September 16, 2013

Do You Struggle with Fear? (Free Download on Fear Available)

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Imprisoned by Fear…

Do you struggle with fear?

Do you know God speaks to fear in the Bible?

To overcome fear, You must know and pray God’s Word.

For years…not just a few years…but for over a decade, I lived imprisoned in fear. During those years, I prayed for God to take away my fear. But it wasn’t until I learned to pray God’s Word and pray it in faith back to Him, that God finally helped me overcome my fear.

You see, sweet friend, God tells us in Romans 8:37:

“No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.” (NIV)

A “conqueror” is one who overcomes. To overcome, we must be in the battle, and we must be a participant in the battle. We must be fighting for our freedom.

James 5:16 tells us “the prayer of a righteous [woman] is powerful and effective.”

God taught me through this journey that simply praying a one line prayer a few times a day is not effective prayer. When God opened my eyes to His Word and taught me it is LIVING and ACTIVE  (Hebrews 4:12) and  that WHEN HIS WORD GOES OUT IT WILL NOT RETURN VOID BUT WILL ACCOMPLISH WHAT HE DESIRES AND ACHIEVE THE PURPOSE FOR WHICH HE SENT IT, (Isaiah 55:11) it opened my eyes to pray differently.

I found verses on fear. I personalized each one. I memorized it. I prayed it back to God all throughout the day every day. Over time, God transformed my heart and mind until one night, He freed me from my fear! It’s an amazing story found in Chapter Seven of my book Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner: The Transforming Power of God’s Story. 

Click here for a free download of Chapter 7. The personalized verses I prayed are below:

Isaiah 41:10

“God, I will not fear, for You are with me. I will not be dismayed, for You are my God. You will strengthen me and help me; You will uphold me with Your righteous right hand.”

Psalm 34:4

“Thank You, Lord, that when I see You, You will answer me and deliver me from all my fears.”

Psalm 23:4

“Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…through extreme fear and anxiety…I will fear no evil, God, because You are with me. Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.”

Psalm 91:4-6

“Thank You God that You shield me with Your wings! They shelter me. Your faithful promises are my armor. I don’t need to be afraid of the dark any more nor fear the dangers of the day; nor dread the plagues of darkness, nor the disasters in the morning.”

2 Timothy 1:7

“For You, God, do not give a spirit of fear; but of power, of love, and of a sound mind.”

I prayed these verses back to God because the power in prayer lies in praying God’s Word back to Him. It’s His Word and He must honor it. (Isaiah 55:11)

God does not put a spirit of fear in us, nor does He desire for us to have it. He is fully able to take it away. And I was ready to for Him to do it through my prayers!

Freed From Fear…

Below is an excerpt from Chapter 7…one of the greatest moments in my journey to healing and wholeness after being raped just days after my college graduation by an armed masked man hiding in my apartment.

It was a typical Tuesday evening. Monty had left for a business trip as he had done many times before, and I began my usual routine. I put my children to bed. I searched in closets, under beds, and in empty rooms. I turned on all the lights inside and out, turned on the alarm, and then the televisions in every room. I called my girlfriend, Meg, and asked her to pray. Finally, I forced myself to go to bed. As I lay there, I felt compelled to turn off the television. I fought the urge at first, because I knew it meant I would hear every house noise. In the end, I succumbed. With the television off, I lay there in silence, waiting…waiting…waiting for the fear to come as it had done for fifteen years. I continued waiting for that sense of dread and fear that always came with the night.

It never did. Instead, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and security! A feeling so foreign that I could not even remember the last time I felt it….In that moment, I had a vision, a clear picture in my mind, of a wall of angels surrounding my house. After more than a decade of living locked inside a prison of fear, in one single moment, it was gone!

Remember, I had called my friend Meg earlier that night. Although it was now late, I felt compeled to call her and share my miracle. When I finished recounting my story, there was complete silence on the other end of the line. No words whatsoever. I was stunned. Why was she not joining in my praise? Finally, she spoke, and her words brought me to my knees…literally. Meg said that after I had called earlier in the evening, she and her husband had immediately prayed for me. He specifically prayed for a wall of angels to surround my home.

I was astonished. His prayer was my vision. God’s work was clearly evident. He wanted me to know that He was the reason for my new found freedom. He did not want rationalizations and logical presumptions to prevail. He wanted all the glory. That very night the battle for my heart was won in heaven. God’s power and love defeated the spirit of fear that had imprisoned me for so many years!

[Taken from Hidden Joy in A Dark Corner, pp. 105-106]

Friend, do you want this freedom for yourself…or someone you love? It’s available to you! It’s available to you in the pages of God’s Word.

Please leave a comment today and share your story with us. Maybe you have a story where God freed you from fear. Maybe you have a favorite verse on fear. Maybe you need prayer for your fear. Share with us today. I will choose one name to win a signed copy of Hidden Joy. And if you purchase a copy of Hidden Joy from Proverbs 31 this week, we will send you a personalized signed copy! To order your copy, click here.



  1. Would love to read your book!

    • Janet Smith says:

      As a teenager I had a terrible fear. At times I thought I would die. It was worse during the night. I was afraid to be alone. Then I asked someone, a minister to pray for me. God delivered me from the fear. I am so thankful that God touched me and I no longer had the fear. Fear is terrible, a paralizing type of feeling. Thankful to be free of it.

      • Janet, I love stories like yours testifying to God’s power to free women from fear! Thank you for sharing.



        • Wendy
          . I feel god has led me to you. Fear is something I struggle with everyday, it seems to control every aspect of my very existence. I began to pray about this lately realizing that my fear was hindering my prayers for the restoration of our marriage. Your book would be an absolute blessing to me at this point in my life! You are a gift to us all.

          • Penny, it makes me sad to hear you struggle so much with fear because I know what that is like. I hope you were able to download or maybe just read Chapter 7 from Hidden Joy. It has practical tips and verses that will help you be successful in your journey to freedom from fear!!!

            Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement. I love what I do!!



    • It is 3:14 am where I am. I am dealing with the same issue. My husband and son gone on trip my daughter is at a friends. I almost went to get her after mid night. I am scared and can not shut my eyes. After reading your story maybe I can. I hear every thing seems like u hear everything. Thanks again for sharing and I am going to get your book.

    • Lindsay Clope says:

      I struggle with anxiety and am learning fear and anxiety yet different are very similar. I tend to second guess and over analyze everything including Gods Word! This verse came across my path this morning and totally quieted that tendency of mine “Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep his promise. (Hebrews 10:23 NLT)” no need to second guess His peace and His promises! He doesn’t change! Would love to read your book!

  2. This came at the perfect time. I have struggled all my life as a survivor of child abuse. I suffered under the hand of the abuser for 16 years. I believed I was healed. I have lost my job, everything I worked for is gone and I am now living with my children. It feels like the worse case scenario. I have lived with fear my whole life, it was what was normal for me. It may seem strange but God has put me in the home of my son and daughter in law and two grandchildren where I never have to be afraid. I know the Lord loves me more than I can even imagine, I know He never wanted the bad things to happen to me, He was all I had as a child. As an adult I guess I thought I was above asking God to help me in the same way I did as a child. I know God is working for me because in the past few weeks I have had good memories of the parents who abused me. I am understanding honor thy father and mother. I got some really good stuff from them, in spite of the bad and have applied that to my life. I can’t thank you and Proverbs 31 enough for all the support you have offered. Knowing I have you to wake up to everyday, bringing me a message from my Lord and Savior is giving me strength and encouragement.

    • Trish, what a blessing to read your kind words about Proverbs 31 and how God uses our ministry to speak into your life and encourage you. And how wonderful to see how God is changing your heart…even bringing you to a place to see the good your parents poured into your life, despite the horrific circumstances. That is only something God can do with a seeking and willing heart!

      Praying God continues to work in your life to free you fully and completely from all fear so that no matter where you are, you will feel safe and secure.



  3. Meg Derosier says:

    Oh Wendy I would love to read your book! Just last week you prayed for me and I thank you for that! My favorite verse is Isaiah 41:10 but often i dont live it out. I am a survivor of physical and sexual abuse and am fearful of men until i get to know them. I am also fearful of so many other things! Fear of rejection, fear of failure. Thank you for taking the time to write this blog!


    • Meg, praying now God will help you take the tools shared in Chapter 7 and use them to break this stronghold of fear in your life and move you to a place of complete freedom from fear! He is a good and faithful God, so I know He will!!



  4. I fear the every day life. I fear never finding my purpose after having an active career in ministry. The silence I live in is deafening. As I try to sit at Jesus’ feet I squirm. I can’t sit still. I need to do. I fear I will not learn to sit in the quiet and not be lonely but feel jesus’ presence.
    My past is hard to recall. Pictures are hard to look at from the past. Why is that? Yet this morning I was drawn to your website and began your bible study on “Quiet my anxious heart”. The verses you directed me to were just what I needed to read.
    Let your ministry Wendy continue to help all of us who fear yet day by day try to get in His word and overcome that fear, day by day, hour by hour and minute by minute. Thank you God for Wendy’s ministry.

    • Nancy, so thankful God drew you here at the very time you need it. Thank you for your kind words and your sweet prayer. As you work through the “Quiet My Anxious Heart” study, I pray the Lord will teach you how to rest, truly rest, and sit at His feet. I pray you will quiet your heart and enjoy time with Him and through that time, I pray He will show you what He has next for you in your journey. We never ever outgrow doing Kingdom work. I know He has plans to continue to use you in amazing ways. Keep seeking and praying. He will direct your steps!!



