September 17, 2014

Announcing New On-Line Bible Study: Living So That

Last year when I learned Thomas Nelson would publish Living So That as part of their InScribed Collection, I couldn’t wait to share it with YOU, my on-line girlfriends, who have walked through so many studies with me!! You sent sweet words of congratulations and prayers and you came alongside me and helped promote the book. It stayed in the top 5 in Christian personal growth on Amazon for weeks and weeks!! And I know it’s all because of you, your prayers and God’s great favor.

So today I’m thrilled to announce that we will begin an on-line study with Living So That on Wednesday, October 22nd! I want to invite you to join this wonderful, safe place for community. Our time together studying the “so thats” of Scripture will open God’s Word to you in a fresh way, take you deeper into that Word and draw you closer to the heart of God and the beautiful hearts of the women who join us.


Now what’s the study about?

We know life is messy. But what we may not know is that God knew that too and gave us His Word, written thousands of years ago, to equip us to live out our faith in the midst of our messy lives. Every day brings issues, decision, struggles and problems with which we wrestle. We can choose to make “faith-filled” choices or “faith-less” choices. We will study the “so that” verses scattered throughout the New Testament. A “so that” verses take a truth of Scripture and connects it to a practical application of that truth. Studying these  “so that” verses, and learning to apply them, is God’s way of transforming our hearts and minds to make more faith-filled choices. We’ll focus on the following themes:

  • Jesus came so that…
  • God spoke so that…
  • Pray so that…
  • Trials come so that…
  • Let your light shine so that…

To read a free sample chapter from Living So That (portion of Chapter One) click here AND to receive my free five day devotional “Five Days to a Faith-Full Life” click here.

How Can I Join?

There is no registration fee for the study except the cost of the book. AND to help with that cost, LifeWay Christian Stores is coming alongside us and beginning SEPTEMBER 29th, they will DISCOUNT LIVING SO THAT TO $8.99!! They will honor that price until NOVEMBER 1st!! Woo! Hoo! I’m so thankful to our friends at LifeWay!


When: October 22nd

What’s Needed: A copy of Living SoThat, a notebook, a Bible, a pen and an open heart to receive all God has for you. If you want to learn more about the book, click here.

How does it Work: I’ll send an e-mail out each Wednesday with what you need to read and questions to focus on for the week. I will also include a teaching message each week. And your part is to come back throughout the week sharing what God has taught you with our amazing community of women. This is how we will grow and learn together!!

How to Sign Up:

* indicates required

When to Come to My Website: ANYTIME! That’s the great part about an on-line study. It’s at your convenience! You can check in anytime of day or night…even in your jammies because no one will see. 🙂

Harper Collins/Thomas Nelson is joining me for a GREAT giveaway!! Over the next few weeks as we promote the study, all comments letting us know you are joining us for the study will be eligible for our giveaway! We will choose 4 names to win one of four prizes we are giving away…2 sets of the InScribed Collection of Books (pictured below) and 2 of our lovely InScribed necklaces. We will announce the winners October 22nd, the first day of the study!


InscribedNecklaceI can’t wait to set aside time each week for us to spend together! Please know that I am praying for and anticipating the new thing God will do in each of our lives as we meet Him each week in His Word.

Winners of Ashley’s new book InSeparable are listed below. Congratulations! Please contact me at with your full name and mailing address.

Jane posted on 9/10 at 1:20 p.m.
Christine posted on 9/10 at 12:48 p.m.
Courtney posted on 9/10 at 2:22 p.m.
Becky posted on 9/10 at 8:47 p.m.
Emily posted on 9/13 at 9:32 a.m.



  1. I’ve read thru this book once, and find myself underlining every time I see the words “so that” in my Bible…to take notice of what follows. SOOOOO looking forward to this Bible Study!

  2. I joined! Excited to study with you, again!

    • Yay! Welcome and so excited to have you. Can’t wait to see the great ways God will work in our midst.



  3. Wendy, I love the henna clause (so that) and I love how you have picked out certain scriptures with those words. It makes me stop and think every time I see “so that”. Find the reason!
    Shirley Smedley-Theiss

    • Don’t you just love how being exposed to those two little words has changed the way you read the Bible? It gives a FRESH touch to God’s Word!!



  4. So glad you are doing the Bible Study. Looking forward to great things.

  5. I’m really looking forward to this Bible Study. It’s one thing to memorize God’s word. It’s another thing to apply God’s word to your life. I feel this Bible Study will help me to do that. Thanks for providing the missing link! 🙂

    • Yes, it ABSOLUTELY will. You will be amazed at how much easier it is to apply God’s Word when we see the purposes behind it in the “so that” verses. Excited to see how God works in your life as you meet Him in His word for this study.


  6. So happy to hear if this on-study on Living So That. I was the book store looking for a personal study and God just directed me to that book. I have just begun going through it myself but how excited I am to doing along side with you and others. My goal is to develop a closer and more intimate relationship with Christ so I can hardly wait because I know this will enhance it even more. Wendy, after picking up copy of this book, I researched other things from you and found your Hidden Joy book. Wow, what a journey you went on, and how it blessed me to read about how you overcame your struggles my meeting with and listening to our Lord . I have shared your book and messages with others. What a blessing and inspiration you are. And what a true message to hear that our Heavenly Father can bring us through our struggles , no matter what!

