May 5, 2014

She Met God in a Grocery Store

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been here, and oh, how I’ve missed it and you! These past few weeks I’ve had the honor and privilege of walking alongside the Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study family as they have journeyed through my new book, Living So That, a part of the InScribed Studies Collection. We are in the last week of the book studying Chapter 5, “Let Your Light Shine So that.”


We are memorizing Matthew 5:14, 16 which says,

“You are the Light of the world…Let your light shine before men [so] that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” (NIV, emphasis added)

I thought I would share a story about how God used an ordinary day in my ordinary life to shine the Light of His Love and do an extraordinary thing!

Light of the World

She woke up that morning with a quick trip to the grocery store in mind. She pulled her hair back in a ponytail, slipped on her flip flops, grabbed her keys and ran out the door.

My girlfriend, Karen, and I also planned a trip to the local market that day. As we approached the check-out lines, we found ourselves behind an older woman waiting on someone to arrive. She motioned for us to go ahead. Almost immediately, a younger woman scooted past me.

As she did, my heart began to pound. I physically began to tremble. In that moment, the Lord impressed on my heart something so strange…buy her groceries. What? I felt it again…the racing heart rate, this time a whisper, “Love her. Buy her groceries.”

I hesitated but then reached out and tapped her on the shoulder and spoke the words God laid on my heart: “I know it sounds strange, but God told me that we are to buy your groceries.”

She looked at me quizzically and then graciously accepted with tears in her eyes. Then they left.

A few minutes later, as Karen and I were checking out, the older woman returned to share their story. She identified the young woman as her daughter. Her name was Micah. She shared how Micah’s husband had abused her for years. And just a few months earlier had walked out on Micah and her young son, leaving them alone and leaving her feeling unloved and unworthy of love.

She could barely make ends meet. She felt abandoned by everyone, but most especially God. Days before our God appointment in the grocery store, Micah and her mother had prayed. Her mother prayed a prayer every mother would pray for her child: “Lord, draw Micah back to You.”

But Micah’s prayer is what astounded us. She had prayed, “God if You are real, if You love me, show me that You have not forgotten me!”

As her mother shared these words, the reason for God’s urging became so clear. God wanted to extend unconditional love to Micah…to offer something to her for which we expected nothing in return.

In the midst of Micah’s deepest sorrow and desperate cries for love, God responded intimately and personally. Micah’s mother said, “Micah now knows that God has not forgotten her!”

God provided for her needs. He loved her unconditionally. He answered the cry of her heart.

And He used us! On an ordinary day, in an ordinary store, performing an ordinary chore, God called us to an extraordinary task. He crossed our paths with one of His girls who need to experience His extraordinary love.

Yes, it was a great day for Micah! But what a day it was for Karen and me. Our obedience to the Lord’s prompting touched Micah’s life in such a powerful way that she KNEW God was real. God loved her. And He had not abandoned her.

God answers prayer. He orchestrates divine appointments…anywhere…everywhere…anytime…even in the grocery store.

God met Micah in the grocery store that day.

Do you have someone with whom you would like to share the Light and Love of Jesus? Leave a comment today or tomorrow and I will choose one comment to win two copies of Living So That…one for you and one for your friend!

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  1. Wendy,
    I loved hearing this story…actually this AM I approached the throne with confidence and I wrote in my journal, “Lord, I need you to speak to my heart and encourage my soul.” I came here and He did just that as He reminded me of His goodness, wonderful ways and perfect timing. And then encouraged me to shine His light as well. The person on my heart to share that light with is Joy…my little miss is missing her “BFF” who moved to Texas.
    Thanks for sharing Wendy!

    • I’m thankful the Lord used this post to remind you of Who He is!! And shining your light at home is THE BEST place to shine your light as a mom. 🙂



  2. Hi Wendy,

    Thank you for sharing your story and for letting God use you! The person on my heart to share the light with is a student of mine, Alyssa. Today is the 1 year anniversary of her Nanna’s Death and she is really struggling today.

    God Bless

    • Natalie, it’s sweet that the Lord has tendered your heart to Alyssa. What a blessing and gift for her to have you as a teacher. I pray the Lord used you to bring His comfort and love to her on the anniversary of her Nanna’s death.



