March 13, 2012

Announcing New Hidden Joy On-Line Study with Giveaway

Welcome to Living Truth.  I am so thankful you stopped by today.  If you are visiting today to learn more about our Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner on-line study, please take a few minutes (7 to be exact) to listen to the video message below.  It provides essential registration information and shares a bit about the book.

God brought you here today because He wants to begin a new work in your life.  If His heart leads you to say “yes” to join us, please know you will be ministered to and prayed for as you journey through this book.  When I wrote Hidden Joy many years ago, I prayed each and every day for the hands into which God would place it.  Those prayers were lifted for you.  And now we are here together, years later, beginning a journey with the Lord together!!!  I cannot wait to see what He will do in and through our time together.

The Hidden Joy Study begins here on Monday, April 9th and runs through the end of May.  There is no cost to join the on-line studies.  The only cost will be the purchase price of Hidden Joy.  You will also need a Bible and a notebook or journal.  We would love for you to purchase the book through Proverbs 31 Ministries.  I will sign each book purchased from our P31 web site.  But the book is also available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other book stores.  It is also available electronically.

To register for the study, simply visit my sidebar and click on “Sign up for Wendy’s On-Line Studies.”  Place your e-mail address in the box and click “subscribe.”  Doing this registers you  for this study and ensures you will receive invitations for all future studies.  If you have registered for an on-line study in the past, you do not need to re-register.

If you would like to receive the weekly posts for the on-line study in your inbox every Monday, visit the side bar again.  At the top of this sidebar, you will see “Subscribe to updates.”  Place your e-mail address in the box and click “Go.”  Each week you will receive an e-mail with the post for the week.  It is important to note that to view the video, you will need to visit the web site directly.  You may do so by clicking on the title of the post in the e-mail.

All information you share stays confidential.  I will not share your information with anyone.

My dear friend, Heather Bleier, has graciously donated books for a Hidden Joy Giveaway.  So, please leave a comment today and share with us why you would like to join the Hidden Joy on-line study.  We will select five names to win a signed copy of Hidden Joy.  One winner will receive two books to give one away to a friend.  Thank you, Heather!!!

Let me leave you with a few verses we will study as we journey through Hidden Joy.  Take a few minutes to look them up to see what the Lord has in store for you.

Psalm 40:1-3

Hebrews 4:12

Romans 8:28

Isaiah 45:3

See you April 9th!

Sweet Blessings to you,


  1. Good Morning Wendy, well, where He leads, I will follow… can I hear HIm, am I listening?! Early this morning before even receiving the feed I was led to “check-in”. As you so graciously and kindly suggested – thank you – this may be just what I need to face my daily challenges in the “pit”. I have lost my joy and my burdens are many and heavy – Looking forward to beginning a journey of healing, praise, love and joy! Looking to restore what the locust has eaten! Thank you!

    Blessings and I am looking to the Son,


    • So thankful the Lord led you here!! Looking forward to studying God’s Word with you through this study. Trusting God He will do as He promises…restore what the locusts have eaten!!



  2. P.S. Thank you Heather from all………… to read your comments! Please keep me in prayer!

  3. I want to join the study and i just want to grow more in the Lord. God has been doing so much in my life over the last 8 years. From taking me out of homosexuality to joining the mormon church and then leaving it. Now im involved in celebrate recovery and i love seeing God work in my life but i know he has so much more for me. Thanks.

    • Wow, you have had quite a journey!!! So thankful you have landed here. Praying the Lord will continue to draw you closer to His heart as you seek to know Him more through this study.


  4. Shuquin Foster says

    Good morning Wendy I have been wanting to dedicate myself to many of the P31 Bible Studies, but things I allow to come in my lief and I know its nothing but distractions from the enemy but anyway I allow myself to become consumed with these distractions and i get off track. However, I haven’t been 100% with God and He has and still is blessing me with some many things and one being my life. I been clean from drugs for sometime now and everytime I say I am going to give my life to Him I never seem to do just that. I want to read His Word, apply His word, and receive the Holy Spirit and I know that once I put these things into actions my faith will become so strong that I can tell any mountain to move and it will. So yes I will love to be apart of this Bible Study because I believe that I will receive and grow so much spiritually.

