this and praying for my small family. I have lost my youngest son six years ago at the age of 20. I am still dealing with his death. Please help me, I need this urgently, I do not know what to do. I just want my marriage back as it was in the past. Please help me.

    • Praying now the Lord will meet you in your pain and heartache and bring you peace and hope. Praying God will turn your husband from this woman and turn his heart back to God, to you, and to his family! Praying for healing and restoration!!


    • becky bodeen says

      Arlene i know how hard it is to lose a child and the pain that no one else could understand but nothing can ever be as it was in the past we just need to make a new past starting with today and just keep your faith

  220. I have prayed for myself and have read your situations one by one I have asked God to please grant us our family to be reunited I don’t want anyone to feel my pain. I have lost over 30lbs since my husband left. Please pray for me because at times I feel lost, desperate, lonely and can’t even explain how I feel. My son is hurting seeing me like this and loosing his father as well. Pray with me all please. Amparo and Jose

  221. Heather and Erik.

  222. Can you please pray for healing and restoration in our marriage? My husband has been talking to other women and cheated. We are separated right now. He says he doesn’t love me anymore and wants out of this marriage. We have two children. I am not ready to give up on us or the vows we made to each other. I stand by them and want his heart to turn back to me and our family. Please pray for Heather and Erik. Thank you

    • Praying in agreement with you Heather for healing and restoration in your marriage..for God to rend your husband’s heart and turn it back to God and to you


  223. I see that you still keep up with the post from 2011. I hope that you can give me some guidance. My husband walked out on my and his step kids 3 days ago. He has set his mind that he is not coming back. I love him dearly. All of our problems have come from outsiders (his family). They have been trying to break us up the entire time we have been married (almost 3 years in about 2 weeks). This last time they were successful. He will not even talk to me. I am in another state staying with family. We were what I thought to be as close to perfect as you could get, we were planning to try for a child together in the next 6 to 8 months, we had plans to buy a home. I love him dearly but my head tells me he is not coming back but my heart cant help but hope. I am asking for prayer, he was the best thing that ever happened to me and my kids and I just cant believe he would walk away. I know it’s only been a few days but its been a few days of him with his family telling him he is better off without us. I love him so and I haven’t been able to even eat, I wake up crying asking did he even really love me but I cant believe you didn’t. He also basically told me as we were packing that Jesus would be the only way it would work out yet once we got around his family he stopped reading him bible and stopped praying and we didn’t find a new church home (we were there a month) I will select to follow you on twitter but I would really like some prayer outside of myself and any addition hope as well. Thank your for your time. And my husbands name is Nick and I selected to use my middle name. Thank you.

    • Michelle, I can just hear the love in your words for your husband. I am so sorry for the influence of your in-laws battling you and your marriage. I join you in praying for the Lord to open your husband’s eyes to the deceit and manipulation of his family. I pray he would turn his heart back to Jesus and that God would tender his heart to sweet memories of you and your children and the joy and happiness that comes with being a part of your family. I pray you will remain strong and faithful to pray for what you know is right and what is God’s plan for you and your family. May God do a mighty healing, restoring work in your family.



  224. Thank you Wendy. I know wonder if I should stop praying for my marriage and tell him it’s ok that he leave because he may be happier that way. I am going through a lot of different emotions. I love him and I want my family but I don’t want him to be unhappy or to come back because he is scared of hurting my feelings or better yet keep me in limbo because he wants to go but doesn’t want to hurt me. I know as of this point he is gone, but I did have a chance to talk to him on the phone and he says he wants to be free but is not ready to file for the divorce yet. I don’t know what that means, but I know he loves me and I don’t think he wants to mend what we had. He used a word his family uses ***free*** something he wouldn’t have said before. Any advice and prayer would be helpful. Once again thank you.

    • becky bodeen says

      Dear Michelle

      Do not give up on your marriage just keep praying and put it in God’s hands and he will fix it for you I am going through the same thing and yes there are times when i just want to say well here are the divorce papers but then i realize that my heart is saying dont do it because he will be back i will pray for you and will you pray for me and most of all do not let the devil win because that is what he wants

      • Dear Becky,
        Thank you for your kind words and reminder. I really needed to hear that today. I’ve been feeling so confused lately and not wanting to run but wondering if I should just run just to get it over with. Every other day seems harder and every other day seems easier. I am sorry you are going through this. Sadly we both can say we understand the others problems. I’ve been praying everyday and will continue to pray, I’ve included you and your family in my prayers as well. Thank you for praying for me/us.

  225. I would continue to pray and ask for the Lord’s direction. I wish I could give more advice, but I just don’t feel equipped to do so. But I do now God will be faithful as you seek Him in prayer.

    I pray that as you seek the Lord you will hear Him say to you, “This is the way, Michelle, walk in it.”



  226. becky bodeen says

    hello wendy

    my name is becky and my husband of 7 years moved out 5 months ago today and it is really hard on me because i am still very much in love with him and yes i want my mariage to work out i have been praying but i dont think God is listening to me i love my husband very much he is my best friend so could you please pray for us his name is john and yes he is the love of my life he is my true love my soul mate if u want more details please email me and i will tell you everything

    • Becky, I am so sorry to hear about your husband. I can hear how much your heart hurts in your words. I join you in praying for God to heal and restore your marriage…for God to turn your husband’s heart back to God and to you.

      Blessings to you!


      • becky bodeen says

        hi Wendy

        thank you for replying to my message and on Saturday October 20, 2012 I started talking to an old friend from my child hood and he told me that he has had feelings for me since i was 13 and he was 16 and that he would like to try and have a relationship with me other than friendship and i was confused because i am still keeping my faith and hope that God will restore my marriage so i asked God what i should do and who i should chose well it has been 4 days since i have heard from my friend Gene so I guess i have my answer i fell like this is God’s way of saying that my marriage to John will be restored if i just have patience and today i asked John if he would let me be his best friend again and he said that it would be in the works so i ask you to just please keep praying for me and John

        thanks again wendy
        your friend

        PS. when i was little girl and i used to play house all of the time my names was always Wendy i loved that name

        • Praying the Lord will give you continued wisdom, Becky, on your marriage and open the door of your husband’s heart wide open for reconciliation!! I am so proud of you for praying and listening to the Lord about another relationship outside your marriage.



  227. Hi Wendy

    Thank you for your prayer!! My name is Amanda and my partner of 8yrs n father to our son left us just 2 weeks ago n when he returning to his parents place with another woman. He is the love of my life and my son misses n loves him dearly. When my son n i prayed last night before my son asked god to forgive him if he was the reason why his father left n he asked god to please bring his father back home. I dont know what to say to my son but all i can do is pray for us and his dad. I really want him to come back but mostly i want him to return to god because we have both lost our ways but now im going back on track. Please pray for our, Jonathan (son), Julian (partner) and myself. Please do email me if you need further details as i really need someone to talk to if you have the time.



    • Amanda, it always breaks my heart to hear when a father leaves his son. I join you in praying for the Lord to turn your husband’s heart back to God and to you and his sweet boy. I pray that the Lord will open his eyes to the lies and deception of the tempter as spoken through this woman. I pray he will see TRUTH and realize that his family is his true blessing in life. I pray that the Lord will be your comfort and strength during this time and that the Lord will protect your son’s heart through this process. Keep feeding both of you the Word to minister TRUTH to you during this time.



      • Amparo Rivera says

        Good morning Wendy and Amanda, I had the same situation happen to me the only difference is that my husband and I have been together for 12 years and we have an 11 year old who prays the same. He thought it was something he did. My husband since he started his affair has not entered our home and yesterday after so many months he came in and had dinner with us, spoke to us hugged me we did not argue. It was great having him visit. I believe this was all made possible because of this prayer. I pray it at least 5 times a day, I send him clips of the prayer vía text. I strongly believe that God gave Wendy these words in order for us to see that HE is looking over our marriage. Pray, Pray hard with your child, alone whenevet you have a chance, just pray it works. I expect to soon post that my family is back together as God intended! Still in need of prayers Amparo & Jose

      • Thank you so much Wendy for those words of encouragement.

        Two days ago, the woman texted for me to leave my husband alone as he is her’s now. Everyday at midnight i always get up to pray, around the same day, my husband called me and we talked for a while. A few hours later, he called again and this time every 20mins as he went clubbing and got into trouble and into a brawl and his nose got injured in the process. In my prayer sessions, i always intercede for people and i feel what they are feeling at that moment i am praying for them, somehow at that moment i was talking to my husband, i could feel he was lost and confused and had alot of questions. When he hung up, i prayed and asked god to give me a message for him so i would text it to him, however, he called back after my prayer and automatically the words came out of my mouth as soon as he agreed to listen to what i had to say which was a message from god. God told me to tell him that he was wanting to talk to him and he needs my husband to listen. The nose injury was a warning and if he doesnt take heed the consequences are great and i prayed for him whole night.

        He has being calling us from than til today and i have asked the ministering angels to minister to him to make the right decision and bring him back to us. Praise be to God that he is working in my husband and he is starting to realize it.

        I have a question though, today my son while trying to do his homework felt so sad all of a sudden and he started crying and he didnt know why, this happened after his dad called but his dad cant talk to me, i dont know why but i assumed it must be guilt, i dont know but im praying for god to give him the courage. I hugged my son and i felt his pain and i asked god what was this pain and he showed me that it was probably from his father in which i cried and ask god to take it away from my son as it was so painful and to make the father feel that pain instead but how do i confirm where that pain is from and what do i do?

        Please advise



        • I love how you are listening and watching for the Lord through all of this. God will honor you for not being bitter and resentful. He will honor your tender and grace-filled heart. I join you in praying for the Lord to protect your son from all this pain and to wash His love, mercy and grace into his heart and mind. Just continue to love your son and pray for him, ensuring him that his father being gone has nothing to do with him. Remind him that He has a Father in heaven who will never ever leave him or forsake him and who is watching over him.



  228. Chris and Leslie says

    Please pray for me and my wife Leslie and our little girls Marianna and Alyssa. Restore trust in our marriage in Jesus name!!

  229. please pray for luis and I (shauna). Luis says he was never inlove with me and longer wants to be married after 10 yrs and three kids. He says he is moving out soon.

