October 20, 2014

My Morning Prayer w/ Free Gift and Giveaway

Morning quiet time is just plain hard sometimes. There are days I avoid it and days where I obediently do it, but it becomes more about duty than a refreshing, filling connection time with God. My mind wandered. I couldn’t concentrate. I felt discouraged and guilty, so I would close my Bible and go on with my day.

One morning, I sat quietly asking the Lord what was wrong with me…why was it was so hard? As He often does, He moved my heart to prayer. And a few minutes later “My Morning Prayer” was born. Maybe you experience these same feelings. My prayer is that “My Morning Prayer” will shake up your quiet time or maybe even encourage you to begin one. It’s short. It’s simple. But it’s an easy way to connect with God early in the morning.

Click here to download your copy of “My Morning Prayer.” Click here for more free resources/prayers.

And Now I’m excited to extend an invitation to you for my Living So That online study that begins October 22nd

THE STUDY IS FREE. All you need is the book. My friends at LifeWay are THE BEST,coming alongside me and discounting Living So That by 40%! Instead of $14.99, the book will be only $8.99! It runs through the end of the month. To take advantage of their great offer, click here. Living So That is part of Thomas Nelson’s Inscribed Collection.



During our time together, we’ll study the “so that” verses scattered throughout the New Testament. A “so that” verse takes a truth of Scripture and connects it to a practical application of that truth. Studying these  “so that” verses, and learning to apply them, is God’s way of transforming our hearts and minds and equipping us to make more faith-filled choices in the midst of our messy lives. We’ll focus on the following themes:

  • Jesus came so that…
  • God spoke so that…
  • Pray so that…
  • Trials come so that…
  • Let your light shine so that…

To learn more about the study click here.

To register, look over on the right side of my blog and click on the graphic under my picture that looks like the graphic above announcing the study.

To get a sneak peek at Living So That (portion of Chapter One) click here AND to receive my free five day devotional “Five Days to a Faith-Full Life” click here.

Please invite your mom, daughters, sisters, friends to join you.


If you’ve already signed up or sign up before Wednesday, you are eligible for our great giveaways (pictured below). We are giving away two set of the Inscribed Study Collection and two InScribed necklaces. Please leave a comment and let us know you signed up and if you have friends joining you.








  1. i just came across your site via proverbs 31 ministries. this bible study sounds amazing! thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  2. Yanna Westmoreland says

    I am signed up automatically which fills me with joy every time I see a new Wendy Blight study! Only new friends found here joining me this time. Were I to win the books, I would share and have an introduction to open door for someone who’s heart is searching. Best blessings to whomever does win!

  3. Marsha Filimon says

    I am going to order the book and sign up for the Bible study. I so need this time with God and others in my life. Thank you for the beautiful prayer.

    God bless,

    • I just purchased this book, not realizing that you are having an online study. I am so excited to get started. I will be doing the study with my daughter.

  4. I would enjoy your books immensely, I have signed up –cant wait!!

  5. I have just signed up. I admit, I have been eyeing these books for a bit now. I have a friend that I will be inviting to join me. We never seem to be able to connect outside of church. Doing this study together would be a perfect reason to make that extra effort, giving both of us the opportunity to grow in God together, and to slow down in our hectic lives for His glory.

    • So excited you are inviting a friend to join you!!! I know God will deepen and bless your friendship as you walk through His word and this study together!



  6. I am so excited to be signed up for this online Bible study. I bought the book at it’s release and intended to do the online Bible study when P31 did it, but I let other things get in the way. I pray that this time I can be determined to stay with it and be encouraged to live a “so that” life!

  7. Shannon Myers says

    I love your Morning Prayer. Wouldn’t you know it is just what I needed? I have made a promise to start each day with God. It’s such a struggle for me! I want to, I start to read, or worship, then….Bam! I’m thinking about laundry, errands, work, who knows….. I’m looking forward to these daily devotionals as a way to bring my focus right back to Him.

    • Shannon, you are not alone. So many of us have those same thoughts and feelings in the morning as we seek to meet with God. I pray your morning time with the Lord will be rich, full and focused as you meet Him in His word through the devotionals.



