January 4, 2013

Resolve to Rest

When was the last time you spent time alone with Jesus?  Do you know that the strength of our faith directly coincides with the time we spend alone with Jesus?

I am about to share a story with you that is hard for me to share.  But I have prayed and trust that someone visiting today needs it.  If it is you, please leave a comment and let me know.

In  the weeks prior to Christmas, I spent very little time with Jesus.  Notice I said with Jesus.  

I had spent time in God’s Word researching for a new study and reading a daily devotional.  And I faithfully had prayed each morning the prayers I needed to pray.  But not a single time did I simply take time to sit and be with my Lord and Savior.

This was not a conscious decision.  It’s just that life was busy.  I know you understand…a house to decorate, parties to attend, family coming, a trip planned, a New Year’s Eve party to host.

As Christmas drew closer, my spirit grew more and more uneasy.

I felt anxious.

My heart raced.

Peace was nowhere to be found.  As a family ,we were memorizing Isaiah 9:6 about the Prince of Peace, yet I felt no peace.

I finally reached a point where my racing heart kept me awake through the night. Night after night I lay awake for hours counting my heartbeats, faster and faster they came. Anxiety and sleeplessness eventually stole not only my peace but also my joy.

One particular night, I could not handle it anymore. I just knew I could not survive one more night like this.  I just couldn’t.  I felt myself slipping farther and farther away from all that I loved.

I stepped out of bed that morning weak and exhausted.  A warm shower sounded good.  Maybe I could wash away every stressful thought and anxious feeling.  But instead, panic ensued.  I felt as if I could not breathe.  I turned off the water, flung open the shower door, enveloped myself in a towel, fell to my knees and wept. Tears fell uncontrollably.

My husband walked into our room.  I ran to him, and he held me.  I felt so safe in that moment, but when he left for work, all the feelings returned.  I picked up the phone and called my doctor.  They made me an appointment that day.

I cried and cried during the appointment.  I felt embarrassed, ashamed and weak.  What a blessed life I live.  How could I feel this way?

I felt as if my life…my faith… the very core of who I am was unraveling.  What was happening to me?  Me, the Bible teacher.  The one who equips and encourages others.  I felt like a failure…a phony.

I cried out to God.  I still had faith that He could help me.  But it was a weak faith.  I needed more.  Reaching out, I begged God for more of Him…for more faith…for healing, for peace, for joy to return.

My sweet Savior met me right where I was.  He reminded me how He had missed me.  He led me to my Bible that had sat unopened next to my bed for weeks.  He gave me Truths…Truths to cling to…Truths to pray…Truths to transform my heart and mind.  Truths I want to share with you today, sweet friend.

Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression, but a good word makes it glad. Proverbs 12:25 (NKJV)

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. John 14:27 (NIV)

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.  Philippians 4:6-7 (NIV)

You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.  Isaiah 26:3 (NIV)

This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD is your strength. Nehemiah 8:10b (NIV)

I did not just read the words.  I breathed them in.  I spoke each and every word over myself.  I prayed them with every irregular heartbeat, through every waking moment in the night.  I ate and digested them.  I believed God at His Word.

And God was faithful.

Recounting His truths and promises restored my soul!

I had not lost my faith.  I was not alone.  God was right there with me. The problem had been with me.  I had forgotten to meet with Him.

And not only did God give me these truths, He gave more…so much more.  A few days later, our associate pastor at Forest Hill Church, Jonathan Scott, spoke a message I was certain He wrote just for me.  It was on REST.  He taught from Hebrews 4:1-13 (a lesson I had taught just one year before, mind you!).  To watch his powerful sermon, click here.

The words that stuck with me most were “RESOLVE TO REST.”


Everyday since that day, I have resolved to rest.  I have spent time with my Savior in the Word and in a devotional book, The Quiet Place:  Daily Devotional Readings, written by one of my favorite authors and Bible teachers, Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

God returned my peace.  He restored my joy.  He calmed my heart.  He has met me each and every morning as I sit at His feet.

Does my story sound familiar?  Do you need to resolve to rest?  Take the verses I have shared and pray them for yourself.  Dig in the Word and ask God to lead you to your own verses to pray.  Share those verses with us and leave a prayer request today.  I promise to pray for you.

Remember, sweet friend, in His Presence are Peace and Rest!!!!

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Blessings to you,


  1. Glenda Martin says

    Thank you, Wendy. I needed your message today. You are a blessing.

    • Thank you, Glenda. It means so much to know God used this message to speak to your circumstances…a true answer to my prayers!!!

      Blessings to you,


  2. Karen Herrington says

    Thanks so much for your words of encouragement. My life has been in a tail spin since August 2012. My unsaved, but soon to be redeemed husband went into the hospital to have his right hip replaced (which went well), but only to find out 3 days later that he had a mass in his abdomen. Further tests revealed that he has stage 4 non-hodgskins lymphoma.

    God has been nudging me to the read the bible more. I read devotions everyday, but I need to read his word for myself. He speaks softly to me through bits of scriptures that I know and through songs, but now I know I have to read his word for myself and let the holy spirit reveal to me just what I need.

    • Karen, I am so sorry to hear about your husband’s diagnosis. What difficult news to hear. I am so thankful you know and love the Lord. I pray that as you spend time sitting at His feet, He will infuse you with His Peace and Strength for this journey. I pray you will sense the fullness of His presence each and every day.



    • Beautiful Karen… My Dad had stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma too. It was through that journey when I watched God unveil a love story beyond anything I could have hoped for. The roads weren’t easy… but through each turn and each bump in the road, my Dad became a Believer.

      Papa God,
      Thank You for romancing Karen into a deeper relationship with You. Thank You for Your love whispers. Thank You for Your Holy Spirit revealing the wisdom Karen needs right when she needs it. I lift her honey to You. You are showing Karen that You have begun a good work in him… and You will be faithful to complete it until the day of Christ Jesus.

      I do ask You in Jesus’ Name for healing over her husband. Heal his heart first and foremost- giving him the ears to hear You knocking. Bless him with the courage to open the door of his heart and invite You in. I also ask for healing on his body. By Your command, the cancer cells can leave his body. I humbly ask You for that gift.

      We trust You. We love You. We pray in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

      Big hug to you sweet Karen.

  3. Thank you for sharing your inspiring experience! So many authors, teachers, and Spiritual leaders are afraid to publicly admit that they’re human – yet, when they do, the impact is profound. No doubt your story will touch many as it has me.

    Spending time alone with Jesus is precious. I’m a wife and mother (of three beautiful girls). I home schooled my precious daughters from Kindergarten all the way through high school. These years were unbelievably wonderful. I learned as much as they did as we sat each day around the dining room table reading, researching, and studying.

    Library day was always a blast, too, as it meant eating out for lunch as well.

    Anyway, as kids tend to do – my little girls grew up… boyfriends, jobs, and college meant that I was the only one at the dining room table when it came to breakfast and lunch! The nest was emptying, so to speak, and it didn’t just break my heart – it shattered it. Two of my girls are now married to boys who are LITERALLY like sons I never had. I love them so much!

    Anyway, as this mother began spending more time alone in the vehicle that was once filled with laughter and lively chatter (as well as the occasional sisterly argument!). The quiet was deafening for a while. I also found a once bustling and noisy house was much quieter. While my husband’s at work during the day, my cat and I simply don’t make a lot of noise! I work full time from home with my web publishing business and the only sounds are often my coffee maker and typing.