    • Praying in agreement with what is in your heart, Shauna. May God restore what has been lost and reunite your hearts to be one again.



  230. Hi Wendy. My husband, Jon, and I have been separated for almost 3 months. During that time God has shown me my flaws and faults in the marriage and has been working within me to mold me into the wife that Jon deserves. He has also given me an amazing unconditional love and respect for Jon that I have never felt before. However, Jon’s heart is hard. He is ready to move on with his life. I need prayer for God to work within Jon and for him to see the changes that have been made within me. Your post couldn’t have come at a better time as I have been considering giving up. But I know that with God all things are possible, even when they seem impossible. Thank you for your prayers.
    God Bless

    • Betsey, thank you for reaching out. I just love hearing how you have humbled yourself before the Lord and have allowed God to mold and shape you into a more godly woman. I join you in praying for the Lord to tender Jon’s heart and open Jon’s eyes to see the work God has done in your life. Standing with you, believing that God can change any heart and restore any marriage!!! Praying He will do a mighty work in yours.



  231. Amparo Rivera says

    I have prayed this prayer everyday at least 5 times a day with my son. My husband has now turned further away from my son and myself. Today as the children enjoyed themselves with friends and family my son and I were crying. Crying over my husband’s actions and the life we are living now due to his affair. I ask please, please that you continue to pray that Jose’s heart can be spoken to and that he returns home with my son and myself. We need prayers almost a miracle to happen.

    • Sweet Amparo,

      The Lord would not want you to continue to grieve. My prayer is that you and your son will pray for the Lord to turn your husband’s heart back to God, to you, and to his family. But until that time, I pray that the Lord will return to you both the JOY of your salvation. I pray that you would look for God to do new things in your lives and to move forward as things are now. You do not have to stop praying or stop having hope. But for now, your husband has chosen his way…the wrong way. Do not let that steal your joy and peace. LIVE your life. OPEN your eyes to see what God wants to do in and through this trial. He has a purpose. He wants to work it for His good. But you must change your perspective. LOOK for Him in the midst.



      • Amparo Rivera says

        Thank you so much for your words of encouragement, I will always continue to pray and have faith that one day he will return. Until then you are correct I most not grieve anymore.

  232. Yetunde Walker says

    Michael and Yetunde,

    As an ordained Minister, May God bless you for being obedient.It is in your obedience that my marriage is saved through the Power of God.The Holy Spirit has used you as an instrument “vessel” unto honor, meet for the Master’s use. Good and faithful servant, job well done. I declare by Fatih as it is written in Romans 4:17 As it is written, I have made thee a father of many nations,) before him whom he believed, even God, who quickeneth the dead, and calleth those things which be not as though they were.

    In Jesus Name, and sealed by the blood of the Lamb. Amen…

    Heavenly Father, I pray that you will dispatch your warring angels to protect Wendy. Placed them around her in her leaving and returning. Father God, cover her with your blood right now in the name of Jesus. Satan is an already defeated foe. Her obedience has caused our enemies to become hers. Keep the whole Armour of God on her that she will be able to withstand all fiery darts that the enemy send to attack her. Lord, In Jesus name, I ask you to continue to use her and keep her safe. Heavenly Father, Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.
    I plead the blood of Jesus over her life and family in Christ Jesus Name, AMen….

    • Yetunde Walker says

      By the way, my marriage is under attack, I have come into agreement with the prayer that is posted. I know by faith and believing that God is the source to all things and has established His word in my heart. I decided that I would like God to change me, I’m willing to change. My husband is hurt and has been before our marriage. I choose not to blame him for why I respond when the spirit of rejection, disappointment, hurt, abuse, unforgiveness, anger, and selfishness attacks me through him. I have decided that love covers a multitude of sins. I just ask that you stand in agreement with me that I do ALL to stand without wavering. If God place anything on your heart that I can do, please enlighten me. God will get the glory. I have repented, cast my cares upon God and laid my burdens down. I’m going to be still and know that He is God…. Refuse to give up.

      • Standing in agreement with you!! Standing with you under the blood and authority of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!!



    • I am so honored that you have prayed this beautiful prayer for me. Thank you…what a precious gift. I just love how richly you pray the Word of God. May He do as He promises and watch over His Word to perform it!!!



  233. Thank you but i think it’s too late, he has been seeing her for the past two years. We’ve been married for 14 years and i come to find out that they been looking at wedding rings n plan to move in with each other. I don’t want a divorce and i don’t know what else to do. I think his love for me is no longer there. I pray every chance i get. Blesssings

    • Praying at this point for God to meet you in your place of sorrow and wash you with His Love, Mercy, and Grace. He will NEVER leave you or forsake you. You are the apple of His eye. He delights over you. Sweet Rose, find you JOY and your IDENTITY in the Lord. Your husband seems to have made His choice. God wants to do a new thing in your life. Ask Him to show you this new thing.



      • I’m praying everyday n night for God to restore my marriage n for him to work miracles in all those who are going thru this difficult time in our marriages. God Blees us all.

    • Is he still living with you and still married to you has he filed divorce papers yet ??? Its not to late nothing is bigger then god

  234. My Husband came to me and told me he wanted a divorce 2 weeks ago. He said he didn’t love me anymore and he wants to wake up with his head held high and laugh a lot. I love him with all my heart. But he is emotionless. We have been married 11 years and together 17 years. We have a 3 year old little girl.I have great faith in God. I pray that my husband could release his hardened heart and find his way back to me. Please pray for us.

    • Natalie, I join you in praying for the Lord to soften your husband’s hardened heart and draw him to the good memories of his love for you and your family. I pray God will do a mighty healing work in your marriage and grant you the desire of your heart!



  235. My husband Allen has moved back in after 21/2 months. He had moved back in with the same woman that he lived with for a year about 6 years ago. They have a 5 year old daughter together Android he goes to her house about once a week to see the child stays four to eight hours at a time. I have a problem with that. Also we still need prayer for several areas. I love my husband with all my heart I just want our marriage to work out. I put all my trust in God to work it all out.

    • Susan, I don’t blame you for wanting better boundaries with your husband and the mother of their daughter. I am praying God will tender his heart to create healthy boundaries in all the relationships involved. I pray he will understand your heart and be reasonable. I pray the Lord will heal and restore what has been broken and reunite your hearts as one again.


  236. I have broken my husband’s (GL) trust by lying to him with regard to money and filing a lawsuit that never existed, and he moved out today. I don’t know if we are just seperating or if he wants to go forth with a divorce. I am believing for complete restoration and building a new foundation in our marriage that is built on trust and God’s love. Please cover me in prayer.

    • Kathy, my prayer is that your husband will see your truly repentant heart and forgive your actions. I join you in praying God will heal and restore what has been broken, building something newer and better!



  237. Please pray for my marriage which is in deep trouble. My husband has made it clear that he doesn’t love me anymore and he wants to live his own life. He says nothing anyone can do will change his mind. I love my husband so much and I admit I do not always show him this. I also haven’t been a submissive wife at all….. I’m going to search now as to how I can be one and what exactly is expected from me as I truly don’t understand. Please pray also for my baby daughter who is only one years old. Protect her from the pain and confusion of why daddy isn’t sleeping next to us. I believe that only the lord God can heal my broken marriage and bless our little family.
    I can’t function properly and my heart is broken. I feel sick like I’ve already died as I don’t know how I can help myself. So I ask God to handle this for me and I ask Jesus Christ to carry me as I don’t have any strength left.
    Please help me to pray for marriage?

    • Elaine, thank you for sharing your story. I am so sorry for all you are walking through in your marriage. I do join you in praying for healing and restoration in your marriage. But I also want you to remember that your IDENTITY is in CHRIST alone…not your husband and not in being a wife. God wnats you to hold you head up strong during this time. Pray for your heart’s desire, trusting God with the end result. You cannot change your husband’s heart…only God can…and your husband must CHOOSE to allow God to work in his heart. So pray for the Lord to turn your husband’s heart back to you and your baby. Pray for the strength to walk this journey, to be strong for your baby girl. To look for God in the midst and what He is trying to do in your life in the wait. He has a plan for you and your daughter…trust Him and seek hard after His will for you. He will be faithful!!



      • Thank you for your prayers Wendy. Please continue to pray for us. I pray everyday as I have begun feeling very angry and resentful and I need Gods guidance so I don’t become bitter and have a bad heart. My husband is now speaking to me a little but not even politely and is treating me like a bad smell.

  238. Thank you for this prayer. My husband and I are currently living on 2 different continents. We’ve been separated for almost 3 months. He left shortly after I had a miscarriage. We had a few weeks of still seeing each other during which I got pregnant again because he said he still wanted a family with me. Then he randomly gave up on working on us. Shortly afterwards I found out he got involved with a girl at a new job he started so I moved back home so I wasn’t dealing with everything on my own. We haven’t properly spoken since I moved back a month ago, but before I left he was adamant he wanted a divorce because I hurt him after the miscarriage saying I felt like he didn’t care. I said it out of hurt and my own grief because I felt like he wasn’t mourning with me, like it was easy for him to carry on as normal. Even though I’ve apologized he won’t.let go of the hurt. I feel like him moving onto someone else so quickly is just his way of distracting himself from dealing with everything. I pray and want to believe somehow our marriage can be restored, especially for this blessing inside me something we both wanted, but with us not even speaking orliving in the same place it feels like our marriage may be broken for good. Please pray for our marriage and that he’ll see his need for God in all of this. He considers himself a Christian but has never worked on his personal walk with the Lord. His name is James. Sorry it’s. long and thank you.

    • Michelle, I join you in praying for James to turn his heart back to God, to you, and to your family. May God open his heart and mind to expose any lies he has been believing. And I pray for the precious life within you…for God to wrap His arms around this sweet baby and protect it and shelter it until the day he/she is born. Praying and believing with you that God will heal and restore your family!



