February 18, 2013

Quiet My Anxious Heart with Unglued Giveaway

Anxiety:   distress or uneasiness of mind, lack of peace

Synonyms:  fear, foreboding,  worry, disquiet

Do these words strike a chord in your heart?

Anxiety is an emotion.  Emotions in and of themselves are  not bad.  In fact,  emotions are a  gift from God.  He gave them so that we can know and experience the fullness of who He created us to be.  

But in this world, we will run smack into  people who bring about  negative emotions.  Emotions like anxiety, fear, frustration, and anger. Over time, if not kept in check, these negative feelings slip into our hearts and minds. They take root and eventually result in dire consequences.

There are times we know exactly what causes negative emotions and other times we cannot figure out why our emotions suddenly start to unravel.

But one thing is certain.  These negative emotions, like anxiety, will come.

The bigger issue is, what do we do with them when they come?

Do we ignore them  and stuff them?

Do  we numb them with food, alcohol, drugs, or other distractions?

Do we express them by erupting in anger and frustration?

Or do we recognize them and do something productive with them?

As a young mother, negative emotions, feelings of anxiety and frustration, consumed my heart and mind.  More often than not,  I expressed my feelings by exploding in anger and frustration.  How I hated myself in the hours following one of my episodes.  I shamed myself and repeatedly told myself that I was a failure as a mother.  I lived with this label for years.  I remember one particular afternoon when my frustration peaked.  What started as a peaceful afternoon ended in complete chaos after my two angelic children arrived home from school.  I could not believe it, but they morphed into horrible creatures before my very eyes!

Creature One, my nine-year-old son, arrived first and put on his favorite show.  About an hour later, Creature Two, my thirteen-year-old daughter, burst through the door, slammed down her backpack and snatched the remote from  Creature One and changed the channel.  Creature One immediately jumped from his seat and grabbed for the remote, demanding, “Give it back.  I was watching that show!”

I am observing this from afar in the kitchen, trying to maintain control.  Creature Two slapped his hand out of the way, yelling some derogatory name, causing Creature One to latch himself onto her arm, grabbing for the remote again.

Anger welling within me, I took a few steps into the family room.

Creature Two yelled, “Your shows are stupid! ”

Creature One countered, “I was watching first!”

The barrage of words and name calling continued.

“You are such a dork!”

” I am not!”

“YES, you are!”

I was on the verge of EXPLODING at this point.

Creature Two proceeded to lift herself off the sofa.  She calmly but confidently walked past Creature One, reached out her hand and flicked him in the head.  Looking quite satisfied, she then looked at me and asked, “What’s for  dinner?”

At the conclusion of my response, I heard Creature One whining from the other room, “Why do we have to have that?  Can’t we go out for dinner?”

That was the last straw!  I yelled at the top of my lungs, “Shut up!” In our house, we forbid these two words, so both creatures came to attention immediately.  I launched into a tirade about their incredible selfishness, explaining how they “made my life  miserable” and informing them that I did not want to see them for the “rest of the night , maybe even the rest of my life.”  I then sent Creature One and Creature Two upstairs crying and whining through their tears, “You are the meanest mom EVER!”

As I heard their doors close, I realized the harshness of my words and the anger with which I had spoken them.  Had I really told my children, my own flesh and blood, that they made my life miserable and that I did not want to be around them ever again?  Yes, I did.  Mommy of the Year, I was not.  Incredulous at how easily I had lost control, I began to weep.

How could this have happened?  What is wrong with me?

Friend, I knew exactly how.  I had not been filling my mind with God’s Truth.  I had been running on my own energy…my own strength…my own wisdom.  I was empty and needed something outside myself to rescue me.

God is our rescuer, sweet friend.  He has given us the gift of  His Word to counteract these negative emotions.  

We need to go to Him BEFORE we get to this place. We need to daily be filling ourselves with Him.  When we do this we will not operate every day in reactionary mode, reacting to circumstances based on negative emotions and how we feel in the moment.  When we live like this, we hurt those around us, most especially the ones we love.

The time we spend with God is paramount in determining the level of peace and contentment in our hearts.

Let me say that again.

The time we spend with God is paramount in determining the level of peace and contentment in our hearts.

When God’s peace and His Word rule our hearts, we will not erupt and explode in emotions.

Friend, God warns in 1 Peter 5:8

…be on the alert.  Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

If we stay on alert, we will recognize and capture these negative thoughts, feelings and emotions BEFORE they take hold of us.

