June 16, 2014

Praying for our Husbands

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A few weeks ago, my husband and I enjoyed a lovely dinner with a young couple soon to be married. They asked for any advice we had to share. After 27 years, surely we had some wisdom!

As my husband shared his advice, which was hilarious by the way, my mind raced. Mine wouldn’t be clever or funny like his. I wanted my words to encourage, but I also wanted to be realistic. Marriage is wonderful, but it’s also hard…very hard. Especially those first few years.

So I spoke honestly. The most spoken word from my lips was “prayer.” But, that’s not how it was early in my marriage. I confessed that I rarely prayed for anything, let alone my marriage. As the years passed, I prayed a bit more. But they were self-centered prayers asking God to change my husband, to give me patience with his annoying habits, and to curb my anger when he ignored my requests and hurt my feelings. But I never really prayed FOR him or for our marriage.

Twenty-seven years later, I cling to prayer. I pray for my husband, my marriage, my children and our family. It’s a staple in my prayer time. It’s often not long and involved, but it is continual. Yes, I set aside specific prayer time for my family, but I also pray throughout the day as the Lord brings each to mind.

Here are some wise words of wisdom from my dear friend and Proverbs 31 sister, Lysa TerKeurst:


Praying for our husbands is the greatest gift we can give them.

Praying with our husbands is even better! Praying together intimately knits our hearts together in a way nothing else can. It creates an impenetrable shield about our hearts and our home that NOTHING can pass…especially the evil one.

Praying for my husband comes easy for me. But I’m not so comfortable praying with my husband. It’s a “me” thing. Anyone else relate? I pray with women all the time…friends, Bible study leaders, speaking event coordinators and leadership teams. But I struggle praying with my husband. Excuses abound. Life is busy. It’s hard to carve out time. I feel a bit uncomfortable. I’ve learned, these are Satan’s tactics. He doesn’t want us to pray together because he knows prayer STRENGTHENS marriages and DEFEATS his schemes.

Sweet friends, the only way to pray is TO DO IT!! To intentionally take a step and pray.

A few days after our dinner with this young couple, I sat down at my computer and wrote a prayer for them. I haven’t given it to them yet, but I thought I would share a portion of it with you.

Heavenly Father, we thank You and praise You that every good and perfect gift is from You. You alone are the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. You alone are our Redeemer and Savior. You alone are the Lord of Heaven and Earth, Sovereign over ALL things, including our marriage.    

God, I thank You that Your Word says You know the plans You have for our marriage and our family, plans to prosper and not to harm, plans to give us a hope and a future. What a precious gift  to know that You planned our union before time began! This is Your good, pleasing and perfect will.

Lord, Your Word promises that when we seek You with all our hearts, we will find You. Father, we pray that You will remind us to daily come before You, seeking wisdom about our marriage and our family. And thank You for Your promise that You will generously pour out that wisdom. And thank You, Lord, that there is no good thing that You will withhold from us.

Father, You are El Roi, the God who sees all. As husband and wife, help us honor You each and every day.  Enable us to love each other with Your sacrificial love…to lay aside any hurt, anger, bitterness, resentment, and any other issue, including our wills, that would prevent You from being at work in and through our marriage.

Release the power of Your Word and Your Spirit into our marriage and our home. We are asking You to do as You promise—to do immeasurably more than we could ever ask or imagine.

We ask that from Your glorious storehouses of riches You will make our marriage beautiful. We boldly come to Your throne and ask that our marriage be rooted and established in Your deep and abiding love, the love that surpasses all knowledge. Help us to live lives worthy and live out a marriage worthy of You, Lord. Give us great endurance and patience. Fill us with Your joy so that on the hard days, we will look beyond our circumstances and remember the Promises made in You. Keep our eyes on You and not on our faults and difficult circumstances. Help us to be living sacrifices to You, giving up our own desires to accomplish Your greater purposes for our marriage and our family.

Father, humble our hearts to recognize when we are wrong. Make our hearts tender to any faults, selfishness, self-centeredness. Equip us to combat critical spirits. Through Your spirit of humility, work in and through us daily to eradicate all pride so that we will put each other first in all things. Help us to surrender our will to Yours. Help us to lay on the altar anything that will get in Your way. Open our eyes to see those things and make them clear.