  8. Looking forward to the study.

  9. Yes, I am signed up. So excited!

  10. I am signed up and ready to start this study! Thank you for the beautiful prayer and freebies!

  11. Wendy, I am looking forward to your latest online Bible study. I have participated in several of your studies via your links, but this will be the first one I do concurrently. I enjoy your writing and teaching style, and I can’t wait to get started! Thanks for the opportunity.

  12. Good morning Wendy! What a beautiful prayer! I prayers in my time with the Lord this morning… it wasn’t very quiet, but nevertheless filled with Him speaking to my heart today! I am anticipating Wednesday’s start and praying that God will help me to prioritize my time! With the price of the book reduced, I am going to purchased 2 more, one for each of my daughters! I also follow Sarah Martin and would love to read the Inscribed Collection! Thx for the opportunity! May our day be blessed with a closeness to our Lord, always aware of His Presence! Amen!

    • Mary, I’m thrilled you are getting your daughters the books!!! I love that all three of you will be in God’s Word together. I join you in praying for the Lord to draw all of you closer to His heart as you meet with Him.



  13. Paula Lloyd says

    Can’t wait!

  14. Good morning Wendy! Blessings to you on this beautiful Monday morning. I am signed up, have the book and am excited! I so want to live a life “So That” I can know God more intimately and hear Him when He speaks to me or leads me in His direction. I have a fear of not staying committed each day, so I ask for prayer to keep me on track. I thank you for the prayer this morning. May God bless you as you do His will. Thank you for teaching His word.

    • Rhea, I’m excited you are joining us and am praying right now for the Lord to bless and establish the work of your hands and your heart as you sit down to spend time with Him in the mornings and in his Word. I pray He will draw you close and fill you up in such a powerful way that you won’t want to miss it!!



  15. I’m signed up! 🙂

  16. I am signed up and my teenage daughter will be doing this study with me. She was abused by her dad when she was ages 5-10 before he was found out. She has turned into a lovely God-fearing teen and her faith amazes me. I think this study would be great for both of us.

    • Sherri, I love that you are doing this together. What a precious gift to be such a young woman and so hungry for more of God and His Word in her life. I pray the Lord will continue to richly bless your relationship with each other and with Him.as you go deeper still in His Word!



  17. Looking forward to the study. Signed up.

  18. I’m already signed up!!

  19. Karen Conner says

    I did the first one and I’m doing this one too! Wendy-your insights and the scripture that you share made such a big impact -I don’t want to miss another blessing!!
    I’ll be praying for you & your followers -that they will experience a break through in their relationship with Jesus!!

    • Thank you for the prayers, Karen. They mean so much. I’m honored that you found such value in the study that you are willing to do it again. I know you will have rich wisdom to share with us so please comment throughout the study.



  20. I’m signed up and can’t wait! I bought the book when I thought I would do it with P31 and when I thought and prayed over it, I decided not to pursue it then. My heart was so happy when I saw you were going to read through it, I feel this is the time to do it! Many blessings to you, Wendy! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  21. I am so excited to be a part of this….but I am in South Africa…where and how can I get a copy your book

    • Doreen, we love having another friend from South Africa. Another woman asked this question a few weeks ago and I do have the answer. 🙂

      My publisher gave me the link below so please check it out. If you have trouble finding it, let me know.

      The book is available to purchase in South Africa, here’s a link to purchase http://www.kalahari.com/Books/Living-So-That_p_47542480.

      Can’t wait to study God’s Word with you through Living So That.



  22. I just subscribed to Proverbs 31 Minustries and was guided to this site. The study looks amazing, so do the wonderful giveaways 🙂

    • Kami, so excited to have you as a new member of our Proverbs 31 family! Thank you for stopping over.



  23. Tanisha G. says

    Good Morning Wendy and Women of God:

    I am so excited about the study of Living so That. Even though I have completed this study with Proverbs 31 I find solace in knowing that I will now be doing this study with you personally. I signed up immediately once it was announced. I have encouraged others I love and know to join me on this journey of So that… Thanks and God Bless.

