October 29, 2014

Living So That Lesson Two:  God Spoke So That


Thank you for taking the time to introduce yourselves. Your favorite t.v. shows brought back great memories. So many old shows! And, of course, lots of new shows as well…a few I want to check out.

I’m thinkin’ we should do this same activity with books over Thanksgiving…on our week off. What do you think? I’m always looking for new books to add to my reading list.

Your comments have filled me with such joy…reading each and every one has blessed me more than you will know.  It’s refreshing to hear what God’s living and active Word is teaching you. And so beautiful to read your prayers for one another.

And what’s exciting is that our Bible study continues to grow because you are inviting friends.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Women can still sign up, so if you have a friend or friends you would like to invite, please share this post and encourage them to sign up by subscribing to the blog to receive the weekly lessons in their inbox.

Reminder Instructions:

Each week we will have a video lesson, a memory verse, a prayer and a homework assignment.

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This Week’s Video Lesson.

Okay….we’re off!!!  Below please find our video lesson for God Spoke So That.

This Week’s Memory verse:  

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good purpose. 2 Timothy 3:16-17 (NIV, emphasis added)

This Week’s Prayer:

Father, help me not to live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from You (Deuteronomy 8:3). Fix these words of Yours on my heart and impress them in my mind; help me to tie them as symbols on my hands and bind them on my forehead. Equip me to teach them to my children, talking about them when I sit at home and when I walk along the road, when I lie down and when I get up (Deuteronomy 6:6-9). Make Your word a lamp to my feet and a light to my path (Psalm 119:9). Thank You that Your way is perfect and Your word is flawless (2 Samuel 22:31, Proverbs 30:5). Help me present myself to You as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and correctly handles the Word of Truth (2 Timothy 2:15). Help me not merely listen to the Word. Enable me to do what it says (James 1:22). When I read Your words, help me to eat them and digest them. Make them my joy and my heart’s delight (Jeremiah 15:16). Thank You that though heaven and earth will pass away. Your words will never pass away (Matthew 24:35. Be with me this week as I open Your Word. Bring it alive in my heart. Penetrate my soul. Bring change, Lord. Bring great life change. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen 

This Week’s Homework:

Read Chapter Two of Living So That. The schedule below is a suggested schedule. If something different works better for you, use it.

Each day answer the questions in your assigned reading (Going Deeper questions are optional).

Wednesday: Read Part One (The Word)

Thursday: Read Part Two (Established in the Truth)

Friday: Read Part Three (The Word as Spoken through Luke)

Saturday: Read Part Four (The Word as Spoken through John)

Sunday: Read Part Five (The Word as Spoken through Paul)


Now it’s time to announce the winners of our GREAT GIVEAWAY!

Winners of Lynn Cowell’s book Magnetic

Noelle who posted on 10/6 at 8:00 am

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Jane Bryson who posted on 10/18 at 6:13 am

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Pam who posted on 10/20 at 12:14 pm

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Blessings to you!


  1. Hi Wendy
    I am catching up with the bible study. I look forward to your prayer in my busy life and i would like you to know the study and prayer helps me to get through. Thank you

  2. Thank You Abba for letting Wendy’s heart burn within her to take her first step off her mat SO THAT she could live this abundant life… and thank You that we get to be the recipients! In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

    Wendy, I woke up so excited to watch your video in my quiet time. I can’t thank you enough for your ministry and friendship. The burning in my heart comes from the story on the road to Emmaus. I love that Jesus showed up as the two believers were talking and meditating on the events that happened even if they were missing the point. And I love that even in His rebuke, He uses a different word for “foolish” than He used when rebuking the Pharisees (comparing Luke 24:25 and Luke 11:40). The Pharisees who had no interest in knowing the truth were fools… stupid… whereas Cleopas and his partner were foolish… not understanding. I thank God for His grace because I know that so often (more than I realize) I am that type of foolish… where I just don’t get it, but I have a heart to get it! And I thank God for blessing me with friends to walk this road of life with… to talk about what God has done and what He is doing… because I know, just like with the two in this story… Jesus shows up in our midst and our eyes will be open!

