February 19, 2014

Free Devotional: “Five Days to a Faith-Full Life”

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Living So That March 2014

Living So That: Making Faith-Filled Choices in the Midst of a Messy Life releases on March 4th as part of Thomas Nelson’s Inscribed Collection! To celebrate its release and give you a taste of what the book is about, I’ve written a free five-day companion devotional, “Five Days to a Faith-Full Life.” I would love to share it with you today. Simply sign up below and share with your friends!

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In the short (6 minute) message below, I share a bit more about Living So That.

Living “so that” comes down to choices.

We can make faith-filled choices or we can make faith-less choices.

Faith-less choices come easier and occur when we react quickly out of our emotions and do what comes naturally. They lead to a frazzled, highly charged, chaotic life.

Faith-filled choices are more challenging. They require patience and occur when we react not out of our emotions but out of a Spirit-led heart and mind. They lead to a peaceful, content, more fulfilled life.

I found myself making faith-less choices day in and day out, which often left me feeling like the worst wife, mom, friend, and co-worker. Can you relate?

Tired of feeling unequipped for daily living, I dug into my Bible and discovered two words that have changed the way I read Scripture and live my life: “so that.”  

Living So That dives deeply into God’s Word. Each chapter helps you gain a new perspective on daily living and studies the “so that” Scriptures in the New Testament, covering topics like:

•  Jesus Came So That
•  God Spoke So That
•  Pray So That
•  Trials Come So That
•  Let Your Light Shine So That

You’ll find prayers, biblical teaching, personal stories, application questions, “going deeper” sections, and calls to action to put into practice what you have learned.

To discover all you need to know about Living So That, click here. On this page, you’ll find more information about the book, an invitation to share the free five-day devotional, a link to sign up for the Proverbs 31 Living So That online Bible study, learn what others are saying about LST, find tweets to share, and discover great promotions for bulk purchases of LST for your church and/or small group.

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  1. Tina Picazo says

    Wendy, thank you for sharing…this testimony struck a cord with me. Before coming to Christ, I uprooted my two young daughters and moved about two hours away from the city I was born and raised in. I left to marry and combine families with a man I thought was going to be forever. I was the only one who thought that.
    I went through a time of depression, no friends, and my sister lived out here only a short time before moving back. So it was just my daughters and I after the divorce. I shut myself in, and gained weight.
    Once I grew tired of it and decided to try and do something about it, I joined the gym. That along with a weight loss program through my job, I set out to change. Around this time I was also feeling the need for God, to get serious about it. Raised catholic, but had an experience at a Christian church and loved it.
    I had no idea where to start and visited a church, for lack of a better analogy, it was “too cold”.
    During this time, the instructor of my class at the gym had mentioned she wanted to lose 10lbs. I went to her after class to offer my help/support since I was having success with my plan.
    Not long after that, she invited me to a meeting for a dance ministry she was leading. I attended and one requirement was that I needed to be a regular attendee at a church. She then invited me to her church…and I now I lovingly call it my church too!!!
    I surrendered my life to Jesus and have been baptized. I adore my church family and enjoy helping where I can. Our church is growing, and moving into our very own building soon. A very exciting time indeed!
    I like you often cried, and wondered why God brought me out here only to be left divorced and alone.
    He sure knows what he’s doing. I have wonderful friends, some who are more like family, a great church and I have Jesus!!
    I’ll never be the same…

    • Tina, what a glorious story of God’s faithfulness!! Sometimes we go through the most lonely of times…a dark night of the soul…so that we can come out the other side stronger and closer to the heart of God than we ever could have been without that time. Thank you for taking the time to share your story! Praising God for your words, “He sure knows what he’s doing. I have wonderful friends…a great church and I have Jesus!! I’ll never be the same…”



  2. I was awake a 2:00… and rathet than flip flop in bed, asked God to help me. I read your “So that” devotion, and realized I was awake “so that” I’d be introduced to this book and study. It is exactly what I needed to hear from God. I’m heading back to bed, praising the Lord for my restlessness, for through it, I found this and cannot wait to start readiing and studying.

    • Lori, I love how God awakened you to speak to you through our devotion!! And I’m excited to hear how God uses your time in the devotional and in His Word!!



  3. Wendi Burgin says

    Good morning Wendy with a ‘y’ :). I am studying Crash the Chatterbox with Elevation church. This book seems to lead from that lesson. I am recently separated from the love of my life and and reading all I can on how to let Christ lead me thru. How to listen to Him. Thanks so much for today’s insight on your blog. I followed you here from the Ibelieve website.

    • Wendi, don’t you love when God speaks the same message to you from different parts of your life. That is when I know He is at work!! It’s the best feeling. I pray God comforts you during this difficult time and helps you walk through it with strength and courage!!



  4. Wendy, thank you for sharing your story at Proverbs 31 today.. Looking forward to learning more about living for Him and not for myself from your five day devo.

