September 27, 2018

Yes, No and Maybe {a giveaway}

Today, I’m welcoming one of my dearest Proverbs 31 sisters, Wendy Pope. She’s that friend I can call any time, and she’ll stop whatever she’s doing to pray a prayer that reigns down power from heaven!! We met many years ago when we shared a desk at our original Proverbs 31 Ministries office. We both had little children at the time, and now we’re empty nesters. We raised our babies together and prayed each other through some difficult times. I adore her and you will as well.

Without further ado, read on as Wendy gives you a sneak peek into her new book, Yes, No & Maybe: Living with the God of Immeasurably More. If you want an Ephesians 3:20 life, where you see God at work in intimate, amazing and mighty ways, this book is for you!

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Yes, No and Maybe, by Wendy Pope.

I’ll be the first to admit, trusting God through obedience can be fearsome because we don’t know what He will ask us to do. Building trust works like receiving money. Each time we are given funds, we deposit the money in our bank account, where it remains until we need it. Our Memory Bank of Faith works the same way. As we obey, we experience God’s faithfulness. We deposit His acts of faithfulness in our bank; then, when He asks us to do something we don’t understand, or maybe don’t want to do, we can make a withdrawal from our Memory Bank and confidently adjust our want to. We have experienced His faithfulness and know that what He has asked us to do is completely trustworthy—even if it involves something unexpected.

Sometimes God asks something big of us when we least expect it. Sometimes even in the middle of Sunday worship.

My normal Sunday seat faced the congregation from the choir loft. I was minding my own business, praising my Jesus, when the unexpected happened. No, Lord. I can’t. No one else is walking to the altar to bow. What will people think of me? This isn’t the time in the service we go to the altar; that’s at the end of the service. The songs ended. The choir left the loft. I did not say yes.

The next Sunday was a repeat. Same scenario. Same assignment. Same response. As the week went on, my weight of disappointment was heavy. Oh, how my spirit grieved that my answer to God was no. In my conviction, I confessed my sin and received forgiveness.

The following Sunday was a repeat. Same scenario. Same assignment. Different response. Yes, God. I will NOT follow the schedule in the bulletin and the expectation of others. I will leave the safety of this choir loft and bow before You in praise. I will sing praises to You, my audience of one, in a sanctuary full of people who might think I’m weird. Yes! Yes! Yes!

I sensed eyes staring at me as I left my place of comfort. When I kneeled to worship, I was alone. When I stood to return to my place, others stood with me. While I had been kneeling, many others had joined me at the altar to share their praise to God and to pray. This beautiful moment was a deposit in my bank. The pleasure of God is greater than the fear of man’s reactions. Tears are puddling in my eyes as I relive this moment with you. Even now, years later, the act of obedience, even if delayed, is palatable. There are times when obedience makes His Spirit almost touchable.

It’s critical to remember that obedience without a pause is a process—a process full of mistakes, regrets, and misgivings. Even with banks full of His faithfulness, there will be times we will want to obey, but we will not. Don’t be discouraged. Lavish yourself in His endless grace that forgives, and intently listen to His Spirit as He continues to beckon you. Then, when the next assignment comes, your response will be yes! The more you say yes, the more you will want to say yes. Fill your bank!

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Yes, No & Maybe by Wendy Pope

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Yes, No and Maybe, by Wendy Pope.



Wendy is a wife, mom,  author, speaker, and Bible study teacher. Wendy writes devotions for Proverbs 31 Ministries Encouragement for Today devotions, is a content provider for the First 5 app, as well as member of the Proverbs 31 Ministries Speaker Team. She loves lazy Sundays watching golf with her husband, thrift store shopping with her daughter, and watching building shows with her son.







  1. Obedience was hard during the past year or so. My husband and I separated, trusting in God and being obedient to His Will was so very difficult. While my story does not have a happy ending, I am so very much at peace with our divorce hearing about 1 month away.

  2. I am in a struggle now with chronic low back pain and sleep difficulties but I choose to believe and know that I will be healed! There is hope in our Lord if not here on this earth but in Heaven. I love both of you Wendy’s and miss y’all on First5 but am enjoying following y’all on your own sites! Be blessed.