  239. Hi Wendy:
    My prayer today is for the woman that my husband has joined with. Three months ago he left my son and I after 21 years of marriage to continue his life with a woman he just met. He left us, the state he lived in, our home and the rest of his family to be with this woman in Texas. She is divorced with three kids of her own, two that are young. She was married 23 years with her husband. I love my husband and I know he very much loves his son and me. We were very happy together for many years. Unfortunately we stopped taking care of each other and just focused on finances and survival for the last three years, I am praying for restoration of my marriagem but I am also praying for restoration of her marriage with the father of her children. I know probably it is not my place to do so, but I believe God gifts us humons with the blessing of marriage and families, I know he is the builder and protector of families. Based on this, I ask that you pray for her to open her heart and her mind to find the strength to recognize what is right and act accordingly, She has a strong hold over my husband, but God has the most strongest hold over us, In Jesus Christ’s name I pray this today,

    • Norah, what a precious prayer you are praying. I join you in praying for God to heal and restore BOTH marriages. May he tender both of their hearts to see all the hurt they have caused and turn their hearts back to their families. May he convict them of their selfish choices and remind them of the good times and love they once felt.



  240. John and Philo Harrison.

  241. jennifer james says

    Please pray for me (jennifer ) and my husband randy. Our marriage has been torn about due to adultry and he continues this sin. Pray that god softens his heart toward me and our marriage. I’ve gotten discouraged because despite my prayer, and fasting our situation seems to have gotten worse and he’s distanced himself for me and our kids even further. Please pray for us, and our restoration and renewal of our marriage

    • Jennifer, I join you in praying for the Lord to open your husband’s eyes to his sin and to convict his heart to leave this woman and return back to his family. Praying he would “miss” what you once had together and desire to be united once again.



  242. Jim and Cindy

    • Standing in agreement with you for the prayers you are lifting for you and Jim.



      • Thank you, Wendy. My husband left me( right before our 30th wedding anniversary and becoming first-time grandparents) almost three months ago for another woman he met on the internet. As a matter of fact, our granddaughter was born on our 30th year anniversary. I was devastated obviously. This is out of character for my husband because he would read the bible at times and said he prayed all the time. He told our daughter that he hasn’t loved me in years. Our marriage, like any other, has had it’s ups and downs but we always managed to work through them because we’ve been through so much, we were a team. Through the power of prayer I am feeling alot stronger emotionally and mentally but I still miss my husband and am still deeply in love with him. I have forgiven him for what he’s doing, for my own peace of mind. I worry about him all the time, is he hurt? is he sick? is he eating? I pray constantly for God to heal his heart and our marriage. I want my soul mate and best friend back home. I know this is going to take time but I also know that God is on our side, knows us a couple, and I know that I will never give up on my husband or our marriage through hope, faith and prayer.

        • Cindy, your story breaks my heart…so many years of marriage…a godly husband. I do join you in praying for God to shine His Light into your husband’s heart and mind and reveal to Him the Truth in what he is doing and the choices he is making. May God rend his heart and turn it back first to God and then to you. I pray you will stand strong in your faith and continue to BELIEVE God for His healing and restoration in your marriage.



  243. I wrote back in october about my husband the musician. Just when i thought we were working things out, i found out yesterday that he had someone else. I found messages from her to him on instagram & she is from another state. He tells me he wants to work things out with me but i am very hurt & i cant stop crying! Im so confused becuz i still love him so much but i dont want to be hurt anymore & i as much as i pray i dont know if God wants me out of this relationship or to stay! Please keep on praying for us! Nancy & Jose

    • Nancy, I am sorry your husband continues to betray your trust. My prayer is that God will give you wisdom and discernment to know your husband’s true heart and know if it is time to let go. You do not deserve how you are being treated. He is in violation of your marriage covenant. It breaks God’s heart to see how your husband is breaking your heart. May you hear God’s voice and follow His leading no matter what you hear and how painful it might be. God is faithful and through this HE will never leave you or forsake you!!



  244. Peggy- Sue Smith says

    Please pray that my husband returns home. He abandoed me weeks ago. Family members have unatural hold over him. I asked to put God first instead I got divorce papers. Now I’m isolated disabled and sick. I love and need him back. The worst part is he is a Pastor. He knows what’s right! Please plead the blood of jesus over our marriage. I pray he has not one moments peace or rest untill he turns back to God then and only then comes home. Thank you and God Bless

    • Peggy-Sue, I join you in praying the Lord will convict and rend your husband’s heart back to God and to you and to honor your marriage covenant. I pray that conviction would weigh heavy on his heart and cause heart tranformation. I pray you will experience God’s peace as you wait for God’s timing in this and that you will trust God with all things concerning your marriage.


  245. Thank you for this prayer. I pray for all the marriages that need prayers and even the ones that are good that they stay good. My husband and I have been married for a year and a half. This is our second thanksgiving since we’ve gotten married. It is also the second thanksgiving that we are spending separated by his decision. Please pray for us. We are stationed overseas away from home and he has moved out to live with the single guys in the barracks. Please pray for us to both have strength to be as God intended us to be as spouses and to do what we need to do for our marriage to work. Thank you.
    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

  246. Wendy, my husband and I are a very young couple. He have been married for 1 and 4 months. Im currently pregnant with our first daughter due in March and yesterday I found out he has been talking to another girl. I confronted him about it and he said he hasn’t touched her. They have talked and hungout. We have been going through some tough times and seem to argue all the time. He said she understands him and makes him feel special and wanted. Currently he is out of state with his dad on business. So I havent gotten a chance to speak to him face to face. He said he wants to work this out not only for us but for a daughter. He told me he would stop talking to the other girl but I cant help think he is sill talking to her. I’ve talked to my parents and they sat down with me and prayed. I know how strong prayer can be. I really need strength to get through this. I want to believe he is done talking to her. But its hard to trust him. I dont want to give up without trying. I pray he feels conviction in his heart for what he has done. We have been talking trying to get things back to normal. But it hurts so much to think of all the things he has said to her. I love him and will fight for this marriage. But I know I need God to help. Please keep us in your prayers. Olga and Timothy

    • Olga, I am so sorry for the situation you find yourself in as you are pregnant. It should be the most joyful time for you. I am joining you in praying for your husband to experience genuine repentance for this improper friendship and feelings and that he will honor his promise to turn completely away from her and back to you and your family. I have walked through this with a friend, and to help him you can ask him if you can help hold him accountable to his promise. Check his phone calls, texts, and e-mails at your request. This accountability will help you both. It will give you an active way to regain trust and it will keep him continually thinking about the consequences of violating his promise. Not sure if he will agree, but if he is sincere, it is worth asking. I am praying for healing and restoration in your marriage. My friend and her husband are reunited and have been for two years!!!

      Blessings to you,


      • My husband and I are doing so much better 🙂 we have talked things through and realized we both have problems we need to fix. He told me he loved me and that he would fight for us no matter what the cost. I thank you so much for your prayers. I will continue to pray that our love will grow stronger every day for each other and our love for God.

        • This is wonderful news. Thank you, heavenly Father, for intervening in Olga’s marriage and answering our prayers!!! Continue to draw them closer and knit their hearts together in the power of the Holy Spirit.

          In Jesus Name…AMEN

  247. Wow, I too am pregnant. I am due in Feb. I have posted before asking for prayer for my marriage. We have been married 20 years and separated for 11 months. I have been trying to work out my marriage and believing God. In my attempts to revive my marriage, I found myself pregnant. This was not on purpose. This will be our third child together. I was afraid in the beginning. How can I be a single mom of a newborn? God gives me strength everyday and I am so thankful for this life growing inside me. I pray that in time, God’s time, that The Lord will restore my marriage. Regardless of what it looks like in the natural, I believing God is working it out for my good bc I Love him and obey him!

  248. oscar rodriguez says

    Oscar and claudia rodriguez

    I pray that my wife can see the light and help me pull my family back together. She is having an affair with a man I once considered a friend. I see her try to leave him, to come back to our family, but Satan has a very strong hold of her, and she keeps falling back into temptation. It seems everytime it gets harder for her to come back, but I have faith in the lord, and know that through him my family will be happy in him again. I ask the lord for patience, and the power to help my wife, instead of down talkung to her like I sometimes do out of desesperation. Please help me prayfor my family.

  249. Dear Wendy,

    I am in dire need of prayers. My husband and I have been going through a rough year and are currently separated. He is living with a friend of his, who is for a lack of a better term using this to his advantage as he needs my husband for his personal finacial survival. We have been together for almost 7 years and I love him more and more every day regardless of the challenges in our way. Last night we spoke on the phone and he said pretty much that he is for divorce and doesn’t think we can work it out. I have been praying and praying and I am at the end of the road as I was brought to my knees last night.
    I refuse to believe that he doesn’t love, even though he says so. The reason I can’t believe it is because I feel it in my heart. Maybe I am being desperate however I feel it in my heart of hearts and my soul that this is my soulmate yet I am losing him. He didn’t protest when I said that I would go tomorrow to file for the divorce. I am praying for a miracle yet it doesn’t seem that it will happen. I will lose 4 people at once: my life partner, my king, my best friend and my lover. There are no words to express the pain, hollowness, and sadness that I feel. If there is any chance, any possibility for a miracle, a reconciliation I BEG you to pray for us.

    • My husband’s name is Nenad.

      Thank you!!!!

    • Jasmina, I am so sorry for your broken heart. And I will join you in asking God to heal and restore your marriage. But I also want to pray that you will know your identity is in Christ and NOT your husband. You are a beautiful child of God who is worthy of God’s love. Just because your husband rejects you, remember God never will. He is your Abba Father. He is the King of kings. He is your friend. He will never leave you or forsake you. Run to Him when you feel lost and afraid. He will be there waiting to hold you and comfort you.



  250. Please pray for my husband John as he has a long history of alcohol, drugs, domestic violence, anger, depression and suicide. I recently asked him to move out and asked for a divorce. The divorce is not want I want, but I cant be his doormat anymore after two years of marriage.

    • Lucy, I join you in praying for God’s will in your marriage and in your husband’s life. You can only do so much, but he has to make his own life change. I pray God will move in his heart in a mighty way to show him his addiction and the true state of his heart. I pray for repentance and sorrow to overwhelm his heart. I pray God will heal your heart through all of this and shower His love and care upon you and provide for your every need in the interim.