    • Prayiing for you right now…that this will be YOUR time to say “yes” and to commit to stand firm on that commitment. Praying the Lord will help you follow through all seven weeks…reading, homework, and prayer. God can only change and transform us when we give Him the time by being in His Word and sitting before Him, listening. Praying He will enable you to carve out time and praying He will place a hunger deep within you for more of Him


    • Brittany jacobson says

      I was lead to this group because i started reciving devotionals through my email from diffrent peeople like she seeks .com and girl friends in God and Gods delight i think it was they were advertising another study as well and these two that i picked both tugged at my heart both issues im struggling with.

      if feel like im living half of a life like halif of me is gone
      there is a side of me people see wich is a worshiper prayer warrior and
      and encouger but the side they dont see wich i am
      is fear anxety anger deppresion

      looking forward to what God does in my heart
      with the study

  5. As I read the title of your book `Hidden Joy` I ponder over whether I can ever have that Hidden Joy.
    There was a time I had that Joy. But now some things of my past are overwhelming me.
    I am a Christian going through a hard time and I look forward to the day my Joy returns.

    • Sweet Michelle, YES you can and will have that joy. It is yours to have as a child of God. If you have His Spirit in you, you already have that joy inside you. You simply need to be still before the Lord, spend time in His Word, and pray for Him to fill you full with His Joy. He will be faithful!!!



  6. I am looking forward to the Hidden Joy online study. Reading the testimony of Wendy was really encouraging. If the power of God’s Word can lift her from sadness to joy and give her the victory to overcome the terrible experience she endured, I know God’s Word can do the same for me and others who put their confidence in Him(the Word). I would love to win a copy of the book and another to share with a friend.

    Karen C

    • Yes, He can and will do the same for you. He is not only ABLE, He is waiting to do it for you!! He will meet you where you are. He is faithful to honor His Word.


  7. Wendy, What a blessing for Heather to donate the books. Really looking forward to the book study. You know how MUCH your ministry mean to me in my ability to realize that I no longer need to hide my past and that the JOY is all mine. I plan to have several of my close friends join me in this study. Blessings to you.

  8. Crystal Bethel says

    I would like a copy of this book and to join the bible study because God has been speaking to me and walking me through an abuse marriage. I have regained confidence and stability in a job and am ready, at God’s direction, to move forward. I’m finding joy in all things as Romans 8:28 states.

    • Love Romans 8:28…it is a BIG verse in this study. God has shown that verse to be true in my life and in the lives of many of them women whose story is told in my book.


  9. Thank you Wendy for the kind words of encouragement. I am walking through a divorce after 28 years of marriage, my husband has filed and I am really looking to find the ‘hidden joys’ in each day through this process. I know God is the Great Healer, my Redeemer, I am looking forward to discovery and learning more through your study!

    • So thankful you are joining us!! Praying God will meet you right where you are and reveal Himself in amazing ways as you dig into His Word.



  10. While I know that joy is a fruit of the spirit, it is one that has not grown in me yet, and one I so desperately want. I look forward to this study and finding the joy that is hidden

    • Yes, Ginny, the joy is there. We just need to invite God through His Word and this study to fill you to the full with His inexplicable joy!!!



  11. Thanks for offering this study! I’ve shared it with some fellow sexual assault survivors and hope/pray that it will bless their lives. My book came in the mail this past week and I can’t wait to get started!

    • Thank you for sharing this book with survivors in your sphere of influence!! It means so much to know that God will take His Truths printed on the pages of Hidden Joy to bring hope and healing into their lives. That has been my prayer since the first day I started writing Hidden Joy.



  12. I desire to grow closer to God, to feel His presence and continue to see how He works in my life. I lost my Dad almost 15 months ago. He had a heart attack & died two days after Christmas 2010. I have had a very difficult time dealing with his death. We were very close and I miss the relationship I had with my Daddy. I feel a constant emptiness in my heart that nothing can seem to fill. The only comfort I have is knowing he was a Christian and that he is with the Lord, but even that doesn’t seem comforting all the time. I just miss him. I have been through depression, questioned God, asking for answers, & trying to feel peace. I know God is with me and speaks to me through His word and I want a deeper relationship with Him.

    • I am so sorry about the loss of your father and can hear your brokenness in your words. Sweet friend, we are so thankful you want to join us. God will meet you in your grief and carry you though. You will be surrounded with a sisterhood who will encourage and pray for you during this study. Praying God will restore to you the JOY of your salvation and comfort you in a way that will heal your heart and make it strong again.


  13. I’m really excited about getting to study your book with you Wendy! I read all the verses you posted for us today…oh how I needed them! Psalm 40:1-3 has popped up for me several times already today and I know it’s not by accident, because they were in completely unrelated tweets, FB posts, and random stumbling. Definitely a God-ccident. My Monday School girls are ready to go, I’ll be ordering our books later this week :).

