July 16, 2018

Praying on the Armor of God & A Giveaway

Hey friends!

Today on the Proverbs 31 Ministries Encouragement for Today, These Things Are Not Supposed to Be, I’m sharing a message God laid on my heart as I spent time with Him in the book of Psalms, specifically Psalm 3:3-4. 

But you, Lord, are a shield around me,
    my glory, the One who lifts my head high.
I call out to the Lord,
    and he answers me from his holy mountain.

Even when we walk through the hardest times, our Abba Father never abandons us. He walks with us. He strengthens us. He weeps with us. He ministers to us. Sometimes, He even carries us.

God also protects, empowers, arms and fights for us. He does this, in part, through the amazing gift of His Armor. Paul writes about God’s Armor in Ephesians Chapter 6. A chapter not to be missed!

And, ya’ll know my heart for prayer and how I love to write prayers. A few years back, when I studied the Armor of God in depth, I wrote a prayer to help me pray on that Armor. I’m sharing that prayer with you today. You can download it to your device or print it out to tuck in your journal or Bible.

Click HERE to download Praying on the Armor of God.

Another great way to pray is to pray to God specifically using one of His many magnificent names. Today, I’m giving away a copy of my Bible study, I Know His Name: Discovering Power in the Names of God. In this study, I share eight of my favorite names of God … where the name came from in Scripture and how each name reveals a different character trait of God and what it means to us as His children.

Giveaway now closed. Congrats Erin Todd please see your email for details.

Comment below to be entered to win a copy of I Know His Name. If you want to move beyond simply knowing about God to really knowing God in a very personal way, I Know His Name is for you!

In “I Know His Name,” I’ve included biblical and historical background insights, practical application questions, and a prayer and memory verse for each chapter. We also created a five-session DVD that provides additional teaching to enhance your Bible study. The Bible study book can be studied individually, or with a small group, and with or without the DVD.

U.S. Addresses only please. Winner will be announced and contacted via email on Monday, July 23.


  1. I believed I knew God…. Know God. In A Season of my Life
    God drew me closer to him. Knowing him. To know that I know,know,know him. I still Am. However it is So much Sweeter since he pulled me in & I’m drawing closer & dwelling. Great word & sharing Wendy. Love your insight. Be Blessed Sister!😇

  2. I Believed I knew God. In a certain season of my life God drew me closer to him. Showing me just who My God is. My Provider. My #1 Resource that All other sources flow thru. My Protector. My God! In this Season God Showed up drawing me in getting to know him. I’m continuing to know him,growing,learning & dwelling in him. I’m Grateful & Blessed! Thank you Wendy for sharing & your insight. Be Blessed Sister😇

  3. Jody Edwards says

    I want to know His name!

  4. Christen Owusu Duah says

    I am most grateful for the elaborate details giving. Knowing the protection that dwells within praying on the amor of GOD and the power in HIS name!!!! My soul rejoices & I can hardly wait to enjoy this read.

  5. Sophia Collins says

    What a needed message in such perilous times. I pray for my husband everyday for safety and a hedge of protection. Working in a prison is not easy and he needs all the prayers he can get. Todays study was affirmation that I am praying the right words…thank you for following Gods guidance.

  6. Nicole Kendrick says

    My son’s fiancé is a baby Christian and very hungry to learn about The Lord and His Word. I think this would be an awesome “first Bible study” for her. I am looking very forward to reading and studying it with her! Thank you.

  7. Julie Kolodji says

    Good Morning!
    Thank you for blessing my day with a brighter perspective and peace through God’s Word in today’s devotion.
    With appreciation,

  8. What a wonderful way to start my day with your P31 Devotional and your post. Your prayers are perfect ways to bring my focus back to Christ! I loved going through I Am Loved with P31OBS and have been praying about leading a small group at Church through I know His Name this fall. I believe your post just made my decision :-).

  9. Sheila Hunter says

    I would love to win this book.

  10. Kelly A. H. Stauff says

    Seeing His name in scripture, reading about His awesome deeds for those biblical characters.. I’ve been one to understand the stories and believe He is able to do those mighty acts… For them. It’s another thing to ask and believe he is able and willing to for me and my family, a struggle to keep the faith clothes wrapped around us, especially in times of good things happening. I’ve known Him to be comforter and counselor in the hard times but why is it so hard to feel the same way in good times? I guess this is more of a retorical question that only He can answer because He knows the circumstances surrounding the “good things” I speak of. Praying for understanding and wisdom.

