March 2, 2012

Define Yourself…Faith Declaration and Prayer

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If you are visiting from my P31 Devotion, Define Yourself, welcome!! I am so thankful the Lord brought you here.I have two special gifts for you, and I would love for you to open and unwrap each one, allowing the Lord to plant the powerful truths found in them deep in your heart.  The first is a Faith Declaration and the second is a companion Prayer.  Print them out and save them.  Please share them with your friends and family.

Usually I write a message to go along with my devotional, but today I felt led to speak to you in person.  So I recorded the message below just for you.  It’s about 8 minutes long.  May the Lord use it to bless and encourage you in your circumstances today.

Please know I have prayed for you.  If you struggle with identity and believing who you are in Christ, leave a prayer request today.  I will pray for you this next week. I would love to hear from you!!!

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Sweet Blessings to you today,


  1. Wendy, thank you so very much for posting this and for the wonderful devotion! I really struggle with this issue and with the summer months approaching and magazine covers displaying outwardly “beautiful” women, it is even more of a struggle. Thank you so much for sharing the Truth with us!

    • I agree. Standing in line at the grocery store can be so discouraging…supermodels gracing the cover of every magazine!! That is why having these Truths in the forefront of your mind is so valuable and important. We can replace those lies and those feelings of inadequacy with the TRUTH of God’s Word and the TRUTH of who we are in Christ.


  2. Hi,
    I have been struggling with this for a while! I think the Father is trying to reveal something 🙂
    I have all the head knowledge- who I am in Christ but I sense something blocking . I so want to be filled and overflowing with the knowledge of His love, so that I my love as He wants.
    please pray for me as I no longer want to live in this. I want my daughters to KNOW how He loves them!!!

    • Praying for you now…for God to bring His living and active word alive in your life!!!!



  3. Congrats to Joy and Sheila!!

    Wendy, I loved waking up to this message today. It can be so easy to let ourselves be defined by the world around us and forget in Whom we truly find our identity and worth. Sometimes we let the world define our “beauty,” other times it tries to define how we measure success through our job, good relationships, being a good parent, or whatever else. Thank you for sharing your heart and giving us a beautiful reminder that who we are in Christ and who He says we are is what matters most!

    I love the Faith Declaration and Prayer! Thank you for those!!

    <3 Heather

    • You are so welcome. And thank you for sharing the devotional and post with your friends!!



  4. Thank you Wendy, as always such a beautiful prayer and a reminder than tucked away in God’s Word is everythng we need to walk with our heads held high, singing praises. So often the world just beats us down, so often our own family tears us apart. Please praise for me as I am in a place where I have had my “worth” as a wife, parent and person beat down, like the wooden peg in the children’s workbench, there is not much more beating down left to do! I really needed this today, as lately it has been difficult to find a reason to want to get out of bed in the morning and my prayers seem stuck! Yes, as the AARP commerical says, “When I grow up……I want to be able to pray like
    Wendy. God Bless!

    • Oh, I am praying for you right now. Praying that God will help you take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. I pray that He will remind you that His mercies are new every morning. And every day He has a plan to use you!! I pray He will give you eyes to see and ears to hear how He wants to speak to you and use you each and every day. Look for Him. He promises you will find Him!!!



  5. Hi Wendy, It has been a while since I have ” listened” to one of your messages. What a breath of fresh air your words were to me this morning. I printed out the Faith Declaration and Prayer and laminated them!

    God Bless you!

  6. I am thrilled that you would consider praying for me. When I read your Proverbs 31 devotion, it struck a chord in my heart that I know I still have issues from my past and I believe my children suffer from these. Please pray that I will only see through my Father’s eyes and not the world’s. Thank you for honoring Him and listening to His words and not the enemy’s and taking the time to pray … for me!

    • Tina, praying for you now. Praying God will daily remind you that when you are in Him, the old is gone and the new has come. You are a new creation so LIVE fully in that TRUTH, sweet friend.



  7. Words fail me at this moment but I thank you for this message. It meets me exactly where I am today. I appreciate your message and covet your prayers.

    • So thankful God used this message to speak to your heart. And when we do not know what to pray or what to say, the Holy Spirit intercedes on our behalf. Praying the Holy Spirit will fill you full of God’s presence today so that you may experience the fullness of His Love and Grace each and everyday as you deal with what is on your heart and mind. Stand strong in these truths!!! He will be faithful.