  3. Thank you for sharing your story. Four weeks ago today, my mother was killed in a car accident. One week later, my dad, who is 84, found out he has a serious heart condition that may require heart surgery. My mother never would have been able to take care of him, as she had health issues of her own. I know God knew this, and perhaps He sees what would happen down the road, and relieved my dad of the extra burden of caring for my mom, to the neglect of his own health. As much as I live my mom and miss her so so much, I know she is with God and no longer suffering the effects of the accident or her progressing lupus. I have peace that she knew where she was going when she died. My sister does not know that peace, and has been agonizing over her death and my dad’s health ever since. She is angry that her grandchild died, as well, and I don’t know how to help her, other than to listen. Could you please pray for her and the rest of her family that she can feel “the peace that passes all understanding”? Thank you, and please keep posting. Your stories are wonderful and quite relevant.

    • Oh Heavenly Father,
      I can’t imagine the loss that comes from an unexpected accident. Thank You for holding Sister and her family through this tragedy and through these trials. Thank You for giving Sister the ability to see with the eyes of her heart… her eyes are unveiled so that she can see the reality of eternal life… her Mom is alive and dancing with You, Jesus!
      At the same time, You know the deep emotions that are running through her sister’s veins. You are the God of all comfort. Lord, in ways only You can, draw her sister close. Hold her through her anger. Wipe away her tears. Help her to catch her breath and to settle into Your unwavering love and truth.
      We love You and trust this whole family to You. in Jesus’ Name, Amen!

      I am so very sorry for this heartache. Sending you a big hug right now… xo

    • Amen and amen to Noelle’s beautiful prayer!!



  4. Carrie C says

    Your story made me cry today. I touched my heart as how we just need to listen. I am trying to figure out how to shine the light of Jesus in my sister’s heart. She is struggling through some very difficult time. I have been sharing a verses with her every day since things kind of came to really tough point that I was there to witness. God is putting on my heart to show her the light. God has been guiding me with my verse’s and the words I am sharing, but it doesn’t feel like enough. I know that when God’s words are spoken they do not return void, but please pray to give me strength to continue to shine the light and be strong and courageous as I support my sister through this time.
    Thank you again for your amazing book Living So That it too has helped me during this time…I am just drinking up all it has to share. So amazing.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Blessings, Carrie

    • Carrie, thank you for your words of encouragement for LST!! It means so much to hear how God is using it to feed you His Word!!!

      And I join you in praying for God to equip you with every word you need to minister His love and encouragement to your sister. Praying he will soften her heart to receive what you speak and grant her wisdom to understand that it is not only for you but also for her!!



  5. Sending an encouraging note to a friend in need and leaving candy at a neighbor’s door step.

    • Oh, I would have loved to have seen her face when she opened the door!! What a thoughtful way to encourage her and bring a smile to her day! Go, Jenn!!



  6. Thank You for words of encouragement. I so want to learn to hear the voice of my God. I have heard his voice and know it as each of my children’s. I pray I grow closer to him everyday. I pray My children who don’t know him, will come to know him.

    • I join you in praying that as you continue to draw closer to God, that you will feel Him drawing closer to you. That is His promise in His Word…so it will happen!! 🙂

      I also pray with you for your children to come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior!!



  7. Cynthia says

    After watching your video today, I could hardly write my comment through all the happy tears. Good think I can type without looking at the keys. 🙂

    I felt a blessing from being able to hear and read this story. It really touched my heart. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

  8. Wendy, thank you for sharing that story of God’s love and faithfulness to that precious girl in need of a reminder of His presence. Bless you for your obedience too!! Stories like this increase my own faith so I’m glad you didn’t keep it to yourself. 🙂 I’ll be praying for God to lay someone on my heart to share Him with.

    • Christine, I can’t wait to hear how He uses your prayer. Stop back by and share!!