  5. This devotional hit spot on this morning with a prompting from God that I’ve had for a while now. I stay home with our 3 (soon to be 4) children while my husband works and some days I don’t feel as though I’m living ‘so that’ my children are seeing Him in me daily. I can’t wait to dig in and get some practical Biblical wisdom and guidance o. Living this out daily so that I influence their lives greatly for His kingdom.

    • Oh, Heather, I know God will speak into your circumstances as you meet Him in His Word. He is so faithful to show up when we seek hard after Him. I pray that as you read His Word, He will calm your heart, grant you an extra measure of patience and grace, and equip you with exactly what you need for each precious child.



  6. Thank you for living your life so that others may find God’s plan for us!

  7. Judy Redden says

    Good morning Wendy! I always feel so enlightened when I read your devotions. I remember the So That bible study you did and am looking forward to the next one. I will definitely be taking part in your 5 day devotions. God Bless You

  8. Another perfectly time devotion….I desire to live my life in a way that reflects God’s life giving love and joy and peace, everyday. I love sharing his gifts with others because his gifts to me have saved me from drowning, sinking, giving up and exploding most of the time. But still I find myself lost at times, not knowing how I got into such a mess of a day. And yesterday was one of those days or maybe it seems like this whole week so far has gone that way. I know I have choices about what I do next, i pray and then just when I think Ive got it, I stumble. I am gladly awaiting your new book for I find I do not make the wise and Godly choices with every little thing that comes my way.

    • Cathy, you are not alone. It’s hard to make godly choices in everything. But equipping ourselves with God’s Truth, promises and prayer get us started in the right direction! For me, having a few verses hidden in my heart for those weak places in my speech have really helped me make more faith-filled choices than I use to. I pray the same for you! 🙂

  9. Tina trotter says

    I thought this devotional today was very thought provoking. I had never really thought of that specific part of the verse like that. I know we, as Christians, are called to live for Christ, but I just like how you focused in and helped me see a verse in a brand new way! Don’t you just love God’s word and how it is living and breathing! It is life to each of us who reads it! Nothing else comes close!

  10. Thank you for the challenge. I feel like Paul so many times in knowing the right thing to do but letting the flesh get in the way of doing it.

  11. Nancy Jaime says

    Wendy, you wrote my song! I have been a Christian for 25+ years, and have all that “good stuff” inside me, yet I’m baffled that what comes out is so often not in line with what I know makes God pleased. I was drawn to the Made to Crave study so that I could get back to that place of passion and overflowing love where I was in the beginning, and connected with Lysa’s theme that I was “made for more than this.” God was clearly reminding me what that “more” looks like as I read your blog this morning. I look forward to reading your book and all the other good stuff, but mainly look forward to that continual work of becoming exactly who God created me to be.

    Thank you!!!

    • Nancy, thanks for taking time to stop by. I long for that same goal…to be exactly who God created me to be. It’s a life long journey, and I am so glad we get to take that journey with our Creator who knows us inside and out and loves us to pieces and wants only His highest and best for us!!


  12. Wendy, I believe I was led to visiting your blog this morning. I need to make more faith-filled choices in my life. I am in a valley right now and need to be filled with God’s Word and seek His will in my life.

    Thank you for your encouraging post today!

  13. Wendy, thanks for the devotional thought today. It just helped remind me that I am doing things for the Lord SO THAT His light can shine through me! It certainly gives me a different perspective on how I should go about my day. Thanks!

  14. You really speak to me. I look forward to hearing more from you.

  15. Hi Wendy! I’m Christine from NY. I am a housewife to my husband of (almost) 6 years, with 5 cats and a dog. 🙂 I’m really looking forward to your So That study! Thank you for always being so encouraging and faithful in God’s plan to use you to reach others like me!

  16. Thank you for your devotion on the P31 site. This year I decided not to make a resolution but a prayer. My prayer was to grow my faith. After reading your blog about “Faith-less” and “Faith-filled”, I knew I needed this. I’m working on my Faith but I want to make sure I’m doing it “Faith-filled”. I believe your book and study would help me so much. I look forward to reading and studying. Thank you for accepting the call from The Lord and writing this book that will touch peoples lives as God intended. Thank you for,sharing your faith. Thank you and have a Blessed week.

    • Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement! I am thankful the Lord is using this to help you grow in your resolution!!



  17. Thanks for sharing your thoughts today with the devotional! I loved it and it was definitely something I needed to hear. I’ve added your blog to my reader so that I can read more of your writings. Have a great day!

  18. Oh Wendy…
    I’ve been on the countdown… eagerly awaiting the release of “Living So That.” I wish I could grasp the enormity of God’s plan. I stand in awe that each of us displays His love, His truth, His compassion, His story wrapped up in our unique stories and lives. You have been such a monumental mentor in my life. I watch you live a “So That” life… and I do my best to follow in your footsteps as you do your best to follow in Jesus’ footsteps.