Transform our marriage and our family each and every day by the power of prayer and Your Word.  Make our home one that will be built solidly on the foundation of Jesus. May our house be a safe place in this world where we feel loved and protected. Help us to humbly submit to You and to resist Satan. 

Thank You, Father, that there is hope in You, hope for a rich, wonderful future for our marriage and this family. And whatever Satan throws at us, we trust You will empower us to battle him victoriously and what he intends for harm, You will give purpose and turn into good. Cover our family from this day forward with Your hedge of protection. Keep us in perfect peace because we love You and have our minds fixed on You. Thank You that You have begun a good work and will perfect it for Your glory. We ask all of these things in the powerful name of JESUS. 

For a pdf of another marriage prayer I have written, click here.

Before we close today, will you commit to doing something with me? Let’s take one intentional step together toward praying more in our marriage. If you’ve never prayed for your husband, take a step of faith and pray Scripture over him. My Encouragement for Today devotion gives you a great set of Scriptures to begin. Click here to find them. Lysa TerKeurst shares some great Scriptures as well. Click here to find hers.

And if you’ve never prayed with your husband, let’s commit to pray the prayer I shared above with our husbands…at least once. And if it goes well, pray it weekly. And if you are up for it, make this prayer your own. Add your favorite Scriptures and add words that reflect your dreams, your struggles, your heart for your marriage.

Please leave a comment and share your first step toward more prayer in your marriage…a Scripture you will pray or maybe you will tackle the entire prayer!  I will pray for each of you who leaves a comment today.

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  1. Congratulations to Carol, Nancys 1128, and Susan the winners of Rob Teigen’s gift packs!

    Thanks for the posted prayer for marriage! It is just in time for our 24th anniversary! I will use this prayer often as well as scripture prayers I pray already for years to come.

    May GOD continue to bless you and yours and your ministry!

    • yamiya Scott says

      Well, today it’s been in my heart to pray for my husband and for our marriage. To tell you the truth I always thought god would not answer beacuse we are in a separated situation and our marriage is falling apart. I was upset at him so I didn’t have it in my heart to pray for us. But for some reason I had it on my heart today so I typed it up and you touch my heart on prayer and for my children. I’ts been rough but I really dont want to give up on my husband so I’m deciding to commit on praying for me and him daily to see how this will come out but even if it doesn’t come out the way I think i will always give god the glory in all things but thank you for these prayer and if you will and any other please pray for me and my husband nathanel. That god’s will be done!

  2. Victoria says

    Why is it harder to pray with our husbands than with our friends? I, too, have felt uncomfortable praying with my husband. We did pray together before bed each night for a time, but somehow got out of that habit. We pray together over our children and in times of crisis, but the daily prayer habit is more elusive. Thank you, Wendy, for the reminder of how important it is, and also for reminding me how effective it is to pray God’s word.

    My first step is to pray your marriage prayer with him tonight.


    • Victoria, how did the praying together go? My husband and I prayed together the very next morning! I love the fact that more couples will be praying with and for each other over these next few days…and hopefully longer!!



  3. At the beginning of our marriage, I prayed over my husband and we slowly began to pray together. Over time we stopped praying together and I don’t pray for Him as much. My husband has stopped attending church. Today I will pray Jeremiah 29:11 for him.

  4. Thank you… I am 4 years into my marriage and I am constantly struggling with bitterness, desperate for God to intervene. I will start praying the scripture prayers every morning. Thank you for giving me something to use and hold on to.

    • Frida, you are so welcome. And I pray that as you begin to pray for your husband, the Lord will tender your heart towards him. And as you tender your heart towards him, his heart will change due to your love and tenderness being expressed toward him. That is how God works!!



  5. I am single and therefore don’t have a marriage to pray for. And quite honestly, the heartbreak from this last relationship has damaged me so that I’m not sure I’ll have another relationship (I’m 51 and don’t think I have it in me to open up again). However, so many of the things you shared about your toxic thoughts about your husband are the same thoughts I had for the man I was seeing. To be honest, in all my relationships. But unlike your husband, he did not stay with me and I can’t say that I blame him.

