April 21, 2017

Spiritual Heartburn (Living So That Giveaway)

 Will you join me for a few minutes to take a trip back in time?

Today we will join two friends, Cleopas and his companion, walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus after Christ’s death. Friends whose hearts ached with sorrow as they spoke of how the Roman authorities persecuted, tortured, and executed their teacher and friend. In the midst of their conversation, Jesus joined them, but Scripture says they didn’t recognize Him.

Let’s imagine ourselves on that same road … believers who had put all our hope in Jesus. With His death, we now feel abandoned and hopeless. Yet, unbeknownst to us, standing next to us is the risen Jesus Himself!

Jesus asked the two men what they were talking about.

Expressing deep sadness, Cleopas shared how Jesus, the mighty prophet who did amazing miracles and preached powerful messages, had been crucified. He ended with these words: “We had been hoping He was the One – you know, the One who would liberate all Israel and bring God’s promises.” Luke 24:21

Basically, they told Jesus that He had let them down. Most distressing to Jesus was their lack of faith. They spoke these words in spite of the fact that trusted friends had gone to the tomb, discovered no body, and received a message from angels that Jesus was alive.

Jesus rebuked them: “Come on men, why are you being so foolish? Why are your hearts so sluggish when it comes to believing what the prophets have been saying all along?” Luke 24:25

Jesus knew the problem lay not in their heads but in their hearts. So He then took them on another journey. This one through the Old Testament, beginning with Moses and continuing prophet by prophet, explaining the meaning of the prophets’ words and how each predicted the very things they had witnessed.

Jesus spoke God’s Word in a fresh way.

Can you imagine how wonderful it must have been to hear the words of Scripture delivered by Jesus Himself?

Upon reaching their destination, they invited Jesus to join them for dinner. He accepted. When they sat down, Jesus took bread, gave thanks, broke it, and handed it to them. Scripture says that in that instant, their eyes were suddenly opened so that they recognized Him. And a moment later, Jesus vanished! (Luke 24:31)

What changed in that moment? Before, these two men believed only part of what they had been taught growing up. They never got the big picture of Who Jesus was and was to be. They saw the King, not the servant … the crown, not the cross … the glory, not the suffering.

Listen to the words they spoke to each other after Jesus left:

Amazing! Weren’t our hearts on fire within us while He was talking to us on the road? Didn’t you feel it all coming clear as He explained the meaning of the Hebrew Scripture?” Luke 24:32 (emphasis added)

The NIV says “Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us … and opened the Scriptures to us?”

Friend, they experienced spiritual heartburn! The word “burn” is from the Greek verb kaio, meaning “to set on fire.” Metaphorically, it means Jesus’ words created a hunger and passion within them they had never before experienced. His words captivated their hearts.

Jesus, the master story teller, brought what seemed simple Bible stories alive for Cleopas and his friend. As He opened the Scriptures, the puzzle pieces came together in such a powerful way that they not only listened, but something within them changed … something so profound that they immediately went to Jerusalem to share with others what they had seen and heard.
Jesus used His Word to teach, rebuke, correct and train Cleopas and his friend. Jesus’ spoken word enlightened their minds and deepened their faith. His visit empowered and equipped them for the task He called them to … sharing the good news they had just heard.

God will do the same for us. How He longs for us to open His Word so He can teach us! God is waiting to speak into our lives just as Jesus spoke into theirs. Sometimes He will teach and train, and we’ll savor it. Sometimes he will rebuke and correct, and we’ll fight it. But through it all, we’ll gain a confidence in His Word. A confidence like we’ve never had, one that will strengthen our convictions.  And as our convictions strengthen, God will use those convictions to equip us for His Kingdom work

**This devotion is taken, in part, from Chapter Two of my book,Living So That. Click here to learn more about the book or order a copy.**


I’m thankful you spent time with me here today. I would love to hear from you. Please share a time when you have felt spiritual heartburn. I will choose one comment to receive a signed copy of my book Living So That. Stop by next week, and I’ll announce the winner.



    My spiritual heart burned for the first time was when I did this study. I have been finding new experiences of burning in different ways but this study was the first time I ever truly felt it.