      • Hi Wendy, I just finished your bible study “Quiet my anxious heart”. I can’t tell you in words how rewarding and humbling and heartwarming it was for me I felt in community with other Christian ladies and it felt right. I know the Lord is working on me and each day I do feel drawn to his Word. Life is precious and God has put the Proverbs 31 ministry on my heart. I am grateful. I am particularly grateful to you as you opened up your home to us and shared the bible story of Mary and Martha and Lazurus with us. We all have stories of life and let us continue to share them with one another as God has asked us to do. You touched my heart Wendy. May blessings continue to flow in your life as God surrounds you and the ministry of Proverbs 31.

        • Nancy, thank you for your kind words and your sweet prayer for me. I love meeting women who go through the studies, so thank you for taking the time to stop by and share. I pray God continues to grow you and take you to deeper places in His Word as you meet with Him.


  5. Hi Wendy,
    Goodness this is appropriate. I’m doing a bible study on seeing God in the difficult places (overcoming your fears), and duirng the night fear crept in. So, reading your devotional today on Proverbs31’s email, was just what I needed. I need strength and God’s help to get back on my feet. I try and in some instances (when I get rejected for a job here in virginia because employers see my high west coast prior salary, even though I have great references and work records). it’s hard to see the light at the end of tunnel when I keep getting rejected or offered opportunities far from home and can’t make ends meet right now…it’s hard. I don’t have money set aside anymore as that got used up when I had to support myself and my fiance as he lied to me about having good paying work and I found this out when I moved to be near him…he’d lied about his faith and still owes me money…just alot. So your devotional is extremely helpful to me today to help me get strength and reach to God in a clear prayer rather than all of my jumbled fears/thoughts.


    • Julie, thank you for sharing your story. I pray the Lord will provide for your every need during this difficult time. I pray He will direct your steps to the job He has for you…may He open a door that only He can open and close all doors that are not what He has for you. I pray you will trust Him in the midst. Stay in God’s Word and hide His truths and promises in your heart and mind so that you can combat and replace the confusion and doubts in your mind that come from the evil one who seeks to discourage you.



  6. I am afraid so often. Even when I think I’m not! But I don’t want to be fearful. I want to be trusting. It’s a blessing reading how God has transformed your life!

    God bless you!

    • Marilyn, He will do the very same thing for you…and wants to!! Apply the practical steps and prayers in Chapter 7. He will be faithful. I have seen Him do it many many times in many women’s lives.



  7. Oh Wendy… your story… and what God has done in and through you in this journey… has broken so many bonds of fear. Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner has also been living proof of 2 Cor. 1:3-4 because God has showered me with His compassion and comfort through you- even though my trials have been so different. Thank you friend for walking in truth and holding our hands as we walk alongside.
    With love,

    • Noelle, thank you, as always, for your sweet words. We both have amazing testimonies God has given us. And we both have been TRANSFORMED BY TRUTH!!!!

      Love you, friend,


  8. I just posted but I think it went to the wrong page. Anyways I was thanking you for sharing your testimony on fear. After battling panic attacks for a year, which came out of no where, God has been stirring in me to start truly relying on His Word and how it is trust worthy. I need to stop believing the lies that attack my brain all day long and trust Him. Am I scared? Yes, but I am claiming that I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME! Thank you again.

  9. Wendy, Many thanks for your words today. I too was raped. As a teen I chose to repress the memories for 28 years. Though I was freed for the past 25 years. Seeing now that the fears that have been ever present may be lurking instead thoughts of abandonment from the rape. Your words are a timely comfort now living in Colorado with all the flooding. God has protected me from flooding and damage. Praise His name! God is so faithful. Looking forward to reading your chapter and praying God’s Words back to Him. Thanks and Blessings… Emily

    • Emily, how thankful I am to know that God has caused you to reexamine your heart and bring to Him any thoughts and memories that may be lurking deep in your heart. I pray for the fullness of His healing! And praising God for how He has protected you and your family from the floods. Our family has been praying for the flood victims. It breaks my heart to see all that so many have lost.



  10. I took a trip to Chicago this summer with my teenage niece. I am single with no children and this was my first time to travel with a child that I was responsible for. I should also mention I have issues with anxiety when doing something out of my routine that cause me to need to know where the bathroom is. (I’ll spare you any more details!) The first night we drove from our hotel in Indiana into Chicago to see where we were going the next day for our event. I had a Google map, a teenager who could muddle through reading the map and not very clear directions, and a whole lot of prayer! The whole time I just kept praying for God to get us there and back. We were lost a few times, but always found our way. It rained…a lot. But the ultimate blessing was seeing two huge rainbows leading our way back into Indiana. God’s promise never fails.
    The next morning was rough. We would be taking a train into Chicago and I thought I would be without a bathroom for over two hours and I had to be the responsible adult. I remembered one, or more, of my Proverbs 31 ladies writing about praying God’s promises and scripture. For over the next hour, I just kept repeating in my head “God is my healer. God is my protector. I am safe in God’s hands.” and so on. We arrived at our event with no problems and had a wonderful, but very exhausting, day. God provides!

    • Susan, I just LOVE your story. Speaking God’s Word into our situation is ALWAYS the right answer. It is taking the negative thoughts captive…the lies captive…the distractions captive…the anxious thoughts captive and replacing them with truth. You have given us such a great, practical example. Thank you, thank you for taking the time to share today!!



  11. Wow. With the youngest of ours now in college and having been gone only a couple of weeks, I find myself completely alone in the house. When my oldest first left, the youngest was 16 and I knew that there were would be at least two of us in the house (but of course there really was Three). But with missing my children who are not children anymore very, very much it was a little more challenging last night. And I try very hard not to entertain the “what ifs” that have never even been reported in our neighborhood as well as remind myself, that really I am not alone, God is always with me. I find having the Bible very nearby on the pillow next to me providing a tangible/human reminder of God’s protection all the time. This devotion is so very timely (I love the image of the angels surrounding the house) and gives me more of God’s armor to lean on. Thank-you very much.

    • Nancy, you are so welcome. I know as a mother, I think the same thoughts. My daughter is now a junior in college and my son 16. My mind always travels to what it will be like in 3 more years when he is gone. You are so wise to remember the truths of God’s Word and speak them over your heart and mind…keeping your Bible with you is a great answer. I did that when I first started saying alone after my rape. It gave me such comfort!!



  12. I have been struggling with anxiety for over a year now. I am an adult and I am afraid of the dark, literally. I am afraid to go places, do things and to enjoy my life for fear of the unknown. I have not been able to take my daughter to the movie theatre since the Colorado shooting. I am dreading approaching Kindergarten for her since the Sandy Hook shooting. I am so afraid something will happen to her and I won’t be there to protect her. Somedays it is a real struggle for me to function normally. I am tired of being afraid and anxious – my mother reminds me of Isaiah 41:10 every time these struggles take hold of me.

    • Oh, Beth, my heart breaks as I read your words. I lived in fear for so long. I encourage you STRONGLY to read Chapter 7 in my book (the free download) and apply the practical tools and Scriptures I have suggested. You can also find verses on worry and anxiety and do the same thing. I promise as you begin to learn, memorize and pray these verses in full faith belief that God will move in and through them, God will free you from all of this!! He longs for you to live TRUSTING FULLY IN HIM. And remember, YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS YOU!!!!



  13. Bonnie Mae Evans says:

    Thank you, for sharing this today. It is so timely. There is such an epidemic of fear right now. It takes so many forms-all deceptive and overwhelming without God’s help. Praise God! He is greater than all our fears!

  14. Your story is amazing and powerful testimate to God’s power! Thank for for sharing your journey with us!

  15. Thank you for your willingness to share how God has worked and is continuing to work. We all need reminders from time to time that he is in control, even when they come in the form of delays that we don’t understand.

    • Maria, I do need reminders that He is in control! It is so easy sometimes to wonder where He is in a certain set of circumstances and that is why knowing His Word helps so much to keep us grounded and free from fear and anxiety.



  16. Loved reading this again! One of my big life long fears has been fear of what others think, which basically turned me into a people pleaser/approval addict. Through the years God has worked on this and helped me make big strides, but in August opened my eyes to the struggle that still remains.

    Honestly at first, I was disgusted and disappointed thinking I’d moved passed this, but once I finally took the step to engage in the battle, God’s been faithful to help. By acknowledging this fear, I opened the door for Him to teach me more about who I am as His dependent daughter. Wendy, much of this learning has been the result of applying the teaching you describe here and shared at ReNEWed.

    Friends, the steps Wendy shares work…they require effort on our part, engaging in the battle is not fun at times, and growth often involves pain, but when you start to experience the results – the freedom, peace and growing relationship with God, it’s worth it!

    Thank you Wendy for sharing your story, encouraging us as we live ours and always pointing us to the Truth!

    • Jill, I loved seeing how you applied the steps in your blog post today!! Thank you for stopping by and sharing with these women.



  17. I needed this! While I have made great strides, I still struggle with many things such as feeling worthless, rejected and being single my feelings of loneliness and not belonging are sometimes overwhelming. I survived sexual abuse a child became a tough girl to protect myself and then in college was date raped. I blame myself for everything and have a hard time hearing God’s truths over all the condemning enemies lies. But, I am working to be better at hearing His truths! Loved chapter seven and would like to read the rest of your book.

    • Carol, it made me feel better to read your last words that you are working better at hearing His truths. Because what happened to you is not your fault, and you should never ever blame yourself for the evil actions of others who took advantage of you! The evil one alone wants you to believe those lies! I pray God continues to transform your heart and mind to see how valuable and precious you are in God’s sight and how He can use your past and His healing to bring great hope and healing into His Kingdom!!!



  18. Oh how perfect is God’s timing. I’ve been struggling with fear for the past 6 months. Its an old fear that has resurfaced and I’ve been praying and confronting the issue this past week more than usual because its been getting worse. God has shown how faithful he is by letting me know He’s listening, He’s with me and He will walk me through this valley.