  3. I feel I’m struggling a bit now with obedience. God’s led me to do a new thing and it’s not looking like I expected so then my mind can wonder and doubt while Satan lies and discourages. Thanks for the reminder to draw from my spiritual bank and remember He’s been faithful in the past, He’ll be faithful now. Sometimes it’s easy to forget He is working even when I don’t see or understand. A big “thank you” to my 2 favorite Wendys! Grateful for your obedience!
    Blessings from the farm,

  4. I’m struggling with obedience in letting go of social media. It sucks away my evenings. Was house sitting a couple of weeks ago and had extremely limited access to social media. I spent my time in the word. I’m home now and the evenings disappear down that dark hole.

  5. I’m having a really big issue right now being obedient in trusting God with one of my children. I know God’s love for my child is so much greater than my love, but the mother in me wants to try and “fix” things. God’s ways are perfect and no other way is right. Thank you for sharing your ministry with me and others, y’all are a beautiful blessing in our lives. To God be the glory, great things He has done! God bless you two Wendys!🙏🙌💕

  6. I struggle with obedience in the sense of trust. God wants us to trust Him – no matter what! It is so hard at times when I can’t see the big picture – I know I need to trust Him – but am scared to not be in control. Ultimately I am NOT in control and I relinquish my fears to Him and ask for forgiveness and peace. He never fails me – so I don’t understand why I struggle with trust at all. But it’s an ongoing learning experience and slowly – but surely – I trust Him more each day. Thank you for your heart to help us learn. Many blessings in His Holy name!

  7. Kari Blackmore says

    Oh my! I felt the same urge to go to the altar last Sunday to bow and worship. As I stepped out to do so, with my heart jumping out of my chest, others actually followed me! It was amazing and I actually did it! Obedience is hard, but it seems once you start stepping out, it get easier and easier each time.
    Not saying that there hasn’t been times where I wrestle hard against what’s being asked! UGH

  8. Obedience is HARD….getting past the “what will others think” and feelings of inadequacy….

  9. I get it, I can be stubborn, often it takes the Lord showing me a few times. Thankful He is patient!

  10. Alana Morgan says

    Being obedient to removing myself from an abusive marriage was scary but in hindsight the best, as HE knew it would be, obedience to follow EVER! Thank You Lord and thank you Wendy for a chance to win your book!!!

  11. The most recent time of struggling with obedience to God happened over the course of the summer months. God was certainly nudging me by His Spirit to respond to the need for leadership over a prayer group the I had been a part of for 3 years. The current leader was stepping down after 13 years. No one could fill her shoes and I was the least qualified. I prayed. I wrestled. I denied and said no, over and over. Then, while on vacation with my family, I said, very meekly, OK. So I composed an email and proceeded to leave that message in my “Drafts” mailbox. I did NOT press “SEND”. We came home from our week long vacation. I continued to go back and forth with God in my heart. FINALLY, a week before the group was to reconvene for prayer, almost four months since we last met as a group, I called the group leader, who, by the way, was praying for over a year for someone to step in, for God to send someone to continue in this prayer group. I was not the only one God had called to fill this role, but He called two of us to step in for this amazing woman who faithfully served him. I am now co-leading a group of women in prayer and I. LOVE. IT. Thank you, most Gracious, Heavenly Father, God!

  12. I struggle with obedience because of fear, even though I know fear is not from God. I have seen God work many times in my life when I was obedient. It amazes me how I can know HE is faithful but not be obedient all the time.So thankful HE is forgiving and loving even when I am not where I should be with HIM. Thank you all First 5 for your devotion to God and sharing your hearts. Blessings

  13. In doing what I believe the Lord is leading me to do, I have lost contact with my children and grandchildren. Please pray for me as I walk this lonely path.