    Heavenly Father,

    Thank You for this appointed time to bless all of us with Your story and Your truth brought to us through Wendy’s diligent studies and her love for You. Guide each of us to realize just how wide, how long, how high and how deep Your love is. As that grows roots in our hearts, we will naturally yearn to live “So That” lives. Bless this book Lord! Prepare all of us who will read and study it. Lord, just as Wendy has worked so hard to multiply her talents, will You take this study and multiply the amazing outcomes in ways only You can? Thank You for Wendy’s heart. Thank You for Thomas Nelson bringing this to all of us. Thank You for equipping us for God-sized lives!
    In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

    Love you my friend. Congratulations!

  19. I am so thankful to come across your blog. This seems to be right up my alley, and I look forward to learning more!!!! Thank you for all you do.

  20. Wendy,
    It was so good to hear from you and “see” you again! Like Noelle, I too have been counting down the days…I know God used the online version of LST and will only do more with the book. This makes me think of 2 Timothy 3:16-17…another “So That” verse that basically says God’s Word is what equips us for His calling. Grateful for the tool you have put together so that we can dig into the Bible and thus better live as who He created us to be and do what He calls us to do. Blessings to you!!

    • Thank you, Jill!!! You and Noelle have been such faithful friends, prayer warriors and encouragers for me in ministry.



  21. Nicole Newberry says

    This is so on my heart!! Excited to read this and to be encouraged.

  22. Wendy, just enjoyed watching your video! Thank you for persevering in your walk with Christ to bring forth words of guidance and encouragement to all who need that extra push to “live” faithfully in a chaotic world! Being an “empty nester” I have struggled with this new role and am praying that your devotional and book will be the jump start I need in this season of life! Thanks once again!

  23. It doesn’t matter how long I’ve served the Lord, it is A lifetime of learning and failing and perseverance to be more like Christ. I am so glad for all the tools and resources HE gives to help us to grow.

  24. I am so excited to find your blog. Life can sure be messy and sometimes God puts you in the middle of those messes. I am sure you get placed in these messes just to learn some type of lesson.

  25. Your book sounds like a great encouragement to making our faith “alive” in daily life. I am very interested in that in my walk with God.

  26. Cindy Knapp says

    Hi Wendy. Thanks so much for sharing your story. My family and I were in a similar situation and I can totally relate. Today’s devotional came at a great time for me. Lots of extended family drama. This drama is the kind where they love to pull you in. I’m learning that I’m more at peace when I turn to God instead of doing my normal “reacting”. Thank you again. I can’t wait to read your book. Have a great day. God Bless.

  27. Shani Hunsaker says

    We recently became foster parents. Our sphere of influence has grown greatly because of this. And my desire is to live so that people will see God’s love and grace through me. Your book sounds like it was written just god during this time in my life. Thank you.

  28. Wendy – My prayer for my grown up children has been that I be a servant and a teacher for them – but always an ambassador! I love your definition and would love to read your new book! I am 50 and going back to school working on my Master of Divinity. We will see how God chooses to use me in my second career!

    • Wow! Angela, how exciting that you are going back to school. I admire you so much and pray the Lord does great things with your step of obedience to go deeper still in your walk with Him.



  29. Casey Bearden says

    The devotion from Proverbs 31 lead me to your website and spoke volumes to me this morning. I needed to hear someone else’s story that is similar to mine. Back in August God moved us from Georgia 7 hrs away to Alabama. We left everything familiar behind to follow what we felt God was leading us too. It has been a super super difficult 6 months. So I needed to hear that God has a purpose in it all and he has us here SO THAT we can glorify Him in some way.

    • Casey, I am thankful God’s timing for this devotional was perfect for you! That was my prayer…for the Lord to take this to the women who needed to hear from Him and be encouraged by His Word.



  30. I came to your blog after reading the Proverbs 31 daily devotional. I would so enjoy a copy of your book, it looks fantastic and frankly it looks like exactly what I need. I am signing up for the 5 day program and I look forward to reading more of your blog.

  31. God is so good!!! Your story sounds just like mine in so many ways. We just moved here, leaving beloved Chapel Hill, comfortable home and amazing friends too. I am suffering with great loneliness. God is blessing us in so many unbelievable ways but the highs and lows have been almost too much. We arrived just before Christmas surrounded by boxes and uncertainty. I went from weekly Bible study with dear sisters, long walks and conversations with precious friends and a blessed church home filled with love and growth to nothing that comes close! I count my blessings, and my biggest is my best friend Jesus. But I desperately desire some girl friends. I have become so withdrawn and lonely. I was just coming out of a year long major health crisis right before the move and my current situation is not helping at all. But I know He has a plan for this valley, I just pray that I can be what He wants me to be through it and look forward to reaching the peak! Thanks for being His! Your (lonely) sister in Christ.

    • Shara, thanks for sharing your story, sweet friend. I am so thankful the Lord used this devotional and post to encourage you. I pray that the Lord will use this wait time as a time you can grow deeper in your walk with Him. And I pray that He will bring new girlfriends into your life…women who love the Lord and also love to have fun! I pray he will draw you to the church home He has for you…where you can use your gifts and talents. I pray you will see His hand at work in your midst…that He will affirm and confirm why He brought you to this new place. He is doing a “new thing” and it will be marvelous!



