January 16, 2018

Living Love God’s Way (plus a giveaway)

Hey friends! We’re one week away from our first 2018 Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study. We’ll be studying my new book, I Am Loved: Walking in the Fullness of God’s Love, which is a journey through the book of 1 John.

On Monday, January 22nd, we begin the first of our 5-week study learning the depth of God’s extraordinary love AND how to live out that love in our everyday lives.

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“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” 1 John 3:18

Today, I thought I’d share one of my favorite God stories. It happened a few years ago when God used my friend, Karen, and me on an ordinary trip to the grocery store to live out His extraordinary love.


God Met Her in the Grocery Store

She woke up that morning with a quick trip to the grocery store in mind. She pulled her hair back in a ponytail, slipped on her flip flops, grabbed her keys and ran out the door.

My girlfriend, Karen, and I also planned a trip to the market that day. As we approached the check-out lines, we found ourselves behind an older woman who seemed to be waiting on someone. She motioned for us to go ahead. Almost immediately, a younger woman scooted past me.

As she did, my heart began to pound. I physically began to tremble. In that moment, the Lord impressed on my heart something so strange … buy her groceries. What? I felt it again … the racing heart rate, this time a whisper, “Love her. Buy her groceries.”

I hesitated but then reached out and tapped the young woman on the shoulder and spoke the words God laid on my heart: “I know it sounds strange, but God told me that we are to buy your groceries.”

She looked at me quizzically and then graciously accepted with tears in her eyes. Not long after that, she and the older women walked out of the store.

A few minutes later, as Karen and I were checking out, the older woman returned to share their story. She identified the young woman as her daughter. Her name was Micah. She shared how Micah’s husband had abused her for years. And, just a few months earlier had walked out on Micah and her young son, leaving them alone and leaving her feeling unloved and unworthy of love.

She could barely make ends meet. She felt abandoned by everyone, but most especially God. Days before our God appointment in the grocery store, Micah and her mother had prayed. Her mother prayed a prayer every mother would pray: “Lord, draw Micah back to You.”

But Micah’s prayer is what astounded us. She had prayed, “God, if You are real. If You love me, show me that You have not forgotten me!”

As her mother shared these words, the reason for God’s urging became so clear. God wanted to extend unconditional love to Micah. In the midst of Micah’s deepest sorrow and desperate cries for love, God responded intimately and personally.

Through tears, Micah’s mother spoke words we’ll never forget: “Micah now knows that God has not forgotten her!”

God provided for her needs. He loved her unconditionally. He answered the cry of her heart.

And God also chose to use us! On an ordinary day, in an ordinary store, performing an ordinary chore, God called us to an extraordinary task. He crossed our paths with one of His girls who needed to experience His extraordinary love.

Yes, it was a great day for Micah! But what a day it was for Karen and me. Our obedience to the Lord’s prompting touched Micah’s life in such a powerful way that she KNEW God was real. God loved her. And He had not abandoned her.

God answers prayer. He orchestrates divine appointments … anywhere … everywhere … anytime … even in the grocery store.

Don’t you love stories like this? I’m certain ya’ll have similar stories to share, and I’d love to hear them! Either where you shared God’s love in a tangible way OR someone shared His love with you. Please leave a comment sharing your story. Click here to leave a comment if you are reading this in email.

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  1. What a beautiful story of God’s love and I can’t wait for the OBS to start on Monday!

    • Me too, Kim!


      • Jody Jondo says:

        Wendy I REALLY need help. I have signed up for the Bible study twice, purchased and received the book, but am not receiving any emails ref the study of the daily blog/videos. I tried to send a comment on the blog I found on the P31 website, but it keeps telling me I been to verify my address. When I click the link it rejects. I have checked and double checjed my email and login info. It’s correct. I’m so disappointed. I don’t know how to contact anyone else to get this fixed. My email is jjondo88@comcast.net. Can you help get this fixed or contact Missy? I’m only 1 day behind now, but I don’t want to get too far behind. Thank you! Jody

  2. sharing the love of Jesus to whomever whenever wherever God nudges us… please Lord fill me, use me and equip me to do so!

  3. Love this story. Anxiously waiting for Monday!

  4. What a beautiful story!! I can’t wait for this study to begin!

  5. I am so looking forward to this study. And I agree, that story is beautiful. You never know how God can use you – you just have to be willing!

  6. Brenda Yohman says:

    I’ve lived alone, except my 9 year old dog Ella Shepard/Lab mix for 18 years. God spoke to me and said he had a job for me and would let me know soon. A while later a friend called and said they would be homeless soon and did I know anyone who might have a room for rent. Long story short I gave him a room for three months to get on his feet. He called me a year later and thanked me for saving his life, and getting him back in church. I assured him it was God who worked all that magic and to please continue to give him all the Glory.

    • Praise God! Thanks so much for sharing, Brenda. May God continue to bless and use you to His glory and honor.

    • Brenda, what a precious story of sharing God’s love. And it moved way beyond providing a physical home. He truly found his eternal home through your love!! Thank you for sharing your story today.


  7. I too am more blessed than the person God identifies for me to help out. I watch for opportunities to help others out and if we keep our eyes and ears open He will show us. In this fast paced world it is easy to overlook the opportunities right in front of us. I have done simple things like give someone my gloves in the cold to handing someone money or triple up a tip. I love to give my devotional away that I love the most and buy a new one. When I do I am always anxious to see who the Lord will show me to share it with. He never misses an opportunity and we shouldn’t either!

    • Thanks for sharing these great small, inexpensive ways to love others. They are so practical and truly fill a need. I’m going pray for God to open my eyes more to see practical ways I can share His love.


  8. Jody Jondo says:

    I love this story! Prayer is so powerful. Praise God you acted that day. So many times we fail to act. Can’t wait to do this study. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. James 5:16b (KJV)!

  9. I love stories like this. One year my husband and I decided that we weren’t going to exchange Christmas gifts with each other. We bought all that we needed the other 364 days of the year. And we agreed to bless some else that year. The Lord laid on my heart and my husbands hearts the same family and the same amount we were to give. It was a couple that so invested in my spiritual growth when I was a new Christian and her husband had just lost his job. We didn’t know at the time he lost his job. We asked our Pastor to fine them the gift and not tell them it was from us. We wanted god to get all the glory. And that’s when we found out he lost his job. God is so faithful.

    • Wow! I love that God laid the same family AND the same amount. Truly an anointed idea and divine appointment for the two of you and that sweet couple. Thanks for sharing!


  10. Felicisima Vega says:

    Wendy , Praise our Lord ! It also happened to me sometimes in the grocery store that I just have this feeling and it seems like somebody was telling me to pay for stuff some people buy . So I just pay for their stuff. Not a lot but I feel that my feelings are calm and Happy! Some come back wait for me outside and thank me . But no matter what I still will keep on following my feeling inside ! I really appreciate you and all your writings . It is helping me a lot ! Thank you, Thank you , Thank you !! To God be the Glory !

    • Felicisima,thank you for sharing. Our amount was not a lot either. With God amount is not as important as simply being available and willing!! Keep following the Holy Spirit’s leading. You are blessings many.

      Thank you for your kind words. They bless me today.