    • Rubi, I am so thankful to see how perfect the Lord’s timing is!. He is listening and longs to heal you of this fear. I love when God answers the prayers I have prayed in such a real and obvious way. Thank your for taking the time to stop by and share today!!



  19. Fear and terror seemed to plague me from childhood. I would awake in the night and be panicked…storms would terrorize me,fearing that I would die…

    The LORD is working in my life to deliver me.

    One of my favorite verses regarding victory over fear is…”I sought the LORD and He answered me and delivered me from all my fears.” Psalm 34:4

  20. Thank you for sharing this today; and I also read your Chapter 7 download. I have grown to fear alot of things in recent years. I fear the economy failing, my husband leaving me, my kids getting hurt, just about anything you can imagine. I feel very useless to God right now.

    • Elizabeth Austen says:

      I struggle with fear, too. Here are some things that help me. Reading the Bible where Jesus talks about not worrying. He says to consider the birds and the lilies. He talks about the sparrows and how not one falls without God’s knowledge and how we are worth more than sparrows. I like the song His Eye in On the Sparrow. The hairs of our head are numbered (that’s how much God knows us and cares–something to think about when I think too many are coming out-Ha). Jesus is the vine and we are the branches. We must abide in Him to really live. I have a wind chime outside my laundry room. Whenever the wind blows it the melodious tone reminds me that the Spirit is like the wind, and I think of God being right there with me. This is a good time to praise and thank God for His presence and love in my life. This frees me from fear and makes me peaceful and wanting to pass love and peace to my loved ones. I’m not perfect. But the great thing is that God’s power shows up best in our weakness–then God gets the credit and not me. That’s why Paul said he would boast in His weakness so God gets the glory.
      I will pray for you to be able to handle stress and to think about God’s presence when you see a sparrow, flowers, birds and other beautiful things God created just for us. Also I like Philippians 4:6. Have a blessed day.

    • Kathy, I could not say it better than Elizabeth did! Put into place the practical tools God taught me in Chapter 7 and the verses and Scriptures I shared and your own as God leads you to them. God will be faithful to free you from this fear. Remember HE DOES NOT GIVE A SPIRIT OF FEAR!!! His perfect love drives out all fear.



  21. Thank you Wendy. Sharing your experience and the road of recovery has been a blessing.Looking forward to reading your book.

  22. God’s timing is so amazing! This devotion came the day before I am scheduled to be interviewed by a deputy at the sheriff’s office concerning a man in our church who is inappropriately touching children. Our entire church is paralyzed with the fear of coming forward to testify. So far, I stand alone. For years, everyone has excused every action of this man, simply because “he doesn’t understand what he’s doing” or because “he’s harmless.” You see, he has a learning disability and is more like an older elementary child in a man’s body. He knows right from wrong, however, and should be held accountable. Our church leaders have turned the matter over to law enforcement. My husband and I are fairly new members of the church, and I am a survivor of both child abuse by my father and sexual molestation by my grandfather. I am having a difficult time understanding how any parent won’t come forward to testify as to what has been seen or what the children have reported. Thank goodness I witnessed one incident or there would be no one to speak for the children. I believe God put me in place at just the right moment because of my past. He knows that I cannot remain silent. The wall of indifference I am now experiencing has caused bad memories to come flooding back in the form of nightmares for me, although I have overcome and have forgiven my transgressors. I am immersing myself in the Word of God right now to deal with these newfound fears — that no one but me is seeing the potential danger in our midst. The scriptures you quoted are some of the exact ones bookmarked in my Bible which I have now turned to, but I continue to pray for God’s presence to move in this situation. Today’s Proverbs 31 Devotion was God’s reassurance sounding in my ear, just as the “wall of angels surrounded your home.” Thank you for allowing God to use you to share this devotion. God helped you write the words; now He will help me find the right path to help the children of our church and to enable this man to find the help he needs to understand his actions. I lean on God’s understanding because God has taught me to “be strong and take courage.” You quoted Jeremiah 29:13 in the devotion. The key is found in that verse — God’s promise is that I will FIND Him when I SEEK Him with my WHOLE heart. Verse 12 tells one of the best ways to find Him. “Then when you CALL upon me and COME and PRAY to me, you will FIND me.” God’s way to face our fears is all about action: we must KNOW his plans are to prosper us and we must ACCEPT that He wants to GIVE us a future with HOPE (Jeremiah 29:11). When we look at the context of the dark times in which these verses were given through Jeremiah to the people, we can certainly know that our worst fears are nothing once we give them over to the God who loves us and wants to RESTORE us and GATHER us back into His presence. The path may not be easy, by with God, all things are indeed possible! I look forward to one day reading your entire book and know it will be a blessing! Thanks for being God’s servant!

    • Barbara, first thank you for sharing so many powerful verses to encourage and equip us today. I love it!!! You have shared so much TRUTH!

      And I pray the Lord will direct your every step and form your every word as you speak on behalf of God’s precious children. I pray His protection over you and that no weapon formed against you would prosper. I am so proud of you. God has prepared the way, and he will walk with you every step of it.



  23. Wendy…I thought I hit the “Replies to my comments” option when posting so I could respond to any comments to my post, but then I noticed it flickered back to “Don’t Subscribe..” Consequently, I’m not sure which status went through. Can you change to the correct follow-up? I would always want to be able to reply to someone should a request be made via email. Thank you, and God bless.

  24. I have had an internal battle going on for soooo long and i have really been praying about it. I have been really feeling trapped in the darkness and sometimes its so hard to find the light. Today was a bad day for me and i was praying for strength to get through this darkness and to fight in this battle. I hopped on facebook and ran across proverbs 31 ministry. I do not think this was a coincidence, I think God was speaking to me. I read your story and just bawled my eyes out as I was able to relate and I was also encouraged, Thank you so much for sharing your story with all of us and I want you to know that your words and God working through you has really affected me. Today has become a little more bearable knowing that I am not alone in my struggles and I thank you for sharing your story.

    • Jessica, you are not alone…most especially because God tells us so in His Word that He will never leave us or forsake us. And IN HIM, there is no darkness at all. I encourage you to read some in His Word every day….the gospel of John or maybe Psalms…and let Him fill you up and pour His Light into those dark places. He will be faithful to do so!!



  25. I encourage all of you who have not read Wendy’s book, to do so. I’ve read thru some of the posts and a lot of us have things in common. I was abused as a child, and assaulted as a teenager- I turned to drinking, drugs and just didn’t care, that’s how I dealt with it. I struggled thru and grew up tough and made it ok, I thought. Forgiveness is a hard thing to do, I was reading Wendy’s book and when I read pages 88-90. I broke down and sobbed until I almost choked….I surrendered my anger to God and forgave those who hurt me. Calm peace and warmth entered my body. I felt tired after this, I sat on the back deck of our house and just let the tears flow…..I was free.

    Psalm 46:10 Be still and know I am God.

    Thank You Wendy
    God Bless Anna

    • Oh, Anna, thank you for sharing this. YOU have brought tears to my eyes to hear how God used the story He gave me to encourage and speak into your life and your circumstances. I am praising God for where you are in your walk with Him and for the courage you have to testify about what He has done!!



  26. Am so bless, my God is just giving me my freedom, 10 years ago I left my county to another country with a team to evangelize in a Muslim community, we got accident on the way, our bus because of a bad conditions of the road fail in a big whole, from there we where taking to the cell and we went through a lots of trouble, from there the spirit of fear enter me so strongly, I’ve be living with, if you know Africa we can’t understand what am talking about. Today am delivered by you message, if I could take the first plane to came and hugs you, I could have be so happy. God richly bless you and the whole team. Love you so much.

    • Adeline, thank you for sharing your story of freedom with us. We celebrate your freedom with you today! I also pray God’s protection over you as you go forth and evangelize in His name. What great courage and beautiful heart of obedience you have to answer the call of Jesus to make disciples of all nations. May God bless and establish the work of your hands!!



  27. I know God timed this post and devo and today I am grateful. Minutes after I left the comment above I had a call telling me one of my old b-ball girls lost her 2 month old baby girl today. My heart breaks for Kelly and her entire family. A week ago a boy from a near-by town was killed in a car accident and Thursday a former student lost his 2 1/2 year old little boy. All this breaks my heart and puts many thoughts in my mind and as my little girl wrapped her arms around me while I cried, I realized I was battling another fear – losing my children. Wendy, like I said I’m grateful for the timing of your words here…they’ve equipped me for a battle I didn’t expect. Thank you.

    • That is how El Roi works, isn’t it. He is the God Who Sees. He goes before us and prepares the way!! Praying for Kelly and her family as they mourn the loss of their baby girl. Praying for the God of Comfort to surround them in very real and personal ways.



  28. As I read your post, I was overwhelmed with emotion. I know that God cares for me in my mind, but it is a far cry from being real in my life. God wants me to be at peace and free from fear in my life. I bury my emotions inside. When I take a good look at myself, I see and know that I am fearful and that it (the fear) is affecting how I perceive myself and how I live my life. For a little while, the fear is released but that release doesn’t last because I take my focus off of God and His power in my life. God is always present and is opening my eyes to His work in me.
    Thank you for sharing your story and God’s power.

    • Martha, continue to persevere in seeking freedom from fear. As you do, God will faithful and one day you will experience full freedom as I did. That doesn’t mean the evil one won’t try to take you back, but when He does, you will know exactly how to battle him and be successful. The fear will never even enter your heart and mind. You will recognize it and speak truth to it so that it must flee!!!



  29. Kay Youngman says:

    Wendy, I was really touched by your story & your faith in God’s power to remove fear. I look forward to reading your book. God bless!