    • Susan, I love hearing how God directed you to Living So That BEFORE you knew about the on-line study. He works in the most amazing ways. You will love walking alongside these women; I always am so blessed and encouraged by them. I know you will add much!

      And thank you for your sweet words of encouragement. And for sharing my books and messages. That is the best compliment I could ever receive!!



  7. Nicci Ramirez says

    WaHooooooooooooooooo!!! I am in! 🙂

  8. I’m SO EXCITED that Living So That will be a group study. As you know, this study through your book has spoken such life into my heart. I look forward to doing it with girlfriends around the world. God bless you abundantly Wendy for having a tender heart to receiving God’s love and pouring it out on all of us! I love you!

    • Noelle, it is going to be such a blessing to do another study with you. It keeps our hearts connected weekly and I LOVE THAT!! Plus you always add so much wisdom and prayer to our group. Can’t wait!!


  9. Catherine Shepard says

    Count me in.
    I can’t wait.

  10. Thanks for the opportunity to join others in this book study. I love the comments from some ladies who are looking for more examples of “so that” in the Bible! God gives us many, and we are blessed to follow them…

    • Laurie, I look forward to getting to know you better through this study, The “so that” verses give us a fresh way to read God’s Word!! We will have SO much fun together and grow deeper still with Him.


  11. Hey Wendy. I’m so glad you are hosting another bible study. I’ve always loved participating in them. I need a good study right about now…I’ve made an awful mess of my life this year and am slowly climbing out of the pit I made for myself. Can hardly wait for the study. 🙂

    • Can’t wait to see how God lifts you up out of your pit and again sets your feet upon a ROCK…His Word…and places a new song in your heart…a hymn of praise to your God! Psalm 40:1-3.



  12. I have read this book once and got SOO much out of it. I key in on “so that” whenever I run across it in the Bible (and it’s there alot!) Looking forward to studying it with you!

    • I too continue to see “so that” verses as I open God’s Word. It’s so fun to read the Bible with fresh eyes! And I’m honored that you are joining us to go through Living So That a second time. You can help lead women through!!



  13. I can’t wait to dig in again and see what fresh lessons God wants me to learn this time around!!!

    Love you!

  14. Linda Dotson says

    I can’t wait to do this study again. I did it with you before the book deal. I also did it with Proverbs 31 OBS. I feel like there is so much I missed I want to go through it again.

    • Oh, my goodness. I am so honored that you are going through it with us again. You are a Living So That pro. I’m thinking you can lead us through it with all your experience!! 🙂



  15. excited to do this study again! I’ve done it once before and got sooo much from it! My friend and I were recently talking about doing it again and..wala! Your doing it! I’m ready! My heart is open!

    • I love that you and your friend are doing the study together! How fun!!! We are thankful to have you going through it again. Feel free to chime in with what you learned the first time around and what new truths and promises God speaks to you.



  16. Last week when you mentioned the announcement I wondered if this is what it would be. Honestly I prayed and asked God if I should do this again…I’ve worked through LST twice already, but He’s given me the green light. It’s so full of scripture and cut to the heart questions, that I know it will be good and His Word is alive so there will be new lessons to learn and old ones I need to revisit. Personally, I’m thrilled because your online studies are my favorite! Lifting you in prayer as you lead and all of us as we learn! Thanks for doing this!

    • Thank you, Jill. It means so much that you will be joining us. I know how busy you are with your family and your own ministry. You will be such a blessing to our ladies.



  17. Marking my calendar for October 22!

  18. Fannie Goldsmith says

    Thank you, Wendy. It would be wonderful to win but most of all I want to tell you that I have enjoyed your online Bible studies. I could get out more now as I no longer have my mother with me. She passed in April at the age of 101. I thank God I was able to take care of her for over 6 years. I have really learned to utilize my computer since I was confined much of that time. God has been so good.

    • Fannie, I’m so sorry you lost your mom. What a full life she led! And what a blessing that you cared for her in her last years. May you hear, “well done good and faithful daughter!” I’m thankful that our on-line studies gave you a place to study His word and fellowship with other women during that time!



  19. Count me in; I need those “so thats”

  20. Looking forward to your Bible study. Thank you for doing another one, looking forward to reading your book again.

  21. Jennifer Fergusson says

    I have had this book on my shelf and I can’t wait to do the study!! So excited!!!