    For a few months, I honestly felt like I could have slid into a very dark and lonely place. Then, one day as I was driving across town – literally crying so much I thought I’d have to pull over (missing your children is truly a heart-breaker) – I asked the Holy Spirit to dry my eyes because I needed to go in the store and didn’t want to look like a fool. It was as though He took a sponge and wiped the tears away instantly.

    They were completely gone. I can’t put it into words (and I work with words all day!) but it was as though I were aware of Jesus sitting in the seat beside me. I no longer think of any time spent alone as being just alone any more… I think of it as being alone WITH JESUS. I can never be lonely, after all we have so much to talk about!

    I love nothing more than spending time with my wonderful family but truth be told, there are times when my girls, sons-in-law, and husband have been around all day and, after I’m alone with God, I’m like… finally, we’re alone!

    If anyone reads these words who happens to be going through a similar time, I just want to say this: Turn to Jesus. He’s right there! I don’t listen to the radio when I run errands, I talk with my Best Friend. He’s the best riding companion ever!

    • Joi, I just LOVE what you shared today. Thank you for taking the time to share it. I know your words will encourage many empty nest moms!! I got a taste of this when Lauren left for college last year and this year, and my heart felt as if it had broken beyond repair. And she still comes home to stay for holidays, weekends and summer. I cannot IMAGINE how I will feel when she is grown and on her own. I just love how God met you in your grief and brought you back to a place of joy and contentedness.

      Your words give such hope!!! Thank you for reminding us that no matter our pain, we need to “Turn to Jesus!”

      Blessings to you,


  4. Wendy,
    Thank you for your honesty today. I woke up with my thoughts racing a mile a minute, thinking about what keeps me so bogged down…how hard its been to keep all the plates spinning. I am tired of failing at keeping up with all the areas of my life.The pressure builds as I homeschool, have a part-time job, and a growing home business. I’ve committed recently to not start my day on the computer without reading a devotional first. Today it was yours, and it made me cry, that not only there was someone like me, but that our gracious Father IS full of compassion for me over and over again! Thank you for reminding where my focus needs to rest–morning after morning, day after day! Please pray I can make habits of real change. Staying tuned in with HIM!
    Blessings to you! If you’re ever in the Houston area I’d love to hear you speak.

    • Kathy, I join you in your prayer for keeping focus where it needs to be…in Him and in His Word…resting in Him. Let’s pray for each other as we embark on this new commitment in our walk with Him!! 🙂

      Blessings to you,


  5. Thank you for sharing your honest heart. Your words speak to me and give me encouragement.

    The last year and a half have brought many difficult circumstances for my husband and his business. I do believe in the power of prayer, but am really struggling with my husband being constantly knocked down time and time again. If you could pray for us, I would greatly appreciate it.

    A few verses that help me are:
    “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7

    ” His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts higher than our thoughts.” Isaiah 55:9

    ” I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; aperture from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5

    • Kristie, I stand with you in prayer as you pray for your husband. May God bless the work of his hands and shine great favor over him and his company. May He open new doors and business opportunities for him. And as you meditate on these verses, His living and active Word, I pray they will come ALIVE in your heart and home.



  6. Thank you Wendy so much for your timely message. It spoke to me today.

    I just had knee replacement surgery a few weeks ago and besides the pain of waiting for it to heal, I’ve also been anxious fearing with the thoughts: am I resting my knee too much or am I exercising it enough. After exercising it, I am to give myself permission to rest it, but then when I’m resting it, I start having anxiety over ‘am I resting it too much! Isn’t that crazy? I’ve come to realize that God is always with me in this healing process, so I’ve turned my anxiety over to HIM and am letting HIM help me and guide me and my thoughts through this. No matter what is going on in each of our lives, HE can give us the real rest we need by letting HIM walk right beside us and as we talk and walk it together.

    • Lee Ann, I find that health is one of the ways Satan most easily reaches my thoughts. I pray that as you recover from this surgery, the Lord will help you take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. I pray God’s peace will flood your heart and mind and that you will trust how your body feels and do what you feel led to do…no more and no less.



  7. oh and thank you Wendy for being so REAL and sharing those vulnerable parts of yourself with us. Because of this, God works great and mighty things through YOU….

  8. Oh Wendy I loved your devo…I’ve been in Prov. 4 thru Dec. so that verse is familiar! And your post here…your honesty is so powerful and like others have mentioned something we need…none of us will ever master this life of faith, but we need to accept God’s grace and return to Him when we do fall. It’s a blessing to know we are not alone.

    I feel I can relate to your pre-Christmas experience…I wanted to stay focused on Christ and enjoy the season, but as the day drew closer and my to-do list grew longer I became frustrated and a bit overwhelmed. I found myself focusing on all I had to prepare – the house, the tree, cards, gifts, you know…. One morning as my husband read during family devotions 1 Peter 1:13 hit me, “Therefore, prepare your minds for action; be self-controlled; set your hope fully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed.”

    There was the word prepare again and God spoke to me that I was preparing everything but my mind! Then the next phrase – I need to be self-controlled in order to spend time with Jesus. Then a couple of days later during Sunday morning worship we were singing Joy to the World and again I heard the word prepare…prepare Him room.

    I’m thankful God used His word and whispers to redirect my focus and yours Wendy!! So grateful for His patience with us all and the grace He lavishes on us time and time again! My prayer request…I know my soul pants for Him, I pray I will be diligent and disciplined in meeting that need and though Christmas has passed I’d still prepare room for Him!!

    Thanks again Wendy for sharing your heart with us!! Trust God will bless your obedience my friend!

    • Don’t you love how God speaks a word to us…for you “prepare” and then continues to speak it in fresh ways to be sure that we have heard Him!! And that next step that is sometimes so hard to is OBEY what we have heard. Thank you for sharing your story.



  9. Wendy,

    God has spoken to me through your message today. Thank you so much for humbly and honestly sharing that experience with us. There are days when I have missed my quiet time with Jesus so much that my heart and soul are simply ACHING to be with Him. I know that you, and the sisters who gather here, can understand that absolute thirst that can only be quenched by His Word and Holy Spirit.

    • Katey, “ache” is such a good word to use to describe how we feel or should feel when we miss time alone with Him. His Word is our nourishment!!! We must have it to be spiritually healthy and complete.

      Blessings to you,


  10. I did find your website through Proverbs 31. I am glad I did. Particularly today. I am in a very difficult marriage situation, and much blame has been heaped upon me. I started to believe the lies and accept all the blame. I made myself so anxious that I had actual panic/anxiety attacks while trying to sleep. Today, this morning, I confronted the accuser. I prayed (even during the conversation) that I would have the strength to present my case. I’m not sure I was heard, but I know that I spoke and hopefully that will make a difference to me, about me. I am new to online Bible studies, but not new to believing God has a plan for me. Thank you for your honest story. It’s helpful to know that good, honest, decent women can stumble and then get back up. I am trying so hard to do this.

    • Papa God,
      You rejoice over Shelly with singing. Sing a lullaby over her as she sleeps and keep anxious thoughts away from her. You say that You hold Shelly with Your right hand. Although she stumbles she will not fall. Father, pick up Your daughter and put solid feet under this beautiful girl. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!