    I’ll be praying for you Wendy as you lead us through God’s Truth found in your book and I will of course be praying for all of us who get to be a part of this great study!

    <3 Heather

    P.S. Y'all are so welcome for the books! It is my JOY to be able to do this!!

    • Thank you for your prayers. These girls have NO IDEA what a blessing it is to have you be a part of this study. They will grow to love you as much as I do!!


      • Edie Clavelli says


        Heather Bleier will be leading our Bible study on April 9th. I am one of her Monday night ladies!:0) Heather has been such a blessing to me since the day I met her – there are no words to describe her kindness, thoughtfulness, and tireless energy that she puts forth in her church and towards everyone she acquaints herself with in our community. She has the most beautiful singing voice – truly a gift from God!! I wish you could hear her sometime. This young woman walks quiet steps but does great things every day of her life. I have witnessed this time and time again. I hope this note brings a smile to your face and warms your heart — I know my friend Heather Bleier deserves lifes greatest gifts, knowing her is my gift from God!

        Edie C

  14. Joy is so essential to walking by faith in the Lord. I sometimes get overwhelmed by circumstances but I know this study will bring joy as I draw closer to Him. It would be wonderful to have a book to follow the study with y’all. For over 18 years I have been praying for my husband to accept Christ into His life. Joy is essential to keep me from becoming overwhelmed and discouraged by his lack of interest and resistance to the Lord. I’m sure joy will sustain my spirit as I continue to pray for my husband’s salvation.

    • I join you now Kathy in praying for your husband’s salvation. Praying too that God will burden other women in this study to join us in this prayer!! God is a faithful God. He longs to give us the desire of our hearts!!! Praying He will give you the desire of your heart for your husband.



  15. I cannot wait to join you ladies as we learn to walk closer with Him. I have been wanting to join a bible study for some time, being a Mom and nanny of twins…leaves me little time for me. I am looking for support and friendship. I am also seeking healing. Life has been hard, but He is good and always leads. I want to strengthen my faith and get some joy back. Thank you for the chance to win the book …but thanks the most for what you do! I pray the Lord blesses each of the ladies in the study <3

    • This is a perfect study for a busy, stay at home, working mom like you. So thankful the Lord brought you to us!!!



  16. I really believe God led me to this. I received a gift card for Barnes & Noble at Christmas. I used to to by “A Confident Heart” for the Bible Study I had signed up for and really debated on which other book to buy. I finally decided on “Hidden Joy”. I think God is telling me that this is the year I move beyond the mistakes and abuse of my past. Had never done an online study before but being homebound, really miss the fellowship of Bible Study. I am really learning a lot from “A Confident Heart” & once that one is over get to move into “Hidden Joy”! May God bless you and all those at Proverbs 31.

    • I’m with you Holly. “A Confident Heart” “Hidden Joy” – God is amazing and gently takes us by the hand, leading us where He will, and like you, I believe it is Him who led me to this online study and cleared my calendar at just the right time. Amen

    • Renee’s book is WONDERFUL. I am honored that you would choose to do another study with us P31 girls. Praying God will continue to take you deeper still in your walk with Him as you meet Him in His Word through this study.



  17. Rhonda in MA says

    Hi Wendy…Just wanted to drop in and tell you how excited I am to be doing another study with you!!! The Hebrews study was the first one with you and you don’t know how it ministered to my spirit. I am really looking forward to what He has in store through this study!!! Wendy thank you for following what the Lord has put on your heart to do.

    • Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement!! I am so thankful you are returning for another study. I too LOVED the Hebrew study. One of my favorites. And we had a wonderful fellowship of women!


  18. Annette Davidson says

    I am very excited about this study. My Therapist recommended this book since I have gone through the exact same thing and now suffer Post Traumatic Disorder, I would love to win one of these books to have as my own. My Therapist has offered to share hers but I am very much a write in the book person and I could not do this with her copy. Thank you for the opportunity. Blessings

    • Annette, I love that your therapist recommended this book. It means so much to me that she finds value in God’s ability to heal trauma like yours and mine. So thankful you will be joining us!! Praying now God does a mighty work in and through your time in His Word through this study.



  19. I am a missionary to China. God has blessed me with so much opportunity to minister to women in hurt. The experience of joining Bible study of “A Confident Hear” was very inspiring and helpful to my ministry, even though I had to miss half of it due to my trip. After reading your testimony, I am sure this “Hidden Joy” study will also transfer me and many other women as well. The best part is, I get to spend April and May in States for home assignment, I won’t miss any of the study this time! Can’t wait for the feeding from you through God’s words.

