November 6, 2017

When You Are Tempted – Suzie Eller Message and Giveaway

Hey friends! Before I introduce you to my friend, Suzie Eller, I’m announcing the winner of “Living So That” from last week’s giveaway. Thank you for taking the time to share your favorite verses to pray, and how you pray them. I will be copying many into my journal … so many good ones.

WINNER of “Living So That” is Lisa S. who posted on 10/31 at 9:19 p.m. Lisa, please e-mail me at with your full name and mailing address.

Okay, now it’s time to meet my friend and fellow Proverbs 31 Ministries author, Suzie Eller. She’s written a beautiful new devotional, “Come With Me: A Yearlong Adventure in Walking with Jesus.” After you read her post, be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win a copy. You can find more about her devotional book by clicking here.

Incredibly Loved and Made for More

“When you are tempted, remind the enemy — and yourself — that you are incredibly loved and made for more. ~ Jesus”

We tend to think of temptation as BIG.  

When I think of temptation, I tend to think of BIG things. It’s cheating. It’s stealing something that’s not ours. It’s something news headline worthy, or at least fodder for local gossip.

Yet that’s not normally our greatest temptation. Instead, our greatest temptations come in ways that no one sees. We are tempted to discouragement. We are tempted to give up. We are tempted to look at ourselves and see a mess.

Those temptations may not be defined as BIG, but they pile up like mountains in our heart and thoughts. They get in the way of God’s best for us, and they trip us up.

Just this past week I was tempted.

No one saw it. If I wanted, I could push it down, down, down where I didn’t have to acknowledge it. Rather than be ashamed of temptation, the truth is we all struggle with it. If I pretend that I don’t, I’m lying to myself (and to you).

It started innocent enough. Richard and I were enjoying a rare night out together. He said something, and I disagreed. I pushed back, and so did he. Before we knew it, it sat between us like a boulder.

I was tempted to make him see it my way.

I was tempted to keep talking until he “got it.”

I was tempted to be angry when he didn’t.

I have to be honest. I was more than tempted. I caved in to all three of those things.

Don’t do it.

Oh, no. Not you! Not the Holy Spirit when I’m fully ready to cave in. After all, I’m right (even though he thinks he’s right).

So, I tried to compromise (because I was tempted, so more caving in).

Okay, I won’t say anything more.

I won’t try to make him see it my way. I’ll just be silent. Deafeningly silent. On the outside, we’ll look like the perfect couple enjoying a night out. Richard will reach for my hand, and I’ll hold it. I’ll nod and maybe say a word or two, but we’ll all be aware that I’m still angry. I’ll be so miserable that he’ll be miserable too.

Don’t do it.

There it was again. That invitation to take a different path. To resist temptation that seemed small, but Jesus knew had the power to create a divot in my heart (and relationship) if I chose.

Temptation isn’t reserved for a few. In Luke 4, the enemy tried to tempt Jesus. Some of the temptations were big, but others incredibly small. Jesus met each with the same response.

He faced the enemy head-on, declaring that His love for His Father was greater than a right-now temptation. He refused to be deceived by one who cared less about his Him, and more about the destruction of His soul.

Jesus understands how hard it is to be tempted. When we are tempted in any way, we are offered an invitation. We are invited to remind the enemy — and ourselves – that we are made for more.

That night I had a choice. First, to acknowledge that every temptation is BIG, when it filters into an enemy’s plan for my heart, or my marriage.

Second, to go the other direction of that temptation.

I reached for Richard’s hand, and said I was sorry.

I still felt I was “right,” but being right was less important than a right relationship with the guy I loved. He saw it one way. I saw it another. We are two different people, and that’s going to happen.

Sure, there are times we have to work through BIG conflict to find what is right for us as a family or in a relationship, but in this instance, it really was small. Even if I was right, it didn’t change anything.

However, realizing that I was made for more than a petty disagreement did change something – it changed me.

It wasn’t the first time I’ve been tempted. It won’t be the last. We all face temptation.

Whether it’s BIG or incredibly small (in the eyes of the world), we are not without help when temptation comes our way.  And if we fail – because sometimes we all do – we won’t be tempted to give up or hide, because Jesus offers all of us forgiveness and a fresh start.

Are you tempted?

Look that temptation in the eye. Remind the author of it that you are incredibly loved, and made for more.

Suzie has a free gift for you:

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We would love to hear what tempts you and the truths that help you fight temptation. Suzie will choose one name to win a copy of her new devotional “Come with Me.”

Come With Me Devotional by Suzie Eller

Suzanne Eller (Suzie) has served Proverbs 31 Ministries for 10 years. She’s an author, international speaker and Bible teacher, top 100 Christian women’s blogger, and popular media guest. She loves nothing more than watching God work in the heart of a woman.




  1. In relationship to temptations, I find myself making little compromises that led to bigger temptation and sin. Staying alert for those little compromises is important to me.