  8. Thanks so much for your devo at the P31 site today…I was truly blessed and will re-read it throughout the day. It is something I *know* in my head, but find hard to truly *know* in my heart. As an artist, I especially appreciate the imagery of the “masterpiece” and pray that God keeps that idea in my mind as I wrestle with negative thoughts. You blessed many of us today–thanks!

    • Praying God will plant these truths deep in your soul that you will KNOW them in your heart and walk confidently!!! Praying He will transform your heart and mind.



  9. Thank you Wendy for sharing your struggles as a young mother. You spoke to my heart today. It helps to know I am not alone in this and I can overcome my anger and frustration in raising my girls. I am starting to see the way I speak to my three year old by the way she interacts with those around her. She is mirroring the what she sees in me and it needs to change. I want my girks to be filled with love and to know God’s love mirrored through me. Thank you for your testimony and thank you for your prayers.


  10. Thank you for allowing God to use you to speak to this issue. As you pray for us ladies, I ask you to also pray for my daughter and the teenage girls that struggle with this. The environment around them at school is so tough!

  11. Jennifer Y says:

    Thank you so much for the prayer and the faith declaration. I have struggled with this issue of defining myself as well for so long. I have been encouraged by the declaration and your prayer. I am awed and touched that you so willingly share with us what God has given to you. I pray that I will be able to do that as well one day. Thank you for making it personal by sharing your message in a video. Thanks!

    Jennifer Y.

  12. I prayed this morning before I read my devotion (P31) and asked God to allow me to hear what He knew I needed this morning. I have been struggling with binging/dieting for the last few years, I have read Lysa’s Terkerust Made to Crave and it has opened my eyes so much. I continue to struggle and because of that I feel like such a failure in Gods eyes, I needed your message today to allow me to see the truth about myself. God bless you.

  13. Lucille Loeppky says:

    Thanks so much for this encouragement! I really needed to be reminded of this today! I know this in my head but why do I have such a difficult time believing it in my heart. I want to be totally secure in God’s love for me and believe completely who I am in Him . I try to ingrain this in my children so I really need to choose to believe this in my own heart and mind! I would appreciate your prayers. Thanks!

    • You are so right that if you want to teach these powerful truths to your children you must believe them first in your own heart. Praying the Lord will plant these truths deep in your heart and that everytime you hear otherwise, you will recognize them as lies and replace them with these Truths!!



  14. Wendy, thanks for today. God spoke to me through your words and video. It was what I needed. Please pray for me to be able to see myself through God’s eyes and not others’ eyes. Love in Christ, Vickey.

  15. This is a very timely message for me. This week in particular has been a tough one for me. I am struggling in so many areas. Right now it’s hard to see anything except the many areas where I need to change and yet have failed to change in the past. I’m also having a hard time believing that God can help me change. Thank you for the verses and prayer.

    • Anna, God not only can help you change, He is THE ONLY ONE WHO IS ABLE. He wants His highest and best for your life. So if you do your part…spend time in His Word, pray, believe what you read and pray…God will be faithful to do His!!!



  16. Thank You for your words today. I needed it so much!!! I printed off your prayer and faith declaration. I’m stuggling with self worth etc etc. It could be hormones…(heavy sigh). Going through a very low place that has extended itself over months now. It touches every area of my life. Trying to keep my eyes on Jesus! Thank You again!

  17. S Hughes says:

    Your daily devotion finds in a place where I have simply given up. Six years ago my now former spouse left me with two kids, two months in mortgage payments, and $120.00. After he left, I realized that I was deeply depressed. Over the last six years my children and I have struggled. Each year I have hoped that my life especially my finances and mental health would improve. Sadly, things have not. My children’s father has abandoned them. I do not receive any support. Last September my health started to fail. As a result, I could not take on a second job. Two weeks ago my employer gave me paperwork and told me to take disability leave. I have had many medical tests. No doctor knows what is wrong with me. I only receive 70% of my pay on disability. I cannot pay my bills. Yesterday someone hit my car again. I am returning to work on Monday. I have encountered experiences like this repeatedly over the last six years. I am tired. I have read the scriptures. Nothing helps. Perhaps My life is supposed to always be this way.

    • I have prayed for you. God’s Word says He will never leave us or forsake us.

    • There are times when so many things seem to go wrong…life circumstances do not seem to go our way. We live in a fallen world. But Brenda is right. God PROMISES He will never leave you or forsake you. He knows your circumstances and wants you to come to Him with each and every one. Even if he does not change the circumstances, He will walk through them with you and bring you out closer to Him and His heart.

