October 27, 2011

Living a Cross-Centered Life: Introductory Lesson

*****I am posting this the day before my Proverbs 31 devotional runs tomorrow, October 28th, because my sweet girl is home from the University of Georgia, and I want to maximize my time with her.  For those of you who subscribe to my blog regularly this will be the same post many of you already received earlier this week except for the first few paragraphs. ***** 

If you are visiting Living Truth for the first time because of my Friday, October 28th Encouragement for Today devotion, welcome! I am so thankful you stopped by.  We are in the introductory week of my newest on-line study on the book of Hebrews.

Each time I write a devotion, I pray for each person the Lord draws to Living Truth.  The Lord brought you here today, so will you prayerfully consider joining us for our current on-line study, Living a Cross-Centered Life: A Study of the Book of Hebrews?  We have 4000 women signed up from all over the United States and abroad, and we begin on Monday, October 31st with Chapter One of Hebrews.  What better way to spend Halloween!!  If you want to learn more, please find a short video below with an introduction to the study. 

Jesus is the Name above all names!  Do you know this?  Do you believe this?

Today we begin a journey through Hebrews that will teach and expound on this amazing Truth from Scripture.  We will spend thirteen weeks studying and learning how and why Jesus is better than anything and everything that has ever been, that is, or that ever will be.

God has brought together a beautifully diverse group of women from around the world to study Hebrews.  We represent many nations, many states, many cultures, many denominations, and many generations.  Yet We all have one thing in common…a passion to grow deeper in the knowledge of God and His Word.

I have been so excited for this study.  It is the sixth study I have offered, and I am humbled and overwhelmed your response each and every time.  What makes me extra excited about this one is my new web site.  Now, when one of us leaves a comment, others can reply to that comment, so we can really engage in discussions with each other and pray for one another…just like a small group…a very BIG small group.  And if you don’t mind, when you leave a comment, let us know where you are from.

Today the video message is an introductory lesson.  The good news is, you will not have homework this week.  The lesson includes a welcome message and historical information to provide foundation and background for the book of Hebrews.  If you would like to read ahead into Chapter One you may, but we will not officially begin Chapter One until next week.  You may also read the book of Leviticus if you have not done so already.  It is not require reading, but it gives valuable information about the Levitical priesthood and the rituals and sacrifices required under Old Testament Law.  It is helpful in understanding Hebrews.

If you have not signed up, or you have a friend or friends that would like to sign up, it is not too late.  Simply register in the sidebar.  Be sure to sign up for the  on-line studies and subscribe to the Living Truth web site.  By subscribing, you will be assured of receiving each week’s lesson in your inbox on Monday mornings.  It will remain up all week.  So if you can’t get to it until later in the week or even later, it will always be available.

How the study works:

Every Monday, I will post a video message, a memory verse, a prayer, and your homework.  Remember that the e-mail does not include the video message.  You will need to visit the Living Truth web site directly to see to the message.  Please work on your homework throughout the week, and then when you get a chance, jump on the web site and share portions of your thoughts and answers.  That is what is makes an on-line study work…you sharing from your heart and life about what you have learned and how His Word has personally has spoken to you.

The book of Hebrews has thirteen chapters, so we will meet for thirteen weeks.  Our study falls during the holiday season.  Since it is a long study and we are all busy during the Thanksgiving/Christmas season, we break twice, one  week for Thankgiving and two weeks during Christmas.  I have posted the first half of our schedule below.

October 24…..Introductory Lesson

October 31…..Week One

November 7…Week Two

November 14..Week Three

November 21..Week Four

November 28..Break

December 5…..Week Five

December 12….Week Six

December 19….Break

December 26….Break

January 2…….Week Seven

I am so eager to get started.  Please join me in praying for us and for the Lord to prepare our hearts for next week. 

Also, please leave a comment today and share what it is that brought you to this study and what you pray God will do through the time you spend in His Word through this study.  I will select one one winner to receive a Target gift card.  Please leave your e-mail address so that I can contact you if you win.  Can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

Sweet Blessings to you!



  1. Hi Wendy,
    I am looking forward to diving in next week. Until then I would like to offer a prayer.

    Heavenly Father, In Jesus’ Name, I give you all the honor and glory of this day. I lift up every person that is signed up for this study and those You will lead here in the next few days. I pray Lord that that through the power of Your Holy Spirit you would provide us with understanding of Your Word and that You would open the eyes of our hearts and that each one of us would learn and grow in more knowledge of You. Lord I ask that You would bless Wendy and her family as she took the time to create this on-line Bible Study for us so that we could learn more about Jesus. I thank you for Jesus who was obedient to the cross and I thank you for the forgiveness that his shed blood offers us and I look forward to spending Eternity with You.

    • Amen. Thank you Janet for your prayer. I too was looking forward to home work. But I’ll spend this week looking over ch 1 and Leviticus for back ground. enjoy your week everyone

    • Amen and amen. What a precious prayer from your heart. Your words bless me, and I join your prayer and agree with it wholeheartely!! May God give us a full spirit of His wisdom, knowledge, and revelation to understand the depth and richness of the Truths in His Word.

    • luz maria espinoza says

      First of all I want to Thank God and you Wendy for this lesson ; I Pray for God to give you Wendy more Knowledge and Wisdom for all that God has place in your Heart to lead and guide us into all Truth in this lesson ..In Jesus name *:) My name is Luz and I am from Brownsville Tx.. I had being being waiting for a lesson such as this one .. I have known about the Lord since 1996 that i received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior .. I have being Praying that God would teach me more about Him and about the Lord .. UI have fallen away many time since then from the Lord but He has His way of Always Bring me back to Him ..Wendy and sisters in Christ i Luz need alot of Prayer .. I have lived a hard life for my disodeince .. any way this is what i need at this piont and time in my life for the Lord.. Thx you again Wendy ..

      • Hi,

        Thank you for praying for me, sweet friend. Your prayers covering me mean so much, Luz. How wonderful the Lord brought you here to grow deeper in your walk with Him. Praying He will meet you in His Word and provide for your every need as you sit before Him with heart open wide.



  2. Mitzi from Ark. says

    Oh… and I was looking forward to homework! I am so excited to have found your site, Wendy, and can’t wait to begin. I am a very busy, tired, working wife/mother and, frankly, often use that as an excuse for why I am not in the Word everyday. I know the Lord led me to this study and it is just the thing I need to get back on track. I’ll just be in prayer for our group and wait patiently for my homework!

    • Praying now for this study to be just what you need to refresh and renew your weary heart and body!! He promises us His Word is health to our body and healing to our bones.



    • I am looking forward to this Bible study because I hunger and thirst for more of God’s Word. I also hope to meet and make new friends. Thank you Wendy for having the Bible studies online as a lot of people have busy schedules and it’s hard to meet during the week. God bless you and everyone enrolled. May God have His way through each and every one of us. Lord, let this study draw fuse closer to You in Jesus name, Amen.

      • Too funny! I spelled my own name wrong. It should be Kathi. I am from Arkansas. Thanks!

        • So excited to have you!! And thank you for your prayer for each of us to grow closer to Him and for the Lord to work His way in each one of us. What a perfect prayer.



  3. So excited for your study Wendy!! You are such a blessing:) Praying for you!!
    Colleen Young(Boston, Ma)

  4. Ahhhh! I feel like I just came home after traveling 🙂 There’s nothing like starting my week in your kitchen with my heart on fire for Jesus (along with 3000 of my closest friends)! Thank you so much Wendy. I seek to fall deeper and deeper in love with Jesus and I can tell this study will take my passion to new levels. Oh… I’m from sunny Southern California! xo

    • my thoughts exactly Noelle…very well said:)

    • Jennifer C. says

      Hi Noelle,

      Good to see youron Wendy’s page. Just wanted you to know that I have not had any diet coke and I as feeling good. I am going to be running/walking a half marathon in Arizona on Jan. 15. Please pray that I stay focused and that I get the job done. I start training today.

      Much Love


      Holly to running the race too.,

    • Noelle,

      I am THRILLED you are spending the next 13 weeks being a part of this study. I know how busy you are. These women have no idea what a blessing it will be to study God’s Word with you. Please generously share your rich wisdom, knowledge and prayers with us!!



  5. Wendy,
    Thank you so much for all time you have put into this study. I’m looking forward to learning more as I study and watch your weekly videos. I know, I’ll be also blessed by reading what others will be sharing.

    In His Grace~Tammy
    Binghamton, NY

    • It is truly my joy to prepare these studies. I look forward to the day they begin and love every day we meet together. Reading the comments blesses me beyond measure!!


  6. Michele Caséca says

    Hi Wendy,
    Hi ladies,

    What a great introduction! How much I have learned already! I can’t wait to start learning more about the book of Hebrews!

    I’m from Brazil, but I live in Calgary (Canada). I’m so glad to have a bilingual Bible, because I still struggle so much with your beautiful language.

    I’m really happy to be part of this study, and I’m looking forward to learning all the beautiful truths about Christ.

    Thank you for doing this study, Wendy.
    I love you too, and I’m praying for you and the study.


  7. Charlotte Askew says

    The day has finally arrived! One that I have looked forward to with much excitement and anticipation. Wendy, you are such a blessing to me and so many others that will join you in your kitchen this morning to be taken deeper into God’s word. I read the book of Leviticus as you instructed earlier.

    Looking forward to the interaction with others doing this study. Praying for and encouraging each other through the study.

    I submit my mind to you each week to be filled with knowledge of my Lord and Savior. Praying for you Wendy and for the entire Hebrews study group. Get ready for many lives to be changed for the better.

    I am from North Georgia (Go Dawgs) Charlotte Askew chargaile@gmail.com

    • Yea Dawgs! You know I am a fan now. Charlotte, love having your prayerful heart and rich wisdom a part of this study. We will all grow from what you share.

      Blessings to you,


  8. Wendy,
    I am looking forward to getting closer to Jesus and deeper in love with Him! I cannot wait to get started and watch my life change even more. I am from Indiana.
    I will be praying and I love ya!

  9. I am SO excited to get started Wendy! I’ve been praying for you as you have been working on this study and I just cannot wait to dive into His Word with you and all my 3000 sistahs!

    <3 Heather
    {Plantation, FL}

  10. Carol Subia says

    My church has not done a Womens Bible Study in sometime now. I miss gathering with other ladies on a weekly basis, discussing the word and the fellowship. I love studying the word, but here lately I have had a very busy schedule and could not get myself excited about starting a bible study or what book to study. Thank you for your servants heart in preparing the Bible study in Hebrews. I look forward to spending time with my many sisters in Christ.

    I’m from Midland, Texas

    • Carol, I will be covering your church in prayer…not having a women’s Bible study to offer your ladies truly breaks my heart. I cannot wait to see how God uses this study and your faith to grow your women’s ministry!

    • Love hearing from a fellow Texan! You know I was born in Texas, went to Baylor, and lived there for 11 years before we moved to Charlotte.

      I am so thankful God provided this study to you at the perfect time. Your words are an answer to my prayers!!


  11. Miranda White says

    Faith comes by hearing the word and I want to hear as much of Gods words as I can I want to study everything I can I am working on a personla relationship with him.If I keep him with me all the time I will maybe think before I do something he would not like I won’t to hide as much of his word as I can in my heart

    • I pray that through His Holy Spirit He will mightily answer your prayer and fill your heart and mind with His Word!!


  12. Kimberly cobb says


    Your online studies are so enriched with God’s truth and you have a way of teaching that make it easy to understand and exciting. I am just excited about learning God and building a stronger relationship with HIM.

    I am praying that God will continuly bless you as you bless others.


    • Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement. That is my heart’s desire..to create a venue to study the Word of God and help make it easy to understand and apply!!


  13. Kim Melillo says

    Hi Wendy,
    I am looking forward to this study on Hebrews. I did the Hidden Joy online study w/Melissa Taylor over the summer and that is what led me to this one. I really just want to draw closer to God and to learn more about him. I pray for strength and peace in my life. I also pray for spiritual wisdom and God’s guidance. I have had a rough year. I lost my Dad in December and I feel all I have is my faith in God to get me through. Thank you for leading this study and for sharing your wisdom with so many.
    Blessings, Kim (kmm106@att.net)

    • Kim,

      I am so sorry for your loss. Praying the Lord will fill the empty place in your life that your father filled with His Love, Mercy, Grace, and Comfort. May this study be a part of that filling.


  14. Good morning, sweet friends! I am looking forward to this study as well! Wendy, thank you again for your obedience in following HIm to write and offer this study to 3000 of us! Whoohoo!!! I am still on the Ephesians study “high!” from last week. I will be delving into Leviticus to be ready for Hebrews.

    Looking forward to “meeting” all of you in this precious time of study! You will be in my prayers. Sweet blessings to all of you!


    • Susan, I love having you back for another study. You will bring us such wisdom!!! Look forward to studying God’s Word with you.


  15. BTW, I am from Simpsonville, SC!

  16. Jennifer Rodd says

    I’m currently from Washington, D.C. but in a few months I will be moving to Manassas, VA.

    I’m so excited to start this study. I read Hebrews every year but I don’t remember really doing a study on it in church either in Bible study or Sunday school.

    There is one chapter I’m looking forward to getting deeper into but I’ll save that for later. I am excited about getting deeper into the whole book and learning more.


    • How exciting that you are moving. It is good to have you back with us for another study. Can’t wait to hear what chapter you are looking forward to studying more. They are all rich and full of so many truths.


  17. Marilyn Goin says

    I am from Cols. Ohio, and I have done your other Bible Studies which have been so very good. I was so excited to see you were doing aother one. I want to be in the Word and it’s helpful to do your Bible study which inspires me. I have also been doing Wendy’s walking through the Word this year and it’s been so good. I am thankful for the Proverbs 31 Ministries and all you do. Thank you so much.

    • Love having you back for another study. And I am excited to hear you are doing Wendy’s Walk Through the Word. She is one of my dearest friends. Her study is a true blessing as she pours so much of herself into what she teaches and writes!!


  18. Tina Ursin says

    Thank-you Jesus first of all for Wendy and her servants heart to lead this on-line bible study, which will help me dig deeper into your word and a whole lot of your daughters who wants to be intimately acqauinted with you my Lord, my sweet Savior, Thank-you for encouraging us Wendy and looking forward to know more about my Jesus, and I Thank-God for Beautiful sister’s in Christ, who whole heartily want to grow deeper in Love with Christ as I do. Blessing to you, and all of us united in Christ as we are his body. <3 <3 <3

    I'm living in Orlando, Fl. (raised and born form E.Hartford, Ct. though.) 🙂

  19. Dear Wendy i am so excited for this study and just so happens that my pastor is speaking on this book in church I am a homeschool mom so i don’t get a chance to get to a woman group for bible study this is perfect for me May God speak to each one of our hearts those things He wants to show each one of us and me. I look forward to what God wants to show me through this study thanks Wendy for taking the time

    • Lisa Scarberry says

      Ruthie, I too am a homeschool mom! I justhad to stop attending my women’s bibile study on Tues. mornings because the children’s bible study that happens at the same time came to an end! This is GREAT! SO happy to see another homeschooler on here! 😉

    • I always love to have homeschool moms and so admire what you do!! Praying God will meet you where you are and reveal great and marvelous new truths to you!!


  20. Carrie from Roanoke, VA says

    Wendy and Study Partners!
    I am so excited to be digging into God’s Word once again with you all. The David study really gave me such a deeper appreciation of the importance of being in His Word daily. In my life, things may not always go as I would like for them to; however, God does such powerful works to change my heart when I’m truly putting Him first! I can’t wait to desire Him more, learn His names, and a whole new meaning of Jesus!
    I pray that through this study, women’s hearts are changed, saved, and focused on more of a love of Jesus than we ever thought possible.

    • I join you in praying that our hearts are changed, saved, and focused more on Jesus and on His great love for us!!


      • A pleasant good night to you Wendy and all the ladies on the comment trend. My name is Princess Smith am from The Bahamas am new to your studies Wendy. Two weeks ago my sister sent me information on your upcoming studies on the book of Hebrews, as I sat at my desk at work reading the information I felt something move within me to sign up for the study. I don’t know what the Lord is up to but all say this much he knows what I need in this complex and trying session in my life which will rebirth my passion in his word.. I welcome and look forward to these bless weeks that the lord has anointed you to teach and share with great anticipation. I pray God’s blessed covering over your ministry in Jesus name Amen.

        • So excited to have a friend from the Bahamas!!! Thank you for your prayer covering. The Lord will do great things in and through our time in His Word as we seek to go deeper still with Him. Meet you here tomorrow!!