    • Amen to Noelle’s beautiful prayer for you, Shelly! And may you sense the fullness of God’s peace and presence as you walk through this difficult time. Praying each night you lay your head on your pillow, He will grant you the sweetest of rest.



  11. Thank you Wendy for your words. As a mother of 2 young children, I work part time, my husband travels for work and I have recently feltl God’s prompting to be more involved in prayer ministry. I have been feeling overwhelmed by the tasks I have to complete each day and am physically exhausted due to a hungry baby in the middle of the night. Yesterday a friend told me to “Rest in Him” After our conversation my thought was ‘How do I do that? I prayed for wisdom and understanding and had planned to study on rest in his word. This morning as I was awake at 3, 345, and again at 445 I wanted to cry. After getting both children back to sleep by 545 I felt prompted to do my devotional. I followed the link from the Proverbs 31 ministries site to your site and after reading the devotional, I watched the sermon from Jonathan Scott. God spoke so much to me regarding trust and submission and how to rest in Him. I was reminded that I am not expected to complete everything on my own, I can’t, but that Christ will give me the strength if I surrender my burdens, my life to Him. Your words were an answer to prayer and I thank you for your willingness to be a vessel in which God has used to provide life giving water. Although physical rest may elude me in this season, I can abide in him and accept his gift of rest.

    • Serenity, thank you for sharing your story with us. God’s timing is always perfect. He hears the cry of our heart and answers in such sweet and personal ways. I just love that He used the post and the comments here to minister to you and comfort you. Abiding in Him is the key to Peace and Rest. May He fill you full with both as you spend time sitting at His feet.

      Sweet Blessings,

  12. Thank you for this post! Thank you for your rawness of being opened about your struggle with anxiety.For the last half of 2012, I have been dealing with anxiety, having my last anxiety attack Wednesday night/yesterday morning. I sat down with my husband, in our living room, and talked to him that I was in doubt with my faith. I knew the reason why, it was because I haven’t been spending time with Jesus, and I haven’t been trusting God, with what I need to trust him with, my heart. Thank you again!

    • You are so welcome, Michelle. I am thankful the Lord brought you here to draw you back to His Word. May He meet you in very real and personal ways as you sit at His feet and may He refresh you and take you deeper still with Him.



  13. What an absolutely beautiful post. Thank you so much Wendy. You have such a beautiful heart for the L

  14. Donna Bandy says

    Thank you so much for sharing your sweet heart!! I read this with tears streaming!! I too got too busy!! Oh How I miss my sweet Jesus! I have a special chair where I talk to my Jesus!! He hasbeen there to meet me!! I wasn’t there much!!I Headed there now to ask forgivenes and seek His Heart!! Thank You!!

    • Yay, Donna! I am picturing you now in your chair, holding your Bible in your hands, seeking His to hear His voice and experience His presence. May He richly bless your time with Him.


  15. Trina Kerr says

    I am praising the LORD for sharing this message through you, Wendy. We are not alone as you have shared. I believe that this message was written specifically for my own heart and mind. The anxiety that has engulfed me just increases as each day passes. I do study the Word but I really do not take the time to just REST in Him. I can spend hours on facebook, Pinterest, etc. But I find that spending time with Jesus comes very short-lived. I appreciate your honest humility. This is such a great message and a blessing to know that we need to encourage one another in Truth. Thank you!! Trina

    • Thank you, Trina. I think we all do that…whether it is social media, television, hobbies, shopping, etc…we spend more time doing those things than sitting at His feet. What is so precious is that when we do return to Him, He is always waiting with open arms, love, mercy, grace, and a fresh Word!!! Praying He fills you full with His riches as you meet with Him each day!



  16. Thank you for sharing this message with us! I was awakened at 2:00 this morning with my heart racing and after much praying and not being able to go back to sleep, I got up and started reading my Bible. I felt that I was to spend the extra time with my Lord and not be rushed to get my reading done. You mentioned a devotional by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and I just finished one called “A Place of Quiet Rest” and absolutely loved it! I appreciate all you’ve written and pray that as women of God we can encourage one another to spend that time RESTING in Him more and more each day.

    • Nancy Leigh DeMoss truly has such wisdom on rest, peace and quiet time. I am so thankful for her teachings!!! Thank you for stopping by and posting a comment. I too love that we have a place to encourage one another.


  17. TABITHA JONES says

    Wendy I did find you through Proverbs 31 and I am so glad I did. I could see myself in your shoes about a year and a half ago. In April 2011 our town was blowed away with a tornado. I lost my job and my church. My husband was a pastor of the church. I was not worried about the job because I knew the Lord would provide. My husband had started a new job just a month prior to the tornado (he’s not a full-time pastor) and he was working 3rd shift so I was left to see what I could do to get stuff together for the church that we had lost. Me and my boys worked during the daylight hours to clean the church stuff up and save what we could. My husband helped when he could. We had very few church members to volunteer to help, it was sad. My husband found an empty church about 5 miles out of town so we worked to clean it up. We took it upon ourselves to get some folks to help us from a town nearby and they put a team together and helped us. We had a group come from Oklahoma and furnished the tools and supplies and put a new roof on this church so we could have a place to worship. Our church members would not even help feed the people me and my family took care of it all. Needless to say I was heart broken. To see a church family come in and take care of us and then our church couldn’t support them. We did have some that could not help because they lost there homes and had to get there place in order and I understood that, but some just would not help because they felt we were trying to take the church over. I was heartbroken and could not get past the hurt. We had a ministoral association in our community and I took it upon myself to do what I needed to do since my husband was having a hard time balancing work and working on the church. The ministoral association had people sending can goods, tolitery items and anything one needed for groceries so me and my sister worked out of 18 wheeler trailors for 4 months giving supplies out. The associaton asked all churches get volunteers to help each day and I could not get but one to volunteer from the church. The church went to discussing rebuilding and me and my husband were told our opinions were not wanted,. We were shunned by lots and we were talked about and it hurt. We endured because we felt we were doing the Lords work, but needless to say we left that church 5 months later because we were so beat down. My heart held bitterness and hurt for so long. My husband almost throwed the towel in over all the rumors and lies going around. We were beaten down. We went back to our home church, in the same community and we were loved on. I thought I would never get my joy back, I couldn’t sing, I couldn’t read my bible or anything without weeping. People would ask my husband to preach for them and he couldn’t do anything but cry. One night we went to praying together and Whalon (my husband) said these people are not going to win, they are not going to steal my joy and he is a complete new man. I started reading different ladies devotions and journaling to see if I could get back on track. I went to a ladies conference in October2012 and those ladies spoke right to me. I was a new woman,. I let all the bitterness go and I forgave those folks. It was the hardest thing I ever did in my life but my Lord has changed me. We are now pastoring a new church and God is so good. These folks are so good to us and we feel like we are getting spoiled. I have such joy that I can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to do next. I let all of this teach me a lesson and I want to try to help others through pain and bitterness. I never realized that bitterness could destroy a life until I almost let it destroy mine. Through prayers and studying Gods word I have so much joy in my heart that I hope it bubbles over to another soul.