  251. My husband and I have been fighting for a while. It’s over the little things in life. But yet we bicker about them. My husband now says he’s tired of all of the fighting and is done. I hate to admit that I didn’t realize how bad things had gotten until he left. I don’t want our marriage to be over. I love him with all of my heart and I’m willing to do anything for him. I’ve told him that I’m willing to do anything to make our marriage while again but he still wants to leave. Please pray for us!
    -Caitlin and Derreck

    • Caitlin, praying the Lord will soften your husband’s heart to return and for both of you to unite together and commit to communicate and commit to work to make it work…to speak openly and honestly about your feelings and find healthy ways to resolve issues.



  252. DeeDee & David says

    Thank you Wendy for this prayer. Please pray for my husband and I, our marriage is in trouble, and we need God right now and from now on. Let Him be the center of our marriage, always. Amen.

    • DeeDee joining you in prayer for Christ to be the center of your marriage and for God to bring healing and restoration.



  253. Tammy Margerum says

    Please be in agreement with me for God to reconcile my marriage to Jeff Margerum. He is addicted to drugs and has had 4 affairs and has returned to the last woman Melody Price three different times because she enables him in his drug use, drinking, and thievery. He was diagnosed with bi-polar, yet he has never taken any medicine for it. He is currently in jail. God has given me word to stand. I love him and has taken my vows seriously. This woman has even stole with him. Please pray this woman will be removed from our lives and God will bless her with her own husband.

    • Praying for God’s will for your marriage, Tammy. God wants His highest and best for your life. I pray that God will tender your husband’s heart to turn back to living a clean and sober life so that you can reconcile. Until that time, I pray God will be your Strength and your Comfort. May He direct your steps and lead your prayers. You are precious in God’s sight, Tammy, and He wants you to live in a healthy marriage with a man who loves and respects you the way God calls him to.


  254. Rachael

    Separated unexpectedly 9 months ago, after 16 yeras of marriage and 23 years together. We have 2 elementary aged children who are not understanding why their dad just left on afernoon and has not retunred to liv ein the family home. I am not much help, as I don’t undertand this either. How do you “fall out of love” with someone who has loved you unconditionally for so long. I feel that God does not want this for our marraige and family, but My husband is unwilling to move towrds anythng but a divorce. I pray that his heart is softened. Thank you for the above prayer. It is very had to keep my faith, but I am!!!!

    • I join you in praying for the Lord to tender and soften your husband’s heart…to remind him of all the good you had in your marriage and your family. Praying God will ignite a flame in his heart to return HOME. Praying for your boys to be protected from pain and hurt and for God to give you more than enough love and the words to care for and love them through this difficult time. Praying God will be the strength of your heart and provide for your every need.



  255. Hi Wendy
    I would like for you to pray for me and my husband. Our marriage is going south. I have prayed the pray, I will tell James about it and ask him to pray it too. He does not like to read a lot…He goes to church…he is still very much in the world….i have seen some unfaithfulness in him. he denies, i am lossing trust in him … i want to save my marriage…we have been married for 30 years…My pray for James too is for him to give his heart to God. For James salvation too. He was bapitise as a young child, with the sprinkling of water. I would rather communicate with you through my email adress if at all possible. God bless Pat

    • Pat, praying for God to blow a fresh filling of His Spirit into your husband’s heart to remind him of God’s love for him and for our marriage. Praying that will turn his heart back to God and to you. Praying for healing in your marriage.



  256. clishnadrè says

    please pray for me and my huband joseph!

  257. Mary Ann & Jimmy says

    Please pray for our marriage as it is crumbling.

  258. Hi, I was looking for a good place to go for prayers for my marriage. I am heartsick and heart broken. My husband and I had a rocky marriage.. He got divorced from his first wife of 25 years (I was his highschool sweetheart and he never stopped thinking about me). Anyway, they divorced and we got married. It seems he always had some type of confliction going on inside. Things happened in the past 3 years.. Fights, drinking, casinos etc.. You name it. He got fed up and felt he should never have left his marriage and has now left me and wants a divorce.. I don’t… I am fighting it. I cannot fight it alone, I know God is with me. He has agreed to do two weeks of fasting and praying and at the end of two weeks I have asked that if he still wants the divorce I will agree OR i would agree to legal separation so we can work on this… Please pray. I am trying so hard to walk in faith. I am NOT ok with this… It is very heavy on my heart and I don’t think Gods wants it either. I am working on me and he definately needs to work on him. Thank you for this prayer. I have not read all through it , but I will make it a point to read it daily. Please pray for me

    • I failed to put my husbands name.. It is Jay and my name is Joan..

    • Praying with you that God will do a mighty work in Jay’s heart during this time of fasting and praying. May He see what God’s will is for him and for you and for your marriage. May you be patient and strong in the wait, trusting God with the result.



  259. Donnetta Epps says

    What a powerful prayer! Thank you for being a vessel and available to hear from God. Please pray for Derrick and Donnetta Epps. Seperated since 12/10/10, I am in Georgia and he is in Maryland. I am standing and believe God can do anything. I know my position and authority. I shall not be moved. God hates divorce and so I have to hate divorce. Derrick’s family celebrates his inappropriate behavior and have enabled his addictive behavior for years. They have fought against me for so long, it is shameful. God’s word says in Zechariah 9:12 that if I return to the stronghold as a prisoner of hope, he declares that he would restore double to me.

    I believe that I receive double restoration of my marriage and family. Please join your faith with mine in Jesus’ name, Amen.

    • Standing with you in the Name of Jesus for God to heal and doubly restore your marriage and your family. Praying God will turn Derrick’s heart back to you and to God. With God all things are possible that are in His will and His plan for your life!!!



  260. Hi, please can you pray over my marriage of 12 years. I am jo, and my husband is Graham. I’ve been praying to god for Graham to hold down a job, he has had at lest 22 jobs in my time with him and been fired from them all! We have 3 children, and I’m crying out to the lord for what to do. My heart worries that I shield leave him because I can hold down a job and look after the kids( as I’m doing now!). But I can’t believe this is ids will, my children deserve their father and mother together. Please help me pray that he can hold this job, and earn to support us as a family rather than more debt! Thank you.

    • Jo, praying for God to intervene in Graham’s life and bring him to a place of surrender…whatever that looks like. Praying for discipline and order in his life, praying for God to burden him with a desire to work and work well. Praying for a sense of responsibility to move into his heart and park itself there. Praying against lethargy, laziness, lack of focus, and disorder. Praying for healing in your marriage and a restoring of what you once had.



  261. HI Wendy,

    Thank you so much for your prayer, i spoke last with you back in Oct this year when my partner of 8yrs and father of our 7yr old son left home. We had a fight and i chased him and during that same weekend, he went out clubbing and woke up with another married 22yr old woman beside him til today.

    That was my turning point into i came back to God and have being fasting, praying and asking God to change me. Last week Friday, my son’s dad got into an car accident that was supposed to have killed him and his workmate, instead of him calling his parents and the gal he is with, he ended up calling me to go down to him. In which i went and we reconciled and he asked for forgiveness and he said loved us and wanted to come back to us. So Praise God i got him back and we started to plan on things like getting married and he wanted to sort out the issue with the gal being at his parents place while he was with me.

    His father called him on Wednesday that just passed and told him that if he doesn’t come home and sort out the mess he created at home, he was going to disown my partner. My partner was a born again christian but has turned away from God so he told me that he had to go listen to what his dad had to say and he will call me with a decision as he was at a crossroad and he wants to be with us but he didn’t want to disappoint his parents esp his dad. Last night he sent me a text message saying “I am Sorry”, i assumed that he meant he has decided to obey his parents rather than follow his heart.

    Please tell me, was he right to obey his parents rather than follow his heart, is it God’s Will? Why couldn’t he come and see me, to tell me what he has decided? Did the text message mean he was staying with the gal or was it an apology, i don’t understand but i believe and TRUST IN GOD that he is still working in my situation. I am also asking God to allow me to stand still and let God move.

    Please pray for Julian and Amanda as our son Jonathan cried this morning when i told him that his dad has gone back to his parents place and maybe he has gone back to the gal. It hurts so much but i’m trusting in God and i need you to agree with me on this prayer:


    At times, when things don’t go our way even though we are praying and fasting and we start to question GOD WHY, i say this prayer:


    At times i may wonder why God is taking long in answering my prayers so i just say this prayer when i get those thoughts:


    Please Wendy agree with me and my son Jonathan as we believe that God restored and reconciled our little family last week until Wednesday week when the devil used his dad to frighten him with disowning him if he doesn’t make a decision but we believe that God will restore and reconcile our family with double portions and when he does return my partner and i will get married so we can live the holy family live God wants us to live.

    Praise be to God that im 1 day closer to my breakthrough..

    God bless and Amen!!!!!


    • Amanda, I must say that the Lord honors marriage above all else as it represents the relationship His Son has with the church. I cannot tell from your e-mail if you are married or not as you call him your partner. But if you are married, it is God’s will that your husband honor you and his marriage to you above all else, even his family. I pray that the Lord would open his eyes to that truth and that God would return him back to you one hundred percent. I pray that God would break any stronghold his family has on him in the name of Jesus.

      I love your prayers, Amanda…your surrendered heart, and I know that pleases the Lord. I pray He would honor the desires of your heart and your son’s heart. I pray He would restore your family and renew your marriage and your marriage vows.


  262. Help me pray for my marriage as well. My husband and i have only been married one year and eight months. He’s always kept in contact with his ex knowing how it hurts me. He said he doesn’t know I’d he loves me anymore and doesn’t know if he wants to keep trying. He’s angry like i did something wrong. He used to say he didn’t believe in divorce and that marriage was work and it took two people. I pray to the heavenly Father to soften his heart and mine. To help me forgive and love him without anger or resentment. I pray that my husband has a change of heart and truly nerves and remembers his promises as well as our vows. I pray that God remove her from our lives for good and forever and completely. I pray we grow in our marriage with God as our priority and in our lives. Please heal my marriage Lord. Amen

    • Susana, your prayer is full of such wisdom. I join you in praying for God to tender your husband’s heart and turn it back toward God, His Truth, you and your marriage covenant. I pray too that you will be able to forgive and love him in a way that will draw him back to you and see Christ’s love and goodness in you. May he on his own walk away from this woman and return home to you. May God grant you the patience to wait and the wisdom to know every step to take in the future.



