August 28, 2013

Prayer for our Children and Our Schools

Heavenly Father, thank You for the gift of children.  Thank You that before time began You knew these families and friends would be interconnected through Your Holy Spirit.  We humbly come before You today recognizing these children are only on loan to us.  As each year passes, they become more and more Yours, not ours.  We ask You to help us release them to You so that You can accomplish Your will for their lives.   How hard it is to let go.  Help us as parents, families, and friends to get out of the way so that You can accomplish Your work in their lives.  Help us to trust You.  Give us the grace to wait on You.  Your timing, Father is perfect.

Father, we pray that each one will know the depth of Your great love for them and know that You gave Your Son so that they could have life forever with You!

Father, we pray that they will call upon Your Son Jesus and confess Him as Lord and Savior of their lives.

Father, we pray they will develop a great love for You and a deep desire to have a personal relationship with You.

Father, we ask that You cultivate in each one a heart of prayer.  Lead them to depend solely upon You for their every need.

Father, we thank You that You created them with a specific plan and purpose for their lives.  Thank You that they are valuable and precious in Your sight.  Father, give them the mind of Christ that is theirs in You and help them to fully know and love who they are in You and this great plan You have for them.

Father, we pray Your protection over them by the covering of the blood of Jesus.  Give them discernment to recognize Satan’s lies and temptations.  Grant them extraordinary wisdom and strength to combat Satan’s work through the power of Your Holy Spirit.

Father, may each of them know how extravagantly and unconditionally You love them…that You will never leave them or forsake them no matter what they do.  May they be secure in that knowledge.  Show them in very personal and powerful ways how wide and high and deep and long is Your love.

Father, we pray that they will treasure Your Word above all the riches in this world.  Give them a hunger to read it and learn it.  Teach them to love it and live their lives according to it.

Father, write Your Word on their hearts.  Give them a heart to understand and obey it above all else.  Move their hearts to live their lives according to Your Word…to live a life that honors and glorifies You in all they say and do.

Father, we pray that they will honor their bodies as Your temple and keep themselves pure in every way.  Instill in them that they are created in Your image and are worthy of Your highest and best for their lives.

Father, teach them to submit to those placed in authority over them.  Father, give them hearts of humility.  Protect their hearts, keep them free of rebellion and disobedience.

Father, draw godly friends and mentors into their lives.  Give them friends who are true, wise, kind, and encouraging.  Give them great discernment as they choose those whom they will date.  May all dating relationships make You the center and honor You.

Father, we ask that Your Truth will reign supreme in their hearts and minds.  May they base their lives on the Truth of Your Word and not the lies of this world.  We ask that they daily renew their minds with Your Truth and keep their thoughts on whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, excellent, and worthy of praise.

Father, teach our children to trust in You with all their heart, lean not on their own understanding, and in all their ways acknowledge You so that You will direct their paths.

Father, fill our children with Your joy…not happiness…but true joy found only in You.

Father, consume their hearts so that they desire only You.  Protect them from being people pleasers.  May they stand confidently in who they are in You!

Father, we pray the armor of God over our children:  the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the sword of the Spirit, the shield of faith, the belt of truth, and the shoes of the gospel of peace.

Father, plant Your love, Your presence, and Your Word deep within their hearts.  May Your Word reach into the marrow of their bones and ignite a passion that is unquenchable.  Cause them to love You with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength and let NOTHING override that passion.

Father, as they spend their days at school, let them be stand apart.  May they be light in darkness, joy in sadness, peace in discontent, and order in chaos.  Let their character and integrity shine forth like the sun!

In their schools, Father, we pray that Your Word and the fear of the Lord would be the basis of wisdom and instruction.  Father, we ask that You take our prayers and blanket each school, placing them under the shadow of Your wing.

For those teachers that believe in You, strengthen them and uphold them with Your mighty right hand.  Father, give them an extra measure of wisdom, knowledge, and revelation to excel as teachers and shine in darkness.  Provide them with opportunities to share their faith with faculty, staff, and administration and give them the courage to do it.

We pray for every level of administration.  We pray for wisdom beyond comprehension as they make decisions for the schools and school systems.  We pray divine direction.  We pray that You would direct the steps of those making decisions for our children.  Make Your way clear and place those who walk with You in places of authority and decision-making.  Bless their efforts.  Give them favor.

Through Young Life, church youth groups, and other student ministries, use leaders and students to sweep each school with revival and evangelism.  Guide, bless, and empower the leaders and students through the power of Your Holy Spirit.  Go before them and open doors.  Father, we boldly ask for many to come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior and yield their lives to Christ.

Father, as we end our time in prayer, we boldly as that You would grow each of our children in wisdom and stature and favor with God and with man.  Thank You in advance for all You will do in and through our prayers.  We ask this in the powerful name of Jesus Christ our Lord!

Please leave a prayer today for any child,  teacher, leader, or school who is on your heart today. Let’s storm the gates of heaven for our children and our schools today!

Standing together with you in prayer,


  1. This is wonderful. I stand in agreement.

    • Jill Murphy says:

      I come into agreement with this prayer for my sons Jonathan, Matthew, Michael, & my daughter Margaret; all future generations from my children; Michael’s girlfriend Alysia; Margaret’s boyfriend Spencer; the children, youth , & college students at AUMC; my children’s friends & acquaintances; all children our Ezekiel’s homeschool covering, & college students at Huntingdon, Faulkner, & AUM.