  11. I have seen God with hands and feet over the last three years especially. My husband is in prison and friends who have stood by he and I, walked alongside us and just were not afraid to stand up for him – I know that is God’s work!! He is the one who can equip us in that way – to be bold and to stand up for someone you love and care for. It is a tough road and there are certainly people in my life who have abandoned me, BUT there are those who choose to stand beside me – amazing Grace!

    • Oh, Cindy, I just love this!! Showing love isn’t limited to financial provision or a practical need. Sometimes we sweetest gift we can give is stepping alongside someone and walking with them. Caring for them. Praying for them. Loving them.

      Beautiful story, thank you for sharing.


  12. Thank you for sharing this story I think sadly these days we are sometimes not listening, or at least don’t hear when he is speaking to us I am like the lady in your story, not that I am being abused by my husband, but with other things going wrong in my life (becoming estranged from our 3 grown daughters), we where always a close family until not, and we still don’t understand why. I know a lot of people like to going to blame God, but I haven’t It’s just that i’m not sure that he is here with me, or that he hears me I would enjoy your study

    • Oh, sweet Moya, He is always with you, and He always hears you. I have a broken relationship in my family that hurts so much! But God has shown me that in the midst of that, HE IS ENOUGH. He loves me, and His love is enough. And He has brought me sweet friends who fill the empty space this broken relationship brings. I pray the same for you, sweet friend. May you receive His love and feel it in very real and personal ways so that you know He is with you and hears you. Keep in His Word; He will surely speak to you there. He does with me.



      • Thank you Wendy I think my many troubles is to keep thinking of it again (it was of their choice) But this year I am going to really try to start new and keep giving it to God, but knowing that there is nothing that I can do I can’t force them to…. Thank you again

  13. Thanks for sharing this story that you followed what the Lord put on your heart to do. I remember reaching out to Gloria in a book store (this has been many years ago) Unknown to me at that moment her daughter was recently taken an auto accident immediately to heaven. Naturally Gloria was grieving. I told her books that would help her which she did buy. If I remember correctly the book store was having a going out of business sale. We exchanged addresses and telephone numbers. I sent her books and cards. She also sent sent me a book and cards and also a Christmas necklace which she made and I still have. I prayed for her a lot and God enabled me to give her much encouragement and the tools for her to find His peace and comfort. God touched her heart and she received His peace and comfort so she could think of her daughter without getting too depressed. We did talk on the phone a couple of times. We probably kept in contact for about a year. This was in the late 80’s or the early 90’s.Thanks for bringing this memory back to me.

    • Elsie, what a precious story of following the leading of the Spirit. And, I love is that it wasn’t for just that moment. God gave her a friend in you to fill an emptiness that her daughter’s death left behind. So beautiful!

      Thank you for sharing.


      • Thank you I am now remembering that we were friends for more than a year. We were still in contact when my family moved from that area. I remembered the last I heard from her was she had broken her back. When I tried sometime after that I couldn’t reach her. I think that she might be in heaven wither daughter. Thanks again for replying – that means a lot to me. The Lord be with you and your family. May He keep His everlasting arms around all of you’ll. Enjoy life to its’ fullest with the Lord at the helm of your lives..

  14. Marlene thorn says:

    I am thankful, that Jesus loves you and me

  15. What a beautiful and heart-touching story. What better way to show our love for others, than being open to God’s leading and following through. Thank you for sharing with us.

  16. God is so Good! My husband of 43 yrs walked out for a younger woman. It has devastated our family . He has left me financially wrecked . So many angels have showed up for me in amazing ways. God has provided over and over. I have no idea what will come next but I do know I will stand on truth and my faith will not waiver. Even wonderful things like Wendy, her sweet prayers and bible study bless me and lift me when I need it most. I am looking forward to this bible study so very much!!!!

    • Jane, it’s precious to hear the other side of an act of love. Thank you for sharing. What a sweet blessing to know the Lord allowed me to be one of those angels.

      Thank you for sharing, and I’m thrilled you are joining this study!


  17. Marianne hagemeier says:

    I have read it. I’m ready to go with you and my bible study women to grow our love from Him!


  18. Love how God can work through the ordinary~God has not forgotten you!!

  19. So ready for Monday.

    Love, love, love this story. A couple of years ago our pianist went through an unwanted divorced. She had never work and had to move back to Virginia with her Mom. Her sons are adults. She, my husband and I met for dinner on one of her trips back here and she was out of money, and her car was acting up. She’s not one to ever ask for money, but God told me to give her what I had in my purse. I did. A year later our grandson Colt was born with a horrible disease and in the hospital for some time. A card arrived from this sweet friend with that exact amount of money for our son and DIL to use for medical bills.

    Love the bracelet too! How cute.

    • Oh, wow!! What an amazing story of provision on both ends. It doesn’t often happen that we get this unique kind of double blessing!! Thank you for sharing.

      Me too! Can’t wait for Monday.


  20. Sometimes I wonder how God is using me. I continue to give and follow God’s leading. I’m always amazed at how He uses the small things

  21. Beautiful story Wendy. I love the way God can just
    show up and urge us to show love. So excited for
    this study.

  22. Thank you for the story. I am glad that you listened to God and I am trying to listen to him daily. I am excited for this new study.

  23. Alana Morgan says:

    Thank you for sharing! My story is of a chance missed, but remembered to this day years later. I too was in a grocery store and noticed a young mother with two toddlers. What was special about her was that she was wearing an ankle bracelet, the kind used to monitor you…as in house arrest…I ‘felt’ led to give her the only cash I had so I went around the aisle and when I came to the other side she was gone! Vanished! I walked the entire store…she was not to be found. I think of her every time I shop and in between as well…was it an opportunity missed or a testing of sorts??? I love that God’s voice spoke to me and when I next hear Him I will be quicker to respond…Thanks for the chance to win these thoughtful gifts! I’m looking forward to Monday!!!

    • Alana, I have had some missed opportunities of my own. But, it makes us pay more attention the next time for sure!! And, we have to trust, He will use another to provide.

      So excited we’ll be studying 1 John together.


  24. A couple of years ago, I volunteered at a compassion International experience. I had never done anything like that before. They set up a trailer, complete with real items, stories of children in need from all over the world. It was sad, but also amazing, what God is doing, through ordinary people like you and I! Long story short, it was a really cool experience to be a part of and many children got sponsors that day, and on my ride home, I was praying and thinking God for letting me share a little part of that, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash of white… I turned around and pulled over to see what it was and there was a pure white albino deer, not just standing, but jumping and frolicking with a regular brown white tail deer! It was amazing, and I got goosebumps, or (God bumps, kind of what God does for me, when He’s with me)I think it was a little thank you from God to me, He gave me such a heart for animals, it was a little delight for me! So God, so cool! I looked up how rare of a sight that is to see an albino, and thanked Him all over again!

    • What a beautiful story of volunteering but also of God’s faithfulness to affirm what He had called you to do!! You helped many children find sponsors who would pour love into their lives for years!!! How fulfilling.

      Thank you for sharing.


  25. A few years ago a friend of mine showed 12 Days of Christmas on her blog. This is where you give 12 gifts to someone with a note that they are to open one a day to remind them they are loved. Since then I have also given 12 Days. This year to someone who’s husband was just diagnosed the week before Thanksgiving with stage 4 lung cancer and just last weeks has been told that he has 2-3 weeks. She was thoroughly surprised and tickled to receive something for her to look forward to each day. Her daughter who was visiting for Christmas thanked me for showing her mom love and actually cried during our conversation. This is something I look forward to doing every year and never know for sure who the person will be but it always blesses me.