  11. Kathleen Bowen says

    There seems to be so much to learn about God by learning about his many names. I would love a copy of the book to learn more.

  12. Katherine Barrera says

    During these past few months, God has been speaking to my heart about the power of His words being spoken out loud. Yesterday… I remembered that long ago, I had read a book that was about each of God’s names. I believe that the two pieces fit together. Words spoken aloud have the energy of sound. Sound affects the surroundings as well as our mental state. Just think about listening to praise music…

  13. Wendy Wood Holdsworth says

    I loved your devotional on these things should not be. I love the truth that God is a shield around us and good times or bad. Your book on the names of God looks great, so I am entering to win 🙂

  14. S. Purdy says

    I would love to do this study. The devotional this morning was amazing and confirmed some things for me. Thank you!

  15. Linda L Hansen says

    This sounds like a great book. Enjoyed your devotion today on Proverbs 31 Ministries. Nice to see you back.

  16. Erin Myrick says

    Thank you for this. I am constantly and consistently blessed by the messages and authors that I have been able to read and follow through Proverbs 31 Ministries. This one is no exception, certainly. Thank you for the reminder that our Father walks with us each and every day, good times and bad.

  17. I look forward each day to my morning devotion emails from Proverbs 31 Ministries. The Things Are Not Supposed to Be was spot on for what I needed to read this morning. Thank you, Wendy! I think it’s so easy for us to get caught up in what’s going on around us, things we see happening right in front of us or to us. I find great comfort in knowing God is with us and for us always.

  18. I would love to read this book! It sounds amazing!

  19. Annalisa Roughton says

    Wendy, God bless you for this opportunity! Your studies are always so well-written and help me to dig deeper into God’s Word. So excited to be able to do this study in the future, as I have always wanted to learn more about the names of God.

  20. I would love to know God on a more intimate level. I’m ready to make changes to so so! Thank you for a chance to win your Bible study….it sounds amazing!!!

  21. I would love to hold this book in my hands and allow God to bless me through its reminders of who God is in all His glory……

  22. Susan Freeze says

    Such a nice reminder. I appreciate that you talk about God being with us in the storm. Also that sometimes he helps us climb the mountain because he doesn’t always move the mountain. But he is ever faithful to walk beside us and lift us above our problems!

  23. Kristi Taylor says

    I would love a copy! Thank you for the morning devotional 💕

  24. Donna Ross says

    I would love to win this book! Thank you.!

  25. Wendy,
    Thank you so much for always encouraging us to go deeper with God. You are an amazing woman with the sweetest of souls!

  26. Melissa White says

    Thank you so much for this opportunity Wendy!!

    I hope you and your family are doing well. ❤️


  27. Melissa White says

    Thank you so much for this opportunity Wendy!

    I hope you and your family are doing well! ❤️


  28. Martha Parrish says

    Wendy, I learn so much from your teaching. I would love to read your book on the names of God. I loved your writing this morning filled with so much encouraging scripture to prepare me to face a new week in our sometimes hard, broken world. Thank you!!

  29. This study sounds wonderful!

  30. Rebecca S says

    I would love to read through this book. Thank you for the opportunity!

  31. Thank you for the beautiful “Putting on the Armor of God” Prayer! Yes, we must constantly shield ourselves the enemy with God’s armor! Your book sounds awesome!

  32. I would love to study this book. Thank you!

  33. His name is to be praised, worshipped and adored!

  34. Heather Etherton says

    I would really appreciate reading “I Know His Name.” Years ago I listened to your online study of the Names of God. It is great to know you have written a book specifically about His Names. My nine year old daughter and I are studying some of His Names this summer & it’s a great help to think of His character and all the ways He is our Provider.
    Thank you for having this giveaway.

  35. Linda Neely says

    Thank you for the chance to win a copy of your new study. Your “Living So That” is one of my all time favorites. I can’t imagine this one would be any less wonderful.

  36. Alicia Cline says

    I am studying the armor of God this Summer an. Thank you for sharing this verse in Psalms. It is so relevant to me today. God is my shield.

  37. Shireen Wright says

    Very interested in studying God’s names!

  38. Cindy Hernandez says

    Thank you for sharing and providing gifts.
    I am trying to learn more would love to have this special treat.
    Blessings to you.