    • What a beautiful story of God’s faithfulness and restoration!! Thank you for sharing your story with us. I know it will bring hope to many women who are in a frustrating, seemingly hopeless situation. God is ALWAYS faithful.

      Blessings to you,


  18. I’m glad you’re better, but tell us what occurred with the doctor. What did they attribute the irregular heartbeat and anxiety?

    Has this happened before or is this the first time?

    Do you go to a doctor who is strictly medical or does (s)he delve into the spiritual aspects?

    • Marinn, thank you for asking about me. You are so sweet!

      First, yes, this has happened periodically over time. After my rape, it happened all the time, and that was due to anxiety and panic attacks. Once God healed my of all my pain and fear, they disappeared. Over time, I would have them come back periodically, and we thought they may be due to the fact that I have mitral valve prolapse. But never sure really.

      This time, I wore a heart monitor for 48 hours. The results came up that there were no irregularities. That is a praise. So doctor said could be mitral valve becoming symptomatic due to hormonal changes (my age) or it might be resurgence of anxiety attacks. Since there is no way to know for sure, I am taking good care of myself and FEEDING MYSELF GOD’S WORD as medicine. I have been doing GREAT for the past few days.

      I do take comfort in knowing my heart is well and my blood pressure excellent. 🙂

      My doctor is strictly medical.

      Blessings to you for caring,


  19. Thank you Wendy for that devotional. My family has been flung into a whirlwind since New Year’s Eve. My mother went to the doctor for something minor, or so she thought, to find out that she has a mass in her abdomen. She is scheduled to go to the Oncologist on Monday for a biopsy. I’ve always considered myself someone of faith and I want to trust God but I seem to be very anxious about this visit. My mother is my best friend and I am not ready to let her go. The verses in your blog really spoke to me today. I copied them down and emailed them to my siblings. I am going to say them over and over throughout the coming days and Breathe them in like you talked about…..please pray for my mother.

    • Kim, I am so sorry to hear about your mom. How blessed you are to be so close to her. What a gift! I pray God will surround you both with His ministering angels during this time. I pray healing over her body. I pray that you will believe God at His Word and “be anxious for nothing and by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God” because it is then that He promises “the peace that PASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING will guard your heart and mind.” Claim His promises. He is a faithful God who will honor them!!

      Blessings to you,


  20. Dear Wendy,
    Thank you for your honesty and truth. The Holy Spirit lives through your words. As I read the prior comments, I could not help but Praise God! He is faithful and good to those who are called according to His purpose. He always meets our needs, often in the most unusual ways. I have been following your online studies for several years now because they are so convenient to my part time work schedule. I also participate in a church based Bible study and more times than not they compliment each other. I too have had anxiety due to life’s circumstances.These circumstances are ongoing and have been for many years. I do not see an end to these trials, but I do see purpose. God allows things to happen because He wants us to trust Him and depend on Him. He wants to know how we feel and what we desire and He wants to bring us comfort and peace that can only be explained through Him. The prayers I have seen answered are too many to count! My faith and that of my family has grown unimaginably! The best gift in these trials has been my relationship with Christ. He has seen me through so much. He listens, He gives His word, and comforter, the Holy Spirit over and over asking nothing in return. The joy I know is immeasurable and bountiful. What a wonderful gift! So, be thankful for these trails as the Lord will give you so much during them. Keep writing and be encouraged as you are not alone. You have the prayers of the faithful. Blessings my friend, Lisa

    • I have read through everyone’s comments and I appreciate them all. But it was your comment, Lisa, that I keep coming back to. You said, “God allows things to happen because He wants us to trust Him and depend on Him.” Over the last year, I have learned that I believe in God, but I do not trust Him, and therefore I do not depend on Him. I can’t get past the times I feel I was let down. I would like to trust God. I would like to depend on Him. I just don’t know how. Can you help me?

    • Lisa, I just love how your comment is filled with TRUTH and filled with such trust in God and His Word. Thank you for sharing such an encouraging message. And I do agree with your wise words that “God allows things to happen because He wants us to trust and depend on Him.” TRUST and DEPEND. He is faithful and true!!

      Blessings to you,


  21. Thank you Wendi. I boldly asked God to please some how show me that he had bigger plans for me than this present season of anxiety and difficult times. On New Years Day I felt like after all we have been through in the last three years, I just wanted to curl up in the lap of my Father and rest. when I read your post, it was like a letter from the Lord to me. Rest…find your joy again in me alone. I pray that every commenter who was touched by your writing will be moved by the Spirit to rest in God’s truth and no the lies we tell ourselves. Bless youl

    • Amen!! What a perfect prayer…to rest in the Truth and reject the lies. When we believe and rest in the Truth, we will always be victorious!!



  22. Thank you for your timely message and reminder. It was something I very much needed.

  23. WOW!! THANK YOU FOR SHARING!!! I REALLY needed this!! AMEN!!

  24. Thank you,
    I have been in this state, more frozen not so many tears, as I couldn’t pick up my Bible or pray. More depression than anxiety (I have had anxiety also), so I really loved the 1st verse, Proverbs 12:25 Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression, but a good word makes it glad.
    I’m praying for a closer-stronger with our Lord.

    Thank you for your faithfulness

  25. Thank you for sharing your struggle. I definitely have struggled with feeling
    depressed this past month and I feel like I’ve been zapped of all joy.
    I can’t say when it started, but I think my faith was really shaken after the school
    shooting. I also had my grandfather pass away, and I have longstanding
    struggles in my marriage (that I’ve always just known God was at work in)
    But I guess I just started doubting that things ( or myself) could ever change.
    I started condemning myself for every little thing, and generally have just felt
    really alone. I know better, I know He’s always with me. I slacked off with my time with
    Him too. But I know that its the best thing for me, and I know this fog will
    lift because even though I may not feel like its true, He really does love me,
    and He is greater than my feelings.

    • Diana, He really does love you. You are His precious daughter who has great worth in His eyes. He has great plans for you and is waiting to use you to do great things in His Kingdom. Don’t listen to those lies of the evil one who wants you to condemn yourself and think little of yourself.

      I pray the Lord will restore to you in all its fullness and glory the JOY of your salvation!!!



  26. Wow. This very thing was happening to me for about 6 months last year. I too am a sunday school teacher, and mentor (not by my choice, but thats what people call me) and wife and mother. I was so overwhelmed with LIFE. I wanted to give up! I wanted to end my life, but Jesus spoke to my heart too and told me I was doing too much, and that I just needed Him. Thank you for allowing the Spirit of God to convict me and remind me that I need Him. The Lord wakes me up every morning EARLY and I just go back to sleep. I guess, no I know He wants to give me His peace, His love, and direction each day. Please pray for me to stop loving sleep more than Christ. Thank you and God bless you!

    • Brandy, we can both pray this together. It is so easy to roll over, pull the covers up and close our eyes. I started doing my quiet time in my bed…so I don’t have to get up and step out onto the cold floor and out of my warm bed. It has been wonderful. But I am blessed because the light does not bother my husband. I know not everyone can do that. 🙂



  27. This verse has helped me recently with anxiety/depression: Psalm 94:19 (TLB) …Lord, when doubts fill my mind, when my heart is in turmoil, quiet me and give me renewed hope and cheer.
    I have been reading many thoughts recently pointing towards the importance of rest.