    • Yuena, what a blessing for us to have an international missionary joining us!! Thank you for your heart’s desire to bring the gospel to the dark places in the world. And thank you for sharing Hidden Joy with those to whom you minister. I look forward to studying God’s Word with you!!!



  20. Hi Wendy, I am so looking forward in your new online study Hidden Joy. I had joined your Hebrew study online and was very happy with your teaching and what I got out of it… Thank you… I am also looking forward to many more of your online studies!!!
    God Bless You

  21. I have been going through a very dark time lately and this study sounds like just what I need. Thank you for the chance to win a copy.

    • Jennifer, I pray God will shine the Light of His Love and His Joy into the darkness that shrouds your life right now. Just being in His Word and being in fellowship with this amazing circle of women will draw you into the Light, and God always does exceedingly, abundantly above all we can ever ask or imagine. I pray that for you!!



  22. Wendy,
    I am excited about doing another Bible study, led by you. I would like a copy of the book (and to do the study), because it is important to fully understand how God leads us out of that pit of despair and continues to love us and care for us, even if we’re not crawling out very fast. And if it isn’t us specifically, there is always someone that we may come in contact with that could also benefit from learning about the sustaining love of God. Thank you for continuing to serve God in this way.

  23. Jennifer C. says

    Hi Wendy,

    Very excited to study Hidden Joy again. Glad that you will leading it. I believe that God is tapping on my heart again and I really do need the review. Hoping that Holly will be on board this time around. I plan on getting her a signed copy. Hoping the gift will get her into the study. On a side note, she is doing very well. Planning her 2nd 5k run for sexual awareness. The race is April 14. Pray that the Lord gives us a beautiful day.

    Love to you my sister,

    • Oh, I do hope Holly will join us for the study!! I am so proud of all she is doing to bring awareness and to bring glory and honor to God. She sets a shining example for all victims!!



  24. Bless you Wendy (and Heather)… I missed the study when it was previously done and I hope to be able to join in with the author herself. Sometimes I am not able to fully participate, being in outreach here in Mexico, where God has often led me to use the hard experiences I have gone through to help other women in crisis. I really believe God wants me to do this study with you Wendy because I have been raped twice in my life as a teen then 20 yrs. later both times in my home, where you’d think you were safe and so perhaps I have some “hidden joy” yet to discover… and learning that forgiveness was the key for me to be free, that I was not the guilty one, but the one wronged… I have always focused on moving forward, not sure if I left something hidden and covered that has not yet been healed or dealt with… I know the fear and I think living alone in Mexico, God certainly has delivered me from that but nonetheless has made me ever so aware and alert to the hurt and suffering of others here; mostly women and children… but as I explained in a comment in “A Confident Heart”, dealing with a phone counseling prayer crisis line, I thought I’d encounter others that needed prayer for this and instead God brought the rapists, so I would learn the grace and mercy He has as I prayed for them and their change and repentance. That was an eye opener and part of my healing. Yet I still think God is doing a new thing in me.
    Blessed always by your studies, prayers, teachings and your heart, Wendy.
    May God continue to use and bless you sister in Christ!

    Love and peace,

    • Peggy, thank you for sharing your heart and your story with us. Wow!! The Lord has given you opportunities to pray with rapists. That is HUGE!!! What a testimony. I am so thankful you will be joining us this time around. Please share as you feel led. With your background, it will be such a blessing to hear how God speaks to you and works in you through the study.



      • I prayed with them, but not by my choice! It was the Holy Spirit who led them to call in for prayer and God just decided that I was the one to do this! It is very humbling and definitely makes you pause and remember how great is our God.

        I am so glad that Noelle has blessed me now with a copy of your book!!! Checking back at your online study tonight to end 2012 and put this past far behind me except when God wants to use this to glorify Him.

        I was checking this evening on my all time most popular blog posts and this topic of forgiveness and rape was one of my top ones (in fact it was listed first)
        so I came back here to link it in case someone else that needs to read another testimony of God “bringing good out of something horrible” and how BIG He is and how forgiveness really works in helping healing. “Forgiving Rape Twice” written back in 2009 about a year after I started blogging.

        I pray that this will minister to someone as much as “Hidden Joy” is ministering to me. Thanks Wendy!

        Much love, peace and a very blessed New Year wish to you and yours!!!

        • Thank you for stopping back by and posting your link. I know the Lord will use it since He led you to leave it!! Praying you have a blessed and joyous New Year as well.