2 Corinthians 10:5 says,

We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

Recognizing our thoughts is the first step.

The next step is taking them captive. When we feel those words about to erupt, we must stop them before they pass through our lips.  It takes humility and a great deal of self-control.  But we are not alone in the battle. 

As believers, we have the Spirit of the Living God within us to enable and empower us to do this!

We must ask the Lord each day to help us.  Invite His Holy Spirit to help us recognize the situations that bring about the emotions.

Once we recognize them, the key is learning the truths needed to counteract those emotions.  We must have something with which to replace those exploding emotions.

In my next post I will share  some great Scriptural truths to replace our negative emotions.  For this week, I invite you to spend time evaluating your circumstances and your relationships.  Pay attention to your responses to people. It might  be a spouse, a child, a relative, a friend, a boyfriend, a co-worker, an in-law.  Recognize and note the emotions you are feeling.  Identify why are you feeling them.

Share your thoughts here throughout the week.  And if you have favorite truths that help you in this process, please share them with us!

From the comments left this week, I will give away a copy of Lysa TerKeurst’s best-selling book Unglued.  Lysa’s book is a great tool in learning how to reign in negative emotions.

Look forward to hearing from you this week!



  1. WENDY!
    What a timely post for me. I just sat down and asked God to reveal to me His truth about my anxious feelings regarding a relationship I’m in. Why, oh, why do I allow the devil to invade my thoughts when I KNOW that God has told me that this is the right relationship for me???? And then…your email arrives RIGHT ON TIME! Blessings to you, Wendy!

  2. Kate Lantry says:

    Wow. This one spoke right to me. I could have written that myself from my own life. I am constantly losing control and exploding in anger over minor circumstances; my daughter and husband are often the recipients of my verbal blows. I deal with the shame of my actions and cry out to God to help me control my emotions better. But, again and again, I explode. I know I need to spend more time in His presence, but I let life dictate my time. Thank you for this post; I look forward to your next one.

    • Praying the Lord will fill you with His peace and calm your anxious heart. A verse for you, “He will keep in perfect peace Kate who mind is stayed on you because she trusts in you.” Isaiah 26:3



  3. Thank you. I really needed this as i am fighting this everyday. I get into the mood that Im not worth anything and Im not meeded. Thanks again for the email.

  4. Wow. I think perhaps you are speaking directly to me 🙂 As a young mother, I can relate to your story of boiling over to the point of yelling and saying things that I don’t mean. Emotions are such a hard thing to control. Thank you for the reminder that if I ask for help, it will be given.

    • Michelle, thank you for leaving a comment. My Proverbs study grew out of how God taught me the very lessons I shared in this post.. You can access the on-line study free by clicking on the link below


      You can also purchase the study on our Proverbs 31 website as a pdf for $10.

      Being a mom, although one of the greatest gifts, can be so hard. God has equipped us in His Word with many truths to help guide us through. With Him, it truly can be one of the most beautiful, rewarding, stretching time in our lives!!



  5. Wendy, I agree with Emily that this message is a timely one indeed. My heart is brimming with anxiety as I struggle with circumstances in my life: my husband losing his second job in a year at the age of 60, leaving my part-time position as a hospice nurse for 18+ years to work a full-time position (with paid benefits) in an organization that is in chaos, a friend dying from lung cancer, my husband’s ongoing health issues and being an unbeliever, and on it goes! My anxiety leads to overeating so I am trying to battle with that in hopes of strengthening my relationship with God! My anxiety has been like a monkey on my back for years, starting as an adolescent in the midst of my parents’ divorce due to my father’s alcohol addiction and infidelity. I have had years of therapy and different medication regimes which have proved helpful at times until 2 years ago when I sought to end my life as depression made friends with anxiety. My “saving grace” was “that still small voice” whispering “Remember my promise to you, Karen, I will never leave you or forsake you and your family will suffer terribly if you complete this act.” I remember falling on my knees and crying out to God. I had hit bottom once again only this time I was a follower of Christ. Saved by grace and mercy, a wretch like me! The road to recover has been a long one with many unpleasant consequences along the way but even through the nagging anxiety I feel and the outbursts I have had recently, I continue to press on and seek God’s wisdom knowing that He is right beside me and is beckoning me to place my complete faith and trust in him alone, despite my circumstances. Paul says “I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am in.” Philippians 4:11. Although I become unglued more frequently these past few weeks I know that God is holding His arms wide open to comfort me and reassure me that “His grace is sufficient for me”. 2 Cor 12:9. Thank you Wendy for being willing to discuss this subject and provide a clear understanding. You are a blessing!