    • Tarnisha, you will be such a blessing to us having gone through it before. So excited to have you! We have an amazing circle of women coming together.



  24. Debbie Taylor says

    Just found your website today. I am signed up and hoping my adult daughter will be joining me on this journey. Thank you!

  25. I have done a study of the book with Proverbs 31 OBS. I am really looking forward to doing it again. I have the book already from the other study.

  26. I just found your site through Proverbs 31 ministires email! I just bought your book and signed up for the 5 week study. I can’t wait to get started!

    • Welcome, Penny! So excited the Lord brought you here. I prayed for every woman He would draw so I know He has amazing things He wants to teach you!!


  27. I have signed up for this study. Really looking forward to starting this. Ready to start highlighting my book and Bible.

  28. I’m all signed up and can’t wait to start!

  29. I know this study will be a blessing:) I too have turned 50 this year and am still raising 5 kids! My life can get a bit messy from time to time. lol

    • Wow! 5 kids at 50…goodness. You will have much wisdom to share with us, I’m sure. And some good stories too, I bet. I am so thankful you are joining us.


  30. Annette Hunter says

    I signed up when I first got notice of this online study. I am so excited, I hope to follow along without the book. Even at the great price my finances are too tight. Homebound and out of work these online studies help raise my spirit and lift my hope higher
    I am always thanking God for the P31 ladies.
    Thank You all for your prayers and hour faithfulness to God and sharing His word and love

    • Annette, we are so excited to have you!

      Two year ago, I did a condensed version of this study on-line before it was published. You don’t need a book; you can follow along with the online study. It does not include chapter one but has the rest of the chapters. The link is below. Let me know if you have any trouble finding it. It won’t be exactly the same, but it will keep you moving along with us and give you readings and questions. But always pop back here to share!!




  31. Carol Taylor says

    I signed up Saturday and look forward in doing the study again…I did it on the proverbs 31 study…and I printed out that wonderful prayer and the other ones…I love the way you speak and write its such a blessing.Look forward to the study!

  32. I have signed up and I am ready to start on Wednesday. I am looking forward to diving into God’s Word and meeting new Christian friends.

  33. I’m so excited to do this study! I have read Hidden Joy a few times and also did that study!
    What a blessing. It’s so nice to know that others understand the pain and fears that I’ve felt and still feel at times.
    You are a blessing!!!


  34. I signed up as soon as the news of this study came out. I am so ready to dig in with you!

  35. Nicci Ramirez says

    I am in and I am EXCITED!!!!! Thank you for doing this!!!

  36. Signed up

  37. Gail Fortuanto says

    Thanks for sharing! Be Blessed! Gail

  38. I am signed up and looking forward to this study! Thanks Wendy!

  39. I participated in the Living So That online Bible study through Proverbs 31 ministries and truly enjoyed it, so I have signed up again. I really like digging into and studying my Bible. Thank you so much Wendy, for following the Lord and investing time in this study.

  40. Thank you for your devo and prayer today. Perfect start to my day!! Looking forward to seeing how God will use it in the days to come!
    Also greatly anticipating the study and would love to encourage everyone to join in! Friends, you will be blessed by your time in God’s Word and God will also use the community of women to speak to your heart. Praising Him in advance for ALL He will do in the weeks to come!!

    • Amen!! Thank you for your kind words and your prayers, Jill I covet them as we begin a new study. And I’m thankful to have your wisdom and prayerful heart coming alongside us.


  41. Thank you, Wendy for the prayer. I am thankful for His presence. I too struggle some mornings that it seems like the Word of God are just words . . . how important it is to persevere even when my thoughts keep wandering, I get discouraged because I don’t feel connected. Thankful for His faithfulness to us. He said He would never leave us nor forsake us. I will persevere in adoration to get the victory and the connection with Him. And the solitude place . . . I love the weekends when I can cast my eyes out over the land that might have deer that morning or turkeys or hawks, or owls . . . really worshiping the Creator. During the week it is still dark outside. Thank you again, for sharing.

