May 27, 2019

Join our summer Online Bible Study!

Happy almost summer!! I want to share some fun news with you. More than share, I’m inviting you to participate!

Please join me, and my friends at Proverbs 31 Ministries, for our summer Online Bible Study using my first book, Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner.

Of all my books, this one’s most precious to me. It’s the book that shares how God transformed the most tragic event in my life to be a beautiful backdrop to the ministry to which He’s now called me. In the pages of Hidden Joy, I’m gut honest about my anger with God. I question even believing in a God who could allow such horrific events to happen in the lives of His children.

Thankfully, even as I challenged and wrestled with God, He never gave up on me. In fact, as I opened His Word, He drew me closer. God saw the things I couldn’t see. Over time, He revealed them to me. He gave me truths, promises, and even answers to the questions I asked. Not all the answers. But, the answers He gave were enough to restore hope. To help me believe in and trust Him again.

Do these words resonate with you? Do you long to find freedom, hope and healing from events, emotions, circumstances and people that hold you captive? If you long to see the beautiful in the broken places in your life, please join us!

Our six-week study kicks off on June 17 and will help you:

  • Shift your heart from “Why God?” to “I trust you, God.”
  • Diminish the enemy’s lies by replacing them with Truth as you discover God’s character in His word.
  • Intensify your prayer life as you learn how to pray from a place of Scripture declaration.
  • Overcome the feelings of fear and frustration that hold you back as you unlock freedom by claiming God’s promises.

Join us for an online Bible study of Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner, by Wendy Blight at Proverbs 31 Ministries.

Sign up for the study here.

Many of you have asked if I’ll host more online studies on my blog. Because I’m on staff with Proverbs 31 as the Online Bible Studies’ Biblical Content Specialist, I’m unable to host studies on my personal blog. BUT, I’m actively involved with our Proverbs 31 Ministries’ studies and would LOVE LOVE to have you join us!

Each week of the Hidden Joy study, I’ll do a video teaching with some of my dearest friends. We’ll publish three blog posts a week (I’ll lead the Friday blog post). We’ll have Facebook small groups (they fill up fast) and an amazing Facebook Community page. We also have a teaching series you can purchase for a small charge that takes you deeper into the material we study in the book. Joel Muddamale (First 5) and I will open the teaching series teaching on Spiritual Disciplines.

Invite a friend, a few neighbors, even your Bible study group to join us!!

Giveway Now Closed!

Congrats Janet (ripnred) and Julie Woodman, you won! Please watch your email from my assistant Kim Stewart to get your mailing address. Enjoy!

To celebrate our upcoming study, I’m giving away one copy of Hidden Joy AND one copy of my newest book I Am Loved. Comment below and let me know if you’re joining us for the study and why. I’ll choose two winners this Friday (so the winner of Hidden Joy will receive her copy before the study starts). U.S. Addresses only please.

Blessings to you!

P.S. If you haven’t yet read (or listened to) my Proverbs 31 Ministries devotion today, you can read it HERE. I pray it encourages you that your brokenness can be a backdrop to a beautiful testimony.


  1. I would love to receive your book to start this study. Just what I need in this time of my life. Thank you for today’s devotional at Oroverbs 31.

  2. Christianne McCall says

    Looking forward to this next study. I’m going to share this information with a friend who has suffered through a similar situation as Wendy.

    • I’m so thankful you’re joining us! I love God’s timing that this came at the perfect time for you to share it with your friend. I pray God leads her to join us.


  3. I signed up for the study a couple weeks ago. Read your devotion today. God speaking thru you to me today, as I fight my own battle of “overcoming”. I love and trust our Lord … AND there are days when perseverance seems all but impossible. But GOD. So thank you for the sweet blessing of sharing today to remind me I am not alone. 🙏🏻

    • So thankful you’ll be with us on this journey. And, also thankful God spoke to you through the devotional today. That is answered prayer for me. It’s great comfort to know with God and community, we are never alone.


  4. I have always connected with your teachings. I am looking forward to this study because I have always struggled with “ Why God?”

    • Thank you for those sweet words of encouragement! I struggled with that question for so long. I pray my journey of “Why God” will minster to you as you ask it as well. God truly answered that question in ways I could have never imagined!! He is faithful and true. Even in the hardest places, He is with us and working His best in the midst of our worst.