    • Ana Maria says:

      Please pray for my 12 year old grandson who is taking the city bus to school. Keep him safe as he walks to the bus stop. While on the bus, keep him from people who might do him harm and also from any bad influences. May the bus driver be alert. When my grandson gets to school, may he be out of harms way as he walks fro the bus stop to the school.
      I was ready to leave the house to go take him to school, but he called me at 6:15am(PST), that he was ready to board the bus and he would be ok. However, I am quite worried and I needed the support if prayer warriors, so I turned to the internet and found Wendy’s wonderful prayer and all the post from the rest of you. Thank you for being there. I feel less worried already.

      • Praying for God’s angels to surround your sweet grandson with an army of angels and keep him safe. And praying for a few good friends to come alongside him and together they help each other feel safe and secure. And praying you and your grandson will come to know and trust that God IS His Defender and Strong Tower … always. He will never leave him or forsake him.

        Blessings, Wendy

  2. Jeanie Kelley says:

    Dear Lord, I just bring Daniel to you today. I am praying that he has a wonderful day at school and that he will succeed with everything he has going on. Watch over him and protect him with your wings of protection. Bring him home safe and sound and ready for a new day on Thursday. Thank you that he is smart and that you have gifted him with this. I pray in your name, Amen

  3. Father, I lift up McBee High School as it is under lock-down at this time due to threats to harm teachers and students. Give the students peace and assurance, guide the law enforcement as they handle the situation, give the teachers and administrators the ability to calm and re-assure. Wrap your arms around the parents who are unable to determine what is going on during this time. Be with the young man who has caused this situation and may he have a life changing encounter with you and may he receive the help that he so desperately needs. All of this is in your hands Lord, keep each and everyone safe. In the name of Jesus we ask for intervention. Amen.

  4. Christina says:

    Prayers for my sweet Briana Nicole. That she may know God and his grace in a mighty way, and know just how much she is loved by her Creator.

  5. Lord I pray that you would be with my precious daughter Caroline. She had a rough start at another school but I am believing that this will be the school for her. Lord you know her special needs… May not her heart be troubled and may she adapt quickly and be a light for your Kingdom.

    • Father, we lift up Caroline and thank You that You know the plans You have for her…plans to prosper and not to harm her, plans to give her hope and a future. We believe this is the school you have hand-picked for her. Lord, grant her great favor with teachers, students and administrators. Bring a few good friends across her path. And calm her mama’s heart to trust in You each and every day she sends her off to school. You will never leave Caroline’s side!!



  6. Lord I pray that you would look upon Yaselyn, Anthony, Brianna & Tatiana as they begin their school year. Watch over them, protect them and grace them with wisdom to help them succeed in their learning abilities.

  7. Dear Lord, today I pray for Brecken, I pray for him to always stand on your word. I pray for physical and mental strength only you can give, to guide his thoughts and actions to be pleasing to you! I pray he makes good decisions and choices and to be a leader in his school, to never doubt You. I pray he always stands strong in You! Please Lord cover him with your wings and protect him from evil. I thank you Lord that he is smart and will do great things in this life. And Lord…thank you for choosing me to be his mother! Amen

  8. Dear Lord Please e with Abby this day and all days that follow.May you bless her as only you can.Give her peace over her Mom leaving that she is not to blame only 6 and so much to bare.keep her safe in her school Westside . I give you all the praise

  9. what beautiful sentiment..I wish for my grandchildren to “take God with them” to school and for them to remember the golden rule during their day!

  10. Dear Heavenly Father, I lift my daughter, Hannah up in prayer to you. I pray that you will shelter and protect her in your loving arms. She needs you, Father, more than she even knows. I pray for her teachers and her friends and the entire school. Lord, please bless her and show her how very much you love her. In the precious name of Jesus, Amen.

  11. Heavenly Father I pray for Christian schools with sincere, devoted, and wise leaders who come under attack by the prince of this world. May you give them a measure of strength and wisdom as they step into the fire of attack. Guide their hearts and minds and strengthen their hearts. Remind them they are defending the faith and not themselves. Comfort their hearts and shower your love and grace upon them. May you allow them to continue to share the gospel with our beloved children.

  12. Dear Lord I lift up my 3 children who will return to school next week. Please help them as they are all entering into a very transitional stage in their school journey. Please guide their thoughts, actions and hearts and continue to shine Your light through them. Help our oldest Josh as he has not had his eyes on You and knows he must turn his school year around. It’s in Your Son’s name I pray. Amen

    • Karen, I join you in these prayers and pray especially for Josh…for a godly friend and mentor to cross his path…someone through whom you can use to speak wisdom and truth into his life. Tender his heart and turn it around. Give him a desire to learn and to interact with those around him in positive ways. We ask this in full faith you will work in his life and in the life of his siblings.