  30. Thank you for your devotional on the Proverbs 31 website today. I don’t often read the posts the same day, and haven’t clicked on any of the blogs before, but something in your story hit me. God has been showing me how He is faithful and trustworthy over this past year.

    I’ve always lived with fear. To the point where a few years ago someone said to me “you’ve never not known fear have you?” I grew up in a very abusive home, where there was sexual, physical, emotional and pychological abuse. The fear got so bad, that I was diagnosed with Major Anxiety Disorder a few years ago.

    One of my greatest fears in my life has been that of storms. When I first moved to the town I now live in, it was hard, because I didn’t really know anyone. I started to attend a church, and got to know the pastor’s wife (Jill), and she became my mentor and best friend. It almost became a standing joke that at the first crack of thunder, their phone would ring. It would be me. The first few times I called her, I was in the corner on the floor curled up in a ball, I’d gone for my fast acting anti anxiety meds to help calm me down, but needed to “be with someone” until the meds kicked in. We would talk until I calmed down, or the storm passed.

    Last May Jill passed away and I felt so lost. The first storm of the season came and I freaked out. I went for my medication right away and then prayed until they kicked in. This continued, but then there was a storm that hit when I was at work, and becuase I was headed out of town the next day, I couldn’t take my medication to help calm me down. I just prayed the name of Jesus over and over again and the fear started to relax. As the summer continued, I’d find myself sitting on the bathroom floor comforting my cat, who had picked up on my fears, when ever there was a storm. As we’d sit there, I’d pray and sing praise songs until the storm was over. Close to the end of the summer, I was talking to my pastor and he asked me about the storms, as he had antisipated me calling the house when ever the thunder started to roll. I told him I had been using my medication abit faster, but was also praying through the storms and was slowly having to go to my medication less and less.

    This summer started, and the first big storm came, and my cat went wild on me. I just looked at her and told her “it’s just a storm, you’ll be okay”. I was okay. About a month ago, as some other things came up medically for me, my doctor wanted to lower my regular anti-anxiety meds as we thought they might be the cause of some other symtoms that I was having. I was scared to go down on the medication, as I didn’t want to “feel crazy” again without the higher dose. I didn’t think I could do it. So I talked with my new mentor and we prayed about it, and I continue to look at this as a good thing. A couple weeks ago, there was a storm one night, that rattled the roof on my trailer, and started to shake the trailer abit (mobile home). I started to tense abit, and then got up and walked around. Saw that it was okay and calmed down again. Even on the lower dose of medication and not going to the fast acting meds. I Praise God for helping me get through the storm and not be too scared. It was after that storm, that I started to see that God truly was healing me from my fears. I’d gotten through a storm on a lower dose of anti-anxiety meds and didnt’ have to go to my fast acting meds, and got through it with flying colors.

    God is so faithful. It’s been alot of hard work to get to where I’m at right now, but I know that every bit of it has been worth it when I can see the physical evidence that HE has been healing me.

    Thank you so much for your post today and for sharing your story with the rest of us, to help encourage us and show us that it can happen.

    • Krystal, what a great testimony. Thank you for sharing your encouraging story. My house was struck by lightning when I was in high school. For years and years, I too was terrified by storms. And as God took my spirit of fear away as it related to my attacker, it also went away in other areas…including storms. Why” Because it is a SPIRIT of fear…meaning is hangs over us in all sorts of areas. So when God helps us overcome it and it is gone, we lose our fear in many other areas. I pray in full faith and belief that soon you will have NO FEAR at all during a storm. And on that day, you too will have a glorious testimony to share about complete freedom from fear.

      The NAME OF JESUS is a beautiful way to bring peace to our hearts in times of fear and anxiety. Just repeating His name over and over…inviting His presence into your heart and mind is key!!



  31. Last year I was invited to a Women’ conference. Someone cancelled at the last minute. I was asked by the person conducting the conference to be one of the speakers. I asked her did God ask her to choose me at the last minute. I had no time to prepare I know it’s not me but God. I felt like I didn’t do we’ll . I ran I stopped going to my home church. Eventually I stopped altogether. The Holy Spirit revealed to me it was because of fear. I am in despair need of help. I can’t get it together. Pleas pray for me. I need all the helps can get.

    • Thanks for stopping by. So thankful God brought you hear. I pray you will use the practical tools and verses in the free download of Chapter 7 and begin praying them for yourself! Pray in faith without doubting and pray consistently. God will be faithful to answer your prayers. Remember God does NOT give a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, love and a sound mind.



  32. Wendy, the first words that popped into my head after reading your story were “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself…” I remembered reading the excerpts from Hidden Joy and the download from another post a time ago. My moments of fear seem so trivial in light of all this…I pray that God hear all of our prayers of conquering fears both great and small and with strength in His presence, in seeking Him, in His Word, His promises to us, we find His peace!

  33. Wendy, thank you for this post! At times I feel that my life is going nowhere because new things and change scare me; so much until they cripple me. I’m praying that I can change my thought process.

    • Courtney, you will be able to change your process. Follow God’s direction to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ…meaning as a negative, anxiety-filled, scary thought comes in, replace it with a TRUTH from God’s Word that you know. For example

      Your thought to take captive: I hate walking into this room…I don’t know anyone…I won’t fit in…no one will talk to me

      God’s Word to replace it: Thank You, God that you have gone before me. Thank You that there is a person here You want me to meet. Give me Christ confidence to walk in with a smile and heart ready to receive what you have for me. Direct my steps to that person or persons you have in mind for me to meet or talk to. Give me eyes to see them. Give me the words to speak to them. Allow me to be an encouragement and a blessing to this group of people. Use me, Lord, because I know you brought me here for a reason.

      I hope this helps!



  34. Wendy,
    Thank you for your post and willingness to share so openly and honestly about your experiences with fear. In reading the posts I could identify with so many of the comments. I have struggled all my life with many fears as well, knowing this is a direct result of my abusive childhood.

    I am thankful that God can free us, but as you shared we must know and pray God`s word.
    You have inspired me to be more diligent to do this. As Martha shared, ” we must keep our focus on God and His power in our life”. I would love to read your book, I copied your Chapter 7 and look forward to reading it tonight.
    God Bless and thank you for being so committed to helping us become all that God intended us to be,

    • Susan, you are so right…we must know and pray God’s Word to be free. And I have no doubt, that as you dig deeper in His Word and you begin to fervently pray it back to Him, He will free you from the memories and from your fear! And thank you for your kind words. I LOVE the story He has given me (now I do…not always have I), and words from women like you and the other women on this post show me He is at work using it an effective way. I love that!!!



  35. honestly, i “fear” my fears are so small in light of your suffering and what i read in the comments but i realized this summer that fear has become a foothold in my life and informs many, if not most, of my decisions/choices. 10 yrs ago our son developed insulin dependent type 1 diabetes during his first year of college and he is brittle. his life has been one hospital trip after another and i literally fear he will lose his life or i fear the consequences of the erratic blood sugars will deprive him of a normal future. seven years ago i developed debilitating nerve pain. certain physical situations and any stress, good or bad, make it much much worse so i started micro managing my environment to protect myself from any “perceived” thing that might increase my pain level. i never realized i was building up this fear thing, i was just trying to hang on in a life that had become too hard. but when I realized it, i told my husband this summer i didn’t want to be afraid anymore. this post was timely for me even though i was afraid to read it! 🙂 today i have to do paperwork for my disability hearing and remembering what i have lost can bring on a panic attack. i have have several in the last couple of years. naturally i am afraid to work on the papers and afraid to be home alone while doing them “just in case”. i am tired of living “just in case” and trying to make provision for my every need in order to be safe. i know this is not how God wants me to live which is why He has illumined this issue for me to see. have struggled with trust since a little girl and that’s another long story 😉 wendy, i’m sixty for heaven’s sake! God keeps unearthing gunk even when we are the ones leading others doesn’t He? because He is a good God and faithful. i would appreciate your prayer that i will be more than a conquerer. i feel He wants me to move past this so i can do the work He has for me more effectively. thank you

    • Oh, Suzi, YES, YES, you will BE MORE THAN A CONQUEROR!! I have absolutely no doubt. Begin to really pray verse over yourself…day in and day out. Believe them down to the depths of your heart…believe God for that freedom…see yourself as free even know. God will help you overcome it once and for all.

      And, yes, we will always have “gunk” and “junk” in this life, but it feels so good to journey together and know that we are not alone…to learn from one another and from God’s Word.

      He is speaking to you; He has shown you the way. Now – as Nike says – JUST DO IT!! 🙂



  36. Wendy,
    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and your heart. Thank you for the reminders of the Power of speaking God’s word and praying his promises back to him. You find that practice a lot in the old testament where people are recounting to God his good works and asking for them again. Praying his promises back to him. And I appreciate the reminder of consistency. To pray without ceasing. To draw circles around something and pray, pray, pray. Sometimes especially with fear and anxiety the lie is that prayer isn’t working and a whole host of other lies that aren’t true about the character of God. But the more we know him and know who he is and that he never changes then the more we realize we can trust him and the more we trust him the more that fear looses its grip on our lives. Thank you Wendy.

    • Sheila, thank you for sharing what you said about the Old Testament. I never thought about it that way before, but you are correct . The Israelites often recounted what God had done for them and what He had said to REMIND Him and CLAIM them for themselves again.

      And, yes, the more we know God, the more we can trust Him, and the more we trust Him, the more fear loses its grip!!



  37. Fear of past had me in much fear but Christ is amazing in bring peace instead. Thank you for being open so others can see God’s healing grace can come upon our lives.