    • I love how the Lord feeds us what He wants to teach us through many avenues so that we will get the message!!! He will not give up.


  28. I was getting ready for work and decided to pop on the computer quickly and see if I had any messages. One was yours and I have been feeling the same way. I have been anxious and stressed and I know the reason why. Thank you my friend. You have been such a blessing to me. Remember that there are no accidents with people that are brought into your life and you were brought into my and you make it shine. I am so thankful for your.

    • Thank you, Katja. It means so much to know that God brought this message to you at just the time you needed it. I am thankful to be His vessel to minister to you!


  29. Thank you. The rush of the holiday ans stress from one of two jobs just left me ragged…to the point I slept in on Sundays and didn’t participate in services. I participated in all the ‘decorating’ committee opportunities at work, but actually getting up Sunday morning was a chore. Reading this reminds me that even God rested on the 7th day. Rest is necessary and spending it in the presence of Christ just sounds peaceful. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement.

  30. Oh my Wendy!!!! I too have had days and nights just as you described. I feel ashamed to admit too that I haven’t spent much time WITH Jesus, until this morning and boy it was exactly what I needed!!!!

  31. Oh my! I had just given a Christmas message on peace and found myself dealing with anxiety. I have learned the solution (and glad for those warning signs!) after having parked in that pit for a few years back in my 30’s.

    It is so easy during a busy season to feel again as if ‘it’s all up to me…” and forget that I have been crucified with Christ and now it is HE who lives in me…”

    It is a battle I face daily. But praise be to Jesus, I have the victory! Woot!!!

  32. Wendy, your Proverbs 31 post today helped me so much. You said that we do not have to have an agenda, an assignment, or do homework to spend time with the Lord in His word. This simple sentence freed me from thinking I have to do it “right.” So I sat down with my Bible and the Lord and simply prayed and read and asked Him to teach me what He wanted me to learn today. It was so freeing not to think I HAD to journal or write or do it a certain way. Jesus was just waiting for my open heart and he met me right there! He changed my perception of my “Bible time” to a time of joy and closeness with the Lord, not another thing on my to do list! Thank you and I pray that you find the same freedom in Christ that I have!!! You are a blessing.

    • Diane:

      YOU are a huge blessing to me! Every time I sit down for quiet time with the Lord I try to do it “perfectly.” I just told my husband that I was looking for my notebook that was “college ruled” and not “wide ruled.” Like you said – it’s freeing to know that there is no certain time. Thank you Diane!


    • Praise the Lord!!! When we can just sit at His feet and study and listen, it is THE best way to hear His voice and get to know Him as our God and Father. No rules, no regulations, just God and His word and us.


  33. Trisch Debus says

    Dear Wendy,

    As I sat here and read your words, it was as if you were mirroring what had happened to me in November. I was in the Emergency Room twice with panic attacks, one so severe that the ambulance had to meet me at the fire station at the end of my street. The volunteer Fire Fighter that arrived first took my blood pressure and it was 239/189. Stroke level ! My heart was racing and I was having such a very hard time breathing. As we waited for the medics and the ambulance to arrive, I prayed and I did so out loud. I told God that I was scared and that I needed Him so very badly. I needed His help to calm me down. I repeatly told Him that He knows how very much I love Him and that my faith was oh so strong, unwavering even at this terrible time. The volunteer even stood close by me and bowed his head with eyes closed listening to my prayer and perhaps even saying his own. As the minutes went by, and that seemed like an eternity, the shaking subsided a bit and my heart wasn’t racing as fast. The medics put me into the ambulance and rushed me to the hospital. But you know what happened …. each time the medic took my blood pressure and pulse, it was decreasing. I could feel my heart slowing down and my breathing became less hard to do. I said a few more prayers during that ride, asking God for help and telling Him that I wasn’t ready to leave this earth yet especially since I had just spent the last 5 years being the happiest that I can remember except for my child hood. I asked Him to let me live, but also told Him that if it was His will, that I was not afraid because I knew that He loved me so very much and that going Home was the best thing that could ever happen to me. In the end, the medic stayed with me and my fiance until the doctor came into the room. He said that he just wanted to be there and make sure that I was alright. I was fortunate that the ER Doctor that morning was a man that was a combat trained veteran. Being a veteran myself, I knew that it was God’s special way of oncec again taking care of me and sending me exactly what I needed. I suffer from PTSD and was having a PTSD re;ated panice attack that the Doctor recognised and treated immediately. I was able to walk out of the ER that afternoon on my own power. I spent the ride home thanking and praising God for once again He showed me just how very much He loves me.
    I have noticed that I too became ” too busy ” to spend time resting and reflecting during the holidays. I wasn’t spending time with God like I should have been. Oh yes, I did still pray, but not as often as I should have and when I did, I was always asking for others and never taking about myself. After reading this tonight ( which I swear you wrote just for me ! ) I have come to realize that I too need to re-evaluate my relationship with God and where it should be. It is time fo rme to rest, listen. pray & study again everyday, not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because I want it …. need it ….. have to have it in my daily life again. Days are so much easier when I take the time out to do what is right for me. He is always in my heart & mind, but now I need to keep Him even closer by my side so that I don’t have anymore panic attacks and so that the depression stays away, because with God anything and everything is possible !
    Thanks again for writing this lesson and sharing your experience. I’ll be doing a daily study with you from today onward. What a great way to start off the New Year !

    • Wow!! What an amazing God story. Isn’t it cool how God intervenes in our lives and shows us in very personal ways that it is Him so that we will know. I pray that as you meet Him in His Word, He will fill you with the fullness of His Peace so that you will not have another emergency room visit EVER.



  34. Colleen G. says

    Thank you! Thank you for your honest heart, and love for the Lord. -Colleen G.

  35. That was SO for me. Thank you!

  36. Thank you, Wendy. As you know I shared this earlier on FB for others who may need it, as well as myself. It was perfect and just what I needed as tonight I have experienced some anxiety tonight. But I will share more another time 🙂 It’s time for bed… so grateful for this Word, and thanks portraying for me Charmaine D

  37. Sweet friend. What a great reminder to all of us. There was a season in my life when I had panic attacks. They were so frightening. Thank you for your wisdom… I love how you heard your Daddy’s voice telling you He missed spending time with you. That penetrated all of my being. I realize a persistent prayer I have is to know God on first-person level, because there are many days when I feel like I’m reading from a third-person perspective. God bless you in your Father-daughter dates. Abba, let Wendy be rooted in Your perfect love which casts away all fear. Thank You for bringing her out of her anxiety and letting her run into Your loving arms. Thank You for her courage to share this story- as we have all been in those exact emotions. Open the floodgates of blessings on Wendy’s life. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!
    I love you.

  38. Susan Howard says

    Needed this 🙂

  39. Thank You. I praise God tonight for bringing me to this. I am struggling with depression and anxiety a lot lately. I have neglected to spend time with my Savior. Your message really spoke to me and the scriptures you reference here are so healing to me right now. Jesus has to be first! Everything else will fall into place when our eyes are fixed on Him! Blessings to you!