  13. Lord, thank you for our children Lord, I don’t have anymore children in school, but I do pray for you protection for them, open their eyes Lord when they are enticed by the world, and send them conviction.
    I pray for all the children who are in the schools today Lord, that you will place your net of protection over them, that you will surround them with good friends Lord, and with our prayers if they are given an open door to the world, to be enticed by satan, they will turn away from it. Lord. I pray for all the parents, that they will seek you and Lord that they will lead and guide their children in the path to You. I pray in Jesus name..Amen

  14. J. Yvette says:

    Lord, I pray for my son as he starts high school next week. I thank you for removing any fear he has of starting a new school and meeting new friends. I pray your blessing upon him that he may have a year of excellence both academically and socially. Thank you for blessing him with the gift of intelligence and academic success. Please surround him with godly friends and role models and let him not in his efforts to be accepted end up with friends with moral standards unlike his own. Fill my son’s heart with joy and let your light shine through him. I pray a hedge of protection and plead the blood of Jesus upon him, his teachers, students, administrators and staff of his school. Thank you for filling me with your peace as we start this new phase in his life. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  15. Heavenly Father, I wish I had the gift of eloquence in my prayers to you, as these other blessed women do. I am so thankful for your trust in me to raise Sophie to know you and seek you throughout her life. Her disabilities make it hard to understand right now but, by your Grace, I will be enough of an example for her to follow. I pray your extra gentle care of her in the early days of her return to school next week. She is already in stress. Guide me through these next days to help her find her confidence and joy for this experience. May I be a worthy instrument to power her efforts beyond frustration and a constant, positive champion of every step taken. And, Father, it would be such a gift if she is able to reach out to another kind soul to make a friend to fill her lonely space. Thank you, Father for this all your blessings!

  16. Dorothy Cemore says:

    Father God I pray for my grandchildren as they go to school this year. I stand in agreement with everything that Wendy prayed . Lord would you bring Godly friends and leaders into their lives.draw them to you at a young age and help th to live out your festivity and identity. In Jesus name we pray. Jesus we know it is your desire for the little children to come to you. Do it again Jesus bring the children back to you . In Jesus name

  17. Father, thank you for the beautiful blessing of my nieces Katie and Maddie. This morning, on their first day of third grade and kindergarten, I asked You to be with them, and I know that You were. Be with them every day forward, Lord – cover them and their school mates with Your mighty protection and love. Guide Katie and Maddie as they grow and learn. Help them to be kind and thoughtful friends – and bring the same into their lives. Allow them to be a light and a reflection of Your love – in their school and in this world. When they feel alone or rejected, give them an added sense of Your presence and remind them, in some way, of how precious they are to You.

    I also pray for Caroline, Lord. Guide her as she beings 8th grade next week. Deliver her from all anxiety and fear. You did not give her a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. Restore her to the spirit You gave her, Father. Help her to focus. Allow her not to just get by in her classes but to thrive! And, Lord, give her discernment and wisdom in choosing her friends – may she only have friends who are kind and true and have her best interests at heart.

    I ask all of this in Your Son’s mighty name. Amen.

  18. Thank you for this prayer Wendy! Printing it off and praying it in the days to come!

    Heavenly Father,
    I come to You now and lift up my 3 school age children and their teacher, me, who will begin class next week. Sometimes I feel so unqualified to do this, but I know You’ve clearly led us in this direction so I ask for strength, patience, wisdom and joy. I pray You would bless the time I share with J.D., Joy and Jaylyn. Draw us closer together as a family and more importantly closer to You. Fill my children with a desire to learn and give them the ability. Give Job and me wisdom as we move forward in this journey. When the days are hard, remind me why we are doing this and give me the desire to press on and obey. Make me a teacher like Jesus, one who loved, spoke Truth and made an impact.
    Lord, I join Wendy in prayer for all she laid out above…make Your presence known in the schools across the country. We need You, so help those of us who know You be a voice and witness for You in the classrooms, on the playing fields and in the bleachers. Father, thank you for all You will do in the school year that lies ahead. In Jesus Name, Amen

  19. I drop my kids off at school daily and I pray over them, the school, teachers, workers, school bus drivers, safe travel mercies, all who have a part in the schools…Dear LORD, hear my prayer to keep these babies safe, the teachers all who work in the schools. If there is someone who is planning to harm those in these schools, I pray that you speak to their heart, put someone in their pathway to detour them of the plans they may have to harm those who are in our schools – I pray that your army of angels surround the school, that they be visible to those who may come there to harm anyone in any way. Please nudge our babies to make wise choices, be respectful and be respected. Be with those children who are bullied, calm their hearts and let them feel you near – be with the one who bullies, I pray that their hearts will be burdened for the damage that they are doing to your children…GOD may YOUR love be all around and spread out to those who do not know love—I love you LORD, thank YOU for loving me – – asking this and so much more in your sweet HOLY name , AMEN

  20. Dear Lord, I pray for María, who will be starting her studies in another country and living by herself. Please God, guide her heart always toward Your ways. Protect her body, soul and spirit. Please Lord, give her a heart ready and diligent to serve You. Lord I pray you will grow her talents, in a way that will glorify you.
    I also pray for Andrés and his new school year. Please protect him, every day. Grow in him a heart that longs to do his school work with excellence. Please Lord, let him listen to Your voice before he listens to his friend’s.. I pray for both their teachers, please give them hearts full of your peace which surpasses all understanding, and a heart full of love for what they do. I also pray I will be the sweet and loving mother they will look for earthly support.
    Thank you for the opportunity they have to receive education and for the provision of school supplies and materials. In the name of your precious son Jesus I pray. Amen.