      Are you involved with a church or in a Bible study? I encourage you to surround yourself with Christian friends who can pray for you and help you through these tough times!!

      Your life is NOT supposed to be this way. Seek hard after Him. Stay in His Word and let Him fill you up in th midst of these difficulties.



  18. Wendy, this is so good and just what I need! You wouldn’t believe all God is saying to me thru all of this…can’t put it all in words right now though. Thank you and God bless! Love, Jill

    • Love heraing from you, Jill!!!!! Means so much to know that God used this message to speak into your heart.



  19. Thank you so much for your post. I was just talking about this topic a few weeks ago and going thru a mini mid-life crisis. I could use your prayer right now. Thanks and God Bless! Amber

  20. Michelle says:

    I definitely relate with everything in todays p31 devo. I let everyone define me & tell me what I should be doing & who I should be. Everyone! What a miserable way to live! I guess I’m afraid to be who I really am & super afraid of rejection! Uggg! Thanks for your encouragement & prayers& for what u do to help women with our identity.

  21. I too think God is speaking to me as well. I have seen “more then a conqueror” in three different places over the last day in a half so I will be praying for insight. As I heard Wendy this morning I was brought to tears because I was exactly that mom, so much so my children were afraid of me. I didn’t want that at all. It broke my heart when I’d reach for them and they would cringe. There were times I saw me in their eyes and just cried they had the same reactions I did as a child. I love/loved my children so much it broke my heart- still does- to know they were afraid of me. Before I came back to God I had come to the conclusion it was better I leave them so they would have a better chance to grow up normal/ better then if I stayed. But it took years before I would not cry when I just saw a child or have the memories of my children. Now I am a Sunday school teacher and can be with, near teach and hug them without crying or regrets, I may never see my children again, but they are in God’s hands and he is using me to teach and love the children at church giving them the love I could never or wasn’t able, show my children.

    Thank you Wendy.

    • What a beautiful story!!! Thank you for sharing with us. God is faithful to redeem our circumstances when we cry out to Him. The children in your church are blessed to have your love and attention.



  22. Grace Lane says:

    Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to work through you! All I can say is that your words today touched a place deep in my heart that needs to be healed.
    God Bless

  23. AMEN!!! AMEN!! AMEN! Thank you Wendy!

    These are the affirmations that we all need to claim who we are in Christ! Like you, these are “anchors” in my LIFE! Our identity and defining ourselves does/will change us.A beautiful gift and a wonderful WORD spoken and shared. You are so beautiful, and your vulnerability/transparency/honesty helps us all know we are human and in need of God’s grace, mercy, love and His eternal truths to build our hope, faith and being able to live in God’s fullness! Hallelujah! Claimed and holding on to these affirmations and thanks for them and the beautiful heartfelt prayers.

    Shine on, I needed this encouragement and reminder!

    God bless you! In Christ’s Love,

  24. Hi, Wendy. I love your message. It hit home once again.

  25. Thank you so much for opening your heart and home in today’s devotion. People at work and church often comment of how patient I am – my husband and children disagree with them because I take it out on them at home. I can clearly relate with the anger and verbal issues with our families. That’s an area that I struggle with daily. I want my now teenagers to see their mom as a Christian living for God but I’m afraid that I’ve left the wrong impression all these years. Thank you for reminding us women of who we were created to be. And thank you for your prayers for us struggling mothers. May God continue to bless you and use you to reach out to others.

  26. Michele says:

    God blessed the broken road that led me straight to Proverbs 31 and ultimately your video. I am going to print out the declaration and define who I am according to God and no one else. I am going to start BEING me today 🙂