  263. John and TeQuell. John wants divorce. I pray for healing and restoration of our marriage. For him to fall in love with me again. To restore his desires for me. We have two boys who need him too

  264. Asking you for your continued prayers for Jose and Amparo we are still surrounded by the evil forces oof satan

  265. Hello, Wendy, I recently got married in may 2012, to my husband Troy , since then we have has so many ups n downs, he has brought divorce to me adleast 5 times n the fact the he is just not happy. I can not give 100 percent to him bc I feel like he just don’t care about me, I honestly think my husband hates me. He has cheated on me countless time when we dated as boyfriend n girlfriend n for a while I thought it was bc I was a virgin but even after we have had sex he still continue to cheat, n stay out all night with girls until our daughter was born last year. It’s only been a year since I felt he has tried to been faithful, but the girls have still been calling and just 2months ago he had a girl he used to have sex with send him nasty picture of her self to his email. IV talked to him countless times, I try to go in peace to him but he gives attitude back n takes my hurt n pain he caused n belittles me by calling me a five year old. I am 25 n he is 29.. He is so shellfish in all that he does ..every Sunday that I am I able to attend church I ask for prayer n guidance n stregth. Some times I feel like giving up but I know my daughter needs me, I have tried reaching out to a spiritual pastor to counsel us but he just denies how hurtful is to me. I know no more what I can do just make my husband love me again . He only doubts our marriage n puts me down. Wendy I need someone to pray on my behalf to help me n my marriage, I no longer want to deal with a emotionally abusive marriage. I know God would put no on me than I can bare, I just need motivation n insurance, I’m young n I don’t want to miserable … I love my husband, I just want him to show me love back. Please pray for us , my family, and me!

    • Sweet friend, I am so sorry for how this man is treating you. You are God’s child and precious in His eyes…never forget that. No one can take that away from you. Do not feel less than because of your husband. Your identity is not in Him, it is in Christ alone. I pray the Lord will grant you great wisdom and discernment to know what steps to take in your marriage. And if it is God’s will for your marriage to continue, I pray He will make that very clear and turn your husband’s heart totally around, tendering it back to you and God. If it is not, I pray God will give you the courage to take the steps you need to do what you need to do to regain your happiness and your independence. God is faithful. Continue to pray, watch and listen. He will show you!! And remember, the JOY of the LORD is your strength and nothing can take that from you!!!



  266. Rebuilding a home says

    Wendy, I found this pray at one of my lowest points since standing for restoration. I was discouraged at the fact that my husband left me and our 2 yr old daughter because he was no longer happy. He said that he no longer had the fight in him and just wanted to be happy. I was very broken by this,but I also made it up in my mind that I would not chase after him and I would move on with my life. God convicted me and told me to trust him and press in and he would restore.

    Since then I have been praying and fasting and while in the natural things are getting worst (He moved out of the house a week ago and is seeing multiple women, one of them is was friend). I continue to receive confirmations from the Father that my suddenly is just around the corner. Last night I could not sleep as I continuously got images in my head of him being with other women and just being unable to rest. I was too tired to fight or even get up to pray and I felt so guilty this morning that I allowed satan to win the battle last night.

    I just wanted to thank you for answering God’s calling on your life and sharing this prayer. Please pray for my husband to come back to Christ and that the Lord will bring him back home a changed man on fire for him.

    Thank you!

    • Oh, my heart simply breaks as I read your words. I am so sorry for this pain you are going through in your marriage. Thank you for sharing your story. You truly are brace to park your mind in a place that you will not allow Him to steal your Joy. I pray that God will meet you in your brokenness and return to you the JOY of your salvation. I pray that He would strengthen you in your inner most being to walk out this journey whatever the end result. I pray through His Holy Spirit you will be able to take every thought and imagination captive to the obedience of Christ and think on whatever is lovely, excellent, admirable and praiseworthy. And I do pray that if it is God’s will that He will turn your husband’s heart around and bring him back to God and your sweet family!!



  267. Please pray for my husband and I. He is living with another woman whom he had an affair with but is in my city for one day only, today. We are not yet divorced. Pray that he see sin for exactly what it is. He is a christian who is saying he only has a decade of life left and he wants to live it for himself because he has lived it for his family the last 30 years. Will you pray for us, please? Pray for God’s will and clarity of mind.

    • I stand with you in prayer, praying God’s will for your marriage and your life. I pray the Lord will make clear your next steps and guide your heart and mind into all Truth with regard to your marriage and your husband. May God tender his heart and rend it back to God and to you. May he not believe the lies of the evil one and seek to take in and believe only TRUTH!!



  268. Thank you for your battle against what the enemy is trying to do to marriages! I would also ask you to pray for my son, Darrin’s marriage. His wife Amishawn is having an affair and is steadfast in her resolve to divorce. They have 2 children, Deshawn who is 4 and Alayah who is 3. My son has purposed in his heart to believe God to heal their marriage. His wife is being very cruel and cold in her behavior to him and often times to their children. My son carries most of the load for childcare, his job, all the finances, etc. He has 2 diseases, ankylosing spondylitis and Valley Fever with a tumor in his lungs. He rarely gets any rest. My daughter-in-law is still living in the family home but spends most nights with her boyfriend coming home at 6 in the morning to get ready for work. The past 2 months have been a real struggle and my son is really feeling the effects of the battle and has gotten so discouraged. I spend hours a day on the phone with him trying to encourage him but even I am having a desperate time as the battle wears on and it is hard to love my daughter-in-law through this as I see her wound my son and grandchildren. Please join me in prayer for this family. It appears that there are several that are going through such difficult times and I lift a prayer for each of these and ask that God will fight mightily for these marriages and frustrate the plans of the enemy to destroy these families! Thank you again for your ministry and your prayers!

    • Georgina, as a mother, my heart breaks for you and your son. I pray your son will seek the Lord in the answer to the unfaithfulness of his wife. I join you in praying God would tender her heart, free her from the bondage of this sinful relationship and draw her back to your son and her family. But I also pray for clarity and that if her heart is hardened and beyond repentance, that the Lord will make a way for your son to be free from her and begin anew with his precious children with your love and support. I pray God’s presence will fill your son 24/7 to comfort him and guide and direct him on next steps to take. Thanking God he has a loving, prayerful mother in you.


  269. Hi Wendy, I found this prayer during this wilderness in my relationship with my boyfriend. He was some one I prayed for and after several months of prayer God brought us together. After 6 months of being in relationship, we shared the same goal being in full time ministry and our value in marriage and future family and children. Everything seems like a bed of roses in the beginning, but recently we had come across a lot of misunderstanding, emotionally we are tired and we just do not know how to solve the problems in between us. After all those promises that we had made to one another and now we are in a time out period in our relationship. Do pray that God will continue to be with us to hold us in this relationship that will bring a fruitful marriage. Thank you Wendy.

    • Praying the Lord will draw you both back together to a good place where you can listen and hear each other’s words and reconcile all that seems impossible to repair. Praying for God to remind you both of what you once had and create a deep desire within you to have it all back. Trusting God he will return what has been lost tenfold!!



  270. Repentant wife seeking reconciliation with hurt husband who has hardened his heart completely toward her. Please pray that God would soften his heart and reveal to him the truth of my repentance, and that God would comfort him and give him peace about trusting God with our marriage and covering my sins in love with the Christ-like forgiveness which God requires of all His children towards their repentant brothers and sisters in Christ. Pray that God would restore and heal the marriage I killed with my sin. God is a God of resurrections. Please pray that my husband will not cling to his bitterness and hardened heart. That he will not go through with the divorce he has set his heart on.

    • Praying for you, sweet friend. May God bless and reward your repentant heart. May He tender your husband’s heart and lead him to forgiveness and trust your heart again. Praying for an Ephesians 3:20 healing work in your marriage!!



      • Wendy,
        I am typing this to you to the glorious background sound of my husband snoring at my side! Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!! I thank you for your prayers and for specifying an Ephesians 3:20 healing in our marriage! I began “hands-off” praying, admitting to God that no idea or plan of mine would be good enough, but that I knew His ways are so much higher and better than even my imagination. God definitely exceeded my wildest imaginations in both the fullness and timing of the work in my husband’s heart to forgive and restore me to himself!
        May God bless you richly for your prayer! Please join me now in prayer of thanksgiving for His unimaginable goodness and inexhaustible mercy! Also please pray for the Spirit to continue to be at work in our lives and that we would seek God’s will first and foremost in all things and ever increase in love and unity! God bless!
        -Redeemed Wife

        • Wow!! Thank you for following up and sharing a praise like this. I know your story will bring hope to many praying in faith as you did for healing and restoration in their marriages!! may He continue to bless and deepen your marriage in the unity of the Holy Spirit!!



  271. Wendy can you please pray for me and my husband’s marriage. We are having some trouble in our marriage. Please pray for us.

  272. HARPREET KAUR says

    Please pray for me,(Harpreet) and my husband(Jaswinder)

  273. HARPREET KAUR says

    My husband Jaswinder wants to leave me.I am not sure if he is seeing somebody but he is very secretive now.He sleeps in different room.He always yells at me.He calls me selfish when I pray to God.
    He came to Canada on my basis and now permanent resident of Canada.He has also finished his degrees in Canada. He said he wants to move on and wants to enjoy life.I am so lonely.I always pray and ask God to save my marriage.
    I have been praying for 4 months,but I can`t see any change.Please pray for me,as I love him so much and I want to save this marriage with God`s help.Please help me.

    • So sorry for all you are walking through. I pray with you for the Lord to turn your husband’s heart back to you and to honor the vows you made.



  274. Hello Wendy,

    Please continue to pray for my husband (John) who is outside our home, staying with his relatives & friends for almost a month now. He is battleling alcohol, possibly drugs, depression, soon to loose his kids with the ex in court if it doesn’t comply to court orders and me who has been loveing, patient & tormented to death with this whole mess.
    We didnt show up to an an expensive venue that he asked to attend for a xmas git. He was a no show and turned his phone off. I have yet to hear from him. I miss him, want him to get help, and for him to come home as a changed man, who wants his wife, kids, and to live a happy normal life.