  21. Amen!

  22. Lord,

    I pray for my son, who has passion for school, to be healthy for him to be in school consistently. Last year he faced continuous asthma attacks, which led into many hospital visits. He missed so much school last year. He was troubled and saddened of him not being able to see his friends and teachers. I am thankful for us being able to connect with the top pulmonologist in the area because of the blessing you bestowed on our family. He was not accepting new patients. Because of my cousin and your blessing, we were able to get in. I pray for my son and his peers. For him to reach out to other children and share his love for You. The last few years he has shared Your Word and touched his friends. This year I pray for Him to share and connect with friendships in their journey with You. Love you always. Thank you for you joy, peace, and love. And thank you for Your light shining through even through the darkness.

  23. Father God I thank you for our son, whom you have blessed us with and for the babies I am carrying now, and I praise you for entrusting them to us and our care. They are blessings from You and I praise you and thank you with all of my heart for them. Dear Lord, or son is not yet in preschool, but I pray for your divine protection and blessings over him now and always. I pray that you will protect him when I am with him and when I am not able to be and I pray protection over the twins as well and thank you that they are miracles from you as well. I thank you for caring for our baby courage in heaven with you. In Jesus name I agree in prayer for this prayer submitted to you and I pray it over all the children and teens and young adults of the world and for my son and our babies and also for my sister who will graduate h school soon and has just tonight asked for me to pray for her in beginning early college classes, to keep her faith unwavering in you and for her protection in all things and that you would constantly be with her and go before her and bless her. Thank you Lord for blessing us and I pray for those good people yearning for children that you would bless them greatly with the desires of their hearts my Lord. We thank you Lord, for all you’ve done, all you’ll continue to do and all you are doing at this moment. Please fight on our children’s behalf and protect them. Teach us how to raise them up to be Godly people with a strong moral code in this age of self gratification. In your name we pray. Thank you Lord, we love You. Amen.

  24. Father,
    I pray for Liam that he may do well in all his studies this year Lord and that he may always know Lord your are the Father and protector of all things and that he may also do well in sunday bible school studies. That he may feel your presence Lord and that you may use him as a vessel to spread the love of God to everyone he encounters Lord.. I also pray for his teacher Miss Palacios that you may give her the strenght and wisdom and patience and love to teach Liam and all his classmates Lord. I pray for peace and a stress free school year for Liam this year and I pray this over his classmates as well Lord. I also pray for my daughter Lauren Lord that she may register for college and know in heart where you need her Lord so that she may pursue that career Lord. I also pray that you may bless her with the Holy Spirit Lord and use her as a vessel to spread your Word Lord. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

  25. Dear Lord,

    I pray for my eldest as he goes off to school for the first
    time. I pray you would calm his emotions as he takes this
    new step in his life and I pray that You would cover him
    with your protection. I pray you will help him to let
    his little light shine for You and that you will bless him
    in all he does. Amen

  26. Judy Fleming says:

    I am from Belfast Northern Ireland? I have a great grandson aged 4 that was adopted last year. He has been with his family nearly 3 years. I travelled to Iowa last year to meet this amazing family who already had adopted 2 other children and have 3 bio kids. They are wonderful. I went back this year as well. Please pray for the family and pray for my little Great Grandson who is starting pre school to grow up and know about our Heavenly Father and that this little guy will be a blessing and a great American to his family. In Jesus name I ask this Thankyou

  27. Judy Fleming says:

    I am from Belfast Northern Ireland? I have a great grandson aged 4 that was adopted last year. He has been with his family nearly 3 years. I travelled to Iowa last year to meet this amazing family who already had adopted 2 other children and have 3 bio kids. They are wonderful. I went back this year as well. Please pray for the family and pray for my little Great Grandson who is starting pre school to grow up and know about our Heavenly Father and that this little guy will be a blessing and a great American to his family. In Jesus name I ask this Thankyou
    I have never been on this Christen Website before.

    • Judy, I join you in praying for your family and your great grandson!! Praying God will open his mind to learn the wonderful things God has for Him!! Praying God’s favor over him in the eyes of God, his teachers and his friends.



  28. Gina Sacasa says:

    I pray my son Andy passes his writing test and Math test he has next week. I pray God touches his heart and he calls on the name of Jesus! I pray goodness and mercy to follows him all the days of his life. I pray in the powerful name of Jesus Amen

  29. KAY LYNN PARRISH says:

    BECAUSE OF THE NATURE OF ACCIDENT I AM NO WEIGHT BEARING ON RIGHT LEG UNTIL PROBABLY NOV.5 I BROKE THE FEMORA UPPER. BECAUSE OF THAT I AM MOSTLY COPING AND POSTING Had wonderful day !!!!!!!!!! computer was down a few days!!!!! Good to be able to post that I am only on over the counter pain meds That is PRAISE GOD!!! HUBBY& I ARE LEARNING TO REVERSE ROLES. Just wanted to hello & good night!!!!!!!!!!SHOUT IT OUT WHAT A WONDERFUL CHURCH FAMILY HUBBY & I HAVE GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS KAY

    • Sweet Kay, so good to hear from you! I am so sorry to hear about your fall. I am praying God will bring perfect healing to your femur.



  30. Dear God, I am praying for William as he starts a new school year and at a new school. We are going to our church’s school this year and we are so grateful for this chance to give him a great learning opportunity! Please guide William as he learns about his faith, his God as well as the many subjects in school. I pray so hard for William to learn also about controlling his emotions and his anger and also his listening skills and waiting his turn to speak in class and in a conversation. Amen

    • Amen to this beautiful prayer for William. Praying for God to grow sweet William in wisdom and stature and favor with God and man.