  21. Good Morning,
    First adventure in online bible study. I really hope I can find the time and do this; I look forward to learning His word with all of you. < Lord, give me your loving words and knowledge; You know what I need Lord, Thank you Jesus for your unconditionallove and gifts….In Jesus Name, Amen <

    • Lisa,

      I love first time girls. You will be amazed at how God will use this study to bless and grow you and draw you closer to Him. The best thing about is is that you can do it on your own time, according to your own schedule. That is why they are so appealing to women. I look forward to getting to know you better through this study!



  22. Nadine From Nevada says

    We live in a very small community and our family is currently without a church. I feel myself floundering. *sigh*

    I was part of a Women’s Bible Study at a small, local church but I wasn’t getting anything out of it – mostly because the studies focused on “self”…how God sees us vs. how we see ourselves. This is a very, very difficult topic for me. I know in my heart that God’s Word includes me – but my brain (Satan) still talks back and tells me otherwise. So once again, rather than fighting back, I retreated back into my shell and haven’t looked at my Bible in months.

    I saw this message on my FaceBook page and it jumped out at me. Guess that is the sign that it’s time to step up to the plate and dig in again. ~Nadine

    • Nadine,

      We are so excited this has drawn you back to study His Word. I pray He will use this to draw you out of your shell and out into this beautiful community of believers. Our women truly love and care for one another. Although we are big, we are connected in our hearts through the Holy Spirit. You will truly grow here in so many ways.


    • Hi Nadine,
      I read your post about not having a church home. I would like to invite you and your family to watch the Sunday morning, Sunday evening and Wednesday evening services at my church in Lucas, TX. My husband is the minister of this. Also, my Sunday school class is broadcast, it all starts at 9:30 Central time. Here is the website: http://cbclucas.sharepoint.com/Pages/default.aspx. From there click on Live!Streaming, fill out the little form on there, and you’re in. My church is Baptist, but don’t let that scare you…lol…..my pastor preaches the Word, as does my Sunday school teacher. It would be so great if you all could join us this up coming Sunday. God bless you and your family, Elena Parr

  23. I am so excited about this! I have been wanting to to join a bible study group for sometime but could never find one and when I did I didnt have time. I love that you were in the kitchen too, at my house that is the heart of the home and many conversations take place there and lots of love shared! Thank you for being obediant and serving God. I too feel a calling but am in a season of growth so I thank you for this challenge, I love Hebrews and am looking forward to what the Lord puts on your heart.

    • Love what you wrote about the kitchen being the heart of the home. I agree! I look forward to studying this book with you.



    • Mila, I hope you get his , your post about Your kitchen being the heart of the home touched me, as I sit here re reading all these posts, my grandma’s kitchen was the same way, life revolved around the kitchen. Everything that was important seemed to happen in the kitchen, as well as the wonderful smells of my grandma’s meals and quiet spirit she had for God. That’s what also drew me to Wendy’s studies. I always look to see what has changed on her counters.. lol dont tell her I said that. Her kitchen is as warm and inviting as my grandma’s was. Just wanted to add my 2 cents.

  24. I am so grateful to have this opportunity. I work full time and have
    Three kids and our ladies Bible study is on Thursday mornings. Thank you for this opportunity!

    • You are so welcome, Erika!! You do have a full plate. I pray the Lord will help you carve out time to sit alone with Him and study His Word as revealed in the Book of Hebrews.



  25. Lee from Matthews, NC says

    I feel so blessed to have discovered this study while on Facebook this morning! I am SO excited and SO looking forward to it!!!! Thank you!!!!!

    • Don’t you just love how God works??? I have prayed fervently for Him to draw the women for whom He has a special Word in this study. You are one of these women and an answer to my prayers!


  26. I’ve been reading Leviticus as you suggested. Need to finish that up. Looking forward to this study and reading everyone’s insight on Hebrews. We can all learn so much from each other. Thank you for doing this.

    • Yea!!! So love to hear that you are digging into Leviticus. It will give you great insight as we move through Hebrews.



  27. Lisa Taylor says

    This is very exciting! Can’t wait for next week. Going to try and read thru Leviticus this week! This is the first online study I’ve done and I am super excited! Thanks again!
    Plano, Texas

    • Hi Lisa,

      It thrills me to have a Texan in our group!! We moved to Charlotte twelve years ago from Dallas, Texas. I went to Baylor and so many of my friends there were from Plano. Many of them still live there. Do you know Beth Jarvie or Amy Rea? I know it is a huge place.

      So excited to have you and look forward to getting to know you!



  28. Hi everyone! This is my first online bible study and I am really looking forward to reading God’s word!

    I follow Proverbs 31 on Facebook and saw this morning about the study and thought it would be great to join in. I am looking forward to digging deeper into His word, hearing what He has in store for me, and growing my personal relationship with Him.

    • Another first timer!! Yea! I am so excited to welcome you new girls. May God richly bless you and take you deeper still as you spend time being still in His Word!!


  29. Linda Marcy says

    I have never done a on-line study but the idea of living a CROSS CENTERED Life so important.. After hearing Wendy’s introduction I’m very excited to do this. Thank you.

    • Welcome, Linda. Thank you for taking a chance on a new thing. I think you will LOVE doing Bible Study on line. God shows up in so many ways when you study His Word with this many women.



  30. Lisa Scarberry says

    I am SOOOO excited about this! It is PERFECT timing for me because I just had tostop attending my Tuesday morning women’s bible study at church, due to scheduling conflicts! This is GREAT!

    • God’s timing is always perfect!! It means so much to hear that this is meeting a need in your heart and life. I look forward to studying God’s Word with you.


  31. Stacey from Indiana says

    Dear Wendy,

    I will be honest in saying that I have never heard of this ministry before. I found a link on Facebook that directed me to your website. I am very excited about this bible study! I believe that I was directed to your website for a purpose. I’m excited to learn more about God and to grow in relationship with Him!

    • I believe He led you here as well…in answer to prayer You will love this group of women. Every study we have done has grown us and knitted us together in a beautiful tapestry. I look forward to studying God’s Word with you.



  32. Wendy,
    Happy Fall!

    I am filled with anticipation and joy knowing that we will be walking through the Book of Hebrews with you. You bring so much to all of your studies, you are a wonderful teacher of His Word and a pleasure to listen to.
    I am not sure why but I did not receive my usual email this morning I had to go to your site.
    Looking forward to 13 great weeks ahead.

    • Hi Karen,

      Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. They fill me up at the beginning of a study when I have so much anticipation.

      Be sure that you are subscribed to the blog. You can do that in the sidebar. It will tell you if you are already subscribed. Let me know if you have any trouble.


  33. I’m so excited! Thank you for doing this. I have already learned some things in the introduction and so I can’t wait to keep learning about Jesus and his love and so much more.

    Thank you!

  34. Wendy,
    I am looking forward to this bible study. I have participated in your other bible studies and have really enjoyed them. I am really excited to hear what God has to say to all of us through the book of Hebrews. Thank you for taking the time to share your insights with us.

    I am from Ohio

    • You are so welcome. I too cannot wait to see how He will use this study, We are in our third week here in Charlotte and it has been so rich and powerful to study JESUS and only Him. I have learned so much.


  35. I am very excited to find this Bible study! I have been searching for a good study to begin with. It’s been a while since I’ve actually “studied” the BIble. I work and have 2 children, so finding time is often difficult (and sometimes an easy excuse) to do a group Bible study. One of my goals lately has been to spend more time with God’s Word and to open my heart to all of his possibilities for my life. I think your Bible study will be a great start toward this goal!

    • Kim,

      I pray the Lord will use this study to meet the desire in your heart to be back in His Word and to spend time with Him. Praying He will reveal great new promises and Truths as you meet Him each and ever time you sit down to study.



  36. Jill Teague says

    I am really looking foward to this bible study every Monday. I need to learn more about Jesus and the Bible and this gives me the perfect oppurtunity. Thank you for putting this on your website for all of us to see! Jill

  37. I cannot wait to dive into God’s word with all of you! I have really been looking forward to this Bible study ever since I read Wendy’s comment about it being the only book that focuses soley on Jesus and who He is. I’ve noticed that lately I’ve been doing Bible studies with the intent to figure out how to become a better Christian. And though this isn’t wrong I feel as though I’ve been using the Bible as a self help book instead of a way to grow closer to God and to learn all I can about Him. I pray that God uses this Hebrews study to fall more in love with Jesus and to grow closer to our King. Also my husband and I will be doing this study together so I’m excited and hopefull that it will bring us closer together spiritually and that we can have great conversations about our Lord and Savior!

    • Oh, I love that you husband will be joining us! I ask his forgiveness in advance when I refer to “girls” in my videos. 🙂

      My heart too is excited to study JESUS and Him alone.



  38. Anna Walker says

    Looking forward to this study. I really want to press into my faith and get closer to God.
    It is also nice to have other women to discuss the things we are learning together too.
    Thank you Wendy for putting this study together and bringing excitement to it.
    I have read most of Leviticus like you had suggested earlier, and will be finishing that and starting Chapter 1 of Hebrews to keep my mind alert this week.

    • Thank you for investing time in Leviticus. It will really enrich your study of Hebrews to have that background. And you are so welcome for putting this study together. It brings me great joy!!


  39. I recently discovered Proverbs 31 ministry through Facebook. The messages have touched so many of those secret places I hide from the world.

    I have been homebound from a back injury for many months now. I can’t work or drive anymore or even tolerate going to church. I have yearned for both fellowship and guided study to help me find the peace I know is waiting for me.

    Thanks for offering this blessing so that we can grow in God’s word.

    I live in North Carolina, US

    • What a blessing to know that this study will minister to you as you heal from your back injury. I pray right now for God to make His promise from Proverbs become a reality in your life…that His Word is health to our bodies and healing to our bones. As you study and ingest His Word, I pray it will bring perfect healing to your back and the surrounding tissue, muscles, and ligamants. He will be faithful!


  40. I found out about your Hebrews study via Twitter and it had the link so I joined. So looking forward to it.

  41. Hi Wendy- as I read many of these comments I am tentatively hopeful for this study. We moved to Wyoming a year ago after a year of dealing with my middle daughter’s serious health condition which ultimately required a bone marrow transplant. My husband had taken a new job prior to her getting sick and after the diagnosis and treatment plan he had to move to start work, but we (myself and kids) decided to stay because the best treatment was close by and we had family, friends, and a huge support group to help us through. LIving separately was not easy but we made it. Since we have reunited in this new community I have REALLY struggled with loneliness, lack of friends, church/my faith, and just feeling out of place. I left all of my family and the area where I grew up along with MANY wonderful christian friends and an active church to move to an area where faith seems hidden under a rock. It has been a very tough group of people to get to know. When my daughter was sick I felt so close and confident in the Lord’s calling and His companionship, even confident in the move and my husbands job. I felt daily the presence of prayer and intercession from others. As she has healed and things have slowly gotten back to what’s supposed to be “normal”, my relationship with God became replaced with trying to function as a mom, wife and life in a new place, learning what our “new normal” is supposed to be. I just cannot seem to connect. I pick up my bible or books and I just cry. I long for the comforts of “home”. I am hoping by committing to this study I can begin to find my place in God’s protection again as well as connect with some on-line friends/sisters in Christ. If you are lead to prayer I ask you pray I will be able to stick with it and will find the need to stay accountable as well as the encouragement! Thanks for your work with Proverbs 31 Women!

    • Praying for you, Janna K! I feel that God led us here for a reason.

    • Sweet Janna, I am praying right now for the Lord to use this study to fill you full with His Love and His Word. Praying that through His Holy Spirit He will continually draw you week after week and fill the hunger and lonliness you feel. Praying also for God to bring godly women and families across your path to fill your lonliness. Praying He will return to you the “JOY” of your salvation. I know this study and the women in it will truly bless you and touch your life in a fresh way.

      Blessings to you,


    • Shawnia Holler says

      Janna- You are in my thoughts and prayers. My husband two children and I lived in Cheyenne Wy. three years ago. We attended a Church called Cheyenne Hills. I didn’t know if that is one you knew of. I also have some great friends their if you would like their names and numbers. Where are you located in Cheyenne. My husband was a boss there at the Wal-Mart D.C. I under stand the moving finding a Church and meeting new friends. We moved to Utah a year ago. My husband is a boss at the D.C here. I love the schools and sports programs here, but the big part is we have not found a church. I know God has a plan. Praying you have a blessed day. Love Shawnia. Phil.4:13

      • Shawnia- I wish we were in Cheyenne. We are in Worland (about 5 hours from Cheyenne) it is a small community with a few very small churches. Most of the women work full time here. There is several bible studies at night, but I work 2 evenings a week and have 3 active kids so feel like taking my time to do a study only takes me away from being a mom the evenings I’m free. Thanks for the encouragement and I look forward to staying connected thru this study.

    • Janna,
      Although I have not experienced what you’re going through, I can relate to the loneliness and lack of friends. It takes me awhile to form close friendships, and since grade school it seems that my closest friends move away, or the friendships change for one reason or another. I pray that God will use this online study as a way for you to feel connected and grow closer to Him.

      In Christ,

    • Susie in Wisconsin says

      Dear Janna–

      I went through at have had to go through 2 more episodes of my daughter’s serious bought with cancer. I know how hard this must be on you and your family but cannot fathom how hard it must have been with your husband far away. The new normal came with a big change for me as well. In my case, my 3 older children moved out of the house starting out on their own. After the year of treatment I came home to a very different life.

      I am praying for you, your daughter and your family.
      Thank you for sharing this information.

      With hope,


    • Janna, Please know that I will pray for you~ I moved here to the Sonoran Desert , 1000 miles from all my family and friends, 4 years ago. I too struggled with some loneliness and I think homesickness, but a song called “You Will Never Walk Alone” by Point of Grace spoke to me and I had heard that song many times, but it was not until I clung to the promise, “I will never leave you nor forsake you. Hebrews 13:5” that I began to feel peace and God has brought some beautiful people into my life here. I know He will do this for you~ God Bless You and your family.
      Patty , in Whetstone, AZ

    • Charlotte Askew says

      Janna, this is the perfect place for you to be. You will be richly blessed. You will have the chance to meet and interact with many Christian friends here on Wendy’s site. Your relationship with God will deepen and become stronger. God hasn’t gone anywhere…He is waiting for you.

  42. I am a pastor’s wife and teach a ladies’ Bible study. It is wonderful to find someone sometimes to feed me! I’m the mother of 5 children…4 grown, one still homeschooling w/ special needs, and 4 grandchildren. I’m excited always to learn more about my savior, Jesus Christ. I’ve been saved 41 years and still learning, still can’t get enough. God bless you, Wendy. I’ll be in prayer for you also as you prepare for this study. I already know Satan is working to put up road blocks in the lives of those who are participating as well as in your own to hinder if he can. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to minister to so many.

    • Teresa,

      How wonderful that this will be a place for you to be filled. Being a Bible teacher, I completely understand what you are saying. Thank you for praying. I will rest in those prayers as I prepare each week.



  43. Hi Wendy; I am signing up to your online study of Hebrews. I found you through Facebook. I am a friend of Proverbs 31 Ministries.

    I look forward to studying Hebrews with you and learning what God has for me through this study.

    I have been studying Jonah as well. I find it very interesting and have learned so much through it. I look forward to and am excited to see what God will be teaching me through this study with you.

    Thank you for taking us through the book of Hebrews.

    • I studied Jonah last year and LOVED it. We used the Priscilla Shirer study. She is probably my favorite Bible teacher. I am excited you will be joining us!


  44. I felt I was led here this AM and so I am honoring my leader. I have been in prayer for some time now that I could/would have deeper and stronger meaning of who God is and become the Christian that God has intended for me. I struggle with some of the “history” of things and want a better understanding so that I can fully grasp how great our God is. It’s one thing to intellectionally and emotionally believe our God is good, it is another to know WHY he is.

    Looking forward to this study, and walking through Hebrews with you all.


    • Cindy,

      You have chosen the best book to answer the cry of your heart! This book will delve into history. It will give you the most amazing and full picture of God and Jesus. I cannot wait to hear how He uses this study to deepen your knowledge and your personal journey with Him. Please remember to share!!


  45. Hi Wendy,
    I have really been looking forward to this study! I’ve already learned from today’s introduction. I kept thinking I didn’t have time for one more thing, but since I first saw it on your blog, I’ve been thinking about it and kept going back to reread the information. Eventually, I knew I had to sign up and I’ve been waiting eagerly to dig in. Thank you for offering this!

    In Christ,

    • Laura,

      On-line studies are perfect for busy women like you. You can do them in your own time. God will do something wonderful and rich in your time with Him because you have obeyed the call to study Hebrews. His Word promises that blessings follow obedience!!