    Okay… digging into Chapter 2 now. Have a very blessed day Wendy and girlfriends! I’ll check in soon! xoxo

    • Noelle, thank you for giving us such important insight into the choice of wording here…so significant. Kind of reminds me when Jesus spoke to Martha…a gentle reprimand because he knew her heart. He knew the heart of these men was for him and for believing, but they just hadn’t quite gotten there yet. They had heard him speaking but it hadn’t traveled to their hearts for understanding and application. In His great mercy, He took them down that path so that they could gain that understanding.

      This is why I love having so many coming alongside me as I lead. You all have great knowledge that needs to be shared!! Keep it coming.



  3. Good Morning! So my mat is that of financial debt. I am overwhelmed by it because I am trying to get out and yet another bill arrives. My daughter’s student loans, that I co-signed, are now due. One creditor is suing us. I applied for a part time job with the right hours for me during the weekend! Perfect and i was so happy. I went to the interview yesterday and I arrived late, so I was not allowed in. So all the running, leaving work early, leaving things undone was for nothing! I am upset and my heart is heavy. THIS was a job that would help with the bills. I got off my mat and doing something and yet nothing is working! frustration and really trying to understand HIS ways. I feel like the things I want are not right. Debt freedom, sell my house are things I have prayed for & yet no answer. Why if I move off my mat am I not getting the answers? OVERWHELMED is what I am and your words today just makes me want to understand even more, what am I doing wrong. The memory verse today spoke volumes and still I ask, what am I not learning?
    Looking forward to Chapter 2 and more clarity of HIS words in my life. Have a blessed day!

    • Ana, praying for you right now. I see it this way; that job that you did not get , it must not have been what God had in store for you right now. He closed that door for a reason. Keep Jesus the center of your life, have faith, and continue to find ways to get off that mat. I don’t know your circumstances at all, but maybe your daughter could do more to help, maybe there are ways to cut back, continue to look for another job . God will lead you to it. Hebrews 4:16- Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.

    • Charlotte Askew says

      Ana, the financial debt mat is not a comfortable one. I know because I have lived there. No matter what our circumstances are, we must aggressively choose to put our trust and faith in our Lord. He will not let you down, now or ever. Keep your fears and worries before Him at all times. Trust in Him Ana. God uses everything in our lives to test and grow us. We do not often see it but that is where the importance of trust comes in. Trust that He is doing a new work in your life. I never gave up, even when things were the hardest and you need to know that He NEVER failed to provide for me. I agree with Susan, God in all likelihood closed that door because that is not where He wanted you. Each time He closed doors in my life, I would immediately say to Him…..OK, what do I do next and He never failed to lead me, maybe not that day or the next but He knew I was willing and ready to go where He lead me. Stay strong and keep believing.

    • Oh, Ana, I am praying for our great God, Jehovah Jireh…God our Provider, to rush into your life and your circumstances and provide for your needs, not just financial, but what you need spiritually to continue to walk in faith. I have been there when I felt God was absent, not hearing or listening or even caring. But as time passed and I looked back, I could see His hand. He allowed me to go to a very hard place so that all I had was full dependence on Him to make it through. He doesn’t always take us to those places, but sometimes He does.

      But in the midst of it all, He will never leave you or forsake you. He cannot for that is His character and His promise.

      I’m so proud that you keep stepping off your mat in obedience and do pray for specific financial provision as well. I pray God will honor your courage and obedience and open a door that ONLY HE CAN OPEN. I pray that when it opens you will be ready to walk through and that in it you and your girl will see His perfect provision.

      Please keep us posted and keep in His Word. He may speak to you through His Word about next steps. He has you here for a reason, sweet friend. 🙂

    • Ana, As I read your comment a phrase came to mind – “Every no is one step closer to God’s perfect yes.” That’s not always easy to accept and rarely what we want to hear, but remember He has a plan. One we don’t often understand, but one that is GOOD!

      As you wait may I encourage you with this – in the wait we basically have two options: Worry and be Anxious or be Intentional and Trust God! I’m praying you will use this waiting time to seek hard after God, dig into His Word and draw closer to Him as He prepares you for what lies ahead and as you trust Him to provide for you now!

    • Ana, I am new to this blog and your post touched me deeply when I read it. I went through a similar financial crisis about 6 years ago and it was like being sucked into a sink hole. I ended up losing my home of 20 years,

      I have come out the other side of this dark storm and in a much better spot. It wasn’t until I was through the storm that I could look back and see how much God blessed me and surrounded me with wonderful people he put in my path to get me through it. He has always provided for me and this time was no exception.

