September 13, 2013

Do You Struggle Making Faith-Filled Choices? with Giveaway

Do you struggle with making faith-filled choices?

If you answered yes to this question, my new book Living So That: Making Faith-Filled Choices in the Midst of a Messy Life is for you!

Living So That March 2014

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Below I share more from my heart about Living So That and Thomas Nelson’s new Inscribed Collection and our authors. (6 minute video)

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Thank you for stopping by today. Please don’t forget my invitation in the video. Leave a comment and share how you struggle with making faith-filled choices. What is one step you can take  to move from making less faith-filled choices and more faith-filled choices?…besides investing in Living So That, of course! 🙂

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  1. Too often I struggle with faith-filled choices.
    I tend to think in the negative.
    A way I am combating this is memorize scripture.
    This helps me focus more on Jesus and less on my circumstances.

  2. My biggest obstacle for making faith-filled choices is simply me! {I blame the blonde in me, but truth be told, I’m a good girl who makes dumb choices.} Spending time with God in His Word and especially prayer is really key for me to return to those faith-filled choices. It’s something I struggle with everyday, as I’m sure it’s the same for everyone else. Daily making that choice to obey His will rather than giving into my own.

    <3 Heather

    Liked Inscribe on FB, Twitter, and Insta; I don't have a Pintrest {deleted that account after five min lest I be sucked into the PT world forever}.

    • Ha! You are so funny. I agree about Pinterest. So much good stuff out there to look at and read.. It should come with a warning: SELF-CONTROL REQUIRED.

      Heather, you are right. We all do struggle with obeying what we know God is calling us to do. The pull of the flesh is so strong.



  3. Jenny Martin says:

    Spending time each evening reading my 10 year olds devotional with her has done wonders for me!

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    • What a great idea!! I read one with my son each morning and sometimes I think it speaks more to me than to him. 🙂

      Thanks for the “likes.”



  4. I was just talking with a friend about this yesterday. It is very difficult in a work place that has a lot of issues in which people do not seem to be Christian and tend to make faith-less choices. I can have a good morning with the Lord, have my armor on, get to work only to be bombarded and then find myself reacting with my own faith-less choices. Needless, to say this only makes me feel like I can’t live up to making faith-filled choices. I know it is a journey and I’m working to be more diligent to pause and try to make the faith-filled choices in these circumstances. I want to live a life so that God can be seen in my choices. Can’t wait to read the new book.

    • Carol, you are not alone in this. That is why I love Bible study. First, we get to talk about stuff like this and know that we are not alone. And, second, Bible study fills us with truths and principals to help us not react in the way the world does. We can have a Scripture memorized so that if someone irritates us or wrongs us or another, we can take the negative thought captive and replace it with a truth or promise from God. And in doing so, we live so that others see Christ in us!!



  5. Oh how I struggle with making faith-filled choices! I’ve always believed in God, but never had a close relationship with Him until recently. I’ve made poor choices in my past and have carried guilt with me for so long. I never truly understood grace and forgiveness and God’s unconditional love. The past two years have been amazing as I learn from so many incredible women I know personally and those who I have gotten to know through reading their books and participating in the bible studies that accompany them. I cannot get enough of the word of The Lord! I’m really excited for “Living so that”!! It resonates with me because a young friend bought me a decorative picture that sits on my mantle, she said it reminded her so much of me. It says, “Live so that when your children hear these words they think of you…Kindness, Integrity, Love, Caring, Honesty, and Trust”. I am working hard every single day to be the person she thought of when she bought that for me, and the closer I grow to God, the easier it becomes!

    • mom@lthfarm says:

      That’s AWESOME, Carrie (gave me chillse)! Something we should all strive for! Blessings to you! 🙂

    • Carrie, I love what that plaque says. I have never heard that before. What a blessing to have a reminder of such a powerful truth every day. Wish I had talked to you before the book was published so that we could have included it! 🙂

      Thank you for sharing. And I pray the Lord continues to take you deeper still in His Word as you continue on your new journey with Him!!



  6. mom@lthfarm says:

    I keep a prayer journal beside my bed, and when I’m struggling with a decision, and I’m asking God for guidance I write it down. That helps me to not only mull it around in my head, but also to see it in writing! I feel that when I write it down, it helps me to focus on the ‘faith’ part, and letting God do His work! 🙂
    Thank you for the shot at the beautiful necklace!! XO

  7. For me it takes more meditating on the truths in God’s word & standing on them. Moving past people pleasing tendencies- I’m realizing more & more that I make assumptions about how people may react toward me & I don’t have to be liked by everyone & that’s becoming more & more ok w/me. Comes a point when pleasing God is really what matters most- not just desiring to do so.

