October 17, 2014

Living So That On-Line Study Begins Wednesday!

Just a few more days and our Living So That (LST) on-line study begins! We’d love for you to join us and invite a friend or lots of friends and form a small group! So many of you have already signed up and are forming groups in your neighborhoods and churches. We did LST as our Proverbs 31 on-line study a few months ago and it was one of my most favorite ministry experiences EVER! We had over 14,000 women join us including Emily Maynard (now married [yea!]Johnson) and Mandisa!!

First, my friends at LifeWay are THE BEST! They are excited about this study and have discounted Living So That by 40%! Okay, if you’re like me and not so good at math, I’ll make it easy. Instead of $14.99, the book will be only $8.99! THANK YOU LifeWay!! To take advantage of their great offer, click here.

During our time together, we’ll study the “so that” verses scattered throughout the New Testament. A “so that” verse takes a truth of Scripture and connects it to a practical application of that truth.


Studying these  “so that” verses, and learning to apply them, is God’s way of transforming our hearts and minds and equipping us to make more faith-filled choices in the midst of our messy lives. We’ll focus on the following themes:

  • Jesus came so that…
  • God spoke so that…
  • Pray so that…
  • Trials come so that…
  • Let your light shine so that…

Below is a short (5 minute) message from my heart about the study:

To get a sneak peek at Living So That (portion of Chapter One) click here AND to receive my free five day devotional “Five Days to a Faith-Full Life” click here. Please invite your mom, daughters, sisters, friends to join you for our five day devotional journey. And I would love to connect with you as you go through it, so leave a message on my Facebook Author page by clicking here.

You register by clicking on the Living So That on-line study sign up graphic (created by LifeWay!) on the right side of my blog.

See you October 22nd, if not sooner.

**If you are here to find the winners of Lynn Cowell’s book Magnetic, check back Monday and I will announce the winners. ***



  1. I’m SO EXCITED for all the women joining this study! And so excited LifeWay is promoting this amazing book!!! God is SO GREAT! “Living So That” was one of the most awesome, life-changing, packed out with God’s Word studies the Lord ever blessed me with. I went through the study in the spring with Proverbs31.org. May our amazing Heavenly Father speak to all of your hearts as you grow to love Him more. Praying for you all!

  2. jane Bryson says

    I highly recommend this book and study. Wendy will guide you through deeper insight and thought provoking topics that will keep you wanting more! Easy, fun, engaging and empowering!

  3. Charlotte Askew says

    I am so excited to once again dig deep into God’s truths in His Holy Word with Wendy guiding the way.

    Wendy has a gift from God that enables her to bring His word to women all over the world, those that are in need of hearing His reassurances. God uses His children to speak into another’s life, words that He wants and needs for them to hear. Wendy is His very willing instrument.

    I NEED His reminders, His reassurance, His promises and continuing support and love spoken into my life, especially during this difficult time my family is dealing with.

    Thank you Wendy for doing this study just when I need it the most.

  4. Meg Derosier says

    Can’t wait to start!

  5. I am excited to start this study and bummed that I will be leaving town on Wednesday but excited that we are going to the Creation Museum!!!! LOL Hoping I can catch up in the hotel at night.

  6. Counting down the days, excited!!! 🙂

  7. Jennifer Gearheart says

    This is truly a wonderful book and Bible study! I loved all the SO THAT verses. You will be truly encouraged by Wendy.

  8. I am so excited to start on Wednesday. I have been looking forward to it.

  9. Like all the others, I’m doing the countdown! Thank you Wendy for multiplying your talents and for living your life as a spiritual act of worship. We love to be a part of your song.

    And girlfriends… can’t wait to hear from your beautiful hearts! xoxo

  10. Judy Redden says

    I am looking forward to going thru the Living So That Bible Study again.

  11. I’m so excited to start digging into scripture!

  12. Angel Parnell says

    I have tried working through this book several times now and life has just got in the way. I am in a desperate time now and I need a study to help me refocus on God… SO THAT He can receive glory and honor through my life. Here it goes again.

  13. Thank you for this opportunity! I can sympathize with so many of these ladies, who long to feel closer to the Lord, but LIFE gets in the way! Help us, Wendy! You’re amazing at putting words together that speak directly to those who are reading them, and this study sounds amazing! I’m hoping it works out for me to follow through and do this! I’ve wanted to do a bible study many times, through P31, and have failed. Thank you!!

  14. Marilyn Saxon says

    Wendy, I am a week late and definitely want to join you in “Living So That” online Bible study. One of my good friends who lives in another state has started last week on Wednesday. I just bought my book at LifeWay. How do I join the study? I signed up for your blog in my email.

  15. Elaine Rotty (Wendy Blights Aunt Sal/AS says

    I can’t tell you all how blessed I am that Wendy wrote this book “Living So That” and sent it to me. Reading it was the beginning of the most wonderful journey back to Jesus and everyday I feel closer to Him and filled with love and peace. Thank you, I can’t wait to visit you all in a couple of weeks.


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