  2. Linda Neely says:

    Thank you for your post. I never thought of arguing over a small matter as being temptation. It certainly makes me rethink some of my Thu,bling and behavior. Thank you for the chance to win a copy of”Come With Me.”

  3. I am going through a difficult season and struggle with anger and resentment for my situation . I have to be so purposeful in my walk with God and stay in His word—to capture every thought that is not true but sent by the enemy.

    • This is me exactly. I have to keep telling myself to take my thoughts captive, stop dwelling in the past, and trust that God has a plan for my future that is with all of this. Praying for you!

    • I love the word “purposeful,” for it’s a strong word. It doesn’t change the temptation. It changes the allure of it. Cheering you on, Judie!

  4. Bridget Mitchell says:

    Wow! I also never thought of looking at temptation in this way! I am also tempted to try and get others to see things the “right” way : ) just kidding, my way. Unfortunately, this can also lead to anxiety as I try and try and try to get my point across or if the situation festers for any length of time, I’ll stew over it for a day, two or maybe three : )

    Thank you for this devotion and for the opportunity to win it!

  5. Jane caler says:

    This was exactly what I needed to hear this morning. I am struggling with a friendship, a lady who always seems to rub me the wrong way. She is a good , kind person and I don’t know where my irritation comes from. I find myself drawing away from her and giving the cold shoulder. I pray every day for God to take this hatefulness out of my mind. Your article made me realize this is a form of temptation from Satan to hurt someone for my own satisfaction . Thank You 🙏

  6. I did not realize that discouragement and despair were temptations. My circumstances are truly difficult and heartbreaking, but I need to remember I serve a Lord who understands my grief. I need to trust that God is with me, and working in the midst of my pain. I am grateful for this devotional and insight into how I let Satan attack me further.

  7. I struggle with the temptation to give in to my anxiety and depression. I guess I had not thought of it as temptation before, but now see that it is. I need to take captive every thought and make it obedient to Christ, not allowing the enemy to tempt me into my anxious thoughts. Thanks for your words.

    • Julie, I have a loved one who struggles with anxiety. She didn’t ask for it. It doesn’t make her weak or wrong. She just has to fight harder than some. My prayer for her, and for you, is that you understand how incredibly loved you are by God. That you understand how strong you are. Praying with you today.

  8. Martha Parrish says:

    I am tempted by many things. Giving into anxiety is one and struggling with stress eating is something I have fought for a long time. Once again, this week, I am trying to make smart choices. The only way to handle these temptations is to read my Bible and pray for power through the Holy Spirit.i would love to win your book! Thanks for your writing today:)

  9. I struggle with anxiety, and the need to prove myself. I have been going through a really brutal season, and it has made me look at myself through a magnifying glass. Not pretty. And none of it helps. I need to stop the temptations, and focus on what God’s plan is for me.

  10. I’m tempted to sit and feel sorry for myself in my situation and not do anything around the house, then feel “fat” cause I don’t do anything!! I know I need to trust in the Lord, and I’m working on that. Thank you for the drawing on the book!! Hope to win!

  11. My husband irritates me sometimes. I love him too much to act on some of the same temptations that Suzanne describes, but I do anyway. I also cave in to temptations brought on by my anxieties; this has been a rough go for me that I need to get control of. I need to learn to put my heart in the right place and ask Jesus to take those temptations away. Thank you for bringing this to light. The book sounds like a wonderful tool to help me through these trying times.

  12. I am tempted to watch a movie or tv show that has ungodly principles entering the storyline because I know that they are wrong and I can ignore that part and I do not engage in those behaviors.. But in the end, I would be encouraging the producers of the movie or show to continue entering these ungodly concepts into the show. It would be putting money into their pockets and supporting the behavior for others to watch who are not strong in the faith. Like the Corinthians, even though we can do all things, we are not to be encouraging those young in the faith to fail.

  13. Lisa Richardson says:

    I so struggle with this. I want my husband to “grow” so I refuse to give in. Then he just gets over it and goes on and I’m the one left feeling broken and hurt. Mostly I think if I hold onto my anger he will see and want to make things better, but he doesn’t. Anyway this year has been a struggle for me. Would love prayers for my heart to be changed.

    • Lord, thank you for Lisa, This is such an honest and beautiful prayer. She longs to be changed and that is exactly what you do. I pray for peace that passes all understanding. For strength that can only come from you. I pray that as she releases her husband to you, that she finds freedom to be her. Thank you for this daughter who loves you, and who is brave to put her heart and fears in front of you. That is courageous and strong and I stand with her today, Lord, asking that she sense you powerfully and close.

  14. Kellie Metzker says:

    Oh my goodness those little temptations. Can invade our thoughts! I am not worthy, good enough,
    pretty enough, thin enough…
    Such doubt, negative self talk temptations, can be so tiny, but feel like a large mountain, putting wedges between you and all relationships you have or could have.
    What a wonderful reminder to remember how wonderfully made we are by Him!!!