      You will make it Ana, I will keep you in my prayers.

  4. Lydia Swire says

    Wendy Good Morning!!

    Just watch the video lesson for this week. It was very encouraging for me during this season of my life. My husband and I have been separated and my biggest fear is that I wouldn’t be able to provide a home for my daughter and I. We have lived with family for a while now and really wanting a place of my own for my daughter and I. Always allowing the fear and doubt to consume me, so that I would not pursue this for us.
    We have gotten an apartment and are moving in this weekend, so I’m moving off my mat of fear and doubt. Still scared, but I believe and know that the Lord is by our side because everything seems to be falling into place. Which gives me comfort because I know that I am not alone in this walk of mine.
    Since I read your first book Hidden Joy – I have been following you and participating in all your bible studies and you have helped me to grow stronger in my faith.
    You are a blessing and I’m so grateful to have stumbled onto your blog.

    Have a great day!!

    • Charlotte Askew says

      Lydia, I have a daughter that is in the same season of life that you are. After 22 years of marriage and 3 sons, he announced last month that he no longer loves her and has not for 7 years. No signs had been given, just a blunt ending to a love and marriage. I am encouraging her as I am encouraging you to keep you faith and trust in God. Take all your fears and worry to the cross, you will probably have to do this daily, sometimes hourly but keep taking each one there. Let Him know that the burden is too much for you to carry and let Him carry it for you. It takes a lot of faith and prayer to get through. But, there is nothing God loves any better than to have His children ask for His help, His peace and the comfort that a human mind can not understand. I will be praying for you Lydia.

      • Lydia Swire says

        Thank you Charlotte for the encouragement and prayer. I do go to Him daily to give me the strength and peace to follow his will for me and my family. Its a place I never thought I would be in my lifetime. I am grateful for my faith because without it I don’t know where I would be.
        I have done Wendy’s online studies before and I love them. I’ve read her books and she has help me grow in my faith and relationship with the Lord. Thank you again. Have a great day!!!

        • Lydia, I am so proud of you for stepping off your mat… courageously stepping out in faith. God always blesses obedience, and I pray He brings mighty blessings and favor upon you as you continue on this new journey of faith. May you sense His peace and His pleasure knowing you are following His will. Remember He has prepared the way for you and He is your rear guard. You are never alone. Praying for continued provision for your every need!!



          • Lydia Swire says

            Thank you for the encouragement. I’m grateful for finding you and reading your books. Its funny how you can meet people – never actually seeing you but your words bring such comfort and peace to me in my season of life right now.
            I want to be a woman of God as you are!!! You are a blessing in my life!!!

    • Charlotte Askew says

      Intended to mention to you too, you will love Wendy’s Bible Studies. You can access previous ones as well. She has blessed my socks off with her teaching and she will do the same for you.


    God is faithful. We might not always see His hand in our situation, we may not always see His plan in our life, but we can trust His heart. He loves us and He is always working on our behalf. One of the greatest lessons I have learned over the years is that when He closes a door in my life, it is for a reason. Many times I have kept standing at the door and pulling on the knob. I like the comfortable and normal routines in my life and I do not like change. It is after I find a new door He has opened, that I realize how much I needed the change in my life. We can trust Him !!!

    • Annette, I love that vision you gave us of standing at the closed door and clinging to the knob!! I too like the comfortable. But quiet often He has so much more for us. We just have to leave that comfort zone! Thank you for reminding us that GOD IS FAITHFUL!! WE CAN ALWAYS TRUST HIS HEART. We can always trust His character. AMEN!



    • Annette, I so appreciate your transparency… you have truly spoken to my heart because I can be a doorknob puller too! So, this week’s memory verse is guiding my every step. He’s showing me what needs changing and how to slowly let go of my doorknob… Thank you for inspiring me!