    • Oh, Donna, I love that Living So That tendered your heart to God’s Word that way. Thank you for taking the time to let me know. 🙂



    • What a blessing to read your reads today. It means to much to know that Living So That tendered your heart to God’s Word that way. Thank you for taking the time to let me know. 🙂



  2. Jennifer Behm says

    I have had a few instances of spiritual heartburn… and then, upon opening my heart to Jesus and my Bible, I found the best medicine … Jesus Christ died for me… loves me… knows me. He knows my strengths and weaknesses, my haves and needs. All I have to do is pray. Ask, seek, open the door to my heart, to receive His goodness and mercy.

    • Amen! Sometimes, His Word pricks our hearts, but He always follows it up with GRACE and LOVE, to turn our hearts and minds back to Him.

      Thank you for sharing.


  3. Tammy Barnard says

    My dear friend Wendy,
    I so enjoyed this today. I have had that “spiritual heartburn”, never realizing what it was until this. Thank you. I have your book already..I sure needed this today..for reasons yet to unfold, but it gave me “heartburn” again. Have a blessed day. Tammy

  4. I was experiencing spiritual heartburn for a season. I don’t have a lot of friends and was at a period in my life where I did not know where I belonged. I joined the First 5 group and suddenly God’s Word started to come alive for me and it was like scales were removed from my eyes! I cannot wait to get up in the morning to study God’s Word and drink in His truths and the First 5 ladies teaching. It has made all the difference in the world. I understand and live His Word each and every day!

    • Candy, you cannot know how much it blesses me to read your words about First 5. Answered prayer for me and our entire team. It is fun to connect with First 5 friends like you!!

      I will share this with our team. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and share your story. It especially encourages us as we embark on writing a new series of teachings.



      • Wendy, I hope you don’t mind that I say that I especially love your teachings among the First 5 teachers. All of the women are wonderful, but the Lord has given me a connection with you. Each and every time you teach I am blessed beyond words. Your quiet and gentle spirit just really connects with me.

        Thank you, God Bless you and please keep writing!.

  5. Amanda Smith says

    Some girlfriends and I meet every other Wednesday for Bible study. Going in so often I feel tired and empty, even too tired to contribute to discussion. But every time as we start, the Holy Spirit shows up and you can almost see the “fire” being passed from face to face as we come alive and start consuming God’s Word. I’m so glad that He reveals more of Himself to us each time we meet. Love that “heartburn” feeling!

    • I LOVE what you said, “see the fire being passed from face to face as we come alive and start consuming God’s Word.” BEAUTIFUL IMAGE!! Thank you so much for sharing, sweet friend.

      I love that heartburn feeling too.



  6. Spiritual heartburn has happened at various times. Some of my favorites are when the same verse keeps popping up over a period of several days that speak to something I’m going through. It can only be a God-thing!

    • What a great example and one I never thought of. It’s like God wants to ensure we hear what He is speaking to us and that it sinks in deep!!

      Thanks for sharing.


  7. I know the meaning of “Spiritual Heartburn” when I found I had to totally surrender my being to the Lord. I was a Christian yet in the dark of night, I stumbled over a concrete block, landing on my face in pitch blackness. I received an epithany that I needed light in my daily walk to keep me from stumbling and only the Lord could bring me the light that would set me on the right path of living. Since that time, I’ve found sometimes I do find my way darkened due to my self centered ways. But when I turn to Jesus, I can repent and receive His light and Life to give me times of refreshment. So wonderful that the Word of God brings revelation and newness to my living.

  8. Mare Hindall says

    I have experienced spiritual heartburn, recently. I am excited to start a new way of studying. As I read and if a verse jumps out at me, I underline it, I write it down in a notebook and look up different versions of the bible, so I can get more out of what Jesus is telling me. My heart is on fire for the word of God.

    • Mare, this is a beautiful way to study the Word and really dig deep into one verse and learn it’s meaning within the context of the chapter and book as well as for your life. One day those journals will be such a treasure. Thank you for sharing a fresh way to study God’s Word.


  9. Diane Longfellow says

    I experienced spiritual heartburn while studying your book I Know His Name. I was so excited I convinced my small group we just had to study it together. Each one of us was touched, challenged and blessed.
    I have your book Living So That on my shelf waiting for summer break.
    Thank you, Wendy. Your love for Jesus lights a fire in me!

    • Diane,

      It’s always a gift to connect with people whose faith and love for the Word has been impacted by the books God has laid on my heart. Thank you for not only sharing how IKHN touched your heart but also for sharing it with your friends. That is truly the greatest compliment you can give me as a Bible teacher.