  38. Hi Wendy! Your blog is so delightful to read. It’s encouraging and real. I’ve struggled with fear my entire life. My dad took Psalms 91 and put my name all through the chapter; hoping I would read my name in God’s Word. It’s something I still do to this day. Since becoming a wife and mother, i’ve had to stay alone in my house with my baby daughter while my husband works at night, on occasion. On those nights I have to physically stop and imagine a WALL OF ANGELS SURROUNDING MY HOUSE! I imagine that my house in completely hidden from sight and that we are held in God’s palm. I literally imagine these things and IT WORKS! I have been able to fall asleep without my television on and with out my door closed. Thank you for describing your situation and allowing me to see myself through your story. I look forward to reading your book in March!


    • Ashley, how I love the images you gave about God protecting your house…hiding it from sight…imagining you are held in the palm of God’s hand. I do that when I fly…imagine God’s angels around the plane and His palm underneath the plane guiding us to our destination. IT WORKS!!!!

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing today!



  39. Michelle Howard says:

    I struggle with fear 🙁 Since I was little I can remember right before bed, I would tell my mom I was scared, she would ask why. My response was always, I don’t know. It was just this fear that overwhelms me, I don’t know where it comes from. I am doing much better and getting in God’s word. I have not been freed from it yet, but I know everyday is a step closer to freedom! I would love to read your book!

    • Michelle, it is a spirit of fear from the evil one. It is not from God, and He does not want us to have it. So I encourage you to read Chapter 7 and begin a journey with God and His Word to free you from your fear!! God will be faithful, sweet friend.



  40. I struggle with generalized anxiety. I used to take meds, but then things got better and I got off and I was so happy! But things have been hard again lately, and I’ve been struggling with fear thoughts off and on (some days are good, some are bad). I try praying and meditating on God’s Word, but sometimes the fears overwhelm my thoughts and I get a little depressed. I don’t want to go on meds again, and I hope I can make it through again without them, but I also know if I can’t live my daily life I will have to go back on them. So far I’ve been able to cope, so I pray that I can continue and that my faith and trust will grow so I can overcome this anxiety and possibly encourage others.

    Thank you for sharing your life experiences and bringing hope to others!

    • Heather, sometimes medicine and God work in tandem for a while. It isn’t a bad thing to take medicine. God gave the wisdom to pharmacists to make the medication. Sometimes it gets us to a balanced place where we can then begin to have more clarity of thought and allow the Lord to really do His healing work. One day, we won’t need man made medicine anymore. God tells us His Word is like medicine…health to our bodies and healing to our bones! He will be all we need. I have experienced that freedom, and it is glorious. Life is a journey, with seasons. Seek Him in all things, and He will direct your paths…even with regard to medicine.



  41. Thank you, Wendy, for replying to my reply to Kathy. I ended up staying up late listening to “His Eye is on the Sparrow” on Youtube in many versions. It blessed me, and you blessed me.
    Thank you for blessing us. Bless you.

  42. Wendy,
    I don’t even know where to begin… I just started receiving the Proverbs 31 Ministries devotionals when your short story came through! I read it and was moved and then came to your blog to read more. I was physically and sexually abused as a child, and have been very fearful of men because of that. I have been raped twice in the past 5 years, which if I wasn’t already afraid of men, as you can probably guess I am petrified of them now!! Fear is a part of my daily life, it controls everything I do… I don’t want it to!! I want to be able to live in freedom, and be able to use these things that the enemy meant to harm me… for good!!

    • Belle, HE WILL do as you are asking!! He wants you to be free from fear more than you do. He longs to free you so that you can live the abundant life He designed for you. I pray you will take the practical tools in Chapter 7 and the Scriptures and embark on a new journey of healing!!! God is the only one who can heal what those horrible men did to you. HE IS ABLE TO MAKE ALL THINGS NEW. HE HEALS AND RESTORES. Trust in Him, and He will be faithful.



  43. As a child and later as a grown woman I also feared being alone in the dark. One day I read somewhere about visualizing each window and door in my home and asking God to place an angel at each opening. I did that several years ago and like you I have had peace since. While others worry about locked doors and windows, I have fallen asleep in the summer with the patio door to the house open and not realized it till the next morning. God is my refuge and strength. What time I am afraid I will trust in Him.
    I am trying to do that now as my husband prepares for a hunting trip to Colorado. I have an unhealthy fear of this trip and it is causing me to no be supportive about it. I would appreciate prayers. This stems in part from the death of my previous husband and the fear of facing that again
    thanks for sharing your story. M.

    • Mary, thank you for sharing another beautiful visual with us involving angels around our home. I just love hearing these!! And I know they give hope and encouragement to many of the women who left comments.

      I am praying now for you that as you do as God commands in His Word…pray about your husband’s trip…and as you surrender your fears to God…that He will so as He promises and send His peace, the peace that passes all understanding…to guard your heart and mind!!



  44. Vanessa Engel says:

    My biggest fear was something I truly came eye to eye with this year and have now overcome it. I had an abortion when I was 17. I was always so afraid that people would find out, that they would be judgmental, think of me as less of a person. I wasn’t a follower of Christ at the time the abortion occurred. When I accepted Christ as my savior in 2010, my heart began to soften. I finally had the courage to speak about my experience at out local Pregnancy Care Center and then went through a life changing Bible Study to find healing after the pain of an abortion. It was an intense 10 week course but I have came out of it knowing that I am forgiven and have been set free from that pain and fear. I now volunteer at that center and will be giving my testimony at their banquet this November. God is Good!

    • Vanessa, what a glorious testimony! Praising God for the healing He has brought into your life and for the TESTimony He has given you. I pray He continues to use you in a mighty way to bring hope, encouragement, and healing to many women who have made the same choice you did and are broken and hurting.



  45. Hi Wendy

    I just found Proverbs 31 Ministries on fb today. The post popped up about fear and led me here. Fear is new to me for the first time in my life im 44. It has been about 5 months and its debilitating. It is fear and anxiety and it has made me physically sick. I refuse to become addicted to pills so I struggle through it on my own with God to help me through. I pray he will also release this from me so I can resume my life. I thank you for your prayers I will begin praying them also. I need to be set free from these chains of fear holding me down. I have no clue how or why it started and I know we are not to have fear but it is struggle freeing from it. I’m delighted I found this site. I need prayer in becoming more faithful in God. I pray but I know it’s not enough faith is difficult when your struggling. I will be here often. Thank you for sharing .

    • Latrissa, I am so thankful the Lord heard your prayers and brought you here for tools and Scripture to help you with your fear. And I am so thankful you will be stopping back by for encouragement. Please update us on how you are doing as you surrender this fear to the Lord. I know He will be faithful. And it may be you may need to visit a doctor to help you discover from where this fear comes. Sometimes having that knowledge helps you know how better to pray.

      Sweet blessings to you,


  46. I have been stopped by fear. I still fear. Thinking back, last month or a couple months ago, we were down to the last of our money. I had planned on giving $20 for tithing, but feared my husbands reaction. I told Father God this. I think He backed off then because I do not feel Him near me anymore. It is just me and my husband, we are on a fixed income. I trust the Lord, but I fear my husband. I suppose I should trust the Lord more than I fear my husband. I fear I am going to hell. Hell scares me. I long for reassurance that when I die, I will be with my Savior, but my envy and jealousy keeps me locked up. I envy and am jealous of the ones I read about or watch on YouTube that have had experiences with God. I want that. I don’t know what to do anymore. I try to read the Bible and pray, though I have slacked off a lot since my daughter died this past June. She was my only child. I know there is a big battle going on for my soul. I smoke cigs and have backslid to smoking pot again. I long for my lord Jesus to take those cravings away from me. I have tried and tried to rebuke them in His name, to no avail. I think or is it the whispers in my ear from the dark side that the Lord has given up on me. Last Sept, I was doing so well. I was joyful in the Lord, I worshipped Him in my way. But that changed when I asked a friend if smoking pot was a sin. She said it was. When we got some money, me and my husband got some pot and got stoned. It was then I felt a “snap” inside of me. I believe it was me turning away from God and the Holy Spirit leaving me. Since then I have been so scared that I am doomed to burn in Hell. I have tried to repent, I have asked for forgiveness but something keeps telling me……..its too late. I’m scared. I keep thinking about how many times in the Bible it says “fear not” but I am fearful. I sure hope I do not go down when I die. Please, someone, say a prayer for me?

    • Marlene, thank you for sharing your story. One truth you must know and never forget is that IF you have confessed you are a sinner and asked Jesus into your heart, YOU ARE SAVED and no sin you commit (pot, cigarettes, fear, anxiety) will ever take that away from you. Your name is engraved on the palm of God’s hand and you are His precious daughter. That is your identity now and forever!!

      And the sins you are committing are sins…sins you need to ask forgiveness for, sins you need to ask for strength to overcome in Christ though the power of the Holy Spirit. If you truly surrender these issues to Him and fervently pray for the freedom for which you are seeking, you will be forgiven without question and will overcome them over time. God wants you to live free so that He can use your life to do amazing things!!

      And the Holy Spirit never leaves you once He has entered into your heart upon salvation. When we become a child of God, Scripture says we are sealed with His Holy Spirit!! Stand in that confidently!!

      Please pray the Scriptures we talked about and read the free download of chapter 7. The practical tools I share, my story and the Scriptures will be so good for you!!



  47. I have had a problem with fear and panic for over a year now. I wake in the morning shaking and on the verge of a panic attack. I have not been able to stop this from happening every day and the doctors don’t know what to do either. I am definitely going to pray these verses to God for help and healing from these attacks that cause me to feel panicked and fearful. Thanks for sharing your insights with us.

    • Chris, you will begin to see God do amazing things as you pray and seek to join Him in your prayer to overcome your fear. He will be faithful! Be persistent and persevere in your Bible reading and your prayers.