    Having said all that, I feel that God wants me to use this experience and your words for His glory, as well as for the health of any future relationship if that is in God’s plan for me. Therefore, I will pray these things for myself so that I can be a better daughter (I care for my father), sister, aunt and friend.

    • Cheryl, what a beautiful heart you have to see your past mistakes and want to move forward and change that behavior. Prayer is the way!! Prayer precedes every great work of God. And I believe that as God works on your heart, He will move in mighty ways in all your relationships! And, who knows, God may have a wonderful godly man…whether friend or something more….just around the corner! 🙂



  6. Thank you for this post, Wendy. It comes at a perfect time when I was becoming discouraged because I don’t always see the fruit of my prayers in my husband’s life. I pray for my husband daily; sometimes a short, quick prayer and sometimes long and deeply heartfelt prayers. But I am committed to praying for him and his relationship with the Lord. Although my husband attends church with me, his faith and conviction are not strong and he has not fully surrended to God. There are several scripturs I like to pray for my husband but one of my favorites is Ezekiel 36:26-27

  7. Loved your devo Wendy and so appreciate your honesty! Sometimes I know pride keeps me from praying with my husband as prayer always softens my heart and reveals my sin…ugh.

    One of the prayers God put on my heart last week as I led a discussion on prayer was – “compel him to pray continually (1 Thes. 5:17), so that he’ll live and walk by the Your Spirit. (Gal. 5:25)” Now I’ve been reminded of it and challenged to make it the prayer of my heart. I also want to commit to praying more for myself as a wife because I don’t do that enough.

    Blessings to you!

  8. Mary Ann says

    I am praying the following:

    Release the power of Your Word and Your Spirit into our marriage and our home. We are asking You to do as You promise—to do immeasurably more than we could ever ask or imagine. Eph 3:20

    I thank You, Father, for showing us how much You have done, continue to do, and promise to do! Thank you for Wendy’s reminder to make prayer for my husband more consistent.

    Blessings to you and your family!

  9. This is what I needed this morning! Thank you for this reminder and for posting the prayer. I love the idea of praying this with my husband. We pray together here and there and it often is redundant or specific f t there is a particular event/crisis going on, but to pray FOR our marriage is not something we do often and I love that this will give us a guide. I appreciate your prayers as well as I try to be selfless and not get so easily consumed with negative thoughts and ” what if’s ” or ” if he would just “….mindsets. Thanks again and God bless !


  10. Tura Klepfer says

    Thank you for the devotion today. I really appreciate it and needed it. Loved Living So That.

  11. Donna Jackson says

    Today I pray that the peace that pass all understanding will be in my marriage today. My scripture is the entire chapter of 1 corn 13. Pray that we would demonstrate this in our marriage.

  12. Thank you for your beautiful, scripture – filled prayer. I prayed your prayer and added to it a couple of scriptures. Regarding failure and healing, Father you promised to forgive our sins and heal all our diseases. Also, what God hath joined together, let no man put asunder. Thanks for your words of encouragement. May God richly bless you and your family.

    • So thankful you took the prayer and made it your own! And amen to your prayer that “what God has joined together, let no man put asunder!”

      Blessings to you,


  13. Should your husband NOT be called to also do the simple things you would like? What is he is doing to CHANGE his own behavior? Isn’t it him showing you a lack of thoughtfulness and love? Isn’t that NOT honoring your marriage, your love and showing an inability to do the simplest things that could make your marriage better? Isn’t he disobeying God and letting you and your vows down? I ask SINCERELY because I struggle with these issues as well. I am not married. Never been. But I leave men when they show these signs of thoughtless behavior. The woman is ALWAYS the one that has to tolerate this kind of insensitivity, which I believe is sin on a man’s part, and the man always gets away with it. The woman always has to understand while the man continues to be disrespectful and thoughtless, because THAT is what it is, and not meet his commitment to God. Because God calls man to love his wife like the Church. And not being thoughtful and respectful is NOT loving a wife like God loves the Church.