  31. Today I pray for my daughter and son as they return to middle and high school. Put a hedge of protection around them, yet open for their light to shine through. Guide them to make wise friendships ans to live as an example of who You want them to be. Help them to remember their values and priorities and to do their best in their assignments and opportunities. All these things I pray according to your will, O Mighty Father.

  32. Heavenly Father,
    I thank you so much for blessing my life with Ayson. Thank you for choosing and equipping me to be his momma. Father, I just pray that You will wrap Your arms around him and protect him today. Father, I pray that he will listen and obey his teachers. I pray that he will be kind and show love to his classmates and anyone whom he comes in contact with at school. Father, I am praying for a better week for my sweet little boy. I pray that he will enjoy learning and being at school. I pray also for his teacher, Ms Logan. I pray that You will use her to show the sweet children in her class Your love. I pray that You will bless her with patience as she teaches the precious 4 year old children. I pray that You will be her strength each and every day. Father, thank You so much for blessing us with another day. Thank You for saving me of my sins. Thank you for answering our prayers.
    In Jesus’ name I pray,

  33. Lord, I ask that you will bless our baby girl Hannah as she starts preschool…letting her go is sooo hard for us..give us your grace and strength..bless her, protect her, let Your favor be with her, let her be surround by godly friends and counsellors. Lord let her lays know who she is in you, give her the security she needs, the confidence that comes with being known who she is in You…cover her with your blood and protect her in every know all that the years ahead will bring for her…bless her, Lord…

  34. Lord, I pray that you put an indestructible wall of protection around our children. Keep any evil away from the school campuses. Comfort them with your love and let them know that you are with them not, and always. Amen.

  35. Jesus, Thank you for yet another day. Please watch over all my grandchildren and all the paths they cross. Be it teachers, staff and especially their friends and peers so they are not victims of bullying in anyway, discouraging friends that may bring them down to keep them from enjoying and learning the teaching of your ways and of their learning the knowledge the schools provide to help them grow into the young people that live by example. For my grandson who is in middle school, Lord we know these years are extremely important in making the right decisions for themselves. He has grown up in the church, with you in his home. He is so generous to share his knowledge of you. In him you have allowed him to be kind in heart to others with a compassion to help other kids that are struggling. You have blessed him in body with good health and great love and accomplishments in athletics. Jesus, he is the total package of a ‘good kid’. Help him not to stray from his firm beliefs, for these are the most challenging of times in his young life. I pray this for all my grandchildren that are younger with the hope our world will follow in your honor to shield them from the evils that lerk the forks in the road that they too shall cross. It is in you I must place my trust and pray that you lead them and guide me also so that I can encourage their path while absorbing every second of joy they give me. In Jesus name I pray,

  36. I lift up Kristina Christofferson to You Lord. guide and protect her from all evil.Guide and lead her where she is to be.Truth reigns in her. Your Word. You have a plan for her life. Open her eyes. visions, dreams, I thank You for the angels You have assigned to her life. thank You for what you are going to do.

  37. I come before you, Lord, with a humble spirit. I thank you and praise you for the miracle of the children you have blessed me with. I pray with my whole heart that You would help me to be the mother that You need me to be for them.

    I pray for John as he finds his way in Second grade. Heal him of the difficulties he experienced in First grade, so that he can thrive and enjoy school again. Create in him a spirit of confidence, guide him to be focused and determined. Let his gentle, thoughtful, well-behaved nature shine through.

    I pray for Catherine as she begins Kindergarten. I pray that her enthusiasm and intelligence be cultivated. Let her joyful and affectionate nature represent you to those around her.

    Protect my babies from the evils of this world. Surround them with teachers and friends who will bring out Your best in their hearts and lives.

    Help me to teach my kids good habits that will bring them success. Teach me patience; share with me your wisdom and creativity with which i can engage them. Let our home be a haven of rest and peace and love for our family. In Jesus’ name. AMEN.

  38. Lord I pray for all those children that aren’t blessed with the loving parents that every child should have. I pray that through your love, my children will realise how much I love them and that my love is unconditional just like yours, Lord. Things have been hard for them and me but we will get through everything with your Love, Strength and Guidance. You know the needs of them both and I pray that you will guide them to do what is right. Amen x

  39. Gwen Duckworth says:

    Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you today on behalf of my son Garrett. He is in a new school this year and I pray you watch over him and protect him. Please place good Christian friends in his life. Please help him as he struggles being the new kid. He has told me of some difficulties with other students in his class. Please keep him strong for your kingdom in those moments. May his reactions and attitude honor and glorify you. Please use those moments for your good, to help build him into the man you have created him to become. May he always know you love him and may he become closer to you daily. Please help me be the mom he needs to guide him in your ways and your word. In Jesus precious name, Amen.

  40. Lord, I humble ask you to cover my son and daughter with your protection, and your blood. let them run into you Jesus! Help me trust you with my children’s lives. Protrctect them from any harm and give then Favor with God and man. Let them see the how God good is. I pray mercy, favor and love! In Jesus name, amen!

  41. Join the global army of women praying weekly for children and schools at

    • Thanks for inviting women to join you to pray! This is a wonderful group and one I am so thankful for.



  42. Asking for prayer for my son to return to the Lord with all his heart

    • Agreeing in prayer with you for the Lord to tender your son’s heart and bring harvesters across His path to lead Him back through the power of His Holy Spirit!!



  43. I pray for a revival among the teens in our church, that they would be consumed with love for Jesus and HIs Word, that they would put all the adults to shame!