  25. Patricia Weatherford says

    Dear Wendy……. What a Amazing God we serve…….I read the insert of your book…..Hidden Joy when I was looking at inspiration books on Amazon. And was planning to purchase this book as soon as I could. Now I know God Is talking to me to join in the online bible study! YES it would be great to win your book to particpate. God Bless

  26. Gaynor in Telefomin, PNG says

    Dear Wendy,
    I am a missionary in a remote place in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. We (two MAF families) who live here are the only white skins. It is well-known throughout PNG that Telefomin is a very dark place – the gospel only arrived here 60 years ago. Personally, I have been going through a dark place and I also minister to women here who live under the consequences of deeds done in the dark. But God is the Lord of the dark, hidden places too. It would be wonderful to be able to read your book and join in the bible study and then pass that on to the women here. Thankyou for the chance to win a copy. May God bless you in your Kingdom work,

    • Gay, another missionary…what a blessing. Thank you for taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the dark and remote places of the earth. I pray God’s hand of protection upon you and I pray for Him to open the hearts and minds of those to whom you minister. We are excited to have you and are so grateful that you will share the Hope found in this book with those in your ministry circle.



  27. Colleen G. says

    Because your Bible studies are amazing and have changed me, my heart and outlook on the Bible in the most amazing way. And I THANK YOU for that. You are truly gifted and have blessed many.
    -Colleen G.

  28. Thank you Wendy for sharing your time, talents and simply all of YOU with me! I truly look forward to this totally “new” journey with you, the other participants and most importantly the LORD! I’m up for a challenge of finding a the “Hidden Joy” that is so lost somewhere inside of me! I pray to find with your help, through the grace of God!

  29. I am anxious to start this study. I looked up the verses you highlighted and I know this study is really going to help me grow to learn more about God and what purpose He has planned for me. I’m hoping to learn how to hear His voice instead of mine and to lay all of me at the foot of the cross, experiencing true joy and allowing the Holy Spirit to fill all my cracks as I get rid of the garbage in my past. Thank you for this book. God Bless You.

    • You are so welcome, Jillian. He promises that when you seek Him you will find Him when you seek Him with all your heart. So be encouraged. Praying He will open your ears and eyes to receive all that He has for you as you journey through this study with us!!


  30. I am anxious to start this study. I looked up the verses you highlighted and I know this study is really going to help me grow to learn more about God and what purpose He has planned for me. I’m hoping to learn how to hear His voice instead of mine and to lay all of me at the foot of the cross, experiencing true joy and allowing the Holy Spirit to fill all my cracks as I get rid of the garbage in my past. Thank you for this book. God Bless You.

  31. I love connecting with other women and reading good books! Most importantly, though, I like to hear what God might have to say to me through each study!

  32. I look forward to reading Hidden Joy and studying it alongside of others. I am fairly new to your blog and writing and I want to hear more. I want to see how God will use and bless this work.

  33. Thank you for teaching on this topic. I have struggled with my identity and self esteem since a young girl. My father abandoned my sisters n I in first grade. It was a hard burden and harder to face the consequences of his actions on my self esteem. Now as a mother and wife whom has undergone many medical challenges that have altered my outward person, I continue to struggle with my identity. I’m excited to join this online study and see the ways God will change my thinking and mature my convictions.

    • Soinia,

      I love that you will be joining us. Through this book, I pray the Lord will show you how much He loves you and how valuable you are to Him!! Also, I do have two free items you can access on my web site by clicking on “Free Resources” at the top. They address exactly what you struggle with…self esteem and identity. One is a declaration and the other is a prayer. Please read them and print them out if they speak to you.



  34. Melissa B says

    This is my first online bible study and I can’t wait for it to start! Ready to learn how to get my joy back and keep it!!!!

  35. Melissa B says

    This is my first online bible study and I can’t wait for it to start! Ready to learn how to get my joy back and keep it!!!! The Lord has been moving in mighty ways and can’t wait to see how he continues to move.

  36. I’m excited to participate in my first online study & meeting new friends! My mother heard your testimony through a speaker that visited their church. My mother requested prayer for me…I had my life turned upside down & was dealing with depression, sadness, fear & doubting God. I have to say I have overcome some of these but still struggle with some. I’m ready to receive all God has for me. God bless you all and I hope we can share a great journey together.

    • God Bless you too Lisa! I look forward to getting to know you more through this study :). Your Mom sounds a lot like mine, very caring and wanting the best for her daughter. I pray you receive all God has for you through this study. He as a plan for all of us and it’s good! I’m thankful each day is new <3

    • Lisa, another newbie!! Welcome. Love having girls new to on-line studies. Thank you for choosing to spend your precious time in the Word with us. Praying God will use this study to reveal wonderful new truths and promises as you meet Him in His Word.