    • I’m no expert, having only been married a little over 6 years, but I will admit that my husband and I have both been thoughtless to each other many times. It’s not because we don’t love each other, but we’re both sinners. Yes, husbands are called to love their wife as Christ loved the church, but we are also called to submit to our husbands as to the Lord. Do you think you could do that, or show perfect love and thoughtfulness, 100% of the time? (I’m not pointing a finger, just using the example of how humans fail each other and God all the time.) I guess the best advice I ever got was to invite God into my life to change ME and leave my husband to Him. We will never (and can never) change our spouses and are not called to. I’ll admit my husband and I went through a period of time where I thought all the things you said (he’s thoughtless, not showing me love, etc etc), but I found that when my own behavior changed by the power of the Spirit, that my husband’s changed to my liking as well. I’m not saying you should be a door mat or tolerate emotionally abusive behavior or otherwise, but you will never find a perfect man. Even the best of them that shower women with attention, love, gifts, whatever, every day will fall short because we all do.

      • Well said Christine!! Whenever I get upset or frustrated with my husband, and then finally humble myself to go to God with it I’m always reminded of my short-comings and sin as well. Awhile back our pastor spoke to our MOPS group and a line he shared has stuck with me – “Marriage wasn’t meant to make us happy, but holy.” There is much truth in that!!

    • So thankful you took the prayer and made it your own! And amen to your prayer that “what God has joined together, let no man put asunder!”

      Blessings to you,


    • Jacqui, thank you for sharing honestly and from your heart. Christine answered your question in the same way I would, so I don’t have much to add. Her words hold great power because they are filled with biblical truths. It’s hard to love our husbands with a pure love because we are sinners. But we have been given God’s love through the power of His Holy Spirit, which enables us to grow into that kind of love. We are NOT to be doormats. But we are called to respect our husbands…and there are no exceptions. And most of the time, when we truly respect our husbands, they respond to us with greater love. Just as when they love us the way God calls them to, we respect them more. When God changes one heart, he will change the other. In rare exceptions that is not the case…abuse, mental illness. But for most relationships, when we walk as God calls us to, marriage is beautiful…yes with ups and downs, but it always returns to a good place centered on Jesus.



  14. Together then says

    It is easy to pray together over the interests We Share.

  15. My husband and I are nearing 2 years of marriage. It has been wonderful at times and also very difficult. I try to pray through the topics in the book, The power of a praying wife, but I’m not always consistent. I am going to print your devotional from the Proverbs 31 ministry to help me focus more on God’s powerful Word. Thank you for this timely devotional.

  16. Charlotte Askew says

    Wendy, beautiful message and prayer. My husband and I started a tradition several years ago that works great for us. On the days that we get to share breakfast, which is 75% of the time, we take turns praying before we eat. These are prayers for each other, family, friends, trials and always include lots of worship, praise and thanksgiving for our blessings, His sacrifice, love and protection. At first it was hard for my husband to pray in front of me because he felt inadequate. But once I helped him realize that it was just talking to God and that he should pray what he felt, he loves doing it now. Then as soon as we finish our meal, l read a chapter from the Bible, currently we are reading the gospels. We always end it with a discussion if he has questions.

    It creates a very unique closeness in the marriage.

  17. Ty Simmons-Hicks says

    Thank you for your message today. Me and my husband been separated for 1 yr now and today he sent me an email stating that he will be going to see an atty for Divorce on July 2. He sent this right before I will be leaving to go on vacation to visit family a much needed vacation after being under so much attack against my family. The devil is so busy always trying to ruin or upset your day. But I Thank God for the “Encouragement of Today”, your message was God speaking to me again and letting me know don’t waiver just continue to stand still. Your encouragement give me so much peace and joy and it let me know that everything is going to work out for the good of them who Loves the Lord. I am praying for restoration over my marriage. So Satan get behind me. THANK YOU FOR YOUR MESSAGE TODAY. I will be reading your Marriage Prayer daily over my marriage. Have a Bless and awesome day!

    • Amen and amen, Ty. I stand with you for God’s will to prevail in your marriage!! God is a God of miracles and NOTHING is impossible with Him.