  6. Kathy Banfield says

    Hi, Wendy!
    As I mentioned yesterday, this study is important to me, and I look forward to reading “Living So That” in the doctors’ offices! So, while I have a free moment before rushing off to get my hearing aid repaired, let me introduce myself. I’m Kathy, age 55, recently retired RN and diagnosed wit Rheumatoid Arthritis. I am also deaf in my right ear and have 80% hearing loss on the left, but I can still listen to your videos because I have one hearing aid.I have had medical issues all my life, and was the first known anorexic in my area back in 1974. Doctors told my parents I was going to die; no one knew what to do with a stubborn 14-year old who refused to eat! Supposedly, I was cured, but my normal weight masked my bulimia, which I suffered through until very recently, when I fully accepted Jesus and Mary, His Mother. Even while working as a nurse, I struggled with my eating disorder, and almost ended up in jail for stealing food at the hospital where I was employed. I won’t delve into the horrors, but my life has not been pleasant. All that changed as I began saying the Rosary and living for Christ instead of food.I KNOW I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for Jesus! I am currently writing a book about my experience. Truth really is stranger than fiction!
    Thank you for your wonderful study. Each lesson is a perfect journey–neither too short or too long.I especially love your ideas for memorizing Scripture They work!! Thank you, too, for taking the time to reply to each individual person.Most doctors don’t even do that nowadays! I wish you many blessings, Wendy, for what you’re doing for Jesus.

    • Wow, Kathy, you have quite a story. We look forward to hearing how God works in your midst on this journey. And I love that you will carry this with you as you deal with your health issues. God says His Word is health to our bodies and healing to our bones. I pray that as you dig into His living and active Word, it does as He promises in your body!!



  7. Una Catania says

    Wendy: I inadvertently deleted the “Living So That Lesson One” email from last week. Would you be able to re-send it to me? I’d deeply appreciate it. Thank you!

  8. Wendy, your words about stepping off the mat are ALWAYS so powerful and I’m grateful to recently have experienced a similar situation of God break down a stronghold. I’ve been allowing Him to chip away at it for the last 5+ years, but the last month I see the wall falling down. Ladies, please know this is a process, but remember every journey begins with the first step. Asking God to help each of us take a step closer to Him as we dig into His Word this week. And I trust He will do just that and more!!

    • Jill, I’m dancing and celebrating this monumental wall breaking! Thank you for reminding us, like Wendy did in this week’s study, that 2 Timothy 3:16 goes hand in hand with Philippians 1:5-6. That is the truth I’m holding so tightly to today. Love you friend!

    • Charlotte Askew says

      Jill, yes it is a process. But, I wanted to say that I am doing Heather’s nerd dance of happiness that you wall is tumbling down. The light hidden by that wall is flooding in on you!

    • Lydia Swire says

      Jill, you’re right it is a process and it is in HIS timing. I think that in all our journey’s He is just trying to teach us to come to Him first and that He will always be there for us no matter what. That we are not alone and that if we just spend time with Him each day he will give us that peace that we need to move forward.
      After separating from my husband I felt that I was alone. For me now the biggest realization is that I am never alone. The Lord is with me every step of the way and I cannot allow my strongholds fear and doubt cloud that.

    • It’s in those lonely places that we are drawn ever so closer to His heart and further away from that independence that our culture teaches. And dependence upon Him. strengthens us from within, making us stronger than we ever would have been on our own. Thank you all for sharing!!



  9. God spoke so that I may know Him! His Word guides me to obey so that I may walk in His path of righteousness for His Glory!

    I have a neurological illness that has caused brain lesions and many difficult symptoms. There are many mats that one can be on with a chronic illness. The most difficult one is the fear of the changes in your once healthy body and the ever changing normal. I have been held fast to this mat, but thankful today for a medicine started this week that is helping me to move on this mat! Wendy, your story is giving me the strength to look to Jesus and hold His hand. He walks with me through this fear and sets beside me on this mat and tells me that I am not alone and that He knows what is and will happen to me.
    I don’t know if or when I will be able to get off this mat of fear. I do know that I am not alone and that He loves me. May I glorify Him, whether on the mat or off!

    • Charlotte Askew says

      Nita, I think that many of us hang on to our “go to” mat of fear. It is the hardest to get up and walk away from. It is wonderful that even while there, you know that He loves you and will never leave you there alone. Take that huge step of faith and stand up and step off that mat. God is there waiting to take your hand and walk you away from that mat. We truly have nothing to fear when we are anchored to Him by our faith. Keep the vision of you holding His hand playing in your mind. While our bodies fail us; and please know that I understand this, it is our souls within that remain strong and healthy. I am not saying that stepping off is easy, but I am saying you can do it. I am praying for you Nita.
      I am 70 and each day it seems another part decides to fail me, but this body will one day completely fail, but my spirit will be released from this mortal flesh and go home. There will be a day of no pain and suffering and I am excitedly anticipating that.

