March 21, 2019

Celebrating YOU for Praying God’s Promises

Friends, what a blessing these past few weeks have been. Soaking in God’s Word. Praying God’s Word. Sharing our hearts and prayers for one another. I absolutely love this community of women. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

I’ll probably be quiet for a while due to the wedding just around the corner, but I will be back!! If the Lord lays something on my heart, though, I will share it for sure.

I pray God continues to speak to, and minister to you, through His Word.

Giveaway Winners

Congrats to Carol Taylor and Elsie (ehkappler). You are our winners!

Carol, you won a copy of my I Know His Name Bible Study book and DVD. Elsie, you won a copy of my I Am Loved Bible Study book and DVD.

Please check your email from my assistant, Kim Stewart, and reply with your U.S. mailing address and we will get it to you within the next few weeks.

I am Loved, a Bible study on 1 John by Wendy Blight.


Blessings to you,


  1. Thank you very much for all that you shared – the Bible verses and your thoughts from the Lord.I have printed these devotions which are in one of my binders. This way I can remind myself of these verses and to share with others. I have shared some of the verses of fear and peace with a sister – in – love. Also thank you for the book and video I am Loved – I do need to be reminded of this. I will be praying for you and your family including the wedding – for a very special bonding of the 2 families – that the Lord’s presence will be known and felt by all and for the memories of Bess. I know the wedding will be beautiful – not just from what one sees, but also from everyone’s deep love for the Lord and for each other. Enjoy each part of the preparations and the wedding. Many blessings,much joy and love to you’ll., Elsie

    • Sweet, Elsie, first thank You for your precious prayers lifted for our family. God is moving and working through the prayers. We truly feel them and see His hand every where.

      And, thank you for your kind words about the study. I love knowing they are tucked in your binder. And, that you are sharing what God taught us as we met Him in His Word.

      Praying for you right now as you continue to share God’s Word, bless and encourage others. You are a true LIGHT for Jesus.



  2. Roberta Nelson says

    Congratulations to the winners!! Wendy, may you enjoy and soak up every second of this very special day in your life. I have no children but when my goddaughter got married last year it was just the best day ever. My heart was full to over flowing!! Her mother and I have been best friends for over 55 years (met in kindergarten) and they blessed me so by naming her Meghan Roberta!! I will be praying for you all. Roberta <3

    • Thank you for your prayers. I rest in them. And, thank you for joining us and participating each week. It means so much. And, what a sweet story you shared. To have a friend’s child named after you speaks so much about who you are and the legacy you are leaving.

      Thanking God for you today!!



  3. Marilyn in East Texas says

    Dear Wendy,
    Your family and especially your new soon to be son-in-law have been and are in my prayers. Praying God will surround each of you during this season of sorrow mixed with a season of joy. Praying God will comfort your hearts and minds and souls. Praying each of you will bask in His unfailing love and eternal comfort in all of the days ahead. Blessings to you! Prayers going up!

    • Amen and amen. Reading through these comments and knowing the sweet prayer covering you are ensuring stays over our family brings tears to my eyes. How blessed I feel when I consider how the Lord has brought me such dear ministry friends like you. Thank you for all your faithful participation. You too shine the Light of Jesus!!

      We will rest in your precious prayers.


  4. Praying for the wedding to be ‘so much more’ than what your daughter and fiance thought it would be. Praying His Presence, love, comfort and blessings to be evident everywhere they look.
    May God bless you all!

  5. Wendy! Thank you so much for including all of us in your Charlotte Bible study group. This has been such a breath of fresh air to our spirits. I am so excited for the wedding… celebrating Lauren & Morgan… their new family of two on the horizon… and the BEST mom/mom-in-love! I love you dear friend.

  6. WENDY,
    In the 7 things to pray on your I KNOW HIS NAME video, under
    #1. Pray to GOD I accidentally wrote down your first reference as I Kings 18:6
    Please let me know the CORRECT REFERENCE!

    Thank you!
    ~ Renée

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