  5. Sherry Sawula says

    I truly enjoyed this devotion today. The content resonated profoundly in my heart. I am drawn to this study because I am in a dark corner and have been for sometime. I know God has not forsaken me and never will but I am struggling. I know God is at work, transforming me into the warrior He desires me to be. But I need affirmation and encouragement for I am struggling on all fronts. I can’t afford to purchase the book at this time, I am in the midst of bankruptcy and my hearing is next week. Paying a down payment for my insurance deductible for medical procedure wiped out what little money I had. I’m not revealing this for pity, please no, just stating fact. I see God’s hand at work in all things, I just get weary. Thank you so much for this devotional today, it is a blessing. I would love to participate in this study and discover the wisdom, truth and encouragement within it. I would like to be considered for this book give away. Thank you for your service and consideration. Blessings to you.

    • So very thankful the devotional spoke to your heart today. That is answered prayer for me. My heart aches for the hard time you’re walking through, but I’m so thankful you are walking it with Jesus AND that you are seeking community to walk with you. God says He is the STRENGTH of our heart and our PORTION forever. I pray you know that strength and provision TODAY and every day!!



  6. Chantal Boucher says

    I did not know you. I read Proverbs 31. I think that God spoke. June is a difficult month for me to. My son William died from leukaemia on June 21th, 2 years ago. I will follow your studies, always looking for tools to help me overcome the sadness. I would read your book.

    God bless you. He transformed your pain and uses your voice. I guess I have something to find in my own pain too. I do not want to live as a victim either. Looking forward to hear from you.

    • Noelle Dey says

      Oh Chantal… I am so very sorry for this unimaginable loss. In our minds and hearts we know the reality of heaven. But there’s also the reality of an empty bedroom… a quieter home… the deepest heartache that a mom can take.
      Heavenly Father, thank You for holding Chantal through this tumultuous two years of grieving. Thank You for speaking to her through Wendy. Please comfort Chantal like never before. Give her visions of William’s reality. Being whole. Thriving. More than healed. We know she will reunite with him. But in this in between time, cut through the clouds and revive this precious mama’s heart. Let her rest in being Your little girl who You love like crazy. In Jesus’ Name I pray, amen.

    • Precious Chantal, thank you for sharing your story. I’m so very sorry for your loss!! One of my dearest friends lost her son in a fire at age 20 (he was a firefighter). I’ve walked this journey with her. I join in Noelle’s beautiful, Spirit-led prayer. May God hold you especially close as the anniversary of your precious girl’s home going grows closer. May the God of All Comfort surround and fill you with the fullness of His comfort … the kind that only He can give. God will bring purpose to your pain as He has done with my precious friend. You have a story you never wanted to be yours. But, God has entrusted it to you and will use you mightily to walk alongside others. I’ve watched Him do it with Linay, and it’s been beautiful.



  7. Tina Olson says

    I enjoyed the last online Bible study you lead and look forward to this study with you and the topic. I find I still “battle the enemy” as I reflect on my life. This isn’t the place I thought I would be.i teach college students and discovered the down time in the summer gives me too much time to let thoughts creep into my mind. I know I have grown in my faith through life chall notes and He has been with me every step of the way. I still ask “why” I have faced so many hardships and trauma in my life.

    • We’re so thankful you’re joining us for another study. Each time we take a new journey with God, He deepens our faith and our walk with Him. The whys become fewer (though sometimes we still ask but we don’t remain in the why). Instead we move from why to “what” or “how.” What are you doing in my life? How do you want to use this in my life. God will move you in His time and in His way. I pray that as you wait upon Him, you will know His precious presence in very intimate ways.



  8. Michele Oleary says

    Wendy, I have joined the OBS, purchased the book and invited two friends to join the study with me. I can not wait to begin. Thank you, Wendy, for your authentic ways of sharing your faith and healing through the power of the Holy Spirit. ❤️

    • Yay! You joined AND invited two friends. Thank you so so much!! And thank you for your kinds words. They truly bless me. I LOVE teaching God’s Word in this amazing community of women. Looking forward to studying God’s Word with ya’ll.