  15. One of my biggest temptations is grumbling. 🙁 Not being content with where God has me or certain situations. When I catch myself, I try to be deliberate about focusing on things I’m grateful for, speaking out loud my thanks for all that God has provided. I know a huge part of my problem is that I don’t spend enough time in His word. 🙁 Thank you for the chance to win this devotional – would love to win! Will be checking it out even if I don’t. 🙂

    • Last year I challenged women to participate in a 24-hour grumbling fast. It was powerful! It helped us see how often this is our go-to, and how little good comes from it. Valerie, praying with you that God will speak over your heart in such a beautiful way today, and every day.

  16. It is so easy to give in to temptation to let you guard down and try to fudge a bit on a diet, loose words that hurt and actions that are not honorable. I’m reminded that we need to be those who have a higher standard and the Lord holds us accountable for our thoughts, words and actions. This is when the Word can be applied to make correction and bring resolution to difficult situations. I’m convinced that God is using His Spirit to intervene when we are confronted with evil and dangerous situations. His Word will be a shield to the fiery darts of the enemy, whether these are from others or from our minds and actions.

  17. I think my two most frequent temptations are:
    1. the same as Suzie’s where I am tempted of giving silent treatment to my loved one(s) because I either want them to see that my view/opinion is actually the correct one (and sometimes based on life experience I think it true is 🙂 ) or because I am hurt and I am tired of being hurt because of the way I am treated, so I just shut down as a natural reflex. I think it’s particularly hard ”to come out” when you’ve been hurt and you feel justfkied to feel hurt and that the offender should make the first step and apologize…but I guess sometimes we should still humble ourselves and do it first regardless, forgive and show it.
    2. take control of things, especially those that originally I really wanted to surrender to God and His timing. This one is sooo difficult to uphold- continue to surrender to Him daily and trust in His timing and leave the desires of my heart at His alter… 🙂

  18. Stacie Tyson says:

    My most frequent temptation is giving in to feelings of abandonment. My husband is a disabled veteran, and the last 2 years have been really rough. At times, I feel forgotten by the Lord. However, I know that He won’t forsake me, so I challenge myself instead to memorize Scriptures of praise! It’s amazing how praising God can stop anxiety and loneliness in their tracks.

  19. Thanks for these transparent words! We all think of temptations of being about big things, at least I do. I don’t think of having to have the last word with my husband when we are disagreeing about something as being a temptation (just as you wrote about), but it is! So that is where I am tempted most. Lately I have been trying to just be still and not say anything more when a word comes my way that is not pleasant. I know I am being more pleasing to my Savior in being quiet.

  20. Nicci Ramirez says:

    Soooooooooooooo thankful for grace!!!! Would love to win!

  21. Melissa Chambers says:

    I just love how God provides such timely words! I’m seeing how those small temptations are derailing me from God’s best and calling in my life and how seemingly tiny decisions make all the difference. Would love to win a copy of this devo but either way it’s going on my Christmas list! Thank you Wendy for sharing and Suzie for letting God speak through you!

  22. I have struggled with teh temptation to give in to discouraging thoughts/depression and escapism (day dreaming away my not-so-perfect life). I have tried, when discouraged, to turn to God in prayer, to have courage and hope. with the “day dreaming” I try to remind myself that this is the life God wants for me and that I need to embrace the suffering so that I can grow and move on rather than avoiding it (and to keep my relationship with my husband pure). Neither have been very successful, but they are fairly recent advances after years of just giving in. Thank you for the encouragement!

  23. This devotional sounds amazing. My most frequent temptation is when I am tempted to gossip. I get so mad at myself when I give in and fall for the evil ones tricks. And I give thanks to the Holy Spirit when I listen and follow His prompting and do not let myself fall into the trap of gossiping.

  24. I struggle so frequently with pure jealousy. I can’t seem to stop comparing what I have or don’t have to what others do. And most of this comes from my obsession with social media. I realize that it’s a problem for me, yet I can’t seem to stop scrolling endlessly through my newsfeeds and with each swipe of the screen, it feeds it more. I realize the temptation and I realize I’m giving in to it. I also realize it’s the tool satan uses to keep me in a constant feeling of inferiority. And mostly I realize I need the help of prayer warriors to conquer it. So I ask each of you that reads this… please pray that I will conquer this temptation. Through Jesus, I know it’s possible. Thank you for this devotion. God has used so many words from others recently to show me so many truths. For that, I truly thank you!

  25. Marian Hindall says:

    I am tempted to yell when I get frustrated then angry. When I feel frustration setting in, I quickly stop that feeling, take a deep breath and ask God right there and then to help me. And, in all honesty, there have been times where the anger has gotten the best of me and I end up yelling. The guilt sets in, I know I’m wrong, I got to God and ask for His forgiveness, says I’m sorry, then do the same to the person that I yelled at.

  26. DONNA M TORRADO says:

    I am so excited about this new study. I am anxious to see what God will reveal through this.

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