      Your kind words of encouragement have truly blessed me this morning. Especially as I get ready to put a new book out this year. Going through the editing process now!!


  10. Marilyn in East Texas says

    When the Savior speaks to you and touches your mind and soul and heart and spirit you don’t ever want to loose that precious spiritual connection as you have been changed forever.

    The more I think about the crucifixion the more overwhelmed I become at what we did to our precious Lord Jesus. Our Savior.

    I can only imagine the total heartbreak, fear, devastation, shock, sorrow and grief that Cleopus as well as all of the others who were there must have been struggling with during this time.

    Never before and never again would a crucified Lord Jesus arise from the grave just as He said He would.

    To be there in that moment and to see and witness God’s magnificent plan, seeing it come to be, would evoke such intense emotions. We know that all of creation became unbalanced at the crucifixion of our Savior. The sun did not shine. The earth quaked. Creation trembled.

    The realization of the crucifixion- salvation of our souls poured out in blood by Christ for each believer to cover our sins for all of eternity.

    As Cleopus walked and talked with Jesus the Words of the Savior must have been like a balm washing over his shattered heart and mind.

    As Jesus spoke to them their hearts and minds were being comforted and healed. Joy and belief was surpassing sorrow and shame.

    And the broken connection between heart and mind and soul was reconnected with the Savior and all doubt and fear and unbelief removed and replaced with understanding.

    The Words that Jesus spoke were alive and life giving and life restoring just as they are today.

    I pray that I will learn to listen closely so that I will recognize and hear and obey each time He speaks to me. Let the eyes of my heart always see Him.

    • Marilyn, thank you, thank you for sharing what filled your heart as you read again the story of Cleopas and his friend. It’s absolutely beautiful and moved my heart even deeper into their feelings that amazing day they walked with Jesus.

      And your prayer is perfect, “let the eyes of my heart always see Him.”



  11. Sheila Watson says

    I have experienced spiritual heartburn when looking for a new church. Feeling unneeded and not having many friends caused me to seek His Word more. Doing this alone made me realize I was never truly alone. He had been there the whole time, waiting on me.

    • Amen. Though we sometimes feel alone, we are truly never alone. And I pray he has already lead or will lead you to a church filled with believing friends who will come alongside you!



  12. Two years ago I went through a season, but I learned so much through it and grew in faith. It drew me closer and it was a resting time in HIS presence that was much needed.

    • Jennie, I have experienced that as well. A time He stopped me dead in my tracks and made me be still before Him. As He draws us closer, we know Him so much deeper. We truly know what it means to REST in Jesus, to walk and talk to Him and listen truly LISTEN to what He says.

      Thank you for sharing.



  13. Martha Troxel says

    I have experienced spiritual heartburn when the Lord makes a Bible verse or passage come alive so that it seems new!

    • Me too! That is when I experience it the most. His living and active Word comes alive, and sometimes even consumes me like a fire!!

      Thank you for stopping by to share.



  14. Monja Blue says

    I felt compelled to respond! In the reading of this message your very words came alive! Thanks for a chance to receive your book — I would be so blessed.

    • Monja, I love that God moved you through His Spirit as you read this story from His Word!! That is answered prayer for me. Thank you for obeying.



  15. My husband and I, for so many reasons (marriage, illness, etc…) had gotten into a dark place in our relationship and i was grabbing on to anything the Lord could deliver. This time of intense conflict, sadness, anger,…any emotion possible… resulted in my seeking God out in as many ways as I could and numerous verses of the Bible seemed to leap off the page and into my heart. God used this difficult time to create a hunger for HIM, in both my husband and myself, that resulted in eventual healing of our marriage and led us into a new season of being marriage partners. *I came across your first book at that time in my life…what a blessing. Thank you for allowing God to use you in this way. Can’t wait to read your next book.
    Will you be doing any online studies in the future?

    • Hallelujah!! What a story of praise and thanksgiving! Thank you for taking the time to share. I pray it will bring hope to another who stops by and is struggling in their marriage.

      And it blesses me so to know God used Living So That to encourage you during that time in your life.