  14. This time last year I was in a desperate struggle. I had been praying for a difficult job situation and had received an offer, which I thought was an answered prayer. I accepted and turned in my 2 weeks notice. But the offer was withdrawn 4 days before I was supposed to begin and I was devastated. I couldn’t be without a job so I approached my supervisor and asked to withdraw my resignation. God moved and I was able to return to my old job. I continued to pray and cry and repeat Revelation 3:7 and Joshua 1:5-6. I was afraid to pray that God’s will be done, because I was scared I would have to stay where I was and it was a very stressful and hostile environment. But I continued to pray, and cry, and GOD moved in a mighty way. It was in His time not mine. Thank you for sharing your struggle.

  15. I am an admitted control freak! Of course control is an illusion for me, as only God is in complete control. I want to learn to LET GO and LET GOD!!! He is much better at it all anyway….. ; – )

  16. Marcia Whaley says

    When I was struggling withe loss of both my parents back to back I had turned myself away from God. I tried to stay on course, because I knew He was the one who helped me get through it. But I became angry at God for him taking my parents away from me, watching them both die from cancer. Now that time has passed (3 years) – I’m still struggling but I”m working on developing my relationship back with Him.

  17. Even though I am currently going through a struggle with obedience because of fear, I know that God will not give me something to do that He hasn’t already equipped me with what I need to be able to do it. I just need to remember to get out of His way.

  18. Sarah Myles Collier says

    God is so amazing! He has been telling me to be bold in sharing my love for Him and of course it’s usually in the oddest places at the most awkward times. I want to make a deposit into my faith bank and will yield to His word and His way, For it is always PERFECT. Lord, please speak to me again at that odd time and awkward moment and it will be for YOUR glory.

  19. Daily, I have to choose to obey God. Some days I do a good job obeying God’s nudges and leading, and other days I don’t. Partial obedience is still disobedience.

  20. That i hear God when he talks to me. I have been struggling with that lately.

  21. That I am not hearing God like I should. I am struggling with that

  22. Wendy, I love God’s timing and when He brings me the same topic, in the same day, by two different people I have to listen up. Obedience; trusting. Both are needed to enter His rest. Thank you, dear sister, for sharing and encouraging. (That’s scriptural, you know!!! 🙂 )
    Love in Christ

  23. Thanks for this! I do want to say Yes, Yes Yes every single time to God but have missed many opportunities and blessings as well.
    I have struggled with saying Yes to God when he asks me to just go give my husband a hug when we have been in a heated ‘conversation’, and he’s been unduly mean in the process. I know my obedience would have probably completely defused his meanness but I failed to obey… I am praying to be obedient in every situation!
    God has been so faithful to me over 50 years of knowing him that I could write a book or two on His faithful promises and blessings!
    Bless you both!

  24. I like to be in control and I need to remember that God is in control, not me.

  25. Over the last 6 months or so I have really struggled. I’m still struggling if I’m completely honest. I have prayed and longed for a partner, a leader for so long. I’ve been divorced for 12 years and haven’t dated or found anyone that I feel is a strong stable influence to me and my son. 12 years is a long time to search and be alone. I know it’s all in His timing and His will, but it gets so frustrating and tiring doing everything on your own. And so I’ve struggled with obeying and accepting that he might just might choose for me to be single for longer.

  26. When I changed churches, it was a hard thing to do. I had been there for many years and had served my church well. However, with a change in leadership, I was not being spiritually fed and needed more. I could not go on the way it was. I felt called to leave and find a new church, but it was hard to let go of the past. Eventually, two friends who had left our church invited me to their new church for special events like a Christmas Concert. In time, they asked me to come to choir practice just to see how it was. One of my friends drove me to choir practice. When I got there, the other friend handed me a choir binder with all the music for the season and my name on the cover. Everyone was so welcoming. The pastor was the choir director and I knew him from the past. He was one of the best. I knew that I should continue singing with the choir. I could feel the Holy Spirit in that church and eventually I joined that new church. I am there today, still singing in the choir. I am sure that God guided me to where I am today. I am glad that I obeyed His call to move. I have grown spiritually so much in my new church, and after many years, I am not a newbie anymore.