  8. Cynthia Quiroga says:

    Coming to terms with God knows what He is doing and whom He is asking to do something. He has laid things directly on my heart. My first thought is to question Him. So I do. I used to argue with Him. I don’t do that so much anymore. But I love to get to the point where I just do what He wants me to without question.

    God bless you.

    • I’ve been a Christian a long time and know a lot about the Lird but don’t always know how He lives me! I know He does love but not the depth or in what ways He’s willing to show me just because He does love me!

      • Oh, how He does love us, Kim. I pray for all of us that we would know how wide and high and deep and long is God’s love for us in Christ!!



    • Cynthia, looking to God…listening and knowing what He is asking and speaking is so important. And then obeying!! Thank you for stopping by to share today. I so appreciate what you wrote.



  9. Correction for Lird, should be Lord and live should be love!

  10. Thank you , I have a special way that I use when I have a “Messy-life”, Since I am older than
    Some,I find that the experience that helps me the most is, Finding my “Faith-Filled”life is to
    Go to God’s word, then pray,I will look for someone that I know or have hears of, I will go to
    Them ,through a phone call,a note or visit.
    I will then share my Faith experience with them ,tell them how The Lord has led me to his Love
    And the compassion I feel for those who I have know while as a child in trying times ,share His love and mercy.His grace is my favorite time with them as we share together.
    We have had many times through our church life gone into prayer for those in need and helped
    Them with the Holy Spirit, be saved and give their lives to The Lord.
    Nothing can make me feel that God is with me and they are on their way to heaven. Praises!

  11. April Roberts says:

    Thank you for sharing I think all women really struggle with this in a world full of who can be the best and its nice to have people like you speak out about it 🙂

  12. I definitely struggle with making faith-filled decisions. I would say that I go to God’s word and spend time in prayer with Him to seek His will. I also meditate on the scriptures I have learned over time. This has truly changed my decision making.

    • Ashley, me too. Staying in God’s Word on my own and through Bible study are two huge ways I learn how to make more faith-filled choices and less faith-less choices!



  13. Yes, I struggle daily with faith-filled choices. My biggest problem is my bent to disobedience. I know the right thing to do (or not do),; the Lord often gives me a check in my spirit but I just go ahead and do the wrong thing anyway. This usually involves my words. To combat I just try to spend time in prayer asking God to call me even louder and help me be obedient. Also every morning I start my prayer time out asking God to reveal my biggest sin from the preceding day. Eventually I really get tired of writing those same things down over and over and over and….and that inspires me to ask for more help “shaping up”. As others have said scripture also helps a lot.

    • Tracy, thanks for being so honest. I found myself feeling that same way because I had so many “sins” or “acts of disobedience” I had to work on. Finally, a wise woman told me to choose one of those things and concentrate on changing it. Once I overcame that sin, then I could move on to the next. I chose my tongue, more specifically how I used it in relation to my daughter. When I focused on that one thing, God did a mighty transformational work!! So I encourage you to choose only one of these things you are trying to overcome and work one on one with God on that. He will be faithful to help you make more faith-filled choices in this area!!



  14. I do struggle with making faith-filled choices. For me, it is more a lack of discipline than a lack of faith. When I am disciplined in my alone time with God (reading, praying, listening, worshipping), I pray more and search more for God’s will in my life. When I am less disciplined, I make decisions without praying and without seeking God’s advice. I know that Gods’s plan is perfect and that He works in all situations. I just have to keep my focus on Him so that I follow His plan. I am looking forward to the release of #livingsothat!

    • I love the way you worded this: “For me, it is more a lack of discipline than a lack of faith.” I totally agree, and I think you speak for most of us. We aren’t willing to discipline ourselves to live in obedience to what we hear from God.



  15. For over 30 years I have struggled with fear, anxiety and eventual agoraphobia. My biggest struggle has been tocontinue to live believe that I am now free. Last yesr God totally set me free, butat times I am still uncertain as how to move forward. I cant wait for the new book Wendy.

    • Angie,

      Thanks for sharing so honestly. Fear is such a difficult stronghold. Check out my blog post for tomorrow (Monday); I speak to this very issue!!