  9. Traci Murphy says

    I haven’t signed up for the study yet, but your devotional today made me think most about my step-daughter. She is 16 and was recently the victim of unwanted touch at a party. Since then, we have found out other destructive behaviors that she was participating in. We’ve gotten her connected with a therapist. I just feel that the therapist, while she may be helping with some coping skills, is not suggesting the use of our faith to help in the healing process. I was also sexually abused by my great-uncle when I was a young girl. I can understand some of the things my step-daughter is going through. I would really love to be able to give this book to her and even read it myself!

    • Traci, I’m so very sorry for what both of you have walked through. I do think it’s precious that God went before your daughter and gave her a mama who has some idea of what she’s walking through. I pray the Lord opens a door for you and your girl to process your pain together. And, I pray that this book (and this study if you join us) will equip you to walk with her using God’s Word and prayer. They both TRANSFORMED my life and healed in ways nothing else could. Counseling is good. Even if it’s not a Christian counselor, you can bring that into her life in non-threatening ways. Maybe sending texts of affirmation, scriptures and prayers.

      Sweet blessings,


  10. Wendy as always your words are laced with the challenging, encouraging and transforming power of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for your perseverance that led you to minister in such a profound way… redemption power in action! As I support and minsister to women in my sphere of influence, it’s wisdom, like yours, that I can draw upon. I would welcome your book to accompany the study next month!

    • Elaine, so thankful you’re joining us for this study. Thank you for your kind words. I’m thankful that what I’ve shared has played a small part in equipping you for what you do. How blessed those ladies must be to have you leading and ministering to them.



  11. I just signed up for the study. I have been asking God “why” about a situation I’ve been facing for some time now. I try to take every opportunity given to me to help me to persevere and wait on Him.

    • Yay! Excited you’re joining us!! I pray that as you seek God for your why, He will open His Word and His heart and speak to you in very real and personal ways that equip you to persevere. And may you feel His presence and see His hand at work in the wait room He has you in.



  12. I’m struggling to trust in God’s plan. Struggling to know there is a plan. God has dropped a fertile and untapped women’s ministry in my lap while I’m in the darkest season of my marriage. Angry at my husband’s descent in his faith. Trying not to keep my faith in any of my own plans or capabilities but in the One who creates and carries out all things for my good even when it doesn’t feel good. Counseling women that God sees their tears and stores them in a bottle. That they will have glorious purpose and testimony. Meanwhile I’m choking on the dust from the renovation God is doing on my own life.

    • Sweet Karen, God knows you’re the perfect person to minister to these women … just as Lysa ministered to us in the midst of her deepest darkness with her husband’s addiction and betrayal. He knows in your pain, you get them. Yet, you also know the Source … the ONLY TRUE SOURCE … of hope and healing … of provision and protection for them. You are so dependent on God right now. You feel as if you have nothing to give. But, you do!! God is IN YOU! Giving you what you need. He equips those He calls. I pray as you meet with God, He’ll refill and refresh you, giving you everything you need to serve these women. He will be faithful!!!



      • Thank you so much for the encouragement, Wendy! Hoping to make time to invest in myself with these more in depth studies!

  13. I have purchased my book and am looking forward to the study. 🙂

  14. Toshi Oswalt says

    The devotion today on Proverbs 31 felt like it was written for me. I have had trouble dealing with my past and because of it, I have severe anxiety and PTSD. I have signed up for the class, and would love this book to guide me along and help me. I am trying to grow and strengthen my relationship with the Lord and come to terms that it was not my fault for what happened to me. I would love to claim “Victor” over victim. Thank you for you testimony and your words.

    • Toshi, I’m so thankful you are joining us. I trust God led you here. This will help you face your past, but not alone! With God and with each other. As you open God’s Word, I pray He meets you in every page and leads you to the verses and truths you need to make forward progress on your healing journey. He will be faithful. YOU WILL CLAIM VICTOR!! And, you are so welcome for telling my story. It gives purpose to the worst day in my life.


  15. Looking forward to this study

  16. Wendy, I plan to join this OBS. I remember the first time I read one of your devotionals on Proverbs31 many years ago. It rang true to me as I have walked a similar road – raped at 15 years old. God’s grace is amazing and his mercies never cease! Sharing your experience helped me explore mine more deeply for healing. 💕

    • Cindy, I’m so thankful you’re joining us. Love that you have walked your own journey with God and come out the other side! You will be a blessing to the women in our community!