    • I have never heard of this before!! What a special gift. And I love that you do it every year, praying for God to lead you who to bless.

      Thank you for sharing this uniquely creative idea!!



      • Lori Austin says:

        When I saw the idea on my friends blog I thought the same thing. The gifts don’t have to be expensive just something to brighten their day for 12 days. One friend was so thrilled with her 12 days that she is spreading the 12 days on to people she knows.

  26. This story touched my heart as I was praying and crying to Jesus to restore a broken family relationships in my life .After reading this story I believe that he will touch our relationships with his great love.
    Request to send the study material as we cannot order any Christian material in Doha Qatar.

    • Annamma, I join you in praying God’s healing love over your family. I am doing the same in my family for some broken relationships.

      The on-line study is all online. You register at our proverbs 31 website, link below. You will receive everything via your computer. As for the book, I can look into that if you can receive Christian material online.


      Please e-mail me at deuteronomysix@aol.com and let me know if you can receive Christian material online.



  27. Love this story. Thank you so much for sharing and blesses me.

  28. Nancy B in KS says:

    I keep checking and re-checking the start date for the study thinking I have missed it! Cannot wait to be a part of this. Thank you!

  29. I do not know if this is the same, but I was led to give something to a neighbor. I have a bit of a “collection” problem and had been working on purging some things. My husband and I were talking to a neighbor. The conversation went into music and how he enjoyed playing a treble baritone in school. Well I just walked into the house and got a cornet that was just sitting in a corner, taking up space, and took it back out to see if he would enjoy it. It is now his and I hope that it is being joyfully used. I have already bought my book for the study and am ready to begin next week. But I know that I have a friend that would like to be gifted with a copy of the book and be invited to join.

  30. DONNA M TORRADO says:

    Love this story. I have had a situation that truly was a God moment where he let me know he cares and I was his princess. It is a long story but I know just how Micah felt. He is an awesome God.

    Love the bracelets. Can they be purchased?

    • Donna, love knowing you were on the receiving end of God’s blessings!!

      I will check with Fashion and Compassion to see if they gave any for purchase.



  31. Kellie Metzker says:

    I’d bren teaching in my churches children’s ministry when I had to leave that behind. About 6 months later, while I church, I was urged to go see how my friend was doing in the ministry. I’d not been over there in months!!
    When I saw her and gave her a huge hug she asked me to come back and teach. The admin of the ministry had changed and they knew I would be a good fit, but in a different area. As I drove home, God clearly said, “go back”.
    I prayed that night and morning. Again He said, “go back”. I called the nee pastor and asked for an interview.
    I am so happy I am back, opening the hearts of our little ones to God and helping to change our churches Children’s Ministry.

  32. What a great reminder of how God provides. What came to me was nothing like this. An older couple was friends with my Grandma for years. When I first moved here they took me under their wing so to speak. One night soon before he died from cancer, I felt led to call and offer to take dinner. He was no longer able to really eat, but he slept while we ate together. Afterwards he had one of his rare lucid moments. We had one final visit. Not only was it a blessing for them but I was blessed and will forever be thankful for the opportunity.

    • Holly, this is a precious story of double blessing. Both for them and for you. You brought light and love into a very sad and hard place.

      Thank you for sharing.


  33. Thank you for sharing this story. We have more often been on the receiving end of the blessings God gives, especially during a time when my husband had to retire early and go on disability because of his health. With young ones still at home, there where times where we did not know how we were going to manage financially, but then, God, he provided. Now, there have been times where we have felt led by God to pay it forward to families that have needed help, and because God had blessed us, we were able to be a blessing to others. I look forward to the upcoming study. God bless you!

    • It truly seems to be how God works. When we step out in faith and love and provide for others, He will provide for us through another’s love and generosity. 🙂

      Me too! Can’t wait till Monday.


  34. Ashley Elrod says:

    One year when we were first married we had moved into a house that was beyond our means becabecause we were supposed to have a roommate who backed out at the last minute. The struggle was real, each month wondering if we would have enough for rent. One month we knew we were short, we had unexpected doctor’s bills for our baby plus I was pregnant with our second. Another couple in church cam up to us and told us that they felt God tell them to give us money, and it was the exact amount we needed. I’ll never forget that blessing. God is so good.

  35. Christina Heaton says:

    I am sharing my story through my cancer journey of two years. I am 36 years old and my cancer has returned more aggressive than ever. As I sit here at Duke I am reminded of God’s grace & love for all of us with cancer. God is good & still heals. I look forward to the study with all of you!

    • Oh, Christina, I’m so thankful you will be joining us for this study. Your faith will be a beautiful witness to many of our new girls and to women like me. Please share as you feel led.

      To praise God and speak of His grace and love in the midst of cancer is precious. It’s faith-building and inspiring. I’m certain you are light shining in that hospital .. shining God’s light and love. I pray for God to work miracles and healing in your body as you receive your treatments.


  36. I just LOVE this story so much!! Thank you for sharing it! I was doing the “She’s still there” OBS last year during a particularly difficult journey of my own dealing with chronic illness. I had spent the majority of my adult life away from church just because well, life got in the way and i went my own path. After finding myself in a pit of despair of depression and illness, i cried out to God to save me. Looking back, i can see the people he placed in my life and the Bible study as well. I decided to share the book on my Facebook page in case someone else could use it. Low and behold, several weeks later, a sorority sister (whom i have not spoken to in over 20 years) messaged me that she saw my post. Her husband had committed suicide a year before and she was struggling to make sense of her life. She bought the book that day and said it felt like it was written just for her. Praise God! So grateful that my post helped a friend in need❤️

    • Wow, Angela! Thanks so much for sharing. God is awesome!

    • Isn’t it amazing that one small post on FB, sharing your own story, speaks hope and life into the heart of another!! Thanks for sharing your story. Another wonderful example of a simple act of obedience that God turns into a divine appointment in the life of another!

      We at OBS love hearing these stories!!



    • Angela, I also want you to know I shared your story with Chrystal!!

  37. My son had a similar experience when he was a teen. One summer he stopped by a snow cone stand after mowing a lawn. A lady with 5 little children stood in front of him and they were all ordering small snow cones. Soon the lady realized she didn’t have enough money and went back to her car. My son said he could tell she was looking through everything trying to scrape up enough money. My son got his and told the person waiting on them to give her her money back when she returned to the stand and he paid for it. He said it broke his heart because the wanted them all to have one and the mother not to have stress over something they all should be enjoying. We take a lot of small things for granted. So very blessed by God and we should pass those blessings on. ❤️

  38. Oh how He loves us!

  39. Valerie Noel says:

    It’s been about a year since the Lord brought a high school friend of mine back into my life after almost 20 years and she introduced me to these studies. It has been wonderful having an accountability partner and studying Gods Word with her!