  16. Halona Luna says:

    I struggle with faith-filled choices. I try so hard not to let this world get to me but my health has been getting worse & I will turn 40 in January. I have been almost homebound with the acceptions of my doctor appointments. I try to infuse my life with positives & keep my head in God’s word.

    • Halona, I am so sorry. Chronic sickness is truly debilitating. I have several family members who suffer with various forms of autoimmune disease. I pray the Lord swiftly brings relief and healing to your body. And I pray that as you infuse your heart and mind with God’s Word, it will do as He promises and bring health to your body and healing to your bones!!



  17. Well Wendy, you have me thinking…I read this post earlier today, but wanted to take some time and really think about your questions.

    Do I struggle? Yes, thankfully not as much as before, but daily I still mess up. I make faithless choices when I let my flesh win. I believe I do better with the big choices/decisions than the daily ones, specifically those that I make endlessly in response to my children.

    What can I do to make more faith-filled choices? Good question! I need to keep growing closer to Christ by being in His Word, praying and resting. I need to know God more…I find the more I know God the more I want to obey Him, which results in dying to myself and choosing what is best!

    As I’ve thought about this, I had the thought – I know what to do, but how will I do it? God took me back to last year and your online “So that” study, which He used to really take me to a deeper level of study and love for His Word. Reading the Bible is good and has a purpose, but solid studies that get us into the Word, making us apply it, live it and pray it are transformational. Personally the structure helps me too!

    Finally, the other thought God brought to mind as I prayed about the next step is to surround myself with people who are trying to do the same. It’s important to have someone a step ahead who’s setting an example and encouraging me. At the same it’s good to know someone is following in my steps, so I will be intentional in my attempt to model a Godly walk for them.

    Looking forward to the study this March!! Praying for you and all involved with Inscribed!!

    • Amen to all that you said…especially about being truly “in” the Word and surrounding yourselves with others who do the same to encourage and support us and hold us accountable!



  18. I use to struggle with faith-filled choices but have made a concious effort to change that. I use to be so negative that one of my friends called me “a prophetess of doom”. I thought thinking negative helped me accept the negative when it comes. But now God has taught me that instead of dwelling on the negative why not look for “whatsoever things that are pure, lovely and of good report”. For sure it is hard to get to that point in life but it has helped me take everything to God in prayer especially when I cannot handle it.

    Thank you for an opportunity to share.


    • Praising God for your friends!! And praising God that your heart was humble enough to hear their words and desire change. You are walking in obedience to God’s Word to think on whatsoever things that are “pure, lovely and of good report.” I pray He will honor your beautiful heart of obedience.



  19. Yes I struggle with faith filled choices, not a lot, but I do in one area and that is in the relationship with my sibling. Long story short, I only communicate with email, and the reason for that is I can continue to be obedient to God that way. I Can’t deal with a controlling person, who is always on the defensive, and antagonizes others. This way I can pray before I answer, and let God lead me. And even then, what I write is misinterpreted and taken offensively. I pray for her everyday and ask God to meet her needs, to be with her in her life, cause I don’t know what she is going through, and why she is like this. I want to continue my walk with God and stay close to Him. Prayer is powerful, and God answers. He has a purpose for all of this.
    I love the new website, I liked on Facebook and have posted on my timeline…I also have told my friends to look you all up……So excited Wendy—Looking forward to the new book. Also excited that I can be a part of this……God Bless You Anna

    Psalm 46:10 Be still and know I am God

    • Anna, you set such a great example for us with your sister…how you rationally approach your interactions to “control your tongue” and how you pray for her even though it is so hard. I pray that she will see Christ in you through all of this and want what you have and be drawn to Christ because of it.

      And thank you for all your excitement!! It means so much and truly encourages me as I work on the editing process and marketing plans.



  20. I can really relate to what Carol posted above. It’s difficult to make consistent faith-filled choices when we are surrounded by faith-less people. I have to choose to pause in these moments. Instead of reacting quickly, I can take the time to think of how Jesus would react, which reaction would honor God, and even pray before reacting. If nothing else, I can just learn to keep my mouth shut and walk away until I am able to get my reactions under control. Can’t wait for the book to be released 🙂

    • Tanya, again such wise words…to stop and think before our speak. That is just what the Lord directs…be slow to speak and quick to listen. Thank you for stopping by and sharing today.



