February 27, 2019

Delaying Praying the Promises Week 4 One Week

Sweet sisters, I’m taking this week off to be with family. I shared a few weeks ago that my daughter, Lauren, is engaged to be married in early May. In late December, her fiancé’s precious mother, Bess, suffered a severe stroke at age 59. Thankfully, she lived near them (and her other son and his wife), so they were able to spend the last 2 months by her side.

Bess went to be with Jesus on Tuesday. God has been so very near. But losing a mama at age 27, just 2 months before your wedding is hard. We’re navigating something we never expected. I’m putting into practice the very verses we’ve been studying. Isn’t that like our God? He always goes before us and prepares the way.

Below is a picture of my girl and her sweet fiancé.

Love you girls!! I’ll be back next week!


  1. I’m so sorry to hear this! As someone who lost both parents at a younger age, I understand what he is going through. It is so incredibly difficult, and then to have the wedding just two months away. I will continue to lift the family up in prayer. May God be very present during this time, providing His comfort and healing.

  2. Awwww, condolences. Take all the time you need. Praying God’s joy will be the family’s strength. Father, please have mercy on them. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  3. Deborah E Passow says

    I am so sorry. Praying for the family.

  4. Oh Wendy, my heart hurts for all of you. This brought to mind a few years ago when my 20 year old niece was killed in an accident. Her funeral was on a Monday and sister’s wedding the next Saturday. Looking back it’s hard to believe it all came together, but God’s grace was sufficient. One verse I remember clinging to was Ecclesiastes 4:9-12…may God unite all of you and use you in each others’ lives.

    So thankful He’s been preparing you with His promises! I’ll keep praying them for you all too!

    The other day I shared this prayer on my blog as God gave some insights into the storms of life from our Iowa blizzard. May it bless any who are experiencing one today –

    Heavenly Father,
    Lord, you see the wind blowing and the snow falling. You control it too. You understand the effects and are working through the problems it creates. You know my worries and fears. You hear my cries and see my tears. In the midst of my storm, help me trust you. I believe you are good, you are mighty and you are able. In my times of doubt, help my unbelief. In the moments of pain, comfort my hurt. When I feel helpless, remind me your grace is sufficient and your Helper is with me. When I’m weak, may I remember you are strong. Father God, help me trust you with all of my heart and lean not on my own understanding. And Lord, in the midst of this blizzard I know spring is coming; when the spiritual storms rage may I not forget eternity is drawing near. You are my Shepherd. Thank you for walking with me, providing for me and taking care of me. Surely your goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell with you forever. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen

  5. Prayers for the families involved.

    You sweet girl has grown up. Congratulations.

    Father God, please keep this family in your arms. May Your grace and mercy cover them during this time in their lives. Father, thank you for the hope of our faith and Bess is now in Your presence. Thank you for Jesus, in His name. Amen.

  6. Yes, this is sad and must be really hard for her boys. Father, I pray in Jesus’ name that You would cover this family with Your peace that passes all understanding. Holy Spirit comfort them during this difficult time in their lives. AMEN!

  7. Marian (Mare) Hindall says

    Wendy, I’m so sorry for your loss. Praying for peace, comfort and guidance for you and your family.

  8. Wendy, my heart & prayers wrap around you & your family. I pray for y’all to have peace & strength. Shalom.

  9. Wendy,

    Praying for your girl and her guy. So hard! HUGS

  10. Roberta Nelson says

    So sorry to hear this Wendy. My prayers are being lifted for your family. May all feel His peace and comfort surrounding them.

  11. Praying for strength, courage, and comfort as you trust El Roi to walk you through these difficult days.

  12. Wendy, my heart & prayers wrap around you & your family. I pray for y’all to have peace, strength, & unity. Love & Shalom.

  13. Robin Adams says

    I’m sorry for the loss your family has experienced. I’m so glad that they have you are so wise to see that the Lord went before you and prepared you all for this so that you could lean on Him and He is so faithful t loving I just listened to your teaching on proverbs 31 and the word study was so enlightening to me I thank you for bringing it to light and helping us to understand what it really means to be a proverbs 31 woman! May God bless you and keep you always. This was my first teaching with first5 and proverbs31 what a great place for me to start! God is so good! I am looking forward to Monday when I start opposition & opportunity. God bless you and comfort your family and how awesome to know that even those in your family lost a dear woman she is with our Savior now and you will see her again! Thank you again for this weekends teaching it was eye opening for sure and the time you put into doing the work to bring it to so many is truly inspiring to me! Love in Christ a sister by the name of Robin

  14. Sweet friend, my heart continues to ride this rollercoaster of emotions with your family. High highs. Low lows. And through it all, I watch you in fierce love, grace and prayer… as you let our Papa write Lauren’s story. You are a treasure, Wendy Blight. Precious. Beautiful.
    Heavenly Father, if ever there was a time for Morgan to need a “suitable helper,” it’s now. And You knew this. You also knew he would need Wendy. Not to take Bess’ place, but to have a Mom who will point her new son toward the One who is holding his Mom Bess this very moment. I know You are weeping with them. Holding them. And You are in the process of turning their tears into refreshing springs. Bless each one in the family with new oxygen in their spirits today. New hope. In Jesus’ Name we pray, amen!
    I love you more than I can say… xoxo

  15. I’m so sorry for your loss. Sending love, hugs, and prayers.

  16. Susan G. says

    Praying the God of all comfort will comfort the family on both sides, and all will feel His Presence…
    Love and prayers to you all.

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