  40. Thank you Wendy for sharing and encouraging us all at the same time. You are a blessing. Thank you for praying for us. I’m praying for you too and everyone on here 🙂

  41. Thank you for sharing your heart! This has been me for too long and I am tired.

  42. tonya burke says

    Thank yiu for sharing this. It seems easy at times to put that relatonship with Jesus on the back burner. Thankfully he loves us enough to welcome us back and restore iour lives with His love

  43. Timely read indeed. When I am unable to sleep, I realize it sometimes, well oftentimes, is a result of not spending enough time in the word and therefore with Jesus. I struggle with recognizing the lack of ability sleep is usually caused by that inability to let myself rest, because I allow my mind to focus on all those things which need to be accomplished, but for which I have yet had time to work on.

    I am distracted by the seeming importance of my work, when, like Mary, I become more worried about doing my work (preparing the meal for Jesus) than listening to him (like her sister was doing), and by reading today I see I am forgetting there are more important things in this world than the tangible work I am doing for others to earn the paycheck that pays these bills. (that was Mary right?)

    So the other night I pulled out a journal I started a year ago, while reading a P-31 book (focused on P31’s principles). I found it interesting to reread the notes I took. And to remember where my first priority belongs: pursuing “an ongoing, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”

    Thank you for helping put what I have been experiencing into perspective.

    • Just to clarify, Martha was the one who was “worried and upset about many things.” But your story is a powerful one and one most of us struggle with. Whether we work a full time joy or a stay at home mom job or somewhere in between, our daily duties get the priority because we have people who count on us, need us, expect things of us. God is not tangible with deadlines and needs. He waits quietly for us to “choose the better part” as the story of Mary and Martha teaches. How I want to be more like Mary…to sit at His feet…to choose the better part.

      Your story is why I encourage people to journal. Reading over old journals is such a good reminder of God’s faithfulness!!! I love reading my old journals.

      Thank you for sharing so honestly today!! I know many of us needed your reminder of the famous Mary and Martha story.



  44. Judy Redden says

    Good morning Wendy and all who are reading. I praise the Lord, My God, this morning. I want to know Him in my Daily life more than just in my head. I had just completed my New Years Prayer yesterday morning. I read this post late last night and then again this morning. I usually keep things like this to myself and the Lord. However, I feel the Holy Spirit prompting me to share it. It can’t be kept inside me or I can’t be held accountable. So when I read your post I knew that this is what is going on with me. I need to share so that others will know that Jesus is always by your side but we have to meet with him daily just one on one to really know him. This is a change from just reading my devotional and saying a prayer for the day. I really have to talk to Him. I will share what I wrote to my awesome God. I pray that it will be a blessing for me and anyone else who needs it.
    Dear Jesus,
    It is you I need to look to beginning this new year. It is you I need to have as my example of everyday living. Thank you God for giving me your son to show me how to live my life. Thank you God for giving me the Holy Spirit to guide me in every way.
    Lord as I offer up this prayer to you I do so believing and trusting in my heart that priorities will be set and changes will made in my daily walk with you.
    Listening and Doing. These are the actions I must take. Your word is my guide, my handbook to go to. James 1:19-27 is where you want me to begin. Quick to listen, slow to speak…Do not just listen but do what it says…(don’t be the “woman”in the mirror.) I want to look into your word with purpose and know in my heart the freedom it gives. I want to listen and not forget because you promise I will be blessed if I do this.
    If I consider myself religious then I will learn to keep a tight rein on my tongue or my religion is considered worthless.
    God your Holy Spirit is in me, Jesus is always by my side and you are over all. I know I will have trials, probably daily, I hope to take the good out of each one.
    God, my father in heaven, I praise you and thank you and love you and believe and trust in you. I offer up this list that I would like for yo to help me accomplish throughout this new year. It is not a list for me stress over or just to check off daily. It is things I belive you want for me.
    -Church Home
    -Bible study improved
    -Better wife and partner to my husband of 20 years
    -walking daily
    -golf game improved
    -finishing basement
    -listen and doing James 1:19-27
    -Believe and Trust

    Amen, Judy

    • Trisch Debus says

      Hi Judy …. as I read was reading this this morning, I came to realize that I don’t need to stress over ” my list ” either. It’s not a daily thing that I must make sure I have followed in some way or other. All will come in time and thru God’s help and by me listening, all will fall in it’s place like it is suppose to. All I need to do is work on my daily relationship with God, let the Holy Spirit guide my thru my day and remember that Jesus was given to me as an example of how to live my life.
      Each day will bring it’s own ” problems ” that I will solve and learn from. These lessons will be incorported into the footsteps of my life. I was always taught not to sweat the small stuff and to deal with the big stuff as they come. But this year, I am not going to do that by myself. I will be praying more & definately listening more to what God is telling me thru the Holy Spirit and together we will conquer them all.
      Thanks for your post …

    • Judy, what a lovely, powerful prayer. Thank you for sharing your prayer and providing a wonderful model for us to pray.



  45. Dear Wendy this Christmas I also lost my peace my son deals with an anxiety disorder has really been struggling and when he struggles it effects all of us I also had not been with Jesus and I was feeling really depressed and drained with my son and all he was going through and still is. When I woke up this morning and this post was here jan 5 and iand it hit me thanks for sharing and being so open

    • I pray that as you meet God in His Word, Ruthie, He will provide you with all the peace and rest and strength you need to love and work with your son as you deal with his anxiety disorder. May your peace, prayers and teaching overflow into your son, touch his heart and mind and change him from the inside out.



  46. Oh Wendy your words hit home this morning as I read them. Over the last few months I have fallen away from Jesus and it has really made a difference and NOT in a good way. When I started school in Aug I would get up early make coffee and curl up with my bible and spend 30 minutes or hour with God before classes. It went great until classes got busier and homework piled up, that I stopped reading and boy did that show. And I went to a school filled with Christ from the minute you walk in the doors til you leave. But school became more important then being with Jesus. ( and I’m studying to be a Youth Minister) and not have time to spend with Father God before class something was wrong. Then over the Christmas break I found myself surrounded by all my bibles I have about four that I have either been given or acquired in some way. Then I remembered the time I had no bibles. God was / is telling me no matter how busy I get that He is there waiting for me to come back to him.

    So this upcoming semester, I am going to work on spending my morning time with God again, as I did when I first started school. are always timely and I find myself reading them just when I need to,

    Thank you Wendy, Your words

    • Debra, I love how the Lord used this message to speak to you about spending time with Him again in the morning!! I pray He will meet you there and use the time you spend to bless and establish the work of your hands. I pray that He will hide all that He teaches you in your heart so that one day you can use it to teach His children as you serve Him as a youth minister. What an incredible calling!!

      blessings to you,


  47. Dearest Wendy,

    Your willingness to be open and honest has been a blessing to me today. You inspire and encourage your sisters in Christ to press on and you help us see with Gods word everyday we are able to humbly do this. I am just going to open my bible and start reading 1 John. Thank you for once again reminding me of the VITAL importance of daily reading God`s word, despite the busy lives we all lead.

    God Bless your day,

    • You are so welcome, Susan. And 1 John is a GREAT place to park in God’s Word!! May He bless the time you spend with Him and take you deeper still in your walk.