  27. Prayer request

  28. So perfect and timely. I wanted to share a dream I had once that God gave me. It applies to me, but also to everyone! In the dream, I was in a house with my parents (my dad is a manipulative and abusive individual), and my dad was being hostile towards my mom. Overhead, I kept hearing a voice saying, “I see you” to my dad. In other words, God was showing me He sees and knows even when I feel like I am treated unfairly. Then suddenly the house emptied. I went outside and I was in the middle of Boston, where I live. It was pouring rain and people were trying to escape a flood. I thought the world was ending. I observed some people who were trying to jump off of buildings and commit suicide. Others were trying to commit all the sin they could before the coming end times. I didn’t want either. I went over near a fountain to try to find solid ground. But I immediately observed my dad trying to grab hold of me. I prayed, and my dad (really, representing any evil force working THRU my dad) was unable to touch me.
    Finally, I resigned that there were no surfaces or things to depend on that would be suitable. I said, “Ok, God. I guess I will come to you now.” The minute I decided to depend on nothing else, a solid white platform appeared underneath me and bolstered me up out of the flood water. I heard the words, “On that day, you will call me My God, and I will call you “My Woman.”
    I share that to say that He adores us and wants to be the one to define us, protect us, and support us. He will have no others. And when we let go of all else, we will see His power and love in a way that will be positively miraculous!

    • Jennifer Y. says:

      Thank you for sharing, Stacy! This is an awesome vision of how God wants us to fully rely on Him alone. Praise God that He placed this dream in your remembrance so that you could share. I’m seeking to rely on Him alone. This is very encouraging to me. God Bless you!

    • What a beautiful visual!! Thank you for sharing this with us. He is our Sure Foundation…our Solid Rock.
      Amen and amen!!



  29. Shelley says:

    Thank you for the video post. I can definitely relate and still struggle with the angry yells at kid frustrations. I too have been praying about this with some positive results. God is good! Thanks for the reminders of who we are in Christ.

  30. Thank you so much for this- It is what I really needed especially today. I really struggle with this so much and I feel that I let my family down. I would greatly appreciate you praying for me.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I prayed for you today, and I struggled with this a lot. God is faithful and His mercies are new every morning. I have started waking up by raising my hands as I sit on the bed and say, Blessed be God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and blessed be your kingdom now and forever, Amen. Besides the stretching, it is an act of praise and worship that reminds me that God is in charge (of heaven and earth) and I am not in charge. He loves us and wants us to remember to praise Him in little things, too. Now if I see a flower I really look at it and examine it and know that if He cares that much for the lilies of the field how much more He cares for me (and your children). I have started thanking Him for my food (we have so many choices in this country) and those who picked it, etc. I was somewhat depressed and walks help that.
      I am starting to see food as a miracle God provides for us each day. Our children are also miracles who are modeling themselves after us. But don’t be afraid. God will help them see the good things we do. God loves you and wants you to love yourself so that you will be able to love others. None of us are perfect. Please pray for me also. Thank you and may God richly bless you and your family. Hugs, Elizabeth

  31. I Proverbs 31 e-mail devotions, but don’t always have time to read them. God’s timing is amazing though because I read your devotion today and it went along so well with what I have been struggling with. Just this week & today I have made a list of all the things I believe about myself, the reasons I believe those things & then tried to find scriptural truths to counteract those. I struggle with poor self-esteem and also have been having some power struggles with my oldest daughter, Loryn, who just turned 8 so I found it interesting that your daughter is named Lauren also. Faith & grace are things for me to comprehend because I tend to lean to the emotional reasoning or lies that I’ve believed for so many years. But God is faithful to bring people into our lives to teach us His ways and your video & devotion just proved that once again! Thank You, Lord! I would appreciate your prayers that I could overcome the negative thoughts & depression that I have struggled with for many years. I feel I am close to a breakthrough by the truth & power of God’s Word. Thank you for your obedience in sharing this with us today! God bless!!!

    • Thank you for sharing. Praying the Lord will shine His Light and Love into the dark places and restore to you the JOY of your salvation!!!! May His Living and Active Word come alive in your heart in very real ways to cause transformation.



  32. Thank you so much for sharing this Word with us today. I am a part of a small ladies bible group and issues about how we see ourselves and how others see us come up a lot. I use to feel alone in this until I realized many women struggle with who they are in the Lord. Thank you for praying that I would know who I am in Him and please continue to pray for me. I want to shine for Him and have confidence that I can be ALL He has called me to be.

  33. Isn’t it totally strange how we can read these verses over and over through the years (and even underline them) but God ‘gifts us’ on a certain day at a certain time with a special understanding…? Hang in there all you seeking Sisters!

  34. Sheila Payne says:

    Your book is one of the best “how to” books I have read. It was especially helpful with how to have a quiet time.

    • Thank you, Sheila!!! I love that my book is how I met you and thank you for sharing it with others.



  35. Karen H. says:

    Hi Wendy, Thank you so much for your post today. I am struggling we a lot of things in my life write now. I tend to run from God. I feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders. I also feel like I can’t do anything right. God bless you.

