February 16, 2014

Living So That

LatestTeamCollection.March2014Do these thoughts sound familiar?   

How am I gonna hold it all together today?

I know I should be kind, loving, patient and have self-control, but...

how can I be kind with that annoying coworker who always drinks my Diet Coke…

how can I not spew out words of anger at my husband who missed dinner with us yet again…

how can I hold my tongue with this child who again popped her little brother in the head after he stole the remote…

how can I refrain from joining in the gossip on our girls’ night out…

I know I should forgive, pray  without ceasing,  and trust God, but…

how can I forgive when my husband walked out on me after 15 years of marriage…

how can I offer one more prayer when a wayward child for whom I have faithfully prayed continues to rebel…

how can I not fear when nightmares from years of sexual abuse intrude upon my sleep…

how can I trust God as chemotherapy treatments wreak havoc in every cell in my body?

We struggle to live faith-fully in the midst of life-altering pain and heartache. We struggle to live  faith-fully life in the midst of our crazy schedules…to balance it all and make decisions that honor God. We know what we’re supposed to do, but it’s so stinkin’ hard! We want to react with an understanding heart but find it impossible. We want to be nice but can’t hold our tongue. We want to forgive but can’t speak the words. We want to trust, but it’s just not there..

So how can I be who God wants me to be in the middle of this mess?

If you identified with any or all of the above, Living So That is for you!

Below please find a short message (6 minutes) from Wendy’s heart about Living So That.

Living faith-fully comes down to choices.

We can make “faith-filled” choices, or we can make “faith-less” choices.

Wendy found herself making faith-less choices day in and day out, which often left her feeling like the worst wife, mom, friend, and co-worker.

Can you relate?

Faith-less choices come easier and occur when we react quickly out of our emotions and do what comes naturally. They lead to a frazzled, highly charged, chaotic life.

WendyBlight_ChooseWillFaith-filled choices are more challenging. They require patience and occur when we react not out of our emotions but out of a Spirit-led heart and mind. They lead to a peaceful, content, more fulfilled life.

God’s Word meets us in the middle of our mess.  Living So That: Making Faith-Filled Choices in the Midst of a Messy Life dives deeply into God’s Word. Each chapter helps you gain a new perspective on daily living and will equip you to:

•  Identify the obstacles that prevent you from making forward progress in your faith
•  Uncover the lies of insignificance and inadequacy so you can walk in your true identity in Christ
•  Gain a new perspective on daily living as you apply the “so that” biblical principles
•  Deepen your understanding of prayer so that God can work more effectively in and through your prayers
•  Fight the bent of the world toward self-fulfillment and unearth the secrets to a generous, humble heart

In Living So That, you’ll find prayers, biblical teaching, personal stories, application questions, “going deeper” sections, and calls to action to put into practice what you have learned.

Five Days of Encouragement…

“Five Days to a Faith-Full Life”

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If you desire more kindness, more patience, more trust and more faith in your everyday life, join Wendy for Living So That’s free companion devotional, “Five Days to a Faith-Full Life”.

What can you expect from these devotions? Wendy wants you to get a taste of her heart’s desire for you. She has prayed for each woman God would lead to join our adventure…and prays that you are that woman! Each day begins with a “so that” Scripture, a prayer to encourage you and draw you closer to God’s heart, a story, practical insights, and thought provoking questions to start you on your way to a “faith-full” life.

Invite a friend to join you…

WendyBlight_quoteDo the “Five Days to a Faith-Full Life” on your own or invite friends, family, and co-workers to join you as take steps to more faith-full living. It’s a great way to grow your faith and deepen your relationships together.

Here’s a short invitation you can share. Simply copy and paste!

Even when things are going our way, life can be so stinkin’ hard! Hard to be patient. Hard to be kind. Really, just hard to be nice. Will you join me for the next five days as I seek more kindness, patience, love and faith in my everyday life? Wendy Blight, with Proverbs 31 Ministries and an Inscribed Collection author, is offering a free five-day devotional, “Five Days to a Faith-Full Life.” Visit http://bit.ly/WBLSTD to sign up for five days of prayer and encouragement taken directly from her upcoming book Living So That: Making Faith-Filled Choices in the Midst of a Messy Life!BookCover.3d

Where to Purchase Living So That

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What women are saying…

Living So That” literally feels like we’re having an intimate girls’ Bible study at your kitchen table with you! It’s changed the entire way I read the Bible. There’s not a morning that goes by when I don’t find a “so that” or a “that” statement.  And, whenever I do, I immediately go back and re-read the verse SO THAT I can see the “why’s” of God’s Word, as well as the promises.”