      • Wendy, thank you for your encouragement! I love on-line studies. Where else can I study in my PJs? (smiles!) Earlier this year I was led to start an on-line study through my church. I knew nothing about it, but followed God’s leading. We are now studying our 3rd book, and I’m serving with Melissa Taylor on the P31 Gather & Grow Online Groups. God works in wonderful ways!

        God Bless,

  46. I am very much looking forward to this study. It was an answer to prayer; I was struggling with making time to read and study the Word and prayed for help and a few days later got your e-mail announcing this study. I struggle with studying on my own and not having clear direction. Thank you so much for this and I look forward to getting to know all of you as we start this study together. I pray that we will all grow and learn from it! God Bless from Cheyenne, Wyoming!


    • Wow!! It just moves me deep in my heart when I hear how God used this study to answer a woman’s prayer. That is what I pray…for Him to draw those women who are hungry for more of Him. You are an answer to my prayer!! 🙂



  47. I’ve been truly blessed by this Blog Wendy. God continues to use you, amen! My girlfriends and I just finished up a bible study and were praying/thinking about what study we should do next. It so happens that your offer for the Hebrews study popped up in my email and I said “Ladies this woman of God has been used to touch my heart and she is starting a FREE bible study on Hebrews, wanna do it!” So hear we are…we will be meeting every Wednesday (that’s the night that works for us) to discuss, pray and encourage one another. Thanks for using your gifts to bless us and help us dig deep! Hugs~

    • Rachel,

      How wonderful that a small group of women will be doing this study together. My prayer for you is that your group will become strongly unified in the TRUTH of Jesus Christ. I pray that in this unity, you will grow deeper and closer…that He will knit your hearts in a very powerful way and strengthen you as never before. Please be sure to share how God uses this study in your group!!



  48. Hi Wendy! I always enjoy your online Bible studies and I’m excited about this one as well. 🙂 I’m also looking forward to connecting with all the other women who are studying as well. What a blessing and a joy! I am located in the beautiful Amish country of North Eastern Indiana.

    • Thank you for your kind words about the studies. It means so much when you girls come back time and time again. God uses these studies to do great Kingdom work, and I am so honored to be a small part of what He does through His Word.


  49. jane bryson says

    OH Wendy! My daily devo this am was on living a cross centered life! Then I went out to feed my horses and there sat a bald eagle watching every step I took! I could not wait to get to your study today. Lord, hold our hands as we start this journey with your sweet servant Wendy. Let’s go Lord!!!!!!

  50. Monica Harrison says

    Hi Wendy 🙂 I am across this website and study from a fellow homechooler who posted it on our Homeschool Yahoo group. I am a homeschool mom and she had recommended this study because of it’s flexibility around our crazy homeschooling schedules 🙂 Look forward to joining you 🙂 Monica Harrison

    • Monica Harrison says

      This is my first time doing a women’s study like this and I am so excited to hear about it! I have 6 kids and homeschool 3 of them, my youngest is 1 and it get’s busy so this is my perfect getaway to dive deeper into God’s word! Thank you!

      • Another homeschool mom!! I love having you all join our on-line studies. You have six children and live in Orlando…do you take them to Disney??? That is our family’s favorite place to visit. We will be going there for Thanksgiving.

        So excited to have you. I know your pour out so much into your children, so I pray the Lord uses this study to fill you up.


  51. Good morning ladies!

    I did my normal “mom” stuff today after dropping the kids off at school and getting in some quick grocery shopping. While leaving the grocery store, God really laid on my heart that I needed to get involved with another Bible study.

    (I am coming out of a prolonged period of depression, and the Lord has really shown me the past few weeks that He has been there for me and has been waiting for me to seek Him. It’s so reassuring to know that our Father cares about us individually.)

    So, after I put my groceries away, I see this link on my Facebook page with the information about the online study. I knew immediately that God wanted me to join this study, and I was excited to see that it was not too late to join. What a “coincidence” that it started today….

    I look forward to spending time with each of you and praying for and with you all. I praise God for leading me to this study and am excited to see what He will share with each of us.

    Emma (TX)

    • Emma,

      What a beautiful story!! Don’t you just love how God does just as His Word promises. He says when we seek Him with all our heart, we will find Him. He did this for you today. Praying He will use this study to return to you the “JOY” of your salvation!!



      • Thanks for the encouragement! I just wanted to check in and say how much I am enjoying reading Leviticus right now. It is not as easy to read as the Gospel, but the Lord has put a joy in my heart for spending time in His Word again.

        It feels good to have JOY again!

        Thank You Lord for seeking me and sending me back to Your Word!

        Emma (TX)

  52. Monica Harrison says

    PS I am from Orlando, FL 🙂

  53. Rebecca Lewandowski says

    Hello All,
    I’m so happy once again to have the oppurtinity to be apart of this womans bible study.I was looking forward to homework as well.I have read Leviticus as instructed.At my church we’re also learning more about Jesus and how he IS ABOVE ALL THINGS .God is so Amazing.I want to be on fire for God All the time.God is working on me I feel it.Thank You Wendy for taking the time to make this study possible for many of us woman around the world .May God continue to bless you and your family.I have been apart of this study since your David study.I have learned more about God because of your on-line bible studies.I now read my bible every morning.I enjoy spending time with God.
    Hammond ,Indiana
    God Bless You All

    • Thank you for your kind words about the studies. They bless me!! I am excited that you are back for this one, and I pray God will do a new “thing” as you open His Word and study the book of Hebrews.



  54. Dear Wendy,
    I too found your Bible study through Proverbs 31. I am 38 weeks pregnant with our 2nd child and have a very wonderful 2 yr old daughter, and we just moved back to Virginia Beach, VA after 3 years in Okinawa. My husband deploys to Afghanistan in January for 7 months, and i’ve been struggling a lot with knowing how to be there for my mom who is in OR right now and in a bad place emotionally. Needless to say during a time when I know I really need to be in the Word, I am finding it very hard to reestablish my quiet time with the Lord and I am very hungry for focused time in Hebrews with you and these other precious women. Please pray that I stick with this study and that God uses it to reawaken the hunger and passion for His Word that I so desperately want and need. I just want to fall more in love with Him and truly set Him as the number one priority in my life. Thank you for your faithfulness.
    God please bless this study and use it to change our lives and draw us close to you. Amen.

    • Grace,

      First I pray for your husband and for God to keep His hand upon Him as he deploys to Afghanistan. I also pray for God to do just as you asked…to give you a hunger and thirst for more of Him and His word…to meet you where you are and fill you full as you seek to go deeper still with Him. You will not be able to help but fall deeper in love with Jesus as you study Him in this amazing book that is ALL ABOUT HIM.



  55. Shawnia Holler says

    Thank you so much Wendy for all you do. I have done some of your other bible studys. I LOVED each one of them. I have a Wendy Blight folder with all my past studies I have done with you. I go back and go through them often. I am EXCITED for this one! I love all that God has for us. Plans to prosper and not to harm, plans to give us hope and a future. Each day is a gift from God. I pray for God’s will to be done in each and everyone of our lives. Have a blessed day, With Love and Prayers, Shawnia. Phil.4:13 .
    My Amazing husband , two Amazing Children and I have been living in Utah for a year. We are from Northern California. We have lived in 3 different states in the last 5 years. Two years in Wy. Two years in FL. and one year in UT. We are grateful for all the friends God has placed in our lives upon our moving.

    • Oh, my goodnes. You have moved around a lot! I love Utah. I spoke in Salt Lake City a few years ago and the women were wonderful and so hungry for the Word. We are thrilled to have you join us again. And thank you for sharing how God continues to use prior studies to speak to you.


  56. Thank You Wendy!

    Looking forward to it!

    Hebrews is a GREAT book!!! 🙂

  57. Wendy
    I have enjoyed several of your on line studies and I am always blessed by them. I have been sharing your website to some ladies at church and I hope you get more signed up.
    I am hoping to get to know more of Jesus. I want more and more of him. I can’t seem to get enough of my Jesus and I love connecting to other women who love him too. I love your new website and also that we can talk to the other girls. God be with you as He leads you in leading us.
    Many Blessings
    In Illinois

    • Thank you for sharing the studies with the women of your church. It truly blesses me to know that you have grown from them so much that you would share them with others. I am excited you are joining us again, I look forward to you sharing your wisdom and knowledge with us.


  58. Deanna Worm says

    Oh, how exciting. I had about forgotten I signed up for this study and here it is. What a blessing. I have alwasy wanted to study Hebrews. Thank you so much Wendy.
    I am from Duluth, Minnesota.

    • You are so welcome. I am excited to have a friend from Minnesota. I graduated from Edina High School…many, many years ago!!


  59. I am new to the online studies. It is a great way for me to get into the Word during the day. I love that at a click of a button, I can be linked to a study while I take my lunch break. Looking forward to this!

    I am from Missouri

    • Brenda,

      That is a GREAT idea…to do your study during the lunch hour. We are excited to have another newbie to on-line studies. Praying God will do great things in your heart and your walk with Him in and through this study.



  60. Greetings from the Pacific Northwest (the State of Washington)! I am excited about doing this on-line Bible study! I am a very busy lady (as I am sure most of you are), plus caretaking my terminally-ill husband. Going out to a Bible study is something I just could not do at this time, but having an on-line Bible study that I can do at my convenience is just the ticket! So…thank you, Wendy! I am excited to get started and to dig in and study God’s word, and to hear and read comments from my sisters around the world! God bless you all!

    • Patty C,

      I just want lift you up in prayer this morning ~as we begin this study, I know the Lord will show us grace and mercies~ new. Lord, you know that before I married and became Patty E, I was a Patty C myself~ thank you for this sister who seeks to know you more and serves her husband. Thank you for the time she will have here in the next couple of months, I pray you will renew her spirit in this study and strengthen her by your love. In Jesus precious name, Amen

      • Patty C,

        I was reading through the comments here and I had to stop and echo Patty E’s prayer for you.

        I am also a Patty C. only I am from the Canadian prairies. (funny huh?) All the Patty’s I meet spell their name with an i not y.

        Caregiving is a very hard job, and one you don’t receive training for. May God bless you and comfort you as you care for your husband.
        I pray that you will be strengthen by this study.

        I have been so looking forward to this study, that I was a little disappointed to have to wait another week. But the intro was fantastic!
        I look forward to getting to know all of you better as the weeks go on.

    • Patty,

      We are excited to have you be a part of our study. It warms my heart to know the Lord called you here to fill a need and the hunger in your heart to meet with Him in His Word. Praying He will use it to fill you and strengthen you to care for your husband as you serve and minister to him.



  61. I am so excited for this opportunity to learn more about Jesus and living a life more centered around Christ! I can not wait to get started!

    From Houston, TX

  62. Wendy–I am in awe of how the Lord can use our computers to bring people together from all over the world! It makes it very clear how just one voice for the LORD can echo throughout nations! God bless you, and I wait eagerly, anticipating the beautiful blessings, the lessons, and the “ah ha!” moments that we will all share together.
    God Bless,
    Christy (in Virginia Beach, VA)

    • I too am in awe how many women have signed up from all over the world…just today nearly 500 women had signed up by 2:00 pm. Something only God can do!!!


  63. Jan Kessler says

    Hi Wendy,

    I can’t wait to get started. I will be praying for you and all the ladies this week. Have a great week.

    Jan Kessler
    Parma, Ohio

  64. I’m really looking forward to this study. I’ve never done an indepth study of Hebrews before. I’m excited to see what God is going to say.

    I’m a home school mom of three, a music minister’s wife and a church musician. I live in Palm Coast, FL. Thanks for doing this study and making it available to us.


    • You are so welcome. Isn’t it wonderful what a large group of homeschool moms we have? I love it!! I think it is the first time we have had so many. See you next week!


  65. I am looking forward to this study for myself and for my mom. I can’t tell you how much your studies have blessed my mom and myself and our relationship with the LORD and our mother/ daughter relationship. Thank you for sharing this study with so many! GOD Bless!!!!

    • You are so welcome. It truly fills my heart to overflowing to know that these studies have brought you and your mom closer together as you study God’s Word together!! May He take you both deeper still and draw you closer to Him and to each other through this study of Hebrews.


  66. Jane from SC says

    I am so excited about this study. I have never studied the book of Hebrews and am anxious to get started. Have read the book of Leviticus 3-4 times but will read this week to refresh my memory. Looking forward to also making new friends here!

    • This has been my first time to study it as well, and it has totally blown me away. It is hard and deep, but so worth the time it takes to really dig in and understand more about our JESUS!! And Yea!! for reading Leviticus again!! Please share what you have learned as we come to things that you have studied. It will help so much.


  67. Shannon Wardlow says

    Hi Wendy!
    I am so excited to have found your site! I love in-depth Bible study and am so looking forward to getting back into the Word. I completed several studies through our church before my son was born but have had trouble actually getting to meetings since then. This is exactly what I’ve been longing for!! I am a stay-at-home mom of a two year-old son. We live in South Carolina.

    I pray that we all receive a wonderful blessing from this study and that God annoints Wendy through His Spirit and Word each week. I can’t wait to get started!!

    • So excited to have you. I love that this study is an answer to your prayer to get you back into the Word while you stay at home!!


  68. Judi Murdoch says

    I look forward to focusing on the blessed work of the cross with you all, and to pick up some blessings from you as you share what God put on your hearts. It’s so encouraging to see blessings spread.
    I love the timing of this study in particular. I just finished reading 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp. I was very blessed by it so I bought a few copies and passed them along to be ‘fruitful’ too. Drawing closer to our Savior seems like a natural step to follow Ann’s book.
    ~blessings~ from Edmonton, Alberta Canada

    • Drawing closer you will do. This book TRULY draws you closer to JESUS…to His heart, to His person, and to His ministry. So excited to have you!!


  69. Becki Woodsmall says

    Hello Wendy!
    What a pleasant surprise to open my inbox and find your email about this special study in Hebrews! I’m anxious to be a part of studying God’s word with some wonderful women. I look forward to making new friends and sisters in Christ as we travel through this book. Thank you for being available to us!
    Becki (Indiana)

  70. Hello. I am really looking forward to this study. I’ve been suffering from what I call a ‘crisis of faith’. I love God. I love Jesus. But I can’t seem to find the passion I used to have for the things of God. I have stopped going to church because I just can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. So I thought that maybe this Bible Study could help me find my way back. I’m looking forward to it.

    • PS. I’m from Houston, TX

    • Judi Murdoch says

      Hi Tamara. May I just encourage you to sit in a quiet place with your bible and ask God to meet you there and help you to draw near to Him? Ask Him to show you what is in your heart that’s keeping you from a close relationship with Him. Then sit and do a little ‘soul searching’ to hear what He says. It’ll prepare you to meet Him in this study. Remember the warning to the Laodicean’s in Rev chapter 3. He is a jealous God for your affections. You are very LOVED by Him. ~blessings~ Judi

    • Hi Tamara,

      God led you here, sweet friend, to draw you back to Him. This is the perfect book to speak into your heart and fill it full. Praying He will give you an unsatiable hunger for more of Him. Praying He will open the eyes of your heart to see Him in new and fresh ways. We are so excited that you have said “yes” to God and “yes” to this!!


  71. Hi Wendy! I was drawn to this study because I love to dig into Scripture, and Hebrews is one of my favorite books! After becoming aware of you and your ministry through Melissa Taylor’s online study of your book, I thought this would be a perfect way to solidify some of what God has been teaching me recently. The main thing He’s doing with me is solidifying in my heart what he really accomplished on the cross when Christ took all of the sin, hurt, and pain we’d ever have to deal with while on this earth. I’ve been a Christian for 12 years, and it’s only been within the past year that I think I’ve really begun to grasp the magnitude of the sacrifice Christ made for me personally. I’m looking forward to growing and learning with this group from the mountains of Western Pennsylvania.

    • This sounds like the PERFECT study for you. God is meeting right where you are, and He will begin a beautiful journey in Hebrews to take you deeper still with Him!!! Can’t wait to hear what He does in your heart.



  72. I’m currently going through a divorce and a friend of mine told me that the person I should be closest to right now is the Lord. This study is landing right at the right time in my life. Thank you Lord for putting the right things in the right place at the right time..

    • God’s timing is ALWAYS perfect. Praying He will draw you closer and closer to His heart as you sit at His feet and study His Word.


  73. Very excited about the Hebrews study as well. I found my way here earlier this summer. My friend forwarded me an email that had that very powerful prayer for marriage. My husband and I have been separated for 2 years now, and he is being not only mean but down right hateful toward me, and using our children, and on top of it all I lost my job. I did the hidden joy bible study which was a blessing for my soul. I’m looking forward to continue to grow in the Lord. I’m looking forward to continuing to find peace and strength in his name alone.