  32. Thank you for the encouraging words on your move that you made. I moved a year and a half ago, after 25 yrs in the same house/city/province/country. I knew God told me to move but it was so challenging. Now, this many months later, I rejoice at what God has done. He at an eternal plan that I will willingly yield to. He knows the beginning and the end. Thank you.

    • Amen. Thank you for sharing your story! I know your words will encourage some of the other women who have left here.



  33. I’m a full time working (newly) single mom of two wonderful kiddos! The past couple years have been the trials of my life, God has surely walked me through them and is leading me closer to him and deeper into the future and hope he has prepared for me. I am always happy to come across such great resources and I am so looking forward to the 5 day devotional. it sounds like something that will really speak to me right where i am right now. thanks for all you do for us everyday women, 🙂 Amber M.

  34. Heather Leckey says

    Hi! I just finished the Confident Heart study on Proverbs with my sister. I was lucky enough to baptize her a few months after I was baptized. I have already pre-ordered Living So That (what seems like forever ago, I can’t wait till the end of March!!!). However, I would love to give a copy to my sister. I am thankful to be involved in studies like these…being me (and most importantly my sister) closer to our God.

    • What a blessing to share your faith with your sister and to do studies together!! And thanks for ordering Living So That!!!



  35. AMEN!! I found your message today on the Proverbs31 Ministries daily encouragement and it spoke directly to my heart. I am in an extremely difficult transition in my life right now and am feeling attacked at every angle, all day, all night. My faith is truly being tested as I am being prepared for the next chapter of my life. I need the Lord more than ever and every form of encouragement possible. THANK YOU for sharing this! May God bless you!

  36. Your book sounds amazing. I am doing the Bible study “Made to Crave” and that has challenged me and helped me to see how to CRAVE God more. I look forward to digging even deeper.

  37. Yvonne Rentschler says

    I’m here due to the encouragement blog today as I also have questioned our big move that wasn’t in our plans but it was so orchestrated that we couldn’t question it. Though my son whom has an incurable disorder along with other diagnoses has been able to receive a remarkable amount of services he wasn’t getting, and my husband a job he’s happy with…still leaves me questioning why I was taken from the ministry and support team God had blessed me with at our previous location. I find myself not knowing what to do at this point. Thanks for the blog.

  38. Love the title of the book and the messy part so resonates with me.

  39. Emily Montjoy says

    So excited to learn how to live “so that”… Making faith-filled choices!

  40. Thank you for allowing God to use you. What a gift! I am new to Proverbs 31 Ministries and all the various blogs.I can see God’s hand at work in my family but have no idea of where He is leading us. I take comfort in your testimony and seek to align us with God’s will. I look forward to reading your devotional.

  41. I recently started getting your Proverbs 31 ministry devotions and it’s ministering to me more then you know,today’s devotion(that you wrote) was so very timely.I’m in a new season in life and it’s been hard finding my way.I was married for 28 years to my first husband,who tragically died,then recently remarried.New life,new church,blending our families,all challenging,joyful,all in one.

  42. Hi Wendy, I found your site through Proverbs 31 daily devotional email. I can say my life is a mess right now after going through a divorce, being in debt, struggling to pay never ending bills, working a lot, and trying to find a more permanent place to live. I am signing up for the five day challenge. your video description of your book sounded very interesting.

  43. Lesley Joy Boyer says

    Thank you, Wendy. I found your encouragement to live a ‘faithful-full’ life in today’s email from Proverbs 31 (Encouragement for Today) and immediately signed up for your Bible study. Why? Because I wonder about God’s “so thats” in my life. You see, four months ago (after 10 months of looking/praying) I found employment. Then I had a stroke. Consequently, I am once again unemployed – and once again am looking/praying for God’s will. So… thank you again for your encouragement. And onward, then. With God, the best is yet to come.

  44. Kelly Fennemore says

    I can’t wait for this book! This topic is something that God has been dealing with in me for a while. I often make faithless choices and it is so frustrating! As a result, I feel the same as you mentioned, like the worst wife, worst mother, worst daughter, worst friend…the list goes on! I don’t want to continue living this way but I continue to let my emotions dictate my reactions. I have been praying for growth in this area and I know that God is faithful! He wants me to begin to make faith-filled choices and as I dig deeper I know he will help me. Your book sounds like something that would really help me…I can’t wait to read it!