  48. Dearest Wendy,
    Bless you! This post was just what i needed to hear. The scripture about anxiety in the heart of man causing depression really smacked me in the face. I have been struggling with sickness since July and trying to control my health, questioning the doctor’s diagnosis/treatment instead of giving this to God for His divine healing and will. This uncertainty and lack of control has sent me spiraling into depression. I read my Bible when I need encouragement but admit I have not RESTED in His Word. I have prayed so much and had others praying for me but Satan has his hold on my heart. I have lost my joy for living and peace and I too am SO blessed with a wonderful husband, beautiful home, two wonderful daughters and son-in-laws and a new granddaughter. I read my Bible when I need encouragement but I realize I have not made time for REALLY resting in His Word. I know this sickness has brought me closer to God as we recently started attending church (after many, many years). I’ve been a Christian for most of my life and I am a good person but I have not allowed myself to be used for God’s purpose. I know that God wants to use me in a mighty way and that this dark period has given my life new meaning and purpose for Him. It is so easy to succumb to the feelings of despair and self pity that I feel even though I know that this is NOT of God. Please pray that I will start to REST in his word everyday, follow God’s will for my life, not my will. I know God forgives me for wasting so many years and i pray that He will use me in a big way for His purpose. Thank you for your raw honesty – you have been such an inspiration to so many women. May God continue to bless you and give you the peace you so deserve.
    Sister in Christ,

    • Cindy, I do pray that God will carve out time for you each day to be with Him. And I pray that as you dig into His Word, it will be as He says…health to your body and healing to your bones. May He restore to you the JOY of your salvation. May He give you sweet rest every night you lay your head upon your pillow. And as you heal and rest, may He open doors for you to begin again to use your giftedness and talents for His Kingdom purposes.



  49. Oh Wendy… Where do I start?

    I have to preface this with: please know I mean this with all love, respect, tenderness, understanding and lightly, non judgmental completely. Cause you know without a doubt, I think so highly of you and your walk with Our Lord! Your prayers and teachings reflect someone who sits at His feet and dearly draws from His sweet aroma.

    First off, I know you have prayer warriors around you to pray you through situations like this, but really, did you call on them? or trust us to hold you specifically in prayer (definitely not in judgement at all)? I hear you say how hard this was to share and my heart breaks. I was praying for you, but certainly never even crossed my mind that you were becoming unraveled. Although you don’t focus at all on your problem, yet as always lead us straight to God’s Word and the Father. So I guess, somehow I miss what was happening to you. But as the many comments (which also break my heart) prove each of us have been in a place like this. I’m so glad that you (and I) are resolved to REST, and in my case, focus on seeking PEACE! I’m sure we both need Jesus’ peace but for different reasons and in different ways. Peace is serenity and calmness.

    At first read of this, I thought “ah, this isn’t for me, I’ll be back to encourage or pray for others.” Even when I got as far as my ONE WORD “peace” repeatedly used and my first Bible verse or my main one for this year, I still did not think this was for me except to come along side my sister in Christ (and now many sisters)!

    So, I casually went over to your link to your church to listen to your pastor not on REST but on the “gift of peace” (one of the advent focuses)! Thank you for sharing that link and those messages. As you know, I could write a book.

    I, too suffered from panic attacks (as someone above wrote) not knowing what they were at the time, clinical depressions, etc. but this looked to me more like a spiritual battle and not even that just a lack. Or B.U.S.Y. syndrome. It’s been such a long time since I faced that one. You know what that stands for, right? Being Under Satan’s Yoke (yep, good ole Mary vs. Martha syndrome). I know this is not anything to be humorous about, so please forgive me, if I sound trivial. Your honest vulnerability really shocked me after all you have dealt with and shared so openly and beautifully like “hidden joy”. I’m so thankful that the breath of God just consumed you and fed you, nourished and revived you! When our faith is shaken or seems to being weak and running on low, we know we can cling to the Rock! (but it’s so wonderful that you had your husband at first in the flesh!!! and the godly wisdom to immediately seek help)! I should have just wrote a prayer but know I am praying for you with a deep understanding and conviction of being resolved to rest as you too must do. Free yourself to do this now. Don’t put it aside like your time alone. It will not wait. I wanted to pray or say AMEN so many times above here. Sisters, this is for all of us. Just as Wendy is a marvelous example of a teacher for us, there is a lesson here also, Wendy’s humility and this circumstance is meant for each of us to be alert! We cannot take one moment with Our sweet Jesus for granted. Wendy was in the Word, but was the Word abiding in her and was she WITH GOD as God is with her-Emmanuel! Relationships must be kindled and rekindled, to be kept afresh and afire with living substance.

    Abba Father, You see our precious sister Wendy and each sister in these comments that need You and Your arms to embrace them with peace and rest!
    Oh Almighty Jehovah Shalom, You alone are peace to Wendy! Release her from any burden or anxiety or extra load that she has taken on. We cast off all anxiety
    and any overwhelming sense of depression, begging you to take this now in Jesus’ name and throw it off into the pit, never to return and be broken over anyone struggling with this. For God, You have not given us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of love and power and a strong mind. Wendy needs to hear and receive a GOOD WORD from You! Open up the gates of heaven and pour out an abundance of rain- drops.* May the JOY of the Lord be Wendy’s strength! Lord, let not Wendy’s heart be troubled nor allow her to be afraid, nor anxious about anything. But as she has taught us so much about prayer, we come to Your Throne with our petitions for her SO THAT the peace of God surpasses all of her understanding as You guard her heart, her mind, her body and her relationship with You! We praise You for her steadfast commitment to be with You and draw so near to You! We give You thanks for abiding in Wendy as she abides in You but even when she does not, You love her and desire for her to long and return an You patiently wait for Wendy! Thank You! We know how much she loves You and You love her. Make Your love known to her in these times. Beckon her and free her time to rest in You! Wendy’s mind is steadfast on You SO bring her Your perfect peace. Wendy trusts in You! Not only is she greatly blessed as she wrote but we are greatly blessed by her. Restore her as she rests and is completely renewed in Your Presence!

    Jesus spoke these words and I pass them on:
    “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14:27 (NIV)

    Isn’t that the BEST way to start and go forward in 2013 in this PEACE and may you find REST, Wendy as you resolved in His Presence and brought us into this resolution of PEACE!

    *Sending you this video from my heart. A special sister in Christ recently sent this to me and now I pass it on with love and the peace of Jesus Christ!
    Love you <3 May the Comforter hold You closely…

    • OK, now I knew this was long, but not this long. Sorry:0( you can remove it after you read it, if you’d like. I just came from church before I revisited here tonight so … OVERFLOW… love and peace in Jesus, peggy

      • Peggy, thank you for this post and no need to remove it. This is a safe place to share our hearts, and I love how much you care for me. I left you a message on e-mail!!



  50. Hello, I don’t know how I got here tonight, but I’m Glad I did! Your story so hit’s home, but mine has been over a span of a year!. We moved from one end of town to another due to financial reasons. Now i find myself so lost withdrawn from the people and friends and church i so found love, peace and joy you speak of. I will keep reading your post and scripts you posted! Thank you for sharing!

    • Angie, I am thankful the Lord brought you to us. I pray that He will open doors for new friendships and church fellowship in this new neighborhood. And until that time, use this time to press into the Lord and spend precious alone time with Him. I am thankful to have a new friend!! We have wonderful fellowship here, so please stop back by and visit.