    • We are so excited to have you. I am so sorry for the pain you are suffering in your marriage. Praying this study will meet you in a very personal way and heal much of the hurt and stress you are experiencing. God will be faithful to meet you where you are and speak into your heart and life.



  74. Hi Wendy!
    My name is Deanna and I’m from Texas. I am SO looking forward to this study of Hebrews and growing in His word. I feel like I have been doing so much praying for others and worrying about their relationship with Christ, that I have been disconnected from Him and have become distant in my own relationship. I have decided it’s time for me to renew my mind, remind myself that the only one I’m responsible for in a relationship with Christ is me, and be refreshed by His living water. I can pray for others, but I can’t change them. That’s His job, not mine. I’m ready to focus on Him and His word and me being His daughter. I miss my Daddy and need His comforting arms to engulf me and bring me back to where I belong…focused on Him.

    Thank you for this study Wendy! May God bless you and yours in all that you do!
    In Christ,
    Deanna Clardy

    • Deanna,
      This is exactly where I am at.
      I feel that I have been spending all of my time worrying and praying for others and have neglected my own growth.
      You can’t be very fruitful, when the tree isn’t getting any water.

      I am so glad to be doing this study!

    • Oh, I just love how He is meeting you where you are…hungering for more of Him. He will do great things in your heart and life through this study because you are seeking to know Him more. He is faithful!!


  75. Susie in Wisconsin says

    Hi Wendy,

    Thank you for this time to get to know the others in this group. I am so happy to be apart of this study, waiting for weeks for the study to start. I have always been a believer, a follower of our Lord but since my daughter’s (Kelly) grave illness I have craved a closeness with Him. During the year of hospitalizations, surgeries I leaned on the Lord to surround me with His love. Since I have delved into the online Bible Studies, joined Proverb’s 31 and meet the most remarkable women.
    I hope to learn more of Jesus and His Life, I pray that more and more of our Lord will be revealed to me.

    I am a mom, a nurse and a wife. I have 4 adult children. Now a true empty nester with Kelly starting her first year at the University. My other children know who Jesus is, who God is but struggle in this world to realize the truth He brings. 2 of them are in science fields, a pharmacist and doctor whom I hope to set an example of the importance of belief in our great Jesus and God. The third is still struggling to find his way and I pray he is brought in closer to the Lord by the Lords strong right arm! Life’s temptations have been this son’s trial. My youngest child is Kelly herself. I pray she has no more relapses of cancer, that she can live a long, health earthly life content and happy. She started the University living in the dorms and hates dorm life. She was so hoping to make new friends but since it has only been almost 2 months,not yet met any new friends she is discouraged.

    I am so happy to be apart of this study and cannot wait to see what will be revealed to me.

    Oh, I almost forgot. My husband retires next week and will be home. I still work part time so this will also be a time of great adjustment.

    With love and hope,


    PS–I have 2 bichon’s (curly little lap dogs) and 2 cats now to ease my loneliness.

    • Thank you for sharing about your family with us. Praying God will use this study to bring strength and peace in the midst of all this change in your life. Praying He will give you peace and quiet your heart to hear His voice as you meet Him in His Word.

      I have a bichon. His name is Texie. They are the cutest dogs!!!


  76. I forgot to leave you my email address!! Sorry about that…it’s deanna.clardy@yahoo.com and my blog address is: http://www.frombrokentobeautiful.wordpress.com
    Thanks again!

  77. I found this study when I was researching ways for the women at my church to stay connected despite busy lives. I love the discipline and enrichment that group studies bring to my life. I love to hear God speak through the Body and how He uses us to encourage and edify each other. This type of study combines my need for the Body and Bible study and my season of craziness with 2 toddlers, one baby on the way and working full time. Thank you for offering this.

    Everett, WA
    swtgrl1231 at gmail dot com

    • So excited this study meets you where you are. So many women have said that, and it shows me God has a great purpose in drawing us together and uniting our hearts. See you Monday!


  78. From Montana High Plaines… very near the Canadian border.

    Wendy, I sense your genuine and sweet spirit. Am looking forward to the study and already learned something today from the lesson. The word better…. interesting that it is mentioned so many times. I never realized that.

    Also I am interested in knowing God’s name, how it is portrayed in this book.

    Thank you for doing this Wendy and by the way, this is my first study with you and this fall is my first time joining an online study.

    God Bless You!

    • Oh, another newbie to on-line studies. You will LOVE being part of this kind of study. You can do it in your own time, and you will be so blessed by this amazing community of women. So excited to have you!!



  79. Jennifer Rasor says

    Hi Wendy,

    Thanks so much for offering this study of Hebrews online! I participated in the Hidden Joy Bible study through Melissa Taylor’s online Bible studies, and that is how I originally found out about this Hebrews study you are now doing. I had signed up for your blogs because of Hidden Joy and have gotten updates that way as well. From this study, I hope to gain exactly what you spoke about in the video above…a closer relationship w/ the Lord, and that I will become fully alive in my faith in Jesus Christ as Lord over all. I want to be a right representative of Christ at all times, not just when I’m feeling good. I’m an emotional person and dwell on the past a lot, but I’d like to move from that and live in the joy and freedom I have in Christ. I believe He’s already brought me into victory in many ways and is still working on me, as I know He will be until the day I die and am reunited w/ Him. Thanks again and God bless you!


    • Jennifer, I can see in your comment how hungry you are to be closer to the Lord. He will be faithful to do this as you sit at His feet and study His Word. We are so excited to have you!!


  80. Hello Wendy,

    I am very excited to get together with women around the world. We represent a vast array of cultures coming together as one to learn about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As we come together it is my prayer that we will go deep and savor every treasure.

    Abundant Blessings,

    Weston, Florida

    • Joan, you are right on with your prayer….the richness we will gain from the tapestry of women God has created will be so sweet and rich. I love what you have praye and agree with your prayer. I can’t wait to see what God will do!!



  81. Carol Blair says

    I am so looking forward to join in on this study of Hebrews. I know that the Lord led me to this site. After a very stressful morning along with some disappointment I came and opened up my e-mail to Wendy’s introduction to the study. I feel a sense of calm that I haven’t had all morning, so looking forward to spending these moments with all of you.
    Carol (Newton, Kansas)

    • Carol,

      I am so excited God met you right where you are through the words He gave me. It makes my heart sing because that is what I pray every time I begin a study! I look forward to hearing how God uses this study in your life.


  82. Leslie Simmons says

    Hey Ladies,
    I had been involved with a Bible Study at my church that I loved but had to stop due to children and now more children coming (I am pregnant with twins). The studies at my church don’t really fit into my schedule so this is great.
    Raleigh, NC

    • This is what i love about on-line studies!! I am so thankful God will use this to feed you while you are at home with your kids. We are excited to have you!!



  83. Hi. My name is Jennifer. Some would say that I ‘grew up’ in the church. But, sometimes I feel as though I’m still trying to catch up in the things of God. By this, I mean, my mother left the church and I did not attend on a regular basis until I became an adult. I have always loved reading and studying and joining this online bible study is an extension of that love. I have bought numerous bible studies and Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, etc. I’ve learned a lot over the last few years and I’m always eager to learn more. I came across your blog on the Proverbs 31 ministry page and I’ve been looking for an online bible study, and this one seemed very interesting.

    I’m excited to be starting this study. And, I pray God’s blessing upon all those who are going to be doing this study. Thank you for having these studies!

    • We are so thankful you found this study too. I love doing these studies and stories like yours give what I do such purpose!! Thank you for sharing. See you on Monday.


  84. Thank you Wendy for preparing this study for us! As a recent born-again Christian, I am excited to grow more in God’s word, see what He wants to reveal to me and the study gives me the chance to really read through Hebrews, (which will be new for me) instead of just being given different verses to look at. This is my first online bible study and I am just so blessed that God has lead me here! Have a blessed week ladies and look forward to growing with you all!

    • Thank you for choosing this to be your first on-line study. You will love the women you meet through this study. We have an amazing fellowship!! You will grow so much as you spend time in this amazing book of Hebrew! See you Monday.

  85. Dear Wendy and sisters in the Lord from all around the world,

    I am so blessed to be here in such a time as this. Before telephones or computers, I imagine His Word was studied individually or in church groups~ our outer reach seemed limited, unless we went to mission trips or theological schools. We have been blessed to live in the age of technology. Since I learned of the Hebrews study, my heart sang for joy! Joy that God has a special gift for me, and for you! God is honored when we seek His face through studying His Word ! I know He is specially touched when we step out of all we are familiar with; (Church, friends in our daily lives, groups or workplaces) to get to know Him more intimately in unison with other Christians/believers.

    It is my prayer that, by the will of God and through the Power of the Holy Spirit , that this study will resonate into the hearts of every student and that God will be glorified in our lives, because of obedience in us to “II Timothy 2:15
    Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

    I found Wendy’s site through Proverbs 31 ministries which has greatly enriched my walk with the Lord~ I know God has brought me to this place and I thank Him and Praise Him for Wendy. I ask God to defend her as she leads us into the book of Hebrews and its rich history and instruction. I ask God to give Wendy the anointing of His spirit, as the Daughter of the King and beautiful sister that we all have!

    I live in Whetstone, Arizona 🙂 just about 50 miles southeast of Tucson!

    Patty Ellefson

    • Patty, thank you for these most precious prayers for us, for this study, and for me. Your heart for God shines through your words and your prayers. We are so blessed to have you be a part!! I look forward to getting to know you better.



  86. My love, hunger and thirst for God has brought me here through the love, wisdom and knowledge of Wendy. It is my sincerest hope and prayer to absorb a deep spiritual understanding of God’s character and His ways. I’ve always loved the Lord and I find myself wanting to grow closer to Him as I grow older. He is the most important person in my life and as I surrender and commit my life to Him, I find myself wanting to work for Him, always honoring, trusting and obeying Him in all that I do and say. I pray that God, through me, will equip and empower me with His amazing knowledge to teach and touch the lives of my husband, Bill, my children, Aja, her husband, Rick, and my three other precious pearls, B.J, Jenna and Todd by sharing His powerful word so that they, too, will live their lives for Christ for there truly is no other way to live life.

    Cynthia G. Boyer
    West Chester, PA

    • Cynthia, how it must please the Lord to know the desires of your heart that you have expressed here. I pray that He will answer your prayers as He promises in Ephesians 3:20…that He will do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that you could ever ask or imagine!! So thankful to have you be a part of this study.



  87. Jennifer C. says

    So good to see you and your kitchen again! Very excited to learn all about Jesus. JESUS is the reason! Thank you for all that you do.
    Much Love,
    Jennifer from Missouri

    • I LOVE being in my kitchen when I teach the study. It brings such warm feeling in my heart to set up and stand at the counter with my Bible and notes in hand. Thank you for this sweet note of encouragement!



  88. Hi Wendy!
    Hi Everyone!

    I am so very excited to start another study with you Wendy! I have been blessed with the opportunity to join several of your online studies. I can’t even begin to tell you how special you and these studies are too me. I recently left a comment that I have desperately been praying and trying to convince one of my sisters to join this study, and I want to thank you for praying for her as well. I am pleased to tell you that she (Candy) tells me she DID sign up and is planning to join us! YIPEE! So, I am really looking forward to participating in this study and being able to share this experience with her (she’s in Florida and I’m in PA) and it’s all through the grace of God, and your willingness, Wendy, to submit to Him and His will for you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing the work you do for so many! I’d also like to say, that I am participating in a weekly small group bible study with some wonderful ladies at my church that I found on Proverbs 31 Ministries. It’s called, Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study Girl by Lysa Terkeurst and it is a wonderful study too! Again, I thank you and all of your friends at Proverbs 31….you are all very special ladies and God bless each of you! CAN’T WAIT TO BEGIN HEBREWS!!!!

    • Tammy, I SO rejoice with you that your sister said “yes” to this study!!!! Praying now that God will tender and prepare her heart even now to receive all that God has for her in this rich and deep book of Hebrews. I pray He will meet her right where she is and reveal to her the great love her Savior, Jesus Christ has for her!!!

      Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement to me personally and to Proverbs 31 Ministries. It means so much to hear how God is using what we are doing.

      Sweet Blessings,

  89. Hi Wendy, I found your site thru Proverbs31 on Facebook. I have never done an online study like this before. I am a homeschooling mom to three teenagers. My church does have a Ladies Bible Study but it meets in the morning when I am busy doing school work with my kids. I have really missed having that fellowship. So, I am hopeful that I can keep up with this study online. Although I have been saved for many many years, I have been drawn to getting to really know God better over the last few months. So looking forward to diving into Scripture and digging for truth. Thank you so much for offering this!

    Kimberly (from Western PA)

    • Yea! Another homeschooling mom!! I just love that God is using this study to create a venue for you all. I pray that the Lord will open your hungry and thristing heart to receive all He has for you.

      Sweet Blessings,


  90. It has been a while since I’ve done a bible study and I am looking forward to really diving in to God’s word, growing closer to Him and sharing with other Godly women.

    Frisco, Texas

  91. Hi Wendy,
    Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I am very excited to join you for another study and look deeper into God’s word. I have recently become a stay at home mom, and am struggling with the adjustment and with understanding God’s plan for me in my new role. I am looking forward to being challenged and guided each week with your lesson and homework, and hope that through my obedience to God, He will reveal himself to me in a very real way.
    Thanks for your ministry!
    Sarah from Chicago, IL

    • I so remember when I first started staying at home with my kids. Sometimes I felt so lonely. I would have loved an on-line study like this. I am so thankful the Lord brought you here so that you can be a part of this incredible fellowship of women. We are so excited to have you. I know the Lord will use it to bless you and fill you in this new role in your life.



  92. Hi I am new here. My name is Valerie, I stay at home with three children 5 and under and I live in Canada. I have recently read a few of Joyce Meyer’s books and have started reading/studying the Word for the first time in my life. I enjoy Proverb 31’s daily devotional and I haven’t read Hebrews yet. I look forward to learning more about Jesus Christ through this study and as I delve deeper into understanding the Word!
    Thank you for letting me join you all.

    • Valerie,

      We are so excited that you will be joining us from Canada!! It is THE best feeling when you first start to study the Word of God and realize that it really is living and active and speaks to you today. I pray that the Lord will meet you right where you are and take you deeper places in His Word with Him.


  93. I am so excited to be starting the study of Hebrews. This is my first on-line Bible study and I am looking so forward to growing stronger in my relationship with God through the study of His Word. I am a regular reader of the Proverbs 31 devotional and that is how I came across Wendy’s blog. My prayer through this study is that the Lord would imprint the truths found in Hebrews on my heart and that His Word will change me. That this will not be just head knowledge but heart change and a mindset change will accompany. I love to study the Word and I love coming away from a study feeling like I KNOW more about God. I am interested in this format and the accountability that it provides. I will be faithfully praying for all of us as we commit to studying God’s Word. Bring it Wendy 🙂

    • Hi,

      Another new friend to on-line studies. We are so excited to have you!!! I agree with your precious prayer and pray the Lord will capture your heart in a very powerful way as you dig into this powerful book of Hebrews.



  94. Sherri from Alaska says

    I stumbled upon this through Proverbs 31 Ministries facebook page. My church has several bible studies to choose from but with my children and husband’s schedules I cannot attend regularly. I feel God has directed me to this. May God bless you and your teaching.

    • So thankful you found us!! This is a perfect study for a busy wife and mom because you can do it in your own time. We are excited to have you!


  95. Hi Wendy,

    I need to start off saying……God is good!! I now know that when you seek Him with all of your heart, you will be found by HIM!! I have been drawn to the book of Hebrews over the last week in my quiet time and found such a hunger for going to a deeper level. I “stumbled” on your website today and thought how wonderful to do an online bible study with you. I am looking forward in diving in and soaking it all up.

    I was born in Texas (Once a Texan always a Texan), but raised in Maryland. I am a nurse, wife and mother of 3 active children ( 15, 13, and 8). I can’t wait to begin this study with all of you.

    • Wow!! That is definitely a God story. I am so excited you will be joining us. Praying God will meet you in the midst of your very busy life and reveal life-changing new Truths and promises from His Word.



  96. Grace (BOS, MA) says

    Hi Wendy,

    I am very happy to join you and the others on this on-line study of Hebrews. This is a proof that God is always at work around us and it is Him who draws us to a deeper understanding and relationship with God!!
    God has orchestrated such events in my life now that propels me to a closer and deeper relationship with Him. What better way to know Him than through our valley experiences in life, that not only requires faith but also put it into action. God wants me to grow in Him to become a warrior from a young christian. This is what drew me to this study of the book of Hebrews, and this is my prayer for all who have committed themselves to do this study.