  45. Hi Wendy! I feel so blessed to come across the link on Proverbs 31 Ministries for this. Im in faith driven situation right now and feel like I am struggling between what God has planned for me and what my family wants that plan to be. We too just relocated because we were led (actually from Charlotte,NC to right outside of Dallas,TX!). God put a desire in our hearts and we followed it, leaving some family, all of our friends, and our church families (not to mention jobs) and moved to a location we had never been to nor knew anyone even nearby. Many people questioned our reasons or if we TRULY knew this is what God wanted for our lives. But we knew, in order for our faith to grow we needed to put our entire trust in Jesus. It has not gotten any easier, we continue to struggle with decisions about our finances, debt, homes, and family but we never questioned if moving here is what God willed for us. I wish your book was out NOW, I would be reading it all day today just to receive the wisdom to assist my husband and I to make the next faith-based decision for our family. It has caused quite a bit of tension between me and my family as it is not the most LOGICAL decision, but we feel God gave us certain wisdom to make the right decisions. I will definitely be buying your book, I feel God had me on Facebook to see that blog post for a reason, and I believe it will provide the guidance we need!

  46. I just signed up for the devotions that go along with the Boston-thank you for the “freebie”:)
    I was reading the devo and the blog and realized that many times I’m the chaotic frustrated tired out wife/mom and I shouldn’t be b/c I’m God’s daughter. I know tired comes but I think I’ve been feeling physically,emotionally and spiritually tired. M admit though I never connected what you wrote about with what I’m experiencing. However when I stop to look back at some major trials I’ve undergone recently I realize that my faith,my hope in God almost did die and I wasn’t living everyday “so that” I am closer to God than before the trials and started to have more and better prayer times. BUT many times when things stayed so terribly hard and on days my heart was breaking I sometimes didn’t live as I should and my faith faltered. Praise God HE helped me stay the course and just a bit ago after praying and confessing my sins to subconscious Savior a breakthrough occurred in my marriage. It’s like God was saying live right cling to me and stay the course b/c I’m here and now I’m going to show you great and mighty things. I know I have to be cautious b/c I don’t want to be emotionally used/an it sed by my husband again BUT God is working through the hard stuff and the glimpse HE gave me that showed he’s working gave me hope to keep living a right and having faith even though there are mountains yet to be climbed. So I guess this is long:) but I wanted to share that today’s posts helped me a bit and I would like to read your book and can insight into living “so that” no matter what happens-when it’s easy or difficult b/c I want to be close to my Jesus always and not lose hope b/c some tough days-months and years of working out our marriage lie ahead but God is still on the throne. Ok enough writing as this “comment is now a book”:) Thank you for devo blog a d g ooh giveaway. Blessings and if you read this pray for me please that I will live godly and have faith even when things are dark- HE got me through the valley before so I know that with God infusing me with HIS strength I can keep on climbing!

  47. This has been on my heart as well. Looking forward to reading the book!

  48. Ok just had to say that I noticed auto correct changed words in my comment:) I dont like that so am correcting my own comment:) the word “Boston” should be the word devotion and subconscious should be my Savior-silly auto correct:) Also comment should say emotionally used and *abused*
    I’m sure there are other problems but maybe you can read and get the heart of my “book” anyway:)

  49. Vonnie Kronk says

    Wendy, thank you for sharing your story at Proverbs 31 today.. Looking forward to learning more about living for Him and not for myself from your five day devo.

  50. Hi Wendy,

    I’m looking forward to reading your new book and plan to the P31 OBS when it starts in April! 🙂

  51. I am really convicted by the lesson about making faith-filled vs faith-less choices. I work in an inner city alternative middle school where the students are at least two years behind due to excessive absences and/or unruly behavior. It breaks my heart watching them throw away the gifts GOD has given to them. I pray to be His light of mercy and love and grace, BUT then all too often I get caught up in emotion and make faithless choices!
    Thanks for your blog!

  52. Kathi Whittamore says

    I am so excited and can’t wait to read your new book Living So That! I signed up for the 5 day devotionals and have really been enjoying them. Thank you Wendy and God bless!!

  53. Hey Wendy can’t wait for the new book. I had been following you online and got to meet you last year at She Speaks. Was in your class right before I headed off to speak about the mustard seeds. You are such an encouragement to me. Thanks for all you do!

  54. I’ve been receiving Proverbs 31 devotionals and have been subscribed to your emails for a while now. I signed up for the free devotional and I’m excited to read more of your work. 🙂

  55. I read your Encouragement for Today email today and it really spoke to me. God has been leading me down a path to minister to women. It started with a Bible study, then another, and another now a Sunday school class that starts February 23rd! I give all credit to God because I never feel adequate enough to minister to other women but when the time comes, each time He prepares me. I know God has been preparing me all my life to lead me down this path. It’s exciting to think He has prepared this special plan for me and I get to be part of guiding others to Him! I don’t know where the path is going, but I am so excited to be on the journey with Him and even more excited when he opens yet another door. Thank you for sharing your heart and I look forward to reading your book.

  56. Theresa Davies says

    Thanks so much for the words we want to live by So That we can be the women God wants us to be! Looking forward to the rest…

  57. Thank you Wendy for all that you do and share! God’s best to you always! I look forward to receiving the five days to a faith full life devotions. I would also like to participate in your study. Would love to be considered for a free copy of your “Living So That” book.
    Thank you so much for this chance!