  42. I’m signed up for all of your Bible Studies. They are always such a blessing for me. I can’t wait.

  43. I have enjoyed your blogs and articles. Keep the women of Christ filled with encouragement.

  44. Shirley Smedley-Theiss says

    Wendy, I sent along your Morning Prayer to the ladies in my Bible Study class (30 of them). Our lesson this week is on Prayer, so this was very timely.

    Looking forward to learning more about the hina clause. I circle it every time I run across it in the scriptures.

    Much prayer as the study is launched tomorrow.

    • Shirley, thanks for sharing “My Morning Prayer” with your friends at church. It truly is the highest compliment you could pay me. And thank you for your prayers for our study!!



  45. thank you1

  46. I am signed up …Love you prayers

  47. I just finished your book “Living So That” last night. It was one of the best bible study’s I have ever done. I have bought your book for my mom and my close friend. I will encourage them to do the online bible study with me, as well. I own all but two of the inscribed bible study books but if I were to win, I would give them to friends so they may be as blessed as I have been with these books.

    • Denise, thank you for your sweet words about LST! I am honored that you hold it in such high regard. And it’s so fun to have an #InScribedStudies fan with us!!!

      And thanks also for sharing Living So That with your family. As I said earlier to another women, when someone shares my writing, the messages God lays on my heart, it is the highest compliment you could give me.


  48. Hi Wendy,

    I’m looking forward to Wednesday.
    I am signed up and I’ll be flying solo.


  49. Thank you for speaking to me about how our minds wonders off when praying. I felt like I was alone on this and was trying to figure out what is wrong with me. I am struggling with this and will use your Morning prayer. God is sooo good for bringing this message to me.

  50. Good Morning, signed up and so ready to go.

    Thanks for the message today, yes there are days (like today) that I get frustrated because I’m in such a rush, schedule changed, and don’t have time to study at the time that I have set aside. Thank you for the Morning Prayer, I read it and felt this calm, I took a deep breath and decided that later this morning I WILL sit and study, read, and journal.

    It so amazes me how God uses messages like yours to speak. I just love it.

    So excited…
    Thanks Wendy…Anna

  51. Wendy,
    Thank you for your willingness to lead this study. I haven’t been involved in a group study in several years and and really looking forward to this opportunity.

    Within the past 7 months, I’ve had to basically walk away from the life I have known for the past 20 years and begin again on many levels. I am definitely grief-stricken but am amazed daily at how great the Lord’s love and mercies are. Despite the tears and the fears, there is growing a sense of peace and hope that I know can only come from Him.

    When I read your description of: “…God’s way of transforming our hearts and minds and equipping us to make more faith-filled choices…”, I knew that God was, through you, speaking straight to my heart.

    Thank you, again, for your loving-heart and willingness to share your relationship with God.

    • Stacy, I’m honored you have chosen to begin a new journey with us during such a transition time. You will feel loved and encouraged here. And I pray the Lord speaks into your heart in very real and personal ways as you seek His next steps for you.


  52. Signed up & excited for Wednesday! Came at the perfect time in my life!

  53. Just signed up and looking forward to start this prayer journey and to do a prayer journal as well. Thank you for the message you shared with us today especially the morning prayer. If I’d win the book, I would pass it on to a friend after I read it so that she may be blessed as well.

  54. Wendy, I’m so grateful for all your posts, but this mornings was especially beautiful. Thank you. Signed up when first announced & can’t wait to start. Big changes in my life right now because I’ll be helping to care for my younger sister who is probably facing a heart transplant. I know I’ll need the Lord’s strength for this & so will she. What a blessed opportunity to share…a chance to share love & light at such a scary time.

  55. So excited for this study! I got the book when it was first released and I really got so much out of it! Thanks Wendy for starting an online study! I have shared with a couple friends!

  56. Donna Torrado says

    I was taken by this study the 1st time I did it I have signed up again. I love this book & I am sure there will be something new & exciting for me to do it again.
    Can’t wait.

  57. signed up ready to go. cant wait to go through living so that

  58. Amen Jesus!

    How sweet it is to trust in Jesus, and then to link up with amazing sisters in Christ
    such as Wendy.

    You are a BLESSING!