    • Amen, Charlotte! I stand in agreement with you. Taking those first few steps is so hard, but in that obedience, GREAT FREEDOM comes. Freedom from strongholds that have bound us for years. Freedom that allows Him to move in us and move us toward abundant plans He has for us!



  10. Carol Taylor says

    I picked up that Paul’s purpose in teaching Timothy the gospel was so he could get to know Jesus so he could go out to all the people, Jews and Gentiles to teach them about Jesus so they would receive Jesus as their Lord so they can go out and tell other people about Christ.The starting of the Great commission early!

  11. Hi Wendy:
    I’m so enjoying your book and this study. Thank you for sharing your heart with us each week and truths from God’s word. You inspire me to press on in studying and applying these truths into my everyday life. Isn’t it beautiful what God can do when we “get off the mat”? I think we truly start living then. I’m growing in God’s truth each day.

    • I agree, Sharon. We truly start living when we take those first few steps off our mat. We unburden our heart which allows God to begin to do a great work in us.

      Thank you for your kinds words. I LOVE what I do and interacting with all of you blesses my socks off!



  12. God spoke so that an unworthy sinner such as I may know His mercy, His love, His wisdom and longsuffering through Jesus Christ Our Lord! Powerful lesson today, thanks Wendy!

  13. agnes Ibaarah says

    thanks Wendy for another great lesson….I’m particularly drawn to the memory verse which says that “all scripture is God breathed…” this means that everything written in the Word of God is necessary and so we as believers are supposed to read the entire Word and not only what we like; there is definitely a reason why Paul mentioned this…food for thought. have a blessed weekend.

    • Agnes, thank you for these wise words. EVERY word has significance. EVERY word has purpose. We are not to add or take away or decide what to believe or not to believe. We are to believe it all!!



  14. Charlotte Askew says

    I am so far behind on this lesson. Our daughter and son-in-law from Indiana are here visiting. Been so busy and I don’t like getting behind. They will be here until Monday. I will have to do a catch up.

  15. Well, last night I was working on my homework and God was really speaking to me about listening ears…I jotted a prayer down asking Him for them. Life continued and nearly an hour later a “situation” happened…things didn’t go how I’d expected and frustration set in. In the grand scheme it’s not a big deal, but in the moment…

    Anyway time went by, my husband told me it’d be alright and God was whispering to my heart. I heard Him, but I wasn’t listening. God then whispered the same words I often tell my kids, “Look at me.” I do that when I want them to listen to words that will encourage them, give them insight, protect them, correct them…because I know they are for their good. Looking at me helps my kids focus and let go of the things around them and friends it does the same for us. We can’t literally see God, but we can make the choice to turn our hearts towards Him, concentrate on Him and listen. We all know this, but last night I needed the reminder.

    To top it off, God brought two verses…Isaiah 32:9, “You women who are so complacent, rise up and listen to me; you daughters who feel secure, hear what I have to say!” and Romans 2:13, “For it is not those who hear the law who are righteous in God’s sight, but it is those who obey the law who will be declared righteous.” God spoke so that…I would listen!!

    • Jill, what a powerful visual. Thank you for sharing. The only way to take our eyes off our circumstances is to look full into His wonderful face….it is then that the things of this world will look strangely dim!! Hmmmm. That should be a song. 🙂

      And thank you for sharing these passages from Scripture.



    • Julie Mackay says

      Hi Jill, God spoke those same words to me the other week too!! One day i was asking my son to look at me in the supermarket while i needed to talk to him about not running off and then later when we were baking i was reading the recipe as my son was talking to me and i was making all the right noises but he said “Mummy look at me” and kept talking and at that point I knew God was wanting me to learn from it. Thank you so much for sharing and cementing what God was trying to get in my head and heart and thank you for sharing God’s word too! Such an encouragement!

  16. Elaine Rotty (Wendy Blights Aunt Sal/AS says

    So glad that the website is back up and I can read and learn from what all of you are saying. I feel so blessed because I am Wendy’s aunt (AS) and after reading “Living So That” a book she sent me, I found my way back to God and a new life that I am trying to live “so that” I am pleasing to him and making spirit filled decisions in order to bring others to Him.