    Karen – cent. OR

  58. Orenda Smith says

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. I love reading your Blogs. I gave my life to God three years go and what a journey God has taken me on! It has truly been amazing and life changing for me! I’m forever grateful for all He has done for me and keeps doing for me. I am so looking forward to doing the Living So that Bible study. I want to be more of a light for God that others can see shining so bright. God Bless

  59. I always enjoy your devotions for P31 and look forward to reading Living So That as well. Thank you!

  60. Thank you so much for your articles I just love them …they are so encouraging. I’m so excited about reading your new book. I live in Virginia and in Nov 2013 my husband of almost 10 yrs left me..he is currently living with another woman. I have faith that God will restore our marriage but I don’t really have a lot of prayer support around me. Would you please pray for us, that God would convict Ray and draw him back to him and that God will give Ray the desire to return home and be committed to our marriage again. Thank You so much for the encouragement you give all of us!!

  61. A'Dream Starkey says

    I enjoyed today’s devo and am excited about the five day faith emails. Congratulations on your new book. You continue to be such a great inspiration!

  62. Waiting on the book. Love your Bible studies and your blog posts. Thank you!

  63. Thank you Wendy for all you do. I wish I had a church family as loving and caring as the ones portrayed on the Proverbs 31 ministry Bible studied. Sounds like I could benefit from what you have share so far about the outworking of our faith.

  64. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I’m looking forward to the 5 day devotional 🙂

  65. I’m so looking forward to getting my hands on this book! Excited about the five-day devotional as well…blessings to you!

  66. Thank you for the opportunity to get your Living so that study. I have done several of your on-line studies and I really enjoy your perspective.

  67. I enjoyed the devotional and the things that you shared in the short video you made.
    You said that you wanted to know about us(readers of your blog or devotional). I am here in Iowa and getting ready to endure/deal with a snow storm that is on the way tomorrow. I am looking forward to spring!

  68. As I approach a milestone birthday, one that is getting up there in years, there is a deep sense of urgency to live a life completely sold out to Him, a life filled with purpose, of being intentional to live SO THAT He would be glorified, that He would be all that is seen. And yet, as deep as that desire is, I fall so short, and my heart is overwhelmed with grief for all the times I chose to act on my emotions. Oh that I become a woman, ahh, that we His daughters would become women who wait upon Him, earnestly seeking His heart and His “so that” in all the details He has orchestrated in our lives and we be filled with a desire for nothing less than that.

  69. Wendy’
    Looking forward to this..need it!
    Living with my bipolar daughter takes its toll
    And it’s difficult to stay focused.
    Thanks for this!

  70. Wendy,

    Thank you for sharing your new journey with us and how God has moved you and your husband to step out in faith… I appreciate that so much, because I am now on day three of my pilgrimage. Going back to school, leading worship & bible study, but mostly just a heart for Him. I am not sure where all of this is taking me, but I am along for the ride! Your post this morning was exactly what I needed to hear “so that” I could continue to move forward in His plan.

    Thank you!!

  71. Lynn Bowman says

    I love your devotionals and I am looking forward to this book! My desire is to live “so that” my life will reflect the love of Jesus to all I come in contact with. I appreciate you being so open about your own struggles and I can definitely identify with you. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

    Peace and blessings to you!

  72. Hey Wendy…what a blessing to discover your blog and faith-full writing!
    I am a husband who has had a really difficult marriage for 30 years that should have ended last year.
    I just thought I knew the fullness of God’s love, truth and grace until we both chose to try to work through our issues and get excellent counseling. Through the leading of the Holy Spirit we have been choosing to walk in faith and patience SO THAT God could perform a miracle in our marriage…and he has. By human standards our marriage would have been ove, but God had another plan…one that has given us a hope and a future.
    Part of my re-understanding my wife and re-building our marriage has been to read the Proverbs31 blogs and books. It has truly been wonderful to give me glimpses into what she is feeling and how I can better love and minister to her. She has also begun to read ghem and is finding great encouragement and comfort.
    Cant adequately thank you and the other ladies who daily invest Gods truth and wisdom into the lives of others.
    For Christ’s Glory!

  73. I attempt to run a business (work for myself, which can be very stressful at times) and raise two young boys. I’d love to read your newest book!

  74. Hi Wendy!! Thank you for the opportunity to win your book! I’m a stay at home mom to two little ones and military wife whose husband has been gone 9 months so far. We’re getting ready to move overseas this summer and I need all the help I can get from God to make faith filled choices 🙂

  75. Hi Wendy,
    Thanks for the five – day devotionals. I really look forward to reading them every morning. You are a wonderful teacher and a great inspiration. Several years ago something horrible happened in my life. After going through this I made some Faith-less choices. It wasn’t until I dug deeper in God’s word did I realize I needed to make Faith-filled choices instead of Faith –less choices. I believe trials come so that we turn to the Lord and our personal relationship with him grows.

