June 14, 2017

Stand with Us in Prayer for Lysa TerKeurst

My dearest friends, today I’m inviting you to join one of my dearest friends and prayer warriors, Noelle Dey, and me to link hearts across the world in prayer for our sister in Christ, leader, and dear friend, Lysa. We want to raise up an army of angels to cover Lysa and her family in prayer.

Noelle wrote this Spirit-led prayer after reading Lysa’s blog post. Let us stand together today, united as one, to pray. Cling to these truths as we pray, we are praying God’s Hebrews 4:12 living and active word. A Word He watches over and a Word that promises it will accomplish what He desires and achieve the purposes for which He sent it (Isaiah 55:11).

Prayer for Lysa

Oh Papa. Words cannot express the deeply-felt gut-wrenching sorrow we have reading Lysa’s words. We can’t help but cry with her. Although some of us have never met her in person, she feels like one of our dearest friends because she walks alongside us on our journey through life.

We pray all the messages You’ve spoken through her to heal countless come back and rest on her a hundredfold.

Lysa has taught us the ultimate Best Yes. That is You, Papa. And now You tenderly stroke her cheeks and forehead to whisper, “Lysa, YOU are MY Best Yes. Yes, I will walk you through. Even through the valley of the shadow of death, You have nothing to fear. Yes, your children will be raised by Me above all else. Yes, I have ordered angels concerning you. YOU, my love, YOU are My Best Yes.”

When the enemy tries to tell her that she’s Uninvited, You draw her near and whisper, “You’re the apple of my eye. I would trade nations for you, Lysa.” Her story reminds us of the woman with the issue of bleeding, I can only imagine that Lysa’s heart is hemorrhaging. Jesus, You didn’t let that precious woman go unnoticed. No, You made sure she knew she was invited. Invited into deeper intimacy. Invited to healing. Invited to be the one woman that You tenderly called, “Daughter.” Let Lysa lean into You as she sees herself in this story.

You have created our blueprints to be women whose hearts Crave our husbands. There’s nothing more devastating than to feel the deep-seeded rejection in that sacred relationship. Show Lysa in palpable ways how deeply You crave her. Your heart beats for her. You crave nothing more than for her to know true love: not her love for You, but Your pure, unfailing love for her … that love that sent Jesus because You couldn’t imagine life without her.

How can she not feel Unglued? Art was her pillar. And the solid foundation for each of their children. Whisper into the most vulnerable places in her heart and remind her that You are before all things. Including this devastation. And You are the glue that holds all things together. Including every shattered fragment of their hearts.

When faced with infidelity and betrayal, it’s easy to let the enemy gain a tiny bit of ground … little by little. The fragile girl in Lysa will hear the lies that hiss, “I am not good enough. I am not pretty enough” or whatever the false “I am” lie is in any particular moment. But she knows I AM. You were. You are. You always will be. You are the true I AM. And whatever is true of I AM is true of her since she is tucked away in Christ Jesus. Therefore, she can say, I AM the beloved daughter of the Most High God. I AM deeply loved and highly favored. I AM beautiful. Desired. Victorious.

Raise up the army of heavenly angels to fight for Lysa’s heart. Surround her. Overwhelm her.

And for her husband … it’s not over, even when it’s over. Lazarus was dead and stinkin’ in the grave. You put him in an impossible situation. All to show that what’s impossible with man is more than possible with You. We lift him to You now. Break the chains of addiction and misguided emotions. Unveil his eyes so he can see how the enemy perverted the truth. Reclaim his heart Lord in JESUS’ NAME.

Oh Papa. They need rescue. Draw Lysa in. Each of her children. Her husband. And the adulterous woman. Banish everything that is not from You. Only You can bring beauty from these ashes. And that’s what we are asking for in Jesus’ Name, amen.

Noelle Dey
June 13, 2017

If you are standing with us, please leave a comment … a verse … a prayer. Let’s ensure Satan knows he has no power or place in our lives. This army of angels has no fear, and we will defeat Satan’s schemes in the Name of Jesus as we storm the gates of heaven for our precious sister, Lysa.

In Christ,

May 17, 2017

Winner of Tracie Miles New Book “Unsinkable Faith”

Hey friends,

Please forgive me for taking so long to post a winner for Tracie Miles’ book giveaway. My husband surprised me with a short trip to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary, and it got me a little behind. But today we have a winner!!