  40. Wow this story brought tears to my eyes. I am reminded of His love all the time,but, last year when my daughter died I was in shock. When I really started to mourn her was when I wasn’t sure she was saved when she passed away and that haunted me every day. Thinking I failed her as a mom and not knowing if she was really in Heaven. One night as I was praying I fell asleep like I always to when I’m praying, God showed me the day she was saved and we were at my Pastor’s house and we were going through a very hard time. We had went to get help. I felt like I was right there with my daughter again and I remember crying and asking Jesus to come into her heart and her asking for forgiveness. I woke up crying but I was happy. My baby girl is in Heaven Jesus she is no longer suffering…

    • Oh, Sharon, my heart goes out to you. This past year I have walked alongside one of my dearest friends who lost her firefighter son, age 20, to a fire. It has been so hard. God has so graciously given her amazing glimpses and signs that her son is with Jesus in heaven. Your story is beautiful. And, both of your stories reveal God always has His eyes on His children. You needed comfort and assurance, and He gave it to you, specifically and assuredly.

      Thank you for sharing,


  41. Such a grand testimony, Wendy, of God’s Love! ❤️

  42. Thank you Wendy for sharing!!
    Your story touched and spoke to my ♥️.
    Looking forward to the Bible study starting!

  43. I knew I shouldn’t read this while I’m at work. Good thing I have tissues. Thank you for sharing!

  44. Beautiful Story….

  45. I love this story. God is so amazing. Before I completely surrendered to the Lord, He would prompt me to do for Him. I would, however, I always wanted something in return. Since my complete surrender in 2015 I give where He prompts me knowing I have done for Him. In 2016 I was financially struggling, was not sure how I was going to feed myself. I had been eating popcorn for dinner. I met with a group from church, after we were done meeting this older gentleman came up to me and said, God had spoke to his heart and that he would be buying my groceries for the next three months. Those three months I built a friendship with this man and received one of the greatest gifts in return. God is so good.

    • Oh, Wow!! That is a wonderful story, Christy. When your heart turned generous, willing to give without anything in return, the Lord gave back to you when you were in need. He is a good and faithful Father.

      Thank you for sharing,


  46. Just before the holidays, my boyfriend was going through a tough time emotionally and completely rejected me-no fight, nothing….just cut me off. It was SO hard to go through the holiday season without him being a part of it-I had such great expectations and plans for what our holiday season would look like. Anyway, a few days before Christmas, 2 of my nephews, not knowing that I was feeling very unloved at the time, gave me a ring that says “loved” on it…They had picked it out weeks before but God knew that I needed it then. I wore it through the rest of the holiday season and when I was feeling unloved it reminded me that I am dearly loved by my family and by God.

    • That is amazing!! God knew the desperate longing in your heart and used your two nephews to fill that longing and remind you that although an earthly man abandoned you, Your Daddy in heaven never did. His eyes were upon you. What sweet nephews you have as well.

      Thank you for sharing your forever reminder of God’s love.


  47. Thanks so much for sharing, Wendy! I love me a good God story, and this was beautiful! I’d love to win your book! I’ve so enjoyed your devotionals in First 5, and have been on the fence about getting the book for this study. Winning a copy would definitely sway me to read and join the OSG. Either way, blessings to you!

    • Lorrie,

      So good to connect with a First 5 friend!! Thank you for leaving a comment. Thank you for your kind words about my teachings. Your words bless and encourage me.

      I would LOVE for you to join, even if you don’t win. You’ve already studied 1 John a little bit through First 5. I think it would bless you to go even deeper into that letter with us at OBS.



  48. Beautiful story of God’s love and your faith!!

  49. God loves us. No matter what.

  50. Shawnia Holler says:

    I have been sick for the last 5 months. I almost died. God has not only changed the hearts of my husband children and I by bringing us closer to Him he has changed my moms. It has been the hardest battle we have faced! I know I have still have a ways to go but God is healing me day by day. I am so grateful for my second chance. But I am extremely grateful this trail has brought my mom closer to Jesus❤️ I told my husband from the beginning my pain will have a purpose. Seeing my mom cling to God has been a blessing. She asked if I would do a bible study with her and God lead us to this one❤️ I’m excited to start this with her❤️ I pray for God to lead each woman during this study❤️ AG2G❤️❤️❤️

    • Wow! Praise God! Thanks so much for sharing, Shawnia. May God richly bless you and your mom as you do this study together.

    • Shawnia, your story brings tears to my eyes. I so know the cry of your heart for your mom. Your words are beautiful, “I told my husband from the beginning, my pain will have a purpose.” Such wonderful faith and discernment. And God was faithful. Thank you for sharing your story.

      What a blessing to know the two of you will be studying God’s Word through OBS and “I Am Love” together. And I stand in agreement with your prayer that God will lead each woman closer to His heart and His love as they meet Him in 1 John.

      Thank you for sharing your amazing story of love.


  51. Kelly Stiles says:

    Over the Christmas holiday we took our 4 children to Disney. One night we left the park in search of a meal. We ended up at TGI Friday’s a normal spot for our family and figured we would be in and out in about 45 minutes. Little did we know God had something in store. The kitchen was slammed and totally overwhelmed. While our children were tired and restless, my husband kept saying, there is a reason we are here; he felt strongly about it. After 90 minutes the kids pleaded to leave, even though our waiter was so sweet to bring us snacks and tell us he was doing his best. We knew it wasn’t his fault. Then there was a woman named Isabel she was big pregnant and took on the most stressful role in the restaurant to go around and calm the tables. As she spoke to us, she leaned her weight on an empty chair and rested her belly. We started to speak with her, she expressed that the restaurant was in the midst of training a whole new staff, and it wasn’t going well. She said she worked a double on Christmas Day and only took home $23 for the day. Our children were astonished, our oldest even said but she worked so hard; it’s just not fair! As it turned out this baby was to be her 3rd, and she had two more at home under the age of 4; at the age of 24; a young Mom and a young family. My husband carry’s a $50 bill in his wallet for emergency situations; and we decided this was an emergency. It was unlikely she would go home with good tips after such wait times, so we wrapped the $50 with a gracebomb card (a thing from our church), and gave it to her. She was shocked! She said, are you sure, are you sure. We said yes. Our kids then saw that it’s our ability and responsibility to take care of others. We left feeling refreshed and blessed that we could take care of someone else who is on thier journey.

    • Praise God, Kelly! Thanks for sharing. I like the idea of a gracebomb card. Is there somewhere we can see a sample? Does your church sell them? My husband and I are in need of new “tracts” for just such blessings. God richly bless you and your family.

      • You can print them here: https://www.gracebomb.org/

        Pretty sure we don’t sell, them but I think we still have a few left around the church. They are nice and waterproof, if you would like to email me with your address I’d be happy to grab some on sunday and send you a few.
        My email is kelly (at) stilesbunch.com

    • Kelly, I have tears in my eyes. What I love about this story is how God timed it so your children could see it. And they saw it in a place where it’s usually all about them … the fun, the rides, the food, the gifts. God lifted all of your eyes off the “worldly” to the heavenly. To look outside yourselves and bless another. AND, you were prepared with “a word” word to share with her as well.”

      Beautiful story, sweet friend. Thank you for sharing.