  18. Thank you wendy for sharing & this reminder to keep fighting for my marriage in prayer. I used to pray power of a praying wife almost every day for years over him but have become discouraged I struggle with a terrible self esteem & co addiction & my husband is a sex addict who has acted out including multiple affairs I still struggle with mistrust of my husband, anger because of unresolved issues. We have little to no intimacy, all his health problems & little change despite us being in recovery & church.

    • Kristin, strongholds are such a hard mountain to overcome, and you each have them. In Christ, we can break every stronghold!! So much pain and hurt. I pray God will open a door for counseling…Christian counseling for you both. Exposing your hearts and minds to God’s healing Word and praying it in faith will begin a mighty work in your marriage.



  19. Thank you for the beautiful prayer, Wendy! Funny how you mentioned (as have some other women here) feeling uncomfortable praying with your husband because I do too! I also pray with a girlfriend out loud and quite boldly at times, but when it comes to praying with my husband, I get shy about it. We haven’t pray together for a long time but recently started doing it again. I let him do all the talking now, but pray for myself that God would help me past my shyness about it and start praying out loud too. 🙂

    • Christine…let’s you and I do it together!! I did it with my husband yesterday. I started the prayer! Whoo! Hoo!! 🙂

      Let me know when you do.



  20. On June 2nd, (three days before our 1st anniversary) my husband asked for a divorce. We have been struggling in our marriage since day one and I feel Satan’s evil forces have been creating a wedge, planning to draw us apart. I still love my husband and believe marriage is God’s holy design. He is a God of miracles and longs to restore our brokenness. Thank you for the advice and prayers. I am praying over my husband daily. I pray that God change ME so that I can be the person my husband needs me to be.

  21. Thank-you for the specific scripture turned into prayers over the whole of our husbands. I am at a point where I pay more attention to the characteristics that I don’t like than the parts I do like (and love) and this will help redirect that attention.
    Thank-you again.

  22. Wow, I so needed this today. Thank you!

  23. oh gosh Wendy- can you see and hear me? words of frustration just spewed out of my mouth today at my husband- I don’t even know where it all came from! I was so mad about “stuff”-stuff that happened years ago-and then I threw in some current events to validate my hurt feelings- and then I read your post. oops- I need a Time out and My heart needs an adjustment. And I need to spend time alone with God and His Word. Your post is so timely. So precious. and so Needed! Yes I need to pray for my husband and my marriage and I will! Thank you for your message today!

  24. My husband and I have been married for 35 years. We have matured in our faith and in our marriage. We pray together and separately. We also take turns praying out loud, when we pray together. We have noticed that when things in life are not going very well, that we haven’t prayed. Interesting…. Seems that we try to handle things on our own and that doesn’t work. Peace and comfort come from praying to God. 🙂

  25. Carolyn Rogers says

    I have prayed the scriptures you shared today and hope to do so often. I could totally relate with what you said about the frustrations I often feel with the man I love most. Thank you for pointing us to truth. Please pray that I and all of us will remember to pray for our husbands. Thank you!

  26. About a year ago I made a commitment to pray with my husband before work. He had had his second medical accident in a year. Neither his fault, just random, wrong place at wrong time. The second accident I could have easily lost him. Little did I know, I would pray for him to get a job promotion that God said not yet. I have prayed every year in the spring for him to go to a retreat for 14 years. Through his medical and work disappointments, he finally surrendered and went to the retreat in March. It changed him in a dramatic way spiritually. I realized my prayers had been answered and many thanked me for praying for him so long. Currently, he is the interim head at his company, doing the job he did not get last year. I am amazed at the grace, determination and godly attitude he has had through this. I tell him often, he is a better person than I could be, doing a job for the last 6 months he did not get. I have prayed that at the very least he would feel appreciated. God answered that prayer a week ago. I know God has plans for him, to prosper him and not harm him. He has rehabilitated him twice and built a foundation of faith in him. I am so grateful for that and the time we spend most mornings praying over each other. We use the Book of Prayers for Couples by Stormie Omartian. Being married 24 years next month and thinking back to our wedding, I would have never imagined the blessings and teachings God would bestow on us. I am grateful for a wonderful godly man, a man that prays with me and that I realized a few years back the power of prayer. God is good.