  37. “… joy is a net of love by which we catch souls…” ~Mother Teresa
    I have caught my sweet little daughter up from a dark place her earthly father created for us – but it has taken a toll on my joy, but also shown me that joy is not always where we expect it.

    I fight everyday to chose gratitude and grace and joy. In this study I hope to find tools to make me a better fighter, (Ephesians 6:10-17) this prayer today for us all:

    Dear Lord, Please make my skin thick enough that I may do battle with the evil one and not be burned. Amen

    • Thanks for the prayer Leslie! I hope we can all find those tools too :). I pray you find joy in little unexpected ways each day, you sound like an amazing Mom!!

    • Amen!! So excited to have you!! I agree with Julie. May you find joy in unexpected ways as you walk through this study.


  38. God definitely brought me here today, because joy has been missing from my life for quite awhile. I want to bring my hidden joy back into the light.

  39. I really enjoyed the last online bible study and look forward to the new one on Hidden Joy!!!

  40. I really need this study. I am stuggling with joy in my life right now!

  41. This sounds like a Bible Study that could really help me. I get so tired of memory triggers from past abuse. I fight daily to define myself in Christ instead of through the negative messages from past pain. I don’t want to merely survive in this life. I know God wants me to experience more joy.

    • Oh, yes, Trudy, that is my prayer for all of us…that we would experience the fullness of God’s love and healing as we meet Him in His Word through this study.



  42. Elisa Rodriguez says

    Wendy thank you so much for this online bible study. I am anxiously looking forward to it. I am also doing Renee Swope’s A Confident Heart online study and in Ch 4 she asks for us to do a timeline of painful emotions in my life and also weird these emotions took me and how far from god was I and the people that hurt around me and that I hurt in the process. In doing this time line I resurface a lot of emotions and memories that I thought I had gotten past however 1 of the memories that surfaced was an incident when I was 18 years old very similar to the 1 you describe in this video. how beautiful that God brought me to this online study to be able to continue to work on those emotions now that they have resurfaced in my life and I believe that this steady that you are starry in April will help me to begin my journey of healing and be able to help me to deal with a feeling that I thought I had put away a long time ago. Those feelings of weakness and hopelessness of not being worthy of anything or anyone not being able to trust others is 1 of my biggest issues. I am a christian woman and I have faith that God will help me along with this bible study to face my fears and to show me and reveal to me through His word that I am loved and then I am worthy and he will give me the strength and the confidence to overcome my fears antitrust that there is no impossible for him and that he will heal my heart. I know he will restore me from a broken person to being a beautiful whole person and I am grateful and so blessed that you are doing this teddy it could not have come at a better time in my life thank you for everything that you do and God bless you.

    • Elisa,

      God knew exactly where you needed to be, and He brought you here. Praying you will meet Him in the pages of Hidden Joy, and even moreso in the pages of His Word. May He do a mighty transforming work in your heart and mind and bring you to a place of wholeness and restoration!!!



  43. Hi Wendy,
    I look forward to the new study. You have touched so many lives through your studies. It is amazing how God takes the tragedies that we go through and uses them to help others. I was part of the Hebrews study, and learned so much about how everything is connected and pre-planned from the beginning. Thank you so much for allowing Gods guidance in your life so that we have the opportunity to learn from you.

    Paulette Taylor
    Knoxville, TN

  44. Carolina Funk says

    Hi Wendy. Yes to all of the above. This will be my third study with you and I too have learned so much from your insight and constant encouragement to go the Word for the answers. Psalm 40:1-3 and Isaiah 45:3 are my mantras. He continues to save me – I praise Him and I am hungry to learn more.
    See you all in the Word,

    Carolina Funk
    Long Island, NY

  45. I need this study right now! I am currently in counseling because several months ago I remembered that as a child I was sexually abused. I had suppressed the memories completely for so many years but now I am dealing with so much fear and am having panic attacks, nightmares, insomnia, and many other issues. Thank you for offering this study. I am praying that I will not only be healed from all of this but that God will be glorified in it.

    • Kathy, God led you here, and He will do a transforming work in your life as you meet Him in His Word. I suffered so many of these sypmptoms after my attack, and I do not suffer from a single one any more and have not for years. God is FAITHFUL!!! I look forward to studying God’s Word with you and cannot wait to see what He does thorugh this study!!!



  46. I struggle with dealing with suffering so what you share about what you learned from God sounds like something I really need to learn more about.