    We are desperate for help here in Colorado. We need a miracle and lots of prayers.

    He is a good man when he’s not busy doing bad things.. I will keep praying for him.

    His wife… Lucy

    • Standing with you in prayer. May God hear the cry of your heart and do a mighty healing work in John’s heart and in your marriage.



  275. Please pray me and my husband Jeff. He is struggling with depression and unsure about everything is his life, including us. The pain for me is almost unbearable but I am trying to hold on. Please pray that God will heal us and make us stronger than ever.

    • Praying now for God’s healing power to enter into your husband’s heart…for the Light of Christ to shine into the darkness…for peace to fill him from the top of his head to the tips of his toes. Praying for reconciliation and for JOY to return to both of your hearts and your marriage.



    • Casey,

      I too am struggling with depression. In November, my beloved wife of 31 years told me she can’t take it anymore. I have asked her to reconsider and am now on meds and seeing councilor. She says there is a small glimmer of hope for us.

      PLEASE KNOW FROM ME, from experience, nothing your husband is feeling is real. Depression is serious and has made even the light of God look dark.

      I am praying for my love to come back to me. I will pray for you too. If you can, read him my note and encourage him to see a doctor. This illness is treatable and you both can rediscover your love together.

  276. Hi- I just prayed your prayer for my husband Paul. We just made our 14th yr aniversary and he came home with some beautiful roses and 2 wonderful cards and then 4 days later he is out not comimg home and sleeping with his phone. My heart tells me he has met someone because he told me he does not love me anymore and needs some space. He plans on moving out the first of yr, but does not want to get a divorce just yet but told me he plans on dating other people to see what his options are. We have 2 kids 6 and 15 I’m so hurt and my kids are so hurt. I’m just praying that God will destroy any relationship he is starting to have and bring him back home.

    Please pray for my family.

    • I am so sorry for this hurt and betrayal you are experiencing in your marriage. Dating other people is not part of God’s plan for marriage. I pray that God will give you great wisdom and discernment as you proceed in your marriage. Praying God will open your husband’s eyes to the sin and disobedience in which he is living and turn his heart fully back to you and and to the Lord. Praying you will have the strength to stand strong and be courageous through this process!!!



  277. Please pray for me and my husband. He was in a relationship with another woman in August. We reconciled in late September but there are days when the hurt just seems to much to bear. I just ask that The Lord give me strength to overcome this and learn how to truly forgive.

    • May God root out every ounce of bitterness in your heart. May He help you to think always the best and not the worst as you work on trusting again. Praying your husband will do his part to never engage in behavior that will lead to distrust and may he be patient and understanding as you rebuild this trust again. And remember “the JOY of the Lord is your strength!!”


      • Thank you SO very much for your prayers. I means a lot and is very comforting to know there is someone else who is praying for the well being of our marriage.

  278. Wendy
    My husband wants a divorce because he is not happy. Before we were married he believed in God, but since the marriage, he listens to worldly advice about what to do about the marriage instead of communicating with his wife. He has opened the door for Satan by constantly texting, emailing and calling his “friends.” I’m sure this is the reason for wanting to file papers. We are separated at this time and I need prayer for the both of us.

    • Praying for God to turn your husband’s heart back to you and to God. May He heal and restore your marriage.



  279. Married 15 years – husband left in spring, but is back home. We are still very much struggling. Both of us hurt from things said & done from around the time he left. We have 2 small children. I love him more today than I did before and have pushed in closer to God, but he seems to struggling with loving me, letting every portion of the past go (including relationships that are harmful), and his relationship with God. Some days I even feel a very strong spiritual battle for him. Please pray for us. Thank you. G & A

    • Joining you in praying for healing in both of your hearts and for a mighty work of reconciliation. May He breath new life into your marriage!!!



  280. William and Heather

  281. Wendy, after a coupleof years of legal proceedings our divorce was finalized. I am devastated along with our three young children. We have been praying for the restoration of our family based on a word that God gave us (a promise of restoration) and which God has confirmed more than once over time. However, at this point my husband has begun a new relationship and seems very serious. My children are being exposed to this other woman, including behaviors that are not in accordance with a godly example. Please pray for our family!

    • I am so sorry that your husband has chosen to walk out on you and your family. I pray God will give you strength to walk out this journey. Remember your identity is Christ and Christ alone. You are His beautiful child. I pray you will remember this always. I also pray the Lord will protect your children from any bad influence of this woman.



  282. Please join me in prayer for our marriage, my husband Andy feels the need to have more freedom than he thinks he can have while he is married. He is 62 but has become infatuated with younger women. We have a good marriage and I want to save it.

    I have prayed the prayer that you asked me to pray, thank you for standing with me.

    • Nanci, breaks my heart to hear what has happened with your husband’s heart. Praying the Lord will intervene in a mighty way and show him the sin in his life and turn his heart back to you. Praying the Lord will remind him of all the good memories and the love you shared!



  283. Wendy, My husband has just walked out on me. He has been having an affair on and off for the last year and now he says he is ready to be with the other women. I am praying and praying. Please pray for me.

  284. my name is michael and my wife left me year and half I have been seeking God and standing for my marriage.she devorced me back in about may.i believe God still wants me to stand.God has done so so much in changing my heart and has made me see how a real man is suposed to be,how a husband is to love his wife.she says if God puts that love for me back in her heart she would want to try again.God has shown me what unconditional love is and what it is to be very sensitve.i now have such a deep love in my heart i cant explain it.what ever it is in me that still needs to change, please play that God does so in love with sherri,please pray for us to reconcile.i miss my family, Michael

    • Praying the Lord will open her heart back to receive you and to see all the change that has happened in your heart. Standing with you for healing and reconciliation.


      • thank you for your prayers. she is seeing someone and it breaks my heart and makes me question my faith.wandering if im really in Gods will in standing for desire is my family,

      • wendy,thank you.
        i still believe in mirricles,i see one every morning.i just want my family and myself in Gods will.i pray that his will is for reconciliation and complete healing in my marriage,

  285. SolMarieLazu says

    Hi Wendy. I’ve been married to my husband for almost 6ys and we have been thru the worst of the worst. His drug addiction, prison and all. But thru it all we have made it and we loved each other very much. My husband was incarcerated in September and Next thing I knew he fell for a woman in jail. I just recently found out. He stopped calling and writing, he calls her and writes her. She spoke to me and chooses to continue the affair. I chose to sit back and let nature take its course with a little help but that’s not the way I want to go. I feel guilty the only time I come to my knees is when things fall apart and I myself am not perfect to say. I love my husband and I know he does too because no man leaves an entire family over nite of 6yrs for an affair of looks for 3 months behind bars. Please help me. I really do need Gods help but just don’t know how to really go about asking and looking for the help. Thank you so much.

    • I am so sorry for the years of struggle you have had in your marriage. Praying with you for God to shine Truth and Light into your marriage and into your husbands’s heart. Praying God will turn his heart around and back to you. Also praying this woman will make the right decision and walk away, knowing your husband is still married. Praying you will be strong and that the Lord will give you all wisdom and discernment as you move forward.

      Sweet Blessings,

  286. Please pray for Ian and myself (Carol)

  287. My wife divorced me year ago and I do not know if I should stand for my marriage any longer.

  288. I wanted to say thank you for all your wonderful prayers and thoughts. Two weeks ago my husband (John) came home on his own. We have reconciled our differences after me asking him to leave & being gone 3 weeks due to the anger, bad attitude and poor choices he was making. He said he was in this marriage for the long haul and I’m the only wife he ever plans to have in his life.

    He is back in church and counciling with his kids and working on our marriage.

    Praise God, and may the Holy Spirit continue to work in our lives and yours. God Bless you all, and I will continue to pray for your marriages as well.

    Very Blessed & Happy, Lucy

  289. I dont know what to really say. My husband and I are now seperated. He has been unfaithful. I want him to be happy, but i hurt inside. I lost my best friend. we are trying to be friends. It hurts to know he has a girlfriend. We have 4 kids 3 with autism. They are having a hard time. We tell them he is working alot and to spare their pain. I fear he might have more kids. I feel like I am mourning a death. I am trying no to think about it and wish bad things, I pray for God to remove those thoughts. I know I am strong but I can only take so much. I pray we can once day be best friends again. My mind tells me its over but my heart is so SORE! I get upset that he is happy right away. I fee he replace me like I was nothing. 12 years gone..I want the Lord to workk in thim to be a great father like her never had and to love like a mother would. I know it seemd selfish for me to say I dont want him to have more kids, But my kids shouldnt have to share their father. Please help pray that God removes this pain and work in us to be great parents and friends to each other. I let him go to be happy and I am the one dying inside. He tells me push ,y feelings to the side like he does to get things done…WHAT!!…I have always be loving and kind..that is not of me..Please pray for my marriage healing of autism and healling for my medical issues and for God to work in my husband F.G..thank you

    • Dee, I am so sorry for all the pain you are suffering in your marriage. May God grant you the desires of your heart as your pray for a fresh, new relationship with your husband. May God guide your every decision and step in this journey. Trust in Him with all your heart. Praying God will turn your husband’s heart back to being a father to his children and help provide for their needs physically, spiritually and emotionally. Praying God will be the strength of your heart and your portion forever through this time.



      • Thank you for your prayer. Its New Years and I am alone with a pool of tears. I am keeping God close and pray HE continues working on me and my family. I will continue praying for my husband and my children. God Bless you and thank you for this site.

        • Please help me pray that God takes away my heartache, My husband shows zero remorse for what he has done. He has a girlfriend and I have been replaced. I am dying insided and I cant stop crying. I need to be strong for my kids. Please please pray that God removes all love I ever had for this man. As for it seems he never loved me!!.. Why does it have to hurt so bad!!, Dear God Please stop my heartache..