    • Praying for you, Karen.

    • Karen, I just love how you have filled your heart with the Word of God. You have hidden His Word in your heart so that you may not sin against Him, and so that you recognize when you have sinned against Him. He so longs for us to live in His strength, armed with the power of His Word in our hearts and minds. I pray that as you walk through these difficult circumstances the Lord will help you take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ and will put a guard at your mouth and a sentry at your lips so that words of your mouth and the meditations of your heart will be pleasing to Him!! Remember, sweet friend, you are MORE THAN A CONQUEROR through Him who loves you!!



  6. The ONE Thing that I love the most about Proverbs 31 Authors…is that y’all willingly share the RAW TRUTH about yourselves with others and allow yourselves to be REAL!!! And that is why The LORD uses each of you in such a Mighty Way in ministering to others!
    The verse The LORD gave me when our son was young, and I was about on the verge of getting very upset with him…was Deuteronomy 6:6-9. And The HOLY SPIRIT spoke to my heart and told me to PRAY everyday for Wisdom in nurturing, disciplining, and raising our son in GOD’S Ways. It was true wisdom from above and it changed my life that day because I knew I needed The LORD to help me every step of the way! In the above verses he reminded me to talk to my son everyday about HIM!!!

    • Donna, first thank you for the sweet words of encouragement about Proverbs 31 authors. Your words mean so much because sometimes it is hard to share those ugly parts of our lives.

      I LOVE the verse God gave you. It is one of my life verses. In fact, it is my e-mail address. God has planted that verse in my heart and it transformed the way I parent my children.

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing from your heart.



  7. Deuteronomy 6:4-9

  8. Wendy,
    I so needed this reminder today with a ton of homework projects being worked on around the house by my two sons…one in 3rd, one in 7th. This usually is the makings of many Unglued moments from this mama. I did the Unglued study and even just finished the 21 day devotional on You version app. However, I need the 365 day, 10 year plan!! Today, thank you, Jesus, has been so much better than in the past. I have to let go and let them find their way in these assignments while helping them but not taking over or demanding my timing/perfect way! Thanks again for your open sharing. It helps to know that you have made so much progress in this area where I feel ever weak. There is hope!

    • Susan, you are so right. It is a 365 day, every year plan. We continually need to be in the Word and in prayer. We need to hide God’s Word in our heart so that on the days we do not make the time to sit at His feet, we have His Word in our heart!! We can recite and speak truth over us to calm us, redirect us and quiet our mouths.

      The Lord has helped me make great progress and He will do the same for you!!



  9. Wendy,

    You have changed my life in this area; I am a not-so-young mother of twins and I have a history of ‘losing control’ often. Since doing your Proverbs study and reading your book, I’m so thankful to see progress in this area of my life. You are so right! Spending time alone with God is the answer…the more I do that, the more I seem to have the peace and energy to handle 2 small boys. Thank you so much for this post as I cannot hear this message too much! Blessings to you! 🙂

    • Kristin, I LOVE hearing how God used one of the studies He laid on my heart to transform your walk as a mom. Thank you for sharing this. Such an answer to the prayers I pray as a Bible teacher!!! God’s Word is always the key to any area in our lives where we desire change. I praise God that you have the peace and energy you need to do what He has called you to do. He is so faithful!



  10. Sherri Jackson says:

    I have a couple of “Creature One and Two” in my house. The constant bickering is what finally pushes me over the breaking point….Thanks for sharing because sometimes after this happens I beat myself up because I lost it. I definitely need to work on the self control of my negative emotions.

    • Sherri, spend some time each day in the Word. Find some verses to speak over your heart when you get in those “unglued” moments. God will be faithful to calm your anxious heart!!



  11. Angela Bishop says:

    Thanks Wendy. I needed this today. I just prayed to God this morning to help me and to give me strength with my fears. It seems they are worse now than ever. Glad to here there is an unglued app. I will have to look for it. Thanks again.

  12. Cecily Bornemann says:

    Wow. I thought I was the only one who struggled with anger. I need to get in God’s word more and not let anger control me. Thanks for sharing this.

  13. I still remember reading this story in your book and thinking “I’m not alone” and feeling very grateful. Amazing to realize I felt the same way as I read your words again…some of my creatures have been bothering one another today, which bothers their mother as well!! I felt that wearing on me…and then heard a song about spending time with Him and then I came to this post. God is reminding me of what I need to hear! And more importantly what I need to DO!