    • Great to have you here!! Praying for you as you press on to live a “so that” life!! And thank you for the reminder of the impact we can have on our family members who have drifted away! Praising Him for drawing you back!!

  17. Terri King says

    Hi Wendy, I am enjoying this Bible Study and what God is teaching me through my daily travels with Him. We are doing this in a small group setting and will meet this week for our first group (scheduling issues galore has prevented us from meeting unti now). I am excited to see what God is speaking to the ladies in our group. Each lady has their own life challenges, most recent is the birth of a beautiful great granddaughter, for one of our sisters, with life threatening health complications. Yet, through it all, we know God is faithful.

    I enjoyed studying the parable of the sower with fresh eyes and ears. I find God wonderful to continue to teach me new things through His Word.
    Blessings and again thank you for allowing God to use you.

    • Terri, it makes me so happy to know you have a group studying together! Be sure to share insights from what you are learning. And praying now for this sweet child. For God’s healing balm to bring great healing to her little body. May God strengthen her body and allow it to function fully and completely on its own. Praying God’s peace and presence will surround this sweet baby and her family. And may God guide every hand that works on her and treats her.



  18. Hi everyone. I hope everyone is having a good weekend. I had a good day at Church. I officially joined a Life Group, which back when I was little it was called Sunday School. I enjoyed worship and the sermon. For a while now when I have gone, I’m always anxious to get thru the worship and to get to the message. I’m not sure why. But today I let myself enjoy the music and today I felt like I could feel God’s presence with me which I’ve been praying for. In the lesson in part 3, I think I’ve been falling into the section regarding the thorns. I’ve been letting stress and worries choke out my peace and take away the joy from my life. I ask for prayers to start being able to just let go of stress and worries and give them over to God.

    • Stacey, praying for you now…may the Lord begin a process of weeding out anything that competes for His peace in Your life. May you learn to trust in Him with all your heart and bring everything to Him in prayer SO THAT His peace covers and fills you and guards your heart and mind. As you fill your heart with His Word and His truth, may you use that Word to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ and replace it with a truth.

      And I love that the Lord moved in your heart during worship. Years ago, I used to feel the same way. Now I find that I don’t want worship to end!! It fills my heart full and tenders it to receive the message.



    • Stacy – I am with you on that hamster wheel of stress and worries. Just when I think I can jump off, I step right back on again. It is an endless battle. I cry out to God and then feel better, but… I go to church and feel better, but… I pray then feel better, but.. That’s a lot of buts. I have to remember Do Not Worry, Matthew 6:25-34. It is a constant battle, but God has always seen me through. Some days when I listen, I just feel a peace in my heart that I know only God can place there. I need that more, I just need to put more into it first. I too enjoy worship, mostly the songs and hymns. I usually get choked up and can’t sing. Praying for us to see Him as our comforter. Annette

  19. Happy Sunday, sweet friends.

    First, I am so sorry the website was down for two days. After much prayer and persistence, HostGator brought it back up yesterday afternoon.

    Second, thank you for all who have shared what God is teaching you!!

    Finally, I thought that I would take us a bit deeper with the words the men spoke after their visit with Jesus on the road to Emmaus. They said, “Were our hearts not burning within us WHILE HE TALKED WITH US…AND OPENED THE SCRIPTURES TO US.

    These two disciplines are key to our faith…PRAYER (TALKING WITH AND LISTENING TO GOD) and BIBLE STUDY (BEING IN GOD’s WORD).

    Together they FAN THE FLAME of faith in our hearts; they create a burning passion…a hunger for more of Jesus. They IGNITE a deeper, more passionate relationship with Him.

    Did you notice that after Jesus left, verse 24:35 says they IMMEDIATELY went to Jerusalem to share with others what they had seen and heard?

    Because they listened to Jesus as He opened the Scriptures, pieces of the puzzle came together…how He needed to suffer and die, how it was all for the furtherance of God’s Kingdom on earth. His Words gave them greater understanding. That understanding built their confidence and strengthened their convictions. It equipped and empowered to go and share what they had heard.

    It is the same with us, sweet friend. As God opens our hearts and minds to the Scripture, as He corrects wrong thinking, as He disciplines, as He clarifies, as he heals, we come to know Him deeper and richer. We want to share what we have found. Others are drawn to what we have and ask about it.