  27. Thanks for the very timely devotion. I’ve always wanted to pray with my husband but it has never seemed to happen. Now I feel like every day is a fight for my marriage and we’ve been married for 34 years. I guess we got to a place that is too comfortable?? I will be praying this over my husband and our marriage.

  28. Although I am separated from my husband right now (he left our home and our two kids and me 4 months ago), I will add this to my daily prayers for my husband. It was only after he left that I realized that it was my faults and that of my family that we allowed to go on for many years that pushed him away. I have learned from God’s word since my husband has been gone how to be a godly wife, and my prayer is that my husband will have a softened heart and will return home to his family. God has a plan and purpose for our separation, and I will pray daily, alone, until the day comes when I am able to pray with my beloved husband!

    • Don’t blame yourself, instead, be strong and trust in the Lord’s plan for you and your family. Don’t blame yourself or your husband…but it is the work of the enemy. Keep pressing forward.
      I am going thru the same, abandoned by my husband. I know how hard it is. It is a humiliation in my part too for what he did, but stand in faith. I will be praying for you as well !

  29. Sarah Myles Collier says

    Wendy, Thank you for allowing God to work in and through you. This prayer you wrote for that young couple is what I needed to pray with my husband. We have been going through some valley times but I know God is my deliverer and WILL deliver us from the valley! God bless and I pray for God to continue to cover your marriage. In Jesus Name.

  30. Thank you Wendy for the wonderful prayer. I have constantly praying for my husband for months after he left and abandoned me with no reason. I have faith that God can restore us, but I also pray for Gods way to move my heart closer to HIM and be obedient to his teachings. The enemy continues to do everything to fill confusion and doubts towards my husband, and please pray with me that Arnold will be convicted and draw himself closer to God. I declare that healing and restoration will take place in this marriage — Cece

  31. Oh Wendy… You are speaking such life and beauty with this post! I am always in awe with the fact that God loves my husband even more than I do. I realize I literally cannot begin to comprehend His love!

    Heavenly Father,
    Thank You for the gift of Ryan. Thank You that Your love for him goes far beyond anything i can imagine. Lord, thank You that Ryan is more than a conqueror through Jesus who loves him. Let Your love seep into every pore in Ryan’s mind, heart and body. Show him in very real ways that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate him from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.
    Bless me with wisdom as his suitable helper. I have my mind set on respecting and loving him. Direct each of my steps in very practical ways so I can live this out!
    In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

    THANK YOU Wendy for this lovely post. My heart is on FIRE! I love you my friend!

  32. Hi Wendy,
    I read your devotional about 3 days ago,but when I got to the prayers to pray over your husband, I closed my IPad and went on my way, with kind of a numbness in my heart toward my marriage. It will be 13 years this year, that we’ve been married, and I feel so trapped in this marriage. My husband and i have been to counseling about 3 times(one of those times w/ a Christian counselor who our church recommended)We are kind of on different pages spiritually. I feel like the spiritual leader in our family, and we’ve had peaceful discusssions about things he could do to lead family devotions, and the like, but then there is no follow through. So I continue to pray on my own, and with our kids. We’ve acknowledged weaknesses on both of our parts, and that the only way this marriage will succeed is to invest in it. I am just emotionally, and physically drained of all the “work” and no laughter, or fun, or joy in it. I am not attracted to him anymore. I feel like I married him because he had the lowest expectations of me. (Obviously, I have some serious self-worth issues,but what’s done is done.) I’ve often wondered if I made a mistake, or followed my will instead of God’s, or if He is punishing me for my promiscuous past while I claimed to be a believer…..Alot of exhaustion, and frustration….My husband recently admitted to being a lousy, neglectful husband. He said, he knows I’ve been right about certain things, but instead of working on it on his end, his pride causes him to withdraw from me, and would I forgive him? I told him, I’m open to change, but it’s hard after essentially 12 years of neglect. I feel unable to be loved and ashamed of facing people with this secret. I sing songs about Jesus being all I need, but after 12 painfully (like, literal, physical heartache) lonely, needy, emotionally vulnerable years…….I believe my God is for me, but talk about bearing my cross! I ended up visiting a lady who is in my small group at church today and we had a chance to talk. It turns out that she is struggling with almost the exact same issues as me! But she felt like she couldn’t share it with any of the other wives in our group, from shame. She ended up writing down the six prayers to pray that you listed. It’s funny how what I ignored 3 days ago, My Father (ever with His heavenly sense of humor:) brought it back to my attention as if saying, ” look darlin’, you overlooked this part last time : ) (thanks Abba) I suggested that we pray these prayers every day, for a month for our husbands, knowing in His wisdom, He’ll do His work in us as well, and let’s see what happens. I’ll take all the “lifting up” in prayer that there is out there, as can my sister- not to mention, I suspect, many other sisters out there who also are struggling quietly in shame but are too afraid to be “found out” as desperate, and needy for affection, and attention.