    • I join you in this prayer. Revival in the life of this next generation could change the world!!



  44. Laura Cochran says:

    Lord, we ask you to flood every school with your holy spirit and that you establish your foothold in every school once again. That no power of any man can remove you from where are children are. Lord we know you are the way, the truth and the life and we call forth your presence in the heart of every teacher, administrator, aide, janitor, worker in every school today in this very moment. That the breath of life be allowed to flow in the halls and classrooms of every school in the world. Today we say Yes to the Lord and we call in your presence in our lives. We say that you are good and that your love endures forever. We speak truth into the lives of those young precious lives you’ve graced us with. We speak forth your kingdom come to earth!! Flood us with your overwhelming love for each other!

  45. Tiffanie H. says:

    Dear Father,

    I thank you so much for placing special teachers in my life. It weren’t for Kellie, Jennifer, Sarah, and so many more I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. I pray that you continue your blessings on their lives. Give them power, wisdom, boldness, and dicernment as they are making differences in children’s lives everyday. Abba Father I thank you for the love you have shown me through them. I pray that love is never ending for many more children.

    In Christ’ name,

  46. God we pray peace and comfort for the teachers at danvers high and let your light sign in the darkness. Amen

  47. Pray for my son Andrew he has been struggling in school he is 5 and in Kinder. Tomorrow I have a conference with all his teachers,counselor and vise principle.I know that they just want to know what can do for my son, but I am very nervous about what the outcome may be.

  48. Jennie Wagaman says:

    Thank you what a wonderful prayer. Lifting my children and there school up to you Jesus.

  49. Praying for a son who is making the wrong dating choices. Praying he will meet the girl that God has made just for him.

  50. Thank You Father for my children, Amy, Edward, Christopher, and Sarah….and my grandchildren, Cody, Chloe, Dylan, Savanna, Jocelyn, and Juliet. Thank You Father for YOUR Son Jesus and His Holy Spirit who comforts us and our families. Love You Lord!!!

  51. Father, I pray for Emma and Maddy as we move across the county next month. I pray You will go before them and prepare god fearing teachers, administration, neighbors, friends and mentors to impact their lives and guide them closer to You. I pray for a church family to wrap around us during this transition and become our family in place where we have none. I thank You for Your blessings and know that You have good things in store for us. Help my children to be bold for You and also draw others to You. Help me to always know they are Yours. Help me love them as You do. In Your name I pray, Amen.

  52. Wonderful Prayer!

    God continue to bestow your favor upon my son Gavin.

    We love you Lord and thank you in advance for the things you have done and are doing in Gavin’s life.

  53. I thank you for such a wonderful prayer for my children I stand in agreement with that prayer for not only my children but all the others as well I pray for Godly friends to come in to their life to strengthen them encourage them and draw them closer to you.
    I pray that they feel God’s presence and love drawing them closer to you and i pray the blood of Jesus over every child in this world including my children, in Jesus name

  54. I pray for my precious grandchildren. For Trent in college, Emily and Owen as they finish in Middle School and prepare for High School and Zane in Elementary.

  55. Lord Jesus I come to you in prayer today for my grandsons Nicholas and Logan, that you would place the right people in their life to help them to know you and right from wrong. Their mother died this Feb. suddenly and now they live with their father and his friend in a alternative lifestyle. Please keep them safe and although they cannot be with us a lot please direct their paths and protect them as they grow that they would come to know you Jesus. I also ask prayer for my 3 grand children daughters and great-grand daughter. Please protect them and help them to walk in your light and have people placed in their life to strengthen their walk with you. Thank you for the blessings that my daughter was able to provide to her children prior to her death. Thank you Lord in Jesus name amen.

  56. Driving into work today, I had the word “Cloud” laid on my heart. I felt a cloud over the middle and high school in my hometown. It’s organized method to “educate” our kids. There are many many phrases you can use cloud in. Our society as a majority voted this while they are in a cloud not knowing the bible. They are so distracted as our culture is so distracted, heck I even catch myself getting distracted for no reason. Liberal and Conservative have taken on two meanings (Democrat and Republication). I’m finishing up Revelation 21-22, description of the new heaven and new earth (new order really). I cling my hope on that to have Jesus clear up the clouds. I surely can’t speak for our Lord and Savior although I’d think he would / is disappointed in our society today, especially Christians. It disappoints me and ways on my heart the discourse and divid between churches claiming to be Christ centered. No wonder the Freedom from Religion seems to continue to take God out of things, much like our culture today, if things aren’t united, stay distracted, the enemy will make progress only until our Lord and Savior says Enough. Lord be with our kids, their teachers and parents!