  47. Wendy, I really enjoyed your study on Hebrews and am looking forward to going through your study through “Hidden Joy”. I love studying God’s Word and am eager to always learn more. You have been such a blessing to me!! It has been so wonderful, meeting such wonderful women….Women that really care!! This study will help me move beyond some of my past mistakes and abuses also. Would love to win a book!! Thank you for a chance to win one. I really want to grow closer to God and know the plans He has for me; to learn how to have a better quiet time each day, too! Thank for being the sweet person, you are!! God Bless!

  48. I want to grow and live life according to Him so I think the study will help.

  49. Wow! Getting excited to start the study and getting to know you all. As I’am reading each of our posts, I’m thinking there are alot of women with alot of triggers, struggles and hurt that want JOY, HOPE!! My prayer is that we ALL can get healing, live a life full of JOY & HOPE. I believe God can make a change in us, I know me…I need to totally let God make that change in myself! =)

  50. Thank you for the drawing. I’d like to stay in God’s word and joining the study is a good place to be with fellow believers!

  51. Hi Wendy,

    God is going to use your book to do a wonderful work in the lives of many women in the upcoming study. After reading your book, I read my bible for the first time in a very long time, had my quiet time, and prayed to God for the first time in a long time. This time it wasn’t about decisions and dire situations. Since August of last year I have been declining slowly in my Christian walk. I never thought I could get to that point. I knew it could happen. Didn’t think it could happen to me. I slowly begun to let go of everything.

    I always went to church, but I didn’t want to be there for the last seven months. I wasn’t there consistently though. Did it enough so I didn’t bring too much attention to myself. I stopped doing nursery, going to bible studies, stopped meeting with a friend weekly for our individual bible study, didn’t read my bible or pray. When I was in church, my mind wasn’t there, only my body. Church was the last thing I had to let go of, but it was only Sunday morning worship that I had left. I told God to leave me alone. I wasn’t sure about anything. I just wanted to be left alone. Went home and got into the bed after work and I did the same thing all over again the next day. I wanted to be totally cut off from anything and everything.

    When I felt like I needed God the most, he wasn’t there for me. When I wanted him to leave me alone, he didn’t. I am glad he didn’t . Two good friend kept praying for me. One could see my downward spiral because we share a house . I am not sure why or how the other friend knew to pray for me because I hadn’t spoken to her or seen her since last spring. I believe that is what brought me back. It was a spiritual battle but God didn’t let me go. I truly believe God used you, your book and my two friends to bring me back. Satan got weaker over time because the prayers from my friends were heard by God.

    I have my hope back. I am praying, I am meeting with God, I write in a journal, and I am fully in church (mind/body and spirit). I did start a new church that I am happy with. I was no longer happy with my old church. Now that was a long time coming.

    I actually finished your book two Tuesdays ago. I was led to read your book for maybe over a year now. But I wasn’t ready. My heart wouldn’t have been as receptive to it. I read it so quickly that I told myself I have to absolutely read it again. And I never, ever read a book twice. I went to your website the night I finished it to tell you about my experience of reading Hidden Joy, and I saw that your next study was going to be on the book. I could not believe it and I was so happy. I didn’t actually send an email that night though. Its taken me two weeks to do that.

    I was sad when your book ended. You have to write another one. I told everyone I know about your book. They will each receive a copy from me. Fear and forgiveness spoke the most to me. Fear more than Forgiveness though. I forgave someone for the first time two years ago and it took me eight years to do so. Not that I think have it down though going forward for others. Just saying I have grown a lot in that area. Fear, I am still dealing with. I will be sure to leave comments as we go through the study. I loved learning through out the entire book ( abiding in Christ, faith and prayer, etc .)

    I never joined one of your studies before because I didn’t think I would be able to commit. Well, I am going to commit to this one. I cant wait until you start. Can you move the date up? JK! I am glad though that I actually got to read your book before the study. I like to read once, and then go back and take notes. That’s how I always operated when I want to retain information. So now that I have read it, I will get to experience the blessing of your book twice.

    I give God all the Glory. I went through a trial, and it will be a wonderful testimony for others I share it with.

    See you in the study, and THANK YOU


    • Wow, what an amazing story, Iris!!! Thank you for sharing. God must have a mighty and amazing plan for you as I see how intensely He pursued you to draw you back to Him. I am truly honored to see how Hidden Joy played a small part in God drawing you back to Him. It is truly an answer to the many prayers I lifted as I wrote the book. YOU are one of the women for whom I was praying!!!! I am so excited you will be joining us for this study. Please be sure to share along the way. You have quite a testimony!!