    I have been blessed by Lysa’s book…one verse she shared was Hosea 10:12, “I said, ‘Plant the good seeds of righteousness, and you will harvest a crop of love…” All too often when my emotions get the best of me, I’m doing anything but planting good seeds. And like you say Wendy, I always end up hurting the ones I love the most.

  14. Wendy,
    Thank you for your honesty. Many times readers think this blogger or author is so perfect! When you share your trials and how God has helped you through them, it helps others to know there is hope, and for you to share that God is the HOPE, is so beautiful. You are giving God the glory instead of some person.
    I have been in a storm for a little over 4 yrs now, with two children who are prodigals and have rejected both their father and me. It is very painful.
    I have come unglued at times with anger toward those who have enabled them, and even at myself at times for the wrong responses I have had in some of the situations in this trial.
    I can remember a time in my life when I also would come unglued over some matters with my children, and then hate myself for it. I would allow satan to eat at me over my mistakes. I would repent when convicted by The Holy Spirit, but also allow the enemy to use my mistakes against me.
    I finally came to an understanding of God TOTALLY forgiving me, and of the importance of learning to FOCUS on God, think as it says in Philippians 4:8, and the entire Word of God.
    I watched Jim Berg’s dvd series entitled “Quieting a Noisy Soul” and that was healing because it was again reminding me to Focus on God and Who He is.
    I am thankful for your posts and your Bible Studies that continuously remind us to Listen to the LORD, focus on God, and not the imagination, or lies of the enemy.
    I would love to receive the book “Unglued” and also know that someone else out there my need it more than I do!!! So God’s will be done and to God be the Glory.

    • Debbie,

      Thank you for your kind words. And thank you for sharing so honestly about your circumstances. I just loved reading how you came to understand that God totally forgave you and learned to FOCUS on God. If we could just do that…focus on God…we would not spend so much time focusing on the behavior of others and allowing it to affect us. “Take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ!” I have to speak this verse to myself often. 🙂

      Sweet Blessings to you,


  15. Beautiful friend!
    Thank you for this post! I had a feeling when I clicked on the comments, we’d all be saying, “This is exactly how I feel!” And boy, do I find comfort in that… that we are not “failures” like the enemy would love for us to believe. Thank you for the truth that our emotions are God-created. Right now, I’m in the midst of some situations where fear can rise up. I have to realize that Jesus is in the boat with me and my family. Even though the storm is crazy outside, Jesus is not concerned.

    “The Lord your God is with (me), he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in (me), he will quiet (me) with his love, he will rejoice over (me) with singing.” Zephaniah 3:17

    The thought of God Himself serenading me… oh my goodness. Speechless.

    Love you Wendy!

    • Zephaniah 3:17 is one of the most encouraging, beautiful verses in Scripture. Thank you for sharing it with us!!

      Love you,


  16. Hi Wendy
    I have been asking God to help me with my emotions in the relationship I am in with my husband,children, family, and friends.I am learning to capture the thing the devil is telling me so the words of encouragement you sent today was very helpful. Thanks.

    • Mary, you are so welcome. Love that you are applying the verse I shared above…”Take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ!”



  17. Thank you for that post and speaking honestly about what moms go through. You are right, it is such an “OMG I cannot believe I just said that” feeling as soon as the words cross your lips. Thank you for reminding me that we need to go to Him BEFORE we get to that place where we know we will not be honoring Him when we open our mouths! Bless you for sharing and giving us His word to change those reactions into blessings. :*)

    • BJ, thank you for stopping by. I always like to share the hard lessons the Lord has taught me!! Want to help others not have to learn the hard way like I did. 🙂

      Blessings to you,


  18. Peggy Clement says:

    This is just what I need, just yesterday I exploded and said hurtful words to my husband who has a heart of gold and I have said hurtful things to the ones I love the most. I have twin girls who just turn 13 and sometimes I think they really hate each other. I had them at 40 so as they are entering puberty I am going through minipause. It is a very rough time.I often feel like a failure as a mom. God has been speaking to me in devotions and I am in the group encouraging mom of teens. This is what I claimed a couple of days ago.”You are right, Peggy in your own strength and through your perspective, you can’t do this. But my promise, my presence and my power- all things are possible. I will help you become a great mom.”
    Ps.18;35 “you give me your sheild of victory, and your right hand sustains me; you stoop down to make me great.” Thanks

    • What a beautiful verse you have shared here today…Psalm 18:35. Thank you!