      Another verse to pray is thanking God that He will keep you in perfect peace because you keep your mind fixed on Him, because you trust in Him!!



  48. Gerald Ariaza says:

    I’ve recently remarried, in 2008 my first marriage dissolved due to infidelity. My fear my struggle is trust. I fear that one day just like in my first marriage I will find out my wife has confined in another man and is cheating on me. I don’t like what I’ve become I love my new wife, I pray that The Lord restores trust in me before my wife gets fed up with having to deal with my issues.

    • Gerald, you are so wise to recognize this lack of trust and your fear. Surrender these to the Lord. Be honest with your wife. Ask her to join you in praying for God to free you from that fear and empower you to walk confidently in your new marriage with her.

      Verse that comes to mind is “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding [and past experiences], in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.”

      Also, “Be anxious for nothing, but by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, make your requests (trusting God and your wife) known to God and His peace, the peace that passes all understanding, will guard your heart and mind.”

      Blessings to you,


  49. Michele Hopkins says:

    Hello, as I read almost all the testimonies, my fear is different I have a fear of choking & not being able to breathe. I always have to have water with me. I get panic attacks from time to time. Just now I woke up cause of something in my throat. Keep in mind I have acid reflux. It wakes me up and have to lay on the couch to sit up. I take deep breathes and start praying. I also started the fear of drinking, thinking Inwill choke. (I guess) It feels dumb saying this, but that’s how Indeel. I have to take sips of water slowly but most of the times If I don’t think of it I can drink normally. I’m writing this at 5:12 am cause of waking up with that feeling. Thank goodness it’s not a work day but there have been times I couldn’t sleep. I know my fear is not comparable to others And mine feel crazy. I’m so glad I was able to see this post on Probverbs 31 Facebook page. This is what I need My husband has always said to pray to God & ask him faithfully to take this fear away. Thanks for listening. Oh, and I’m aware that someone won your book. I just want to tell my story.

    • Michele, thank you so much for sharing your story. Fear is fear…no matter what causes it. The Lord wants to free you from this fear, sweet friend. So please read the free download of Chapter 7 and apply to practical tools and the Scriptures. I know they will help you. Continue to pray faithfully and take baby steps to overcome this fear by eating and drinking things that frighten you. Combining the prayers, the Word of God, and the baby steps will help you overcome this and be freed from it FOREVER!!



  50. Wow!
    No matter how many times I can say “God has not given me the spirit of fear”
    I feel like I’m living a life in fear. This message just blessed me. When I’m home alone I always paranoid someone will break in, rape or attempt to rob me. I don’t like going anywhere without my husband, or alone with my one year old….I WILL BE DELIVERED!!! I can’t wait to share my testimony.

  51. Thank you for your inspiring words. I have found out why God allows bad things happen to good people. it is a way for you to learn. I have had a hard life..won’t get into every detail. But I have grown to love God and he is working on me to be an independent, happy person. Fear was my constant companion. It is something I and God work on everyday.

    • I love how you encouraged us with God’s Word in Romans 8:28…God works all things together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. He will use all those painful circumstances in our life in powerful and amazing ways…good ways…if we surrender them to Him.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story and words of encouragement today.



  52. This devotional touches my heart, you see, I have a cousin who struggles everyday with panic attacks. She calls me when she is feeling scared or troubled to ask for prayers for her. I pray, but I don’t feel as if God is listening to me to help her. I would love a copy of your book to send to her. Maybe, just maybe…this would help her. Thank you for your work. I believe you are a God send!!
    Renee Link

    • Thank you, Renee. God is listening to your prayers…He always hears and listens. But sometimes, He needs the one for whom we are praying to join in the work that will bring about their freedom and healing. That is probably what God is doing here!! I pray God will use you to encourage and equip her on this journey to freedom.



  53. Jeanie Kelley says:

    As I was growing up I struggled with fear, doubt and worry all the time. I worried and was fearful over things that usually never happened. The one thing that kept me going was to have Jesus in my life and working all the doubt and fear out of my life. I have finally began leaning on God for more than just getting me through another day, but releasing all the doubt and fear I have. It is so good to connect with you again. Blessings for a wonderful weekend.

    • Praise God for His work in your life!

      Jeanie, thank you for sharing a praise story. I know your words will bless and encourage many women. 🙂



  54. Thank you for your story! My son is 10 & is having some mild anger issues! I think that it’s more of his fear & insecurity that is causing him to act out! See, in the last couple of years, my husband, his father, & I have divorced, our house burned, I lost my job & we have moved in with my parents in a different state!! He has had to change school make new friends & adjust to living with his grandparents! I’ve been praying about how to help him! We have just started a kid prayer journal last night! I’m sure the verses you shared will help him!

    Thanks so much!

    • Steph, wow! I am so sorry for all that you have walked through these past few years. Your son has had to deal with so much more than most boys his age.

      What a gift to have you as a mom so that you can direct him to God’s Word, show Him and point Him to God’s love, and model what it looks like to trust in and have a relationship with Jesus.

      I pray you son will learn through you and God’s Word how high and wide and deep and long is God’s love for him and that although much has been taken away from him, God’s love never will be!!!



  55. These verses about fear speak to me. I am currently in a time where I fear everything. My husband works a dangerous job and I fear for his safety. I fear for my children to go to school, I fear that I am physically making myself ill with worry and anxiety. Please pray for me, please. I do not want a spirit of fear. I want a spirit of hope and faith in God. I want that peace of knowing God is with me and will send his wall angels around my family and home. Thank you for this blog and your words. I will keep them close for times of worry and anxiety.

    • Jessica, please do read the free download of Chapter 7 and apply the practical tools and Scriptures. God will be faithful to use them to free you from this fear. It is a journey to get there, but God will walk with you every step of the way. Be persistent and persevere!! He will do exactly for you as He did for me. I know because so many women have testified to the same results when they gave their fear to Him and in full faith actively prayed for Him to deliver them.



  56. Rebecca Symolon says:

    Thank you for this. I have been praying a lot for my fears to be a thing if the past this last few months. I have been having nightly panic the last 9 months and fear is my go to. I’m a believer of almost three years coming from a dark sinful past just like all who believe. I dealt with agoraphobia and major depression and anxiety since childhood. I do know God is a healer so I want to lose fear and walk in step with the Spirit. Any help is greatly appreciated at this time, especially when it comes from our mighty God.

    • Rebecca, as I have shared with other women today, you must play an active part to be delivered from your fear. Read the free download from Chapter 7, apply the practical tools and Scriptures you learn. Be persistent and persevere. God will be faithful. Remember, He does not give you that spirit of fear. His perfect love drives out fear!!!



  57. Wendy,
    Thank you for sharing your testimony. Praise God that with His love, we can be totally transparent and loved! I feel like I am coming out of a dark tunnel of fear by holding the hand of my Savior.
    Over the last 3 years, I have feared my husband was unfaithful. The more I dwelt on the circumstances, the more closed off from him I became. I acted and reacted to all things based on this fear until I was an emotional mess that my husband resented and my children didn’t feel they could count on.
    I praise God for all of this because I know now that He had to take away all the things I put security in( my self, my husband, and our finances) so that I would fully commit and depend on Him.
    God’s word has been a salve for my soul. Transparent, immediate prayer has given me a peace that defies understanding.
    I can’t wait to read your book. I know my Lord has gently led me to it at this time.
    Thank you for being used so mightily to point the way to Jesus and His life-transforming power.

    • Oh, what a beautiful story!! Thank you for sharing this today. I know it will be an encouragement to so many women who read it. His Word is a healing salve for our souls…just as you said.

      And thank you for your sweet words of encouragement!



  58. As I sit here, my heart is beating fast and I am struggling to breathe. Anxiety is crowding my every thought. Fear is that hard taskmaster beating me over and over again. What do I fear? I do not know. It’s just there waiting to creep up on me when I least expect it. Please pray for me. I want to overcome this fear and live in freedom with Christ.

  59. I have been battling fear for 9 years. Its become paralyzing. Like you, I have been praying that God would help me overcome. I have clung to His scripture the truth that He did not give me a spirit of timidity, yet I still do.

  60. I am going through a stormy time with my son & his wit * their 3 children. Alot of the time my heart wants to be fearful but I refuse to do that I cho iose to stand on God’s mighty word and to ou in faith.t

  61. Thank you for the read. Wouldl love to be entered for the book drawing. And I apologize, but wouldn’t know where to start with my story, and not really ready to share. Your testimony of healing is extremely encouraging. It is one I have seeking a long time. Bless you fro finding the strength to share your story!

  62. Yesterday, I presided at a women’s gathering. The topic of fear came up and how it accelerates at night in the dark. One woman said she put a night light in her bedroom, and it gives her comfort. We agreed that whenever we turn on a night light to let it be a reminder that God is our nightlight watching over us. What a comforting thought to those who fear the dark.

    Thank you for the wonderful post … turn on your nightlight before going to bed — keep it on all day, too!

  63. Sherry Watkins says:

    Thank you for sharing Chapter 7 with us. Praise God you have been delivered from your fears. I also have struggled in the dark my whole life. My father was an alcoholic, physical abuser to our mom and my older sister. He was an emotional abuser as well and he molested his 3 daughters. The dark was always a fightening place for me. I still have moments where fear overtakes me, but like it did when I was a child.
    I will use the verses you suggested and work on being delivered from fear for good.
    God bless you.

  64. Fear. Such a nasty miserable feeling. My dad died in Dec..3 days before Christmas..almost a year ago soon..I started having panic attacks in July from all the stress of the last 3 body was reacting to it. I have been BATHE-ING myself in the Scriptures and in time with Him and in prayer. Jesus has been my only Hope at times and is my EVERYTHING. My EVERYTHING. I appreciate this blog post and it is so helpful to have scriptures to hold onto!