  17. Hi Wendy, I am excited to join you and other women in this study. Needing some encouragement and accountability to keep in the Word. Have had a few struggles recently but God knows my heart and how to heal it. Thank you, with much love.

    • I’m thrilled you’re joining us! This community is the perfect place to find encouragement, equipping and accountability. We will keep you in the Word and give practical ways to bring it alive in your personal situation … in ways that will initiate change and healing!


  18. Ashley Hemminger says

    I am doing this study, and can not wait to start!

  19. Charlotte Parker says

    Good Morning, I am looking forward to this summer Bible Study Wendy. I especially appreciate the study is sharing your personal story that helps others find their way out of traumatic events in their lives. I was locked into PTSD from the time I was a child (I viewed at age 4, my father put a gun to my mother’s head and then locked that memory away); it took years to try to figure out what the nightmares were about and why I couldn’t get rid of them. A very sensitive minister helped guide me to a place of healing. Praise our Lord, he truly wants us to be healthy spiritually, emotionally and fully one with Him.

    • Praising God for the amazing man who invest in you and helped lead you to a place of healing! You will be a blessing to our community having walked your own hard journey!! Thank you for joining us.


  20. Tina Smith says

    I really need God’s truth in my life to overcome the pain and suffering of this world. When Will it ever go away? I read about this study and I thought “this is me” and most everyone that I know. Thank you so much for sharing your triumphs in the Lord with all of us.


    • Tina, God drew you here because He knew the questions on your heart. I pray that God leads you to join us and, while you’re here, He’ll meets you in very real and personal ways to answer your questions and guide you into all truth as you come to know God more intimately as you meet Him in His Word.


  21. Ellen Worster says

    I had decided to take a break from the online Bible studies and catch up on other Bible studies until I saw this! I have signed up for your study. I had a pretty messed up childhood and many things I don’t remember. I just deeply feel like something happened to me that has plagued me my whole life, just turned 58 :-(. I’m hoping to get answers and closure. I ordered the book this morning.

  22. I am looking forward to the study. Loss and disappointments have caused me to be discouraged and question why.

    • I’m grateful the Lord brought you here!! I pray He meets you in those disappointments and reveals truths and promise that initiate a fresh work in your life that lead to a change of heart and perspective.



  23. Julie Woodman says

    I admit I have debated about signing up for this study. I always love the OBS studies, but am worried about working on the dark places in my life. I know I need to work through them and long for the freedom of a closer relationship with God, but also fear those “demons ” I have to face to get there.

    • Julie, I completely understand!! It is scary. It’s hard work. But, I can’t imagine a safer better place to walk this journey than with a community of women who are all seeking the same freedom and healing you’re seeking. You will not be alone! And those “demons” have NO POWER OVER YOU! The One who lives in you is greater than the one (the demons) who are in this world. We will equip you to fight this battle NOT in your strength but in God’s … through His Word and prayer. I pray God will lead you to join us. Be strong and courageous!!! It will be worth it.



  24. I look forward to participating in the online study. I would like to receive the study materials because I can’t afford to purchase them right now. I am I’ll with several major illnesses, and the subject and title of this study hit home when I read about them. For all of my 63 years, I have wrestled with being loved, feeling unworthy and unlovable even by my Father. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this with other Christian friends.

  25. My daughter was recently assaulted, and it is the most painful thing we have ever walked through. We have seen God’s faithfulness over and over again in our lives, and we know He will carry her and us through this too. Reading your proverbs 31 devotion was so timely. I would love to have the book and even do it with my daughter as a study.

  26. Patricia S Ivie says

    Thank you for speaking hope and restoration into the lives of women. I am looking forward to your study.