  52. What a beautiful story Wendy. Such a blessing. My husband and I were on vacation in North Carolina and we had gone out to lunch. My husband noticed a young couple sitting near by. They were very very young. They seemed to have the weight of the world on their shoulders. It was laid on my husband’s heart that we would help them out by anonymously paying their bill. So that is what we did. God has blessed us in so many ways and whenever we can share our blessings with others we do.
    Thank you for this book Wendy. I so look forward to doing the P31 OBS study with you and so many sisters in Christ. 🙏💕

    • Roberta, thank you for sharing your story. I truly believe the GIVER is often more blessed than the one who receives the gift!!! I love that you are always looking for ways to share your blessings.

      I’m excited to start too. Monday can’t arrive soon enough. 🙂



  53. I love this story Wendy! God is so good! I have been able to pay for people’s orders in drive thru lines and at the local bakery before. I have also had someone pay for my meal.

    • It’s fun to bless that way. When people never even get to say thank you and give you credit!! And, it’s also a blessing to be on the other side of a gift. A sweet gift of God’s presence and provision.



  54. Sally Sharp says:

    This story touched me deeply, thanks for sharing Wendy. Here is a current “love story from God. Last Sunday, God woke me up early to chat (as a like to call it). He asked me what it truly was I wanted most right now in life. I replied by telling him “Parents”. My terminally ill husband and I recently moved to where our daughter lives. Both of my parents are with Jesus now. Sometimes, I miss them so much it physically hurts. God let us to a marvelous, loving bible believing church the second Sunday we were here. (about eight months ago). I told God I knew He was my Father but having earthy parents to love on and love us back was something I really wanted. My husband’s parents are gone too. I know this must sound silly because I’m 52 years old but having more spiritual support would be great. We arrived at church and our pastor’s father happened to be close to the frDo not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord will personally go ahead of you. He will be with you, He will neither fail you nor abandon you.
    Deuteronomy 31:8ont doors. He greeted my hubby and turned to give a warm smile and shake my hand. I quickly said to him, “You know I really hope I get to know you and your wife this year.” He said, “Baby, we’d love to get to know you!”…tears welled up in my eyes. I assumed he knew about my husband’s health condition…but he didnt. He hugged me tight. He just kept saying, “Baby, it’s gonna be pkay,l and thanks for telling me.” God answered my prayer almost immediately. I look forward to this new friendship with these precious folks. Smiles

  55. Beth Rossignol says:

    Thank you Wendy for sharing your story.
    Shortly after being saved my mother in law bought a new refrigerator. It was a nice refrigerator but my mother in law wished it had another shelf. She had priced an extra shelf and they were really expensive. One day after my children’s swimming lessons I drove towards our home except I took a detour. I remember telling my kids that I did not know why I was going a different way. A half mile down the road I saw a refrigerator in front of someone’s house. It was the same brand as my mother in law’s new refrigerator! I took 2 shelves out of it. The next day I took the kids and the shelves to my mother in law’s house. The shelves fit with one adjustment to the frame!

    • Beth, that is an amazing story. Do you know how many refrigerators there are??? And that on a circuitous route home, God took you by one with nearly the same size shelves. Hallelujah!! He is God our Provider.

      Thank you for sharing.


  56. Sally Sharp says:

    Please,accept my apologies, not sure how that verse got sandwiched in there.

    • Wow, Sally! Here is Deuteronomy 31:8 in the Amplified Bible: ” It is the Lord Who goes before you; He will [march] with you; He will not fail you or forsake you; [let there be no cowardice or flinching, but] fear not, neither become broken [in spirit – depressed, dismayed, and unnerved with alarm].” This is Moses speaking to Israel and I think specifically to Joshua in this verse, as they would be going over the Jordan, but not Moses, and God would go before them. Here is verse 6: “Be strong, courageous, and firm; fear not nor be in terror before them, for it is the Lord your God Who goes with you; He will not fail you or forsake you.” My word for 2018 is Audacious – fearless and brave are positive definitions. I had wanted a verse to go with it. Maybe this is it. 😀 I want to be audacious like Jesus! God bless you, Sally. Thank you again for sharing. God is so good!

  57. Thank you for sharing your story with us all Wendy. Love all the stories that have been shared here today!

    A few summers ago now my second oldest son and I were parking my truck in the parking lot of a store I planned on running in and out of quickly, as I put my truck in park I noticed a homeless man pushing a shopping cart past the doors of the store I needed to go into. I felt the Lord press upon my heart to go feed this man, “Buy him some food from the neighboring McDonalds”…. I paused and shared this with my son, I hesitated at first and so I waited a few minutes and we got out of the truck. This time I felt the Lord pressing upon my heart to go and feed this homeless man more heavy. So I let my son know this and he said “Mom if the Lord is putting this on your heart, then lets go and talk to him and get him some food!”
    So we did. We met up with him, we said hello and asked if he had eaten today and he said ”no”, I asked him if he was hungry, he said “yes!” I asked him if he would like a cheeseburger and fries and a pop from the McDonalds, he said “yes please but a bottle of water instead of pop.”
    We went into the McDonalds and as I was ordering-his food and a bottle of water, I felt the Lord press upon my heart to double the order- so I did.
    We gave him his food and bottled water’s, we could clearly see how hungry he was, he was very grateful and let my son and I know the other cheeseburger and fries he was going to give to his friend …. I told him that was a wonderful thing to do for his friend…. I let him know that Jesus loves him very much and that this food was from Him. He said “I love Jesus, I know Jesus!!” Be still my heart!!
    Well, we parted ways and I said you have a very blessed day and to take care of himself.

    I prayed for him with my son back in our truck then I had a huge cry thanking the Lord for that divine appointment and how it blessed my son and I so much to be able to bless this homeless man!! But it has always reminded me of how blessed I am to have all I have and how grateful I am for the Lords pressing upon my heart that day to go in His Name and take care of this man with my son!!

    I think of this homeless man and pray for him and so many other homeless people. I love love love praying for others! It is my privilege and pleasure to pray for people. ♥️

    Anyways, I am so thrilled to be doing this study with you Wendy and all my sisters (and brothers) in Christ!

    In His Name
    Denise 💞🙏🏻😊

    • Thank you for sharing this wonderful story, Denise. Wow! Isn’t God amazing? What a blessing! May God continue to richly bless you. God is a multiplier!

      • My pleasure. 😊
        Absolutely!! God is so so good to us!! Truly amazing indeed!
        May the Lord richly bless you and everyone commenting on the blog here today!! ♥️

    • Denise, what a powerful story. And, another story where our children are right there with us, learning how to observe, step out in faith and give. What I love is that you listened to the Lord and bought a double portion to give a double blessing. It’s precious that God has kept this homeless man on your heart AND used Him to continually remind you of your blessings and to pray for him and the homeless.

      Thank you for sharing. I’m excited you will be studying 1 John with us. I pray you have the opportunity to share your story.



  58. What a beautiful story! I have a somewhat similar story, in reverse. Exactly a year ago, I was in town shopping with my kids (then 4 and 2). It was a long day because we live over an hour away, so I buy enough groceries for an entire month and try to do all of my extra shopping at the same time. The checkout line of the last store on my list was very long and my kids were stir crazy, to say the least. After ten minutes I was about to walk out without buying anything when the woman in front of me turned around and said, “You are doing such a good job with those kids. Most mom’s let their kids do whatever they want, or tell them no but don’t make them stop. You don’t.” Then she and the gal ahead of her let me go ahead of them in line. I almost cried right there. Such kindness and affirmation at a time when I was at the end of my… sanity? was almost more than I could fathom. Thank you God for women willing to hear you and do your work!