  65. My fear started in 2003. I didn’t recognize it for what it was until it was too late and I found myself not wanting to drive on the interstate to go anywhere. If that was the only way to get where I needed to go, I just didn’t go. It got progressively worse since then and especially since we had a rollover accident March 31, 2012. I now live ten hours away from my mother and won’t drive to see her because of my fear. I feel like the car is going to roll over, run off the road on it’s own to the point I have panic attacks. I was used to driving for hours on the road on a weekly basis and not to be at this point and not understand what happened to cause this makes me feel stupid. I too have prayed for God to take this fear away. I have tried driving just a few miles on the interstate to confront my fear only for it to try and creep in and I end up having to talk myself out of a panic attack just getting to the nearest exit. I would love to travel the highway again just getting around where I live. I don’t want to be fearful like this anymore. I want to take my my freedom and I know I need God’s help to get there.

  66. I didn’t start suffering from fear until my thirties. Last summer was especially hard when I had a medical issue, small but worrisome anyway. I was having a terrible anxiety attack in the night. I could really feel the battle between good and evil in my mind. In the midst of my struggling and fear at night God showed me a one second picture of what I did to injure myself (which was so comforting since my thoughts went straight to the C word.). Gods revelation freed me from that terrible fear and I was able to overcome that worry. He is so faithful and wants us to know His promises.

  67. Lorita Hamer says:

    thank you so much for sharing, it was so encouraging. I suffered the same fear for years, scare to close my eyes in the dark, needing to turn TV/radio as well as all the lights in the house on at night (yes, when my husband was away with work). So many fears for so many things, situations ….I don’t have enough room here to share.
    I too have a wonderful husband who has stand by me/ with me, along side me through years of the power of this fear in my life. And I know it’s God’s love in my husband that enable him to carry me for so long, I’m so thankful to God that my husband no longer has to carry me ( being a mere human I don’t know how long he would lest, let alone our marriage).
    I didn’t experience any thing I’d call major to start this fear, I can’t even remember when/how did it start . I guess just the fact that I wasn’t walking under the protection of my Jesus allowed Satan free play of my life.
    The fear came so subtly, then slowly but surely there were more and more situation, environment that I could not cope and one day I just found myself to be a mother of 2 beautiful boys, a wonderful husband, many beautiful Godly friends. But I was not even living, let alone enjoying my life, my life that Jesus paid the price of His life for me to live.
    That’s until one day a friend of mine told me to start praising God, and I did, even when I didn’t feel like it. And there God met me. He restored my soul, (I love Ps 23)He gave me back everything the enemy stolen from me.
    That was just over 10 years ago, I’ve learn to love, trust and not live in fear any more. God shown me His power and His love with many miracles and set me free from many strong-holds of the enemy. God has shown me the power of His words. so many of the verses were the same ones I used and learn to get out of the darkness of fear.
    Now my husband & I are now partnering with God pastoring a small church, and we continue to see God’s love for His people each day, Seeing people being set free, walking in the fullness of His calling. Glory to God my Lord Jesus.

  68. hello…i’m 31 yrs old and over the last 4 yrs fear has slowly trickled into my life i used to be what i considered a good wife, mother to 2 beautiful girls, a daughter, a manager a sister a friend etc, etc etc. but the last year i have struggled to even just be…..What do i fear…..everything….i fear losing control yet i have none, i fear losing my kids….i dont even like to let them go out and play for fear they may get hurt, i fear my health and am constantly thinking something is wrong with me or my children….i’m afraid now to eat foods i have always eaten b/c now i may react….all irrational but yet so real and consume me daily…..its all i can do to get up and go….I know God is with me and doesn’t want this for me yet i cant seem to overcome it i think its b/c i dont know how to let him do his work….i keep trying to do it myself b/c thats all i know…..this is a horrible way to be….i just want to be a good wife a good mom and enjoy my family and life and not live in constant fear……i look forward to reading this book and am also attending a restoring lives international conference….i have never felt helpless like i do now and can now understand fear….i dont want this anymore…..please help

  69. Each year instead of ‘resolutions’, I choose a theme that the Lord lays on my heart – a focus for my year. This year my theme is fear – identifying my fears & saying ‘no’ to their control over my life. I have been working my way through the Bible, studying passages about fear. What a blessing that has been! Would love to read your book!

  70. Please pray for me as I’m battling a terrible fear if
    the future. Full. Blown panic attacks. I don’t want
    this and am pleading for god to take it away. Thank you!!

  71. Amanda Cross says:

    This story sounds so much like my own. I’ve struggled with fear a long time. I began reading the Bible everyday in 2012 and began memorizing verses at the beginning of 2013. I have found much healing, but still struggling. I often feel anxious when it comes to leaving home to go anywhere. This has kept me from obeying God. I have avoided going places ie: grocery store, church, just for a drive, etc.
    I started moving forward in December 2012, but experienced some fear in February while riding in the car. It was my son’s 3rd birthday and I had woke up early to make his cake. I had little sleep and had eaten frosting which did not help the situation. When I experienced the fear, I cowered back and have struggled since going forward again. I really want the Lord to help me drop this fear today.

  72. Thank you.. I cant thank you enough for sharing your journey.. I am battling panic attacks and fear since my dad died and I have a hunger..a HOPE to defeat this!! You have reminded me of the tools and given me tools (the scriptures to pray back to God)! I believe IN God and and am learning to BELIEVE GOD. God has always been faithful to me.. I trust He will keep His word!

  73. Oh and PLEASE pray for me as I battle this

  74. Hello, I’ve been a born again Christian for 33 years. I truly love my Lord and Savior. I’m so thankful that He is my Savior, my friend, my healer, my peace, my comforter. A very present help in times of trouble. The one I continually relay on day and night.

    Although I am very sick I fully trust the Lord for a miracle. I have brain issues with an MRI that is baffling to my neurologist. I have been diagnosed with MS, but there are issues that have been showing up in the last 3 years, that do not point to MS at all. Now my neurologist is unsure that he is qualified to treat me properly. I have been referred to another doctor, with an appointment on the 24th of this month. I am not afraid to die, in fact I so look forward to the day I can leave this earth and God shall wipe away all tears from my eyes, and there shall be no more death,neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain for the old things will be passed away and all things will become new, and we will forever be with the Lord.

    My fear if you can call it that, would be what is going to happen next as this illness is escalating to very strange happenings that are very out of character for me. I cry without warning, sometime seemingly for no reason at all, I then start screaming and then get so confused that what I am saying does not make since, this frightens my family and anyone that is around me. it also frightens me. This happened in church a few weeks ago, but everyone was afraid and didn’t know what to do. I was screaming why don’t you pray for me, then I just started rambling thing that didn’t make any since to anyone. Everyone just seemed to be in shock including the pastor. I only had this happen in church one other time a few weeks before that episode, and the pastors wife came to me and tried to calm me down. I was crying for my brother whom I love very dearly, he is not saved, and I screamed please pray for him, my two sister have died in their sins, and now they are going to hell! Then I was crying uncontrollably. The pastor tried to comfort me from the pulpit, saying no one knows if at the last few minutes of their lives that they may have call out to God and repented. But that is very unlikely, I have witnessed to both of them for years with no results. One was a professing atheist, and the other a lesbian. I am the only born again believer of all 4 of my parents children, My Dad died when I was 15 of ALS, I knew nothing about salvation at that time. My mother accepted the Lord at our kitchen table at the age of 55. So I am comforted that she is now with the Lord. I so long for the salvation of my brother, and I hurt so much for my husband and children are frightened, especially for my husband as this is becoming, so frightening for the both of us. He does his best to care for me, and he promises that he will take care of me for ever.I am assured that he will. He is also a born again believer.

    I’m so sorry that this is so long, but I would like to share with you my favorite scripture, besides the one that is written above which is Revelation 21:4. My second favorite scripture which I have been standing on for years is 2 Corinthians 4: 16 – 17. Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but want is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, and what is unseen is eternal. Version NIV

    My prayer is for the comfort of those that are around me when this happens, and for a miracle healing, or for the Lord to come quickly and take me home.

    Thanks for taking the time to listen to this frightening story.

    Judy L <

    • Thank you for sharing your story. I am so sorry for all you are walking through with this mysterious illness. I do praise God that you know Him and are seeking Him for healing along with doctors. I pray that God will fill this next doctor with supernatural wisdom and knowledge to determine what is the cause of your illness and I pray that all things hidden be revealed that may give a clue as to its cause. I pray for Jehovah Rapha to powerfully touch You with His mighty healing hand!!

      And thank you for sharing such powerful verses with us!



  75. Last Sunday, our pastor spoke on fear and I perked up because it’s something I deal with. But when he spoke of fear of man (what will they think of me) fear of inadequacy (what does this say about me) or fear of money (not having enough). I found that these didn’t so much apply to me.
    I go trough bouts of real panic, anxiety, depression and fear comes with it. During those times (and this time is one of them) I fear mental illness, cancer, death, losing my spouse, losing my kids, I fear loneliness, being useless, I fear my kids meeting someone and then moving far away, or meeting the wrong spouse, I fear getting old, I fear dying. I fear getting on planes, and on ships, and going on vacation without my kids (22, 19 and 14). All of these fears tell me that I don’t trust my Lord, and the worst of it is that it causes me to fear whether I am really saved in the first place. My husband says it’s a combination of wanting to be in control and hormonal imbalance. Perhaps he is right, but it’s causing me to live without any joy right now.