    God bless!!


    • Grace, I love your name. We are so excited to have you!! Praying the Lord will take you deeper still with Him as you meet Him in His Word each and every week. Through this book you will learn so many new things about Jesus..His person, His ministry, and His character.



  97. Look forward to learning more about my precious Savior!

  98. Hi,

    I just finished a 6 week Hebrews study of chapter 12.

    I’m really excited to follow you thru the whole book! Thanks for this online opportunity!!!

    • Wow!! Six weeks on one chapter. How about you teach Chapter 12??? 🙂

      We are so blessed to have you join us for this study. Be sure to share a lot when we get to this chapter because I know you will have so much to offer.


  99. Dear Heavenly Father,

    You know where my heart is right now. The struggles, needs, and desires that I am facing in my life at this time. I pray that as this study begins you take total control of my life and help me to re arrange the demands of my life so that I can draw closer to you. I have strayed and know that this is your way of bringing me back. It makes me think of the song by Matt Redman “Heart of Worship”. I feel like im being selfish in making this prayer about me Lord but I only pray it so that you can take my heart completely. I am surrendering and want to feel your presence in every aspect of this study and my life. Let this be a prayer for all the others out there who dont feel like they can post on here or are praying a similar prayer like mine in their little quiet corner of the world. Be with all of us who are apart of this study and open our eyes to all of the wonderful things that you are, also be with Wendy and speak through her to bless those of us who are seeking your wisdom. There is so much more I want to say but the words arent coming right now. So I will sit and be quiet and let you work in my heart. Amen.

    Im also from Oklahoma if there is anyone who would like to get together and do a meetup and discuss scripture or pray for one another shoot me an email. maddylovelady@gmail.com

    • Hi, I just love your prayer…I love your hunger for more of God. Your prayer pleases Him greatly. We are to hunger, thirst and pant for more of Him. That is where you are. It is not selfish. It is beautiful. I pray He will meet you in your time with Him and fill you so full of Him that it will blow you away!!



  100. Wendy and all my other sisters in Christ,
    Thank you so very much for this study and the opportunity to grow deeper into my relationship with our Lord!! It’s such a wonderful feeling to know there are woman all over the world who want the same thing I do- To know Jesus more and more each day. I can already tell from the introduction that this study is going to speak to my heart in ways I’ve never imagined. God led me to your website one day for a reason, and I’m so glad he did!! I’ll be praying for each and every one of you!! 🙂

    With love and prayers,
    Marybeth from Virginia

    • I agree. It is a wonderful feeling to study God’s Word with women all over the world. The richness of this study will be so much more because of the diversity of our fellowship. I look forward to all we will share through these 13 weeks. We are excited to have you join us!! Thank you for your prayers.


  101. I am smiling, and I am sure God is as well. To see His daughters (son’s too) joining together to learn more of who He is. I look forward to this and already feel part of the group.
    Thank you Wendy. You have “beautiful feet”!
    Carol Hendley

  102. Christie Ulrich says

    Hi Wendy!
    I heard about your study through a devotional you wrote on Proverbs 31 Ministries. One thing about myself that I want to change is I tend to be hesitent to begin new things. Alot of times I participate behind the scenes but for some reason I couldn’t help myself, I just felt so drawn to join in! I can relate so much to knowing God has great things for me but letting my old way of thinking keep me from walking in God’s best. I’m really excited to begin!
    Love, Christie (Missouri)

    • Yea! I am so thankful you decided to step out and join this study. We are so excited to have you. Praying God will richly bless your step of obedience and show you amazing and wonderful new things as you open His Word.


  103. Looking forward to growing in knowing God & see what He does in/through my life during this time in this study of Hebrews. Always something new as we hit different stages in life.

  104. Maria Caulder says

    Hi Wendy,

    I’ve been thinking about joining a study group but have been unable to find one that could fit my busy schedule. This is also a great opportunity for me to study with my closest and dear friend, whom I’ve missed so much. She has been a tremendous influence and a great spiritual mentor for me when I struggled with my faith in Christ. I shared this link with her and praying she would join as well. We don’t share time as much since I’ve moved to Florida, but we remain close and she’s always a phone call away for any need I may have for prayer. I’m very excited to be a part of this study and will pray for you as you begin this journey.

    In Him,
    Maria (Orlando, FL)

    • Oh, how wonderful that this study will bring the two of you together!! That makes me so happy. Praying the Lord will richly bless and stretch your friendship as you embark on this journey together.



  105. brenda Lehman says

    Been praying for a way to grow closer to God. and was lead to this study. God is so wonderful. Looking forward to getting started. Brenda ( Pa)

  106. Hey Wendy,
    I can’t wait to get started and learn more about Jesus! I am hoping to have a few friends join in as well, and I am looking forward to making some new friends through the study. Have a blessed day!

    Tobi (from Southern California)

    • Hi,

      Praying your friends will join you as well. It is always such a blessing to be in the Word with friends and grow together. We are so excited to haveyou!!!


  107. Robin from VA says

    Hey Wendy,

    I am starting this study today because I need to get back on track. I have always trusted God with everything in my life, but unfortunately I am at a place where I feel forsaken and alone and I can’t seem to find strength from God. I am at a place where I don’t want to open my Bible, or do Bible Studies, or go to Church. I am in a very scary place with myself. I don’t really recognize myself anymore. I am not the person I thought I was or the person I want to be. I wanted to start this study to make myself get back in the Word of God. Things have happened this past year and I have not dealt with them very well. I recently started counseling with a wonderful Christian counselor. I know God is working through her to help me. I know God has not really left me all alone, but my feelings are stronger than what my mind knows is true. My prayer is that I will complete this study and not give up. I plan to take it one day at a time. Thanks for what you do for so many. These online studies are truly amazing. THANKS!!!

    • I am so thankful the Lord has drawn you to this study. It is in this place that He will recapture your heart. It is THE perfect study for you because you will meet JESUS face to face. You will learn about Him all over again. He will show you how much He loves you and all that He has done for you. This study is written just for a heart like yours. Praying for you now!!! So excited you are here.



  108. I am so looking forward to doing this study and growing more spiritually. I am looking forward to a “new” me. I love being able to get with a group of people who are so eager to learn about our Lord.
    Thank you Wendy for this wonderful opportunity!!
    Tabitha Heilman

    • You are surely in the right place. As you can see from these amazing comments, you will be surrounded by women hungry for more of God and His Word in their lives. We are so excited you are joining us.



  109. Jennifer Brackin says

    Hi Wendy,

    This will be my very first on-line Bible Study! Like a few others have commented, my church doesn’t have an on-going Women’s Bible Study at this time, although we do have a pretty active Women’s Ministry – just not a Bible Study going on – so, I’m excited to begin studying Hebrews with all of you! I also can not wait to see all the different comments each week! I love there are many different areas of the US represented, as well as other countries! This will be exciting!

    Love, Jennifer
    Tuscaloosa, AL
    Roll Tide!

    • Hi Jennifer, another new friend to on-line studies. I am so excited to have you join us!! It means so much to know that this study is meeting a need in your life to spend time in His Word. See you Monday.



  110. Hi Everyone!! I am excited to join this bible study. I’ve done one of Wendy’s in the past and enjoyed it so here I am again! I definitely need to focus more on Christ daily because I often find myself surrounded by worldly influences/distractions. It is so easy to live day to day focusing on what society views as important rather than really being Christ-Centered. Thanks Wendy!

    • Traci, I so agree with you. When I am not in a Bible study, it is harder to keep my day and my life Chirst-centered. This is a wonderful study that will keep our hearts focused solely on Jesus for 13 weeks. I cannot wait!!



  111. I just saw you wanted us to let ya know where we are learning God’s Word from. Well I’m in Kansas City Kansas

  112. Jan Stiggins says

    Hello from California! Very excited about the Hebrews bible study! My prayers are for you Wendy and all the followers who are participating in this study! God bless!

  113. Yes, I’m so excited, had to miss the last study. My prayer is that the good Lord will fill us all with his knowledge of his word…Thank Wendy, for all that you do…

  114. Lydia Lott says

    Yes, I’m so excited, had to miss the last study. My prayer is that the good Lord will fill us all with his knowledge of his word…Thank Wendy, for all that you do…Ambrose, Ga.

  115. Oh I am so glad you are doing this study. This study I hope will draw me closer to the Lord. I am not dealing with a family situation very well. I wanted to do it my way and not wait on the Lord.
    I know he has a plan and in his time things will work out . I forget sometimes when I pray if it is “His will.” Pray for me to have patience and lean on the Lord.
    May GOD Bless you.
    Thank you
    Susie in North Carolina

    • So excited to have you join us. The Lord will meet you right where you are and speak into your life and into your difficult family circumstances. He will be faithful!!



  116. Lisa from SoCal says

    So excited to have found your website and bible study online. I participate in 2 bible studies with my church, but am unemployed and have alot of free time on my hands. Don’t want to let the devil find a way in through idleness, and I am looking forward to being filled with God’s word an richness of His bounty. Thank You

    • Wow, how wonderful that you are using this time away from work to grow deeper in your walk with Him. I pray that He will bless your obedience and open the door to a wonderful job…the one He has hand-picked for you in His perfect timing. We are so excited to have you with us!!


  117. Teri Pflederer says

    Hi Wendy!

    I was so excited to see that you were starting a new study because I had just finished reading the Bible in 90 days with MomsToolbox and needed another study to keep me going! I was trying to get some ladies together to join me, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen, so I will be joining you! Thank you for doing this. I have never done a study on Hebrews…looking forward to knowing Jesus better!

    • We are excited that you will be joining us!! God’s timing is always perfect. If your friends change their minds, invite them to join us here. There are a few small groups doing this study. See you Monday.


  118. Wendy: You are truly a blessing. I found you when I needed to hear comforting words. I have been going through alot of stress and decided to look for a church and when I did I gave my heart again to Him. By reading the scriptures every day I have found comfort. I also bought a book from Max Lucado on daily scriptures “Grace for the Moment”. He listens and bring joy to our hearts if all we do is call out His NAME. Thanks so much..

    • Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement. I am so thankful the Lord brought you here to study God’s Word. I know He will do great things in your heart as you meet Him in Hebrews. See you Monday!


  119. Carolina Jimenez says

    I am from Boerne, Texas.
    I am interested in learning more about God and His character from His Word.
    I am glad to have a Bible Study that I can do on my own time, whether its early
    in the morning, mid-day or in the middle of the night.
    Thank you Wendy for giving of your time.

    • You are so welcome. I too love that about on-line studies. We have the flexibility to do the work on our own time, yet we have the benefit of an incredible fellowship of women with whom to share the study. So excited to have you.


  120. Hi from LI, NY. I am really looking forward to this bible study. I was in the process of selling my house during most of the summer and moved to a new apartment 2 weeks ago. It was an anxious time for me and my focus on God was lost. I missed more sunday services than I should have. God has got me through all of that and it’s my time to give back. Blessings on all of us and my prayer is that each and every one of us take away exactly what we need!

    • We are excited to have you. I am thankful the Lord will use this study to bring your focus and your heart back to Him and Him alone. See you Monday!


  121. Rachel Cook says

    I am looking forward to doing this study because our women’s group just started bunch of small group studies and none of the times/days worked for me to be able to join them. This will give me an opportunity to join in studying the Word with other women and somethng I can fit into schedule as a busy mom/wife. I love the book of Hebrews and am hoping that God reveals new things to me as we walk through this learning time together! Thank you for making this possible for all of us! It is very much appreciated! Blessings to you Wendy!

    • Thanks so much for sending this note of encouragement. I just love stories like yours where God meets you where you are to make a way for you to study His Word. He is so faithful!! We are excited to have you and look forward to studying God’s Word with you.



  122. Sue Nunnery says

    Looking forward to this study. Currently reading ‘Seasons of Reflections’ a I year bible self paced bible study. did today’s Light also (a 2 year bible study). I keep finding things I missed.:-)

    • We are excited you will be joining us!! It sounds like you have lots of rich background in the Word to share with us. I look forward to hearing from you as we move through the study.


  123. I am overwhelmed after reading all of these posts…it is awe-inspiring to read the stories and to see the way our Lord is working in each of our lives to bring us together. I am still a little dazed to tell you the truth and humbly encouraged to connect with fellow believers, all of us struggling in one way or another along our walk. This is so, so cool-like a huge electronic shout-out for Jesus! Can you tell this is the first time I have done an online study…..
    I am from Charlotte, NC and currently live in a nearby town.

    • Hi Judy, you are close to me!! I live in Charlotte. I love how you described our study…”a huge electronic shout-out for Jesus.” That is the best description I have heard yet!!! So thankful the Lord brought you here.



  124. Kerry Rodriguez says

    Hi Wendy! I am very excited for the Hebrews bible study as well! This is my first time joining you and the other ladies and I look forward to learning and growing together! Two weeks ago I had our third little boy and as you can expect he has his days and nights all mixed up. Some of my most memorable time spent with the Lord has been during those crazy schedules with my other two boys and I anticipate that it will be the same with this baby as well! This study will be a great way to help get through those late night/early morning feeding times. Thank you for all of the time and effort you have put into this study and also for the convenience of being able to do it whether it be 3pm or 3am!!

    Kerry—Kansas City, KS

    • Kerry, what a blessing to have a new baby. Mine are now 18 and 13, so I miss those precious nights holding and cuddling my babies. ENJOY every moment. That is what is so great about these on-line studies. They fit everyone’s schedules!!! I am so excited you will be a part of our study, and I look forward to getting to know you.



  125. Rachel Gordon says

    I have a small working farm in a rural area and it’s hard to get to church for a midweek bible study. I was so hungry for fellowship and women to study the word of God with and I came across the Proverbs 31 ministry which led me to you Wendy, and I am so excited about this study. It’s easy to get sidelined out here, no accountability, but I want my faith to grow, and my relationship with God to deepen and truly live a cross centered life. Thank you so much Wendy for your faihfulness in your ministry to other women.
    Be Blessed

    • Rachel, I am thankful the Lord drew you here to meet a need in your heart for more of Him and for fellowship. You will LOVE this study because both of your heart’s desires will be met. We are excited to have you!!


  126. I am looking forward to learning about many ways that Christ is better. It seems that this is a message that our modern world really needs as so many think otherwise.
    I am from Cedar Rapids,Iowa.

    • So thankful you are joining us for this study. You are so right! The message of Hebrews is one that could truly change the world if taken to heart. I can’t wait to dig in!!



  127. Blessed to find this Bible Study in my email today…Gods peace

    • Wendy,

      Thank you so much for heading up this study. I’ve been in a bummed out state the past few months and feel the need for renewal. I think this study will help me with that as I hope to learn things about Jesus I didn’t know before. I want to draw closer to Him and feel renewed and refreshed in my spirit. I want to know with all my heart that Jesus is better. Period. Looking forward to the next 13 weeks. 🙂

      • This is the perfect study for refreshment and renewal. It is deep and rich. It takes you back to the roots of your faith!! Praying He will meet you where you are and draw you closer to His heart.



  128. I loved your video. It was so well versed for the Introduction of the Book of Hebrews. I am so looking to this bible study. I want to get closer to our God and learn more about Him.
    Thank you Wendy, for doing this study for us!!!!

    Lynn from Maryland

  129. Amanda from Oregon says

    Wendy I thank you so much for taking your time to put together this study. I need this so much right now and am forever thankful to you, and Jesus for bringing me back to Him when I drifted away. I am looking forward to this study and spending time with Jesus and all these amazing women who are studying this as well.

    • It is my joy to teach this study. I can hardly wait for next week to begin with the meat of the study!! I am excited you will be joining us.



  130. Hi Wendy,

    This is my first online bible study and I’m looking forward to learning more about the book of Hebrews. I have already gleamed new information from your introduction. I am reading and studying the Old Testament and just recently fought through all the laws and guidelines in Leviticus. It sounds like Hebrews will help me see how these old laws fit into the New Testament. Hope this Southern girl (South Alabama) is disciplined enough to keep up with the study and be an active participant.

    • Twila,

      I love that you tackled reading the Old Testament and Leviticus especially. That knowledge will aid you in understanding so much of what the author of Hebrews addresses in this amazing book. Please, please when you feel led, share what you have learned with us!! It will bless us all.


  131. I am from Fairfield, CA. I have been anticipating starting this study since learning about it during the summer’s Hidden Joy online study. Jesus is breaking through my walls and showing Himself in amazing ways, and I look forward to learning more about Him in this study. Thank you Wendy for all your hard work, devotion, and caring that you put into this to share with all of us.