  76. I’m a wife for the last 31years next month, mother to 2 girls, grandma to 3 boys, and love the Lord for 20 years. I’ve tried to see where God wants to do with me as I’ve had chronic illnesses for 15 years and I have to cancel many commitments if my health flairers up. But I keep pushing foward so that God can use me to show women not to give up. I’m not healed yest so that I can say Yes I love my Father God in this season of life too.

  77. Hi wendy! I am so excited about this book! I read your other book and loved it! I am sure this one will be just as amazing!

  78. Thank you so much for this devotional Wendy! I can’t wait for this book to be released! This video actually made me tear up as I was watching it. Just like so many families, we have been on a whirlwind ride of school, activities, classroom volunteer, PTO, over involved in 2 churches, health coach, and 2 jobs and I begin to wonder what it all matters. What do I want my girls to see in me? A harried, stressed, busy mother who rushes through devotions and prayer just to get it checked off the list? OR is there something more? How is that balance found? Can’t wait to read!

  79. I believe God has placed me here and given me, or should I say gifted me with my current and past challenges for His purpose. So that. I will rely on Him, praise Him, bring others to Him .
    Don’t feel like I’m doing such a great job with my faith less reactions many times !
    Looking forward to this devotional. Prayerfully I will accept the challenges sure to come in a faith full way!

  80. sheila payne says

    I am so thankful for another study and book by you. You are an excellent teacher and such a blessing to us ladies out here.

  81. Hi Wendy! Thanks so much for sharing, your perspective is so spot on. I have enjoyed your devotions and look forward to more. I am a grandmother of 4 and they range from 14 down to 3 months. One in every school – grade school, middle and high school. So much fun to be able to teach them about our Loving and Awesome Father. Thanks for sharing and God bless

  82. You are such an inspiration to me, Wendy. Thank you for this opportunity!

  83. My grandson leaned over my shoulder and asked, “Grandma, is that your friend?” 🙂 We have our daughter who suffers from a disability living with us along with her two sons, aged 2 and 4. It has been very challenging. There have been so many trials over the last few years as well as ongoing issues that are almost 40 years old. I have been struggling with faith-filled choices. This sounds wonderful.

  84. Hi Wendy – I am SO looking forward to your book. I am on my second marriage after loosing my hubby to cancer in 2006 at age 41. I was a widow at 36 with 3 kids. I did get remarried in 2009 and it’s been a tough road for us. The past few months, especially so. I know that God can get us through, I’m just tired of being discouraged 🙁

  85. Wendy, I want to thank you for sharing your story and being an example as an ambassador for Christ. I started this year putting God first before making “faith-less” decisions. Sometimes I fall short and get disappointed in myself, but God is right there to pick me up. God has truly filled the gaps I didn’t realize I had; I make sure to continually talk to Him throughout my day. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Him and I just want to make him proud.

  86. Such encouraging words……anxious for this bible study and reading the 5 day devotional. Love your blog too..

  87. Yay! I have been waiting and waiting for this book to come out and my reward….awesome…a Proverbs 31 on-line bible study too! Wow and wow again. This day just got a whole lot better! I ordered my book and can hardly wait to get it. Very excited!!!!

  88. Wendy, I just read the first part of the Chapter 1 sample! I can’t wait to read the rest of the book. I can truly feel your words ‘penetrating my heart.’ I am just so thankful for you and your ministry. Thank you!!

  89. Great devotional…thanks for sharing. Choices make or break a life….I try to instill that this is important in life to my kids. Their father made bad choices and it totally impacted all our lives.

  90. Susan Gruener says

    Thanks for such encouraging words at Proverbs 31 today!

    I received an email from Wendy Blight today, and the Subject was also “Wendy Blight”, and when I clicked on it, it was a blank page with the words: “message not found”. Not sure what that was about…just letting you know.
    Thanks for giving us an opportunity to win your awesome book! I would love to learn to live a “so that” life. 🙂
    Susan Gruener

  91. This is exactly where I’m at in life. This book would be so beneficial!

  92. Toshua York says

    I am excited for this book and the study! Thank you, Wendy!

  93. So excited!! You and the Lord spur me on!! I love and need to be challenged and stretched in my walk with Him!! Looking forward to this!! Praise God!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  94. Hello there Wendy I’m excited about your new Bible Study. I relate to how you teach and can’t wait to see if by some miracle I win a copy of your New Book. I just discovered you through the devotion with P31 OBS. I will be visiting your Blog to pick up your pearls of wisdom that you provide for us. I don’t have the ability to read scripture and apply it to our life today like you do which amazes me. So I eagerly await your new book give away. <3

  95. Thank you for sharing your testimony! I would love win/ read your new book! I’m also enjoying the five day devotional. God bless you!

  96. Just found your website and heard about your book – sounds beautiful and I would love to read it!
    Thanks for the chance to win a free copy!

  97. Dear Wendy,

    Thank you so much for your God inspired online devotion “Five Days To A Faith-Full Life”. As I write this I am and have been drifted in by snow all most all winter long. I missed yet another study this morning due to the weather and have been desperately missing the fellowship and growth that comes from studying His Word. I look forward to this journey. What a blessing!