      As of this time, because I serve in leadership for Proverbs 31 online Bible studies, I will not be doing studies on my blog. I would love to have you join us at Proverbs for our next study. We will be studying Jennifer Rothchild’s book, “My, Myself and Lies.” You can learn more by visiting our Proverbs 31 website http://www.proverbs31.org.

      Thank you for sharing so authentically.



  16. Sharee Gaiser says

    Spiritual heartburn was experienced by me when I was first diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. It was the day before my 21st birthday and my heart just crumbled under the changes, the disappointment, the abandonment I felt. I thought God had left me forever, that I was being punished for something. Everything in my body ached with grief and I felt it deep in my soul. This book is on my ‘must read’ list as, like the other books you have authored Wendy, it will speak to my hungry soul.

    • Sharee, what a blessing to read your words today … to know God used His Word as shared through my books to minister to you in places of doubt and darkness. It is answered prayer for sure.

      Thank you for sharing from your heart about your dark time, because we all have them. Hearing stories like yours is both equipping and encouraging. His Word is what FREES us!!

      Blessings to you,


  17. Thanks for reminding me about spiritual heartburn. It was in the 70’s, my husband and I went through the Bethel Bible course training to become teachers. It took 2 years – we had scriptures to memorize, learned how to be a speaker through eye contact etc. After that my husband and I started teaching the course – first year was the Old Testament and second year the New Testament. At the time we were doing this, I was a kindergarten teacher and had thought I would only teach young children. The first year we taught – I had to spend lots of hours to prepare for a 30 minute talk and I had to write my prayers down. My husband could teach and pray very fluently without taking all the prep time that I did. I remember being very frustrating about this to the point of tears. The second year we taught things begin to change. At that time we were also teaching an adult Sunday school class. A lady who had attended a Sunday school class that I had taught called me up to say that Jesus wanted me to receive the Holy Spirit . After that I received the gift of a prayer language and a hunger that wouldn’t quit for God’s Word. That summer instead of making posters for my kindergarten class, I read everything I could get my hands that lead me to the Bible. My friend also sent me books. I read,absorbed it, and took notes all summer.When it came time in the fall to teach the New Testament course – I was spiritually on fire. God was with me in a new and fresh way. The prep time became more natural with God giving me the words to write. When I taught, what to say came very naturally and I didn’t have to rely on just what I had written out – what I had studied this summer came back to me which I could add. I was actually deviating from what I written down and I did not have to write my prayers down anymore. The prayers began to flow naturally from the Holy Spirit. About half way through the course,my husband had to work longer hours which lead me to teach by myself which God had prepared me to be able to do. I was definitely out of my comfort zone until the spiritual heartburn change came. This time in our lives that I am describing was before we had children which made a big difference. Thanks for the opportunity to remember this amazing experience and gifts from the Lord. Thank You, Lord.

  18. Wendy, your words are timely! These closing lines describe exactly what I’ve been experiencing as I reflect on the last 9 months and my walk with the Lord – “But through it all, we’ll gain a confidence in His Word. A confidence like we’ve never had, one that will strengthen our convictions. And as our convictions strengthen, God will use those convictions to equip us for His Kingdom work.”

    Thank you for putting words to what I’ve struggled to say, but have definitely experienced! May the heartburn continue for all of us!!

    Blessings from the farm!

  19. Julie Woodman says

    Thank you for your words. When I first attended a Women of Faith conference I experienced this type of spiritual heartburn. Hearing the various speakers open God’s Word in a new way was such an epiphany for me. I had been in church on and off my entire life, but the weekly sermons never set my heart on fire for the Lord like those speakers in that arena that weekend.

  20. Roberta Nelson says

    Thank you Wendy for your words to us today. Sometimes when I get up in the morning, early, to do my Bible reading, I am tired and downhearted. Not wanting to face the plans for the day. When I sit down to read His Word, I can feel my spirit lifting, becoming lighter with each verse. I know I can face the day with confidence and even joy because of His promises to me. I just want to shout AMEN!

  21. Roberta Nelson says

    Wendy, thank you for your words to us today. Sometimes when I get up in the morning, early, to do my Bible Reading, I am tired and downhearted. I do not want to face the day and all it’s plans and challenges. Then I begin my Bible reading and I can feel my heart getting lighter with each verse. It gives me hope and confidence to face the day, knowing I am not alone. The words just soak in and up goes my spirit! AMEN!!!