      I so understand where you are with your girls and your husband. My Proverbs study grew out of how God taught me the very lessons I shared in this post.. You can access the on-line study free by clicking on the link below


      You can also purchase the study on our Proverbs 31 website as a pdf for $10. It would be a great study for the group of moms you meet with. If you would like to look at the study before deciding to purchase it, I would be happy to send you a sample. E-mail me at deuteronomysix@aol.com.



  19. This was so good for me to read. I have been very sick with the flu, strep throat, bronchitis, fever of 104. Been to ER twice and dr. once. I have missed 7 1/2 days of work. As a single mom and only bread winner with no sick days, I have been beyond anxious. Don’t know how I am going to make it with my next paycheck cut so deeply. I could not get myself well fast enough due to the anxiety and stress. I go back to teaching tomorrow. Not full strength yet but better than I have been. Have been on 8 prescriptions now done to 4 so things are getting better. I wish I could just learn to turn everything over to HIM and let HIM work out all the details. I then feel so unworthy. I also got two calls from co-workers stating how mean the asst. principal has been saying things like he did not believe I was sick and that I had better have myself together this week to teach since I had to make up for a week of lessons. This news stressed me but I caught it quickly and turned it over to the one who can fight my battles. I am the child of the most high God and I refuse to come under any attack. I will walk into school tomorrow wearing the full armor of God and dare anyone to mess with me!!!! I am praying for those who have commented, especially Karen. I too struggle with weight issues when stressed. You have alot going on, but He has not forgotten you.

    • Kathleen, praying now for the Lord to bring perfect and complete healing to your body. Praying His Peace will fill you in the midst of your circumstances…that you will be content no matter what is swirling around you. Praying also for the Lord to grant you great favor at your school…that your redeemed life and heart would be a light that many would be drawn to. Praying God will provide in a very real and personal way for your family for the income lost due to your sickness. Trusting God will be faithful!!



  20. I have this same problem with a teenage son who can make my mood change- I need to go to the Lord more often for patience, call on him for help to keep my emotions in check and bring the calm that only he can give me.

    • Amen!! Praying for you now…for you to be anxious for nothing and by prayer and supplication, with thaniksgiving, make your requests known to God SO THAT the peace that passes all understanding will guard your heart and mind!



  21. KAY PARRISH says:


    • Kay, how true your statement is. God asks us to live this way each and every day. And for that to happen, it requires true transformation and continually surrendering our heart to Him.


  22. I so enjoyed your words today(2-18).I suffer with panic and anixity almost on a daily bases,the most fearful is when I wake,my first thoughts are the feeling of something bad is going to happen. I struggle to put them thoughts under the blood and casting them down. Iknow God is my shelter and my comfort,and I depend on Him to get me through the days. I know the enemy is the lier and he seeks to destroy our minds,BUT my God says I dont have the spirit of fear but of power,love and a sound mind,God is my healer and I thank Him even in the days of dread and doom that wants to hang over me,God is my peace and HE will get me through it all.
    Thank youso much for shareing your story and I praise My Lord for you and your ministery,You encourage me each time I read.
    Blessing to you and God bless,
    thank you,Sue

    • Sue, thank you for sharing your powerful prayers based on God’s Word. Such a wonderful example for us!! And thank you for your kind words and prayers for my ministry. I appreciate and treasure them.



  23. Sometimes I try to hard to put everything into Jesus’ hands but I still suffer from anxiety. For instance, we received a 3 day notice from our landlord that we owed $2,300 in back rent. I don’t have it and I’m afraid my daughter and I will be homeless. I try and put all my cares on Him but i still suffer from anxiety. How can i be helped/

    • Philippians 4:6-7…this is THE only way I know to receive true freedom from anxiety

      Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

      Hide this in your heart. Speak it over you every time anxiety arises. Give every thing that makes you anxious over the the Lord in prayer.

      God promises us this as well, “He will keep in perfect peace [she] whose mind is stayed on Him, because she trusts in Him.” Pray this for yourself as well. I say this verse every time I feel anxiety begin to build in my heart and mind.