  39. Charlene Sells says

    Thank you for this awesome prayer resource! I have been in a delay and was so happy to see this email and then to be able to have a chance for help with my struggle right now. Blessings

  40. Thank you for the opportunity to possibly win this book. Your uplifting words and encouragement are a a God send. Thank you

  41. I love to pray Scripture. I would love to know more about God’s names and what they mean as I pray over others and myself.

  42. rubeena smith says

    Thank you. I love love the Names of God. I would like to win a copy of your study.

  43. Our Pastor preached on some of the names of God during Christmastime, but I’d love to study more of them. A lifetime of knowledge to unpack from God’s word and the studies of godly servants such as you! Thanks for writing this book.

  44. Marlene Thorn says

    We need to be protected everyday

  45. Jane Meck says

    Thank you for sharing the Armor of God prayer. What a powerful prayer. I would like to read your book on the names of God. We understand so little of our amazing God that we love and serve.

  46. Karla Strrs says

    I would love and appreciate this book. Thank you. I am currently focusing on the armor of God and this book would help me continue the search for being more like Christ and gratefully living by his power and glory.

  47. struggling to focus on him and hear His voice in the middle of too much busyness, overcommitment and chaos.

  48. Barbara Prince says

    Wendy, I am so excited to read your new labor of love that you are sharing with the body of Christ.
    Yes, I would love to win a couple, but I will most assuredly buy one! I love your teaching style, you are the best! 💗💕💛

  49. Kim W Tate says

    I would love a copy to learn more about calling on God by his names.

  50. susan Distasio says

    I had a really strong teaching of the Bible growing up and could find answers fairly well, but now that I am much older I realize I have stopped learning as much and even forgotten much of that which I could remember so easily. This book sounds like a very good place in which to rediscover those things which I have forgotten and very possibly learn something new.

  51. God has so many names that encourage and bless. I would love to hear more perspectives!

  52. P. Blanchette says

    The armor of God has been prevalent in our family since my children were young. The oldest being forty now. We would put out armor on each day to a song we sang. Understanding the significance of that armor is so incredibly important. I look forward to reading and most importantly understanding the names of our Creator! I love anything you have written and always enjoy when you share your heart with us!

  53. I have enjoyed your prayers over the years. I would like to study more of HIS names.

  54. Carla Allen says

    I would love to study this book! I’m wanting to learn to dig deeper in my study ofbthe Bible. Beautiful devotion today. Thank you.

  55. Debbie Chambers says

    Thank you for your devotional today. It spoke to me. Please enter me to win a copy of your book. Thank you!

  56. Michelle Simpson says

    My daughter, now 29 yrs old, has been through much trauma in her life. I have been praying for God to reveal to her who He really is. She was raised in church but due to the trauma she is angry at God. Your book may be a resource to help her see Him as He really is. God bless you for your heart!

  57. I would love to have this book! I did a study in church many years ago on the names of God & I would love to do one again!

  58. Cortenay Rowe says

    I would love to win this book. Everyday I pray the Lord’s Prayer. I break it down into sections. For the “Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name…” portion, I speak & declare the names of God & their meanings. I would love to dive deeper into a study about that. I also pray & put on the Armour of God when I pray, “…lead us not into temptation.” It’s so powerful! Thank you Wendy!!

  59. Jill Bouwman says

    He is our strong tower and so much more. I’d love to study more of who HE is!

  60. Victoria Vaughan says

    It would be wonderful to win this book and have the knowledge of what God’s different names are and what they need to be able to declare those in whatever circumstances I find myself in. It would be amazing to have a chance to dive deeper into a study about that and I feel that it would greatly benefit my prayer life.

  61. Stephanie Bankhead says

    Thank you, Wendy! I have already read your book, I Know His Name and I learned so much. If I win this one, I will gift it to a friend.

  62. Kathryn R says

    I have been sharing with my daughter different traits of God. I believe this will help me to do just that.

  63. Cheri Zeise-Schmidt says

    I’m hungry for God and to know Him better, to be filled with Him!

  64. Loved your devotional today and am excited about the opportunity to get a copy of your book. As a new Christian, reading the Bible, devotionals and as many books as I can to learn more about our Heavenly Father brings me so much joy. Thanks for this opportunity.

  65. I would love to have this book! Several years ago at church we did a study on God’s names & I would love to do this one to refresh my memory!