  22. I love how God puts the right words in front of you at the right time. I needed this today. Thank you. The first time I felt spiritual heartburn was at a Bible study at my neighbor’s house. It was the first time I really came to know Jesus and was even baptized in her tub. What an amazing fire it is. They have all moved away now, though one just visited me YESTERDAY, I feel a little lost again. I have been craving this burn again. My family is struggling at the moment but I get the opportunity to pour into a young teenage daughter of a friend soon. She is staying with us for a few weeks because their struggle is larger than mine and I am blessed to help them out. The story is a crazy one that only God could put together, which is why I love it that much more. Confirmation that He has His hand in ALL of this, including the timing. A tiny tidbit of the story- she use to be my art student several years ago, her dad and my husband worked together long before any of the kids were even thought of, and I have been blessed to be her mom’s friend. Her mom has lost everyone around her but God put us together to hold each other up. Praise Him for holding us together and giving us that spiritual heartburn!!! There is nothing else like it!

    • Christy, you are beautiful. Your heart is truly stunning. I am so sorry for your feelings of being lost, and for your family’s current struggle. I can only imagine what Jesus is about to do. Since He comes through our weaknesses… and both you and this precious teenage girl are truly weak… the only possible outcome will be life-breathing comfort since His strength comes through our weaknesses.

      Papa, thank You for Christy’s beautiful, tender heart. Thank You that she has eyes to see that You are up to something! Most of us would only see our pain, but here is is… expectant… knowing You comfort us in our troubles, and with that comfort, we can comfort others. You know every detail of her story. Wendy, all the girls here on this site and I circle around Christy, her friend, and both of their families. We hold our shields of faith up when their arms are weak. Your joy comes when those who feel lost are found… not just at our moment of salvation… but in every life circumstance. Let Christy be the sheep who simply consents to be found by You… let her rest on Your shoulders as You carry her to the home of being found and covered. Continue to fan her flame of spiritual heartburn in JESUS’ Name, amen! xoxoxoxo

      • Thank you Noelle! My story is a good one of His love and miracles happening all around. It will be amazing to share one day.

  23. Wendy, you know I love this life-breathing book! Thank you for your post. It’s amazing to see that God’s word is always perfect and timely (just look at the details of everyone’s posts) and it always achieves what God sent it forth to do! I’ve been in a season of spiritual heartburn! I’ve been in awe because I realize how intimately our Papa answers our prayers. I see how real He is. And in these times we’re living in, I see how desperately this world needs Jesus. What an honor that we all get to BE Jesus to every person we interact with… even if it’s someone we’re passing by. We get to give eye contact and be Jehovah Nissi… to let people know they are seen… they are valuable… and we can pray over them! Won’t it be awesome to meet “strangers” in heaven who say, “I heard you were part of my salvation story! You prayed for me when you saw me in a parking lot at the market. You have no idea the chain of events your prayer sparked!” Fan our flames Jesus! Thank You for all the ways You use Wendy to do that for all of us! Amen! I love you so much friend! xoxo

  24. Wendy
    I enjoy the way God convicts for me it’s this tingling feeling that sweeps over my body. The words ” Be still and know that I am God,” are so personal. “I Am” they mean everything because that was how my soul first found His peace. He is and always will be my ” I Am.”
    Your words are a Gods nudge because I have needed to get back into His Word more deeply and my own Holy Spirit has been nudging me. It’s time to obey my God. Thank you. I enjoy listening to all of you on the First5 app. Reading words turn richer when they are reiterated over the weekend. Would love a copy of your book. God bless.

  25. Kathy Gurule says

    I’ve I experienced “spiritual heartburn” as I’ve walked through the dark journey of anxiety the last 8 months and from this terrible, frightening place, I have encountered God in a fresh, new way and through out it all His one message that keeps coming up over and over is my need to trust Him completely. I have never walked more closely to God than I have these last months and I am so thankful to Him for this difficult time because it has finally made me see Him for who He really is and to see myself and who I am in Him.

  26. Wendy,
    I have experi need “spiritual heartburn” for several years now. I cannot get enough of God’s word and His Holy Spirit power in my life. I have been praying for the past several months asking God to help me to love Him even more and that Jesus would be my biggest dream. I am undone by how my heart feels toward Him these days. I want all of Him that He has for me!
    Thank you for sharing this post. I did this study when you very first wrote it, even before it was a book. Then I did it with friends after the book came out. You are an anointed teacher of the Word. I have also been writing Bible studies the past few years for our church’s women’s ministry and you are one of my spiritual mentors in this area. I love the way you teach Scripture. Thank you!