  59. Ilene Girardi says:

    Since my parents splitting up when I was 3, my Dad leaving which started abandon issues. My mother picking men over me which caused the beginning of rejection issues. Now at 60 years old, I still struggle with being good enough to love so much so that I stay in my home when not working. I do attend church but I’m not good enough to have friends or socialize for fear of being rejected. I’m praying this study will teach me in my heart that I’m good enough to be loved by God.

    • Hi, Ilene. You don’t have to be “good enough” to be loved God. He loves you immensely no matter what. He made you, and loves the you He made. I pray that this study shows you just how much God loves you and enables you to fully embrace His love. I pray the fear of rejection will no longer have any place in your life and you are enveloped in the love of your Heavenly Father. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. Love, hugs and prayers, Because of Jesus!

  60. Thanks so much for your story. I love how God blesses others through us (and us as well!) when we are open to hear His voice. I have a little story about seeing a woman on a corner with a sign and I heard the Lord say go buy a lunch. So I drove through a burger place bought a lunch meal and drove back to the spot only to find her gone. I asked the Lord to help me find her or to find someone else this lunch was really for. 😉 I did not find her and then drove downtown looking for my lunch “receiver”. Driving past our mission I saw a man cross the street and pulled over and rolled down my window and handed him the bag and said “Here’s your lunch. God bless”. He said thanks and proceeded to sit down on the concrete wall. I had also dropped the rest of the change from my purchase into the bag as well. As I drove away he was opening the bag like it was normal and that he had planned me bringing him lunch. 😉 I was so tickled with the view and just all of it that I know I had a smile on my face as I told God ” thank you”!

  61. It is often my heart aches and I feel God calling me to help in some way. It never seems like I can help enough to what I desire, so I say a prayer…a prayer to be able to contribute more and a prayer for those my heart aches. I will say, though, that the little acts ARE blessings I have received. Something as simple as someone offering me to jump the line when my (now) toddler is overtired and being, well…a baby, as he is. All exhausted mothers know that wonderful feeling. It is not a coincidence that my faith got stronger just before I met my husband or when my connection got even stronger I finally conceived with no idea how. Your story gives me goosebumps and I’m so thankful for these readings. I would love to share this study with my sister.

    • Congrats Aura, you won the giveaway! Please see your email and reply with your US mailing address. Thanks so much and enjoy!

      Kim Stewart
      Wendy Blight Ministry Team

  62. I love your story and I’m so thankful the Holy Spirit speaks to us.
    When I was in a Bible Study, years ago, there was a new lady there
    And I had shared my testimony that evening.
    I didn’t realize at the time, but a new lady was
    Pretty affected by what I shared. During that week, I felt the Lord tell me to
    Go to her home and serve her. I kind of argued with the Lord…she’s gonna think I’m crazy….I don’t know her…what will I do? But eventually I did go and knocked on her door. She answered and I told her I was there to help because the Lord told me to. She was so relieved. She was so overwhelmed and struggling with depression. Now, we a close friends and I thank God for her all the time 🙌♥️

  63. Brittany Redmon says:

    I love reading your blog and I have loved being in bible study with you. I get daily motivation from the Proberbs 31 app. You have been a wonderful influence in my life. I would love to do this bible study with you and your group of ladies. I have struggled for so long of feeling unworthy and unlovable. I feel defined by my past actions or decisions. I’ve lived with shame and guilt for a long time. I feel as though this bible study could be so beneficial for me at this time in my life. I would love for you to pick me for the giveaway. Financially providing for a child on my own while going to school has made things quite challenging.
    Love and Blessings,

  64. Brittany Redmon says:

    I love reading your blog and I have loved being in bible study with you. I get daily motivation from the Proberbs 31 app. You have been a wonderful influence in my life. I would love to do this bible study with you and your group of ladies. I have struggled for so long of feeling unworthy and unlovable. I feel defined by my past actions or decisions. I’ve lived with shame and guilt for a long time. I feel as though this bible study could be so beneficial for me at this time in my life. I would love for you to pick me for the giveaway. Financially providing for a child on my own while going to school has made things quite challenging. This would be such a blessing at this time in my life
    Love and Blessings,

    • Hi, Brittany. Jesus makes us worthy and lovable through His sacrifice for us. You probably know that our past actions or feelings don’t define us. When we accept Jesus as Savior and make Him Lord of our lives, we are new creations. It is not easy to leave the past behind, but it is doable in Jesus. Just to let you know, one can listen to the video teachings of the study even if one does not have the book. Lately, that is just what I have been doing – mostly for time’s sake – not enough time to do the whole study, but those video lessons speak onto one’s life. Yes, it would be nice to have the book, but if you don’t, don’t let that stop you from listening the teachings. Love, hugs and prayers, Because of Jesus.

      • Thank you for the awesome words of encouragement Cindy. Now that I know I can watch the videos I’m going g to hop online and make it a daily routine to watch them.
        Many blessings to you and yours.

  65. The community at P31 OBS has shown me God’s love time and again. One of my favorites is my small Facebook group sent my Mom and I on a Jesus Weekend! They banded together to surprise me for my birthday with this huge gift! My Mom’s faith was so new and fragile then and it was just what she needed to boost and strengthen her faith! Time and again the community of P31 OBS shows not only me God’s love but also my Mom by loving me to deeply!

    This giveaway is incredible! There are so many I want to gift this book to and I’m a bracelet girl! I always have one on displaying God’s glory!

  66. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. It brought tears to my eyes and opened my heart a little bit more. It makes me feel good to know there is still love and compassion in this world.

  67. June Halbritter says:

    Thank you for sharing this heart touching story. What a blessing for God to lead you in the right place at the perfect time to share His love with someone in a much needed time of their life. God’s timing is always perfect. May we all hear the callings that God places on our hearts and may our actions be pleasing to Him. We never know what another person is going through but God knows. The smallest act of kindness can often make a world of difference in another person’s life.
    This reminds me of one of my favorite verses-
    I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

    God bless you for the many lives you have touched and will change by sharing His message in your books.

    If I were to win your books and bracelet giveaway I would certainly feel it as an opportunity to share the message of I am Loved with a couple of friends currently stuggling and in the need of reassurance that they are loved.

  68. Marilyn Chaves says:

    It’s amazing how God can show up in people’s lives when you least expect it. I’m so excited for this bible study. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story.

  69. Such a moving story of how the Lord touched you to buy groceries to a hurting young woman and how it gave her tangible evidence of God’s love. I wish I could be more spontaneous and experience such a radical and wonderful outcome to someone. My only way to express love is to bring a hurting woman a cup with her favorite Bible verse on it as well as some books to others who are searching for a meaning to life. You inspire me to be more radical in my witness to those who need a helping hand and can see how God is relevant to their lives.

  70. Kimberly Black says:

    Looking forward to the study!

  71. Mitzi Neely says:

    Thank you fir sharing this beautiful story. It is filled with hope, sacrifice and unconditional love. You were part of God’s plan to shower this bruised and defeated young woman with an unexpected gift: kindness and grace. She in turn got to see God’s promise of ‘never leaving her, nor forsaking her.’ She had prayed her prayers and God answered through you. Well done.