    • Praying you will run toward God…run to His Word and to quiet time sitting in His Presence. He wants to take your burdens, sweet friend, and is waiting for you to bring them to Him. He is ABLE to carry them for you.



  36. Kimberli Fortner says:

    Wendy, I hope you read this, because God truly used your words to make me realize that He loves me even though I feel so unworthy. I cried and got chill bumps all over, I always believe that is the Holy Spirit coming over me. Please pray for God to help my unbelief. I want so badly to do His will, and be how He wants me to be. I always feel like I fall sooooo short. I just want to know Him better and have more faith and do His will. Please pray for me. He has already done miracles in my life. I was a drug addict and a prostitute living on the streets. He saved me from a certain death. He saved me from myself. It’s been three years and I’m clean, I’m a homemaker, my son lives with me, my family is back in my life, I’m about to get married to a wonderful man, I love my church and stay very involved, drive a new car, have a home and land and financial security. I only mention the material things to show how far He has brought me. I mean I went from homeless to having all of these blessings! Those things aren’t what’s most important though. I have peace and I know that He has a place for me in Heaven. I truly have been saved. I am very ashamed of my past, but He must really love me and have plans for me to have saved a wretch like me. Praise God!

    • What a powerful testimony you have!!! And how He has redeemed your life and filled it with blessings. I pray that you will take to heart that the old is gone and the new has come. You are a new creation. God has a wonderful plan and purpose for your life and wants His highest and best for you. Praying you will take every negative thought captive to the obedience of Christ. He does love you and has forgotten your past. So you need to do the same!!!! You are a His precious princess…treasured and valuable in His sight.



  37. Hi Wendy, thank you so much for your message and faith declaration and prayer, this is just what I need at this season in my life. I need to be reminded that my identity is not based on my achievements, marital status, or what others think of me, but that God has created me for a purpose, and to set my eyes on what He sees!

  38. Thank you Lord! Wendy, you have prayed for me before and this message is just what I was seeking. I desire to have more children and so often I feel that I am labeled and I feel like a failure. It sometimes makes me “hard”. Just last night I prayed for forgiveness and for a changed heart to be a better wife and mom. The thoughts from the enemy can be overwhelming. Thank God for His truth. I will continue to focus on what God says I am. Please pray for me as I pray for you and your ministry.


  39. Thank you for all the wonderful comments and prayer requests. It means so much to see how God is using what He taught me to speak into your hearts. I am off to see my daughter this weekend. Please know I am reading your comments and will respond when I get back and will be praying. I am so thankful for each and every one of you!!



    • Elizabeth says:

      Thank you for your post, your book, and your study with Bible verses. I looked up the verses in your post and Googled them and put them in a document so I could print them. That blessed me a lot.
      I will put the Faith Declaration on the frige. God bless you, Lauren and your family and all who post and do the study.

      • Oops, Elizabeth, so sorry I responded to the wrong note. But the same sentiment still applies. Your words of encouragement have blessed me!!! And thank you for your prayer of blessing for me, my family and the women who commit to the study. Every great work of God is preceded by prayer!!!



  40. Where do I begin? As long as I can remember I have felt God is going to use me in some way. I have been thru being violated as a child, being told how stupid I was my childhood, raped, husband having an affair, to my husband being convicted for purchasing child pornography on the Internet. I chose to stay with my husband because I believe in my vows.
    I have been disowned by my family, friends, and his family. I have been to so many church’s. I still don’t have a place I can feel safe to be who I am. I so long to help those in similar situations. I feel that I am being stopped by the wall of carrying the shame others place on me for what my husband has done. I am not the criminal here!
    I started a new church in Oct. I felt this longing once again to try to heal the hurt in me. I have attempted this so many time in the last 10 years. So I contacted the church and met with the lady that is the head of the woman’s groups. In January I started having a once a week meeting with one of the ladies she recommended to counsel with. I was so excited after the first meeting. Thank you Lord for allowing me to breath is how I felt when I walked out the door.
    As the weeks have passed in meeting with her. I have shared some very deep and painful things. Many have caused me nightmares. I still pushed on. I am willing to do anything to feel the freedom from all that holds me. Then this last week she sits on the end of her couch and tells me I am going to be very mad at her.
    She tells me I have to report some things that you have told me. Everything I have been working on and thought I had let go came flooding back. I had seconds to process all of what she was saying to me. I had to once again go into self preservation mode. I heard a snap in my head. Think fast, save yourself, God give me the words to say to her.
    There I was again sitting before another unsafe person. Having to comfort her in all of my pain she was dealing with. I left hoping she does not report anything. I can not go thru anymore trauma. I don’t have it in me. I am trying so hard to not feel so discouraged in God and what his plan is for me. I feel the only safe refuge for me is to seek God in the quiet place of the Internet. I would rather just lock myself up in going to church and studying the word with woman on the Internet. In that tiny place in my heart I have to believe God wants more for me. Please keep me in your prayers!