Noelle D. – Author Transformation by Truth: Thirty Days to a Healthy Heart, Mind and Body

“Not only do I love Wendy’s insightful and inspirational teaching, but I really enjoy how this Bible study is tucked within a book format. This “so that” message will help us believe God more fully and live out His truths more intentionally.”

Lysa TerKeurst – New York Times bestselling author and president of Proverbs 31 Ministries

“God’s Word will leap off the pages and into your heart as you read through the message Wendy shares in Living So That. I love how she guides readers through practical application and deep Bible study, while teaching us the “so that” truths that God gives us in His Word. It’s simple, yet challenging, and I can’t wait to lead an online Bible study of this book! This is truth we all need in our lives!

Melissa Taylor — Director of Online Bible Studies, Proverbs 31 Ministries

WendyBlight_PromisesofGod“I would and have already recommended Living So That to both friends and family. Why? Because these are God breathed words, not just words of Wendy Blight. The Spirit works in and through this woman who is both a teacher and a living example of what she writes and teaches. I have had the honor of doing online Bible studies that Wendy has written and I come away from each one with more knowledge of God’s will for my life. I come away a blessed woman with a deeper hunger to know more about my Lord.”

Charlotte A.

“Living So That will woo you to engage in deep personal study of the word of God in fresh ways. Wendy Blight’s in depth research is stimulating, her vulnerable self-reflection is authentic and her abiding relationship with Christ will embolden you to go deeper, stay longer and be transformed!”

Tracey Eyster – author of Be The Mom, Founder/Executive Director of FamilyLife’s MomLifeToday.com

Living So That  is a study that takes you deeper into God’s Word and helps you apply what you learn. I found myself relating to Wendy’s stories and understanding her teaching. She has the ability to take challenging Biblical concepts and explain them in a way that brings them to life. I appreciated the depth of her study and the open-ended questions that allowed God to speak to me personally.”

Jill B.

“I would recommend Living So That to anyone.  Family. Friends. Strangers.  I have already recommend Wendy’s blog and plan to purchase books and give them away.  I have been blessed to participate in Wendy’s online studies and her insightful teaching, format, wisdom and ability to challenge the reader as well as put them in the Story are priceless. I would love to sit with Wendy face to face “so that” we could discuss every sentence, break down every word.  Hold hands and pray, raise them and praise.”

Yanna W.

“Well, you have done it again. My expectations were surely met and you have hit another one out of the park…or should I say, to the heavens and back! You really inspire deep thinking in a very daily applicable way. I think this is so useful and is what women want out of a Bible study…something that will inspire their daily walk with the Lord.”

Jane B.

“I recommend Living So That to my friends and family. I love how you teach Scripture…not just stories or what you think…you teach the meaning of the Scriptures. It makes it so much easier to understand.”

Brenda S.

“Wendy, I cannot even begin to thank you and explain how huge a part of my life this study has become and how much it has helped me deepen my relationship with our Lord. I wish you could see the impact this is having on me and my family! This weekend alone was an exercise of all that we have been studying and more. We had the opportunity to live “so that”…making faith-filled choices in our work, words and actions. My husband and I prayed together and let Jesus lead us in the midst of struggle and pain. You teach with so much authenticity, bringing God’s Word alive. Thank you!”

Karen R. 

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We’ve been made free, but we must choose every day to live in that freedom. #WendyBlight #LivingSoThat #InscribedStudies

WendyBlight2When our circumstances scream otherwise & our physical eyes can’t see & our emotions cannot feel, we must believe #WendyBlight #LivingSoThat

God is not absent. He is not distant. He is with us. He is always available. (Jer 29:12-14) #WendyBlight #LivingSoThat

We must first know God’s truth to recognize the lies.  #WendyBlight #LivingSoThat #InscribedStudies

God knits our hearts together with His and changes us forever…He transforms us from the inside out. #WendyBlight #LivingSoThat

What fills our hearts and minds determines our choices. #WendyBlight #LivingSoThat

Each trial refines, shapes, & molds us to fully reflect God’s image the precious image in which we were created #WendyBlight #LivingSoThat

God takes our tangled mess and weaves together a beautiful masterpiece…for His glory. #WendyBlight #LivingSoThat

God’s faithfulness is most effectively learned when experienced. #WendyBlight #LivingSoThat

Before God can work through us, He must do a work in us. #WendyBlight #LivingSoThat #InscribedStudies

WendyBlight_StrengthenSpiritIn our times of greatest weakness, God pours out His power upon us. #WendyBlight #LivingSoThat

God will never abandon you. Even when you can’t see or hear or feel Him, He’s working in your midst. #WendyBlight #LivingSoThat

To live in the light means being real with God and requires surrender, confession, repentance, and obedience. #WendyBlight #LivingSoThat


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