  9. I almost choked in tears reading this, because I , myself is in this situation. I was on a trip when I came home when my husband left me. No words was said. I felt so alone and abandoned. It’s been 7 months since with no explanation from him, but I constantly pray for God’s revelation on how I need to go about and move on forward in this marriage that He gave us. It’s hard when you feel so alone and stuck with a lot of responsibilities. I had my share of grief, sadness, and pain.. I still do =( But blessings keeps coming my way. God showed me a bible study class which I go every week with group of great women that has the same faith as I do. It’s such a blessing where I can study more of His word. His words of comfort continues to give me strength everyday to overcome the heavy days. Still being in this “uncertain” situation, God gave me new friends that I found comfort knowing that He is the God of hope and restoration. I am still looking forward for greater and abundant days ahead…

    • I’m thankful Micah’s story encouraged you!! That’s why I shared it. So we can all see how faithful our God is and how He hears the cry of our heart and answers!!



    • Cece, I’m so sorry for the pain you are walking through with your marriage. I am praising God for His provision for you with this Bible study at church and your new friends! He is so faithful to provide for His children…especially when they are hurting. I pray God will continue to show you in very real and personal ways that you are not walking this alone and that He is with you!!



  10. Joycelyn says

    Hi Wendy,
    I just finished reading/studying Chapter 5 Part One. When I read your statement, “God has given me the secrets of His Kingdom, not to keep to myself and my small circle of friends, but to share. He called me years ago and continues to call me to study and teach. His Word. Is He calling you too?”, that statement struck me to the core. The Lord has been calling me to start a children’s bible study group for a long time and I have literally been running scared. I KNOW that whatever God calls us to do, He will equip us with what’s needed to do the work. It’s not that I doubt God, but I doubt myself. I guess I fear not finishing God’s work, or better yet failing. But it is still weighing heavily on my heart. I need the boldness to step out in faith and just do it. I’ve had so many excuses: My house is not big enough; I don’t have the finances, etc., etc., etc. and the list goes on. I don’t even know the first step to take.

    • Oh, YES!! Jocyelyn!! Step out in faith, girlfriend!! He will provide what you need. God will be faithful! I am praying now the Lord will provide just what you need to take your first steps and confirm what you have heard so you know that you know this is from Him!!

      And if you don’t do it exactly perfectly, He will be there to pick you back up and direct your next steps. That is how we develop trust and grow in our walk with Him. Blessings follow obedience, and I know that when you say “yes,” He will BLESS, BLESS what you step out in faith and do for Him. It doesn’t need to be big at first…start small…maybe find someone with the same passion and do it together. Can’t wait to hear what God does!


  11. Joycelyn says

    I didn’t get Day 5 of Five Days To A Faith-Full Life. Can you please send it to me? Thanks!

  12. Wendy,

    Thank you for sharing this today. I was intrigued by the title of Chapter 5 immediately because I have a dear friend who continues to go into very dark places in her life. We have talked many times about how we met a couple years ago and know it was by HIS divine appointment that we have become friends. She has given me tokens of her friendship that revolve around “Shining Your Light” and sharing this book with her would be perfect for our journey!


    • Yay!! I would love for you to share LST with her. Thank you. She is blessed to have a friend like you walking alongside her. 🙂



  13. Awesome post!! I love to hear stories like this!! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  14. Hi Wendy,

    Thank you so much for sharing this testimony with us. It warmed my heart, gave me confidence to be obedient no matter where I am and taught me that I need to listen more carefully for God’s promptings.

    In Him,

  15. Wendy,
    This story… and your current addition to your testimony… are such impactful illustrations of what happens when we pray. I often think if I could just see what’s unseen… everything about my prayer life and my faith would change. But through you, and through God’s miraculous and perfectly intimate answers to my prayers, I know I have enough now to deepen my faith and my prayers. I can’t thank you enough for being such a wise steward with all that God has entrusted to your care. I love you.

  16. Wendelijn says


    This is the second time I hear a story of God prompting someone to pay for anothers grocery only the first wasnt you!
    Wondering how many times God has already done it this way!

    X wen

  17. I have enjoyed this Bible study so much! Digging in God’s word and memorizing it has filled me with such joy and peace. Granted, there have been hard truths that I have had to face as well. One thing that God really convicted me about was a show I loved to watch. I had to come to Him and say “You know I love this but if you don’t want me to watch it I won’t.” It was not an easy decision…as dumb as that sounds.
    I had been telling my mother about the study and bought the book for her for Mother’s Day. Mine has tabs and highlighter all over it!
    Thank you Wendy for opening my heart and mind to God’s word again!!

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