  57. Lord I join in intercession for my children, Emilia and Garret and others who are lost without their faith in you Lord. I pray against the lies of the enemy and I speak your love and truth into their lives! Please direct their paths and bring Christians into their lives in school and at work. Let my son know that the things of this world are not enough to fill his soul with true joy that comes from you. Help him to know that it is in our weakness and hurt that you are strong. That he does not need to go through life self dependent, but he will be a stronger young man of Christ calling out to you Lord and following your path. Heal the pain and experiences that my daughter has gone through to be a thing of the past. Heal her broken heart and quench the thirst in her soul with your ways Lord. Surround her with people of faith. Break the ties of unhealthy, negative,corrupt, demonic, and impure lifestyle, both in herself and in those friendships and co-workers who have been let in to her life. Give her a new start Lord. Break down the ties of deep depression, manipulation, loss of a caring spirit, perversion and sexual immorality. All of these hindrances that started in middle and high school. through bullying and only being accepted by emotionally abusive friends. Renew her spirit and faith. Give her strength to start anew. Restore her belief and faith in you Lord. Cover her mind and body to live a life of purity. Heal her from abuse. Break the ties of Satan’s lies – her belief in good witchcraft. Show her the TRUTH, ingrain it in every crevice of her life and mind, pierce her heart with your pure love and no other love will be enough. Heal her hurts and help her to trust in those who are true and trustworthy. Break ties with the unrighteous. Heal her mental illness, Take away the lies of Satan that try to speak death, suicide and self mutilation into her life. Lord grow me into the woman and mother of Christ who will model and testify with my life to my children. Bring other Christians into their lives. Do not let them flee from you truth, love and mercy. For you are the life and the light of this world. Only through you and in relationship with you do we have the promise of everlasting life with you Lord. Amen.

    • What a beautiful prayer for your children and all children with similar issues. I join you in all that you have prayed for and ask God to do a mighty healing work!!



  58. Dear LORD, I lift up the Buffalo area schools to you, each and every precious child of all ages and stages that Your Good, Pleasing and Perfect Will be done in the Mighty, Merciful, Gracious, Holy and Precious Name of Christ Jesus, the One and Only.

  59. Lord, today I praise you for blessing me with three healthy children. You know our struggles and strengths with 2 teenagers and 1 pre-teen and I thank you for allowing us to make it this far. 🙂 But I also come before you and ask for your guidance and wisdom in raising them and for You to be a Guiding light in their lives. Dear Lord, today’s world is not your view and there are so many disruptions moving us away from YOU. Please help us bring our children back to YOU. Please, Lord, protect them…. Physically, emotionally and spiritually. I know they will make mistakes so please give me the patience and perseverance to press on towards the Goal and correct those mistakes gently. I pray for their safety in school and ask that you give them wisdom with situations in and out of their control. Lastly, Lord, I sing your praises for your grace and gifts but most importantly, your Son that you sent to die for my sins and the sins of my children. In Jesus’ name! Amen!!

  60. I pray this for both my kids. In Jesus name amen!

  61. beth hottle says:

    I agree

  62. AMEN! YES, JESUS , NAME above all names!! Hear this prayer and may the Holy Spirit rise up in my 3 daughters – Ashlee, Kayla and Skyelar, lifting these young women up to You, asking for mercy and Your favor, making all things new … the power of each and every Spirit breathed word in this prayer is my deep desire for their lives!

  63. Thank you! I claim this over my children Manny, Christina & Madisyn. I pray a pleading prayer for my son Manny, I pray God places people in his life to draw him back to Jesus. I pray that he starts to realize that this world has nothing for him and he begins craving and seeking God. I pray protection over all my children & Gods favor and mercy.

  64. Father I ask for you to work in and through my son Dylan. Give him a will to please you and abandon deceit and dishonesty. May you free his mind to see the good in all and know he is so loved. In Jesus Christ I pray. Amen.

  65. Lord, watch over my grown children who are still conforming to this world. Oh Holy Spirit save them from this world and turn their hearts to our Lord. I also pray for my three grandchildren that they are protected and they will not only know who God is but have a true relationship with him and they grow. Thank You Lord for all my Blessings!

  66. Father thank you for this prayer you laid upon this sister in Christ God grant this petition for our children and grandchildren. Bring revival to each of us individually and corporately in our churches. May it spread to our communities, our state, our nation and across the world in the precious name of Jesus. Amen and amen

  67. Wendy, such a beautiful prayer. I stand in agreement and pray this prayer for my eight grandchildren and all of our schools. Thank you, Father, for blessing us with the gift of children. Thank you for Wendy who so eloquently helps us talk to you from our heart about that honor. We love you Lord.

  68. Oh, Father I thank you for this spirit filled prayer that you have given Wendy that is now touching my spirit. I thank you, oh holy and merciful Father that you ever live to make intercession for us when we pray to you. Oh, LORD, I plead your precious blood over the soul of my daughter, a teacher and a graduate student. LORD, you alone, know the deepest needs and you, alone, are able to meet them. As a Christian woman, help her to fulfill the plan and purpose you have for her life and the home she shares with her husband. I pray also for the lives of my nieces and nephews. Dear Heavenly Father, please guide and direct their paths. I pray for the schools, all of the children, my fellow teachers and the administrators which lead them. Your guidance and direction is what they need today and everyday. I pray for the ministries of my church, which help lead and guide the children and adults into the right pathways. The church is yours, help us to be mindful of always fulfilling your plans and purposes. I pray also for my nation’s leaders. Oh, LORD, we have strayed from your word. Forgive us, LORD, and return our hearts and lives to the truths which helped make this a great and Godly nation. You are a great and merciful Father and I praise you for your goodness. You are worthy! Thank you LORD, for hearing our prayers and loving us so! In the precious name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

  69. Amen!! Covering DJ & KC Felix

  70. Thank you, Wendy, for this passionate prayer that so beautifully covers EVERY aspect of who we want our children to become in Christ. Thank you, God, that you enabled me to discover & share this prayer today.
    Today, as I do each day, I lift up my adult children and my teenage children, Heather, James, Noah, and Jacob, waiting for The Lord to draw them back to Himself. I pray that the Lord’s magnificent Love would be recognized and acknowledged by them today, that His Love would become REAL to them today. I know that when His Love becomes personal, they will not be able to help but love Him back, and desire to serve His glory. Pray, also, that I will trust God with them, and wait patiently to see the manifestation of His Presence in their lives.
    Thank you and may God bless you and yours.