    • SJ, thank you for sharing your heart. I feel such hope when I read your words because you still want to try. And I believe your husband does as well…the fact that he hasn’t walked away and hasn’t fully withdrawn. With God there is always hope as long as you are together and what seems impossible is NOT with God because IN HIM all things are possible. And He has given you a godly friend to pray with and pray for. There is such power in prayer. I stand with you both as you pray these over your marriages and your husbands. I pray for a powerful move of the Holy Spirit in your hearts, your husbands’s hearts and your marriages. And I pray that in the midst of it all, He would return to you the JOY of your salvation so that no matter what is going on around you, you are filled with His Hope and Joy an Peace. It will carry you even in the hard times. I expect a “good news” email or post in the future!!! I have received them many times, sweet friend, be encouraged!!



  33. Paula Lloyd says

    Yes I’m joining! I can’t wait! I’m a single mother and as such I’m always worried that I’m not doing my job to raise him in the way of The Lord. It’s a daily struggle.

  34. Yes! I will be joining you in praying for my marriage. My husband and I hit a really hard spot the first of June. Praise Jesus….He reconciled our marriage. I love the depth of your prayers. I will commit to pray this prayer every day. Thank you so much Wendy! I loved your book Living So That. I can’t wait for your next one!

    • Leslie, So excited you will be praying this prayer!! Praising God for His faithfulness to reconcile your marriage that has been sanctified and sealed in His Name.

      And thank you for your kind words about Living So That!! It means so much to hear from women who have read the book and God has used it to speak into their hearts. 🙂



  35. Aida E Marrero says

    Good morning Wendy your devotional was so beautiful. I ask God to use me everyday and to show me what He wanted me to do that day, It was in a Wednesday night service, everyone was praying. as we all went back to our seats God show me this woman who I knew, to give her 20 dollars. That same day in the afternoon before service I went to the dollar store fill the cart with some items, but then put everything back and went home. That night at the service God told me to give her the 20 dollars. I needed bread and milk for my children, but I went over to give her the money, She started to cry because she was asking God to provide for her 5 children. She hug me and thanked me for listening to the voice of God. I didn’t have money for my family so that same night I reached in my purse and found 40 dollars.

  36. I don’t know we’re to begin. I married in July of 2013. Three months later I found edvidence that my husband was cheating on me and still is. He denies it. Both of these girls have been coming to the church. I need to talk to somebody but know no one here. I am new to this area.

    • I encourage you to talk to God first and maybe contact one of your old friends that you trust to talk with you and pray with and for you. And I am praying for the Lord to bring you a wonderful new friend to come alongside you. Praying also for God to open your husband’s eyes to his sin and to the hurt he is causing you and to repent and turn away from temptation. Praying for healing and restoration, sweet friend.



  37. Hi Wendy, hope am not late on this. Got your blog through proverbs 31. I am single and am very intentional about praying for my future husband and family. Do you have any prayers that would be helpful to me?


    • Thanks so much for leaving a comment. I love that you are praying for your future husband and family. How blessed they will be and YOU will be because I’m sure your heart will be tender to receive the man God has for you because you have been praying for Him. I don’t have any prayers on this specific topic. I wish I did. But just keep praying as you are and invite the Lord to lead your prayers. He will be faithful. 🙂



  38. eveness Pulantila says

    i really needed this, I just got married last year august and am glad have this prayer to pray to shield and strengthen my marriage. thanks wendy also pray for me so that i can get pregnant soon

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