  27. Noelle Dey says

    Wendy, I’ve lived and I’ve seen the ripple effect of your testimony. I can feel heaven invading the earth already. Chains of fear and oppression breaking in Jesus’ Name! I love you and I’m excited to hear the miracles that come from this study. 💕

  28. Wounded soldier says

    Your devotional today resonates with me, not in the act itself, but in that I too am a survivor of more than one violent crime. As a teenager, my much older fiancee hog-tied me and played Russian Roulette with me. He went to prison. I later married in the Church. One night coming home from a prayer vigil with our small children (I was pregnant with my third daughter), we were held at gun point and miraculously survived the incident. My husband and I served the Lord together, but I endured DV in our home for seventeen years. One fateful day after counseling, my therapist and my husband’s therapist called me over in private to share that he had become homicidal & suicidal. I was then forced to carry out our rescue plan–putting my children and myself on a Greyhound bus–traveling over a thousand miles to safety away from him. There is more, but for purposes of this online study, which I perceive as timely, I open my heart to share that he still served and serves God in full-time ministry, but I haven’t fully healed. Though I desire to serve the Lord more than life itself, I struggle with finding purpose in the pain.

  29. I need God’s help in my own dark corner 🙏🏻💐

  30. I am joining. I have been dealing with a lot of pain and bitterness in my life that is starting to cause health problems. I have been trying to find healing but it is a long process. I feel like so many people (in my husband’s family) are against me. I have been through other trials and seen what you talk about come to fruition, but this one is longer and harder. THank you for being willing to be vulnerable in order to help others!

  31. I want to do your bible study. I suffered horrible things as a child and as a result i have had fear abound much in my life. I listened to a podcast recently with you and it was so much help. I can’t wait to see how this bible study can help me draw closer to God.

  32. I really appreciate your teaching. Please keep doing it.

  33. Heather Smith says

    I am joining the study and am so excited!

  34. Angie Weeks says

    I am joining in on this study! I love your teachings! So excited for this study.

  35. I am joining. Why? You are one of my favorite teachers and I know I will gain knowledge that I do need

  36. Marianne says

    This is my favorite book ever and I want to do it , again. I have had some transformation but need more to be free . I will keep seeking and pursuing. Thank you.

  37. This will be my first on-line bible study and caught my attention it due to a defining tragedy.
    But because I have had so many personal experiences that God has brought me out of and only a handful of people knew they were happening. I’ve kept joy when I thought my world was crumbling . Kept my eyes and my heart in His presence. May have looked strong on the outside, but my my hope hope was getting weaker. Having two children depending on me to hold it together and a husband whom didn’t any longer want to commit to attending church or put Christ first. It showed up in everything we didn’t stand for and hurt so much to have known what we know to be true, but revert back to ones old self. Pain in a dark corner, but God never left our family, I can stand firm on His promises and know he can heal and restore all of the brokenness that we give Him. But we first must summit to Him and surrender and allow Him to make the changes He needs to make in us for lasting JOY!

  38. Natalie Malec says

    I’m looking so forward to this study. I enjoy your teaching so much and appreciate your honesty and vulnerability.

  39. This sounds like a study I could benefit from. I am so lonely and always wondering why I am in this place? I need to feel God’s direction for my life. I live in a small town and worship 35 miles away in a congregation of about 20 older people. I have a wonderful Christian husband but he avoids the emotional connection. I’m 51 and live in rural Nebraska. I would love to connect with someone with similar faith and interests. We have 4 children and 4 grandchildren. We have been empty nesters for 3 years and I still struggle with that after raising kids for 28 years! I am a member of the church of Christ.

  40. Janice Kesterson says

    I would love to do this study. I enjoy and am blessed by your blogs and am looking forward to what you are going to teach me.

  41. Jennifer Howeth says

    I signed up for this study to learn to embrace trials and use them to grow! I am excited and I can’t wait to see God move! ❤

  42. Yes I will be joining the online bible study because I love your bible studies!

  43. Melinda Carlson says

    Thank you for being vulnerable with Trauma. I am joining this study because the last 18 months have been devastating. Our daughter had two traumatic events in 2 years which resulted in several hospitalizations in hospital and residential facilities and ultimately 9 months of trauma therapy as well as an Eating Recovery Center. In the middle of the last 9 months, my husband lost his job, had an accident which resulted in surgery. We have had to move my mom from her home and town of 50 years to a place close to my sister. I lead worship and teach Theology at a private school but the toll our personal life has taken on my faith and joy has taken my breath away, I would love to receive your books and join the study. Thank you and your prayer would be appreciated,

  44. Kimberly Daugherty says

    I just found out and signed up for your study this morning! I’m super excited! I have decided to sign up because I’m so done being a victim! I’m so tired of past hurts still weighingme down. I’m so ready to be free! I really think your books can help give me a new perspective and help me get me closer to the one that can free me from all of this!