  71. Prayers for my little Jacob. Give him motivation and confidence to believe in himself. Amen

  72. Please pray for my grandson Jeremiah who was bullied this past week and hit in the jaw by a student in his school. He wants no more encounters with this young man. Pray he has learned that our words cannot stop a blow to the jaw but, God our Papa wants us to focus on Him and share our fears with Him and He who is merciful and just will attend to our needs.

    God forgive my unfaithfulness as I turn my mind to his fears rather than trusting in the blessed name of Jesus…Papa.

    Thank you my christian friends…. Thank you Papa


    • Praying now for Jeremiah..for protection from these children, for God to work in him to be strong and courageous as God did through Joshua, and for freedom from fear. I also pray that somehow God would do a miraculous move in this boy’s heart to leave Jeremiah alone!



      • Thank you Wendy… it was difficult for him to return to school with a swollen jaw and not able to chew normal food… but, Papa..Abba… has dispensed a legion of angels to protect his body, mind and soul… amen…thus let it be so. Thanks be to God!

        Praise report forthcoming!


  73. Please help me to pray for our kayden 6 years old. He is having a very hard time with testing. He can do the work while at home, but when it’s time for the test he states he forget every thing he and his my mom stuided. Father God guide and protect him while testing. I declare and decree while kayden is in school that he receive the knowledge and understanding of the material that’s in front of him. I ask this in jesus name.

  74. Amen! Lord I am grateful for coming across this powerful prayer even now a couple of years of it having been posted, it still rings with truth and anointing and I pray it over my son Evan and every child in this world, I pray it over my siblings who also work in the school system. We need you more and more everyday Lord, this world needs you!

  75. Father Lord i want to thank you for the gift of the children Jesse and Theo.
    Have i pray you instill in them that your Lord.
    and i pray that your favour shines upon them.
    I pray for knowledge, wisdow and understanding so that they are successful in the walks of life and your may the Lords name be glorified for his good works on them.

  76. I pray for my grandson to do good may he obey the teachers, god give him the knowledge, patience and strength while he is in school testing.He is having a very hard time please help him to go on. may he walk in faith, love and understanding.

  77. Lord please protect each one of my children on their way to the bus stop, on the bus and in school. Protect them every where they go. Keep them under your wings. Lord guide them always. Give them wisdom. Lord cancel everything that Satan has against them.

  78. Angela says: says:

    Good morning All,
    I am new to the prayer group for our kids. I stand in agreement with Wendy’s prayer, Amen. I am a grandmother in need of prayer for my grandchildren. One in particular is Nina (6 yrs old) in first grade, being bullied since her first day at school. Please pray on her behalf and all children who are being bullied. I know it’s the spirit of evil that’s attached to our loving kids to treat others differently. Their harsh behavior has caused Nina to sometime be withdrawn. She is such a lovely, caring sweet little girl and I know God blessed her with this kindhearted spirit. Please Jesus, don’t let the harmful words and acts from other children darken her spirit. God protect all children from Satan’s lie that it’s alright to harm another. Remove the spirit of hurtful words and control, to hitting out of their young minds. Guard their hearts Jesus fill them up with the fruit of the Holy Spirit. By the power of Holy Spirit, protect and our cover our children in the Name of Jesus and the Power of His Blood. As a grandparent, instill in me love, vitality, worth and attractiveness, my grandchildren will inquire into the truth that produces it. I pray we will WIN the world to JESUS by persuading our children how holy we are by how loving we are. Thank You, Lord asking Your blessing on our prayers, in the name of Jesus and Power of His Blood. Amen.

  79. sharon amato says:

    Lord, I pray for my Grandson as he started 9th grade at a new school . I thank you for removing any fear he has of starting a new school and meeting new friends, as in the past he has been bullied so badly. I pray your blessing upon him that his speech will be renewed perfect and that he may have a year of excellence both academically and socially. Thank you for blessing him with the gift of kindness for others. Please surround him with godly friends (he has not one friend and is 14 yrs old. Fill my Grandson’s heart with joy and let your light shine through him. He has been doubting God and wondering why his prayers haven’t been answered. Lord, I ask you to show him how real you are, even in the storm. I pray that the teachers and Admin. has eyes to see, heart to give compassion to him and all those who are bullied. (Actually.. I pray that there is NO bulling) May they give them (him) encouragement . Lord… I pray you bring him back to you … closer than he’s ever been…. In Jesus name I pray. Amen..

  80. Thank you for sharing!!



  81. Thank you Wendy! Father, I stand in agreement with Wendy and I claim this prayer for my grandchildren: Kelsey, Emma, Will, Tay, Max and Lacey Thank you Father, In Jesus name

  82. Kathy Palms says:

    Father I pray that your Divine seed that you have place within each child that
    You will quicken it to grow that we may all see each other through Your most blessed eyes of mercy first our ownselves and then all others that we may grow in Holy union, to use our hearts that we may embrace differences as you Father embrace each of us, that we may place love to every thought, word and action.
    Until You our precious Lamb of God is formed in each of us
    Thank be to God for His mercy
    Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…


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