  24. Thank you for sharing, that was a blessing to me.

  25. Lorraine Nyahora says:

    Hello Wendy

    Thank you very much for such an inspiring topic. I tell you this is an area of most concern to all God’s children. On a daily basis we are worrying, anxious and end up depressed because of circumstances around us. You see they over power us so much that we lose control. Thank you today for a beautiful reminder that we are not alone, its every child of God who goes through this and that the Lord has found it worthy to place it on your heart and be encouragement to all of us whom here seemed so hopeless and overpowered.

    My prayer this morning is that ladies no matter what whatever we are going through at the last minute we see the hand of God and whatever he is doing in our lives.

  26. Hi Wendy, Appreciate so much your sharing on the negative emotions that erupted in us, as I experienced this often with a family member. Each time, I exploded with anger, it makes me feeling not only guilty, but ashamed of my Christian testimony. It does not help that she would bring it up as well to hurt me. At first I had attributed my lack of tolerance and kindness to member’s past horrific deeds playing in my mind, so I told myself to stop thinking about the past. Still, when character flaws show up again & again, i would have a short fuse and wish we can live apart (she lack financial means). I struggled a lot dwelling on it and it affected me spiritually too.
    I am thankful for the steps and would take heed of them. Will look out for the truths that you will share to replace negative emotions. ,

    • Laura, I hope you have seen from these posts that you are not alone, sweet friend. Never let the evil one take you to places of shame and condemnation. Those are unproductive emotions and not from the Lord. Instead, take those thought captive and replace them with truths from God’s Word. God will be faithful to transform your heart and mind over time!!


  27. This is such a timely article for me! I am trying to teach my almost teen son about this very issue. thank you!

    • You are so welcome, Lisa! And I commend you for teaching God’s Word and ways to your teenage son!! God will honor and bless what you are doing.



  28. Many, many thank you’s for this. I don’t know why, but it helps so much to know that I am not alone, both in your post and the comments from others. Thank you for the honesty, encouragement, and guidance.

    • That is why I LOVE blogging and on-line studies. It helps to know we all struggle with the same issues. And it is wonderful to hear truths, promises and wisdom from godly women on those issues.



  29. I have been learning lately that our anxiety levels are so much more in our control than we realize. We often blame worry on our circumstances, but choosing to trust God or worry about our situations really is a choice. It takes commitment and discipline to cast our anxieties on Him. Thanks for the opportunity!

  30. katie lovell says:

    Wendy, I sometimes have issues with anxiety and frustration and I get angry, I
    would find myself out at the person before I can stop myself. I’m doing better
    I can now think before I react to the person, when I do that the devil is right
    there to atsck me I can feel the anxiety return. when I feel this way I try to go
    to my room and just sit and lisson for God’s voice or do some exercise to clear
    my mind, I also have a tendecy of keeping things inside and unabe to express
    myself. I have a hard time but I’m abe to get myself to relax but it is still there.

    • Katie, what you shared is right from Scripture… how you go and sit in your room and listen for God’s voice. He tells us to “be still and know that He is God!” When we do that, He will meet us in the quietness, teach us and fill use.



      • katie lovell says:

        Wendy, things are good God has been showing me diffrent things He
        wanted me to know. I have been reading a book before I go to sleep and
        read a Psalm each day and write down what I get out of the chapter and
        how I can apply it to my every day life. Especaly with others. He is letting me know
        when to keep quiet and let Him have it all, when I not reading Gjod’s Word I
        don’t feel right I’m learning to be obedient andread it every day I have a better attitude
        with them.

  31. Jeremiah 32:27 helps me a lot…and i have been doing a Scripture Journal too :O)

    • What a wonderful verse to hide in our hearts! Thank you for sharing.

      “I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?” Jeremiah 32:27



  32. Hi Wendy,

    Thank You so much for sharing your story and inspiring words. Through reading your blog this morning, God has made me realize that I need to be sharing my struggles with anxiety more with those in need who are not able to feel the Lord’s presence in their lives. I struggle with anxiety /depression on a daily basis which keeps me from being the woman God has called me to be. I am thankful for the Lord who is always there for comfort and guidance as I waver. You are right in that his spiritual truths push away the negative thoughts that we can be confronted with. Memorizing scripture verses has become part of my daily life to battle the negative thoughts sent by Satan. Right now, ” Submit yourself to God, resist Satan, and he will flee from you” ( James 4:7) is a verse I often am reciting throughout the day. Thank you for your honest, encouraging words!!


    • James 4:7. Another applicable verse. Thank you for sharing this verse you have hidden in your heart.

      I love all the verses you girls are sharing!!!!