  27. Changing churches was a difficult decision for me to make. My church of many years had changed and I was no longer being spiritually fed. I knew I could not go on this way. I felt God calling me to leave my church and find a new church home. Over months, it became clearer and clearer that I had to let go of the past and move one. I had two friends who had left our church and found a new church home. They invited me to their church for special events and then they invited me to join their choir. I I started singing in the choir. Everyone was so welcoming. I could feel the Holy Spirt in that church. I eventually joined that church and am still there singing in the choir. I am glad that I obeyed God’s call.

  28. Moving to the city was the last thing I wanted to do. I had actually said I would never do it. Anyway,, while I would still rather be in a much smaller, cooler place, there have been benefits here that I would not have had if I had continued to resist and follow my plan instead of Gods. Have to remember that when once again am facing a major change and what I want and what is falling into place are very different.

  29. Since I deal with depression I struggle in many areas. I think one of my biggest issues is living in joy. Frankly, I don’t understand how to do it or what it truly means. This book sounds very interesting.

  30. I struggle with trusting God with my children. I am in fear often because I’m terrified something bad will happen to them. I have been working on it and getting a little better. I just love them so much! I know that as imperfect as my love is, God’s perfect love for them is so much bigger and better! I just have to keep reminding myself of that.

  31. I recently moved and things weren’t really going the way I thought they should go. It was really hard to let go and follow God’s plan instead of the plan I had mapped in my mind. After praying and studying God’s word I realized that I should just be happy where I am right now because this is where God has placed me. I am so happy I put my faith and trust in Him.

  32. In 2010, I had a distinct feeling God wanted me to donate my kidney to my friend Robbie. I denied this for months until I finally was in complete torment for my disobedience. I finally did get tested in Jan. 2011. Long story short (and it is a REALLY good story) – I donated my kidney to Robbie on June 14, 2011. It truly is the coolest thing that I have done to date because for the first time, I KNEW this was God’s will and He was in complete control.

  33. I am struggling now with the issue of obedience in tithing. I have more bills than I have a paycheck. Plus I had to retire early due to health issues and am not currently attending church (except online) so I am not sure where to send my tithe. Plus, I have tithed in the past and whether I tithe or not I still have stuff breaking all the time and taking my money and end up broke a week or two before I get paid again. I know God will bless me when I tithe but am having a struggle trusting that He will. Please pray for me. I am a single parent with a low income and lots of bills.

  34. I literally disobeyed yesterday. God was pressing on my heart to share something and I didn’t. It was an incredibly personal memory God was pressing me to share with several people. The moment passed and He was still pressing me to share, but I just couldn’t. I have no doubt it’ll come up again and I pray I’ll have the courage to speak. I was so worried about how to phrase things that I forgot He would speak for me. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  35. Dear Wendy Squared, I just love you girls.
    Thank you for this life-giving, inspirational post! “Lavish yourself in His endless grace that forgives, and intently listen to His Spirit as He continues to beckon you.” This is so powerful. Such a beautiful invitation. It allows me to see Jesus’ eyes of compassion as He asks me to trust. Even when… especially when… the spirit of fear attacks. Yes, Jesus. Let me be Your Ruth. You are my Boaz. I can respond as You beckon.
    Thank you Wendy Blight and Wendy Pope. I thank God for the dynamic duo of YOU! xoxo

  36. This is an awesome devotion. Thanks for sharing your experience of your true obedience in worship and that others came to honor and praise our Lord with you. Each day God gives us is an adventure orchestrated by and through Him. Yes, our adventures are not meant to be rushed. I am very thankful as a “young at heart’ senior for the most part I do not have to live the rushed life. John 10:10 b Enjoy the abundant Christian life.

  37. How great to hear from both Wendy’s today! I always enjoyed learning from you both from first 5 teachings. This excerpt from Wendy popes book is so powerful. I’m always trying to be alert and mindful of those nudges I feel from the Holy Spirit to stop, listen, and act on what god is calling me to do. I so admire the example she shared.

  38. I was dating a guy and he was presurring me to do things which would have been disobedient to the Lord. I wanted a boyfriend so badly but I knew I had to be obedient. The relationship ended and I am so thankful I obeyed!!


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