  98. So excited for the 5 days of devotional s!!! I love being hungry for more Jesus!!! 😉

  99. I want to make faith-filled choices and point people to God. Looking forward to the devotions.

  100. Thanks for this Wendy – lately things have been harder relationally with one of my children and I find myself “forgetting” my faith in the crazy moments – I need a fresh wind of His spirit – esp for this season of life. I will eagerly look forward to the devotions coming.

  101. Jovette Archer says

    While reading your devotional for Feb. 19th, two words stuck out to me as you describe the uncertainities of moving from Dallas to Charlotte, NC. You said moving from a place that was ‘comfortable’ and ‘familiar’. I experienced that in my own life some seven years ago when I married and moved from home of Nassau, Bahamas to USA: first to Gainesville, FL then to Springfield, MO, now to a small town named Bowling Green, just outside of St. Louis. Sometimes I think “how did I get so far away from home?” So far from what I was used to. And for the longest did not understand. However, I have been given an opportunity to write Christian material on the Book of Ruth and it those two words- ‘comfort’ and ‘familiar’ that stand out so vividly from her story. leaving a place of comfort and familiarity to care, love and support her mother-in-law, someone that wasn’t even family. Now this is what I’ve been doing in this small isolated town- writing. Something I hope to continue for the Glory of our King!

  102. jane Bryson says

    Standing on my Rock and Proverbs 3:5-6..this am. My Daddy a stroke while driving yesterday. Giving praises that no one was injured and resting in my faith in the Lord. I have out if town guests at home and dad is in fla..I live I Ga…it will all be ok.lots of wonderful angels yesterday..praises all around.

  103. I am always so grateful when women such as yourself step out in faith to share God’s word. Don’t think I ever took the time to think about the power of those two words “so that”. Thank you for bringing them to light and life. Looking forward to participating in the study.

  104. Kenia garcia says

    I like : Genesis 14:23
    that I will accept nothing belonging to you, not even a thread or the strap of a sandal, so that you will never be able to say, ‘I made Abram rich.’
    Where Abram shows how obedient and also smart he is.

  105. Janine Crowe says

    Hi, Wendy, Thank you for your great video. Congratulations on having your book published. I plan on attending the next OBS when we will study your new book. I really like John 10:10 where Jesus says that He came so that we would have life and live it to the fullest. I like the imagery of Jesus being my Shepherd. It is comforting to me to think that I am His sheep. I also like the 23rd Psalm. The Lord is my Shepherd so that I may dwell in His house forever.

  106. Tabatha Schreck says

    Thank you so much for this devotional. I have been struggling myself with feeling worthy to lead Children’s Ministry. My favorite book of the Bible is Psalms. It is so uplifting and reminds me that no matter what’s going on, He is always there and in control!

  107. 1. Matthew Can’t wait to get started.

  108. Mary Jo Fox says

    My favorite book of the Bible is Psalms

  109. Christine P says

    Hi Wendy,
    Love all the giveaways. So fun…LOVED you 5day devotional and really looking forward to reading you book and doing the OBS in April.
    My favorite book of the bible is Psalms i would say…gives me such comfort.
    My faborite shoe would be Teva sandals in summer and Ugg boots in winter…so comfortable.
    My favorite television show is Downton Abbey…love the costumes etc.
    My favorite place to eanjoy dinner with family or friends is any Thai restaurant….love Thai food.
    My favorite movie…hmmmm I would say Pride and Prejudice..the one with Kiera Knightly…LOVE IT..
    Now I am sure we would all Love to know your answers to these questions….
    Thank you for you committment to serving God …..

    • Love your answers! Thanks for sharing. And your kind words about the devo mean so much!! Thank you!!

      Favorite book is Hebrews.
      Favorite shoe COWBOY BOOTS!
      Favorite show for me tie between Blue Bloods and Hawaii 5-0. But my husband and I together watch Downton Abbey too!
      Favorite restaurant is Five Guys burgers
      Favorite movie is an oldie…Philadelphia Story with Katherine Hepburn, but I now love Frozen too!!



      • Christine P says

        Thanks Wendy….i think cowboy boots would be a favorite of mine too if i could find a good pair. I love boots….have way too many pairs.
        Looking forward to knowing more about you and your walk with God….
        Isnt it cool that all of us are connected by the love of Christ…..!!

  110. My favorite book of the Bible is Psalms.

    My favorite movie ever is “The Notebook”. That is a kind of love that can only be a gift from God.

    I am really excited to learn more during the online Bible study.

  111. Hi Wendy,

    Our bible study group is studying, I am loved.I am truly enjoying this study. we truly need to be reminded of how much we are loved by our heavenly father.

    thank you!

    • Thank you for letting me know and thank you for choosing to study “I Am Loved.” I know there are many wonderful studies out there, so it blesses me to know God led you to this one. I pray the Lord leads each of you deeper into His wonderful, lavish, extravagant love as you meet Him in the pages of 1 John.

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