  22. Just signed up! Looking forward to beginning the study!

  23. Wendy, I’m so excited to be doing this study again. I did this Living So That, with P31. I was the best study book I’ve done in 2 years. I love book and love how you stay connected with everyone on your blog or fb posts.
    Your book filled my heart with the easy understanding of Gods word. I learned so much from this book and can’t wait to dig even deeper this time around.
    Thank you for all the time and effort you do for myself and the other women around.
    Hugs and Blessings
    Denise Kamppi

    • Oh, I LOVE that you will be joining us here. It means so much that you would take the time to go through it again. Such a compliment!! Can’t wait to study God’s Word with you…again. 🙂



  24. Hi Wendy – Looking forward to seeing this Bible study through to the end this time. I had started it with P31 in the spring then had a series of not so good life events and I abandoned my efforts. I enjoyed the few chapters that I did read and am ready to keep going this time around. May God bless you always. Annette

    • Annette, so thankful the Lord brought you back so that you can complete the study with us. And I pray He will give His angels charge over you as you begin this study…may He place a hedge of protection around you and enable you to finish this study!!



  25. Stacey Chambers says

    I signed up for the study for your book. I’ve already read the book twice and am looking forward to going thru it again with you online! Thank you!

  26. Looking forward to doing another online study. There is always something new to learn!

  27. I agree, Dede, God’s living and active Word is always ready to speak a FRESH Word to us!! See you in October to study His Word together.



  28. Chasity Love says

    I love this book and am looking forward to studying it with you again. I saw this book on my bookshelf the other day and picked it up to begin reading it again. Then, I opened up my email and saw this invitation. I was so excited! I love how God stirs our hearts and uses others to encourage us along the way.

    • Don’t you love God’s timing!! I’m excited you want to go through it again. You will be a blessing and have great things to add having processed the truths in it once before. And I know God will reveal new truths to you because His Word is living and active….always ready to speak a fresh truth.


  29. Looking forward to focusing on scriptures about Livng so that… in this study:)

  30. Carmen Flores says

    Wendy, Your book came at a time in my life much need..a major life change..I look back now and see God’s Words coming alive on the pages of the Bible as well as in my life. Thank you Wendy and May God pour a double portion of you and yours…

  31. Carrie Carlsen says

    I have read and loved the book!! It was amazing. I am so excited to read it again in a bible study setting and see what else the Lord has to put on my heart.

    • Carrie, I’m so honored that having read it once that you want to go through it again. I know you will enjoy the women who are joining us. So fun to have women from all over the world studying together.



  32. I’m very excited to start this bible study as well! I just got the new Family Christian ad in the mail and Living So That is $5 right now there! I picked my copy up today! Can’t wait!

  33. Meg Derosier says

    I am joining in and can’t wait! Does it matter if we have the book on out kindle or not?

  34. Erika McIntyre says

    My group and I are very excited to join you in this study. We have never done an on line study before so we can’t wait! Your book seems like it will be applicable for all of us. You are so relatable! I have truly enjoyed your emails and the devotionals that I’ve read…

    • Erika, I am THRILLED you are bringing a group with you for the study!! And thanks for your kind words. They bless me…especially as I embark on a new study. Would love to hear more about your group…how many, where do you live, how do you know each other?



  35. Hi Wendy, our group is excited to join you on this journey. We meet together to watch the video and discuss the questions from the previous week. We have enjoyed your studies and are looking forward to this one. How long will the study be?

    • Terri, another group study!! LOVE IT!! We will meet 5-6 weeks. One chapter for each week and then the introductory week. Done before Christmas season because I know that is a busy time and fitting in our quiet time is sometimes all we can do. 🙂

      Let me know more about your group. Would love to know how many, where you live, how you know each other. It’s fun to learn more about our “BIG” small group.



  36. YAY! Hallelujah, blessings to the Lord. I did the study through Proverbs 31, and I got a lot of it done but I missed a lot of it, I’m not able to keep up with that format in that routine. And then I get overwhelmed and guilty. But the book connected me, and it hit my heart! And I find it hard keeping up with other books and daily life and what I’m personally dealing with! I got it at the top of my Kindle but I haven’t gotten back to it. But I’ve been feeling the push of the Holy Spirit,that there’s answered yeti come in the book,it was soooo good! And hopefully this study will work much better for me I do well with a looser study and more personal basis so I’m looking forward to going back through! Without Twitter I never would’ve found this. And this definitely looks like God’s direction. Since I decided not to go through with the best yet and I know that that was just going to get set up for failure for me because I would not be able to accomplish the goal of fat in that routine. It took me a week to make the dictation not to continue on with that. But I guess this is what I was supposed to late. I am really hopeful to win one of your awesome prices and I am really excited to see what the study brings I’m so glad that I caught it in time I’m looking forward to growing with everyone else blessing totally,

    Pm me anytime, I love to pray for and meet people!

    • Kelly, so excited God created another opportunity for you to go through LST!! This will be much more laid back and lots fewer women. You will have the opportunity to do both…pray and meet new women here…amazing women.



  37. So looking forward to this study.

  38. Along with a couple of other ladies, I did the study with P31 OBS but am looking forward to going through it again. I have recommended this book to so many people and find myself pointing out “so that” verses in the Bible in other studies I’ve done/am doing. So glad you’re doing this!

  39. Looking forward to this study!!

  40. Hi Wendy,

    I will be joining you and the other ladies here.
    I bought my book through Lifeway.
    Thank you for letting us know it was 40% off this month.
    I thought I had already commented, but I don’t see my name.
    Sorry if my name is repeated somewhere.


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