  52. Can't leave real name here (please understand) says

    Hello Wendy, I don’t even know where to begin. I just happened across your page and have been pondering what to do next. I know God lead me here for a reason. When I was watching your video, I almost turned it off, thinking this is not what I need. I am a Christian, but I dropped out of church years ago, and I make excuses about going back. I have a lot of emotional issues concerning my controlling Mother. I’m almost 55 and she still won’t let go! I’ve been married to my 3rd Husband almost 31 yrs and she still doesnt like him. (Actually, she doesn’t like anybody that takes her children from her, as she puts it) She has put a tight chain on me my whole life and I can’t seem to break it. I struggle with “Honor your Mother and Father (which, I’ve never had one in my life) to where do I cut her off. She is a very negative person and as hard as I try not to be…it’s in me too. She has a strong hold on me that I want free of! I feel like I’m in prison. Your video touched me when you talked about learning forgiveness and surrendering stronghold. Please pray for me!

    • My heart breaks reading your e-mail. God so desires you to be free from the chains of this relationship and that freedom is found in Christ. I speak from experience, and I can tell you running away from God and church is not the answer. Run towards Him….through this study or another one…and you will find the freedom you are looking for and the forgiveness you long to give to be free. It does not mean she will change or that your circumstances will change but YOU WILL CHANGE, YOUR HEART WILL CHANGE and you will see your circumstances with new eyes. God will enable you to walk in this relationship in a healthy way. Please stick with God and join us if it works with your schedule. God will be faithful to do a mighty work if you give your all to Him and allow Him to work!!!



    • Hugs! Praying for you <3

  53. I lead a small group for women suffering with chronic pain and this is going to be our new spring study. I don’t think it’s a conicidence that we meet back up after winter break starting April 5 and your study is starting April 9!! I am so excited to see how it works for us as a group and also how it impacts my ladies as individuals. Thanks so much for these online studies!! For those of us who suffer with chronic pain and illness and can’t commit to a regular study, these mean the world and let us grow in the Lord in an amazing way!! Thank you, Wendy!!

  54. Phyllis Houp says

    God is good and he has brought me here for His purpose….to glorify Him and to show me His love.

  55. Lisa Young says

    Wow…thank you for allowing God to not waste any of your pain. The encouragement I read here tonight so bolstered my faith. I’m in the hurricane, crawling through my Defining Wilderness. I will emerge, leaning on the arm of my Beloved.

  56. Lisa Young says

    Wow…thank you for allowing God to not waste any of your pain. The encouragement I found here tonight so bolstered my faith. I am in the hurricane, crawling through my Defining Wilderness. But I will WALK out, leaning onthe arm of my Beloved!

  57. Such a blessing to read! Thank you for that.
    God bless you!!

  58. i am in a hard place, knowing that God will move me from here, as i continue to wor to get mast my pain and past. There seems to be SO much to do, and some days i cannot move.
    I would like to get your book and do this study, but struggle to know how to fit it into a life that has again become unmanageable. I need prayer, and help.

    thank you, faith

  59. I was so blessed from the message Heather shared!! T thank God for such talented people…filled with great wisdom and knowledge to share with others. I’m wanting to learn how to dig my roots deeper into God’s Word…to become more stable and to stand stronger…more firm in His Word. Sometimes I feel the storms I’m facing right now are just too much, but I want to see what transforming power God will do in my life; to help be become a new and stronger person in Him. How will He use all I am going through to glorify and honor Him. I want this complete healing and be able to stand firmly on His Word. Thanks for the magazine subscription giveaway…it sounds like an awesome magazine! Looking forward to this study…Enjoying reading your book, Wendy; having a hard time putting it down!! God Bless! Praying for You!

  60. Just finish chapter 2 and WOW!! I was raised in church all my life. My dad is a pastor. I know what God says about me and how much He loves me! That day my world was turned upside down and 5 years later I still can’t get out of the pit. I struggle with fear, doubt, no hope, no joy and all those questions Why?? You say you love me God, then why didn’t you stop it? Why don’t you change things now? God I don’t see any change so then I doubt more! I know my eyes are clouded over right now and I get angry. I know the Word but in my heart I’m having trouble believing God’s love for me and having a hard time trusting Him that He knows all this and cares! So after reading…I see hope and I’m praying that I can get freedom from my fears, triggers, doubt and have hope, joy, peace again and know that I know that I know and BELIEVE & TRUST that God does love me and cares for me.
    Thank you Wendy for sharing your journey in that we may find freedom!

  61. As I write, tears are flowing,..the inner joy is gone. Looking forward to the study.

  62. praying for God to fully restore the joy of your salvation!!!



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