  33. Jackie Bailey says:

    I don’t know of any “Creature Moms” that wouldn’t benefit from this post! And from the Unglued book and Bible Study. I’d love to have an extra copy to share with the small group of Moms in Bible Study, as they face all of the above challenges, and additionally most have deployed husbands. Thanks for your continued obedience in teaching God’s Word, in such a useful manner! God bless you.

    • Thank you, Jackie! How wonderful you have a small group of moms in Bible study. Gathering together, sharing life, and filling your hearts and minds with Truth is the very best way to be victorious over the struggles and trials life brings to parents, children, and families.


  34. Hi Wendy!
    Just like everybody who posted a comment on this post…we shared the same kind of struggles with our relationships and circumstances everyday.Thank You for a Godsend reminder through you today.I want You to know that your blog was really a great blessing.Few weeks before your Feb18 post I was not able to spend my quite time, just a quick and short prayer and bible study was pushed aside for 2 weeks and of course what can I expect? I always burst with anger and irritation in dealing with my kids,always having a negative thoughts and feelings,not managing my time well and etc etc..but this post reminded me to evaluate and reflect the consequences of missing out quite time with The Lord.Thank You again Wendy,Ist STEP done in Gods grace and power.Looking forward for the next steps.God bless You More.

    • Maribel, thank you for sharing how God met you in the words of this post. Your words mean so much to me as I pray about each post and ask the Lord to take it to the women who need to hear from Him and know that He is listening and hearing their prayers.



      • I thank the LORD for your life Wendy…your online studies also was very helpful in my day to day study of Gods Word..im currently on Cultivating a heart of prayer study,beacuse i really desire to grow more in my prayer life and to dig deeper in His Word to be able to live out His call in my life because i believe also as what you have said the time we spend with God is paramount in determining the level of peace and contentment in our hearts.I know its not that easy,i need to have discipline and commitment.I trust and depend upon God’s grace and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to finish this study victoriously and i know this will have a great impact in my spiritual life..Please include me in your prayers Wendy:To God be all the Glory!

  35. For a long time I associated unglued with anger, but after reading the book I realized it was so much more than that. Every time I fall apart, regardless of the cause, I’m unglued. Lately it’s been some anxiety, depression, feelings of being overwhelmed…you don’t need the details but I appreciate your prayers.

    The verse God keeps bringing to me is Col. 1:17, “He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.” HE is the glue that holds us all together…even when we’re in that desperate place, angry moment or have an anxious heart. Thankful during those times, His word in me reminds me to pray a short, but powerful prayer, “Lord hold me together.”

    • Love how you described Col. 1:17….”He is the glue that holds us all together…even when we’re in that desperate place…” Thank you!!



  36. Wow, can’t believe I am about to do this….First I want to thank God for you Wendy. I stumbled upon your website at the end of 2012 and what a blessing it has been to me. This is my first time writing and I am a bit apprehensive but God is so good….so here goes. I need prayer, I am battling all of the emotional baggage you have written about and I NEED for it to stop. I am not in constant prayer like I should be and I am not surrounding myself with the greatest people. All this I know and I know I have to give it all over fully to the Lord and ask him to forgive me and to continue to bless me. But it is a constant battle in my mind body and spirit. I don’t know what I am really trying to get at other than it feels good to know that other Christians experience the same thing. I had a terrible morning and it is manifesting in the form of a migraine…after re-reading your article I am starting to feel better. Thank you and God bless everyone that is reading this!

    • Thank you or sharing so honestly, sweet friend. I want’ to encourage you to do a study that will consistently keep you in the Word. There are on-line studies or traditional Bible studies. If you have a church home, see if you can find a small group or Bible study to join. If you do not, join an on-line study and plug in. You will stay in the Word and have fellowship with other women who will encourage you and challenge you and hold you accountable.

      Suzie Eller is starting a new study on her book on Forgiveness, The Unburdened Heart. It started last week, but you can jump in anytime. The link is below.


      I have several of my past on-line studies on my web site and that could be another good place to start. You would miss out on the fellowship of a live on-line study, but it will keep you in the Word. Below is a link to my studies.


      As you abide in the Word, you will deepen your relationship with Christ and sense His peace and presence on a more consistent basis. He will be faithful!



  37. Paisley De Vliegher says:

    Thank you for the awesome devotionals! This really hits home, I also have two “creatures”, and it seems to be a constant battle with them. The competition/bickering and a lot of times I find myself having to calm down, but there times when I have lost it. I have NEVER read the book, have always to get it though! I just need remember GOD is in control, not the anger. I’ve had a tough time dealing with letting go and NOT getting so angry! Thank you for these opp. to be refreshed as Creature Moms and let go and let God.!