  21. Jean Marie Brown says:

    My struggle with making faith-filled choices has always boiled down to trust. Because of my life experiences, I have tended to put up walls to protect me against hurt. But the problem was that those same walls I put up to help me hurt me even more because I was keeping Jesus out – on the other side of the walls – too. I always knew God was there, and Jesus was in the midst of my storm waiting for me to reach out to him. I felt it, but I relegated Him to the sidelines … thinking that if I somehow “controlled” the situation, I would survive. I have always survived. But I have not always lived, and allowed Jesus to live in me. The number one thing that I have done to help me make more faith filled choices is to get into the Word of God each and every day. By making time to do this, I have done pretty well at keeping the right perspective about my life (at least most of the time!). I have come to realize that this four letter word called life isn’t about me, it’s about God, and bringing glory to Him. And I truly believe that “in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” ~ Romans 8:28 God does have a purpose for my life, and He does have a plan. And it is up to me to relinquish control and surrender to Him always, allow Him to work in and through me, to seek Him in all that I am and all that I do, and praise Him through every storm & season – realizing that His Will for me is being accomplished through anything & everything that comes to pass. I am THRILLED about Inscribed Studies – I truly am! I can’t wait to read your new book Wendy!

    • Wow! So many great truths written in your comment. Thank you for sharing. I especially like what you said about life: “life isn’t about me, it’s about God and bringing glory to Him. ” Amen and amen!!

      Thanks for being excited about #InscribedStudies. We love making new friends. I can’t wait to study #LivingSoThat with you next year.



  22. Katherine B. says:

    I do struggle in making the right choices especially with having an 8 year old daughter. She tells me I don’t let her do anything or wear what she wants to wear. At times I feel bad but then I know that I am making the right choices for her. I tell her do you want me to be one of those parents that let their children do anything they want or be one of those parents that care how you are raised.

    • Katherine, it is so hard to know the proper choices to make as we raise our kids. It gets harder the older they get as you have to let go and allow them to make more choices. But discipline, teaching modesty and instilling Christian beliefs and values in the hearts of our children is so important!! Praying for God to grant you exceptional wisdom as you seek to raise your kids.



  23. Not alone here…I get in my own head sometimes when I really just need to listen to God. Less of me, more of Jesus. That’s what people should see when they look at me. Two words that come to my mind are dwell and relinquish…dwell – I need to dwell more deeply in God’s word in order to hear Him speak to me. His wisdom, His guidance, will see me through all of life’s faith-filled choices and steer me toward making those important faith-filled decisions. Like a great Father, he is there to love on, cry on, put burdens on and most importantly, pray on. Learning to ask for what is needed and even ask to rid of those that are not. Getting out of my own way, listening and letting God’s will be done is the only way to relinquish my understanding and rely on His. Father, as they say, knows best.

    • Your two words are GREAT: dwell and relinquish. When we dwell in Him, it makes it so much easier to hear God’s voice and to desire to follow it because we know Him better and trust Him more.



  24. I am just now in the process of learning to make faith-filled choices at age 30. I was saved when I was 7 years old but I never really understood how to have a real relationship with God. Through a series of pretty terrible events, God has gotten my attention and I’m now reading everything I can get my hands on – I really want to grow in my faith and learn to trust God to take care of me instead of trying to control everything. In short, my struggle comes from my failure to be obedient in the past; I honestly had no idea what I needed to do despite many godly women in my life who I’m sure would have helped me if I had asked. I’m working hard to overcome a life of sin and stubbornness but it’s difficult!

    • Andrea, you are exactly where God wants you to be! He promises that when you seek Him with all your heart, you will find Him. I have a feeling you will find Him at work in your life in the most amazing ways as you continue to humble your heart towards Him.



  25. I definitely struggle in making faith-filled choices. It’s so easy to live a life ruled by fear – fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of disappointing God or others or myself.

    I find that I make more faith-filled choices when I start my day by reading from my One Year Bible and a devotional book. I also pray for myself and my family. This gets my day started right and keeps my focus on God.

  26. I struggle with making faith-filled choices when I’m exhausted or distracted or overwhelmed. Its those times that I tend to be sharp tongued or miss out on eternally important opportunities. When I start my day in the Word and with prayer, taking time to journal my worries, I can do a better job staying focused, hearing the Still Small Voice and making faith filled choices.

    • Kate, I see a common theme in all of these comments and you say it well, “I find that I make more faith-filled choices when I start my day by reading from my One Year Bible and a devotional book. (and) pray.” These are the perfect answers to our question today…how can we make more faith-filled questions.