    • Thank you for your kind words. It truly brings me great joy to lead these studies. I pray that Jesus will continue to meet you in His Word and bring great wisdom, knowledge, and transformation to your life.



  132. Hi Wendy,

    I am so blessed and so excited to begin this study! The reason I joined this study was because I am in my 3 trimester of pregnancy and was unable to attend the women’s bible study at my church. My heart was grieved at missing the time in the Word and the fellowship of other believers, so when I saw your bible study introduced weeks ago I was overjoyed at the answer to my heart’s desire. I pray that all the women who joined into this study are richly blessed and I look forward to getting to know everyone. You will be in my prayers.

    With Love in Christ,
    Tracy – Upland, CA

    • Yours is another beautiful story of how God is using this study to meet the needs of young moms. I just LOVE it!!! We are so excited to have you. Thank you for your prayers.



  133. Wendy,
    I am so excited to join other sisters in Christ for this Bible Study. Thank you so much for sharing the Word of God with us. I love to be able to watch you on video each week it just feels like we get to know you better.

    I am from Washington

    • Making the videos is fun. I only wish I could then get in a room with you all and be with you in person!! This is a precious fellowship of women. So excited you will be joining us. See you Monday.


  134. Thank you, Wendy, for this study. I feel so blessed to be able to participate. All the women who have responded have given new meaning to sisters in Christ. I look forward to being in the word with all of you as I need to spend more time there. Thank you so much for your ministry to women.
    God bless you!
    Susan (from Flagstaff, AZ)

  135. I have been looking foward to this study starting for several weeks now. Looking forward to learning more about Jesus and learned several things from your introduction video. I’m just about done with Leviticus and have to say I am sooooo glad we don’t have to live under that system anymore. Thank you God for the ultimate sacrifice – Jesus.

    Also, believing God that He will help me to persevere through this study. Unfortunately I have started out well with previous studies at church and gotten distracted/drawn away after several weeks. I am praying that is not the case with this study and I will stay on track. (I’m from Northern Virginia).

    • Carol,

      I pray right now that you will persevere through this study…that you will so fall in love with the Jesus who is revealed on each and every page that you will desire nothing else other than continuing through to the end of the study. We are excited to have you. Trusting you will be faithful with your commitment!!



  136. Yanna Westmoreland says

    I am from Bryan, Texas and am looking forward to an indepth study of Hebrews which I have never actually done. I am in a weekly Ladies Bible Class too, but like having more than one study going on at the same time so I am always in God’s Word. I also live in a college town (A&M Universtiy) and have found myself able to share with younger women online studies I participate in so they can have studies with their roommates, with a friend, even the knowledge if they go overseas they can stay connected to God – online. I am so looking forward to this study of Hebrews. Thank you Wendy for your desire to share and open our eyes through the study of God’s Word.

    • We are excited to have you!! Please feel free to share this study with the young women you mentor and lead. We would love to have them be a part. See you on Monday.

  137. Thank you lord for answering my prayers. I been praying for a long time for someone to help me grow closer to god. I am excited to be study Hebrews with all of my new sisiter in christ. Thank you Wendy for taking the time out and sharing your time and throughts with us. I will continue to pray for you for you and, with you. And please pray for me as well the… hutson family. Thank you God bless you all

    • What joy to know that this study is an answer to your prayers!! God is so faithful. I am excited you will be with us. And thank you for praying for me during this study.



  138. I just finished the Bible in 90 Days program and was really missing the daily edification. I really wanted to do a Bible Study and this came across my facebook. I am very excited to dive in. Thank you for doing this. God Bless.

    • It is my joy to do it. So excited this came at a good time for you. We are excited to have you. See you on Monday!


  139. So glad the 24th has arrived and we can start!

  140. Hi Wendy,

    Thanks for the introduction to your bible study! This being my first online bible study I’m quite excited yet feel a little overwhelmed & anxious as to what to expect! I always said I would like to try and commit to participating in such an experience ~ so let the journey begin! May the Lord continue to bless you each day, especially during the next 13 weeks as you spread His Word!

    Blessings from New Bedford, MA! 🙂
    Sheryl D

    • I love it!! Another new on-line study friend. It is easy to participate in this because you can do everything in your own time. We are so excited to have you join us!! See you Monday.


  141. Hi Wendy,
    Thank you for blessing us with this study! I’m excited to learn more about the book of Hebrews and to grow in my walk with Jesus! This is my first online Bible Study so I’m excited to read others’ reflections of scripture as well! I hope everyone has a great week! xo, Anna from North Carolina

    • You will be so blessed by this amazing fellowship of women. I love having another friend new to our on-line studies. Praying God will meet you where you are and richly bless you as you spend time alone with Him in His Word.



  142. I am very excited to start this study. I had been wanting to do a bible study with just the bible and friends when i saw this. I’m excited to see what Hebrews has to tell me in light of the names of God. The intro video encouraged me to be ready to start!!!

    • Thankful you are joining us!! My favorites studies are the ones that are just the Bible and me (and 3800+ other women!!). See you Monday.


  143. I am very excited to start the Hebrews study! A few months ago I felt compelled to read through the book of Hebrews, and I did, but I wanted to go a little deeper, so when you first mentioned this study I signed up right away. Plus, our church just finished a 4 week Hebrews 12 series so I feel strongly that God has a message for all of us in this season of our lives. I am praying for everyone participating to walk away from this study changed deeply.

  144. I am from South Dakota. This is the first on-line study I have done with you, Wendy. I am reading through the Chronological Bible with Wendy Pope “Walking Women Thru the Bible”. I was drawn to this study because of the topic. I have been hurt in the past in women’s Bible studies and find it much “safer” to study on-line, I have 5 children. 2 daughters are married, 1 son is studying in Berlin, Germany, 1 son is a high schooler being home schooled. My oldest son has been living with his Heavenly Father for 13 years today. I am looking forward to studying with you and the wonderful ladies who are participating.

    • How blessed you have been to sit under Wendy’s teaching. She is a dear friend. Our passion is the same…to lead women closer to the heart of God through the study of His Word. I am so thankful you have chosen to join us for this study. I look forward to getting to know you over the next 13 weeks.



  145. Amy ~ Gig Harbor, WA says

    So looking forward to this study, I’ve been in a dry place for a long time. Needing to be renewed and refined as I dig deeper into the truths of Jesus. Thankful for your heart and willingness to serve.

    • You came to the right place to be renewed and refined…God’s Word does both and works so powerfully in a heart as tender and eager as yours. So excited you will be joining us!!



  146. I “stumbled” across the invitation for your study on my facebook page today. I’v never done an online study before. I’m very excited to start this study and really feel this was an answer to my prayers. I’v been going thru a very difficult time in my life and marriage that has lasted for the past 2 yrs. Sometimes the way has been so hard and looked so hopeless that I wasnt sure I was strong enough to make it thru. BUT, I know even in the times when I thought I couldnt feel His presence, that God has been with me every step and I know that He led me here as well. So as I continue on my journey of walking by faith and not by sight, uncertain of when and how this journey will end, I’m looking forward to learning more about Him and growing closer to Him thru this study and believing He will reveal Himself to me in amazing ways.
    Blessings, Sherry (from New Jersey)

    • Sherry, I love how you used the word “stumbled” as you described finding this study. We know that the Lord brought you here, and I pray that He will bless your obedience for listening and obeying. May He do a mighty work in your life in and through this study!!


    • I too “stumbled” upon this study just at the time that God had laid it on my heart that he wanted me to get involved in a study again and get back in the Word. He is definitely seeking us! My prayer is that He will comfort you in your struggles and draw you (us) all closer to Him!

      Emma (TX)

  147. Our Lord is so good. He knows exactly what we need and when we need it. I had no idea what I would be facing this very week as I signed up for this Bible study a few weeks ago, but my Heavenly Father knew. He knew I would be in need of a ladies Bible Study to be a part of. He knew I would be going through one of the biggest hurts of my life. He knew I would need this study in so many ways! Isn’t it a comfort to know…He knew! My family has been hurt deeply by our church in the past two weeks, and we are in the prayerful process of finding a new church home. I will miss the ladies Bible study, our teen group, and all the many ways we were involved in that ministry. I hurt more than words can say, but we know there is a reason for this change. I am thankful for this new Bible study that I am so blessed to be a part of. This will truly help as we seek where God wants us to serve next.

    The Lord led me here through the Proverbs 31 website. I have never participated in an online study, but am so grateful to participate in this one. I am praying for all the ladies taking part. I know we each have a struggle or longing we are dealing with right now. What better way to cope with the trials of life than to learn more about the Giver of Life!

    Thank you Wendy!

    • How wonderful to know the Lord will use this study to minister to you in this difficult transitional time in your life. I pray He will use it to fill you and bless you. I also pray the Lord will lead you to a wonderful new spirit-filled church where you and your family will fit right in and be used mightily in service to Him.



  148. Hello All, checking in from NJ!

    Bless you Wendy for teaching this study and may the Lord bless all the participants. I am a “baby” Christian and superexcited to learn all I can about Jesus.

    • Oh, a baby Christian! How wonderful the Lord led you to this rich book in His Word. It will teach you so much about this Jesus to whom you just gave your heart and your life. I can’t wait to hear how He works in your life and what you learn. We are thrilled you are here with us. See you Monday.


  149. I have never studied Hebrews so I’m excited to join this group on-line. I co-lead a study group at my church, but I just can’t get enough of the Word. This type of study seemed like it would work for me to add in to my schedule. Plus I got my sister to jump in with me. Prayers for all of us studying to have the discipline to stick with it to the end!

    • Welcome to you and your sister. I love that you are studying this book together. We are so excited to have you join us!! I just returned from speaking in Breckenridge. We flew into Denver. What a beautiful part of the country you live in!! See you Monday.


  150. Super excited to start this Bible study. This is my first online study. Thank you Wendy for taking the time.

    • We are excited that you will be joining us. You will really enjoy doing an on-line study. It is so nice to do it on your own time…and even in your pj’s if you want to. Plus we have an incredible fellowship of women to get to know. See you Monday!


  151. Sherry Gundel says

    Hi Wendy
    I am really looking forward to this Bible Study! Can’t wait for next week!

  152. Good evening,

    I’m from Roanoke, VA and I’m looking forward to learning more about the Word. I have some present trials going on in my life but I’m determined to have joy in the midst of this storm and press closer to God. No better way to find peace then in the Word so I look forward to learning more and growing closer.

    • Samantha, I trust the Lord will use this study to speak into these trials in your life and give you hope, healing, and direction. We are so excited to have you join us!!!



  153. I’m Lauren from Kentucky. I’ve subscribed to this website since the Hidden Joy study, and am really excited about diving into Hebrews. I have found that the more indepth I am in the Word, the better off I am. Thanks for doing this!

    • I just love what you said. It is so true…the more deep we go into the Word…the better off we are. I am excited you will be joining us for this study!



  154. Hello Wendy,
    I loved watching this introductory lesson video. I can see, hear, and sense your passion regarding our study of the book of Hebrews. Already I have learned much from the introduction that I didn’t know and I’ve been going to church and Bible Study regularly (meaning most Sundays and Wednesdays, and other days that we have other church related activities.

    I love it! I absoulute love reading and learning. I think if my funds would allow, I would be in a University somewhere in the world learning something I don’t know much about. It doesn’t much matter what, as long as it is taught in a fun meaningful way for me, I’ll be appreciative. There is just something about the class setting, eager students, the books, papers,pens, pencils markers. and all of the books 😀 Oh yes, and of course the passionate teacher/professor, whatever their title is.

    One of my life’s goals is to go walk where Jesus walked with our church congregation and guests, of course if God is willing, in 2013. This would make some of the congregations 2nd trip, but my first. This Bible Study will help prepare me accordingly.
    2 Timothy 2:15-26
    King James Version (KJV)
    15Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

    I’m so looking forward to this study which in turn will help me in my current journey of learning

    Thank you Wendy for your obedience, desire, and dedication.

    Thank you for your prayers and love as I send my love back to you and prayers up for all of us in this study who are here and wanted to be but couldn’t for some reason.

    May God bless us all richly though His devine Word and help to keep our hearts and our minds open, receptive and excited in our learning as we gain knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

    Love In the Name of Christ,

    • Sorry Wendy ,

      I got ahead of myself with my though process. I didn’t quite finish my sentence in the beginning of my comments .

      I meant to say I’ve been regularly attend church, etc. since 2001. And for some reason didn’t know much of what you taught on this Introductory Lesson. It proves to me that I can never learn enough as I look forward to learning even more.

      Love and Blessings to all 🙂

  155. Ok 3 times is a charm right?

    An extremely important part of learning is following directions …. and oops, I forgot to let you know where I live.

    I live in Washington State…and baby is it cold here already! No snow, jus getting wet and cold now. But the leaves on the trees and bushes are pretty 😀
    I’ve already made 3 fires in my fireplace and have turned the darn heater on a few times. Arrggggh.

    • Hi Loretta,

      We are so excited to have you join us…especially with your strong background in the church and the passion you have for learning. Be sure to jump in and share. How wonderful that you are going to the Holy Land. What a blessing that will be. I have heard that it truly brings God’s Word even more alive than it already is!!



  156. Sue Nunnery says

    I am looking forward to this bible study. Our home huddle group did the life of Paul and Acts. I have asked them to join in. Thank you for doing this

    • Hi Sue. So excited to have you join us. I hope your home huddle group decides to join us. We would love to have your background and knowledge in Acts to share and add to the richness of Hebrew. I have never studied the book of Acts from beginning to end and would love to do so. See you on Monday!


  157. Thank you for sharing this study with us! i am so looking forward to what the LORD will teach us through this study. I live in Washington state.

    • Washington state. What a beautiful part of the country. So excited to have you join us!! See you Monday.



  158. Michele bienvenu says

    wow long way to the bottom of this list!!
    Monday’s very busy so I’m just tuning in but have looked forward to getting in th His word again I used to teach women’s studies but the last 5? years have been tough deaths in the family difficult special needs child, hurtful church experience, which included hurt from husband.. my faith has bottomed out.. I cry ti the lord and He doesn’t seem to hear.. I have no one to talk to because my husband is a Christian counselor and director and everyone hear knows him.. I feel very alone ( except my girlfriends who tell me they love me) but I have a hard time believing it! I desperately need to be reminded of, to experience, and to have a faith in Jesus through my bones I need to cling to Him instead if my disbelief due to hurts… I believe.. lord help me with my belief.. so glad I found you and your ministry Wendy

    • How wonderful the Lord brought you here in your time of deepest need to learn through Hebrews the depths of Jesus’ great love and your value in Him. Praying He will use this study to meet you right where you are and draw you back ever so close to His heart. We have a most amazing fellowship of women that you will love and feel a part of quickly. And I am so thankful to have a teacher of the Word in our midst. Feel free to share your wisdom!!



  159. Dear God, we are so blessed to be able to study your Word in various ways, and you provided this on-line study via sweet Wendy who loves you and is willing to take time to share your precious Word with us. Help us Lord to be diligent to read, meditate, pray as we study your Word, May the rich truths bless and transform our lives, for your Glory. Pray also that you bless Wendy with your joy, strength and wisdom as she prepares the study each week, and also meet her and family’s needs abundantly.
    In Jesus Precious Name, Amen

    • Laura,

      I am so excited you are back for another study. Thank you for this most beautiful prayer. I agree with your precious prayers for us all to be diligent, to meditate, and to pray fervently for each other and this study as a whole.

      Sweet Blessings to you,


  160. Sheila Payne says

    I love to study the Bible with others. It seems to motivate me in a different way . Thank you for this.

  161. I am really looking forward to this study. I have been looking for a way to get deeper into God’s word and my prayer is that this will help me. I’ve been trying to discern what God has planned for me and hopefully this will help me in my journey. I”m a mother of two girls and juggle husband, work, motherhood, church and family (as all 3000 of us do!). I love that I can do this with everyone on a time schedule that works with all the schedules in my life. I had joined a bible study at my church back in August and it didn’t make. I was so disappointed but tried to keep remembering that God would provide something for me. And He has!! I have complete faith that God will make sure that I have the time to do this study and I am prayerful that I will have the heart to hear what he has to say to me.

    Thanks for sharing your time and talents with us Wendy and I can’t wait to get started next week.


    Lee Ann (from Columbus, MS)

    • I just love hearing stories like yours that show us how God planned this study just for you…to provide a place for you to dig into His Word and be filled. He is so faithful!! Meet you back here on Monday.