    • Amen!! Let go and let God. The key is keeping ourselves in the Word so we are always feeding ourselves God’s Truth, Promises, Hope and Peace.



  38. Barbara Keane says:

    I struggle with emotions as well! I Struggle with depression and severe anxiety disorder, so “controling my emotions” is a difficult task – wether it is anger, sadness, anxiety, etc I truly have a difficult time. Through my problems, I have learned to rely on God. but sometimes I am too mad or depressed or filled with anxiety that I can’t (or I should say don’t want to) rely on God! I want to do things my way. I unravel and can’t seem to understand how to get rid of the anger, stress, anxiety, depression. But then all of a sudden in my prayers it hits me – rely on God! His is not the spirit of anger, His is not the spirit of anxiety or depression. Through Him and Him alone, all things are possible including casting all my cares upon him!!! I truly could use the Unglued book! Thank you for your words of encouragement!

    • Barbara,

      You are correct. Through Him and Him alone we find peace and contentment. Romans 8:37 says,

      No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.

      It is in Christ and in His Word that we find freedom from all that binds us and holds us hostage…anger, sadness, anxiety, despair, and fear!!



  39. I hope that I’m not too late in commenting….When I read this I was immediately thinking of my husband and how he would react to our oldest as he grew up. He is now 19, but their relationship is still strained. But as I was reading, especially the verse about the devil, it brought me to what is happening with the relationship between my husband and I. We too have “exploded” as we battle it out. The strain is there and wonder if it will ever leave, to the point that divorce is now being discussed. I have been spending a lot of time on the Proverbs 31 site along with checking out some of the other websites/blogs. They have been giving me encouragement and reassurance that God will continue to be with me and the kids no matter what happens.

  40. Susan, you are not too late. Praying for the Lord to tender your hearts to each other as you speak to each other. Praying He will infuse your marriage with a fresh filling of His Love and Holy Spirit. May He remind you both of what you love about each other and bring healing and wholeness to what seems broken and irreparable.



  41. Shaquan F. says:

    Wow I get so angry & defensive w/ my hubby & a lot of times I feel like he is trying to put me down verbally……I had stopped seeking God’s Word, and I had stopped going to church for about 3/4 months. I went on Sunday and I felt so relieved and glad to be back where I belong and with taking my 4 yr old I’ll girl cause she enjoy church also. One day my hubby told me ” baby you need to go back to church……when you was going your attitude wasn’t nasty, you were so peaceful” when he said that I had to take a deep look at that. I had even stopped reading my devotionals that I receive daily from Good Morning Girls & other women of God. Thank you Wendy now I’m about too read the 2nd part that I received today 🙂

  42. Angie Morgan says:

    Thanks for the great teaching. By the number of posts, I see I am not alone in the area of worry and anxiety. My kids are grown, but how I remember how peaceful I was and then it started just like you said. I struggle now with a work situation and think if I just didn’t have to work I could handle life better and be happier. It is so easy to allow the enemy to speak worrisome defeating words to us. Kind of like the rut someone taught on recently. I love all the scriptures but another one that will come to my mind is : in the world you will have troubles But be of good cheer I have overcome the world. Lord, help me and all the ladies continually put our trust in you. Be blessed!

  43. Rachel LaFleur says:

    I have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder and tried the meds and it only made things worse. I have horrible blow ups with my children within minutes of them climbing off the school bus and often find myself fighting with my husband for No good reason. I’ve tried finding peace at the bottom of a bottle only to find more problems. I started searching Scripture and trying to make myself right around Christmas time. Since then There’s been attack after attack. I Guess I can’t say attack, I’m not sure if it’s attack or God chastening me. In 3 months We’ve battled back to back and overlapping strep, bronchitis, flu, ear infections, Norwalk virus, and I have walking pneumonia. We literally go to the dr minimum twice a week. That doesnt include the trips to urgent care or the ER. It’s been that much harder to make time to work on myself between disinfecting the house and kids and running back and forth to Dr’s and pharmacies. I’m exhausted and know that I won’t find peace in my heart until I reconnect with God and fix my heart but I also have hit exhaustion physically. Please, please pray for my family to find health and for me to find rest so I can focus on my relationship with God. I know our home won’t be whole until mommy is right spiritually. Thank you.

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