    I look forward to more comments!!



  20. I love Luke 24:32 “Where our hearts not burning within us. . .”

    To me this is so poetic in describing how I feel in wanting more of God’s word.

    I love what you said Wendy, “We come to know Him deeper and richer.” Deeper & richer. Yes!

  21. Chapter 2 Part 4: Some things that stood out to me.

    “I am the girl Jesus loves!” Wow, I just love this. It just lifts my spirit up.

    Wendy, I like how you explained believing in Christ and believing Christ.

    Wendy, I love your relationship with your daughter. She felt secure in being able to reach out to you to pray for her. A standout quote: “The more we say yes to spending time with God in His Word, the more we will recognize His voice.”

    • Cynthia. that quote is one of the most important lessons the Lord gave me for this book. We CANNOT know God and we CANNOT recognize and know His voice unless we are in His Word learning it and learning His character.

      Thanks for sharing what you are learning!!



  22. Carol Taylor says

    Since we are one with Jesus that makes us one with God and the holy spirit so now when I talk to Jesus I am also talking to God and the holy Spirit and I now pray for everthing…through the day if anything comes up I now pray about it and I know all three hear it because we are all one…Its wonderful great and awesome.I just wanted to share that.

    • Yay! Love hearing this. Prayer is simply a continual engaging with God all throughout the day…taking and listening, praying and worshiping. It’s a beautiful relationship, isn’t it?


  23. Hi Ladies,

    I am continuing to glean so much from this study. It was a God thing that Lifeway had it on sale.
    I could not have bought it at its original asking price.

    Ok, so, what am I gleaning?

    It’s my understanding that though the secular world may know the facts, they don’t profess Jesus as the Son of God. Is that right? (see pg. 68)

    Believing in Christ is the first step of faith and leads us to salvation. (p. 69)

    So I can’t believe in Christ without faith?
    Where does that leave `even the demons believe`?
    Is it saying that demons believe in God, but not Jesus?

    Believing Christ is an ongoing activity and requires a relationship. (p. 69)

    This I pray is where I am at. In the ongoing process.

    The more we say `yes` to spending time with God in His word, the more we will recognize His voice.

    I am beginning to see `so that` all throughout the Bible.


    • Michelle, thank you, thank you for sharing what God is teaching you as you open your heart and mind to the pages of His Word. I love your deep thinking and your questions.

      Yes, we must have faith to believe. Hebrews 11:1 teaches that “FAITH IS BEING SURE OF WHAT WE HOPE FOR AND CERTAIN OF WHAT WE DO NOT SEE.”

      The demons have knowledge. They know God and Jesus exist. They know Scripture and even quote it. But they have no faith in Jesus as their Lord and Savior. They have not humbled themselves and surrendered their lives to Him.

      Keep sharing! I love your questions and insights.



  24. Chapter 2 Part 5 Standouts for me:

    Here is my big my big impact quote from Wendy that has made a difference in by Bible study:

    “Be in the Word first and foremost. And as you read and study, pray for discernment. Pray for understanding. Pray for wisdom.”

    I picked upon this quote during the P31 study. I have put this into practice. I pray for understanding of the verse and then ask for wisdom to be able to apply the passage to my life today.

    It works! It has made a huge difference in my studying of the Word. I have received so many insights into scripture that I never got before and how I can use this right now-today.

    • Cynthia, your words make me smile. It means so much to hear that God has used the wisdom He gave me to impact your life and change the way you read His Word. I know when I started to put that into practice is when the Bible truly came alive for me and began real life transformation for me. I pray the same for you!!



  25. Charlotte Askew says

    I pray that we all remain actively seeking to better understand what God is saying to each of us in His word.

    Often when I am reading God’s word, I feel as if I am digging into a box of “insights” that He has for me. But, I must locate the right one for the day, in order to better understand what He is saying to me. I love the digging!

    Almost caught up on my lessons. I thought I would finish today, but then I would come upon a word or a sentence while reading scripture and off I would go digging again.

    Such riches are to be found in those pages.

    • Charlotte, that is what I LOVE to hear. Digging in God’s Word in one place, leading a woman’s heart to another and another. That is how we come to know and understand the “whole counsel” of the Word of God. It’s like a treasure hunt, isn’t it?

      Keep digging and sharing!!

      Love you Mama Char.


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