  27. Wendy,
    I have experienced “spiritual heartburn” for several years now. I cannot get enough of God’s word and His Holy Spirit power in my life. I have been praying for the past several months asking God to help me to love Him even more and that Jesus would be my biggest dream. I am undone by how my heart feels toward Him these days. I want all of Him that He has for me!
    Thank you for sharing this post. I did this study when you very first wrote it, even before it was a book. Then I did it with friends after the book came out. You are an anointed teacher of the Word. I have also been writing Bible studies the past few years for our church’s women’s ministry and you are one of my spiritual mentors in this area. I love the way you teach Scripture. Thank you!

  28. Katherine B. says

    For the past 6 months I have experienced some of the most difficult times of my life. The loss of my husband’s job, the loss of our car, living only on my salary which is not much. Going on benefits for the first time in our lives. Wondering how we will pay for our rent. I kept praying and praying and I knew God was telling me to open His Book but I resisted because I was so depressed. Really thinking about ending it all for the first time in my life but couldn’t because of my children. But, having my friends speak scripture to me and then reading your blog made me realize God has not left me and wants me to open my Bible to read what He obviously wants me to see. Thank you for that. You are a blessing to me.

  29. There’s been too numerous to count! But each time I read Hebrews 4:12 “For the word of God is alive and active.” I get “spiritual heartburn every time! I love that verse and it does something to me every time I come across it!
    Thanks for this Wendy!

  30. Great devotion Wendy. I have many reminders that I need to keep praying. Most are small, but reminders none the less. A while back I had an MRI for a shoulder injury. The technician came and got me, asked what kind of music I liked. I told him anything but rap. He said OK, that narrows it down, then mumbled something to himself. He got me all comfortable, as much as you can on a hard skinny slider shelf. He slid a coil around my shoulder and put pillows under my arm and hand to help keep them comfortable and still. Put headphones on me, said the music would begin soon. Then he put me head first into the machine. All was well, until he asked me if I was OK. Yes. Are you sure? Yes. Asked me those 2 questions 3 more times. Then I felt a panic attack coming on. I thought of my mom (she had passed away in 2015) who was severely claustrophobic, and started crying. Then I almost yelled at him to get me out of there. I was ready to crawl out on my own. Told myself I really needed this MRI, then started reciting the Lord’s Prayer. Over and over again. Then the banging, knocking, clicking and buzzing began. I kind of heard the music start playing but really couldn’t hear or understand it because of all the machine noises. My brain was registering the name Jesus, over and over again. Still praying. The first round was over, and a very peaceful calming feeling came over me. Then I could hear the music. The technician had plugged me in to Christian music. I WAS hearing the name of Jesus in my head. I couldn’t hear what song was playing, but my brain was able to comprehend and concentrate on His name. My devotion that morning was about Isaiah 30:21 “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, This is the way; walk in it.” Thank you Wendy for your wonderful teachings. I really enjoyed your books, too.

  31. I love this post and talking about Spiritual heart burn. I love when I get that heart burn during church services, but I’ve also experienced it doing Bible studies especially during the I Know His Name study. Thank you Wendy for your words of wisdom that I need to hear.

  32. Robin Puchala says

    I have been blessed to know so many times when God opened up Scripture & made it just for me! I am so blessed…but anyone can be who seeks Him…He will be found. Your studies open up new ways to see Christ, to fan the embers or ignite new heart fire! God bless you, dear Wendy! Love your writing style/gift!

  33. Spiritual heartburn! I love it. Thanks for describing it that way, Wendy. The most recent time I can remember is in the past few weeks — nearly everything I’ve studied or read has to do with perseverance. Just keep going. Don’t quit. Gotta continue somewhere. Thoughts that have piggybacked this theme are of being empowered by Christ to go and tell, especially reading in the last chapters of John. “You go do your job, and I’ll keep being Jesus,” I heard at Bible study from a friend. Today, a mentor commented, “Isn’t it good to know that we are invited to participate in miracles, not conduct them?” If I was a tattoo kind of gal, that might just need to go on my forehead!

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