  51. Wendy, I, too, had my first mental breakdown leading up to Christmas this year. I’m normally a very “stable” person and take great pride in that (yes, I know, pride comes before the fall), as my family has a long history of anxiety and fear and depression. With four kids and all that comes along with that, I felt COMPLETELY overwhelmed in the weeks leading up to Christmas. How on earth was I to “do” Christmas and keep up with all the laundry, dishes, dinners, grocery shopping, bathroom cleaning, etc.??? How was I supposed to be happy about spending Christmas Day with my unbelieving uncle, gay cousin and his partner (not because I don’t love them but because I wasn’t ready to explain their lifestyle to my onlooking children), and newly converted Muslin brother-in-law. I was also experiencing some health issues that I knew needed to be addressed, but when was I supposed to find the time to do that?!? It was all too much and I broke. I had a MAJOR meltdown, on the floor, on my husband’s shoulder, in the shower, in the car…you name it. I was worried about telling my husband, because he tends to freak out when I freak out…bless his heart. Finally, I had to, mostly because I had one of my major meltdowns while fixing dinner for the family. I begged for him to pray for me, and he did, and everything turned around. I prayed and prayed and prayed that Jesus would be with me and remind me over and over again about the “reason for the season”. My husband talked me down off the ledge I was on and helped me realize that some of my concerns were completely irrational and that everything was going to be fine. Next year, I’m going to face these demons head on before they get the best of me. I’m going to put on my Jesus shield and face the day! Thank you for sharing your story and know that you were not alone, even a little bit.

    • Traci, thank you for sharing your story. It is another encouraging story and example of how God alone is our PEACE and nothing can ever take His place!!! It is so hard to walk through those difficult times, but sometimes we need them when we have wandered far from our Father’s heart. Hearing each other’s stories is such a comfort!!! I am so thankful you stopped by today and affirmed to me and all of us that we are not alone…even though in the middle of the night it sometimes feels like it. God is with us and other women are struggling with the same issues. And best of all, HE IS THE ANSWER!

  52. Thanks so much for this. Last year and again this year my verse is Be still and know! Your message is for me. I read and pray but I still need to Be Still! REST IN HIM!!!! I have the book you spoke of – I plan to find it and start using it. The Lord uses others to send messages to us. I just read this message today and when I think about my Pastor’s message this morning. The Lord has used you both to speak to me. I was STILL and have heard. May the Lord Bless YOU!!! Thanks for allowing the Lord to use YOU to help others.

    • Amen!! BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD. Another verse Peggy (above) shared with me is Exodus 14:14

      “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

      Love this verse!! He does the fighting. We need to be still and rest in Him.

      What a great God!!



  53. Thank you for sharing your heart Wendy and for sharing the scriptures that God led you to. I have been meditating on them and praying them. I feel as though I have been thrown into a battle with depression/anxiety due to a recent conflict. I have not been in the Word as I once was and was not prepared for this “attack”. But I am reaching out to God asking him to help me and I believe that coming across your blog today from Proverbs 31 devotional was one of God’s ways of leading me back to His Word. I’d appreciate your prayers.

    • I am so thankful He brought you here. And, you are so right, we not only need to be in the Word to give us rest in our current circumstances but also to gird us up for future circumstances.



  54. Wendy, thank you so much for your message I really needed it. As a mother I have been a caretaker for the last 21 years – my son who is 21 is disabled, my daughter (14) is disabled and my son (5) is autistic/aspergers syndrome, so he is a handful. I homeschool my younger 2 – my oldest son is married and has a 10 month old baby. I have recently lost my home and had to move back home to my parents – which I could not understand why it happened – but now I have became a caretaker for my parents both 71, my down syndrome sister (50), my cousin who is in a nursing home and a dear disabled friend — I can tell you I am exhausted. Though I do have to say I have been spending time with God and that has helped me along the way — but I really need a time of rest with God and I did not see that until I read your message. God bless you and all that you do.

    Lara Polk

  55. I live this every day, and I experience a tremendous guilt. I used to spend the better part of a morning in God’s word. Then I had kids. I can’t seem to remind myself that the best thing I can do for my whole family is to return to alone time with God. I have an over active mind – adult ADHD, I’m convinced! It’s so difficult for me to sit still, but I need it. Please pray I can quiet my mind and still my soul to receive the benefit that will always outweigh any other practice or routine: REST! Rest in Christ. Thank you for your message today.

  56. Thank you for sharing Wendy- Your transparency means a lot! It is comforting to me to hear these words because I feel the same way right now. My hearts desire is for more of Jesus, every day but putting action into that desire is a different story! When I get some down time, I tend to forget that I should be spending my free time studying and praying- I mean I pray and ask God to help me find more time to be with Him and then when He gives it to me, it’s like I forgot all about it! I feel like I lose my faith often! I can’t understand why I can’t keep my mind fixed on God all the time. My prayer is to find balance in my life, to look at where my priorities rest and to spend more time with God so I can hear from Him. So, please pray for me friend- that I can find that balance and spend more time with our Lord so I can follow his guiding in my life!!!! Thanks!!!!!

  57. denise vick says

    actually found your blog while doing a google search about this very sermon by jonathan scott. listened to it this weekend and wanted to share some of his ideas with my women’s group. he read a list of things from a book, but I never heard the title or author of the book. do you happen to know?
    (and i’ve bookmarked your blog!!!!)

    • denise vick says

      never mind. just skipped over that part of the sermon i guess.

      • Hey Denise,

        So thankful the Lord brought you to Living Truth! I love making new friends. He e-mailed me back with the name of the book, but since you found it already, problem solved. 🙂

        Looking forward to getting to know you better. I will have a follow-up post in the next day or two to the Resolve to Rest post. So many women responded that I knew God touched a tender place in women’s hearts!!

        Blessings to you,

  58. Juanita Reese says

    Resolving to Rest wha an awesome topic! I have made up my mind that I am going to rest in Jesus. In 2010 my life changed forever with the death of my 9 yr old son and things went down hill from there. I said to myself that I am going to learn how to trust in God. He says He give peaceful rest to those who love Him,so this year I am gonna do just that let God love me and rest in His word. Many blessings to you Wendy!!! To God be the glory!!!!! <3

  59. Like others that have commented , I cried too when I read this devo. My heart races nearly every day and night lately- I feel like God is showing me that it is because I’m not spending time with Him and in His Word. I have ” good intentions” and then get caught up in “my busyness” and before I know it, it’s been days, yes even weeks, since I spent any time with God.. I need some practical advice–what do you do in your time with God? A devotional? A bible study? meditate on His Word? I’m probably making this too hard- but I’m a list maker and a “wanna be” organized person( no wonder my heart races:)! I want to make God my priority, but need help getting started..

  60. Cecily Bornemann says

    HI Wendy,
    I’m a little late responding but I was going through old emails and found the link to here for this blog post. I can totally relate. I’m still having trouble resting with God. My problem is that I don’t know how to sit still and quiet my mind. So, I get figidty and just stop trying. I’m on some medications for Depression and Anxiety and I’m wondering if those medications could be blocking me from hearing from God. I don’t hear him at all and that’s why I feel the disconnect. I’m so glad you are back in the resting arms of our savior. Take care and have a nice day.


  61. Thank you for the blog; this was great at anytime of the year, busy and forget to find our peace with HIM! AMEN


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