*** Mare H. who posted on April 29th at 9:53 pm ***

Please contact me at deuteronomysix@aol.com by Monday, May 22nd with your full name and mailing address so I can get your name and contact information to Tracie.


April 29, 2017

New Book & Giveaway from Tracie Miles

***Winner of “Living So That” giveaway announced at the end of this post***

I’ve invited my friend, Tracie Miles, to share six great strategies to help you walk through the hard places in life from her new book, Unsinkable Faith: God-Filled Strategies to Transform the Way You Think, Feel and Live. For a sneak peek of “Unsinkable Faith,” visit her blog for a free sample chapter.

6 Things Positive People Do Every Day

When the situations of life don’t “feel” positive, it’s often hard to think positive. But fortunately, it’s not impossible.

Being a positive thinker doesn’t mean living with a Pollyanna / rose colored glasses mentality. It simply means choosing to intentionally look for the best in things, and find reasons to be positive, rather than intentionally or even inadvertently focusing on the negative aspects of people, life and situations.

We can’t control our circumstances, but we can always control our thoughts about them. And when we change the way we think, we in turn change the way feel and live.

If you have found yourself becoming a negative or pessimistic thinker lately, even if you have lots of reasons to justify that type of attitude, or if you feel like you’ve always been a negative person and think it’s impossible to change, might you consider incorporating a few of these tips into your everyday routines?

I want to assure you that when you begin to change the way you think, you’ll notice your perspective and outlook and the way you feel inside will begin changing too. A happier life with more peace, joy and happiness – despite life – could be as close as one positive thought away.

  1. Express gratitude. Ask God to help you live with an awareness of your blessings. Notice the little things that bring a flutter of joy to your heart – a butterfly, a streak of warm sunshine, the laughter of your child, the hug from a loved one. Try to focus on what you have, rather than on what you don’t.
  2. Look for beauty. Life can be ugly, and at times we get so caught “seeing” the ugly, we neglect to notice the beauty around us. Take time to really look out the window as you drive today. Notice the blue sky, the green trees, the bunny hopping across the field. Smell the flowers, savor the aroma of dinner on the stove, and feel the softness of your baby’s hair. Beauty is all around us in a million different forms, if only we choose to not overlook it and miss out.
  3. Don’t compare anything to anyone else because doing so not only feeds your insecurities, but because comparison is the thief of joy. You are you, and God made you unique in every way; gifted with abilities, traits and talents that nobody else has. Rather than focusing on how you don’t feel you measure up in some way, most likely against some standard you were never meant to meet, focus on your positive attributes alone.
  4. Don’t overthink problems. The more we overthink a problem – letting our imaginations run wild with worry and fear and stress – the bigger those problems become. Instead of thinking the worst, try to think the best. Instead of focusing on the negatives of a situation, try to think of some positives that might come out of it. If you’re to overthink be overly positive. A little too much optimism never hurt anyone.
  5. Change the way you typically think. Cultivate optimism in your patterns of thinking. Instead of seeing the glass half empty, intentionally tell yourself to see the glass half full. If you tend to think the worst when a problem arises, intentionally decide you are not going to do that, and try to think of the best case potential scenario instead. Making this practice a habit helps foster an amazing transformation in your brain and thought patterns.
  6. Invite God to be a part of your day, your life and your mind makeover transformation. When we ask for His intervention in our hearts and minds, we open the door for Him to begin a work in us that we could never accomplish on our own. Through His strength and perseverance, we can overcome the pull towards negative thinking and retrain our minds to think optimistic, instead of pessimistic. After a few weeks of implementing practical thought control and intentional efforts to be positive, new habits will form that are good for us and our lives!

If you want to be a more positive person and live a more positive life, consider trying to do each of these every single day. Think positive, be positive, live positive.  It’s a lifestyle that’s possible for everyone which always ushers in more peace, more joy, and more happiness!

If you order at least one copy of Tracie’s book by the end of the day April 29th, she has $60.00 worth of freebies for you!! 


Tracie’s Giveaway:

Share with us one way you will try to live more positively TODAY! We will randomly choose one name from the comments to win a copy of Tracie’s new book. I’ll announce the winner in my next post.

Winner of “Living So That” is ….

Jennie who posted on 4/21 at 7:20 pm. Please e-mail me at deuteronomysix@aol.com with your full name and mailing address.