  59. I am signed up and looking forward to Wednesday.

  60. Cynthia Quiroga says

    Signed up 🙂

  61. I am signed up and have my book! Can’t wait 🙂

  62. I signed up!

  63. Kimberly Holen says

    I need this and am excited to do it. Now to hurry and get the book. 🙂
    Thank you for this opportunity!

  64. Hi! I’m all signed up and looking forward to Bible study! 😉

  65. Hi Wendy! I’ve got all signed up and ready for the study to start. Looking forward to it.

  66. I had the book from before when Wendy did the study, but didn’t get it finished so I am looking forward to doing that this time around! What a joy to be able to partake again!

  67. Charlotte Askew says

    Yes, Yes, Yes, I got my book from Lifeway and I am signed up and very excited for this study.

  68. I bought your book 3 weeks ago Wendy! I can’t wait to get started!!!!!

  69. Anne Lewis says

    I’ve been reading the book and love it. In fact I bought some as gifts because I like it so much. I am really looking forward to participating in the online study.

    • Thank you for sharing Living So That with your friends! Means so much to me!! Thankful you are joining us as we dig deep into the “so thats” of God’s Word.



  70. Gloria Nofsinger says

    I am signed up! I bought the book earlier and have been watching for an opportunity to do an on-line study. I love the morning prayer. I prayed it yesterday and it was enjoyable to look back at the end of the day. My day did not go as planned, but I could see the hand of God. (Hmm…His ways and thoughts are higher than mine:). I am looking forward to what today brings. I have been convicted lately to pray fervently. I hope to pray the morning prayer each day this week and see God work.

  71. I recently returned to work full time. Unfortunately in doing so I no longer can attend my Wednesday morning Bible study and I have so missed that time of fellowship with my girlfriends as well as that weekly study. I am still figuring out how I can make it to my church’s Monday night women’s group but until I am able to make that work, I am happy to at least have online resources such as this one!
    I bought the book when it first came out but have not had a chance to read it yet. What better time than now for this online study. I am all signed up and ready to begin!

    • Tiffany, so thankful the Lord has used this study as a way to allow you to be in the word and be in fellowship with some amazing women!! He always knows what we need when we need it and provides.

      See you tomorrow!



  72. Hi Wendy Love your Morning Prayer. Looking forward to the study!

  73. YES!! I am signed up. My friend, Kate from our small group will be joining me with your online study. We both read the book when it first came out. We are super excited!!

    Thanks Wendy!!

  74. I did the study when you ran it a few months ago, but I think it is time to do it again (I was just thinking about it recently and then I saw your blog post that you are up for it again- how awesome is that?! 🙂 ) never too many time to refresh on such wise truths. Thank you for doing it! Looking forward to learning with you once again!

  75. Darlene Gabriel says

    Yes I have signed up ………looking forward to it:)

  76. I’m looking forward to your Bible study. Your morning prayer was just what I needed today. With the Lord by my side, I can get through all that I need to do today. Thank you!

  77. Joining in the study but in FB jail until Friday…so will be starting off silent.

  78. Kathleen Bennefield says

    I’m in!!!! (for the SECOND time, can’t get enough!!!) Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  79. michelle h says

    looking forward to it!

  80. Shemetras Danson says

    Me and my husband is separated and I am request that you pray you touch and agree with me that God will restore our marriage.

    James and Shemetras Danson

  81. Great title for a book – “living so that”. For me, it seems to beckon me to want to know more. l accept the invitation to dig into and discover God’s Word in a new way. Thank you Wendy!

  82. I signed up and hopefully my friend will be joining me. I am getting the book tomorrow and can’t wait!

    Thank you for this!

  83. Just signed up this morning. And my friend is joining me. She gave me the book a couple of months ago. Thank you. Looking forward to it.

  84. I registered for the Living So That Bible study and invited my sister to join as well. I purchased the book previously and I am looking forward to participating!

  85. Signed up…cant get enough of your teaching Wendy!

  86. Angie Weeks says

    I signed up as soon as I heard:) I absolutely love this book. I purchased it back in the summer and this book has spoken to me like no other. Its kind of funny because now when I read my Bible every time I come across a “so that” I underline it:) brings new meaning of the verse to me.

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