          • Dee, it hurts so much because you loved this man, and he has betrayed that love and your trust. There is no greater wound. I pray you would allow the Lord to come into your heart and allow His healing balm to soothe and heal your heart. He is waiting and wanting to do this for you. Spend some time in the Psalms. You will find great comfort as you read the many psalms where David cries out to God with his heartache and pain. God says His Word is health to our body and healing to our bones…it ministers to our heart and speaks Truth over us. May you find strength, peace and joy as you open His living and active Word and allow it to heal your broken heart. He will be faithful to do it.



  290. I’ve been married for 11yrs and my husband cheated on me and got this women pregnat and they have a daughter together of 4yrs. I am sooo hurt, I just found out on Nov.2011.Wendy I love him and I try so hard not to argue and fight. I know he talks to her,because I have seen his cell phone and she and him talk all the time. She talks to him as her Love.Wendy I am still with him and he is with me, we live together trying to make it. Wendy, I do this because I love him and I won’t give him up to her. Wendy, I just wish that the women can find another man to love and that my husband
    not want anything to do with her and just support the daughter. See this women lives in Honduras where he and she are from.She is not here in the U.S.,Wendy please pray with me and for me and my husband.I want another man to come into that womens life and that my husband does the right thing by me and leave her alone. Wendy, it is hard for me I don’t trust him. I also wish he was faithfull to me and stop his running around. Please Pray for (Amelia and Ramon) I’m so happy I found this pray sight.Thank you!

    • Amelia,

      Praying the Lord will intervene in your husband’s life and convict him of his sin and rend his heart in a might way and turn it back to you. Praying he will be strong enough to make the right decision and walk away. Praying this woman will know deep in her heart to do the right thing. Praying the Lord will enable you to stand strong, persevere and remember your identity is not in your husband but in Christ. He will never leave you or forsake you!! Praying God will honor your desperate prayers for healing and restoration in your marriage.



  291. Dear Wendy,

    My wife and I have been married almost 20 years. We have two wondeful children, a 21 year old daughter and a 17 year old son. We have been separated almost two years due mostly because of my infidelity during our marriage. These past two years have been the absolute worst in my entire life. God touched my heart, I repented for my sins and He forgave me; I asked my wife for forgiveness and she “says” she has but her actions indicate something totally different. As I stated before, God touched my heart and put a love so deep and so pure for my wife that all I want to do is spend the rest of my life showing her how much I love her. I understand she is hurt and right now harboring bitterness and unforgiveness. I constantly pray for her peace and salvation above all things. During this separation, she has stopped attending church and is not being fed spiritually either. I have tried everything in my power to convince her to come home and now I realize that is a big mistake. Now I have come to understand that all I can and should have been doing all along is trust in the Lord and wait for His perfect timing. Just like He touched my heart, He and He alone can touch hers. Proverbs 3:5-6 is the foundation I’m standing on as well. God bless you all and NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR MARRIAGE BECAUSE GOD WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON US.

    • Praying God will tender your wife’s heart and open her eyes to see your truly repentant heart. Praying the Lord will remind her of the great love she once felt for you and give her the strength and courage to forgive and try again. Trusting God for healing and reconciliation in a mighty Ephesians 3:20 way!!


      • On December 31, 2012, I posted a prayer request for me and my wife, Tina. These past four days of this new year has been pure hell for me. For the first time in my live, I spent New Year’s Eve completely alone. I had my son go over to spend Christmas with my wife since our daughter is back from college and I refuse to have our children separated on the holidays. On top of being alone, I didn’t receive a single call, text or message from any of my family; not my mom, not my sister, not even my kids and most painful, not my wife. As the clock turned to midnight, I just laid in my bed in tears, wishing this would all just end. I cried out to God but still felt so alone. How could my life have gotten to a point where I don’t see any hope.

        I took a sleep aid just to try to calm my nerves, read probably the first 10 Psalms and reread a small book entitled, “How to save your marriage alone” by Dr. Ed Wheat. Nothing eased the pain and dismay because my heart ached so much for my wife.

        I finally crawled out of bed close to noon on that rainy New Year Day. I found the closest pay phone because my wife has blocked my number from her apartment because she said I called too much; but I was determined to wish my bride a Happy New Year. It was her voice that I needed to hear before any one else to start this year and another day of hope. But that hope was soon crushed as I stood in the rain and listen to her tell me that she doesn’t love me any more, she don’t want anything to do with me, there is no more “us” and I need to move on with my life, she hasn’t been my friend in years and don’t want any kind of relationship with me, etc. Of course, I asked if there was another love interent and she said, “No, I just don’t want you anymore!” She continued to relive the pain and expressed so much anger. It was like she pulled my heart out bit by bit. I asked and begged for her forgiveness and another chance to love her and she rejected everything. Even threatened to stop ALL contact with me.

        I don’t know what to do. I’m trying to keep my faith and hope but she is so distant and cold towards me. She even said that she is on the verge of hating me. I love her more than I could even begin to express here or anywhere else. Please help me. I can’t bear this pain much longer.

  292. lindsey sylvester says

    My husband and I should have just celebrated our 10 year anniversary….but we didn’t because he doesn’t know what he wants. Please pray for us. Lindsey and brad

    • Standing with you in prayer for clarity and healing in your marriage. Praying you will celebrate an 11th, 12th and many more anniversaries!!



  293. My husband or common law husband and I have been together 7years we have two wonderful sons one of which was born with missing limbs. I am 24 he is 25 he left me in November for another women his mother and aunt introduced him to knowing we were together. But living apart to get our heads right. Well December 18th he begged to come home and make his marriage work with me and get our family together again. We did fight because of the cheating issue, but I felt like we were in love again, but kept getting mixed signs. Christmas Eve he left me went back to her and got engaged. He says because with her it’s a new start and she a. Wonderful person etc. I know I have been wrong in my ways and I’ve begged god for forgiveness. I need help to get him to come back home. He says he dosent love me at all but god has told me he is hiding it. My children scream for him, try and get out of the house to look for him. She has caused me pain as well as his confused mind, I need prayers for them. For kevin sr to clear his mind, realize the pain he is causing me and his kids and to realize marriage isant always easy, and god will guide us. And prayers for jeanessa phelps that she returns to gods ways and sees that this isant what god has planned for her, destroying a family, she’s a pastor for children and has strayed from her duties because of her lust for my husband. I can’t live without him I don’t be.ieve in divorce.

    • Praying for the Lord to intervene in every heart in a mighty way and to protect your children in the midst of this. Praying with you for repentance, healing and reconciliation.



  294. Stand in agreement with me for God to reconcile my marriage to my wife, her name is Amber. She is in an emotional affair with a co-worker. We have 2 young children also. She is struggling with wanting God’s will and her own. Give her a heart of flesh once again Father, in Jesus’ name.

  295. Please pray for my marriage. I have hurt my husband and he is not sure if he wants to stay married to me. We have been back together for 8 months after being seperated for 10. February will be our 7th year anniversary. I did not cheat on him. I lied to him about finances and he is so hurt. I want my marriage. I love my husband. He has asked that I not call him or contact him. He works on the road. I don’t know what to do. I have messed up and I want to save my marriage.

    • Praying with you for your husband to see your repentant heart and to open his heart to reconciliation in your marriage. Praying for healing and restoration.


    • Tracey Carver says

      Stay strong.Pray that god will show you and him how to love like god loves you! There is no one without sin..true love never fail!keep reading a book something by Stormie Omartian is great..
      be kind,pray for your husband that god will put angels of protection around him,his body,soul and mind..get involved with a charity…but pray fervently
      God speed my friend..
      Pray for my marriage too..Tracey

  296. Dear Wendy:

    I have been standing for my marriage for 5 months now. God has done some great things in me, yet my husband and I are still separated and he says for him nothing has changed. I have fasted, prayed agreed and loved and will remain committed to my marriage as I will not lay down my covenant vow that I made to the Lord. I believe God said he would restore although the length of time and the longing for my beloved is wearing me down. Please pray that I have heard correctly and will maintain peace no matter how long the wait. God Bless You.

    • Praying you will hear the voice of the Lord and that God will direct your every step as you proceed to seek God’s will for your marriage. Praying for God to heal both of your hearts and restore your marriage.



  297. I have been with my husband 6yrs going to 7 and married 4yrs going 5yrs. We have a 4 year old son and a 2 year old daughter. we have been through many things together but this year the unthinkable happened he started an affair with a girl completely different from me. She has tattoos all over does drugs, parties has 2 babies and is currently pregnant with my husbands baby and continues to live the same lifestyle. She has a strong hold on him. My relationship has been growing with God since June when My husband finally left the house. I have been standing and interceeding for my husband, marriage and family since then. I would ask him to go to church in the beginning and he would say no, October he started to say maybe but no promises and this month he went once and continues to say yes. He is praying more often and is recieving many convictions. I pray he doesnt sit in condemnation and repents, he is starting to feel sorry and and is able to to put himself in my feet sometimes. But every time he goes to her he forgets all he said and all his goal. She thanks God for him and believes they will be together. But i know god want my marriage to prevail. My husband at time says he doesnt love me when he is with her more but when he is getting convictions he say he doesnt want a divorce. I pray this hold that Satan has on the relationship with my husband and her is removed and also the confusion that surrounds him. I know God is working on our marriage, my believe and trust is all in him. But this week i have been an emotional wreck not sure if its the hoildays or what. Pray for Jimmy and Judith are kids also Jr and Jaelynn also her daughter that are being neglected and her unborn child who is also being neglected and only being cared or brought up when she feels he is leaving her.

    • Praying with you for the Lord to break the stronghold this woman has on your husband’s life. Praying God will continue to convict and rend his heart to honor his marriage covenant. Praying God’s healing in both of your heart’s and for a beautiful reconciliation.



  298. Tracey Carver says

    24 years of marriage and 6 kids we have had some infidelity in our marriage. have had several family memebers live with us over the years.I am a stay at home mom at time I feel I have lost all of who I am.when I lay down at night I am reminded at the times my husband and I have done it gods way and it works.over the last two years we have lost that and he is seeing an attorney in the morning I children love us both and we are so blessed please pray he doesnt move forward with the separation and will focus on his marriage and loving each other the way god intended it to be and he and I will no seek wisdom of anyone trying to lead us down the path of divorce…

    • Standing with you in prayer, Tracey, for the Lord to turn your husband’s heart back to you and your marriage covenant. Praying for healing and reconciliation!!