  162. Donna Lee Little says

    Wendy I so thank God for you and this Bible Study. I will be praying for all of us. The joy of a study that will help me to know Jesus better and to draw closer to him, is such a blessing. Thank You Wendy for your work in spreading God’s message.

    • So excited to have you!! And thank you for your prayers. It is a so beautiful how many prayers are being lifted on behalf of this study!!!



  163. Hi Wendy, I also found you through the devotional on Proverbs 31. I am really in a bad place at the moment. Struggling with bipolar, horrible financial problems after we have lost our life’s savings and trying to get a business going without any capital. I have found myself losing touch with Jesus, reading the Bible became meaningless and I am looking forward to this study growing closer to Jesus again.
    I am a mom of two grown children, both serving the Lord, probably much better than their mother and the proud gran of three little ones.
    I’m from Pretoria in South Africa, my oldest lives in Germany and my youngest also lives in Pretoria.

    • What a blessing to have a friend from South Africa as part of this study!! We are excited to have you with us. God is so faithful to bring you to this place during such a dark time in your life. He will reveal Himself to you in fresh and new ways…ways that will encourage you and provide what you need to walk through this time and come out the other side stronger and victorious!! Meet you here on Monday.



  164. As I read through these comments, it’s interesting how these women have become their own “small group”. I’ve traditionally done bible studies at my church, in person if you will, and am very excited to become part of yet another small group!

    • Oh, and I’m from south-western Virginia, home of Virginia Tech. Go Hokies!

      • I love what you wrote here, and it is so true. A few studies ago we had a small prayer group form with 12 women who all had a heart for prayer. It is a beautiful sisterhood that is stronger now than it was the day it formed. We are so excited to have you, Heather!!



  165. I’m another new-comer. What a great place to meet and study God’s Word! And SO many woman from SO many different places — but one Christ uniting us all. Fantastic!!! I am just drawing near to the end of studying thru the entire Bible with Wendy Pope. I have loved it and dearly love her. Now, I’m excited about diving in a bit more deeply with a “magnifying glass.” Thanks, Wendy B., for helping me with this in the book of Hebrews. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE studying God’s Word and He has really been drawing me into making sure what I am learning is life-changing. May the Holy Spirit transform us more and more into the likeness of Jesus Christ as we study this book — all about Him!! KK (believerkjk@yahoo.com)

    • Just for the record — I’m from northwestern Illinois — farm country!

    • Karen,

      Your enthusiasm brings me such JOY!! I love hearing your heart and passion for God’s Word. Wendy Pope is one of my dearest friends. She has given you a most rich background in the Word. Please be sure to share it with us as we move through Scripture. Meet you back here Monty.


  166. I can’t wait. I This Book is always showing me new things and growing me deeper so I am ready for more. I thank you for following your call and am looking to God to use this study to keep me following Him as I live in mine. Bless you Wendy and I can’t wait to get to know all of the ladies

    • I can’t wait too. I am so excited you will be joining us. God will take us deep in this rich book of Hebrews. See you Monday.


  167. Morning Ladies!!!

    I’m a day late!! But I made it, and I share in the exictement of my fellow 3000 sisters for this study!!

    I live in Southern California, in the city of Rancho Cucamonga.

    We just had our churches womens retreat, our theme was Devoted, totally!! It was awesome to learn how we need to just spend time with our Lord and learn to listen. When I watched Wendys video this morning is was total confrimation for me, that I need to be in a study to learn more about just how awesome Jesus is. And not only to believe it but to live it.!!!!!

    Praying for all of you!!

    • Yea! A southern California girl. It is so beautiful out where you live. What a great theme for a retreat. So excited you will be joining us!!!



  168. Jackie Phiri says

    Hi Wendy,

    Greetings from Malawi, Southern Africa.

    Thank you for conducting this Bible study especially the book of Hebrews. Its one of my favorite books and I have studied it in a cell group as well as personally. I am currently going through it in my devotionals to prepare for this Study. I am looking forward to Monday.

    This is my first time to join this group. Currently I am doing the Confident Heart bible study.

    I pray that we will all be together as we share the wonderful truths of God’s word.

    God bless us all

    • How wonderful to have a sister from South Africa!! And what an extra blessing that you have such a rich background in Hebrews. Please be sure to share your wisdom when you feel led. You will be a busy girl between this and Renee’s book…which I love by the way!



  169. Vonnie Kronk says

    I’m Late too But Very Happy I Made it. I even tried to see everyone’s intro’s before leaving mine But that would make me Late Even More….I will start by saying where I’m from is St.Louis Missouri & I was brought to this study thru Proverbs31 on the computer.I am so Thankful For Online Studies especially Now that I can only study online since my Brain injury in 2007.I really Hope to get closer to God thru this study and How He Wants Me to Continue in my Faith thru this Injury As Well. I think God brought me Out of my accident for a Reason besides “He Loves Me”.

    • Vonnie Kronk says

      I forgot my email address is: vkronk@charter.net and I hope to hear from you Wendy about winning

    • Welcome to our study! I love that God is using this study to meet you right where you are as you recover ffrom your injury. God promises that He will use all things together for His good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. He will use your injury to bring much glory and honor to Him and His Kingdom!!



  170. Karen Johnson says

    I didn’t know just how much I needed this bible study until I watched the introduction video but now I do. I am struggling with so many things right now, personally and spiritually. I know that He is calling me to a deeper relationship and this will be a tool. Thank you so much for being what He has called you to be and for all the prayer, time, and devotion you have put into this before we have even gotten started. I will be praying for you as well Wendy. Again, thank you 🙂

    • Karen,

      It is TRULY my JOY to write these studies. I love watching what God does in and through them. So excited to have you and praying God will meet you in these struggles and bring you out victorious and FULL on the other side!!


  171. I found you’re site through Proverbs 31 and am so looking forward to this study.

    I live in Florida.

  172. Judy from Clarks Hill says

    Wendy, I got started and then LIFE happened. I look forward to the study of Hebrews. It is always good to be in the Word of God. I am glad you are accepting of tardiness.. I will certainly work harder to keep life at bay next week.

    Never be lacking in zeal, keeping your spiritual fervor. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction and faithful in prayer. Romans 12: 11-12 And so this is where I am.. working on zeal and spiritual fervor!

    • Judy,

      What a great verse!! I It is always good to be in the Word. So thankful you will be joining us. And what is so great about an on-line study is that you will never be late! You can do it on your own time. See you Monday…or Tuesday or Wednesday… :0)



  173. Donna Richmond says

    I’ve been looking for on-line Bible studies to supplement what I get at church. So I’m very happy to have found your site (through Proverbs 31 ministry). I look forward to this study, and then going back and going through your previous studies.

    • Donna, another P31 girl. We have lots of you in this study. I love that!!! So excited to have you. See you on Monday.



  174. Been looking for a Bible study that I could realistically commit to and the Lord led me here on opening week. (Love how He rolls!) I am a homeschool mom living in Northern CA. Close to saying I’ve read the Bible in a year so I read Leviticus last February. I’m glad that book was broken up into smaller bites, there’s a lot of rules in there! Wouldn’t have put it as a prelude to Hebrews- thanks Wendy, I’m already challenged. How exciting to think that we’re all in one accord when we’re all so scattered! This is my first online study. Praising the Lord for you all.

    • Another California girl!!! I am so thankful you are joining us for this study. I love that you read Leviticus. It will give you lots of insight and understanding as you read through the book of Hebrews. You will really enjoy being in an on-line study because you will be able to do it in your own time. I always say there is no excuse to drop out!! :0)



  175. Hello, this is my first time ever doing an online bible study and I am very much looking forward to it! I was drawn to this particular study because it seems God just keeps bringing me back to Hebrews, so I believe this study is in HIs timing for me!
    God bless, looking forward to time in HIs word with you all 🙂
    Kent, Ohio

    • I am so excited you chose this study to join. As I told Sandra, you will love being in an on-line study. It is so flexible. See you on Monday!



  176. My friend had a link on her fb page. I followed it, and here I am! Looking forward to checking out the study!

    • Yea! Excited that you followed the link. I look forward to getting to know you better as we study God’s Word together. Meet you here on Monday.


  177. Hi Wendy,

    Yes I arrived at your kitchen table too and looking forward to study further with all of the girls.
    You serve just like i love doing it a book at a time.
    I pray that God will grant you all the wisdom you need.
    And time as I can see that you have been really busy answering all of us.
    Thank you for who you are and bringing bible study into my home as I am so busy with my little family.

    I love you soo much and thank God for you in my life!


    • Wendelijn, I love that you are joining us again. I shared with one of the girls how our prayer group formed out of one of these studies. Thank you for your prayers. They mean so much as I prepare each lesson. See you back here on Monday!!


  178. Jude from PA says

    I am so excited about this Bible study. This is the first one I’ve done. I am just hoping to get a better understanding of God’s Word through this study.

    I’ve read some literature about Hebrews and one author stated that it is unknown whether Hebrews was written to jewish or gentile Christians. What would you say to that?

    Thank you so much of offering this study free of charge. God is Good, all the time!!!

    • What a great question!! Your first Bible study and you are already researching and asking questions. Love it! The commentators are mixed but my conclusion after studying is that it is written to 3 audiences, but none of them are Gentiles. I will talk about this the first week…Jewish Believers (Jews who accepted Christ), Jewish Non-Believers (Jews who heard but choose not to believe), and Jewish seekers. The Word Gentile does not appear at all in Hebrews. Can’t wait to start. See you Monday.

  179. cheri pomerenk says

    I needed to get back to bible study with other women and I was using Bible Gateway for devotions when I came upon you. I am excited about this new (to me) way of studying the bible on line. Thank you for your willingness to answer the call. I look forward to all that is to come through this time with you! In Him, Cheri

  180. cheri pomkenk says

    I am from Washington state.

  181. cheri pomkenk says

    I am so glad that I found this study through bible gateway and was looking for a study with other women. Thank you for your ministry and willingness to do what God has called you to do. I am excited to be with all of my sisters in Christ in this venture through Hebrews. I live in Washington state. In Him, Cheri

    • we are so excited to have you too! You will love being in an on-line study because you get to do it on your own time yet you get the blessing of being in a small group (BIG small group) and having fellowship with amazing women. See you here on Monday.


  182. Wendy, I have previously enjoyed a Bible study with you and am looking forward to this one. I live in SW Georgia (USA) in the country. Our closest city of any size is 30 miles away, so getting to a Bible study is difficult. Thanks for starting this one now, I have just finished up a book study and am looking forward to sharing with others in Bible study — not just my thoughts alone.

    God bless you as you share with us. May He also bless those that are participating — sharing and encouraging each other.

    • Thank you for your sweet prayers for all of us. I am excited that your are joining us again. We will all learn so much from each other.

      Sweet Blessings,


  183. I didn’t realize how much I have missed this until I started watching your video Wendy. God bless you for doing this. I am very excited to study Hebrews. I live in Florida.

    • Me too. I have missed being with everyone and cannot wait to officially begin with Chapter One on Monday. So excited you are with us this study.



  184. I am very excited to start this bible study. Our church usually has a women’s bible study every fall, but this year it is further away from my house. A daily/weekly Bible study (not just 5 minute devotional) really keeps me connected with the Word and assist me in learning more about God every day. I was put here to serve HIm and how can i learn about serving if I do not delve into the Word? One of my friends told me about the Proverbs 31 site; I looked around and found this invite for bible study – thanks!
    Prayer request – my husband is facing uncertainty right now – just had an MRI of his brain – having headaches; abnormal EEG – results within the next week or so. Focusing on God is what I should do , but it’s really what I must do right now – clinging to faith that God will help us through this.

    • Praying now for your husband…for healing, for wisdom for the doctors to determine what is causing his symptoms, and for peace in the midst…trusting that God is Sovereign and has His hand upon you both. We are excited to have you join us this study. May God richly bless you as you dig deep into His Word.



    • Praying for peace and clear guidance, Jackie

  185. Wendy, I LOVE your new website. what brought me to this Bible study…..you! I loved getting to know you through the Hidden Joy book and study and I wanted to go indepth into the Bible. I hope to get a better understanding of the Book of Hebrews and really get into God’s Word through this study.

    I look forward to this study – even though I am doing A Confident Heart with Melissa Taylor and Renee Swope, I hope I can keep up with both of them 🙂

    • Awww! Thank you for your sweet, kind words of encouragement. How you blessed me today. I am so excited you are with us. Both of our studies are on-line and very different so hopefully you will be able to keep up with both. Renee’s book is wonderful. Meet you here on Monday.



      • I hope I can keep up too but we are half way through Renee’s book so not too much longer that they will overlap :)).

        Both you and Renee have changed my life through your stories. I was able to meet Renee a couple weeks ago and tell her in person. Hope to do the same with you one day. Your Hidden Joy book and then the study this summer through Melissa changed my life forever!!!!

  186. Tiffany Johnson says

    So excited for this. I have never done an online study before and I think this will be great. I am part of a small group at my church but we only meet once a month…and usually I have my homework done in a few days after we meet cause I LOVE IT…so this sounds perfect!!

    • I am so excited to have another new on-line study girlfriend!! You will love this format. It allows you to watch the lesson and do your work in your own time, yet you have the fellowship of an amazingly big “small group.” Meet you back here on Monday!


  187. Wendy,

    This is my first online study and I’m truly looking forward to it. I can’t get enough of God’s word! Thank you for blessing us with your teaching.


    • Teaching these studies is on of my most favorite things I do. And hearing your words, “I can’t get enough of God’s Word” makes my heart sing!!! I am so excited to have you and look forward to meeting you back here on Monday.



  188. Margay Andrews says

    The women’s study at my church was to be Hebrews this fall. But the leader got a full time teaching postion at a high school.
    The study was cancelled. So I am thrilled to do this study on line. God has been encouraging me to study Hebrews. Thank you Wendy. I am so looking forward to this special time. This is my first time to do an online study.
    I live in Irvine, Southern California.

    • That is so cool!! God has made a way for you to study what He laid on your heart even after your women’s study did not work out. We are thankful He led you here. You will truly enjoy this new format. And the women you will meet are delightful and such a blessing. See you Monday.



  189. Hi Wendy,
    I have always wanted to do a study on the names of God, this has intrigued me, so I am really excited for this study. I’ve done one other online Bible study, but didn’t follow through with it, this one will definitely keep my interest peaked. I love how many fellow Texans there are here. I live about 45 or so minutes from Plano, in a town called Caddo Mills. Can’t wait for the homework next week, will be reading through the first chapter, and Leviticus also. Bless you, Wendy for doing this study. 🙂 Elena, Caddo Mills, TX

    • Another Texas girl!! LOVE IT! Makes me want to come back to Texas. I too love the names of God…this is a great way to dig in to some of those names. Praying the Lord will keep you connected with us through to the end.


  190. I am so happy I found you site! I am very busy with two small kids and school, so this is perfect! I have been going through alot lately and have been making some changes in my life and I know God led me to your site. I am looking forward to the weeks to come, I’m very excited!
    (Sumter, South Carolina)

    • Hi Ashton, you have found a perfect study for a mom with small kids. You can do this on your own time and yet receive encouragement and wisdom from women as if you were in a small group. We are excited you will be joining us!!


  191. Thank you so very much for this on line Bible Study. Because I am retired and my family is kind of spread out, I am never in one place long enough to complete a Bible study at either church that I attend. I really miss getting together with people that love the Lord, so this is really exciting for me.
    I will be praying for Wendy and this wonderful group. (Cookeville, TN)

    • I never thought about the on-line study this way. But, yes, you can take it with you wherever you go!! What a blessing that you are able to travel and visit your family. I am thankful this venue allows you the opportunity to visit your family and remain in Bible study. We are excited to have you. See you Monday!


  192. This is my first online study and I am very much looking forward to it. Thanks for putting in the time to share with us. Not just sharing with us but communicated through the comments. Bless you and this study.

    • I do love the comments part of the on-line study. Women share prayers, wisdom, heartache, doubts, and questions. And there is always a woman available to answer because we have such a “big”‘small group. I am thankful you are a part of our Hebrews study!! Meet you here on Monday.



  193. I am so excited for this Bible study! The names of Jesus have long been intriguing to me & finally I get to take part in a study of them! And all the while we’ll be learning more about our precious Jesus himself…what an opportunity! Thank you, Wendy, for all of your hard work & research into Hebrews & teaching God’s word. God has blessed you with a wonderful gift of sharing & teaching, we are all, in return, blessed by God to have you lead this study. I look forward to what God has for me in this study & bringing my daily walk that much closer to Him. I also look forward to hearing (reading) what God is doing in others’ lives through this study! Praying for all!

    • Thank you for your sweet words of encouragment. It truly brings me great joy to study, research, and prepare our messages. I am excited for what God has in store for us this time around. Meet you back here on Monday.