  45. I would love to join your study as still tackling loss and grief issues from betrayal 10 years ago. Life is not fair, but God is good. It always amazes me how many women struggle with fear and loss. Thank you for sharing!

  46. Eileen White says

    I have already signed up for the Bible Study and I read your book several years ago. I signed up for the study because I need a “refresher course”!! I always look forward to anything that you teach! I would love to have a book for my granddaughter. Thanks for all you do.

  47. Monica Archer says

    I signed up for the study because it sounded great, and I’ve struggled with loss of family and friends.

  48. Jasanna Maher says

    Yes, I plan on joining the study. Your post is so alive to me. The prayer hits home. I was the victim of a different kind of crime. I was born and raised 3rd generation religious cult. When I was 36 years old with 3 young sons I was excommunicated because they wanted my sons and my husbands money. My sons were taken from me and brainwashed against me. They were assigned a new mother and I was told I was going to hell with no hope of redemption. I believed it. I did not see my sons for 2 years. Eventually I met a man that had a strong faith in God and he helped me heal and together we went to court and fought for and won custody of my sons. It was long and painful journey for us all. It took me 28 years to enter another church and begin my road to God. I have one son still in the cult. He has cut off all contact with his brothers and myself. I can relate to all the doubts and questions. I did reject God for many years, but know now that he has been leading me all along. The leaders of the cult meant evil, but God has turned it into good.

  49. Pamela J. says

    I signed up for your study because I have been so blessed by your other Bible studies I have done. Also, I have recently experienced a deep personal hurt and am currently walking through that healing. I believe “Hidden Joy” will be part of that process.

  50. Linda McCamey says

    Why is it our horrible tragedies that God redeems in His infinite love remain so precious to us?
    I want the tragedies behind me, but God wants them forefront to use them. Therein lies the struggle.

  51. Tia Fletcher says

    Yes, I am joining the study. My daughter who was sexually assaulted in college will also be joining the study. I am praying this study will allow me to witness to others who have experienced such a horrific attack. When my daughter was attacked, I was too angry with her, God, and the attackers to respond in an appropriate manner.

  52. Sweet Sister says

    🧡 Nearly 8 months ago I was in surgery to have a hysterectomy. Shortly after my surgeon began what was supposed to be a 2 hour procedure (ended up being 6 hours), he called in 2 more surgeons to assist because cancer had spread beyond the initial uterine tumor. The next day I was back in surgery having stents placed in both ureters to keep them from collapsing. When biopsies results returned, I was diagnosed with a rare stage III uterine cancer. It’s a battle God chose me to fight but it’s a daily struggle. I know God has a purpose in this, He has my heart and soul. I’m always praying asking God for strength and encouragement while I fight this battle. I believe God answered prayers when He led me to this devotion. I appreciate all prayers.🧡

  53. Amber B. says

    I signed up for this Bible Study because I love all of your books and studies!!! I’m looking forward to this one!!

  54. Cherie K says

    I am signing up and can’t wait for this study. Wendy, you always break things down so I really understand and relate. I’m going through so many hard changes this spring and I know this will help me. Thanks so much for your ministry and I am so looking forward to this.

  55. Debra Pruss says

    I am recovering from a graft to my left quad tendon. I have been homebound since August 1, 2018. I have lost my job. My husband is disabled. We take care of my 81 year old Mom. God has been good and supplied our needs. It has been challenging to be cut off from society. The online Bible studies have given me an outlet to communicate with others. I have found how lonely life can be as well as how much you mean to people. I keep reminding myself that this is not my home. Thank you for your ministry.

  56. I’m definitely joining this study, and I cannot wait for it to start! This last year I have been asking “why, God?”, Ive been angry and confused. After 12 years of infertility and prayer begging God for a second child I truly thought my prayer was answered when I finally got pregnant. But it was short lived. Minutes after hearing our precious baby’s heart beat, I was told my pregnancy was ectopic and I would likely die without emergency surgery. Followed by complications and more health problems that put an end to my child bearing years. So I’m joining this story because I HAVE to. I’m not Ok with my baby dying, but I can’t change that. I’m definitely not ok with going about life without letting God use this somehow.