    • If this is where you feel safe with your faith, then I am thankful the Lord drew you here. But God does call us to Christian fellowship, so I pray that He will bring into your life a church or a Bible study of some kind where you feel safe and loved. I am so sorry for all you have been through. The Lord has given you quite a testimony. Praying He will guide your steps to a safe place with people you can trust to help you grow in your walk with the Lord. But until that time, I am so grateful you have found internet ministries and friendship.



  41. Hi Wendy,
    I am so happy that God placed the desire in my heart to listen to your message. It was beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Your heart and your gentle spirit were so evident in your words.

  42. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you, Wendy. I know the Lord led me to your message today. I really needed to hear this.


  43. Dear Wendy,
    Thank you so much for posting this. Your heart really blesses me, and your story brings such hope.

    Please pray for me, I’ve struggled with many things over the past few years, including shame, fear, guilt, and sinful strongholds. I have fallen into painful sin more than once. I have struggled with condemnation for a really long time. Thank you for praying for me, and thank you for sharing your story.

    God bless you –


    • Cindy, what comes to mind is a powrful Truth: There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. I pray the Lord will bring this verse ALIVE in your heart!!! I would love for you to join in our next on-line study because I talk about how to overcome strongholds. But if not, you can print out the chapter from my book Hidden Joy on Strongholds by clicking on the link in my sidebar. It will help you conquer your strongholds. Always remember you are more than a conqueror through Him who loves you!!!


  44. Hi Wendy, Thank you for sharing your heart. I have been in a state of believing lies about myself and being angry and stuggling with hopelessness for about three years now. I would appreciate your prayers for me to be able to get out of this dispair and have the fruit of the spirit once again!
    I had been a prayer counselor, and a mentor for years, and things happened to me and around me, and now, I am not the person God wants me to be. Thank you, for your prayers!

    • Praying now Joanne…for the Lord to remind you of who you are and especially Whose you are. You are a child of God. He loves you and wants His highest and best for your life. Praying He will remind you of all the truths you have prayed with others through the years. Praying He will make them come alive and bring transformation to your heart and mind.



  45. Victoria says:

    I’m almost 30. I’m still single, and during my walk with the Lord, I lost my way a few years ago. I got involved with a guy who was emotionally abusive and near the end of our relationship he became physically abusive. The guy after that struggle with his drug addiction and we lasted about a year and half before things ended abruptly. The next guy cheated on me and used me. Although I’m back on the path to having a loving relationship with Jesus, I struggle with forgiving my own past when I was astray. I just don’t know who I am anymore. Pray that I find that person before the dark years.

  46. I honestly don’t know who I am anymore, please pray for me…

  47. Margaret says:

    Hi Wendy,
    I enjoyed your post so much…and the Bible verses you shared on your P31 devotion. I’ve been struggling with my self image so much lately. I have an autoimmune disease which takes the pigment out of my skin and there’s no cure for it. I’m beginning to dread the warmer weather when I can’t “cover up” anymore. I’ve been told “it’s not that bad”, but it’s so hard to not feel insecure about it. I’m trying to surrender this vitiligo to the Lord and to not become discouraged by it anymore and to remember His promises for me. Thank you so much for praying for me!

    • Praying as you asked and also praying for healing. I know autoimmune disorders can be so diffucult to live with. Praying God will touch you with His healing power and bring relief to your skin and return it to how He created it to be originally.