  299. Wendy,
    Today my husband decided to separate after 29 years of marriage. He is emotionally involved with another woman. Please pray for me and my husband Larenzo that he get wisdom and realized that everything is so wrong. He does not want a divorce but says if its GODs will we will be together.

    • Praying for God to open Larenzo’s eyes to the truth that God intends marriage to be for eternity…that it is His will to restore your marriage. May the Lord convict his heart to this truth and turn his heart back to God and to you.



  300. Dear Wendy, I need a prayer for my marriage and my husband’s heart ….he left the house 4 months ago and I am afraid this time for good….i pray to God every day to save my marriage …..i love my family.

    • Maria, standing with you for strength and courage as you face this in your marriage. Praying God will grant you the desire of your heart to have your husband back home. Praying the Lord will change his heart and bring healing to your relationship.



  301. Pray with me for Father to restore my marriage and that my spouse repents for giving part of her heart to a man that is not her husband, and to close the door on her emotional affair once and for all. I prayed for God to have the man call her to break it off and he did. She then contacted him and re-established contact after 2 days. She wants to be with me but she is struggling with this EA. Thank you for praying with me Wendy, God bless you. Lead her to bring back what she has stolen from You and me Lord. Restore what the enemy has stolen and bless us hundredfold in Jesus’ name, amen.

  302. Please pray for me because my husband wants a divorce. We fought as all married couples do, bit I truly didn’t know I was making him miserable. He tends to friend women and had become good friends with two co-workers and one he is a friend to but the other he has become emotionally attached to who is married and his attachment is as our relationship was in the beginning. I truly love my husband and I asked the Lord to place an a division that is can not be repaired between them and to have her be consumed with her own husband and not mine. I ask my Lord to soften my husbands heart to love me again and to restore our marriage and to show my husband that my changes are true and that I love him so much. I pray for a hedge to be placed around my husband and our marriage to keep our family together. I pray that the Lord hears my plea, graces and blesses me with my husbands love once again in the name of Jesus Christ my savior. I know that the Lord has said “What therefore God has joined, let man not part”. Please pray for me that the Lord answers my prayers before my husband Ted files for the divorce. I ask for prayers to the Lord my God to bless me and keep his promise and not forsake me. In the name of Jesus Christ my savior. Thank you Melisa

    • Melisa, I stand in agreement with you for each of these powerful prayers you have prayed! May He work in and through them in an Ephesians 3:20 way. I love how you trust Him and His promises. As you walk in obedience to Him, I pray He will bless your obedience and your marriage.


      • Wendy, I thank you for your support. I ask for your prayers as I know in my heart that your faith in our Lord is stronger than mine and I need my faith in our Lord to fill my heart and soul as my as my plea for my marriage to be reconciled. I know my Lord should be first in my life so that I can be a better and more obedient servant. Every day I pray that through his grace he will fill me with his love and bless me with the return of my husbands love. Please Ms. Wendy pray for me as I am still lost but I am holding on and begging my Lord to bless me with the gift of my husbands love that he has graciously blessed me with before. Thank you for your support and prayers. Melisa

  303. Dear Wendy,i need a prayer for my marriage,my husband recently moved in with another woman and pretends everything is fine.he does things his way.we have 2 young children together and another one on the way,am 3months pregnant.the children are so devastated and keep asking their dad.
    Am a strong believer and i believe God will make a way.please pray for me

    • I am so sorry for the pain your husband leaving has caused you. I pray first and foremost that you will KNOW how much God loves you and your children. He will never leave you or forsake you. Praying He will provide for your every need physically, spiritually, and emotionally. And I do pray for your husband’s heart and that God will rend his heart back to you and your children!!



  304. Hi…. My husband is Shawn. We have been married a lil over a year. We filed Dec 3. I am praying DAILY for restoration and my husband to come to Christ. Shawn has military orders for NC for April but rumors are they could be moved up as early as next month. I don’t know what the Lord is working on but I am certain it is SOMETHING…. =) God has spoken thru 3 ppl so far letting me know i need to keep praying for my husband and keep loving Him as Christ has loved me… UNCONDITIONALLY and with a FORGIVING heart. We are still in the same house, just separate rooms. God has used my suffering to encourage others and bring me closer to Him. Amen! God has def been my strength n comfort. I know the Lord is workin on my husband… I pray for a miracle in my beloved Shawn’s heart, a marriage focused on Christ and a marriage God breathed new life into! =) Thank you for praying!

    • Believing with you for the Lord to bring a change of heart to your husband!! Praying you will stand strong and persevere as you seek God’s will and wait on hearing from Him. Praying with you for transformation, forgiveness, healing and reconciliation.



  305. Rob and Rachel.

  306. Dear Wendy,
    please pray for my husband and I. We are confused and hurting. We have gotten away from the Lord in our marriage. He left suddenly this past Saturday and I’m so concerned that our distance from the Lord has caused so much distance in our marriage that I pray that it can be saved. I know the only way is going back to the Lord and to the vows we made to each other when we got married in the church. Please pray for us.
    Thank you.

  307. Hello I really need a prayer my fiancé anthony hernandez he keep gitting in trouble he try his best to do better for his self but is like the better he do is like trouble fallow us I don’t know what to do any more can u please also pray for his mother miss Amelia she try her best to do for us and I know she have problems of her own please help her with her husbend !!! Thank u

  308. Christy and Tierre

    • Praying in agreement with you for God to step in and bring healing and reconciliation in your marriage.



  309. Wendy please pray for me – about two weeks ago my husband travelled to Europe to visit his parents. I couldn’t go with him because we couldn’t afford it. Almost a week after arriving in Europe he rang me to tell me how he wants a divorce & that he hasn’t loved me for years & that I have gained weight & also now he has met another woman there that he wants to get to know & continue seeing. He told me not to ever have high hopes of him ever returning. Tonight we talked & he told me the same thing that he will be coming back in 2 weeks to pick up his clothes & then leaving back to Europe. I am left now searching to rent another house because I can’t afford this alone. Searching for a job to pay the bills. I beg The Lord to forgive me of my sins, forgive any wrong doing on my part in this & for the Lord to know I will be standing for my husband because I want him back. We have been married for close to 6 years. I am devastated at all this & now another woman has entered into this marriage and how can i compete with that. I feel now that he is totally lost from me & our marriage. This is our marriage and it is sacred. Lord Jesus please help me to save my marriage. Please help me

    • Catherine, my heart breaks as I read this. I am so sorry for the pain and betrayal you are walking through. I pray God’s comfort to surround you and fill you. God is so pleased with how your handling this, asking forgiveness, giving forgiveness and seeking Him for everything you need. He will be faithful, sweet friend. I join you in praying for God to convict your husband to see his sin and turn away from this woman and turn his heart back to you. But whatever the result, your heavenly Father will never leave you or forsake you, and He will care for you and provide for your every need.

      Sweet Blessings,


      • thank you WendyB for your reply and prayers. I am standing for my marriage and I have faith the Lord will bring him back. Yes I do have fears but I know the Lord believes in marriages and why would he want us to break up so I close my eyes and imagine him back and us healing and being in love again.

        thank you for your prayers
        hugs … Catherine

  310. My apologies … my husband is Dennis

    Thanks Wendy

  311. Ron and Lisa

  312. Amelia, here to ask for more prays. Wendy,my husband Ramon is not speaking or sleeping in the
    same bed. He is not talking to me because of a question I ask, I asked if he knew a certain women and he got all up set, that every time I here him and his cousins talk about a women why he has to know her. Well since Dec.31 he has not spoken to me or selpt in same bed.Wendy it is so hard because he is so secretive about everything he does. Wendy, I wish he would change his ways.
    I pray for God to touch his heart and soften it and stop his cheating and lies. Im so sad about all this and pray that he sees that we need to communicate more and share a better life together and not be so distant. (Amelia and Ramon)

    • Amelia, I join you in praying for God to tender your husband’s heart to the pain he is causing and to convict his heart to any sin lurking deep within. Praying he will speak truth and not lies and for all things hidden to be revealed. Praying for patience as you persevere in this. God is with you and will never leave your side.



  313. Hi Wendy

    Could you please pray for my husband and myself. My husband left me and our children 5 months ago. He was going through a midlife crisis but a week after he moved out he met someone at work and has started going out with her. It has ripped our family apart. Everyday I pray for restoration of our marriage and family and for us all to forgive. I also pray that he will come to faith and will come home in a way that glorifies the whole family as well as myself. I pray that also the lady he is seeing will receive healing and salvation and that God will bring a single male into her life. Someone who will bring her to faith. Someone who has no family so that noone can get hurt. In two days time it is my 25th wedding anniversary and I would love him to come home and have a strong desire for reconcilaition. Thanks and many blessings,

    • Standing with you for each of these prayers. I am so sorry for this to be happening just before such a special anniversary. May the Lord touch your husband’s heart in a very tender and special way as your anniversary approaches. Praying for God to turn his heart back to you and to the Lord!! Praying for healing and reconciliation.





  315. Wendy, my wife of 20 years and I are separated. We have 4 children, we have both messed up during our marriage, mine the most recent but she has no forgiveness for me. I have recently given my heart and life to Jesus, something she prayed 20 years for. I felt like God had to get me at my lowest point in my life for me to give Him everything, after losing my wife, I was at that point and Jesus wrapped His loving arms around me and saved my soul but my wife doesn’t want me anymore, blaming everything I ever did to her. I have changed inside but she will not give me another chance and has filed for divorce. I am holding onto the prayer here that I just read but there is still doubt. There is indeed nothing too hard for Him! Please pray for reconcilation in my marriage, she won’t even talk to me hardly, only when dealing with our children. I just don’t know what to do!

    • Praying with you for the Lord to open your wife’s eyes to see your true repentance and bring her to a place of complete forgiveness so that you may begin healing and restoration in your marriage.



  316. Astrid & Jake. After going through a rough patch during the holidays, he left and hasn’t talked to me and wants to get a divorce. Please pray for us.
    Thank you so much.

  317. Kierra and Michael Brown