  66. It would love to win your book and learn more about the names of God. I have loved your previous studies and know it would strengthen and deepen my walk with God. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Many blessings to you and your ministry❣️❣️

  67. Stephanie says

    I would love the chance to learn more about His Name and grow deeper in my walk with the Lord. Sometimes I do not know where/how to begin learning about a certain topic and this sounds like a very practical yet powerful study that will allow me to deeper my understanding of His Name!

  68. I love the way you give us more insight into God’s word. Your prayers really are appreciated.

  69. I love learning the names of God . His name is so beautiful.
    This will be a great study. I pray God will give me the opportunity to delve deeper into this book and the message God has blessed
    Wendy with. Jehovah reigns. Blessings

  70. Kristi Davis says

    I would LOVE to win this book!!

  71. Jacalyn McAnlis says

    Thank you for the offer of your book and the opportunity to know God by understanding his various names. I enjoy the gift you have been given of writing prayers!

  72. I feel I don’t comprehend the different names of God as I should. I don’t understand why Bible study writers use different names for God at different times. I would truly like to understand His names better. Thank you!

  73. Great is His name

  74. Liz Chasse says

    Studying God’s name is an awesome way to learn God’s nature. The more I can learn, the more I can grow in my relationship with God . Thanks for helping me in this process with your book Wendy.

  75. My dear friend… as you know, I already have your God-authored book. Its rich truths are guiding lights. What a timely devotional and blog post. I just reveled in the wisdom for myself and I also shared your prayer with my dear friend who is in the hospital. You are such a treasure in my life. I love you and thank God for you! xoxo

  76. Stephanie says

    I want to learn more about the names of our awesome God and would love to win your book!

  77. We all need the reminder ever so often. All the answers are in Jesus.

  78. Thank you so much for the free download “Praying on the Armor of God.”

  79. I so needed this post today as I’m walking through several different traumatic events in my life. They just keep coming one after another, but I have my hope in the Lord. I keep hanging on to the fact that His plans are for good and He will use these things for His purpose.

  80. Our God is so big that even if I know all His Names, I can never know Him in His fulness. Your devotions and Your prayers really touch my heart Wendy, I read them over and over again. I love to read your book because I know you must have studied our Lord with all your heart.

  81. Nadine Anderson says

    Beautiful words of inspiration today! I would like to win a copy of this book. Thank you for the opportunity!

  82. Such a beautiful post on the Armour of God. Thank you for the free download. A strong message of taking up the armour of God each and every day. Thank you for the opportunity to win this book on the names of God.

  83. Kensla Crapps says

    Thank you so much for today’s devotional, “These things should not be”. We all need to be remind that God is our shield and strength and that when we call out, He hears us.

    I also love to look up and study the Hebrew pronunciation of and meaning of words and especially the names of God. It gives so much more depth to what I read and study, and so many times it deepens my awe of God and reinforces the authenticity and power of His Word and how it all connects throughout. It’s supernatural….. powerful….Holy!!! Thank you again!

  84. I always enjoy your devotionals and insights. Thanks so much for the chance to win this study. It sounds like a really good one that I would like to do.

  85. Mollie Coleman says

    Thank you for a copy of this prayer!

  86. I pray the armor of God over myself each morning but I love how you have written it out. Thank you for the free download. I would love to learn His names with your book. Thank you for being an inspiration. God bless

  87. Jenny Nelson says

    Thank you for your encouraging words, and thank you for the free download. I printed it off and now will use it to fight the enemy. I know God is calling to me. I have been a Christian for years. I have accepted HIM as my God, but I want to know him deeper. I want to understand him more fully than I have ever known HIM before. I would like to know HIS Names. Thank you again for your words. You are impacting others and making a difference, Wendy.

  88. Darla Odor says

    I read your devotional on godvine today. Your teaching really inspired me to I signed up for your blog to be emailed to me so I can continue to get your writings. I read the sample chapter of your book about God’s different names. I would love to continue on on this study and learn more about what all his names mean. Thank you! God bless you!

  89. Daisy Rojas says

    God is my rock. I needed to hear that! Thanks for your devotional this morning. Would love to read your book!

  90. I want to be confident in the power of His Name

  91. Thank you for expressing and sharing your heart with us. Your gift of eloquent writing is a blessing to me.

  92. Crystal Hubbard says

    I desperately need to know the Lord better. I am still a new believer and I’m struggling to not do everything in my own power and based on my own desires. I appreciate your teaching!

  93. Alana Morgan says

    Good Morning Wendy!!!

    Thank you for the chance to win another of your wonderful books!

    Have a blessed day and weeks ahead!