  57. Megan L. says

    I’m joining this Bible study because I want to learn better how to run to God instead of away from Him when life isn’t going well. Things have been difficult lately and I think I could really use this study. Thanks for the chance to win the book.

  58. I’m joining the online Bible study because I’m going through an extremely difficult season I’ve never encountered before and it seems like events just keep piling up, one on top of the other. I think this study would encourage me as I walk through this season with grace to forgive myself for not being perfect at everything I’m involved in. Thanks for the opportunity to win the book.

  59. Rene Lara says

    Hi, I’m was scrolling thru my emails and saw your email. It made me stop for one, I’m looking for a new bible study, 2nd because I’ve been praying asking God to help feel and show joy thru the trials. I feel like I’m slipping into depression, and I’ve never had it before. Thank you for the opportunity to participate.
    Rene Lara

  60. Denise VanDyke says

    Hi Wendy! I don’t know your story, but I’m joining this study because of my own recent story. Five years ago I was involved in a traumatic incident at my workplace. It led to me developing PTSD and anxiety. My husband saw me become a completely different person. I haven’t felt able to return to my profession. I’ve seen a counselor and psychiatry during this time. I’ve pulled away from enjoying the things I used to, self-isolated, been angry, depressed, and full of unforgivingness. Recently God took the anger away, but the rest continues to be a daily struggle. Many times asked God “Why?” “What now?” I’m so very ready to to take the next step, whatever is, with Him! I want true JOY and forgiveness take over! I no longer want to be anxious and fearful! I truly believe it’s His timing that you are providing this study now! Expectantly waiting on Him!

  61. Amy Walsh says

    I went through, rape and abuse and my Mother’s death all before hitting my teenage years. Thankfully my Dad and my step-mom made sure that I had the seeds of God’s word buried deep within. When it came time for me to date as a young adult, I choose poorly. I struggled and suffered but I was still blessed with 3 amazing children. I have raised them on my own for many years now and moved 13 hours away. I have an incredible church and write on my FB everyday to lift and encourage others. I am so humbled and thankful that God has allowed me to bask in His grace and continues to mold me into the Godly women he created me to be. Recently I hit sole rough patches and realized the enemy was trying to ruin all that God has planned for me. I won’t let him and I rebuke his attacks in Jesus name. I read and write daily and would love those books!

  62. I’m looking forward to the online study with Hidden Joy. I recently left a 10 year relationship with who I thought was my soul mate and best friend but seemed to turn into a narcissitic person that I didn’t know. I have been beaten down overtime mentally without even knowing it. I prayed and prayed that God would get me out of the situation before it got any worse and he finally did but there were definitely times I questioned if God heard my prayers. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me now and where this new chapter leads me. You give me strength, thank you Wendy for that.

  63. Katherine B. says

    I need this study more than ever right now. My husband had been laid off for two years now and had diffculty finding a job in his field. He finally found a job in his field and started working last week . On Sunday morning he had a massive heart attack and had to have triple bypass surgery on Sunday. He had to be flown from our local hospital to another to have the surgery. We do not have health insurance. He pulled through and is doing amazing! We have lost so much and just when I thought we were coming out of the darkness, this happened. Why?

  64. I will be joining your study. i am in need of God bringing reconciliation between my 2 sisters and I, or at least the acknowledgement from them of how they have treated me.

  65. Emma Arias says

    I would love to have your book, so that I can share with my two daughters as I’m inviting them to join me in the bible study.
    Thank you!

  66. I have actually read your first book, Hidden Joy but as a new mommy trying to find her feet in a new country, I just can’t wait to join the online study!

  67. JordanCot says

    Hy there, Look what we have in the service of you! fineoffering
    Are you in?

  68. Greetings in Jesus’ Name! I have been fearful and timid and would so like to get beyond it. Yesterday, on the way home from meeting with a Christian sister, I believe I heard God say, I want to overwheln you with My love.” So let it be. I do not want to limit my loving Heavenly Father. Praying this study will get me further along in resting in and trusting fully in His marvelous love!