  48. Brittany says:

    Thank you for being an open vessel for the Holy Spirit to work freely through you. This is something God has been teaching me for the past few weeks. I have struggled with body image, self-esteem, and confidence pretty much my entire life. About two weeks ago I had a pretty severe break down during a phone call to my mom about some insecurities I was dealing with. I knew better than this but I did it anyway hoping she could somehow muster up some compassion (she is my mother after all). But she did not and we just ended up arguing and pointing fingers. This has been a normal experience my entire life and I have learned (only through Christ) how to forgive her and not not to expect any acceptance from her in regards to my body (unless I am not what SHE considers overweight). See growing up with such a critical parent I learned to view myself the way she does. The world also told me how I was supposed to look, and I never got a real solid foundation of who I really was. When I found Christ about 6 years ago I still struggled with these same body issues but didnt realize it was NOT how God seen me. After that dis-heartening phone call with my mom, I laid on my bed and weeped, and weeped. Dug my face into my pillow and literally soaked it with tears. I sobbed!!! My husband finally came in, as he knows to be cautious with these things because I am so sensitive (what a wonderful man of God the Lord has blessed me with) he held me and I told him the story. I cried and said why cant she just accept ME for who I am. Why does the world tell me I have look a certain way, doesnt God love me just how I am. Yes he wants me to be healthy and take care of my body but doesnt he see my heart, why is it so hard for others to see that too. I cried, and cried, for a long time while he held me and prayed for me. After I calmed down, I got up looked in the mirror and the thought “gosh your so ugly when you cry crept into my mind” and then God said, “NO”, you are not. You are beautiful. You are my child and you are to say what I say about you and no one else. Then it hit me. I am to view myself the way God does, I am to say to myself what God says about me. It has been a very freeing experience. The power of thoughts and the words you speak are a very powerful thing. And so is the strength of the Lord. I wrote on my mirror the things God has said about me and I read them every day. I will no longer call myself fat, ugly, stupid, or any other negative comment because God does not call me that either. And I am a His child. My mother never told me who I was in Christ, only what she and the world would think of me if I looked a certain way. But when I accepted Jesus as my Savior and invited the Holy Spirit into my life he began to mold me and shape me into His image, it took a while but I finally began to believe what God, my husband, and others said about me. Pretty much all the things you shared Wendy. I still silently long for the approval and acceptance from my mother and I know the Lord will work that out but in the meantime I am free the bondage of sin and attacks from the enemy in regards to who I am. I know who I am in Christ and he can never take that away from me.

    • Amen and amen!! Love that picture of you writing the Truth you know about yourself in the mirror. We all seek our parent’s approval. But when we do not get it, we need to give that over to the Lord. And we need to pray for them because it is something hurting in them that does not allow them to give that approval to their children. Continue to take every thought captive to the mind of Christ…to the Truth you know.

      Thank you for sharing your story with us. I pray it encourages others.



  49. I have been struggling with life issues for a while ever since my dad died. I feel like i have a lot of guilt from things that have happened in my past. Thanks a lot for prayer.

  50. Patricia Heard-Hopson says:

    Ifeel so stupid being as old as I am and still not having a true handle on my identity in Christ and my purpose. I feel like I am always in a holding pattern and whenever I am ready to fly something happens and I am just standing still. I am not even sure what to ask you to pray. Just pray.

  51. Wendy, I have several struggles that interfere my walk with the Lord. Please pray that God would remove those fears and I will be able to praise the Lord with uplifting of hands and that those around me will see Jesus in me.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I love the prayer request you left. I taught a class of foreign students, and one person told me
      “You have a good heart.” I almost couldn’t receive that complement because I think it is hard to think good about ourselves sometimes. So I want to tell you today that I think God wanted to let you know,
      “You have a good heart”. I hope that my prayers for you will also help others to see the good in themselves and in others. If we can see Jesus in others and be kind, those around us will see Jesus in us. Thank you for your post, Libby.
      Hugs, Elizabeth

      • Thank you for such a sweet word of encouragment, Libby. It came on a day when I really needed to hear it. God’s timing is always perfect. Thank you for listening and obeying what you heard….it blessed me today! Wendy

  52. Michelle says:

    Thank you so much Wendy for this! You have spoken to me and this is something I have been trying to work on with my children as well. I too have been told that it is “in the family” but I don’t want it in my house! I grew up with it and said that I would never have it in my house….and it is something I struggle with daily. Thank you again for your devotion today.

  53. Please know I have prayed for each of you and trust the Lord will do a mighty work in each one of you. He brought you hear today to show you who you are in Christ and to stop believing the lies of the evil one. Keep your mind focused on these truths. Take captive the lies and replace them with the truths. God will be faithful!!!

    Thank you for stopping by and asking for prayer. It is my honor to pray for you. Update us with God’s work in your life.



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