  94. I would love to pray the names of God each day and learn to know my God better. I would to do this study with my Young Mom’s Bible Study I lead. I know they would be blessed by it!

  95. Danielle Bruner says

    After a terrible time of post partum depression and anxiety, God is getting ahold of me again. I am studying thr word like crazy learning more about Him and His love for me. Inwould love a copy of this as I continue on mu journey. So thankful for your heart and for sharing the prayibg on the armor of God and your devotional!

  96. Rebecca Turner says

    Thank you for the devotion. Your book sounds like it will be very beneficial.

  97. Good Morning Wendy,

    Thank you so much for your daily encouragement words, which has helped and uplift my spirit to understand that I am not alone when trails come my way. Your uplifting words and choice of scriptures are a beautiful blessing to read as I start my daily devotional to our Heavenly Father.

    May our Lord Bless you, your family and Ministry always, in the precious name of Jesus.

  98. This seems like an excellent study. I would love a copy of the book.

  99. How precious is His name! I want to know more!

  100. Marci Lee says

    I would love to read this book and take what it says as well as the Bible and apply it to my life. Sounds like what I really need right now!!!

  101. This study is just what I need right now. I would love to win this book.

  102. Stacy G Jones says

    We are studying the names of God at church. This book would be such a blessings. Thank you for all your encouragement thru the Word.

  103. Sharon Sweatt says

    I would love to win this book. Too many worries and stresses in my life, I’ve got to get back to reading my BIBLE daily. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  104. Vickie Heath says

    The small group that my husband and I are in have been struggling to find the right devotional study. I truly believe that I Know His Name would be perfect for us. We are all seniors and all know the Lord, but we have different struggles now. My husband is struggling with cancer, another man in our group has kidney disease, a woman struggles with depression etc. So you can see that this devotional would be such a help to us. Thank you in advance should I win your beautiful book.

  105. This sounds like a wonderful to get to know the Lord in a new way and grow in relationship with Him! Sometimes I struggle with wrapping my mind around all that He is — since there is a lot to it! As a “words person”, knowing His names would be a powerful and memorably way for me to do this. What a great study tool.

  106. Vickie Heath says

    The small group that my husband and I are in have been struggling to find the right devotional study. We are all seniors and all know the Lord, but we have have different struggles now. My husband is struggling with cancer, another man in our group has kidney disease and woman who is struggling with depression. So you can understand that this would be a perfect devotional study for us. Thank you in advance should I win your beautiful book.

  107. Vickie Heath says

    I posted twice but I don’t see either one of them. What do you think happened?

  108. I would be very interested in reading this book and learning more about the names of God. I recently learned about Jehovah Jireh and Jehovah Nissi. And I loved learning in Exodus when God reveals his newest name to Moses: I AM. Moses knew he would have to tell the people the name of God and God simply said, “Tell them I AM.” I have been in a very painful and dark season for two years now, but in that time I have experienced the more light and love from God then ever, ever before. I am finally in true relationship with my God and it has been so amazing getting to know Him. I would be so grateful for this book. The more you learn about the character of God the more you fall in love with Him!

  109. Would love to win a copy.

  110. I was looking for a Bible study on the names of God for my church women’s group. This looks promising!

  111. Great thought today! Our world is a scary place, but God has already overcome the world! He is our shield and protector!

  112. Kadie S. says

    My mom and I have been diligently doing Bible studies together. What a blessing it’s been to study God’s Word with her. We would love to do this study together as well!

  113. Martha T. says

    It is always good to be reminded that the Lord is our protector and shield! I would enjoy winning this Bible study.

  114. Thomas Phillips says

    I’ve studied the names of God for a few years now and I am always amazed at new revelations that I have received since I started studying the names of God. I have found that each names brings out a characteristic of our Father that each of us will need as we experience the daily trials in life.

  115. Tommie C says

    I definitely needed this today. Some painful mess in my life and feel like I’ve lost His Armor.

  116. Susan G. says

    Thanks for your prayer on Praying on the Armor of God. I downloaded it several years ago and I love it! I also love studying the names of God. Your book will be a good read for me!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win it and bless you as you continue to bless, encourage and teach us more about God and His Word!

  117. Ann Leatherman says

    Thank you for the prayer “Praying on the Armor of God”, Wendy. As you suggested, I have printed it and now have it in my Bible. Thank you for today’s message. I learn so much from you and appreciate your teaching.