  72. Pamela J. says:

    What a beautiful story. When my husband was in seminary, money was very tight. On several occasions, we only had a few dollars left in our checking account and weeks left before pay day. Then I would go to the mailbox and find an envelope with cash inside. God truly showed His love for us in so many ways. Can’t wait to start the P31OBS and will then be doing I Am Loved with our women’s ministry at church. Thank you for this study.

  73. Your story is so beautiful, inspiring and teary 🙂 . And I think it was so important you reacted promptly to God’s message for your heart and mind. Just another example how important it is to stay alert to God’s voice as He can speak to us anywhere any time (even during what often times may be mindless trips to grocery stores 🙂 ). I hope if God places someone like that on my path I will be just as helpful to deliver the message as you were.
    A couple of years ago I had a similar situation: I passed a woman on a street who was sitting on the ground with a couple of kids asking for money. I hesitated to give then and went on home. But she was still on my mind. I was not sure if it was from God, but I decided that this is what we are Christians here for- to show His love and care, so I decided to go back to where I saw her and if she is still there buy her something. I felt a bit rediculous going all the way back just for that, but when I got closer, I saw her still there. So I went into a grocery store and bought her a gift card for it, so she could decide herself what food/items she and her girls could use the most. I think she was a bit surprised when I handed it to her but my hope was that I fulfilled what God wanted me to do for her.

  74. Once picked up a hitchhiker.
    While driving him to his desired destination in my little white car,

    began to share with him.

    Apparently, he’d been thumbing rides for a while,… and the Lord had been after him, for just as long….

    because he looked at me in utter disbelief and exclaimed:
    “Why does EVERYBODY who picks me up tell me about JESUS???? ” LOL….

    Am hoping to see him in heaven someday 🙂

  75. Karen Shaffer says:

    This story brings tears to my eyes! Just when we think we have been abandoned by God and are as low as we can possibly go, He brings us up out of the ashes and shows us His unconditional love, compassion and blessings. He is an amazing God! He blessed all of you that day!

  76. Lisa Selan says:

    When God calls us to do something I know how important it is for us to listen and obey. About a year ago I felt the burden in my heart for the president of our company. Many of us had been praying for him, but I knew God was telling me to reach out to him directly. I knew that he knew I was different, but I wanted him to know why. I shared with another close friend and believer and asked her to pray for me as I wrote the letter. I’ll be honest, I was scared and held off writing for several weeks. She encouraged me and prayed. The handwritten letter wasn’t fancy or maybe earth shattering to most, but it was my simple story and the call I had to share with him what God had put on my heart. I was there at that place and time because that was God’s plan and purpose for me. I placed the letter on his desk early one morning and we prayed. Later in the day he sent me a sincere email thanking me for sharing my heart and nothing more. What I learned, it was a step that God called me to do. Sometimes we get to be part of the finale and others part of a scene. But, either way what I know is we need to listen and obey. I’m still praying for him and know that God is working and changing his life. I know that one day he will be my brother in Christ! Only God!

    • Hi, Lisa: Thanks for sharing. I really like what you wrote: “Sometimes we get to be part of the finale and others part of a scene.” That’s neat! No matter the size of our part, God can do marvelous things -more than we could ask or imagine. 🙂 We need to obey wholeheartedly and with God’s love. God richly bless you.

  77. Carol Buckels says:

    What a wonderful opportunity. I have been in a grocery store in line and actually seen that scenario played out. What a blessing for all parties involved. I am a nurse practitioner and it is my job to care for the sick. Occasionally the Lord opens up opportunities to minister spiritually to a patient. This happened one day when a middle aged woman came in complaining of headaches and some other vague symptoms. While examine her and listening to her, it became apparent there was a struggle going on that was spiritual. I stopped, sat down, and looked at her. I asked her about her Home life and was there any stressful situations she was in. She burst into tears and began to tell me about her situation. God opened the door for me to share Christ and actually prayed with her. I didn’t see her again. Several months later I receive a letter from her at my office. In this letter she thanked me for listening and vpbecause I listened to her and prayed with her she searched out her pastor and then returned to church. She said God had sent me T just the right time. Praise the Lord for giving me that opportunity

    • Wow! God is so very good! Thank you for sharing, Carol. This shows me that we are to do what we are given to do and leave the rest to God. We should keep listening for His voice with hearts ready to obey.

  78. God has shown me BIG LOVE through so many lately…. truly i know i am not alone!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful story!❤️

  79. I love this story, Wendy! Thank you for sharing and for your obedience to God. Friends showered our family with love when our daughter was diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular disease. Their kindness still touches my heart as I remember those difficult days. God’s Love shines through his faithful people. I’m looking forward to the study

  80. Debbie Brewer says:

    I was in Walmart one day and this lady walked up to me out of nowhere with some artificial flowers. She said, “Aren’t these the most beautiful flowers? They look so real.” At first I was like, this lady is weird, but for some reason I had this feeling I was supposed to talk with her. So we started chatting about the flowers and then one thing led to another. She lived in the town across from the state line from me. She had just lost her mother and was working on her mother’s house. Her mother loved flowers, but it was too cold to plant some and she didn’t have the money to buy real flowers, so she was buying some artificial flowers to put in vases around the house. It had only been a few months since my mother had passed and my mother also loved flowers. We started sharing about our moms and how hard it had been since they passed on to be with Jesus. We stood there in the aisle at Walmart for about an hour just talking and shedding some tears as we shared our memories and struggles. The lady asked if I would keep her in my prayers and she would keep me in hers as we traveled the journey through our grief. I told her I would pray for her…then suddenly a voice said “Pray Now!” At first I was a little uncomfortable, but then I looked at her and said, “let’s just pray right here, right now.” So I prayed for her and she prayed for me…right in the middle of Walmart!! It’s was the most beautiful experience. I’ve not seen this lady since, but I will never forget our God moment in the middle of Walmart.

  81. Beautiful! I have found that in the grocery store is an amazing place to show God’s loce to people. It usually happens at the most inconvenient time for me….One story…I was drawn to a cashier on my weekly trips…spoke to her, showed interest in her life.. long story short…She came to Christ 💜 through a simple act of caring that attracted her to Christ. Even this past week I could tell she was a bit discouraged at church….put my arm on her shoulder and chatted a few minutes. We all need to feel loved💜 looking fwd to this study with a friend.

  82. Dear Wendy, THANK YOU for this post! I love how the God of the universe shows Himself in undeniable, intricate ways. This story is one of my favorites. And I was so excited to read everyone’s comments… it’s like Chicken Soup for the Believer’s Soul.
    One way God showed intimacy recently… we were living in temporary housing due to some challenges with our home. There was a woman in the neighborhood who was walking her dog. It only took one conversation to realize we are both believers. When she shared a trial she was facing, God tapped my heart. My family had way more tithe than usual since we had to liquidate investments in order to restore our home. I wrote her a check… a bit nervous since I didn’t know if she would receive it given the amount. I told her it wasn’t us. It was in Jesus’ Name. She broke down and said she had just prayed. She admitted she was losing her faith. She said God would have to show up in a big way for her to know He’s still there. We both cried as we stood in awe of the God of all comfort and compassion at work!
    Thank you again for this faith-building post! I can’t wait for the study! I love you friend!