    • Jenny, first let me say that if you have confessed your sin before God and invited Christ into your heart as your Lord and Savior, you are a saved child of God and NOTHING can take that away…not even fear. But fear is a spirit NOT FROM GOD that can come and rest on those of us who are children of God and you have that spirit. Please, please read Chapter 7 from my book that I offer for free on my web site. Read it, dig into the Scriptures, pray them, memorize them and speak them over yourself with 100% and no doubt. God will be faithful to free you!!! With God all things are possible. He can free you from this fear and return to you the JOY of your salvation.



  76. DaughterOfChrist says:

    Dear Mrs.Wendy,
    Thank you for this post! I’m a teenage girl in Christ and I was comforted to know other women on Christ deal with this as well! My anxiety makes me tells like I alone or “crazy” and fills me with lies! You are on inspiration and gives me hope! Im so incredibly blessed and have nothing to worry about but fear still invades me in every area but satan won’t get me down!! I advance but fail as well and wish it would just go poof!Thank you!! Any advice!? God bless you and thank you for helping me defeat those lies!

    • Thank you for sharing your thanks and your heart. I encourage you to read through and apply the principles and Scriptures taught in the free Chapter 7 download from my book Hidden Joy that I spoke of in the post. That is the most powerful and effective way to defeat fear. God will be faithful, sweet friend!!



  77. Hi my name is Annabel. First of all i would like tp Thank God for people in my life to get closer to him. Well since I gave my life to Jesus Christ. Everything just started rumbling down finiacially. One of my daughter just got worst in her Mental issues. That there are times I just want giving up. I tell myself that this are test on the Faith. These few months are really gotten worst car broke down and getting to stay on time paying on the rent. I know it shall come pass and have a better future with Jesus Christ in my life. Thanks for the encouraging words.

  78. Oh my goodness! I desperately NEED this book! That’s all I can even say… I don’t have the money to buy it but I would love love love to be the winner of a copy or even get someone else’s old copy that has already become a conquer of the chains of fear and doesn’t need it anymore. If that’s the case, please email me at Good luck to you all:) -Jessica

    • Jessica, this giveaway is over since this is an old post. Thank you so much for stopping by. I do encourage you to read the free download of my chapter on fear that you can access on the right said of my blog. It will help you with your fear.



  79. Thanx wendy for this article,most of my life is full of fear and anxiety. i worry a lot and fear what will happen tommorrow ,fear of losing my husband ,family ,lack .many thing run in my mind a lot every day,.i need help on how to overcome this.

  80. Kim Riddle says:

    WOW, talk about confirmation!!!! This is absolutely amazing! I have struggled with the fear of failing! My scripture is 2 Timothy 1:7, I just love how he speaks against fear, and yet reminds us of His peace! I am apart of the OBS, A Confident Heart and I am truly learning to one day at a time, trusting Jesus one step at a time! This little devotional has helped confirm that I am recovering from my fear and moving forward! Thank You for sharing, this was truly meant for me this morning!!! God Bless You!

  81. Sue Theriault says:

    I have an incurable illness and sometimes I get so frightened. I am afraid to go forward or stay in one place. It weakens your faith so much.

    • Fear can be so gripping. But remember it is NOT of the Lord. As fear overwhelms your thoughts, meet it head on with Scripture…promises from the Lord and with PRAISE. Both of these chase that fear away!! Eventually over time, God’s promises replace the fear. His comfort meets you and assures you when fear tries to rear its ugly head. Stay close to God, and He will help you overcome your fears.



  82. Thank you for sharing. I’ve been living in fear myself for the past 6 years and have felt helpless! It is good to remember how helpful praying scripture can be. Thank you for your support to other women struggling like this!

  83. I have been a prisoner of fear for a long time. I have prayed for years like you that it would just go away some how. I really need to read your book. I have bookmarked this page and will read the scriptures on fear daily. Fear not I Am with you always! Please pray for me to be a conqueror. I have suffered with fear and anxiety for most of my life.

    • Praying for you now, sweet friend. And if you claim these promises and dig deep into His Word and fill your heart and mind with those promises YOU WILL BE MORE THAN A CONQUEROR!!! That is His promise. And there is nothing greater than living in that freedom. Praying God will work in a mighty way to help you overcome your fear.



  84. I think I am fairly new to this whole fear and anxiety thing. After having a my son who is now 3, I suffered a miscarriage. Then God blessed me with a beautiful baby girl. I promised Him I would give these babies back to Him and I thank Him for them everyday. I so struggle with wanting to hold onto them, but I know I need to let go and trust Him. It’s just so difficult and I’m constantly going over the what if’s in my mind. Every tragic story I hear I can’t help but picture myself in that situation and it kills me. How do I find balance between letting my heart break for what breaks His and living in fear of all of it? I’m so grateful to have found your page and some real steps I can take to break my fear. Thank you!

    • Sweet Megan, if you take these steps, I promise over time,the Lord will help you overcome your fear! When you pray His Word, He must honor it. Some protectiveness is good as a mother, but fear is not!! I know, I have been there as I feared for Lauren that what happened to me would happen to her. But God has given me a peace about it…He helped me through, and he will help her through if the worst should happen. But I have also equipped her to be safe.



  85. It’s 12:50 a.m. and I found this post from a link on proverbs 31’s Facebook page. I’m lying awake, afraid to sleep. My two kids are lying next to me, and my husband is in Afghanistan. My fear is that something will happen to me in my sleep and I won’t wake up. It’s paralyzing at times. I’m so tired and the nights are the hardest with my husband gone. I would appreciate your prayer.

    • Sweet Steffani, I am praying God will equip you with His Word to overcome this fear. God has NOT given you a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind! Please read the free chapter download and use the Scriptures and tools in it. God will use it to bring you to a place of peace, free from fear and anxiety!



  86. I struggle so much with fear. I went through a process of deliverance prayers and it has been much better. I still feel fear creeping in to areas of my life. It is not as strong or evident and I don’t feel the anxiety with it in the middle of the night as I did before. I believe it is control, and the need to please others. I hate it and I want it gone. I don’t not want it to have power over me anymore. I know it is satan and I KNOW God loves me and doesn’t want me to live like this. That is what has led me to this post. I believe it. So now I go to scripture for my weapon. Thank you.

  87. Would love to read your book. I have great anxiety when facing new things though getting better at one day at a time through His word. I am not always diligent but am getting there.

    • Definitely read the free chapter I have available for download. I know it give you Scriptures and tools to help you overcome your fear.



  88. Need to look into your book. I’ve livee with panic and anxiety for over a year now its not fun

    • Please do, Shandi. It is filled with Scriptures and tools that will help free you from living with panic and anxiety!! God is ABLE!!



  89. Tammie Hoelle says:

    Please pray for me to have a break through on fear also. I have been struggling for the last two years with a horrible battle with anxiety. Everyday, every minute of the day, unless I’m asleep, I think I’m sick and going to due. I have been to the Dr and ER soooo many times, and every test possible has been run and all negative of anything. I pray and read scripture out loud everyday, all day. I don’t know what to do anymore. it is taking its toll on me spiritually and physically . it is to the point I can’t even sit and watch a movie with my husband, because if I don’t keep busy doing something I go into a state of just thinking something is wrong. I pray God would just deliver me!!!!!!!!!

  90. I have struggled with fear and anxiety since I was a little girl. God has helped me overcome soooo much of the fear and anxiety and doubt that comes with it that I cant even begin to express my gratefulness to Him. Yet I still struggle. It seems to come in overwhelming ways when God wants me to do something or when I want/need to do something that I know He wants to bless. I fear failure. I fear that I wont do it. I fear that I’ll give up and quit so I fear making the commitment to start. I fear that I dont have what it takes to keep going and to succeed. It tears me up inside. I WANT to trust that God will provide all that I will need to get me through. That He will strengthen me when I’m weak and feel like quitting.

  91. Thank you for sharing! Spoke some of the verses this morning and praying for a state of peace like you explain in Chapter 7. My fear and anxiety has become debilitating the past few months and is causing hurt and confusion to those that I love the most. Calling on the help of the Lord!

  92. What a wonderful testimony, Wendy. God is so good!
    I too spent too many years living with fears and doubts hiding in TV and secluding myself…unwilling to face things. when I start to slide back into that mode now, God doesn’t let me stay there. I am surrounded with an awesome group of Christian women. We support and encourage each other so well. I think that is one of the reasons why the Bible tells us to not neglect meeting together (Hebrews 10:25). We are His hands and feet here on earth.

  93. I have struggled with anxiety my whole life. It’s always encouraging to hear from others who are in the same place. Thank you so much for this article and for all who shared.

    • I’m also having a situation where I stand to lose most of my Christian friends. It’s been hard because I’m very, very shy and finding a trove of friends who love Jesus is priceless.

  94. I have lived in bondage to fear for 20+ years (I’m only 29 but I’ve been dealing with this since I was a child). It has gotten some better recently but it’s still a problem and one that I absolutely hate. After Christmas, I’ll have to see about investing in your book. Thank you so much for heeding God’s prompting and writing about your experiences!

  95. I admire ur strength & ur trust in The Lord. I want to be a conqueror like u instead of a prisoner of fear. I have lived with social anxiety for many years, & I feel like it is controlling every part of my life & me. I want to be a better mom, wife, daughter, sister & friend, and I want to learn how to trust in God to help me conquer & heal my fears with social anxiety.

    Thank u 4 ur website, story, & hope!


    • Jana, if you want to be a conqueror and free from fear, God will do that for you. Take the Scriptures and tools in that free chapter and make them your own. God will be faithful!!



  96. I have OCD which stems from a lot of fears. I am trying to overcome my OCD by praying over God’s word on fear and by reading a book on thankfulness. I would love to read your book on how to overcome my fears!


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