  118. Bless you & your ministry to women everywhere.

  119. Carolyn R says

    I love David’s single-minded certainty in our Lord. Thank you for sharing all those wonderful verses that show how our God will never leave us and fights for us and is our strong refuge. I’m so encouraged! Psalm 28:7a, “The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him.” (NIV) Thank you, Wendy!

  120. Nydia V. Ortiz says

    Yes, It is very important to pray on the Amour of God! And dress up with!

    I want to move beyond simply knowing about God to really knowing God in a very personal way.
    Sure, I want a copy of I Know His Name.

  121. Thank you for today’s study…it was just what I needed! I would love your book, ” Praying on the Armor of God.” I teach a ladies Sunday School Class & I feel t would really find this so beneficial not only for myself but the ladies in the class. We have been studying David the last few weeks & his dependence & trust in the Lord. Thank you for your encouraging words & inspration each day.

  122. Karen Overton says

    To receive the gift of this book would be a great blessing. Thanks for your encouraging words, Wendy.💜

  123. Really becoming aware lately that need to know God more not just about Him. This sounds like a great way to do so. Need to depend on and fully trust God instead of looking at my circumstances.

  124. Patti C. says

    The “I Know His Name” 5-session DVD is fantastic. Wendy is easy to follow. The truths in this study are helpful in growing and going forward! Looking forward to reading the book as well.

  125. I have done one of your other studies and have been thinking of doing this one

  126. Xiomara svenson says

    I am going through a very difficult situation and I feel that my heart is broken and I feel I have no strength but God spoke to me through one of your devotionals, I have a baby of almost 4 months and my husband is using drugs but I have decided to fight for my family and support him and I have declared that the name of Jesus he is free. please pray for us we are svenson family

  127. Donna Hart says

    I did this study through P31, but I loved it and would like to read it again and redo the comments. It would be great to have another copy. I love your books!!!,

  128. Mary Beth Moore says

    I enjoy hearing you on Christian radio for years now. I decided to check you out on the web and so inspired by your ministry. Proverbs 31 scripture has encouraged me through the years as a mother and wife. Will be following your ministry and sharing it with others. Thank you and God Bless!

  129. Melodie Zimmerman says

    I usually use the First5 app, but today I opened the Proverbs 31 devotions. I was blown away how God once again has perfect timing. I am going through a very difficult divorce and I have been clinging to Gods word. I am trying to learn that I have to be ok with never knowing the “why” of my marriage and family breakup, but I do know that God is my shield and my defender. I am learning I have a daily choice..and I choose Joy. I don’t feel it often right now but I choose it. Thanks Wendy.

  130. Roxy Lara says

    I’d love to be blessed by this book an discover His different names and meanings.

  131. Thank you for your devotion and your book. “The names of God shower us with blessings and give us His peace”

  132. Mary Elizabeth Gladden says

    I have been studying some of His names and believe that this book would help me to understand them in a greater depth. Thank you for your prayer of Armor and Righteousness. In this day you have to pray for His armor to protect you.

  133. What incredible power is in the names of God! I am looking forward to this study!

  134. Anna Medina says

    Thank. You for the prayer Wendy, and the chance to win your book💜

  135. I have read this book through three times and still feel I’ve only scratched the surface of it’s information and powerful words. I am so thankful for Wendy. Thank you God for placing such a strong witness of faith into all of our paths.

  136. Learning about the names of God truly gives me deeper understanding of Him and just as we want to know more about people in our lives, the more we learn about Him the closer we become and a deeper connection is made. That’s what I desire.

  137. sydell alford says

    Amen! I know there is power in His Name! I speak it,I live it, and it changes everything when You believe in Him.Thank you for sharing ! I never get enough of His name.This book I know is filled with so much wisdom about our creator.Blessings to you!

  138. Kathy Scott says

    How I need to pray the Word of God into my being and to be focused on Jesus as I encounter fears and discouragement. Thank you for such a reminder to take the Word of God into my being, much like necessary food for my spirit.

    Your book on the names of God would be a great resource to deepen my understanding of God’s character.

  139. Kathy Lang says

    I really need this! I have such a deep desire to know God better than ever before!
    I love God’s word and I especially love Him!!

  140. Amy Evans says

    I’ve been wanting to learn about God’s many names and their meanings for years now. I don’t know why I’ve never gotten around to it. I’m grateful for the opportunity to win a copy of your book, Wendy, and have His names all in one, organized place 💛

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