    • Krista, journaling is a great suggestion and one we have not really had yet. Being in the Word and documenting what we hear the Lord teaching us and what He is asking us to do is key. But then so is praising Him when we come out the other side!!!



  27. I struggle on “trigger days” mostly…those heart wrenching remembrance type of moments when its too easy to close myself up instead of letting go & letting God.
    Suicide Loss rocked my world..and God can put me together again. 8)

    • Mary, I can relate. I have a few days like that. I have truths and promises memorized to help me fight those days. When the thoughts come, I tell them they must FLEE in the name of Jesus, and I replace them with a truth or promise from God.



  28. I struggle with making faith filled choices because I have not completely learned that God is the one in control, not me. I have recently renewed my commitment to Jesus Christ and my faith. I know that if I focus on Him, follow scripture, and learn to let go and trust God, the faith filled choices will become the only way to live. God bless you for writing this book. I am looking forward to the Bible study.

    • Shari, congratulations on recommitting your life to Christ. God is so pleased with you!! I’m with you, I want faith-filled choices to become the only way I live!!



  29. Charlotte Askew says:

    For the umpteenth time I will say again….I am so excited about this Inscribed Collection. I totally know that the reason for this is because your wonderful study is a part of that collection. After having done studies with you before, I know the love and passion you have for teaching the Bible. That makes me excited for you and the study.

    I begin each day being faith filled, that for me is the easy part. The faithless choices start to creep in when I am dealing with a “not so nice person”. I have a bad tendency to not “taste my words” before they leave my tongue. I am working hard to stop….and ask myself what would Jesus do or say in this situation. It is helping me to look at these people with different eyes. I am not saying that I accomplish this each time; however, the trying to handle them better is improvement.

    Sharing all over the place.

    • Charlotte, thanks for all your enthusiasm. It means more than you will know! I so appreciate how you are sharing #InscribedStudies and #LivingSoThat with all your friends.

      And I too struggle with this…the tongue. Not so much at home but with others who frustrate me!! You gave some great tips. Thank you!



  30. I struggle with study of God’s Word and I’ve begun a High Voltage Prayer study because I feel prayer is so powerful.

    • Prayer is powerful! Praying the Word of God is even more powerful. As you study God’s Word, you will deepen your prayer life all the more. The study you mentioned, High Voltage Prayer, sounds like something I would LOVE!!



  31. Dear Wendy,
    I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to see your amazing study… published! It is so incredibly needed! For me, faith-filled choices become a challenge the moment I look at my circumstances. It’s no wonder we are told to not lean on our own understanding! With my limited mindset, I think of all the reasons something is impossible! In addition to being in the Word daily… hourly… the one practical step I take is journaling. I journal my prayers and as they get answered, I type it in red next to the request. That helps me see God’s perfect track record! It’s a kick going back a year or more and to see all the “impossible” things that God made possible. So easy in theory… not as easy to put into practice. This is why I… and countless others… are in eager anticipation of your study!
    I love you,

    • Oh,how I love this journaling idea for all of us today. I totally agree with you that it is a great practical step to take. And thanks for giving us a visual description to help us understand better how it works.

      Love you, friend!!!


  32. Do I struggle? YES! Like crazy! Especially lately, it’s really been difficult to make faith-filled choices. I really need this book! It will def be put on my wish-list!

  33. I do struggle with making faith-filled choices! When something happens, I am quick to react with a word or even just a thought that is faithless – the reaction is just so quick and easy…and hurtful and negative. I want to continue to study, learn and memorize God’s Word so that I have these ready when I need them!

    • Jeanne, I hope you have seen from the other comments, you are not alone in this. And memorizing God’s Word is a GREAT way to combat what you are talking about!!!


  34. Yes I do! The area I struggle in the most in tearing myself down. I fill my head with negative talk…. I’m not good enough…. I’m not smart enough…. It’s no way I can do that! I’m praying I will let my heart and mind soak in God’s truths; and believe and live them!

  35. The one step I can take to move from making less faith-filled choices is to memorize scripture.

  36. Wow! Lately I fill God has really been testing me to see if I will trust him and make Faith Filled choices. I am a extreme people pleaser so it is so hard for me to not want to help people,but sometimes I get hurt and people say ugly things to me. It hurts inside and I just find it hard to forgive. But I ,remember that Christ always forgave but was not a door mat and he spoke his mind.

    My amazing husband and 3 wonderful children also speak life into me by reminding me of scripture and priorities. God, family, and etc.

    Thank you for all you do wendy!

    Love u!

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