  83. When I was in nursing school, I was surrounded by tons of 20 year olds (I was 40) and just a couple of women my age. There was one woman in particular that just did not like me, and she sat behind me in every class. I could almost feel the darts in my back. I had no clue what I had done to her. I was super busy with studying, raising 2 young children, my mother-in-law had come to live with us and active in church. One day, close to the end of our graduation, God impressed upon me to pray for my enemy. In the middle of learning about the renal system, I said “what??”. I only said Hi to this woman, we weren’t friends, I knew nothing about her. Again, my heart was moved, pray for your enemy. Seriously!?! I have no clue what that lecture contained, as I was concentrating on how I was going to do that. Class ended, and I asked for the Holy Spirit to move my words. I turned around, and chatted with her (a whole 2 sentences I think), and said “Can I pray for you?” She looked at me crazy eyed, and then said “Sure.” So I said a prayer and she was crying at the end, and thanked me profusely. I honestly cannot recall what the prayer was, and we did not become best of friends. We did smile at each other and I no longer had darts in my back. That was such a leap of faith on my part but God is so good, He accomplished His goals in both of our lives.

  84. Greetings in Jesus’ Name! It has been so good to read these comments and remember ways in which I have been able to bless others, and in which I have been blessed. I am reminded of being led to visit a gal in prison. I saw an article in our local newspaper about her, but had never met her in my life. I heard God say to visit her, and went to my husband and asked if he’d go with me. 🙂 First, because she didn’t know us, we had to get her permission. I wrote her and eventually received permission. I had never done this before. After many visits, we got to have her visit our home for a short while. I am still in touch with her after many years, though which I continued to pray for her and her family. Also, during those visits, my husband and I met a sister in Christ whose husband was incarcerated. We developed a relationship, too, through more visits and the mail. We, also, are still in touch. I am sure this experience has resulted in more fruit in each of our lives. Praise God for these opportunities and inner strength to obey. Sometimes I am very slow to obey, at times to my regret. God is very good, patient and persevering with us. I am so thankful!

  85. Powerful story! It stirs in me the thought that everyone deserves to be loved no matter what they have done or the situation they are in. And there are times when I fell unloved. But knowing there is a God that loves us no matter what we’ve done or how unworthy we my feel in His eyes we are worthy of His love, grace and mercy.
    I cannot wait to start the Bible Study with P31. This study came along at the right time. I am at this moment mentoring a young girl who is so hungry for God’s word! I believe through this study I an show her God’s love through me. Thank you Wendy! I love your books.

  86. Heather Rutherig says:

    This is so so great. I’m currently pregnant with our first child (Gods miracle blessing), so my husband and I are in a different routine. We are looking forward to April when she will be here, but also nervous about our change. I completed your study a few years back and benefited from it. I would love to start this one before the baby arrive to prepare myself for the future.

  87. Mary Tullila says:

    On a chilly windy blustery day as the dying leaves filled up my yard…I began to lament once again my dire circumstances of suicide loss of my spouse and father to our 3 boys. With each angry pull of the rake against deadening leaves…my heart cried out to the Lord why?? Why did you allow him to kill himself and leave me abandoned, rejected and heavy with sorrows! Lord my arms ache with extra work…they match the ache of emptiness in my soul .
    That’s when neighborhood kids I didn’t know came and took that rake from my hands and served me with compassion. I’ll never forget how God used those young people to remind me ….I was not forgotten by a bigger God on the threshing floor of death. Isaiah 61:1-3.

  88. Just the other day I called a friend who I don’t get to see as often as I’d like and she had been on my heart for a couple of days. Not long into the call she asked me “Have I been on your heart?” When I responded “Yes” she burst into tears. She went on to tell me that when my call came through she had been praying and thinking about whether or not she should call me because she needed a christian friend to just listen, but she didn’t want to burden me! What a blessing that call was for both of us!

  89. I am loved. I really like these bracelets. Thanks for sharing

  90. Denise Hill says:

    I am loved by a great and amazing God…These bracelets are awesome…Thanks for sharing this great product.

  91. Julie Overstreet says:

    Wow!! What an amazing story of God’s love. What an awesome blessing for all involved. This really touched my heart.

    I don’t really have a story like this to share, but there have been times when we didn’t know how we would make all our bills, groceries, etc, but God always has provided for us. We haven’t gone without. God is always there, just as He said He would be and all we have to do is trust and keep the faith.

    I know he wanted me to be a part of this awesome OBS, I AM LOVED, because I was going to have to skip this study because of not being able to purchase a book, but God put this on someone’s heart and I’m getting a book and a BIG BLESSING. I’m so thankful for this and I know this person and I will always share a special bond and hopefully an awesome friendship. God Bless All!!

  92. Wendy sometimes it’s those little things we don’t think much about that really matter. And those opportunities to buy someone’s groceries, etc. come up so suddenly and random. Yesterday morning after reading the day’s OBS blog, I started to read some of the comments (which I rarely do) and came across a lady who said she could not afford the book but would read the blogs and watch the videos, and that she is currently going through chemotherapy treatments. I thought “no she has to have the book,” so I commented for her to send me her address, and while I was ordering her a book through P31 I was urged by God (I’m most certain of that) to also order the teaching series for her. A small random act of kindness for me, but a huge impact for her. I hope this Bible study of your new precious book will bring some peace to her heart. Thank you.

  93. Mary L. Palm says:

    I am really looking forward to tomorrow’s study, Wendy! One of my stories about God leading someone to touch my heart happened in the early 1970’s. My neighbor, Chris, who lived 2 doors away from us came by and handed me a homemade chocolate pie! I was a full-time mom of 4 kids under 6 yrs old with my husband very busy at work and ministry, and I was going through one of the hardest trials emotionally in my life. Only the LORD knew I needed to feel His love … and it came through a chocolate pie by a Christian neighbor who I hardly knew. No neighbor had ever reached out to me before; and because of “Chris”, I gave my heart to the LORD not long after she brought me the pie. I thank the LORD for His unfailing love He gives us through His children, one to another so others may receive that love and know Him, too! God bless you!

  94. I’ll never forget it! My “sister warrior” and I were kneeling in prayer at the altar, and I had just been released to go, so I rose and turned to return to my seat. At that moment, I distinctly heard God say, “Kick her!” “Uhm, excuse me?” “Kick her!” So me being afraid of disregarding such a strong urging, but also afraid to hurt my sister, I kicked her foot. She immediately fell over howling. I didn’t know what was going on, but apparently she received something.

    We happened to have ridden together so when service had ended and we were on our way home, she suddenly started sharing. “So you know we were at the altar, right? Well, I was crying out because I was in a rut and was asking God to kick me out of my complacency.” She paused, as my eyes grew as big as saucers. “And he DID.” What she apparently didn’t know was I was the one He had used to get His message across. When I finally got enough breath back in me to share that, we had to pull over to the side of the road, we were so overcome with gratitude and praise! I had also received my answer…that I was still able to be used by God, despite my mistakes.

  95. SarahJeanne says:

    What a blessing this study will be to SO many of us!!

  96. A beautiful story of Gods love, I am excited about this study. Just praying I dont get distracted, I generally start and for some reason dont finish, so ladies please pray for me!

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