  194. So excited about the study in Hebrews my prayers are with you and the many taking the class

  195. Chelsea Koanui says

    I am so exciting about this study because 1) i love the book of hebrews and 2) because i’ve dont studies with you before and have learned and enjoyed it so much!!!


    • Love having a returning student!!! This is a hard book but a deep and rich book. I know the Lord has many great things in store for us.



  196. I am so excited. I was going to do a Bible study with a group of our homeschool mom’s on the names of God (another Proverbs 31 contributor – Mariel Davenport) but had to postpone it until January. I did one of your last studies, so I decided to check and see what you were doing. I am so excited by your intro that this will incorporate many of the names of God. How perfect! God is good.
    I have to admit, I didn’t finish the last one and find this kind difficult to keep up with, but I want to give it another try. Would love to hear if anyone has any suggestions or tips on making this kind of study work!
    Thank you so much! ~ Sally W, Raleigh, NC

    • Hi Sally, I would love to know what makes it hard to keep us just in case there are things I can do to help with that. It might be because you can do it in your own time, there is not a real accountability to get it done each week. And with this one being 13 weeks, it may be even harder. I have put a few breaks in to help everyone catch back up. I will be praying the Lord will keep us all connected and drawn to this book so that our hearts will not want to wander. I am excited to have you back!!


  197. I am so excited to join you ladies for my 1st online Bible study. I am a high school teacher in North Carolina and though I’m active in my church- it’s an hour drive and it’s hard to make an additional trip for another small group! Hebrews is my Mom’s favorite book and if I can talk her through the process from NC to Indiana she may join us too.
    Thank you for this opportunity- can’t wait to learn and grown with ya’ll.

    • Oh, I would love if your mom would join…especially if it’s her favorite book. Thank you, thank you for what you do for a living…teaching high school kids. How blessed they are to have a believing teacher praying for and teaching them. I am thankful you will be joining us and being fed through this study.


  198. I am so excited to learn more about Jesus through Hebrews. I have been in church my entire life but this is one book that I just have not spent much time studying. After your introduction, I have to ask myself Why??? I just know that God is going to show us so much truth about his son. Thank you for allowing us all into your kitchen to study with you!

    God Bless. See you next week.

    Kim M. Concord, NC

  199. This book is really deep, and it can be difficult at times. But with the Holy Spirit’s leading and the wisdom of this amazing group of women, I think we will get through it and be so richly blessed on the other side!!! I am thankful you are joining us. Meet you back here on Monday.



  200. The Shepherd's daughter says

    I am excited about this study of Hebrews. God’s Word is so important to my survival here on earth. I have found His Word to be my armor, my weapon against the wiles of the devil. The more I know of My Shepherd, the more I know of His Word, the more peace I have in this strange world. I am in a trial and have been for 3 yrs. with a prodigal daughter. The enemy wants to tear me down, but I am memorizing The Word of God, growing more intimate with my LORD, and the enemy is falling. Thanks for allowing me to enter your class room. Thanks for being obedient to God’s call to teach other women. You are a Titus 2 woman!

    • It brings such joy to my Bible teacher’s heart to hear how you LOVE and totally understand the Word and the power available in and through it. I am so excited that you are joining us for this study. Please be sure to share when you feel led. We would love your insights!



  201. Angela Hardma says

    I’m so grateful for the opportunity!!! I am a 29 y/o divorced single mother of 3!!! I am seeking excellence and growth in the word for me and my children!!! Most women around here that are my age are chasing so many other things!!! I have such an awesome story and owe all the glory to GOD!!! I’m looking forward to diving more in depth in the word on next week and over the next 13 weeks!!! I pray God’s blessings in double portion over you for placing this free tool to bless so many others!!! God bless you and this bible study!!!!

    Benton, LA

    • Thank you, Angela, for your prayers. It is my joy to share what God had taught me!! I love that you are here to dive into God’s Word and go deeper still with Him. Meet you here tomorrow.



  202. I had a sleepless night last night, and I have been up since 2:30 am. I finally got out of bed and read “A Divine Interruption” on Proverbs 31 Ministries. Well, interrupted sleep and here I am! I don’t doubt that I am here by accident (smile). With that, thank you, and I am excited to join you in the study of Hebrews!
    (Chuluota, Florida)

    • Isn’t it sweet how the Lord met you in your sleepless night to draw you closer to Him? I am thankful the devotion He laid on my heart brought you here and look forward to studying God’s Word with you!!

      Sweet Blessings,


  203. Michele Caséca says

    Dear Wendy,

    Your devotional blessed me above words can say.
    My plans for december and january might be interrupted, and right now I’m so disappointed. I’m suppose to go home (Brazil) on december 1st, for Christmas and New Years with my awesome family and then my beautiful wedding, which was carefully prepared by my beautiful mom.

    Two weeks ago thieves broke into my car and stole my belongings including my purse with ALL my documents from Brazil AND Canada. One of these documents is called Permanent Resident Card, and without this document, I can’t go. I’ve been trying to rush and re-apply for a new one, but things seem to be out of my control. Processing time for this card is around 110 days after they receive the application forms and proper documents. Apparently I don’t have the proper documents, because most of them were stolen. All I have to relace these missing documents is a police report.
    I’m relying in God’s Promises that everything will work for good… And somehow He will make a way! I’m thankful everyone is healthy and alive, but it’s disapponting anyways.

    When I gave my life to Jesus, I promised Him I would never deny His goodness. He is good all the time! Please pray for me.

    Thank you, and I love you!
    Mi Caséca

  204. I was brought here when I was looking for a study that was indepth but practical for women. I have been having many challenges in my life lately and I went to the Crosswalk website and looked under the devotionals and came across Wendy’s devotional for encouragement. I really enjoyed the devotional for today and found a link to this website and now I want to learn more about Hebrews. God is good and guides us and I love him. I can’t wait to get started with the study and this weekend i am going to try to read up on Leviticus. 🙂

    • It just amazes me how God has used the devotional to bring women here for this study. I am especially excited that He brought you because I prayed for every woman who would stop by. You are one of those women, and I am sure He will speak personally to you as You meet Him in His Word.



  205. Hi Wendy,
    This really is a God thing that I decidede to click to here from your devotion today. I love studying God’s word as I feel like I get closer to God. Right now my life has felt a bit empty as my twins are growing up and needing less of me and hubby is very busy and I am as well being a teacher. But I feel God drawing me in and I love to study but often don’t know wehre to go to begin. I look forward to this. Blessings for sharing with us.

    • How sweet it is to hear how the Lord brought each one of you here and how He is meeting the cry of your heart. I am so excited you will be joining us and pray the Lord will bless you richly and fill you fully as you open His Word to learn more about Him.



  206. Hi Wendy,
    Believe it or not, I signed up for the study again today, and was already signed up. I studied Hebrew’s once before, but I’m looking forward to doing it again.
    I think of a song I learned many years ago:
    The greatest thing in all my life is knowing you.
    The greatest thing in all my life is knowing you.
    I want to know you more.I want to know you more.
    The greatest thing in all my life is knowing you.

    The next verse is loving you,and then serving you.
    This is my hearts desire to know, love, and serve My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
    In His abundant love,

    • Grace (love your name, by the way), thank you for sharing the words to this wonderful song. They are beautiful and are perfect for us as we begin a study on Jesus! I look forward to studying God’s Word with you and will meet you here on Monday.


  207. Hi Wendy and everyone!

    Being a nurse and working rotating shifts, its difficult to attend a regular Bible study. An online study gives me the flexibility needed to stay with it – Thanks so much! Blessings from North Dakota!

    • North Dakota!! Love having someone from your state join us. Again, I am so thankful for this venue because it meets the needs of women like you who so desire to be in the Word but find it hard due to career and/or season of life. We are excited you are joining us. See you here on Monday!


  208. I am praying the Holy Spirit will awaken my heart and my soul to this study of Hebrews. It will be fun to hear feedback and discussion for all the ladies around the world. Thank-you .

    • I join you in your prayer for you and for all of us…that theh Lord will awaken us through the power of His Holy Spirit to receive all that He has for us!! The best part of this on-line study is the amazing and rich discussion of these women from around the world.

      Blessings to you,


  209. KAY PARRISH says


    • Kay, thankful to have you back for another study!! Your heart for the Lord is sweet. Looking forward to studying His Word with you again.


  210. Wow! What an incredible group of women. Thank you Wendy for an creating this on-line study. I am so excited to dig into this Hebrews study. Even more excited that there was not any homework for week 1. In today’s busy world it is so easy to stray from God’s word. I have shared this opportunity with other women in our area, our church just eliminated the women’s bible study due to funding so what a great opportunity.
    Thank you Wendy and the other 3000 women for sharing your heart.

    • Thank you for sharing this study with your friends. We have now grow to over 4000 women!!! I am just in awe of what God is doing. Women are so hungry to learn more about Him. I LOVE it!!! Meet you here on Monday….and there will be homework!!! :0)



  211. Hi Wendy, I’m so excited about the study of Hebrews..I accepted Jesus many years go but had backslide for many years also. Thoght I could do things on my own. Wrong!!! I raised my children to be church-goers and they both had accepted Christ as their Savoir when they were teens. When I was younger, I had went with them and became a Christian also, but as time went by, situations in my life changed and so did I. Am not proud of it but have just recently come back to the Lord.

    I am looking foward to this study. I have lost enough time in not knowing my Savoir. I have a strong thirst to know more and get as much learning so that I can walk with my Lord down the right path and set my life straight and show the world my love for Him.

    I’m Carole from Oregon, mother of 2, grandmother of 12 and great-grandmother of 3+. One is on the way. I want to teach my grandchildren how wonderful Christ is and the love he has for us all.

    Thank you again for this Bible Study and all the work you have put forth. I am in prayer for you and all the other wonderful women that has joined us.

    Your Sister in Christ,

    • You are in the right place to learn more about your Lord and Savior. This is the perfect book to dig deeper!!! Wow! 12 grandchildren and 3 greats….how blessed you are. They too are blessed to have a godly grandmother to teach them the Word and pray for them. So excited to have you.


  212. Diane Thomas says

    Hi wendy,
    I so appreciate that you have been praying for all of us who would happen upon your study. I haven’t been to Proverbs 31 for my daily devotion in, well it’s been just too long. I’ve been operating on little spiritual food and seeing the results of “going without” in my day to day living. Praise God for his faithfullness to me by pulling me to this study and for His work in you for your preparation and in the combined prayers of many.
    May God Bless and keep you in the weeks ahead.


  213. Hi everyone! I came across this online study through one of the Proverbs 31’s daily devotions. It is my hope that through this study I can grow to live more like Jesus lived. Our thoughts, actions, our entire being should reflect Him at all times, not just when it is convenient. My prayer is that my heart and mind are fully open to gain knowledge of Scripture and to more fully embrace Jesus in every breath I take each day.

  214. Susie in Wisconsin says


    I am so glad you are having time with your daughter! Kelly is a freshman at University of Wisconsin, in Milwaukee. It is so much fun to see our girls.


  215. Kimberli Fortner says

    I am sure that God has brought me to your site. I have been wanting to do more studies of the New Testament (especially Hebrews) so here it is! God is great! Thank you Mrs. Blight!

  216. Hi Wendy,

    Thank you for putting together this study. I have signed up as I have endured some difficult trials the past 6 years. I am at a point where I am growing weary and my faith is shaken. I want to trust in God, but it’s hard when there does not seem to be light at the end of the tunnel. I am hoping I can renew my mind and hope, and praying for mighty miracles.


    • Monique,

      How thankful I am that the Lord brought you here to meet with us and study the Word of God. This is the perfect study to build your faith back up and a wonderful fellowship to encourage you and lift you up. God brought you here, and He will be faithful to renew and refresh you and take you faith to new and rich places. Blessings to you as you begin this journey!!


  217. Hello,
    I’ve been praying for a women’s bible study group for me….who knew it was going to be online?
    God does work in mysterious ways:)
    Thank you for this bible study, Wendy!…I’m excited to learn and be among other women!
    May the LORD bless you, guide you and use you to teach His Words! May He bless our time and the desire to learn His truths!!
    Suzy from los angeles

    • So excited to have another California girl. And I love how God answered your prayers with this study. You finding us is an answer to my prayers as well!!! God is faithful. And thank you for your prayers. I look forward to studying God’s Word with you.


  218. Michelle Robinette says

    Hebrews, what a great book for women whether single or married. I am ready for this study. Thank you Jesus for bringing it to me and thank you Wendy. Michelle in Australia

    • Oh, wow, all the way from Australia. What a joy the Lord brought you here!! We are so excited to have you. And you are so welcome. I cannot wait to see what God does.

  219. Hi Wendy,
    My sister introduced me to this site. I am looking forward to the next 13 weeks and beyond. I pray that as we learn more about our Saviour, we will become more Christ like and attract others to Him. May God bless you with wisdom, understanding and insight as you prepare the studies.


    • How fun that you and your sister will be doing this together!! And thank you for your sweet prayers for our study and for me. Can’t wait to get to know you better.


  220. Robin from VA says

    I just finished question 4. I am praying for God to really open my heart and let the truth sink in. Right now I am trying to really grasp that I am joint heirs with Christ. I know this in my head but I need it in my heart. Also trying to grasp that all things were created by Christ for Christ. Hard concepts to get out of my head and into my heart. I have known all these things most of my life growing up in church and my dad a preacher. My prayer for this study is to get it in my heart not just my head. I want to truly believe in my heart that God is my father. He adopted me for real. I know I am a Christian but I need to truly believe it in my heart. That all things were created by Him for Him. God please open my heart to receive.

  221. Seyi Ademola-Oyerokun says

    Ok…can’t believe I am just starting to post my first comment…I joined this group after reading one of your devotional from Encouragment for today…and that day, I was really touched and lifted up in my spirit man. Came on here and thought to myself, you would not be able to do this study… but then I kept hearing within me “My grace would enable you”. So I came back and signed up for the study…and here I am! I am way behind but I cling to that word I heard when I signed up ” His grace would enable me” I have studied the book of Hebrews before and I love it…knowing well that the WORD of the LORD is new every morning, I know I have lots to learn going forward.

    To you Wendy, thanks for being a vessel in the hand of the master. I am a student of the bible and a teacher of the same, teaching sunday schools at church several times…I know what task is upong your shoulder…but I am confident ” His grace would enable you”!

    • I am so thankful you joined us!!! Welcome! It is wonderful to have another Bible teacher in our group. We have several and they have been such a blessing to all of us. Please share when led.


  222. I feel blessed to be able to be involved in this Bible Study. It is a wonderful way to do a Bible study, due to the fact that I’m a busy mom and able to study whenever I have time.
    Thanks so much Wendy
    God Bless

  223. Esther Bell says

    Thank you so much for this study. I just finished chapter two and it really had me digging. Hebrews has always been a hard book for me, so this is really good.


  224. Thank you Wendy for keeping this up on your website. I am a stay at home mom trying to find biblical teaching to fill my day and cut out the constant influences of tv. Thank you! I am excited to start.

    • You are so welcome, Tiffany. You have no idea how much your comment blesses me. I love knowing the Lord continues to use this study!!



  225. Cindy Goldberg says

    Wendy, I found your site via a devotion on the proverbs 31 website. I was also drawn to your prayer for our children. Mine are 22 & 20 years old. One just graduated from GA Southern University and the other is A junior at GA Tech. Our son is struggling with anxiety and depression and I am praying for him to grow in his relationship with Christ so that he can rely on God’s promises.

    I am excited to see that you are leading a study on Hebrews. I have had a desire to study that book more for a while so I am going to play catch up and join you now! My husband and I are in a small group studying this book too so the combination will be good. I am very excited to receive your email messages, to take the study and read your books! God bless you and your ministry! Acworth, GA Go Dawgs!

    • Hi Cindy! Love hearing from another Georgia school mom and a praying mom! How wonderful that you and your husband are studying the Word together,especially the book of Hebrews. It is such a rich book. I loved it. just want to be sure you know the Hebrews study is an old study, so you will do it through the blog. Nothing will come to you since it is already up in the archives. But if you are joining us for the new study, Who Is God and Why Should I Care?, I am excited to have you for that as well and you will receive the e-mails in your inbox if you have subscribed. If you have any questions, just let me know.


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  1. […] of the Bible studies I am doing right now is on the book of Hebrews written and lead by Wendy Blight.  We’re in the midst of Chapter 2 and the second section, […]

  2. […] of the Bible studies I am doing right now is on the book of Hebrews written and lead by Wendy Blight.  We’re in the midst of Chapter 2 and the second section, […]

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