  69. Dee Dawson says

    Hi Wendy so glad to be doing this study with you I read it several years ago and it was a blessing to me. I can’t wait to have you teaching me this time around. Hugs.

  70. April Lopez says

    This study sounds like something I could really use but I haven’t decided to join yet. My entire life has been difficult and challenging and my mind races with the hurts and rejections I’ve endured, even now at 60 I’m stuck. I’ll look at this study more and decide soon.

  71. Stephanie Mitchell says

    I read Hidden Joy 20 years after being assaulted in college. There are times, still, when I am mad that the attack happened, my mother didn’t believe I had been attacked, and assumed I was “fooling around in Ft. Worth”, and I got pregnant.
    What showed me God had me covered was the miscarriage, and the fact that I have been married now, have a wonderful spouse who knows about the attack, and supports me through the flashbacks.
    I am looking forward to more healing through the Bible Study with you.

  72. Carla Consemiu says

    I am so excited to be doing this study! I need some transformation with the Lord. I love to hear Wendy pray and I pray that I could learn how to pray to God better. I need some Spiritual Healing.

  73. Heather Fisher says

    I am really looking forward to your bible study. The timing is very much a God blessing for me. I have been in a dark corner for a while. Some days it feels like an all consuming darkness that is suffocating. I don’t remember what real joy even feels like anymore. All I can do is run to my Father and cling to him.

  74. I am sorry for what you went through, still go thru at times I’m sure. Your faith is inspirational. Verbal, mental, and emotional abuse have plagued my life. I didn’t even recognize it as this until the recent past. I am now in the midst of trying to make sense of it, trying to overcome it, overcome fear. I continue to put one foot in front of the other. But I constantly look around me and feel I shouldn’t complain, there are others going thru difficulties much worse than mine. I continue to turn to God’s word for sanity and security. Your Bible Study comes at a perfect time.

  75. Sherrie' Parkman says

    My “Spiritual Mentor” forwarded me a devotion from you yesterday. The divine appropriateness of the devotion came on the 26th anniversary of the date when I survived the rape and anguish of an evil man. This past year has been very difficult for me personally, processing many changes in my life, and disappointments that I cannot change that have affected me personally. I mentor survivors of sexual assault through my local crisis center, “Rape Response”, and several ladies via social media outlets and the internet. If I am chosen to receive your book, it will be passed along to one of these ladies that I mentor, currently considering a young college student I met through an anonymous text message. I am so excited to begin this online bible study and engage with other women that are in their own healing journey.

  76. Lori Paquette says

    Hi Wendy,

    I have been in a dark corner over the past year or so. I found Proverbs 31 OBS and my life had renewed purpose. I am excited to go through this study. I was abused as a child and believe that I am healed from it but would love to explore more of my heart through this study. Thank you for writing a book that brings healing to many

  77. AmyJo Medaris says

    I am joining this study because I need God to change my life and this book will be the first new step on a long journey.

  78. Kathie Sherman says

    Wendy, as I read your book last night and read the words you wrote, ” please know that I have prayed for you,” I was really blessed . I have been walking through the most challenging part of my journey with Him for the past ten years. I know He is with me. After praying with a dear friend many years ago about the wilderness I have been experiencing he told me, ” When you walk out of this wilderness, you will be leaning more strongly on the arm of you Beloved.” I visited with this friend a few weeks ago and i asked him, ” Jack, did you see how long my journey in the wilderness was going to be, as I am desiring to be walking out of this season.” His reply, ” Kathie, you are coming out now.” That is what I am desiring for this study to do for me……walking out of my wilderness with an even stronger relationship with my Beloved. I know that God does not waste our sorrows, and that every day that we are struggling with Him by our side, we are given In-Spiration to encourage others in their walk through their wilderness. Wendy, I am excited to see the other side of this dark forest which has been my journey through the wilderness. Thank you for writing this book. I know that took lots of courage. I love your style of writing! I feel like as I read your book you are speaking to me. May He continue to bless you beyond what you ever thought was possible. My prayer for you is Ephesians 3:20. ” Glory be to God, Who when His Power is at work in Wendy’s life he can give you more than you asked for, hoped for, dreamed of or imagined.” Blessings, Your Sister Kathie

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